Ukrainian army is only terrible in its numbers.

Ukrainian army is only terrible in its numbers.According to Petro Poroshenko, the military parade scheduled for Wednesday is intended to demonstrate the Ukrainian power to the enemy, and to the allies and partners - “what we have done in two years.” However, in order to know that there is nothing to demonstrate to Kiev, it is not necessary to watch the parade. However, this does not negate the risk of resuming a full-scale war in the Donbas.

As the 25 anniversary approached the day Ukraine proclaimed independence from the USSR, the number of informational injections about the “strength and power of the new Ukrainian army” increased daily, as well as possible dates for the start of large-scale hostilities in the Donbass. Moreover, these possible dates were necessarily tied to the day of Ukrainian independence according to the principle “a week after”. This is an old and common misfortune - to believe that other people's plans are bound to revolve around your personal mythology (for example, intelligence, counterintelligence and political scientists in the Western world regularly expect terrorist attacks from Islamists on the eve of US public holidays or on the anniversary of 11 September, taking Baghdad, bin Laden’s death and the like). So, Vadim Skibitsky, a representative of the chief intelligence department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, is almost a cult figure, saying that the tense situation in the Crimea and the Donbas is caused by Russia's attempt to disrupt the celebration of Ukraine’s Independence Day.

Meanwhile, in the Donbass, and even more so in Russia, nobody cares deeply about the quarter-century anniversary of Ukrainian independence, since he (like, indeed, any other) has nothing to do with the real military-political confrontation. Even Petro Poroshenko admitted that the demonstration of “what we have done in two years” at a military parade in Kiev is much more important for him. And this essay “How I spent the summer” will be focused not so much on the inner spectator as on the outside, mostly western, because there is nothing to show towards the east, and local residents are also aware of the real state of affairs in the Ukrainian army.

Kiev will traditionally try to demonstrate its firepower at the parade, which, according to the official version, has grown significantly over the past two years. Usually this is done by the withdrawal of new armored vehicles and heavy weapons. And Ukrainians, unlike the Balts, whose military parades always include elements of masquerade and clowning, are really able to paint and start a sufficient amount with a sledgehammer tanks and cannons to solemnly ruin the asphalt of Khreshchatyk. In addition to technology, there will be, minting step, boxes of military schools and military branches. There will almost certainly be some kind of performance like a convoy of ATO veterans, former battalions of the National Guard or festively dressed “Galicians” and “Nakhtigaly”. But this will not have any relation to the technical and moral state of the army.

By the number of tanks, the Ukrainian army has not yet returned to the pre-war state. If in 2009, the 774 tank was on its balance sheet, now in the Donbass there are no more than 300 tanks in total, and a year ago there was 425. In the last month, a certain amount was transferred under Perekop, but mainly from the rear districts. All two years Poroshenko and other Kiev people took part in the theatrical transfer of the army "new types of armored vehicles." It is possible that these copies even reached the army. But every time it was a one-time supply or a party of “armored vehicles” that were not suitable for participating directly in hostilities (in fact, these were “taxis” - lightly armored jeeps designed to bring personnel to the front line, which is a typical American scheme that created the long-suffering BTR "Bradley").

Yes, large tank repair plants at some point worked in almost four shifts, but there was no qualitative change in armored vehicles. The workload of the factories is explained by the need to bring the “bronchem” to life, preserved from Soviet times. In addition, the equipment received for repair from the Donbass had to be treated several times. The new tanks, like all other armored vehicles, were made and entered the troops in literally units. In fact, Ukraine can no longer be considered a tank power, as the newspaper VIEW has already written about.

The number of Ukrainian armored vehicles is reduced not only due to the accuracy of the grenade throwers VSN. There are not enough spare parts, there is no system of technical support stations near the line, although skilled mechanics seem to be enough (these are mostly old people who remember service in the Soviet Army). At the same time, the rearmament of individual units was almost completely “hung” on volunteers and numerous charitable organizations. The Ministry of Defense frankly does not cope with its own plans, but succeeds in promoting and creating the mythology of a “patriotic war”.

All this applies equally not only to armored vehicles, but also to artillery and missile units, if we now speak exclusively of ground forces. This, despite the fact that the colossal amount of cannon artillery and the RZSO was initially the main advantage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in many respects determined the tactics of warfare in the form of terrorizing shelling (and this tactic does not change with time, despite loud statements about the "revision of the strategy" or even the transition to NATO standards ").

