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Turkey increases the scale of the military invasion of Syria

It is becoming aware of the increasing scale of the Turkish military invasion of Syria. Recall that the first stage of the Turkish operation, declared as an operation against the militants of the IG (prohibited in Russia), began with the bombing of the city of Jerablus in the north of the province of Aleppo. At the same time, dozens of armored vehicles of the Turkish armed forces crossed the Syrian border.

Today news agency Rider publishes information that another nine Turkish have been introduced into Syria tanks. Towards the Syrian settlements, Turkish construction machinery is also moving forward, which, as previously stated by representatives of the Syrian Kurds, was already in Syria, equipping a new border line drawn by Ankara arbitrarily in the depths of Syrian territory.

From the messages of the Turkish side:
We use construction equipment to open roads. This technique we need more when moving. We are ready for the same purpose to use armored vehicles.

Turkey increases the scale of the military invasion of Syria

According to the Turkish TV channel Haberturk, at the moment there are about 25 Turkish tanks in Syria.

Visiting Ankara, US Vice President Joe Biden, in an interview with Erdogan, said that the Kurdish militia in Syria had received a message from the United States that it could lose support if it attacked Turkish soldiers in the province of Aleppo. According to Biden, this is an expression of "strategic partnership between Washington and Ankara."
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  1. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr 25 August 2016 12: 17
    Erdogan runs very hard. I decided to take a moment. So a double edged sword. It’s time to answer.
      RESEARCHER 25 August 2016 12: 24
      Erdogan, no matter how he rested, but still this is just a card in the deck, which the Americans hang out, and they are famous cheaters.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 25 August 2016 15: 51
        It is no longer known who hangs out and who leads his game.

        It is strange that it is no secret to anyone that the Kurds are somehow supported by the Americans.
    2. padded jacket
      padded jacket 25 August 2016 12: 27
      I get the impression that here just ISIS terrorists are replaced by terrorists from the Turkoman brigades + Turkish personnel and the released ISIS terrorists will be thrown to Aleppo and other areas where the SAA comes.
      1. Vixen
        Vixen 25 August 2016 12: 36
        This is a thought. It is worth considering.
      2. _Vladislav_
        _Vladislav_ 25 August 2016 12: 53
        I think the situation is agreed with the Russian side. Syria in the future threatens to cut into individual components. Save it in its original version - will not work. Great is the degree of internal contradictions in Syria between individual groups. Russia can occupy one of the separate parts of Syria and ensure its security, some part will be taken by the Turks - this is quite real.

        Stomp Russia, today will not be. It became clear that the benefits of further cooperation with Turkey are much more important than the accumulated contradictions. It is difficult to overestimate the possibilities of the Turkish stream. The second branch of such a flow is cutting Ukraine out of this business.
        If Ukraine is cut out of this business, the economic damage will be enormous, and therefore something will have to be done - for example, try to come to an agreement with the "aggressor", because you cannot feed yourself with slogans alone that will automatically cut Ukraine out of the US.

        Grandma Clinton cannot allow this, so when she takes over at the helm of the Empire of Good, her first point will be to establish relations with Turkey, aimed at degrading Russian-Turkish relations, in order to prevent large joint gas projects.

        Erdogan also understands this, p. a sortie into Syria is most likely an agreed step with Moscow.
        1. HERMES
          HERMES 25 August 2016 13: 34
          Quote: oleg-gr
          Erdogan runs very hard. I decided to take a moment. So a double edged sword. It’s time to answer.

          And can you tell your opinion a little more extensively? About the stick in two ends.

          Erdogan has been doing nothing for a year now. So he "went too far" that he and his comrade Putin almost "Sax on the phone." They send their "deep condolences" to each other tirelessly.

