Betrayal or a setup?

Betrayal or a setup?

The article was conceived by me a long time ago as an answer to all the following questions: the Ukrainians themselves must figure out why not everyone is in the militia, Russia has nothing to do with it.

About me: in the militia (then self-defense) from March 3. So call me "divan" will not work. Immediately I say that I am giving first-hand opinion - and not only my own, but all civilians and militias living around me. For their sake, for the sake of truth. I did not participate in the battles, because not that there is no combat experience, but I did not even serve in the army. Such tried to fight not to send.

Anticipating the inevitable attacks on my age and mental abilities, I note: thirty-five years, the highest mountain, not a fool.

How it all began 3 March, and in some places fourth or fifth, in all the settlements of the Luhansk region and the Donetsk part of the population held meetings on the organization of self-defense units. The tasks were set minimal, there is no trust of the police, to prevent possible vandalism and provocations. There were no demands on federalism or secession on the agenda. They collected a bit of legal iron, assigned a queue and points of duty. The initiator of the meetings in Luhansk were local branches of the Cossacks (IC ATS). It was decided not to compile the lists, only those responsible for the quick collection were appointed. Those in charge had only the telephone numbers of their people. Also present were representatives of the Kharkov "Oplota", who recorded interested persons in the group for going to rallies in Kharkov and Donetsk.

After the occupation of Lugansk SBU and RSA began to slowly organize checkpoints, weapon only yours After the announcement of the mobilization, we held meetings, in which we already made lists of volunteers, we got 210 fighters, this is almost the entire male population of our village, broke up into platoons and branches, appointed commanders from among the veterans of the Afghans and special forces there. The commander in chief was our centurion IC ATS.

Before this, 3 in May Cossacks entered Anthracite, it was written in Wiki that two trucks entered, and Kozitsyn was among them, it was not so, on May 2 five KamAZ trucks with armed men passed through the border and entered Anthracite, settled in the military office. Two cars came the next day.

Our centurion with a delegation having OBD 6 May went to Anthracite for instructions and weapons, and we thought, everything, tomorrow for the war, said goodbye to the families.

According to the stories, tons of weapons were handed out in Anthracite to everyone, in reality the rebels brought four machine guns, two RPKs, two RPG-26s and one RPG-7s. For 210 people. They ordered us to organize a checkpoint at home, well, they thought, they know better. We chose a good place along the Kharkov - Rostov highway with reliable escape routes, drove a loader, crane, excavator. They did everything wisely. I immediately got stuck with questions: AK - this, of course, is good, but where is the large caliber? From the very beginning, I did not have all this common euphoria; I did not experience any illusions about the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. My tales of thousands tanks and artillery was perceived as a betrayal, for standing with a machine gun, they fought, played with machine guns like small children.

Now to the point. For all this time, no one else gave anything, we were not collected or sent anywhere. The organization was absent as such; at the end of May, an urgent collection was announced by midnight. Have appeared. They took away the 43 man, drove him, ten days later they all came back. They were simply placed with a minimum of weapons at distant checkpoints, often stupidly located and unfortified. A lot of commanders, each his own, all - the citizens of the Russian Federation. After the rotation, no one returned. After the aggravation of the situation, all the same, orders from Kozitsyn were sent, those who had an army went. They returned terribly frightened, one remained the only survivor from the platoon, immediately filed a report and passed the form and weapons. There is nothing to fight stupidly, the Nazis have artillery, a mass of armored vehicles and an endless BP, while they got one Grad with fifteen shells. Two tank crews of ours were assembled, one had a wedge tower and a gun in the vertical, in the second a non-operational MV and stabilizer malfunctions. After the first battle also filed reports.

So, it was the Russian government that provoked the transition of resistance to the armed stage, no one will convince me that the Cossacks bought weapons at the Voentorg and freely transported across the border of the Russian Federation. By the way, it was through them that thin trickle of weapon went, and they were engaged in its distribution.

Why for a long time it was just a thin stream of small arms and a bit of individual anti-tank weapons? Why not a huge flow? Why was there no effective and inexpensive portable weapon?

