Military Review

What do they eat in the armies of the world? The history of army sukhpaykov # 1

For soldiers, travelers, astronauts and civilians in the absence of the ability to cook hot food, develop dry rations - individual diets. As a rule, such sets are designed for a day or for one meal. The military, they differ, including depending on the type of troops.


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  1. jjj
    jjj 8 September 2016 16: 13
    When it’s really bad, the main thing is that there are rye crackers, shpig and awl
    1. major124
      major124 8 September 2016 18: 24
      What awl and why? Shpig - this fat?
      1. datur
        datur 8 September 2016 22: 59
        awl-alcohol !!! wink bacon fat !!! laughing
      2. jjj
        jjj 9 September 2016 12: 51
        Quote: major124
        Shpig is fat?

        Yes, salted bacon. Many now put the letter "k" at the end. But in Soviet times, the word "spy" had the meaning of a person conducting external surveillance of someone - spies of the tsarist secret police. They were also called in another way spies
    2. datur
      datur 8 September 2016 22: 53
      100 grams of alcohol !! wink Well, for wiping any optics, yes !!! laughing this was not enough for us !!! wink
  2. Oberon812
    Oberon812 8 September 2016 17: 41
    If you are interested in the history of dry rations "in faces", I recommend the Steve1989 MREinfo channel (

  3. ProkletyiPirat
    ProkletyiPirat 8 September 2016 18: 37
    a couple of years ago, I became interested in this topic, started googling what to take on bike rides for the weekend. In the end, I was horrified, there was nothing sensible, but what is worth 500 + r (per day) and half full of garbage, cookies, sweets, ugh muck ... I even wondered what our special forces are taking those who run around the mountains , snigers + mayonnaise (only in winter, otherwise it deteriorates) + soft crackers + stewed meat + water and dry alcohol + a water decontaminant to them, everything else is answered with "better cartridges", occasionally add "porridge" from the IRP, but only when I have to leave for weeks ...
    As a result, I decided for myself that the best bars are "vitalad" (finely ground muesli wrapped in slightly sweet chocolate) + crackers + water, if there is boiling water, then bum packs + crackers or crackers + stew (a can of stew is cooked, then crackers are added to the state of porridge, enough for several people).
  4. bocsman
    bocsman 8 September 2016 20: 13
    I don’t know what modern Russian dry ration is, I haven’t tried it. And about the Soviet one I can say compact and tasty. Two jars of porridge (rice, buckwheat, barley, everything with meat) a jar of stewed meat or sausage, liver minced meat salt sugar tea. And of course the most delicious black crackers or biscuits, the same nothing and crispy bread (we were all not happy with them). Plus tablets for water disinfection. Tried lifeboat rations. Everything there is much more varied, including condensed milk in tubes of Teatralnye sweets, freeze-dried products (gorky soup) and canned water. Plus a fairly large first aid kit.
    1. datur
      datur 8 September 2016 22: 58
      Soviet dry land was a thing !!! hearty, but not comfortable !!! --- bourgeois-enemy was more conveniently packed-laid !!! wink but not tasty and not satisfying !! wink And now, in my opinion everything has changed, OUR and hearty and comfortable !!!! laughing
      1. jjj
        jjj 9 September 2016 13: 00
        In cold weather, the stew does not roll. She is like a stone. Better - meat sublimates. And in the frost in the cracker field you will chew, bite the salsa, bite with a candy and - beauty.
  5. Res_Ullus
    Res_Ullus 8 September 2016 20: 28
    Has anyone tried it? Something like this wink
  6. Appiann
    Appiann 9 September 2016 09: 10
    Combined-by 3 with a minus. Special Forces on 4.
  7. bardadym
    bardadym 12 September 2016 00: 07
    Our sukhpai has something very wide in taste and quality. It seems the same ration, the same ingredients, but the manufacturers of these ingredients are different. As a result, it turns out that in one batch, one half of the ration is normal, and the second is disgusting. And in the next batch, what in the first was tasteless is quite edible and vice versa.
    In sum, IMHO - a solid C grade.