          "You will have to answer with time" ... Say hello to Gorbachev if you see wink First you need to put your Judas and villains on a stake ... and only then foreign ones.
          1. samoletil18
            samoletil18 26 August 2016 07: 54
            I don’t know what about "phone sex". But there is no doubt that the appearance of a gas pipe from Russia, by analogy with Ukraine, is a factor leading to a maidanization by the Americans. Acceleration of the pro-American opposition - get a pipe, there is no dispersal of scoundrels - there is no pipe.
        2. xetai9977
          xetai9977 25 August 2016 13: 51
          Many here idealize the Kurds, they call them almost allies. And they always and everywhere played their game. Their goal is to tear pieces from Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq. It turned out in Iraq, there is essentially no central government. But will it work in other countries? The Turks saw that a Kurdish crescent moon was being created around them, so they decided to act before it was too late.
        3. g1v2
          g1v2 25 August 2016 14: 33
          The trick is that Erdogan also needs a unified Syria now, because in the event of its collapse, the Kurds will get their state on the southern borders of Turkey. And then the war in the south-east of Turkey will become permanent, as the Kurds will have a base in Rojava. Plus, the militants Erdogan throws from under Aleppo and Idlib. That is, those who fought at the front against the SAA are now thrown against the Kurds and a little against the IS.
        4. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 25 August 2016 19: 22
          Save it in its original version - it will not work
          Absolutely agree. But the problem is that the oil deposits are in the eastern part of Syria, and Assad controls the western part, and even not all of it. request
        5. Serg 122
          Serg 122 25 August 2016 20: 02
          Erdogan also understands this, p. a sortie into Syria, most likely an agreed step with Moscow.

          Links of one chain?
          The Russian military delegation will arrive in Turkey on August 26. The group will include the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia Valery Gerasimov. This was reported by Anadolu.
          A plane with the Russian delegation on board will land in Ankara at 11:00. According to the agency, Gerasimov will meet with his colleague Hulusi Akar.
        6. aleksfill
          aleksfill 25 August 2016 23: 17
          The situation, if agreed with someone, but not only with Russia, but with the United States.
          And Erdogan acts in support of those whom the United States supplies arms, that is,
          SSA, the opposition leading the war against Assad.
          This is another "knife in the back", this is the payback for playing with this rascal and
          more serious losses from a similar game with Turkey are yet to come.
        7. okunevich_rv
          okunevich_rv 26 August 2016 11: 05
          Is it agreed, or maybe the cunning Erdogan has outplayed and for this we now have to do a mine with a bad game. There are no official comments yet, maybe because there is nothing to say.
          The picture does not look festive so far.
          Now only the President of Syria could tell the truth, but silence on the air and the coordination of actions is a big question.
    3. 34 region
      34 region 25 August 2016 12: 43
      12.17. Why is it running up? In the 30s, a bet was made on the charisma of the Fuhrer. He worked it out for 300%! Poroshenko was stump. And here is Erdogan's hammer! Do not belittle the enemy! Who expected such a trick? Respond the soothsayer! Whose plan is this? Putin, Erdogan, USA? Fear Danians bringing gifts! Again the same rake? Like a truce, so wait for the bash! Maybe better, Eternal battle?
      1. kodxnumx
        kodxnumx 25 August 2016 20: 13
        I think that they nevertheless agreed with Moscow what and how. Otherwise, what a pancake of the Turkish air force could cross the Syrian border from Turkey without our approval, the game is not for children, he’ll break his leg, who is driving and who is driving there!
  2. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 25 August 2016 12: 28
    You can’t believe Erdogan .... the states will please the Sultan and promise, as always, the golden mountains, and then everything is written - Erdogash will sing to the tune of the United States
  3. erased
    erased 25 August 2016 12: 28
    And the owners of the Russian Federation are silent. Sami opened the way to Erdogan, now reaping the benefits. Syria is losing territory, the authority of the Russian Federation is falling. Unless something like ... uh ... how to say it ... ah! Reactions to the actions of the aggressor. But then again, close the charters to Turkey. And tomatoes are needed ... And Turkish builders will come in handy here. Here in St. Petersburg, a social room is being cut for the stadium, it was stolen a little, still necessary. In a word, it is better to remain silent. Perhaps it will pass by itself.
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 25 August 2016 13: 41
      They forgot about the stream, the gas stream - over there, as Vladislav wrote above - we will build the stream to the Turks and heaven will come fellow though they are still bargaining with Iran about the same pipeline, but we are now friends, Erdogan cannot leave "Vlad's friend"
      1. Dryuya2
        Dryuya2 25 August 2016 15: 02
        Quote: Stirbjorn
        About the stream, the gas stream was forgotten

        But what about polymers? fellow
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 August 2016 12: 29
    nine more Turkish tanks entered Syria