There is such a wonderful thing - 2B11, I literally saw him in my dreams, balled ataman, talking about the tactics of his use, but I never saw them. Where are the hundreds of recoilless guns, why did Strelkov have only two LNG-9, and not twenty, and why only LNG, and not much more efficient B-11? Mortars of 120 caliber could decide the fate of Slavyansk, if they were at Strelkov in sufficient quantities at the very beginning of the Slavic seat. The Nazis would never have been able to consolidate on Karachun. Is it a pity? Well, that can't be right. That is why I brought the question about the setup in the title.

Arms shipments were conducted situationally, before the onset of the Nazis, a rifle ran occasionally, after a large caliber went, but again only in the amount “to maintain the pants”. Technically, it was possible to deliver trains, the border was fully open for almost three months, it was possible to transport the ICBM at least by filling it with sand in wagons. Instead, all decisions were made in the pig trail, as my grandmother says. Tens of thousands of people sat at home and at checkpoints uselessly, having one machine for thirty people, they were all ready for battle, if from the very beginning we had the weapon that we are panicked shoved now, then the Nazis would not have a single a chance.

The number of people who wanted to go into battle, decreased with each success of the Nazis, and now has passed into the negative stage, people are running. Who will explain to me, after all he was carried all the same, now the time for secrets is over, the armored personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, “Grad” are transported in the back of heavy trucks, covered with a tarpaulin, including across the border. So why was this not done before and in sufficient quantities? I do not see any other reason for this, except that the Russian government was not interested in our victory.

For a month, I thought that this was one of the signs of an early entry of Russian troops to the Donbass, I thought that Putin did not want just our victory on his own, so that he wouldn’t arrogate and change his mind to enter Russia. Was it also a pity to transport a couple of hundred D-30 and a hundred tons of power supply units for them, and do not tell me about satellites and stuff, because they were carried all the same, the way I voiced you, so what difference, how much, is it a fait accompli?

I do not understand. Now news with heat and heat. For two days I did not sleep, being in the far secret, I received a command to wire the columns as a local native. After yesterday's loss of Debaltsev, there was only one more or less convenient way: a very tangled primer, which is difficult to remember. The road from Izvarin to Donetsk, if that.

Yesterday, 140 armored vehicles accumulated in Olkhovatsky and Nikishino, after taking Debaltsev went to Torez, Shakhtersk. We see the result today: a part of the Nazis from Debaltsev turned to Perevalsk-Alchevsk. Result: Kozitsin associates are already eating "Putinka" in Rostov. Our captains and captains also washed away, all the checkpoints on the Kharkov-Rostov line were removed. The guys are indignant and unspeakably, the fighters are coming from Debaly yesterday, we stop, we ask a Chechen friend, what do we do, he says, no options, no help, go away, change into a citizen, and we have dismantled the post, but the Nazis didn’t go to us, turned on Alchevsk and Shakhtersk. Two of us yesterday conducted a convoy to Kr. Ray, then several columns of refugees, and on the night they drove off, and by morning they carried out another convoy to Makeyevka with something covered with a tarp. The fighters are depressed and indignant to the limit, especially the betrayal of the Cossacks, under Lugansk equipment and artillery, for which there is no one to plant, it used to I was sent to take my family, my brother and I will take me to Taganrog if I have time.

Conclusion: we were not just betrayed, it would have been like that if Russia had not come to the rescue at all, we were simply framed, giving us a weapon; saying "A", did not say "B."

The Cossacks, announcing the mobilization, swore to us that no later than 26 May Russian troops would be here, but they could give at least a weapon. This is not only my opinion, even Russian volunteers, with whom I spoke, think so.

No one understands what is going on, it seems, the hypothesis that Putin needed working hands on the construction of BAM and a mine in Kuzbass has a basis.

And yes, sorry for the lack of original photos, it was not before that, and it was punishable.

