Fight ordered? Get it, sign it!

Finally, what so persistently and provocatively sought from Russia, impatient and especially militant, as well as frank provocateurs, finally happened: Russia brought its polite people to Ukraine.

These days we all anxiously caught messages from Donetsk. It was there that the peculiar center of gravity of the Ukrainian events has now moved. This was confirmed by the Rifleman from Slavyansk by sending one of his units there, and he recognized Lugansk, having seconded part of his fighters there.

I periodically called these two days to Donetsk to relatives and friends, interested in what was happening there. And if the day before yesterday, they were responding quite compressedly and intensely, with melancholy and alertness in their voice, then today I heard joyful notes in my voice. Today, from a relative (the lady is already quite old, but responsive to everything that happens), I heard that many KamAZ trucks appeared on the streets of the city: “They say they are from Russia ...”

It is not difficult to compare the information that appeared on the Internet the day before yesterday, that a convoy of trucks broke across the border and that was allegedly fired upon and “turned back” by good Ukrainian border guards, to watch a video about the car (allegedly captured by unknown people) strangely turned out to be the machine of the Ukrainian border guards themselves), and then compare the info that the breakthrough occurred through the Luhansk region (where Lugansk militiamen cut a corridor to Russia a week ago) and the message about VERY significant reinforcement from Lugansk to Donetsk, it becomes clear that the influx of KamAZ trucks in Donetsk is not due to the appearance of an unknown assembly line.

And even if we imagine that these conjectures are the fruit of my fantasies, then the pictures of the column, consisting of BMP and KamAZ trucks with attached memory, is already a reality! But the most real thing is the reports from Donetsk that

"... The militia of the" Donetsk People's Republic ", yesterday, on Tuesday received reinforcements from the" friendly state, "the press service of the DPR reports.

"Today, 27.05.2014 volunteer special forces from a friendly state arrived on our territory! The number of special forces is enormous! Moreover, portable Stinger complexes arrived at the territory of the DPR from third countries and upgraded to fight airplanes and helicopters! And now no heat traps will help the pilots ! " - said in a statement.

Also, the DPR army appeared anti-tank guided missiles ATGM.

Alexander Neznakomov.

So, I hope, now there will be no doubt that Russia will not leave South-East in trouble, and Putin, if he said that Russia will fight for Ukraine, then it will be so, drugi.

So, there is a “good Russian tradition”, embodied in the 90-proverb: “the order was ordered for a fight?” The confused answer: “No ...” - “Do not care, paid for,” they say lads

Of course, polite people from Russia are not regular troops, but simply polite people, and Ukraine, of course, is not the venue for the party. And polite people appeared there in order to explain to those who were obsessed with fat and conviously to svidomits that their views on the structure of the state should be expressed correctly, rather than letting in a pack of dogs.

Now, I think it's about time to breathe a little easier and wish the Donbass and polite people success. And take care, guys!

Sincerely - Esaul
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    1. 0
      29 May 2014
      Literally half an hour ago I spoke with a man, he saw this column yesterday on Shchorsa Street in Donetsk (this is near the regional SBU).40 Of course there were no Kamaz trucks, but there were definitely ZUs good Serious man, not used to lying feel
    2. Kostya pedestrian
      29 May 2014
      Interestingly, contract killing in Maltese sounds like katel (punisher?)

      I’m wondering if Cute El Santos Join Venture is sure that if the world finds out that devout Muslims punishing the world and the Pentagon were just dogs on a leash for Catholic Hindus who love blue oysters so much....

      Well, let's work together. By the way, Athos is Dartagnan’s best friend... Well, let’s go karting, or listen to the song by Sergei From the North:

      He sat and bludgeoned,
      Chewed for concepts
      Well, squatting in kind, like a legit one.
      I copied something somewhere,
      I combed something somewhere,
      I invited him to have a drink for good reason.
      A penny to a barrel
      I suggested Kangaroo
      It’s just that we relax, the train is moving.
      He began to whine about something,
      But I fooled him
      We are in the compartment for a reason, we are all neighbors.

      At the stage you are a thief,
      And in the cook's area,
      Your kents are eating up the horse in the ravine.
      If you wouldn't play, brother,
      I wouldn’t be left without trousers,
      Thieves don't play cards like you do.
      1. +1
        29 May 2014
        Quote: Kostya pedestrian
        Well, let's work together. By the way, Athos is Dartagnan’s best friend... Well, let’s go karting, or listen to the song by Sergei From the North:
        What is this post about, sick???
        1. Kostya pedestrian
          9 2014 June
          About the fact that it’s time for Ukrainians to write their own scripts. Maybe my posts are not entirely compatible with reality, or rather with reality, but I am not just an incomparable fighter against the crusaders, the worst enemies of the Russians.

