Bulgaria has completely frozen South Stream

On August 8, Vasil Shtonov, Minister for Economics and Energy of the Technical Government of Bulgaria, sent 18 to the Bulgarian Energy Holding Company ordering to suspend work on the South Stream project until it meets all the requirements of the European Commission.

Bulgaria has completely frozen South Stream

“Until the project meets the requirements of the European Commission, it will remain frozen,” the minister said. ITAR-TASS.

By order of the Minister, all activities, including the conclusion of contracts for the project, were suspended. In addition, Shtonov ordered to assist the European Commission in bringing the South Stream in compliance with the requirements of European legislation.

It is worth noting that the politician said earlier that the South Stream will be implemented.

“This project is important both for Bulgaria, and for Russia, and for the entire European community. One of the important conditions for its implementation in Bulgaria should be access to the “South Stream” of third countries, ”the minister noted.

The project on the territory of Bulgaria is carried out by the joint company South Stream Bulgaria AD, which was established by the Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD and Gazprom on a parity basis.
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  1. +4
    August 19 2014
    At the beginning of 1943, the Nazis demanded the deportation of 48 thousand Bulgarian Jews, but the government did not comply with this requirement because of protests from the public and the church, Tsar Boris III in 1943 also condemned the German deportation requirement.
    In 1943, after the defeats of the Germans at El Alamein (October 23 - November 4, 1942) and Stalingrad (November 19, 1942 - February 2, 1943), Tsar Boris began to seek contact with Anglo-American circles. This aroused Hitler's suspicions. Boris was called to Hitler’s headquarters for explanation and died on August 28, 1943, while returning to Sofia.
    On May 18, 1944, the government of the USSR demanded that the government of Bulgaria stop providing assistance to the German army [12].
    On August 12, 1944, the government of the USSR repeatedly demanded that the government of Bulgaria stop providing assistance to the German army [12].
    On August 26, 1944, the Bagryanov government announced the complete neutrality of Bulgaria and demanded the withdrawal of German troops from the country.
    In early September 1944, Bulgaria broke off relations with Germany (the new government of Muravyov), preparing to declare war last by September 7-8.
    On September 5, the USSR government regarded the activities of the Bulgarian government as a continuation of cooperation with Germany (as of September 5, 1944, there were 30 thousand German troops in Bulgaria [13]) and announced that it was at war with Bulgaria.
    On September 8, 1944, Red Army troops entered the territory of Bulgaria, and in the evening of the same day, the communist opposition carried out a coup against the government, establishing the so-called government. Fatherland Front. On October 28, 1944, in Moscow, representatives of the USSR, Great Britain and the USA signed an armistice agreement with Bulgaria. In accordance with it, units of the Bulgarian army, together with the Red Army, participated in operations to liberate the territory of Yugoslavia, Hungary and Austria from German troops. 33 Bulgarian soldiers died in battles against the German bloc.
  2. wladimir
    August 19 2014
    Interesting people, “brothers”, for some reason, during both world wars, Bulgaria was in a coalition with the enemies of RUSSIA. And now they are quietly making Kalash and selling them.
  3. 0
    August 19 2014
    We need to throw these blackmailers out. Another hot ones. Krajina showed how afraid we are of blackmail and everyone turned their attention to the weakling. All pipes, production supplies, and equipment should be transferred to the east. A matter of national importance. Europe and the outskirts will play the trumpet as if on nerves. All this winter and beyond. Obviously, this is preparation. And then they will switch to shale gas from Ukraine and the United States. And we will dry ourselves with a slipper. Urgently build pipelines to China and other guys from Asia. At the same time, the transfer of prepared pipes, equipment and supplies should be done demonstratively! With daily and hourly television and radio reports. In a month or two, Europe's gills will dry out. Not to mention bluffing, they won’t be able to swallow. If the GDP does this, then more pipes will be counted for shipment, and there will be tears all over the West!
  4. 0
    August 19 2014
    Fuck, okay, the Bulgarians yap like Moski, but the southern stream goes through four countries, and why are they silent? What is not beneficial for them? Why won’t Austria give some kind of Bulgarian pussy? Why not involve Germany in resolving this issue? I don’t understand why everyone is looking into Obama’s black hole? Well, he’s far away, overseas, and he can’t freeze in winter!!!
  5. +2
    August 19 2014
    Bulgaria has completely frozen South Stream
    ================================================== ====================
    Bulgarians “remember” good...
    -In 1878, Bulgaria was liberated by Russian troops, and a new state appeared on the maps - the Principality of Bulgaria (formally remained part of Turkey, receiving the status of a self-governing territory).

