We will give Novorossia to be torn apart today - we will lose all of Russia tomorrow

We will give Novorossia to be torn apart today - we will lose all of Russia tomorrow

I fully support and fully agree with everything that I.I. Shooters in the message to correspondents "KP" from 16.6.14. If the Russian Federation does not intervene immediately, then the so-called "Ukrainian authorities" will simply kill most of the population of the DNR and the LC.

By blocking the entire Donbass and Luhansk region with the troops, the Kiev gang could use the weapons of mass destruction to destroy the people in this territory, all indiscriminately, and her hand would not tremble. How many more victims are needed for our authorities to come to their senses?

Or when the Russian embassy is being smashed, the consulate is being attacked, in the border regions of the Russian Federation shells exploded by order of anti-Russian pro-American “sixes” are torn, is that, in your opinion, in the order of things?

V.V. Putin, the Federation Council has given you a complete carte blanche for the use of military force in the event of aggression against Russian citizens living in the territory of Rep. New Russia, which was formed as a result of a legally conducted referendum. Or those words that were spoken all the time during the Crimean events that “they don’t give up and don’t give up their Russians in the war” - these are just empty words that were said at a convenient moment? Or in the Resp. New Russia living Russian something different from the Russian, who live in the Crimea or who live in the territory of the Russian Federation? As I recall, we are all of the same root. Are they not Russian enough and have no rights to the protection of Russia?

How long will Russia and the Russian people endure spitting, slaps and bullying from a handful of Bandera bastards paid for by the West, who do not disdain to kill innocent people? Russian people.

Why then were all those big words about patriotism and so on. Things that we hear every single day in the media and which we hammer into our children at school?

Or is it all just cheap tinsel, in fact, not supported by anything? Really you can calmly look at all this, understanding what the delay or non-interference of Russia in the events taking place in now in the Donbas and Luhansk region can turn out for millions of Russian people?

I understand you as the head of the country, I understand that you have a huge responsibility primarily for the Russian Federation. But by its inaction, Russia unleashes the hands of the Bandera executioners, who have already gone mad from innocently shed blood and robberies.

As the President of the Russian Federation, I ask you to take the necessary measures before it is too late. We will give Novorossia to be torn apart today - we will lose all of Russia tomorrow.
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    18 2014 June
    We are not asking to send troops. Help us with weapons. We will still fight this fascist bastard. Even with our teeth. Just don’t forget that this scum called Putin, is making fun of Donbass, Lugansk. I’m sorry, but the escalation will go further if not stop these banderukrops!!!
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    18 2014 June
    I wonder why they can’t supply D-30 howitzers? We have 4600 of them removed from service. They were not removed from service in Ukraine. You can always refer to the fact that they squeezed it out of the Ukrainians. If the militias have howitzers, this will reason with the junta’s artillery. And they will no longer be safe.

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