Japan introduces new sanctions against Russia

5 August, the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers headed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe approved a package of additional sanctions against the Russian Federation in connection with the Ukrainian situation, reports ITAR-TASS with reference to the agency Kyodo. The sanctions list was supplemented with 40 individuals and 2 companies: the Crimean "Feodosia" and "Chernomorneftegaz".

Japan introduces new sanctions against Russia

Sanctions will be imposed against the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, the Acting Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov, the Prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea Natalya Poklonskaya, Advisor to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Rustam Temirgaliyev, the DPR Defense Minister Igor Strelkov, the DNR Prime Minister Alexander Boroday and others notes Tokyo, "involved in the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea by Russia."

Information about the introduction of a new package of sanctions appeared 28 July. The next day, the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on this move by the Japanese government, calling it “unfriendly and short-sighted,” stressing that it would damage relations between countries where there was a warming.

It is worth noting that Japan introduced the first two sanctions packages of the last of the “seven” countries, and so far they were the most lenient: in March negotiations on easing the visa regime and two other agreements were suspended, and in late April, Tokyo announced a ban on entry to the country for 23 Russian officials.
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  1. +1
    August 5 2014
    The joint development of the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin became narrow-eyed.
  2. +2
    August 5 2014
    I'm surprised by them. Everyone gets rude. We'll keep beating and beating. And Sakhalin and its islands are nowhere to be seen. Sure.
  3. -1
    August 5 2014
    Oh yes Moska, you know she is strong because she barks at an elephant
  4. +2
    August 5 2014
    Those Sepukists are bad! They don’t learn anything from life. As always, the very last ones fit in, but the Lyuli get the very first and to the fullest extent.. fool
  5. +4
    August 5 2014
    What do sanctions smell like?
  6. 0
    August 5 2014

    Japan is another six US ...

    And the flag is like a sheet from under a girl after her wedding night...
  7. 0
    August 5 2014
    Solidarity in action - suck the race!
  8. +1
    August 5 2014
    Quote: Himalayan
    Sorry for the top. I will explain. Important.
    I went active PR Debt

    Guys, this is a project of those who stand behind Kurgan women

    "Rusvesna" ... - (((- - they cooperate. This is a fact.

    I wrote more than once. Long before the "airport" and "border crossing", that Khodakovsky and k0 are connected with Akhmetov, who, in turn, are connected with the "Kurginyanschina" -oligarch of Russia.

    Yesterday we started promoting "DEBT". Discuss the topic as MOST as possible. 702 - prisoners ...

    Rusvesna, with her yellow-blue calico, is also "charged" with the Muddy ... Whoever read the news there will understand. So many blizzards that it is worse than disinformation.

    It seems to be in Russian, but nothing is clear. Looks like you didn’t study at school?
  9. 0
    August 5 2014
    And the Kuril Islands want everything)))
  10. +4
    August 5 2014
    No comment ...
  11. +2
    August 5 2014
    Do you remember the general who was shot near Mariupol? Many more questioned this information. Maybe this is the same general?

    The media reported the death of a US general in Afghanistan. He was shot by a local resident dressed in military uniform, writes Der Spiegel.

    The attacker broke into the Karga military base and opened fire on foreign soldiers. As a result of the attack, 15 more people were wounded, including a German brigadier general. As the publication notes, more than half of the victims are Americans.

    The representative of the Afghan armed forces, Mohammed Zahir Azimi, confirmed this information: “A terrorist in an army uniform began to shoot at local and foreign military personnel.” According to him, the attacker was killed by return fire.

