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Here will be published your questions and our answers on the site. If you have a question, look below. If there is no such question and answer, write admin, during the day your question and our answer will appear on this page.


Private Office



How to change your login?

Line office - My profile - edit profile - Your Name: - Edit

I wrote a letter with threats in PM

Forward this letter to the admin, he will take action to the sender. To do this, click on "Answer" and insert into the "To" name (nickname) of the admin: Smirnov Vadim or fantast.

How to change the flag

Personal account, Profile, Edit profile.


Questions by rating


Why, after I wrote just three comments, did my rating drop to "-18"?

Rating depends on the activity of other site visitors. In this case - you put a minus for a comment. The strength of a minus or a plus depends on the rating of the one who put it.

Administration of the site does not affect the rating of users. Does not change it - does not increase and does not lower. Rating on 100% depends on user voting.


How to influence the rating?

In order to raise or lower a user's rating, click on his nickname, and a user’s window and rating will appear in the comments right of the image. You can change the user rating by voting for his comment.


Your article on the site


How to add your article?

The site has the opportunity, apart from comments, to express its opinion more widely, to add an article (post) written by you and not previously posted on other Internet resources, "My Account" - "Add article", after checking your article gets to the site.


How to publish an article?

  1. Enter title
  2. Category: "My opinion" or "Soldiers' stories" - select (click)
  3. Summary - картинка (Control Panel - Yellow Daddy) - necessarily
  4. If the article has chapters enclose their titles in "[b] [/ b]"
  5. Space between paragraphs
  6. Author - First Name, Last Name
  7. The source is the address of the article on the Internet (if not yours)
  8. Click "Add"


How is the article checking process?

The main content of the site is updated every morning - there is a check of the articles that are under moderation, some of them get on the site, some are added to the basket (deleted). Preferences are given to unique articles (written by the site visitor himself), rather than copied from other Internet resources. Other Internet resources allow copyright materials of famous political and military observers, as well as interviews.


Why my article did not get on the site, it was deleted?

There may be several reasons:

  1. The article is not suitable for the site
  2. A lot of grammatical, stylistic mistakes
  3. The article was not written by you, copied from another site.
  4. The uniqueness of the article is very low - paragraphs from other articles previously published on the Internet are inserted into the articles. In this case, you must specify where the paragraph is taken from (link, article title, author)


Part of the site functionality does not work



It happens that the page is shown incorrectly, buttons and links do not work, pictures are not inserted ...

The reason may be in your browser. We recommend to download and install a free browser. Google Chrome. With this browser - the fastest possible loading of the site pages, if for some reason the site scripts stopped working - you will not notice this, the site will not slow down ...





How to unsubscribe from receiving notifications of new comments?

In order to unsubscribe from receiving notifications about new comments, you need to go to the profile settings (My Account - My Profile), there click [edit profile], check the "Unsubscribe from subscribed news" checkbox and save the settings.


Why did some words in my comments disappear?

In the comments the word filter works. Obscene language, offensive words are automatically deleted or replaced by more civilized ones. The filter dictionary is constantly updated.


If in the comments of the opponent mate, insulting other users, inciting national hatred ...

Click "Report violation of the rules of the site" under this comment, report the reason, the site administration will take action.


How to respond to comments and quote your opponent

Click on "Answer" under the comment of the opponent. To quote a specific part of the text in the comments of the interlocutor or in the article - Select this part and click "Quote", an excerpt will appear in your comment


Why my comments are published under the flag of another country, if I myself live in Russia

The flag is assigned automatically by your IP from which you entered the site. Your IP was previously assigned to a foreign provider, but the databases have not yet been updated. Over time, the databases will be updated and the IP will be displayed correctly.


How to see who mins and plus for comments

Move the cursor to the number of the comment rating

Click on the number, a list of people who will vote will appear.





How to write personally to the interlocutor

To do this, click on the nickname, to the right of the image in the comments, the Account window will appear - Send a message