Kurdish forces in northern Syria retired over the Euphrates after warning the Turkish authorities

All the formations of the Kurdish self-defense, located in the northern part of Syria, moved east of the Euphrates River, reports RIA News message from France Press.

Kurdish forces in northern Syria retired over the Euphrates after warning the Turkish authorities

On Monday, the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Chavushoglu, said that "the Kurdish self-defense forces will become the targets of the operation of the Turkish armed forces in northern Syria, unless they move east from the Euphrates."

“All the people's self-defense units are located east of the Euphrates,” a Pentagon representative told the news agency.

According to him, “some Kurds could have remained on the west bank, but they are not members of self-defense units.”

On the same day, US Secretary of Defense Carter announced that the US military was helping Turkey locate Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) units, most of which are Kurds. This is done so that Turkish troops do not strike at their positions.

“We are working with Turkey to clarify where the various elements of the SDF are. And we are counting on Turkish and predominantly Kurdish forces not to fight each other on Syrian territory, ”said Carter.
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  1. +5
    August 30 2016

    but the partisans remained ... the Turks were unlucky again ... the armored car was torn to pieces.
    1. +2
      August 30 2016
      Hmm, the car to smithereens, how many similar videos were there but the Turks, as we see, are not learning how to check the route of their units.
  2. +1
    August 30 2016
    As they departed the same way and will return, at the first opportunity.
  3. +6
    August 30 2016
    Well, yes, yes, so we believed them .......... officially left, unofficially they will continue to nightmare the Turks - it is cheaper and more effective than "wall to wall" to fight. Better to pry out of sly. the image is in order and the Americans, with their interaction with the Turks, drain all information on movement
    1. +7
      August 30 2016
      Here the situation is completely different. This is not Turkey and these are not the Kurds of Turkey, who, with the support of a certain part of the population, can move freely. Here are the Turkmen and Arab troops, which, with the help of tanks and the Turkish air force, have squeezed out Kurdish troops. There is no Turkish infantry that patrols the region. This everything is in the hands of others and Kurds will be slaughtered for such babahs. As a matter of fact, as it was. Conditionally, half of the Kurdish population is different Arabs (sometimes Kurds may be 40%) But the Kurds are more united, have the support of the United States and they control their other Kurds, and Arabs seem to live there or displace places, but they don’t have the strength. The same is with the Turkmens. And now the situation has changed, now they have Turkish special forces, tanks and the Air Force and all. In purely Kurdish cities, their units can no longer keep their units, but mixed even more. The whole area is now in the hands of Turkmens and Arabs.
  4. +1
    August 30 2016
    Why stop the Turks from destroying the igil? Let them go on exploring further. Issues should be addressed as they become available ..
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. +3
        August 30 2016
        You marked it right. ISIS is a derivative of CA, Qatar and Turkey itself. Kurds once again became a bargaining chip in the big game.

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