Double standards policy: terrorists flee Iraq to Europe on a US plane

Double standards policy: terrorists flee Iraq to Europe on a US plane

On the morning of August 25, a US plane took members of the OMIIN (Organization of the Mojaheds of the Iranian People) group, recognized as terrorist in Iran and Iraq, from Iraq. Supposedly, the plane was supposed to deliver Iranian terrorists to Albania. This is the Iranian news agency FARS.

There were about 100 people on board, including supporters of Masood Rajawi, whom Tehran regards as the leader of the OMIN. According to the agency, most of the members of this terrorist group are wanted by Interpol.

It is reported that Rajavi himself could be on board the aircraft, but this information has not been officially confirmed. According to the source of the publication, the flight was intended only for members of the group, others were not taken on board. It is reported that the removal of terrorists was coordinated by the UN Commissariat for Refugees. “Behind the scenes of this operation, joint actions of the American military and advisers from Saudi Arabia are traced,” the report says.

Members of the group, who are known to be brutally tortured over their “changed” supporters, were under arrest warrants issued by the Iraqi government, therefore, according to the source, they most likely left Iraqi territory with forged documents.

Perhaps the reason for the escape was the fact that some Islamist groups in Iraq declared Rajavi and his supporters jihad for the crimes that the OMIN committed against the Iraqi people during the time of Saddam Hussein.

The publication lists terrorists who probably were on a US-chartered plane.

The organization of the Mujahideen of the Iranian people (OMIN, Mojahedin-e Hulk) is an Iranian left-wing organization leading the fight against the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Recognized as a terrorist organization in Iran and Iraq. In 2009, the European Union removed the OMIN from the list of terrorist organizations, and in 2012, the United States followed their example.

The MEKE was organized in 1965 by students of Tehran University who were dissatisfied with the Shah's regime. The goal of the organization was to create a socialist republic in Iran, something like the Persian version of communism, which the members of the group called Touchism.

Beginning in 1970, the OMIN has carried out a number of high-profile terrorist attacks against the Shah regime. Initially, the organization welcomed the 1979 Islamic Revolution of the year and the seizure of the US embassy in Tehran, but soon the Mujahideen returned to terrorist activities, went into opposition to the Ayatollah regime and resumed armed struggle.

In 1981, as a result of an explosion organized by the OMIN in the office of the Prime Minister, the President and Prime Minister of Iran were killed. After that, the Iranian authorities launched a merciless terror against members of the OMIN, as a result of which more than 20 thousand members of the organization were arrested or executed. Suffering significant losses, the Mujahideen first moved to France, and in 1986 to Iraq, becoming a kind of fifth column during the bloody Iran-Iraq war. Expecting to use the OMIN as a ram against the Iranian forces, the Iraqi authorities placed the Mujahideen on the Iran-Iraq border at fortified military bases with heavy armored vehicles, artillery, tanks and helicopters.

In 1992, the OMIN terrorists attacked Iranian embassies in the 13 countries of the world. In 2003, during the invasion of the United States and Great Britain into Iraq, the Momin detachments were disarmed by the coalition forces, and the Mujahideen were detained where they were until recently. According to some reports from Human Rights Watch, the OMIN is responsible for the cruel torture of members of their organization suspected of treason.

After the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, information appeared in the media that the United States took the MOM troops based in Iraq under its care, although it deprived them of heavy weapons. Upon learning of this, Tehran accused the United States of pursuing a policy of double standards in the fight against international terrorism and of the fact that the United States divided terrorists into good and bad, using "good" to achieve its own geopolitical goals. Tehran’s hopes that during the Iraq campaign the United States would completely disarm and expel the OMIN militants from Iraq or transfer them to Iran, were not justified.

On the contrary, Tehran suspects that the United States is ready to use the adjusted military terrorist infrastructure of the Mujahideen to put pressure on Iran.

