Attempt is not torture: Kiev declares a new economic war of Russia

The turnaround of Kiev’s policy on Donbass at 180 degrees, associated with the decision to legalize economic ties with the region, became the de facto recognition of the ineffectiveness of the economic blockade of the south-east of the country.

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    1. +3
      14 September 2016 07: 18
      The government is completely discredited, the country itself is on the verge of a catastrophe. Poroshenko continues to pretend to be a fool who, by all efforts, tries to hide the violations of the Minsk agreements by Kiev, throwing blame on Russia. As Poroshenko says, they did difficult diplomatic work with European politicians, but this so-called the work consisted only in nagging and complaints against Moscow ... It was Poroshenko who bears the main responsibility for this war. For human losses and for destroying Ukraine in the war. Ukraine is the main enemy for itself, its citizens, politics, economy, reputation, etc. The notorious hostility and thirst for freestanding paramogos deprived the country of the main thing - the connection with reality and the ability not only to watch, but even to think about tomorrow.
    2. +2
      14 September 2016 08: 37
      Yes, finally Ukraine got sick without Donbass coal. Seeing supplies from New Zealand and South Africa is costly for the Ukrainian economy. Moreover, some of the funds were plundered. And winter is just around the corner. And not enough gas has been accumulated and Russia is threatening to stop transit through Ukraine altogether, no longer you stole. And this is their "ZRADA" or "PEREMOGA"! laughing hi
      1. +1
        14 September 2016 11: 10
        Quote: fa2998
        And this is their "ZRADA" or "PEREMOGA"!

        Barrage wassat gee gee !!!
    3. +1
      14 September 2016 11: 09
      it means beggar is aware that a coup is scheduled for October !!! How cute that !!! bully

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