    The website of the international Afghan Security Forces Assistance Mission states that “the current situation is currently being assessed and further information will be released after the assessment.”
  12. 0
    August 5 2014
    Putin instructed to work out responses to Western sanctions
    Putin noted that he expects the government to carry out his instructions to respond to Western sanctions in the very near future.
  13. +4
    August 5 2014
    Sanctions again
    We are so accustomed to the fact that everyone constantly needs something from us that we no longer pay attention to what exactly the hosts of those eager to punish us demand. So recently, our Foreign Ministry became concerned with the question of what, in general, the “partners” are trying to achieve with their sanctions. Lavrov, on the air, scratches his turnips in bewilderment, saying, of course, we will not follow your lead, but, purely, for the sake of order, voice your demands: what exactly should Mordor do to be loved? This is where the most interesting thing begins, these people desperately want us all to die as soon as possible, but they have no idea how to express this in diplomatic language, they just piss pathetically: “Russia must change its position on Ukraine.” Our position was voiced by the President back in May: “Russia is interested in resolving the situation in Ukraine and will respect the choice of the Ukrainian people.” Of course, God didn’t give horns to a lively cow (I’m talking to myself, if anything), but if I were the Darkest, I would say from a high rostrum: - We, according to your demands, are changing our position on Ukraine, from now on we are not interested in resolving the situation in Ukraine, and we do not recognize the choice of the Ukrainian people. Fuck off your sanctions! I can imagine the faces of the “partners”... Well, these are dreams, but in fact, we wanted to put up with all the sanctions. -Tell me, Shamanov, how do you feel about the fact that sanctions have been imposed against you? -I like purple... -Are you not going to America? -If the Supreme Commander-in-Chief orders, we will enter... However, our narrow-minded partners continue to scare us, both with new sanctions and with an inevitable war. Naturally, they are going to fight with us. True, who will be the victim is still unclear, Huntik is clearly not holding out, and no more fools are visible on the horizon, but still, the Mordorians are showing concern... I suggest you enjoy the thoughts of the well-known Richard L Sorge about the upcoming war... Believe me, this is a masterpiece : “I’m Russian... There will be a war, I’ll go to the front. If there’s no war, I’ll tile the bathroom, I’ve been meaning to for a long time...” So tell me, how can I scare such a person? What kind of sanctions need to be introduced for him to become hysterical: “Oh my god, it’s scary, how!” But he’s not the only one, at least eighty percent of the Mordorians support the Darkest... And in anger he tears out the hair on his skinny black ass The Chief Bourgeois: “What kind of country is this? What kind of incomprehensible country is this, in which boys are not afraid of the great and mighty United States? Numerous experts, however, immediately cried out that the volume of foreign investment in Russia has fallen, which naturally indicates the imminent end of the bloody redhead... When I hear the phrase “foreign investment,” I immediately do a stand like a setter. I really want to kill someone, preferably an expert economist, who is talking about these investments. After all, what does a typical Mordorian imagine when he hears this magical phrase? Construction of new production facilities, technological project, infrastructure development? That's the hell there! All this amounts to no more than 15 percent of the overall investment portfolio! The rest is CREDITS!
  14. +3
    August 5 2014
    What, money has run out in Mordor? Not at all, our money is like crap for a bathhouse, but it is expensive, and the domestic bourgeois prefer to take cheap ones from the West. Why this happened is not for me, but for Kudrin. He is our best finance minister in the world, even though he is a former one, he came up with this idea and holds the answer! In general, this whole story with sanctions is very reminiscent of catching a pig at a fair - a lot of fuss and squealing, and the result is extremely dubious... Then, this week, the Netherlands joined in the nursery rhymes, and it became more fun in our bathhouse. Quite expected, by the way. At first, the suckers were going to send their special forces to catch and interrogate Strelkov... However, it turned out that not everyone in Holland uses substances, and they abandoned the idea. Then, suddenly, the YUKOS case began to play with new facets; it turned out, in particular, that the people of Mordor owed Nevzlin and other hevra some unfortunate fifty billion, which caused indescribable delight among our white ribbon workers, who had already begun to calculate by what exact amount their grandmothers’ pensions would be reduced , in connection with payments to offended businessmen... We, it must be said frankly, are not actually going to pay anyone, much less the “offended” ones. Don't believe me? In vain: the Noga company has been scratching out its billion for twenty years now. I haven’t received a penny yet, by the way! So, get in line, you sons of bitches! Where are you going next? At the end, ask who is last! It seems that Latvia occupied...They counted the damage from the occupation...It came out to half a trillion, you will follow them! And finally, the Dutch pretzels discovered that they have the Darkest’s daughter, Masha, living with her husband. Naturally, the most prominent Dutch mayor of the city with an unpronounceable name demanded immediate deportation...
  15. +3
    August 5 2014
    No not like this! He, quite politically correct, proposed throwing the unfortunate girl out of Holland. True, he later apologized that he was wrong, lost his temper, and graciously allowed me to stay... Gentleman, #bird! It never occurred to anyone to check whether the Darkest One’s daughter actually lives with them... Half of the country’s population, in the sense of those whose brains have not yet been completely dried out by the neurotoxins of cannabis, began to go crazy! Photographs of the Darkest with his “daughter” appeared, as well as photographs of the “daughter” separately, against the backdrop of Dutch landscapes. The Netherlands-Banderites (there are those, damn it, there are plenty of all sorts of freaks there) announced holding rallies and pickets demanding immediate reprisals against Putin’s relative, in general, hell and Israel began on the territory of one single European country. Stoners, what! The inhabitants of Mordor, who immediately identified the person from the photograph as Roskommolodezhi lawyer Dasha Zakharova, twisted their fingers at their temples in bewilderment, but most of all Maria Putina herself was surprised by what was happening. Three dozen acquaintances called her, the poor fellow, in the morning and asked: “Where are you?” And if she answered the first dozen, they say, at home, in St. Petersburg, then she briefly informed the next: “In Karaganda!”, which caused a slight panic among the security service of friendly Kazakhstan... And here’s what’s interesting: these unscrupulous ones are our largest, after China, trading partners. They buy 70 billion bucks worth of nice stuff from us, they supply it to us for five billion...I don’t know what they supply there, but do you catch the trend? It seems that someone, but this one, needs to stick their tongue deeper into their ass, and not shine, so as not to inadvertently bring down their economy, but no, where a cancer with a claw, there is Shenderovich with a mattress... I mean, the Dutch with sanctions... Well, traditionally, cultural news: A little-known, but promising independent poetess made a proposal for ladies to give up underwear, citing the fact that they had never worn panties before and were healthy. Undoubtedly, the new initiative of the figures of dill culture, if it does not help in the fight against yams, will at least improve the demography. I personally am only in favor, and here’s why: Chechen fighters also didn’t wear panties, and that’s how ours figured them out. So if you glued a girl together, and she is without panties, everything is clear - a legal-sexual spy, by the scruff of the neck and in the FSB!