In fact, the “new strategy” came down to using company groups instead of battalion and “smearing” armored vehicles on the whole front, and this is something from the experience of the First World War, but not “NATO standards”. The most lucid demonstration of it was the recent attempt to break through the front at Debaltseve, about the same small attack assault groups somewhere near Verdun or in Galicia attacked the enemy’s trenches. At the same time, no one cared for the coordination of actions of the company groups, as a result of which several of them got stuck at occupied heights. Send them to help Aviation it was impossible for lack of aviation (to call aircraft in any difficult situation - this is precisely the “NATO standard”), and the artillery defended itself.

Hope for Western Supplies weapons they have also been scattered long ago, but the general propaganda attitude in this regard needs to be somehow supported. Now the ritual dances are performed around two British counter-battery radars, already put on the front line. One of them was broken even during transportation (dropped during loading), and for the second one, there were no trained personnel at first. When the craftsmen were found, the first thing they did was put it next to the patronized artillery battery, where he was buried along with the same battery.
Another thing is that the supply of American anti-tank systems is still worse. A small but cohesive group of Washington functionaries, lobbying for the delivery of lethal weapons to Ukraine, gradually abandoned this idea. From the same opera and periodic "dumps" to Ukraine obsolete or defective British, American and Turkish armored personnel carriers. The countries of Eastern Europe, including the "best friends of Kiev", did not dare to supply anything serious to Kiev. Who knows what?

We are not talking about the fleet at all. The new commander of the Navy was appointed an ideologically verified tanker, which in itself is indicative. Rearmament plans fleet and the laying of new torpedo boats look unrealizable, and the widely publicized participation of Ukraine in NATO’s joint maneuvers on the Black Sea turned out to be a shame, since the only sensible ship, the Sagaidachny ship, could not move away from the wall.

With aviation more difficult. In recent months, Kiev has made some efforts to reanimate several attack aircraft, one of which even took off. It is possible that we will be able to reanimate two more, but this is the maximum. The situation with helicopters is slightly better, but there are the same problems as with armored vehicles - there are no spare parts, the resource has been developed, the new production does not exist. Procurement of foreign helicopters is theoretically possible, but they will pull additional contracts for parts and long-term staff training, and there is no money (and it is not expected).

The only resource that the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not just have a lot, but a lot, is living force. It is already announced that after the end of the fourth mobilization a new appeal will begin. Over the past two years, new “numbered” parts have actually been formed instead of territorial ones, and their structure was adjusted to “modern requirements”. For example, with the mandatory inclusion of a tank battalion as part of a mechanized brigade, although under conditions of shortage, some companies consist of six to eight tanks, and none have a sufficient number. Specialized tank brigades are scattered over the most remarkable sectors of the front, which also serves as a "new tactic", they say, they must promptly support the infantry in the offensive.

The total number of army in the Donbass has indeed reached threatening numbers - more than 100 thousand people (according to some calculations - up to 120 thousand). True, her communications are stretched and not equipped, and the supply is one continuous problem. Sometimes it lacks the most elementary, although some parts are defiantly maintained in good condition, especially in the area of ​​Mariupol, which is emphasized.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the parade. The tanks will be painted, the banners will be paid, the bearing will be tightened. Perhaps someone will fly over Kiev, and, which is especially ridiculous, there will certainly be a “box” in naval form. Ideology and mythology, as usual, will go ahead of reality, which is normal for Ukraine.

Above this, you can tease, and yet you should not forget that on the front line is now 100-thousandth colossus with three hundred tanks and almost a thousand artillery barrels. It remains a tremendous force, which is opposed by the system three times smaller by the Donbass. Yes, well-equipped, trained and motivated, but prone to reflection. And the very threshold beyond which the policy fades into the background, and the war comes to the first, has long been passed. And now you can wait for anything, including arbitrarily scary. Regardless of holiday dates.
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  1. +2
    August 25 2016
    slaves, both by definition and in fact, should not be given arms, and the sooner this "Soviet resource" of weapons in Ukraine is exhausted, the better for everyone, both for the EU and for Russia and the Svidomo themselves, but slaves ...
    1. +1
      August 25 2016
      In the outskirts, they have already howled that they are overpaying for Russian gas, buying it in the west. They received settlements on new tariffs only in August, although the heating season has not yet begun. Those who have money are bought atvo, who do not have cheap seasonal vegetables and fruits. The IAEA is seriously worried about the state of Ukrainian nuclear power plants, and here it’s next to trouble. Will they be before the army? Although without a regiment Poroshenko, it seems, can not do laughing
    2. +7
      August 25 2016
      Honestly, I do not like when all citizens of the country are indiscriminately insulted.
      Believe me, there are still the majority of Russian people who are not yet able to give a fitting rebuff and demolish the Kiev junta along with the nationalist rabble.

