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How to shoot from big babakhalok?


In the troops of the Western Military District began activities during the inspection, arranged by the command. An air defense regiment based in our region received an order to advance to the Ashuluk training ground and conduct military shooting there.

In general, with the receipt of such an order, military hemorrhoids are just beginning. Air defense is still not a motorized infantry, the scope in space is somewhat different. Therefore, the most basic problem is just the nomination. What we were able to observe and evaluate, as well as draw some conclusions.

The action plan was as follows: advance to the loading station, load onto the railway train, go down to the shooting site.

Difficulties began immediately in the first paragraph. The loading station was not very far away, but I had to go through the city, because the dam, which is nearby, is not able to withstand the weight of these mastodons.

When even the division is being launched, what we have witnessed, this is already another show. About 35 machines. Plus the necessary first-aid kit and fire extinguisher, that is, the machine of the medical service and fire protection.

Deep night, the city is asleep before Monday, and for the gate of the checkpoint there is a rapid revival. 3-00, the gate opens, the process has begun.

This is C-300M. We did not immediately recognize him, unusually without launchers.

Night and deserted city - it's great. No one under the wheels climbs.

The column of the battalion looked impressive.

The arrival of military equipment at the place of loading always enlivened the life of this place. But the locals are already accustomed to the fact that here at night is crowded.

At this moment, the first part of our work is over, we got a few hours of respite so that, as soon as the rigging team arrives, we begin to review the loading process. And in the morning loading began.

In general, this is quite an adrenaline show. And slow.

By the will of the railway workers, the main part of it is the dragging of steel walkways along which the equipment moves from platform to platform. Bridges for some reason did not have enough. A VOSO representative believed that 14 units were behind the eyes, the regiment command held a different point of view. And the personnel, who did not have much choice, wore these walkways along the entire train.

About rolling stock is to say a few words. Not a cake. I would not be surprised if these platforms moved T-34 to the Great Patriotic War.

Holes in the flooring, covered by the board. And I have seen more than one. Such is the property of the Federal Transport Company ...

This, of course, comedic, if it were not so sad.

However, the loading started and went slowly but surely.

The procedure is not easy. Here both the experience and the skill of the drivers must take place, and the managers must know their business. It is good that the personnel had all the necessary qualities.

To conduct such instruments is not easy, and the nerves, of course, burn. On the other hand, even if we organize a landfill so that we can drive under our own power, is there any guarantee that tomorrow you will not have to carry out tasks and orders somewhere over a thousand kilometers? Since no one will give such guarantees in our time, such training is necessary.

All this jewelry is only respect. Difficult, but possible.

And then there is the work of scaffold workers to fix technology on the platforms.

In general, I would like to note the rather optimistic attitude of all participants in the process. Communicating with many servicemen of the regiment, I never heard complaints about the fact that at least four days to rumble to the place of unloading, that this whole process would have to be repeated three more times. And that will have to live, let's say, not in the most comfortable conditions. In reality, people traveled with pleasure, even saying that they are anticipating the fact that they will have to "blabhnut" with military rockets.

By the way, they promised to share a video from shooting ...


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  1. Mik13
    Mik13 30 August 2016 07: 01
    It is gratifying that the rigging has finally acquired a normal appearance.

    Previously, steel wire was used to attach the equipment. Which necessarily had to be annealed - so that it was soft and did not break. And here - the chains ... Beauty!
  2. Amurets
    Amurets 30 August 2016 07: 52
    A few words about rolling stock. Not a cake. I won’t be surprised if these platforms moved the T-34 to World War II.

    I can’t say that these are platforms from the time of the Great Patriotic War, but the fact that in 1970 two S-75 divisions of our regiment went to them at the Telembu training ground is very likely.
  3. 76rtbr
    76rtbr 30 August 2016 08: 07
    Quote: Amurets
    A few words about rolling stock. Not a cake. I won’t be surprised if these platforms moved the T-34 to World War II.

    I can’t say that these are platforms from the time of the Great Patriotic War, but the fact that in 1970 two S-75 divisions of our regiment went to them at the Telembu training ground is very likely.

    these platforms stand at the stations of the 2nd and 3rd class as a reserve of waiting, at least 20 years of operation, the type of rust does not say anything, the main thing is that the wheeled carts and the pneumatic line were not dismantled, now the entire rolling stock is practically new and with its owner or on lease, so the cars of the "kingdom" of the former Ministry of Railways are going to be loaded into the troops !!
    1. FID
      FID 30 August 2016 09: 01
      In general, all Russian Railways money goes to pay salaries of the top management of Russian Railways, the current and the former ....
  4. tveritianin
    tveritianin 30 August 2016 09: 11
    Yes. brothers, this is not a pound of raisins !!! I went to Sary-paris 8 times. and all by echelons through the entire European part for 10-14 days one way. Plus twice sent the complex for repairs, so that 8 + 8 + 2 = 18 loads of a large air defense system and the current 300. It was happiness if the ramp was side. Then it is easier to drag the equipment in, but the end one requires the filigree precision of the drivers and the loading manager. So respect and respect to the boys (as today's youth say). But I can say with confidence, as a practitioner: such "walks" only play into the hands of the guys. It is responsibility, it is also a problem, but it is also a huge experience, about which the great A.S. said that he was the son of difficult mistakes, etc. By the way, in the current conditions of world life, this component of the life of the troops can become decisive in the implementation of the main task of air defense. Namely: quickly, smoothly and, most importantly, without losses of l / s (electrical injuries with the railway contact network, banal drinking in the train, at once in the south) to be able to complete the assigned combat mission in any region! To the current fighters of the ZRV of the zero-tenths, fiery greetings from the veteran of the 70s - 90s, good luck in performing combat firing ...
  5. 34 region
    34 region 30 August 2016 11: 34
    Like it or not, loading and unloading is a weak link in our army. All this for a long time. Nomination from the part to the railway, railway station, loading. It was impossible to stretch a branch to a part? Or stole everything? Or did loading the tank bypass computer genius? How is it with high technology on loading and unloading? It’s good of course that they are now constantly conducting exercises. But! When loading and unloading, it is enough to deliver a bomb or missile strike, and that’s it, write letters!
    1. tveritianin
      tveritianin 30 August 2016 13: 35
      What do you think, all anti-aircraft missile units and their divisions are near the city with a railway? Have you ever met in the "bear's corner" in the woodlands and at a distance from any settlement? But I've served at such points. ...
      But the presence of chains for the standard fastening of equipment instead of 6-ki wire, which was really annealed, and then pulled out by hitting the ground and the presence of standard wheel blocks, which are visible in the photo instead of wooden beams (which are also present in the photo), seriously reduces loading and unloading time. And what about platforms with holes ... So in our time they served such platforms that a third did not have enough flooring and had to "look" for something of their own or at hand, tk. The railway claimed that there were no other platforms and was not foreseen, and that the departure of the train on time and the movement on schedule on the railway was a serious matter. So we got out.
    2. smel
      smel 1 September 2016 16: 18
      Serdyukov at one time completely eradicated the transportation of military equipment. It is not surprising that now, for many, the process of loading and unloading is of interest and surprise. It all depends on training. At one time, Prudboy accepted 27 trains for 12 days. And the equipment was on 90% tracked 2С3, 2С19 and other art systems, complexes for them. Sending was longer. And so 2 once a year. It was the same at the Totsky training ground. It’s good that at least we went again with a piece of iron.
  6. Xroft
    Xroft 31 August 2016 09: 08
    Why are KRAZs still in service? ....