    Posted by Alexander Perlin
    1. +1
      August 5 2014
      The three previous posts are an article... Please do not break them up with reply comments...
      1. +1
        August 5 2014
        So that you don’t get torn apart by comments, when you publish an article, write your own answer and the text will be in a row and no one will fit it. Your answer will be earlier than others.
        1. +1
          August 5 2014
          Well, how did it happen...I was in a hurry to convey a joke...
          1. The comment was deleted.
  16. +1
    August 5 2014
    Quote: P-38
    Now in Japanese schools all students are sure that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by the Russians

    If so, then our task is to tell everyone the truth!
    1. +2
      August 5 2014
      Or maybe it’s easier to do it - confirm their misconceptions.
      1 We will confirm the image of the universal villains
      2 we will resolve once and for all the issue with the Kuril Islands by the complete absence of those raising it.
    2. +3
      August 5 2014
      Maybe it will bomb and restore historical justice? soldier
  17. +2
    August 5 2014
    I don’t understand what relationship Crimean companies have with Japan. Well, the Japanese will not forgive Poklonskaya to their government....
  18. Alexey
    August 5 2014
    “Today the parties signed a five-year memorandum of understanding, which provides for the supply of Russian equipment and consumer goods to Iran in exchange for Iranian oil.”
    “Russia and Iran have been negotiating a deal since late last year, with Washington putting significant pressure on Moscow to prevent an agreement. The White House fears that oil cooperation with Russia will weaken the consequences of Western sanctions for Iran and reduce pressure on Tehran in ongoing negotiations with the Six on the status of its nuclear program." MAIL.RU
    Well, sanction... sanction further
  19. +1
    August 5 2014
    These Japanese are very insidious and cruel characters, no matter how quiet they look. By the way, during the civil war they committed great outrages on Sakhalin and the surrounding area, using the most brutal methods to exterminate the Russian population, even more inhumanely than the American expeditionary thugs in Siberia at the same time.
  20. +1
    August 5 2014
    I wonder how much we need to throw at Japan, which is at war with us, so that it doesn’t come up again. They would remember their atrocities in Asia and against our prisoners and shut their mouths. How long did it take for the Kwantung Army to be defeated?! Did the Japs forget something? Let them do hara-kiri for themselves and kiss the Americans on the ass for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  21. +2
    August 5 2014
    It's time for these radioactive remnants of the American atomic bombing to draw the right conclusions before the islands disappear into the abyss of the ocean.