I also know that after the article my rating will fall below the baseboard. But believe me, this is what worries me the least now. By the way, maybe someone has information about the mining watches in the Komi Republic? Write to me.
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  1. Andrey82
    July 29 2014
    But in my opinion, the elite are simply fulfilling the order of their overseas masters to play off the Slavs on their side. On the other side they are playing off in exactly the same way. In order for the matter of bleeding to go faster and urgently, they urgently organized the “reunification” of Crimea, as a starting point. Then came the famous words of the promised-unfulfilled-kin - We will protect, we will not allow. And what? People believed, began to rebel, and the one who promises but does not fulfill anything betrayed them, driving them into war and absolutely brazenly and cynically throwing them to the junta to be devoured. In general, everything is going according to the “cunning plan”, the Slavs are crushing each other and clearing the lands of themselves for the owners of “our elite”. This is why they pumped them with gas and equipment from Crimea. In general, the plan of mutual extermination of the Slavs according to the “cunning plan” was successfully realized.
  2. 0
    July 29 2014
    Apparently there was no plan - wherever they sailed, there was a “shore”!
  3. 0
    July 29 2014
    Many oddities have already been written about in the article, there is no point in repeating them. Personally, what struck me most was the phrase about workers for BAM, etc. And it struck me because while communicating with a former friend from Western Ukraine (soon after the Maidanists came to power, he became an ardent Banderlogist) , I heard a lot of cries from him on the topic: “Siberia was mastered by crests, they built the BAM and feed the whole of Russia.” Doesn’t it remind you of anything??
  4. 0
    July 29 2014
    The article is a very well-thought-out fake, well stylized to resemble the “truth.”
    Admins, you can ban me forever, but you need to think at least a little bit before publishing something like this on this resource. Faith in your professionalism has fallen under the plinth and sunk deeper.
    1. 0
      July 29 2014
      I don’t know, I trust Strelkov, who said two weeks ago that “if we had the kind of support we have now a couple of months ago, there would already be twice as many of us (about 60 tons), and we would already be in Kyiv”
      1. 0
        July 29 2014
        I once worked in the central media, and it couldn’t be more central.
        And since then I have not believed anything that I have not heard with my own ears.
  5. 0
    July 29 2014
    It seems to me, military comrades, that I have no idea: neither in life, nor in the army, nor in politics, and especially in war. The “sofa conscript” hasn’t been released for years, but in our village there is only a nine-year school. I help my mother with her folder, and my grandfathers. I’m preparing for the army (well, physically, to support myself), I’m seriously preparing, like a peasant, so that later I won’t blame anyone on why they didn’t protect us. Here. What am I talking about?
    Well, yes, about this letter - a confession. Confessions of Kristina Orbakaite, Valery Meladze, Prima Dona, Alexander Buinov, this ballerina, and now a militiaman, a real patriot (no, it’s true, he helps the militia there, which he doesn’t like and doesn’t appreciate, and besides, he’s evaluated by the leadership, which means he’ll be more literate than me , definitely).
    The grandfather (miner) told about his father (miner) that when the German arrived, he and his elders joined the partisans. They didn’t give us any weapons (there weren’t any), they told us to get them in battle. On the first outing, the three of them had one Berdanka, an ax and a club. I don’t know how (hardly anyone sent it), but then they got guns, “Schmeisters,” and grenades. And Soviet weapons came to them, with encircled soldiers, later. I don’t know anything about communications, but there was definitely no equipment (not even the anti-tank rifle with which Strelok began the defense of Slavinsk). Help like the Second Front appeared by the end of the war, so there was no one to hope for. They just knew that Hitler would kill everyone and that this was their land, well, I mean. Homeland.
    Here. My father also says that we should always go to elections - it is our civic duty (to vote for the one who, in your opinion, is most worthy of representing the people). My elders are not politicians and do not pretend to be anyone, but in the 90s, they and the peasants (the same peasants) in the region decided that no national criminal groups would be allowed into the region. They gathered and didn’t let us in. I don’t know how, he was still snotty. It seems that an ultimatum was presented to the police department. Yes, everyone in the area remembers this. And in 2010, we chipped in with the administration and erected a monument to those who died in the Second World War in the central estate. We installed lighting in the school gym at our own expense, and prepared firewood for the winter for WWII veterans. Aunt Nyura’s house was scammed (her son died in Afghanistan). This is how we live in little Russia. We honor our great-grandfathers, we respect our grandfathers, we are careful with our father. We live under God, and therefore it is impossible to do otherwise. Our land is his Gift, so what if we protect it. Help will only come from God, and we have no one else to rely on. For our people, for our workers' and peasants' army and navy, for ourselves, a sinner, and for the Holy Trinity. Like Suvorov and Ushakov. Maybe I'm wrong, forgive me, if that's the case, due to my youth.
    Vanya Koshkin (father blessed me to answer from his computer)
    1. +1
      July 29 2014
      Quote: oratai104
      The grandfather (miner) told about his father (miner) that when the German arrived, he and his elders joined the partisans. They didn’t give us any weapons (there weren’t any), they told us to get them in battle. On the first outing, between the three of them they had one Berdanka, an ax and