    - In 1908, Bulgaria declared itself an independent state - the 3rd Bulgarian Kingdom. Reign invited Ferdinand I from the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasty, on the mother of the grandson of the King of the French Louis-Philippe I.

    -1915 Being confident that victory would be with the bloc of the Central Powers (Germany, Austro-Hungary), and Bulgaria would receive all the promised territories, Tsar Ferdinand I, who was pro-German, made the final decision side with the Central Powers.
    (Well, the Germans, of course, gave them (the Bulgarians) and promised loans: 500 million + 150 million = 500 million Reichsmarks)
    On September 6, 1915, a convention was signed between Germany and Bulgaria in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia.
    fought incompetently = result:
    ==Treaty of Neuilly
    ==Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria abdicated the throne and fled the country
    == loss of territories

    -Bulgaria in World War II was an ally Germany. Bulgarian-German military cooperation began back in 1940, when Germany began supplying weapons to the Bulgarian army.
    (and again “wonderful” - that’s mediocre)

    Since Bulgaria was not occupied by Germany, but had the status of an ally, on September 5, 1944, the Soviet Union declared war on Bulgaria, and on September 8 invaded its territory.
    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------


    These are the "bros"
    There are over 400 monuments to Russians in Bulgaria
    Mass grave on the zaginalite from the 125th Kursk Infantry Regiment
  6. 0
    August 19 2014
    Few of them were made by the Turks in their time!
  7. 0
    August 19 2014
    Ukraine, Bulgaria and all the rest....
  8. 0
    August 19 2014
    I never thought that the Bulgarians would turn out to be such ungrateful creatures. American bedding, degenerates.
  9. 0
    August 19 2014
    These are the “brothers” they are... Austria and Italy are “for”, but I don’t even know what to call them “against”...
    Russia's only friends are the Army and the Navy, and this must be remembered very firmly.
  10. 0
    August 19 2014
    Come on, why are you all gloating so much? About the brothers it was said a long time ago. There is no need for Russian protection - we are not your brothers, and further in the text. There was also talk about UP. They pressured us with sanctions and got us in the face. Now UP is being blackmailed. Let them eat Polish apples in winter and produce gas for themselves.
  11. +1
    August 19 2014
    There, Türkiye doesn’t want to return its Bulgarian vilayets? We don't mind anymore! We made a mistake in 1877, and in vain we left our Russian bones near Shipka and Plevna!
    Türkiye, although not “brothers”, is not a prostitute.
  12. 0
    August 19 2014
    Bulgarian Defense Minister Velizar Shalamanov announced the development of a program to reduce the country's dependence on weapons and their components produced in Russia.

    In an interview with Mediapool.bg, the minister cited the high price, difficulty of maintenance and the corruption component of purchasing equipment in the Russian Federation as the reasons for this decision.

    As part of the program, which runs until 2020, Bulgaria plans to spend 1 billion levs ($680 million) on the purchase of multi-role fighters produced in NATO countries, to replace the Russian MiG-21, MiG-29 and Su-25, which are in service with this army. countries.

    In addition, Bulgaria plans to purchase one new submarine and several ships for the country's navy.

    Velizar Shalamanov said the program would allow his country to increase defense spending to 2% of GDP, instead of the 1,3% it currently spends. Although it is recognized that “over the years we have had various investment programs to modernize the army, but they remain only on paper due to lack of funds.”

    Bulgaria is not the first country to try to get rid of Russian military equipment. Earlier, Croatia announced its readiness, within the framework of American-Croatian cooperation, to transfer 13 MI-8MTV-1 helicopters to Ukraine in exchange for American Sikorsky UH-60s.
  13. 0
    August 20 2014
    Of course, they will freeze and they will quickly begin to finish the gas pipeline themselves. But they need to raise gas prices twice as much to prevent this from happening. Like for moral damage.

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