      Yes, there have been and have been corrupt politicians in power for the past 25 years, degenerated from members of the CPSU and the Komsomol into ardent and unbridled nationalists, thieving oligarchs who have become such in the wake of the unbridled seizure of popular good, frank criminals, anxious pederasts and fascist young people who are day and night nightly engaged and are fooling the population, perverting the history of the people and putting forward mediocre Russophobes, traitors, criminals and other rabble into national heroes.

      But a decent proportion of the population still has not scotched and has not turned into a stubborn rag. An example of this is the inhabitants of the Crimea, Lugansk and Donetsk regions, Odessa and Kharkov. Residents of other areas are also waiting for release. Waiting, although of course not all, but still waiting. Nobody wants to fight with bare hands, realizing that even law enforcement agencies and courts do not protect anyone from rampant Svidomo criminals in the government and on the street. People in Ukraine are not slaves, but the fact that they are disorganized is a fact and without help from outside they are unlikely to get out of the swamp in which the country is located.
    3. +6
      August 25 2016
      Day nezalezhnosti Ukrainians from the brain

      Meanwhile in Donbass, and even more so in Russia, everyone does not give a damn about the quarter century anniversary of Ukrainian independence

      and not only do we care:

      * My grandfather is constantly sitting at my entrance, he is 100 years old, probably, or even more. Deaf, swearing, with already begun Parkenson, constant "Prima" in smoky fingers ...
      But when he issued: "Eh? Shaw? Idle?, Day nezalezhnosti Ukrainians from the brain, toi chi sho? "- I went and bought him a Camel, remembering that in his youth they were not trophies, but allies.
  2. +1
    August 25 2016
    Drive them a video, as Mishiko chews a tie, and send Petyune ties for tasting. To contain an army on the money of the people, when there is no war, it is only "great Ukrainians" who can.
    1. +1
      August 25 2016
      Drive a roller to them, as Mishiko chews a tie, and Petyune sends the ties for tasting.
      You don't need to send anything. I watched their parade, the most shameful on it prEzidEnt "nezalezhnaya", will anyone ever stroke his suit?
      1. +8
        August 25 2016
        And give new socks
  3. +1
    August 25 2016
    The ending of the article doubled ...
  4. +2
    August 25 2016
    I don’t understand what they live on. It seems that everything is bad and there is no money, but athletes for international competitions somehow get out (although many of the athletes from Ukraine live in Russia) and fight, if their shells would run out faster.
    1. +1
      August 25 2016
      On hryvnia, such paper, it can be printed for a long time and a lot.
    2. 0
      August 25 2016
      they would have faster shells to finish
      It is unlikely that the stock of ammunition after the collapse of the USSR, they had more than in Russia, now they also sharpen their teeth on the stocks of the former 14th army.
  5. +5
    August 25 2016
    The puppet dolls held a parade. Only what is not clear. Rolled "on the pavement" armored metal, with a rare coating on iron "digital" color. Yes, so rare that the campaign they were given one can of paint for all, but they still managed to steal more than half! D, B! laughing
  6. 0
    August 25 2016
    The only resource that the APU has is not just a lot, but a lot, is manpower.