      Give me some information: the number of partisan detachments; the number of partisans in the Donbass and Luhansk region during the occupation.
    2. +1
      July 29 2014
      nice try. For a nine-year-old it’s absolutely excellent; on the Unified State Exam I would have received 100 points for spelling and proficiency in Russian literature. The choice of nickname is also very clever for such a meager level of education in your village.
      pros, log out.
    3. 0
      July 29 2014
      Oh, I even went there, looked at the previous posts and was inspired :-)
      In general, this is not even “Vanya Koshkin”, here you need to see a doctor.
  6. 0
    July 29 2014
    The question is, why did our Russians, like Strelkov and others, also start the uprising with AKs and a knife and are still fighting? What, our guys have a stronger military spirit, although they are fighting in another country?
  7. 0
    July 29 2014
    vyser of the fifth column of Novorossiya
  8. 0
    July 29 2014
    Let's think. They say that the United States is looking for a pretext for war in Europe. So good. The Finnish (Winter) War of 39 began due to the shelling of a Soviet border post. Several soldiers were killed and wounded. True, it is not clear who shot. The USSR blamed the Finns, the Finns of the USSR. But the war has begun. The Fuhrer faked Polish attacks on the Germans as a pretext for war. And there are many examples. When armies face each other, there is always a reason. Shot in Sarajevo - 1st World War.
    Let's consider the current situation. Dill and the “democracies” declare the annexation of Crimea, with a scythe they promise to return it in a month. The pastry chef also promises to beat it back very quickly. Question. Why fence a garden from the southeast. Putting a bunch of people on both sides, showing the whole world that regular troops who have received mischief not to spare cartridges are not able to cope with a fragmented militia?
    Here it is Crimea, nearby. There is an excuse, attack. But no, several months of mediocre anti-terrorist operation, in addition to the explosion of a Malayan plane. And yes, Crimea. “Pgas defenders” will immediately start shouting that the Russians were the first to start (and they will have to start, they won’t retreat to Moscow), there is a genocide of the Tatars, etc., etc. Will you say that in this case we are the victim, and the dill are the aggressors? So if we don’t send in troops, it doesn’t mean that dill won’t attack Russia after the defeat of Novorossiya. In the situation with Crimea, or maybe they are preparing a springboard for an attack on the Rostov region (and why not), it turns out that war is inevitable? Those. By inciting the Ukrainians to attack Russia, the States will immediately have a reason to drag the Eurekas into the war. Maybe “someone” will shoot down an American or Euro plane with a humanitarian mission. Those. CASUS BELLI staffers could find it a hundred times.
    Moreover, for the Russian population, the attack is not a surprise. Can't compare with '41. The country is arming itself. Troops conduct maneuvers and exercises. Those. it won't happen by surprise. The Entente has lost time.
    I think that the main idea of ​​all this is not aggression against Russia, but taking advantage of the events in and around dill to carry out sanctions against the Russian Federation in full. The standard of living of the population will fall, unemployment and other “delights” and their consequences will lead the people onto the streets. Fortunately, the fifth column feels afloat and will direct the process in the right direction. That is, a proven method of color revolutions around the world. And neither tanks, ships nor planes are an obstacle to this.
    1. +1
      July 29 2014
      Quote: SCHWERIN
      I think that the main idea of ​​all this is not aggression against Russia, but taking advantage of the events in and around dill to carry out sanctions against the Russian Federation in full. The standard of living of the population will fall, unemployment and other “delights” and their consequences will lead the people onto the streets. Fortunately, the fifth column feels afloat and will direct the process in the right direction. That is, a proven method of color revolutions around the world. And neither tanks, ships nor planes are an obstacle to this.
      It’s funny, but with the right approach under sanctions, the standard of living will not only not fall, but can even increase very, very much. Moreover, there is no need to do anything drastic.
      Common sense is enough.
      It’s true that our powers that be are a little short of common sense...
      People, he is such a thing that he will endure anything. I survived the 90s.
      And the role of the fifth column is a little exaggerated - get to the point, and in one night you can leave one memory of it.