    I have long noticed that after every move in the direction of Russia, unfinished samurai are attacked by all sorts of disasters: tsunamis, Fukushima, typhoons, etc.
  22. +5
    August 5 2014
    But the Japanese need to think about it, otherwise sanctions and sanctions... wink
  23. Arienaelle
    August 5 2014
    We'll do without hentai
  24. +3
    August 5 2014
    Haven't they come up with any other way to lick the Americans' ass other than to do nasty things to Russia? negative
  25. 0
    August 5 2014
    The Pechersk court of Kyiv decided to arrest Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, State Duma deputies Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Sergei Mironov and Gennady Zyuganov, as well as businessman Konstantin Malofeev, RBC-Ukraine reports with reference to the speaker of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine Yuri Boychenko.
    Read more: http://top.rbc.ru/politics/05/08/2014/941159.shtml
    They are waiting for Shoigu in Kuev with the Taman Division and the 76th Guards Chernigov Red Banner Air Assault Division
  26. +1
    August 5 2014
    What the hell sanctions??? Why did the Japs completely blow their minds??? They forgot about the palladium they buy from Russia. If Russia stops supplying this metal, then all the electronics will simply stop there...
    1. 0
      August 5 2014
      They cannot refuse the United States. They just can't. To their own detriment, having reduced the severity of sanctions to a minimum, they are still forced to introduce them. Occupation of the Panimash.
    2. +3
      August 6 2014
      .. Poor “Japanese Mother” .. thought how a Geisha could get away with dancing and singing .. oh, her Mattresses are simple and without artistic and aesthetic bells and whistles .. only one question remains, how are they going to produce their electronics without rare earth metals? .. ours are also supplied by China .. well, we do it modestly, and China holds the whole world by the “scrotum” .. we really have “NZ” accidentally accompanying it turned out when one rare thing was mined, a lot of useful things turned out to be in the dumps, according to forecasts of years enough for 20, as long as it lies there and doesn’t ask for food.. ah, that’s where these lovers of sushi and rolls will get it from, a very interesting question because by messing with us and quarreling with China over the disputed islands.. they won’t make any good for themselves.. ah, about the Kuril Islands, let them go to the Netherlands to smoke, there are places where such a thing can be seen in reality, well, after all, when they “puff” .. let them dream .. :) :) .. after all, Clever Joseph Vissarionovich did a good job in 45 of this samurai bed, now it’s just weeds .. and where is their Samurai wisdom now? ..
      1. +3
        August 6 2014
        They don't have any more samurai. They forgot the Code of Bushido. But they do have Coca-Cola.
  27. +1
    August 6 2014
    hmm...every day there are sanctions...
    Year of Sanctions! And the further the merrier... MMM sanctions - join in, bring your friends, announce 101 sanctions and 102 will be free..
    Listen, does the Russian Federation even need it? It was necessary to do everything as it should and make a face like a brick... and the sanctions - well, let’s drink to the sanctions..
  28. 0
    August 6 2014
    Why do they care about radiation and soon mutants will live there alone? Nuclear power plants are being closed, and where will wood-fired thermal power plants get electricity from?))) just like in Transcarpathia there is no gas, and where can we get gas from the Amers for the whole country? There won’t be enough gas for the whole country. It’s expensive, and it’ll quickly run out in a year or two, and we’ll sell everything, as always, but no, in order to say that we don’t have enough for our closest partners, China doesn’t have enough, and all just because we’ll sell it to them, let them belittle it, because in Europe they forgot the price of gas before we started selling it to them, and how they heated themselves with wood and coal. Yes, you can’t buy used cars from Japan at all, introduce a ban and everyone will drown in their garbage, otherwise we also pay them for the disposal of their garbage, which of our fishermen sells fish and crabs to their port, such fines and confiscation of the vessel.
  29. Listad
    August 6 2014
    Samurai are no longer the same. No honor, no courage.
  30. +1
    August 6 2014
    Smiled ... laughing
  31. 0
    August 6 2014
    As I have already noticed more than once, as soon as the crooked ones say something against Russia, an earthquake or a typhoon happens after that. We're waiting, sir.
  32. 0
    August 6 2014
    Aren't you disgusted???? , look like Slave in front of the mattress covers. They “let go” of everyone, but it doesn’t work with Russia.
  33. 0
    August 6 2014
    Even against Poklonskaya? And this is after yash-myash? belay
    1. Erg
      August 6 2014
      Agree. All of Japan is “masturbating” to Polonskaya. Sanctions against her... This is hara-kiri... wassat
  34. 0
    August 6 2014
    Japan's sanctions against Russia are essentially a ceremony of preparation for hara-kiri. The American “umbrella” is not 100% protective, the economic prospects for development with Russia are fading into oblivion, and Japan’s enemy China has a powerful ally.
    PS And then they will demand Hokkaido back.
  35. sazhka4
    August 6 2014
    Poles decided to eat apples to spite Russia (photo)
    Australia has found its own way to “punish Russia over the Boeing crash”
    Israel joined anti-Russian sanctions
    Why did the US spy plane escape from the Russian one?
    Nothing to add... Clowns.
  36. dzau
    August 6 2014
    Was it forbidden for people to draw Poklonskaya? Or did I not understand what the sanctions are?

    Quote: region46
    they can forget about the islands now

    Not so fast. First, include Hokkaido within the borders of the Kuril chain. Then they may forget.
  37. footballist87
    August 6 2014
    Quote: DV69
    Japan is occupied by the United States. In the country there are foreign troops. Therefore, the Japanese leadership is forced to pursue such a policy.

    South Korea is also under the US, but sanctions are not applied....
  38. wladimir
    August 6 2014
    Where do the Japanese buy gas? Got insolent
  39. 0
    August 7 2014
    Yes, the Japanese will smash this same Cabinet of Ministers into their offices for nyashmyash (Poklonskaya)) They have coveted the sacred)

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