TOP of the best Russian SUVs that conquered the Western world

The Russian car industry is often scolded, but it has models that have managed to conquer the Western world. Of course, these are Russian SUVs.

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    1. 0
      27 September 2016 06: 28
      Does anyone have sales in pieces for export?
      1. +3
        27 September 2016 06: 29
        In Germany, I personally saw the fields, and even saw car dealerships, I honestly did not meet the Uziks. The Germans love them for their simplicity and a very, very humane price tag.
      2. +2
        27 September 2016 14: 26
        Quote: Tatar-in
        Does anyone have sales in pieces for export?

        Not so much ..... unfortunately ....
        UAZ 469 and Niva, indeed, cars for centuries. Are repaired by a sledgehammer and enta mother. In case of war (God forbid!), Some of the few who will ride. All these newfangled SUVs will live from a few seconds (EMR affects the BC), up to 1 month maximum (lack of services, original spare parts, low-quality fuel, harsh operating conditions).
        Patriot sucks. Before including this slag in the review, carefully read the characteristics and reviews of the owners. There are no interaxal and interwheel locks, the center of gravity is very high (for the rogue). Frankly weak engine that bursts like an elephant - 15-20l / 100km. On a track above 100km / h, life-threatening driving. It shakes so weakly and drags around + a high center of gravity - somersaults at a time. And the point of taking it? As a rogue, he is no one (without additional lifting that costs like another Patriot), on the highway he merges the same Niva, not to mention foreign cars. And how cool it blooms after a year of operation !!! And all this misunderstanding costs about 1 lyama? Great offer!
        Combat is a piece of goods for rabid grandmas. It makes no sense to put it on a par with serial machines. For the price it is a small plane. We must think that for such a loot everything will be done as it should, you just pay .....
    2. +6
      27 September 2016 10: 56
      And why is it that in our place instead of articles they began to stick videos ?! This one in front of him was about a Ukrainian mov ... And judging by the voice, the author is the same ...
      He with our help decided to make money on YouTube ?!
      VO, well, you’re already completely turning into sadness ...
    3. +1
      27 September 2016 12: 30
      Thank you, made fun. Niva and UAZ - cars of the last century. Western automakers would have long refused to release them. Patriot - an amateur car, also of dubious quality. The T-50 Combat is generally piece goods assembled from American components on order for rabid grandmas.
      1. +1
        27 September 2016 13: 48
        Quote: Greenwood
        Thank you, made fun. Niva and UAZ - cars of the last century. Western automakers would have long refused to release them.

        During and after the second Iraq war, the Yankees abandoned their Hammers and transplanted to UAZs. Why? Yes, there was recently an example in VO, when during the exercises the American Hammers got stuck in the sand, on the beaches of Portugal.
      2. jjj
        27 September 2016 20: 32
        Quote: Greenwood
        T-50 Combat

        "Kombat" is a T-98
        1. 0
          28 September 2016 03: 43
          Precisely, confused. laughing
          1. +1
            28 September 2016 14: 28
            Three years ago, we drove through the mountains to the UAZ correspondents, a gazelle 4vd (probably Barguzin), Podzhera 2pcs and Toyota Surf. In the report on the trip, only the drivers of foreign cars told how UAZ dragged them with the Gazelle or themselves each other. And UAZ and Gazelle themselves reached. They drove to the Tigirek reserve. In reality, ours can compete on the impassable roads of Nissan-Teran, and even the frame, which has not been released for a long time. The rest is only on solid ground.
    4. +4
      27 September 2016 12: 54
      What Niva has become worse from the fact that the series went back in the last century?
      I think that on the contrary, this fact only confirms that the Niva is an amazingly good car, and today there are few who can compare with it in cross-country ability.
      1. +1
        28 September 2016 03: 44
        What, really does the 80th Kruzak?
    5. aba
      27 September 2016 18: 38
      Kombat is a piece of goods, like Faberge eggs at Sotheby's, so he does not have a place in the review of serial products
      But with the Patriot, everything is not as good as we would like. An autoreview conducted his crash test, and as the most important surprise - a body ripped from the frame
    6. +1
      28 September 2016 08: 43
      Something I have not seen examples of "conquering the West" with these models. A continuous listing of well-known facts.

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