      Unfortunately, it is hardly possible to expect anything drastic from our authorities. I'm afraid that everything will end in a grandiose meltdown under cheerful slogans.
  9. 0
    July 29 2014
    Question to the author: are the Russians to blame again? They didn’t send any smart commanders? Not armed? Have you not prepared a deeply echeloned defense line? Didn't provide air support? Oh, excuse me, what the hell?! To get a new Maidan in a couple of years?! This time already from Donetsk? Well, of course, “the curses of Moscow...” have fooled you: neither you have Moscow salaries, nor you have a gay European standard of living! You know what, guys? If you are really in a pinch, then you will find a way and a means! Moreover, there are Russians in the militia who do not hang out in cafes; I personally know two guys from Rostov... Damn, well, Russia owes the whole world!! Guilty before the whole world!!!
  10. 0
    July 29 2014
    If the defense of Novorossiya does not fall apart due to the fact that the militias themselves scatter, then victory will be for Novorossiya. The junta no longer has the strength to put the squeeze on the militia, the equipment has been badly knocked out, the aircraft have been shot down, the soldiers don’t want to fight, the most ideological Banderaites have already been knocked out. The militia has 10000 - 15000 fighters and equipment, in 4 months of fighting the militia lost about 1000 fighters killed, I don’t see how exactly the junta can destroy 10000 - 15000 militia fighters, they simply don’t have such forces.
  11. +1
    July 29 2014
    I’m from the Stavropol region, far from being the richest region of Russia, but I have pensioners working in my service and those who don’t know how to do anything at all simply won’t get the minimum salary of 20 thousand rubles anywhere else, and before that I worked as a site manager at a construction site on a business trip. only 250 km from the city where there was an office for 45 x ren who wanted to go, well, actually, it’s clear they earned this money on the spot, and the personnel department always lived in a raped version because the pro-slavery link did not give rest forever, there are not enough people, I don’t know, maybe I’m in what other reality do I live in, no, of course there are villages where people live, what they do, I don’t know, but the maximum they get is 15 thousand, so I was visiting relatives there, I invited them to come work, everyone has their fingers, they all bent their fingers, but only five came and were quite happy, maybe the three thousand they get themselves guilty we have a minimum wage of 5700 or at half the rate registered
  12. DiTiger
    July 29 2014
    "we ask a Chechen friend"
    Ahah, the article looks like a fake.
  13. 0
    July 29 2014
    As I have written before and will write again.
    If in Novorossiya there is a sharp change in the direction of the militia, then the Russian Federation will immediately be blamed for everything (supplies of weapons, etc., etc.).
    Whether someone likes it or not, in my opinion, the Russian Federation is still afraid of sanctions to one degree or another. And constant excuses and proofs that the Russian Federation has nothing to do with it confirm this. As a result, we have what we have.
    The Russian Federation, in my opinion, is not that the sluggish conflict is beneficial, it’s just that the Russian Federation is waiting for the fall when there are elections to the Verkhovna Rada and the hope that the junta will strangle its own kind or devour itself.