Considered the leader of the Organization of the Mujahideen of the Iranian people, 68-year-old Masood Rajawi joined the MEK while still a student at Tehran University, and quickly became the leader of the movement. In 1971, he was arrested by the Shah's secret police SAVAK and sentenced to death, which, under pressure from the world community, was replaced with a life sentence. Rajavi was released only after the Islamic anti-Shah revolution of 1979. In 1980, the leader of the OMIN decided to run for the presidency of Iran, but Ayatollah Khomeini vetoed his candidacy. After that, Rajavi again embarked on the path of an armed "partisan" struggle, now with the goal of overthrowing the mullahs regime and establishing an Islamic socialist republic in Iran. Recently, most of the members of the OMIN have been hiding in the territory of neighboring Iraq, where they were secretly fed by the USA as a possible means in the war against Iran, and Rajavi himself has not heard anything since 2003.

According to experts, the actions of the United States to export members of the OMIN to Albania instead of giving them out to Iran is an attempt to flood the European countries with Islamic terrorists.

“Well, who is supplying terrorists to Europe?” One of the users of social networks rhetorically asks.

“No wonder! Americans already insolently, not hiding, support terrorists! Yes, with the support of the UN! ”- Outraged another blogger.
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  1. +7
    August 26 2016
    Once exported, it means they’ll still come in handy, and once in Albania, it means they will strain those who haven’t joined NATO so that they can move other important issues faster, for example, with a gas pipeline.
    1. 0
      August 27 2016
      Not necessary. With the same success can in Central Asia, North. Africa, Syria, etc. throw it over.
      Lavrov and Kerry cannot be determined by who the opposition is, and who the terrorist is. And under the guise of a Yankee decided to withdraw from under their own blow - is it really in Iraq that they planned to do something, once they are taken out !? hi
    2. 0
      August 29 2016
      Is it really clear from Europe or even from the USA who is the terrorist and who is not in Iran than to the Iranian authorities ?!
      Well, then let them take it out. It’s better to take them to the States, of course, and there they understand who Hu is! Or, as a last resort, to Western Europe, although it already has someone to deal with!
  2. +8
    August 26 2016
    So the UN Commissariat for Refugees has revealed itself. "Right Sector" will be taken out, or not, it's not time yet, hasn't worked ...
    1. +3
      August 26 2016
      These will not be taken out .. To be taken out in coffins, yes ..
      1. +6
        August 26 2016
        In the coffins? Isn't it easier to bury in a ravine?
      2. +3
        August 26 2016
        16.36. Will they be taken out in coffins? The question is, for what purpose did they transport (transfer) this hundred? As an assault group to capture key points, as training instructors ... Oh yes! These are just cheap workers to work in EU enterprises! Nevertheless, the United States fights terrorists well !!! He sets them tasks, finances and sends where necessary! If they work according to the US plan, they are good and moderate! If you get a little bit out of hand or need to be drained (disposed of), they are bad! The principle of good and bad stick and competition works here!
  3. +8
    August 26 2016
    Who would have doubted - after all, these are their (US and UN) "sons of bitches"!
    1. +3
      August 26 2016
      Who would have doubted - after all, these are their (US and UN) "sons of bitches"!

      This is so, and there is no guarantee that "ISIS-2" will not be formed tomorrow, in the ranks of which these bastards will be. De ja vu, however. Yes
  4. +6
    August 26 2016
    The United States again proved to the whole world that it supports terrorists around the world. If before that someone doubted, then here's a concrete example of a policy of double standards. If things are not going according to plan, they urgently take a "team" to rectify the situation.
  5. cap
    August 26 2016
    "Tehran's hopes that the United States will completely disarm and expel OMIN militants from Iraq or hand them over to Iran during the Iraqi campaign have not come true.
    On the contrary, Tehran suspects that the US is ready to use the mujahideen's well-established military terrorist infrastructure to put pressure on Iran. "

    It is interesting how the "coalitionists", headed by the Nobel Prize laureate with the banner of a peacemaker, react to this. For peace.
    All this is not even funny, if you add secret conspiracy to the Olympic Games and Paralympics,
    the word "partners" in relation to the states can be considered abusive.
    1. +2
      August 26 2016
      (... if you add secret conspiracies to the Olympic Games and Paralympics ...)