    On the one hand, this will not play a big role, but as they say - "dashing trouble is the beginning." Experts in the region tend to assume that the main target of the Turks is not ISIS, but the Kurds. But this is bad. Under beautiful slogans this clever asshole solves his problems.
  5. black
    black 25 August 2016 12: 30
    Erdogan is playing an independent game. And the Americans quickly changed their shoes! Don't want to once again aggravate relations with Turkey? The Kurds are in opera, and Taipovich has carte blanche on the Russian side. I suppose he hoped that the Americans would give him the carcass of Gulen fool
    1. 34 region
      34 region 25 August 2016 12: 49
      12.30. Or maybe there is a check for lice? Survived? You can continue to bet. Has broken? Write off for scrap. Which buns will Erdogan have from Russia's support and which from US support? What weight do Russia and the USA have in international manipulations?
      1. black
        black 25 August 2016 15: 00
        You still don't get it? Erdogan is trying to play his own game. Do you think he forgot the American-backed coup attempt? He took a step towards Russia - the United States rushed to pull to its side. This is a time of great trade for Taipovich. What's left for the White House? Shouting that Recep Taipovich went to fight without their permission? How? Without their knowledge, fleas do not breed. You forgot your interview with VVP, right after the stab in the back. There Vladimirovich hinted at some agreements on very important issues for Turkey. Turkey has its own interests in Syria. And Russia has its own interests in Syria. And these interests do not overlap and do not interfere with each other. They interfere with the United States, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This is a little kick in the ass, arrogant Persians. Everyone understands that without agreement with Russia, Erdogan would not have started any movement on the border.
  6. Rokossovsky
    Rokossovsky 25 August 2016 12: 35
    the Kurdish militia in Syria received a message from the US that it could lose support if it attacks Turkish soldiers

    So the Kurds have finished playing "love" with America ...
  7. fif21
    fif21 25 August 2016 12: 41
    Quote: oleg-gr
    Erdogan runs very hard

    Biden then! What a twist! Make the Kurds not resist Turkey? recourse What is it? Ignorance of the situation, is it unlikely, the desire to push Turkey and Syria to "rake in the heat" by the wrong hands and "strangle" the Kurds in a "hot" embrace? Bagdasarov in the studio!
  8. Engineer
    Engineer 25 August 2016 13: 01
    Kurdish militia in Syria received a message from the US

    Kurdish militia response:
  9. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 25 August 2016 13: 17
    This time Erdogan and the West acted cleverly: they reconciled Erdogan and Putin, Turkey, under the guise of fighting terrorists, will capture part of Syria and will remain there forever. And America will cover them from Russia and nothing can be done with them without the outbreak of World War III.
  10. Gardamir
    Gardamir 25 August 2016 13: 26
    Assad is an ally of Putin, Erdogan is an ally of Putin. Which one is more important? I propose not to take a steam bath, the road has already been rolled up so that it doesn’t happen, to declare the incident a cunning plan and yet another victory in foreign policy!
    1. Flatter
      Flatter 26 August 2016 18: 45
      Russia has allies, friends and partners everywhere and they all use it in different ways.
  11. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 25 August 2016 13: 32
    Here you have Erdogad and showed his rotten gut-enlisted the support of the United States and climbed to tear a piece from Syria
  12. Lyubopyatov
    Lyubopyatov 25 August 2016 13: 33
    Like a wolf along the "Turkish Stream", he looks to NATO.
  13. Dikson
    Dikson 25 August 2016 13: 38
    The Turks have not yet lost a single soldier in this operation - there were practically no clashes - they dispersed without a fight .. At this rate, if they move - like the Nazis across Europe, you see, Syria will end .. With regard to the love of Kurds and Americans - Several times on Vesti-24 I saw stories from the Kurdish "trenches" .. so there are not only states feeding .. And the UN is silent ...
  14. askort154
    askort154 25 August 2016 13: 40
    However, the position in Syria is changing dramatically, and ours are "silent".
    What is it? Erdogan’s actions agreed in St. Petersburg?
    Or is it Erdogan’s actions, as a result of a lack of agreement in St. Petersburg? (Syria protested)
    Whatever Erdogan was, but not a complete madman, to go immediately against the United States and Russia? Although, also an option - to play on the contradiction of enemies. Events in Syria take a different color. Naturally, the Ukrainian and Syrian issues are now on the same scale. We will wait.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 25 August 2016 13: 53
      Americans fully support.