          And when you find out the real story about the “ecumenical council” and its strategy, then, accordingly, the posts will be a little inappropriate. After all, we are dealing with “divine murderers” who have practiced burning scientists, women and children for centuries.

          It’s good that in Ukraine they only burn tires. By the way, the Bible is full of alegories. How do you like this allegory that the tires are burning because they couldn’t burn our Asa Pokryshkin.

          And considering that war is invented by serious people, then art is the best cipher or decipherer. It was not for nothing that our intelligence officers used volumes for decryption.
    3. +1
      29 May 2014
      If this is true, THAT is great news! good However, you shouldn’t talk about it. stop You just need to quietly or loudly rejoice at the victories of the MILITARY. I really hope that they and the entire southeast will unite. And then you see Kyiv joining them. hi
    4. Kostya pedestrian
      29 May 2014
      As Shch-13 said to Ivan-fil: “Don’t eat me, I’m with the missiles!” It’s better to let Riana hit the plates, if Buick can’t hit Australia. Apparently Toyota Three Amigos is too tough for them!
    5. Kostya pedestrian
      29 May 2014
      While the Slavs are having fun with a fratricidal war, so to speak, they are helping the African-Americans leave with aplomb, even though everyone in Europe knows that the Irish Catholics are complete fu and flo No. 5 and 1. I propose to divide the Spanish colonies. Personally, I would rather put a church and a mosque on the Canary Islands than these Catholic Arts.

      Moreover, in what war Spain won, it still maintains colonies. They're not Vietnam, which won everything and everyone? The Germans over there lost everything - having fallen for the Italian fascists. It wouldn’t be bad to broadcast Vladimir Vysotsky’s “Own Island” through loudspeakers to the entire island, and so that there would be no neighbors, but everyone’s own!

    6. Kostya pedestrian
      29 May 2014
      With all due respect to American Airlines, they lost by betting on Zorou (Toyota). I personally bought 11 TAPERS, and I made money, even though my dad pocketed all the money, but I’m not complaining. I'm interested in the Earth.

      Personally, I bought a United Airlines round the world ticket. And by the way, I made a journey that not a single fix with fixtd homlons stopped me!

      PS: By the way, ask any woman in the world if she would like to be friends with those who buried women alive in the ground, even enemies, it is unlikely that she would answer positively. And since I was a pioneer flag bearer, visiting our Pioneer Rally in Elektron in Kurasovshchina, here too I think that I can convince women who is even and who is odd!
    7. 0
      29 May 2014
      Finally, the long-awaited event happened. Fascists and Banderaites - you will soon be finished.
    8. 0
      29 May 2014
      From I. Strelkov:
      Added: Today at 18:10

