On the edge of the abyss or who will save the Ukrainian banks

Interesting news comes from Ukraine, I would even say intriguing. The banking sector of Ukraine in 2016 remains a loss. This means that banks are getting cheaper. Who needs unprofitable companies? It turns out the need-Russia.

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    1. 0
      13 September 2016 22: 19
      And then they’ll take it all away under the pretext of fighting the invader. Nationalized, then resold. As it was in my native Kyrgyz Republic. HPP, such HPP ...
    2. 0
      13 September 2016 22: 24
      Oh I don’t know, I don’t know. Positive of course, but with their mentality broken in the trash over 25 years, hz request
    3. 0
      13 September 2016 23: 33
      Russia does not need to sponsor the ATO? Let the first civil war in the Donbass end.
    4. +2
      14 September 2016 06: 27
      Russia needs ???? Oligarchs (this is by no means Russia) they are needed ..
    5. 0
      14 September 2016 07: 08
      Yeah, give the poor Khokhlov 3 more green Lard, they will buy Abrams for them and go to Moscow (well, if something remains after the plunder of these same Lard). In my opinion, all they need is to fence the western part of Ukraine with a concrete fence and pour napalm to the edges.

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