Lviv plant took over the production of ultra-light BTR

Ukrainian news portal Today reports that the Lviv armored plant, which for a long time has been cooperating with foreign customers, has now begun to fulfill orders of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

According to the newspaper, the production of light modern Dozor armored personnel carriers, the project of which was developed at the Morozov Kharkiv Bureau, began in the workshops of the enterprise. The first sample will be ready in about a month. In time for the deadline, the factory workers are working on 2-3 shifts. After assembling the machine, a full-scale check at the tankodrome is awaiting.

Work on the "Watch" is combined at the factory with the repair of armored personnel carriers, self-propelled guns and repair and evacuation vehicles. In addition, production workers are mastering "technology for the manufacture of protective screens for armored vehicles."

According to the director of the plant Alexander Ostapets, the company “had to postpone the implementation of the prestigious foreign agreement, because we repair our equipment out of turn. Very soon, two units of BREM-1, four BTR-80 and three tank engine. In order not to depend on the Russian manufacturer, Lviv residents independently mastered the technique of manufacturing all the spare parts that go to the tanks. "

One of the engineers, Yuriy Vinar, said that factory repair teams are constantly in the ATO area. “Our specialists have already conducted six rotations and are preparing for the seventh. In field conditions, it is very difficult to repair old equipment that does not withstand heavy loads, but we manage ”- told Vinar.

The Ukrainian portal reminds that repair of combat vehicles is also being carried out in the Chernihiv region. There, from the beginning of the ATO, almost 700 units of army armored vehicles have been restored.
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    1. aba
      July 27 2014
      Back in Soviet times, I did an internship at this plant.
      There are a lot of interesting memories about both the city and the plant...
      1. 0
        July 27 2014
        Well, share it...
    2. +3
      July 27 2014
      production speed - 1 bm / 1 month
    3. +1
      July 27 2014
      So much sarcasm! What about 200 armored personnel carriers, with l/s inside, and with proper use?(!). This is to add to each militia unit, at least a PTRD, I’m not talking about a large-caliber machine gun, with ammunition. The Ukrainian military's experience in maintaining databases is growing, and any armored vehicles will not be superfluous for them.
    4. 0
      July 27 2014
      It’s vaguely similar to “Cobra”, it’s amazing, probably the same way, however, what not to do as long as you don’t go to the front
    5. +1
      July 27 2014
      Have you seen this plant? This is clearly visible in the video. This is a collective farm MTS. Let them sculpt what they want, they won’t sculpt anything.
      And they have neither pennies nor time.
    6. +1
      July 27 2014
      There are news that are not just disgusting, but even disgusting to read... Do you understand with your mind, Westerners, Banderaites, with vinegar instead of blood, what do you want from them? But emotions are still going through the roof... We have repaired, honest hard-working proletarians, another box - which means in the east of Ukraine a couple of children have a grave....
    7. +4
      July 28 2014
      Quote: Nagan
      Quote: askof
      Poroshenko would better fix the brains

      If it were a machine, then you can save only the front and rear numbers, and all that is between them can be changed.

      No replacement - only complete recycling!
    8. +2
      July 28 2014
      Column of rebel vehicles in the morning in Shakhtersk
    9. +6
      July 28 2014
      Latest information on junta losses
      Igor Panarin
      The total losses of punitive forces in Donbass from May 2 to July 27, 2014 are 12 thousand 615 people, of which 7401 people (killed, wounded), 14 prisoners and 5200 deserters.
      The specificity of the last 24 hours has been mass desertion from encircled units, and two-thirds of the Lvov territorial defense battalion also deserted. Lviv residents fled along the road to Donbass. Also, mass anti-war actions took place in Mykolaiv, Zaporozhye, Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Transcarpathian regions.
      Destroyed equipment:
      -2 AN-26 aircraft
      -1 reconnaissance aircraft AN-30
      - 2 Aircraft - IL 76
      - 16 of Su-25 airplanes (+ 1 SU-25 captured on July 7)
      - 7 Su-24 aircraft
      - 4 drone
      - 19 attack helicopters ("Mi-24", "Mi-17" and "Mi-8")
      - 119 T-64 tanks
      - 7 T-72 tanks
      - 1 tank "Bulat"
      - 5 Hammers
      - Jeep
      - 18 Gas-66
      - headquarters machine
      - truck crane
      - 19 Uralov
      - 26 KAMAZ
      - 3 UAZ 469
      - 2 SAU-Nona
      - 2 ACS 2S3 "Akatsia"
      - 2 anti-aircraft guns 23-2
      - 8 installations MLRS GRAD
      - 6 installations MLRS Hurricane
      - 23 howitzers D-30
      -17 122 mm mortars
      - 61 BMP
      - 49 BMD.
      - 141 BTR.
    10. +1
      July 28 2014
      Ultra-light armored personnel carriers? This is probably something like a Lviv bus, but in camouflage?
      1. +1
        July 28 2014
        On the Lviv bus, Gagarin went to the Start, as well as Leonov, Titov, Tereshkova...
        Don’t be kidding, no one has yet canceled the hating.
        Although, of course, I’m not delighted with the remains of the Lvov repair plant. Ugh!
    11. +1
      July 28 2014
      Guess the riddle: There is a coffin on wheels, with fried dill inside!
    12. 0
      July 28 2014
      You can laugh, of course, sarcastic moods are generally characteristic of the Russian people (the sea is knee-deep), but the Red Army, the strongest of all, died in 91 (that is, the Soviet one)
      You’d better look at how much Ukrainian factories are currently making for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. The impression is that the entire budget is spent on saving gas (we are cutting down regions that consume Russian gas with artillery bombs and bombings)
      I would not look so calmly at the militarization of Ukraine. Moreover, hats fly off for any reason.
      You have the strong impression that the show is “ours!” and “not ours” are playing the game. I’ll disappoint - “ours” are everywhere... but not yours...
      And militarization is quite serious...Perhaps the country is feverishly straining its last resources. But Ukraine has already strained them with all its might several times. Either from the collapse of the regions, or from repetitions of the Crimean scenarios....
      Someone really needs a “phoenix” and he lives and will live....
    13. 0
      July 28 2014
      As far as my education allows, I misunderstand something. An armored personnel carrier, that is, an armored vehicle, should simply (and for the smart people on the couch, I’ll clarify - very, very simplified) consist of the following characteristics (which ultimately determine its mass) - frame, engine, transmission, wheels (that is, simple transport) + space for fighters at least some kind of cargo + armor (otherwise a simple truck will do, which without it quickly becomes a carrier of blind people. Although with it too, it’s a little more complicated).
      Here, either put something so new on the transport part (where from? Developing a motor is not a pound of raisins. But it also needs to be assembled somewhere. And not just one. The same with the other part.), or cut down the passenger part (there is only room for the driver, the rest run behind), or remove the armor (then why is this better than a truck?).
      I do not understand something.
      Oh yes, one more thing, given the mobilization of the western regions of Ukraine, who will be standing at the machines?
    14. 0
      July 28 2014
      light armored personnel carrier? Is this the type with anti-slingshot armor? but to be honest, it won't help. Nothing will help them now...
    15. 0
      July 28 2014
      Quote: serega.fedotov
      Lviv plant took over the production of ultra-light BTR

      From light varieties of wood???
    16. 0
      July 28 2014
      The interview stated that 700 pieces of equipment had been restored. How many heavy-duty vehicles were crushed by the militias?
    17. 0
      July 28 2014
      but the strong don’t need it, and the weak won’t help... although the DPR and LER armies will still need it for the first time...

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