      For all this dope fuss, WADA ex-president Richard Pound split:
      1. 0
        August 27 2016
        Lelek August 26 2016
        Former WADA President Richard Pound shared his opinion on the doping scandal around Russia. This is exactly the person whose report provoked the largest scandal in the history of world sports. Pound said that he considers his actions to be fair and does not feel guilty. <…> After that, the ex-president added that he understands that doping is accepted not only in athletics and not only in the Russian national team.
        This Russophobic hatred and cynicism of this Richard Pound is striking for Russia as a national state of the Russian people, historically uniting other nations around Russia (RI / USSR / RF) !!!

        This is the Anglo-Saxon geopolitical LIBERAL FASCISM of Richard Pound, historically for centuries pledged by the "elite" of Great Britain with the Rothschild bankers and, accordingly, also of the "elite" of the USA with loan sharks, US Federal Reserve! And, it seems, he sits - liberal fascism - they are already genetically in the blood!
        And we, some naive Russians, want from these Anglo-Saxon degenerate parasites, like Richard Pound, something intelligible, adequately non-cynical and good in their geopolitics! Yes, this will never happen on their part! Only by pressure - political, economic and through force - can they be forced to this - and then for the time being! They are like drug addicts - biological degenerates!
        1. +3
          August 27 2016
          Call, dear, liberal fascists right.
          Their name is known all over the world - Zionists.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +9
      August 26 2016
      the word "partners" in relation to the states can be considered abusive

  6. +5
    August 26 2016
    It seems that this info is not widely published anywhere !!! Now, if Churkin in the Security Council would make a noise it would be better
  7. +5
    August 26 2016
    Well, never mind, these mujahideen will let a couple of Caucasians go to barbecue and Europe itself will once again ask the United States to increase its military contingent, Europe itself can’t protect itself, there are no normal men left ..... plus it’ll buy Amer’s gas at exorbitant prices .. ... The usual tactics are bad, good cop))))
  8. +2
    August 26 2016
    A hundred terrorists for Europe, this is a lot, for little Albania, where there are so many any creatures in a couple. A month to adapt, and you can expect big troubles throughout Europe.
  9. 0
    August 26 2016
    Eeeeeh, it was necessary to blind him with Khibiny and Allah Babah !!!
  10. +1
    August 26 2016
    Not surprised at all. The whole world knows who and why is raising terrorists, just everyone is silent, apparently everyone is satisfied with this state of affairs. So the UN even became an accomplice in this matter. What is surprising, the Americans are not yet able to "throw out" such a thing, they are the "chief executives" on the planet. negative
  11. 0
    August 26 2016
    In the press of the USSR in the early 80s. they wrote with great sympathy about this organization and its struggle against the Ayatollah regime.
  12. bad
    August 26 2016
    [quote] [/ q "Well, so who supplies terrorists to Europe?" - rhetorically asks one of the users of social networks. Uote] ... and guess three times .. fellow laughing
  13. +1
    August 26 2016
    Who would doubt. America is a planetary EVIL.
  14. 0
    August 27 2016
    And let them drive to Europe, they will reach fools faster.
  15. 0
    August 27 2016
    Prepare to overthrow the Iranian regime ...
  16. +1
    August 27 2016
    Quote: Kasym
    And under the guise of a Yankee decided to withdraw from under their own blow - is it really in Iraq that they planned to do something, once they are taken out !? hi

    It seems to me that the Americans, the Israelis and other creators of these terrorists, want to keep the commanding staff of ISIS Al Qaeda, taking them out in the future to use them for similar purposes but in a different Arab country
    And now they want to push in Iraq no longer Sunnis and Shiites, but Arabs and Kurds.
    After all, that the USA, that Israel needs a war in the Middle East, is especially necessary for the Israeli regime, which needs everyone to forget that it has occupied Palestine and deprived the Arabs of their homeland.
  17. +2
    August 28 2016
    Quote: Tatiana
    This Russophobic hatred and cynicism of this Richard Pound to Russia is striking.

    And where did you see hatred and cynicism, Madame? Pound clearly indicated that he had been given instructions to verify Russia, which he did. It’s not his fault that Russian athletes used doping.
    You better tell me why, after all this, Mudko is alive at his post ??! This is true cynicism.

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