      -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

      Now the Ukrainians are bombing Semyonovka again. From howitzers. They attributed their shelling of the city yesterday to us - like we shot our own school with mortars because of our “internal squabbles.” ... When we get to Kyiv, oh, I’ll catch you... oh, I won’t spare you...
      1. +1
        29 May 2014
        Sooner or later, Kyiv will have to be taken... To crush the beast in its lair! I never thought that someday Kyiv, the mother of Russian cities, would be a den of fascists!
    9. +1
      29 May 2014
      There are many comments with cautious sentiments that Kyiv will now untie its arms, legs and some other indecent Bandera parts of the body. And now the junta will be so angry that even Grad shells will be stuffed with additional elements that will exclusively affect infants.
      War was declared by the junta many times. And after the recent “choice” the authorities decided not to eat chocolate anymore. The arrival of help from a “friendly” state is not only inevitable, but also EXTREMELY necessary! The bridgehead of the South-East must be held. I just want to write - by any means necessary. But the conscience of someone sitting in front of a screen on the other side of the planet does not allow it. I just want to wish the “relatives” to survive, not to be injured and to win by all possible means, including peaceful ones.
    10. 0
      29 May 2014
      Why is everyone insistently writing about Stingers? What nonsense?
    11. 0
      29 May 2014
      Cnbyuths are stingers. This is good. It’s definitely not us who brought it.... Let ukrosmd explain where they got this from in Ukraine?
    12. Grandfather Victor
      29 May 2014
      God forbid ...
    13. +1
      29 May 2014
      You can talk about the fact that you don’t need to force yourself into the world and all that stuff, but...! There are already foreign military personnel there - volunteers or mercenaries, foreign weapons and foreign advisers. Why can't we help? This will give strength to our people in Novorossiya, and maybe it will open the eyes of what is happening to those who have not yet had mines exploding over their heads. And then this appointed prez started to do something quickly. Glory to Russia!!!
    14. +1
      29 May 2014
      I read that soon we will be adopting new jet flamethrowers, and the old "Pinocchio" will gradually be removed. Maybe it makes sense to send them to the DPR, because compared to them, the Grads are child's play. One problem is that the Buratin's firing range is not very good, but with good dexterity and reconnaissance the effect will be mama don't worry!
    15. 0
      30 May 2014
      Finally. One can hope that at least normal weapons will help. And the “Kadyrovites,” if they really exist there, that’s great too. These guys are even more “tolerant” than the Right Sectors.
    16. BelPartizan
      30 May 2014
      It was a crowd of untrained idiots, with machine guns from the Vietnam War, armored vehicles, probably left over from the Second World War - heavy, uncomfortable, no navigators, no night vision devices. Only a machine gun, a helmet and armored armor. They drove their armored personnel carriers wherever they wanted and wherever they wanted, passionately kissed the civilian population, baked bread for them. They fed everyone their own porridge with canned meat, which they cooked themselves in a special cauldron. We were treated with disdain and constantly insulted. It was not an army, but who knows what. How can you interact with them? All our reports to the Russian leadership were ignored. Somehow we got into a serious fight, we didn’t share the route, if it weren’t for the Russian officer who calmed these monkeys down, we could have reached the trunks. These idiots needed to be put in their place! They wrote a note that the nice guys were going to kick the ass of the insolent Russians at night. We prepared thoroughly: light body armor, police batons, night vision devices, stun guns, but no weapons. We approached them, observing all the rules of sabotage art. These posts weren’t even posted! When we almost got to the tents, we heard “RY-YAY-AAA”! And from all the cracks these idiots crawled out, for some reason dressed only in striped shirts. I accepted the first one.
      I woke up already at the base. Mild contusion. I, an experienced fighter of an elite unit of the US Marine Corps, was knocked out in 10 seconds by a Russian, a skinny brat, and with what? Flat with a shovel! I later realized that they were waiting for us, but why did they come out only in shirts, because it is natural for a person to protect himself - to wear armored armor and a helmet. Why only in shirts? And theirs is “RY-YAY-AAA”!
      I was once waiting for a flight at the Detroit airport, there was a Russian family there, mom, dad, daughter, also waiting for their plane. The father bought somewhere and brought a hefty ice cream to the girl, about three years old. She jumped up and down with delight, clapped her hands, and do you know what she screamed? “RY-YAY-AAA”! Three years old, speaks poorly, and already shouts “RY-YAY-AAA”!
      But those guys with this cry went to die for their country. They knew that it would just be a hand-to-hand fight, without weapons, but they were going to die. They are ready to die if necessary.
      And then I realized that Russia is the only and most terrible enemy.
    17. 0
      30 May 2014
      Quote: DezzeD
      Well, once dear Ramzan killed Russian soldiers, now he is an ally and friend.


      Are you not ashamed of CHRIST, our Israeli commentator?
    18. Antytacoaby
      30 May 2014
    19. bda
      30 May 2014
      Quote: ammunition
      Well, yes.. now they are fighting for money.. (for pennies) and after the arrival of the Chechens, they will begin to fight for an idea.

      In Crimea there were as many as 18 thousand such warriors for the idea! The commanders were all so combative - they splashed saliva like the stars of German porn films and something else! Just to read the Ukrainian press of those days, it’s chilling to hear the squealing about how they all “will fight for Ukraine to the last bullet, and how they won’t allow a single Russian occupier to retreat from Crimea - they say, they’ll all bury them there.” There were staged videos on TV and the Internet about how innumerable Russian special forces villains drive up to a checkpoint of some kind of military unit, and from the checkpoint come out of the checkpoint with a broom and hit the backsides of these “special forces”, and puts them to flight .
      Remind me, please, how the whole thing ended?
    20. citizen-kg
      31 May 2014
      damn, I really want everything to be resolved quickly... so that people - PEOPLE - don’t die... and take part in THIS... especially in resolution, and in JUSTICE....

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