    Isn't that why they again propose building a wall, because at first they will dig a pit, there will always not be enough money for the wall, and the pit is already ready ...
  7. +2
    August 25 2016
    The network has a video of this Kiev parade. It seems that ukrovermaht rides on the technology of the Kiev military district, hastily reanimated, the technology was rich in wealth, at least apparently the last one. Particularly touched by tankers with hoods of telepuziki on their headsets.
  8. +1
    August 25 2016
    Strength is a terrible force!
    Here everyone will surrender at the same time and in a week the hunger strike will begin. They must be fed!
  9. +13
    August 25 2016
    You should never underestimate a potential adversary, as a rule, this leads to large casualties from the underestimated one.
    1. +2
      August 25 2016
      As for underestimating, the ukroarmiya so far, apart from shelling cities and getting into different boilers, has not distinguished itself in anything. As soon as there is a threat of complete defeat, all kinds of "Minskies" start immediately with the help of the West. Nobody says that this is nothing, they just haven't really tackled them yet.
      1. +3
        August 25 2016
        Unfortunately, the Minsk initiative began not from the West, but from the East.
  10. +3
    August 25 2016
    Look: now saboteurs have been caught in the Crimea. Now imagine if there is a war with Ukraine: they will send saboteurs to the Bryansk region, Rostov region, Kursk region, Belgorod. They will blow up power lines. How will you catch them? The border is more than 1000 km.
    1. +3
      August 25 2016
      Something tells me that in case of the appearance of ukrodiversants in these regions, even specialists will not have to be sent. The local population resolves the issue.
  11. +3
    August 25 2016
    Sorry for ordinary people.
    1. +1
      August 25 2016
      Only these simple ones, for some reason, are thrown off and contain troops sent to kill people in the Donbass
  12. +2
    August 25 2016
    An entertaining parade, by the way. If only because they were not lazy to drag peonies to Kiev. In what other parade can they be seen)
    PS Do not tell me how they were armed marines? It seems TAR-21, but the vidos muddy caught, can not be disassembled. Thank you in advance.
    1. +2
      August 25 2016
      Do not tell me how they were armed marines? It seems TAR-21, but the vidos muddy caught, can not be disassembled. Thanks in advance.

      I already wrote the answer before, in another thread. This is really TAR-21. Ukraine releases it under license from 2008.
      1. +1
        August 25 2016
        No patriotism, is it in Israel or else where is TAR-21, and in Ukraine it is “Fort - 221”
  13. +7
    August 25 2016
    while we are fleeing with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, these same Armed Forces continue the circumstances of Donetsk and Lugansk, they kill women and children, which is not at all funny
    1. +7
      August 25 2016
      And it seems to me that those in power do not give a damn by and large. Westerners are merging from country 404, Russia is waiting for "when this apple falls into the hands" and the denouement is gradually approaching.
      The other day, the bourgeoisie promised the criminal part of the report on the downing of a boeinga, it is clear who they will point fingers at, but this is any "achievement of Ukraine"
  14. 0
    August 25 2016
    to demonstrate the enemy Ukrainian power

    The trouble is that the main enemy of Ukraine is Ukraine itself with its "leaders" of a certain nationality and adherence to sectarianism, stupid nationalism and probably congenital idiotism on the brink of schizophrenia.
  15. +2
    August 25 2016
    Poroshenko praises the growing number of contractors
    As I understand it, these are people who may not look back on the requirements of laws and do what they order.
    There is no sense in the professional component, because very little modern technology
    At the same time, contract soldiers have a minimum of guarantees from the state and they are more accommodating than conscripts.
  16. +2
    August 25 2016
    article is old but interesting

    Part 1.

    Vlad Shurygin came out with extremely interesting details about the "military workers". Since for some time now, after Zhuchkovsky's confessions and confirmations from General Petrovsky, this all became Punchinel's secret, such details from the participants and those involved in the topic will appear more and more often.


    We have known each other for a long time. Since the Chechen war, therefore, this conversation probably took place:

    ... Let's immediately agree, the number issues, organizations and other "installation" data are left out of the box. Russia in this war did not participate and does not participate and the point! Therefore, we will call our structure "the group" North ", and then call me" a man from the north. " I will answer the questions that are now really important for the future of Novorossia, and you will have already formulated everything in summary ...

    About the enemy.

    I have a high opinion of him. Like it or not, but the Ukrainians are ourselves. The same breed, the same national composition. Of the strengths: resistance, tenacity. Especially the elite airborne units, airmobiles, "special forces". Already defeated, nothing to fight already. You offer to give up, lay down your arms and leave - they refuse. Climb to the breakthrough, not having a single chance. Therefore, they died without an account. So that we had no victims, they simply covered with artillery and that’s all. It was a couple of times - just missed, so as not to arrange a shooting. They knew that they had already lost all the equipment along the way. Why extra corpses? These are someone's sons, husbands, fathers ...

