Four dozen Ukrainian servicemen moved to the territory of the Russian Federation, two of them intend to ask for Russian citizenship

Several dozen servicemen of the Ukrainian army voluntarily left their units and July 26 moved to the territory of Russia, reports ITAR-TASS with reference to the head of the press service of the border guards in the Rostov region Vasily Malaeva.

“Around 20.30 Moscow time 41, a Ukrainian soldier left his military units and arrived at the Izvarino Ukrainian checkpoint. They appealed to the militia with a request to assist them in the transition to the territory of Russia due to the fact that they do not want to fight against their own people "
told Malaev.

The Ukrainian military was passed through the border checkpoint "Donetsk" and is now in the Rostov region. Two of the defectors asked for asylum in Russia, and in the future they intend to obtain Russian citizenship.

One of the fugitives named Mikhail told the journalist “Vesti” how he got to the war and why he decided to run away from it:
“Our command said that we were going to fight against the separatists, against the militants. We came and saw that we were fighting against the civilian population, who wanted to protect their family, their land. ”

Mikhail and his comrades do not consider themselves traitors and deserters. On the contrary, they are sure that they have betrayed them, moreover, their own commanders.

Another fighter, who identified himself as Vasily, continued the story:
“The battalion commander called the brigade commander, (he) said - wait two three days. He said that they would lead us out of this zone, that we would not fight anymore. But no one came for us like that. Yesterday, when we surrendered to the militias, he just said: "Do what you want, then do it, I don't care." Such were his words. ”

Realizing that there would be no help, overcoming fear, they turned to the militia. They actually saved the “zapadents” from certain death, many of whom do not even speak Russian. Ukrainians fed, gave clothes and shipped to Russia. Now guys don't guess about the future. Although the desire of the majority is one thing - get home as soon as possible and hug your loved ones.

But this is not all guests from the adjacent side. Tonight another 21 man was allowed into Russian territory. All of them were injured, along with them the bodies of their dead colleagues were delivered. The Ukrainian side asked about the organization of the humanitarian corridor, since it was itself unable to organize the evacuation of victims from the border areas blocked by the militias.

“The Russian side, by decision of the head of the border service, organized this corridor at three Russian checkpoints: Kuybyshevo, Gukovo and Novoshakhtinsk. From the Ukrainian side, 21 received a wounded soldier, two of them heavy, and also two bodies of dead servicemen of Ukraine. Currently they are at the checkpoint "Matveyev Kurgan" and will be transferred to the Ukrainian side "
quotes NTV words Vasily Malaeva.

At about midnight, the Russian border guards at the checkpoint "Matveyev Kurgan" transferred to the Ukrainians all the wounded and the bodies of the dead.
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    1. +2
      July 28 2014
      You can downvote and throw stones at me.
      But a lot of ATO members speak Russian fluently. And they are clearly not from the Western world, I have already studied their accent, no matter how they try to squint...
      The family is not without its freaks - among the junta there are many Dnieper, Donetsk, and Kharkov residents... it’s a pity. Remember the policemen in WWII!
      And the fact that they run and then are released is CORRECT! Let the news of “death” be brought to everyone who wants to defend the interests of the Jew, and to the rest of the “partners” standing in front of the mattresses.
    2. +1
      July 28 2014
      I don’t understand, these military people are shooting at the people we help, including civilians, it’s a little pressed, let’s sit in Russia there, they’ll treat us there, and then back, the fact that they were allegedly abandoned to the mercy of fate, I don’t really care if If they had not left, they would have continued to valiantly shell the cities of Donetsk and no one would guarantee that when they returned again they would not participate in hostilities.
    3. Alexander67
      July 28 2014
      Quote: Polovec
      I watched the video on NTV. In it, the ukrodeserter says so cheerfully that they stood and fought for a month. They ran out of ammunition and provisions. They asked, but they weren’t given. Then they began to harass them and it overwhelmed the cup of patience: “first they beat them nearby, and then they began to cover them for sure.” They left the weapon to the commander and asked the militia to withdraw them to Russia. They brought it out. Now in Rostov they feel good.
      I'm just getting hot! And if you brought in ammunition and a ghost, would you continue to crap your city with your battery?
      I'm sick of pseudo-humanism. It is necessary that all the punishers who got into the cauldron would ask the militias to bring them to Russia. And then they will return back through Moscow to Kiev and the Donbass. Normally so!
      And what is the way out of the environment? Talented and unpretentious!

      I wonder if Paulus’s soldiers surrendered in the same way in Stalingrad? Were they also accepted? Did they wipe their snot, feed them and send them to Germany? I wonder if dill do the same with members of the armed forces? Who do we wish for? And what about the broken cities and killed civilians? How to deal with this? These are creatures that must be destroyed! When they were yelling about the Gilyak, it’s cool, when they got a grunt, let’s make them wish for them.
    4. +1
      July 28 2014
      News from the militia of New Russia
      27.07.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX. Military correspondents of the DPR Social Communications Committee report:

      "In the area of ​​Torez, Polish occupying mercenaries use civilians as human shields in clashes with the DPR army."
    5. 0
      July 28 2014
      ..... the Ukrainian pilot admitted that he shot down a Malaysian Boeing.

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