    Sometimes the situation simply seems like this: you can’t leave help (put the comma yourself)
    The fact that the Russian Federation is somehow helping is understandable, but I don’t understand why the Russian Federation constantly makes excuses and won’t say that we will help Novorossiya and that’s it, and all of you (Geyropa and the West) go to hell!
  14. Punkt
    July 29 2014
    Thank you for the article - it could have been more detailed, of course - a lot of things immediately fall into place: right now they are sending weapons in bulk, they are afraid that they will approach the Crimea, then they will take up Russia. It is a pity for the people who wanted to and were not able to, and if from the rear and turning back there is no one how to fight then? everything is fine...
  15. 0
    July 29 2014
    Guchkov’s speech in the State Duma “Stupidity or betrayal?” is the same. They should at least come up with something new, otherwise they are just scratching the surface of names and correcting localities.
  16. +1
    July 29 2014
    Quote: There is such a wonderful thing - 2B11, I literally saw it in my dreams, I ate the bald spots to the chieftain, talking about the tactics of its use, but I never saw them. Where are the hundreds of recoilless rifles, why did Strelkov only have two SPG-9s and not twenty, and why only SPGs and not the much more effective B-11s?
    I did not participate in battles, because not only do I have no combat experience, but I did not even serve in the army.
    Where does such knowledge come from for a person who has not served in the army?
  17. +2
    July 29 2014
    Quote: Scandinavian
    Begging, I am disappointed with your illiterate politician with respect to Novorossii Vladimir Vladimirovich, And Crimea was returned purely by chance, a coincidence.

    Cats are born by chance, but our Crimea is not by chance! Putin made the right move at the right time! And as for “illiterate politics,” he’s right here too! Why fight a virtual enemy if the real one sits overseas and “pulls the levers”?

    We are all human and make mistakes, but Putin did not make any major mistakes. Plus for our president! Minus the article!
  18. +1
    July 29 2014
    The article is empty, a big minus!!! I read the beginning and almost spat on it! I didn’t read all the comments. Possibly a coincidence.
    The author, asshole, writes.
    I did not participate in battles, because not only do I have no combat experience, but I did not even serve in the army.

    I understand, but further!!
    There is such a wonderful thing - 2B11, I literally saw it in my dreams, I ate my bald head to the chieftain, talking about the tactics of its use!

    What am I coming from??? I served in the BU of the RViAR division, and I cannot tell you the combat tactics of a mortar unit. This is a narrow specialization! And the horse in shorts told ATAMAN! Ah! He visits VIKI. He’s a good fighter! What the hell is the time? Ataman! Occupy a soldier!!!!
  19. 0
    July 29 2014
    Perhaps it’s a hoax, or maybe it’s a cry from the heart out of ignorance.
  20. 0
    July 29 2014
    "I didn't serve in the army...."
    And how military terms are thrown around left and right. Another stuffing.
  21. 0
    July 30 2014
    Guano spread evenly over the paper. All the leaders of the militia are from the Russian Federation, but there are no local ones, is it all Putin’s fault? There are two options - either the DPR and LPR are populated by the same dill-hatskrayniks, or there was no desire for independence, and we, armchair warriors, were misled by some dark forces about the fight for Novorossiya (but not Putin, because he asked to postpone the referendum). What happens - in any of the author’s two scenarios, there is neither the DPR, nor the LPR, there are no leaders, but there is a crooked provocation of Toliputinatolineputin? And we, imbued with the author’s competent negative messages, choose one of two convenient options for the upcoming DEFEAT. Who then has been fighting for months, holding the entire system of the state, albeit in crisis, around two regional centers? Polymers are such polymers... I went to... the Maidan, or something, with such logical forks.
  22. +1
    August 11 2014
    One thing is clear, the author is a provocateur! a well-thought-out article was clearly written by an intelligent and well-paid person and certainly not from the “village of Kukuevo”))) such pearls come only from special departments in Kyiv
  23. +1
    August 11 2014
    Well, I would have sat there and not rocked the rocks, why did I join the militia if everything is so bad there? For help from Putin? You always need to count on the worst, i.e. to the complete absence of any help, and weapons should have been seized from army units, and not set up checkpoints. If you can't provide yourself with weapons, stay at home!

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