      Moreover, they put pressure on the Kurds. They have already left Manbij and are leaving on the east coast of the Euphrates.
      27 minutes ago
      US Secretary of state Kerry: the PYD / YPG forces retreating to the east of the Euphrates
      14 minutes ago
      US says Syrian Kurds have started pulling back east of Euphrates in contested northern Syria region
      The goal of the Turks is to take Al Bab as quickly as possible. The IS seems to have gathered to fight for Al Bab.

      But while it is seen with the approval of the main players, the north of Syria on the western bank of the Euphrates to Azaz is completely given to the pro-Turkish groups.
      1. Dryuya2
        Dryuya2 25 August 2016 15: 24
        Quote: donavi49
        The IS seems to have gathered to fight for Al Bab.

        and on the part of the Turks "moderate green"? - Well, let Yes
        or they write that Erdogan will "drive" his conspirators there, but what is it to us? request
        I'm already tired of the "analytics" of Satanovsky, "he was blown away by something lately No.
        and here yesterday I heard Maxim Shevchenko (my attitude towards Shevchenko is somehow twofold what )
        but fresh (for me) look is interesting
        from 18 minutes - Syria, Turkey, Iran - and his view on the future of this region
  15. fif21
    fif21 25 August 2016 14: 35
    Quote: Engineer
    Kurdish militia in Syria received a message from the US

    Kurdish militia response:
    RBC news report - SSA rebels take Jerablus request
  16. Oleneboy_
    Oleneboy_ 25 August 2016 17: 36
    Quote: _Vladislav_
    I think the situation is agreed with the Russian side. Syria in the future threatens to cut into individual components. Save it in its original version - will not work. Great is also the degree of internal contradictions in Syria between individual groups

    You should think so in vain. I’ll also believe that perhaps Putin gave Erdogan a chance to prove that he is a fighter against terror. But how did ASAD say that this is a violation of sovereignty ???? No Turks are bending their line. In vain we took him in the Kremlin.
  17. dojjdik
    dojjdik 25 August 2016 18: 02
    I do not think that "friend Vladimir" is such a simpleton - although "Jewish copper pipes are very dangerous" - then see the docfilm of the murder of Gaddafi; let us dismember Syria and get the same with Russia
  18. nikolaev
    nikolaev 25 August 2016 18: 07
    Well, where is your nooscope "hospodin" Vaino? Or ....?*
    1. nikolaev
      nikolaev 25 August 2016 18: 11
      Ubdudok - he is ubdudok and no information "technologies" CAN'T change this !!!
      1. nikolaev
        nikolaev 25 August 2016 18: 17
        The site has lost its former appeal. j2 does its job. DELETE !!!
  19. Lelek
    Lelek 25 August 2016 18: 40
    Quote: Stirbjorn
    though they are still trading with Iran about the same pipeline

    Not only "with Iran", but also with Azerbaijan, that is, logically, Turkey wants to become the main gas hub in the Middle East region, cut dividends for transit from all suppliers, dictate its terms on the energy market and blackmail (following the example of Ukraine) European consumers. And (IMHO) Erdogan can do it, given Turkey's geopolitical position. And this means that Russia needs to be "careful" in this matter.
  20. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx 25 August 2016 20: 07
    Quote: quilted jacket
    I get the impression that here just ISIS terrorists are replaced by terrorists from the Turkoman brigades + Turkish personnel and the released ISIS terrorists will be thrown to Aleppo and other areas where the SAA comes.
  21. ProkletyiPirat
    ProkletyiPirat 25 August 2016 21: 31
    apparently just a tactical move to evacuate the embedded "agents of influence", if something "got them nailed in battles, they buried them there", at the same time they will justify themselves to the United States and to the Russian Federation with the slogans "you yourself asked for help."
  22. Garris199
    Garris199 25 August 2016 22: 16
    Turkey will receive a buffer zone with a Kurdish state (autonomy?) In the north of what is now Syria. The purpose of this buffer is understandable - to exclude the supply of weapons to the PKK, to make it as difficult as possible for communications between Kurdish groups. Who else will get what pieces from Syria is the question, there are more than enough of those willing. Most likely, the Alawites and other Shiites with Christians will get Latakia, Aleppo (if they are beaten off). Israel's lips rolled out on the Gollans and maybe something else. The frostbitten Sunnis do not need anything other than the jihadmobile. In general, "we'll see."