    Of the weaknesses - command, command and control, disorganization.

    Their whole army is some kind of vinaigrette. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard under, the volunteer battalions. There is no single command. This division by departments is their main mistake. We passed it twenty years ago on the first Chechnya. And they only now climbed and jumped on this rake. They do not decree the experience of others. His blood must wash. Throughout the war, they charge the battalion commanders, and then there is already someone in that much. One says, “Let's go!”, The second says, “We stand!”, And the third one, in general, “Move!”.

    In the APU more order. Still, the former Soviet school is felt, a “system” that has been developed over decades. The interaction between the kinds of troops, the organization of the battle, the reaction to changing situations. But all this, just as it was at the beginning of the last century’s 90s, remained. One feels that they were not engaged at all in their army. The system remained, but lost the command and control school.

    By type of troops:

    Airborne and "special forces" as elsewhere, the most combat-ready. But they were heavily battered in battles and replenishment is already much weaker than those who started the war. But their motivation is high. Mainly due to corporate “courage”. We are "special forces"! We are Airborne! At the same time, our “northerners” were crazy to see the burned-out “bronniki” with exactly the same landing emblems as ours, the flags of the Airborne Forces, the portraits of Margelov. But enemies! Some surr ...

    Infantry - very weak! Most of the mobilized, the desire to fight "zero", the commanders are often without any experience of command. There is practically no supply. They lived almost on grassland stern. Hungry, dirty, lousy, in a rotten form - zombies! Only a few battalions were dressed in decent shape and ammunition, but this did not add combat capability to them.

    Tanks - as an independent branch of troops in this war is absent. Mainly as a means of infantry fire support. Therefore, the application was carried out in small groups - to the company. Hence the level of losses is extremely high. The infantry, instead of taking care of the tanks and interacting with it, pushed them ahead of them. At the saturation of the militia with the means of VET, this ended sadly.

    Artillery - the most "advanced" branch of the armed forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Nevertheless, whatever one may say, the Soviet artillery school was and remains the best in the world. The quality of training of gunners in post-Soviet schools is still very high. Ukrainian artillery very quickly passed the way from poorly trained, firing into white light like a pretty penny, to gunners to the main factor of this war. In fact, the artillery is dragging on itself the main burden of the war, compensating for both the frank weakness of the infantry and the low level of command and control, and a whole bunch of problems. Everything is compensated by tons of shells and missiles that are produced on the territory of Donbass. In the last weeks of our stay, artillery reconnaissance stations appeared in the artillery of the Ukrainian artillery, and it began to engage in effective counter-artillery fighting.

    National Guard Highly motivated, but poorly trained and poorly armed units. The general name is “battalions”, but their number varies from two hundred fifty to seven hundred people. They are usually used as light infantry or for clearing a occupied area, but they are extremely weakly coordinated with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and therefore suffer great losses. In a difficult situation, they are prone to panic; they can leave their positions and retreat without the consent of the command.
  17. +2
    August 25 2016
    High command from the very bad. Between the headquarters of the ATO and the troops just the abyss. They control their troops as alien paper soldiers - they invented the operation, set the tasks and go ahead! Give the result! Does not work, the loss? You do not know how to fight! Ukraine is not a mess! Forward! And the fact that the task was initially unattainable, the fact that the calculation of forces and means was not carried out and does not correspond to the task - no one is pushing.

    In the headquarters below is the same. In general, the fundamental difference between the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Russian army, which caught the eye, is the attitude towards the soldier. In the Russian, even in the most heinous nineties, in the war, officers and generals valued and guarded their soldiers as much as they could. The generals of that period all of Russia remembers - Troshev, Shamanov, Pulikovsky, Rokhlin.

    And the Ukrainians? In the combat area, there was one commander of the Southern Operational Command, the former commander of the eighth corps, General Homchak, who was driving the offensive near Ilovaisk. So he fought to complete encirclement, from which, using the cease-fire agreement, he escaped with the remnants of the headquarters and a couple of dozen fighters. After that, he began to tell fairy tales, about the fact that there were four times more Russians on him than he had a soldier.

    Aha Well, that is, if the general had a total of six thousand under the command, then the Russians, it turns out, already had twenty-four thousand! Whole body! Fantasy in Homchak like Munchhausen. However, another Ukrainian commander, General Litvin, under the threat of encirclement, simply threw his troops, escaped from the "boiler" and now, as far as I know, has been promoted to commander of the operational command.

    For the Ukrainian command of the soldiers - no one! They were sent into battle like a herd, and no one cares what happens to them, how many will die, how many will be released. The main thing that the problem was solved. And if there is also a defeat, it is generally better that no one comes out, then there was no defeat. And people like deserters will write off.

    But just to assume that the Ukrainian army put up a cross is stupid.
    Billions of dollars of the Ukrainian budget and foreign loans are invested in it. Military assistance to Ukraine comes from a dozen NATO countries, and its own military-industrial complex begins to revive. Now in the Ukrainian army began supplying modern Western communications and intelligence. Ukrainians went to Poland and Germany to retrain for NATO armament. And this means that it will soon appear. NATO and American instructors conduct courses at Ukrainian training grounds and at training centers. Logistics support is re-organized.

    In six to seven months, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able (if there is political will, assistance from the West and some other conditions) to undergo “reformatting, or, if you like, to move to another qualitative state. To draw conclusions from the defeats, change the command, conduct a reorganization and then we will see a qualitatively different opponent. Therefore, savor past victory is just silly. You can forget about that opponent. We will not see him again. This is the past ...

    On the militia

    The strength of the militia, of course, is high motivation. People are fighting for their homes, volunteers for the idea. Fighting famously, with excitement. Steadfastly Losses incur as due. Do not panic. Learn fast. Before entering, I was engaged in the organization of training of specialists, and so, I could only dream of such soldiers before! People learned literally with full dedication. Artillery calculations, tank crews literally in days grasped what week usually took.

    The absolute authority of the commanders. For their commanders will go anywhere. In contrast to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where the nomination for any position is a complex bureaucratic process often unrelated to any abilities of candidates, and only with proximity to the authorities or membership of a particular political group, the most courageous and capable fighters are promoted to command militia positions, regardless of titles and long service. Natural selection, so to speak ...

    By type of troops.

    Infantry - well motivated, but the level of training leaves much to be desired. However, this is offset by courage and initiative.

    Tank units are distributed between units. Trained well, but, as well as the APU tank units, are used for infantry fire support. In contrast to the APU, the militia cherish their tanks and cover them with infantry, so the level of military equipment losses is incomparable.

    Artillery - highly trained, coordinated, completed a full course of combat training. The “northerners” answered for this and they did their job well.

    The operational command of the militia is also staffed by professionals in their field who have special military education and extensive experience in conducting combat operations in other hot spots. This headquarters is fully capable of organizing and conducting effective operations of the scale of a division — a corps, but this is where the weaknesses of the militia begin.

    The main weakness of the militia is called one word "Makhnovshchina."

    At the time of my departure from the territory of the DPR, there was no unity of forces of the defenders. And you need to be aware that there is no “army of New Russia”. Instead, there are dozens of units of different numbers, weapons and organizations.

    The announcement of the Donetsk militia by the regular army essentially did not change anything. At the same time, often the number is not only, and not so much an indicator of combat capability as an indicator of the "weight" of a particular field commander in the territory controlled by him. As a result, each field commander independently solves the problem of supplying his unit. Everyone is looking for or building his own channels of “humanitarian aid” receipt, and everyone is building up his relations with “voentorg”.

    And the “wider” these channels, the larger the supply, the higher the “rank” of the field commander, and the more territory he controls. The saddest thing is that this access to supply and control over the territory are the main obstacles to the unification of forces. After all, part of the money for ammunition, food, communications, wages and bonuses for the militia is mostly “fees” from the “land”, like cars, housing, warehouses, and so on. And good, when it is done at least “amicably” - with official taxes on local business, but more often with simple “wringing out” - robbery, to put it simply.

    When I was there, “zindans” for stubborn “sponsors” were almost a mandatory attribute of most of the large militia headquarters. To unite under a single command means to lose weight, and to lose supply channels and control over the "land" that feeds almost all field commanders. That is to lose the main source of food.

    But even worse is that under the guise of the militia on the territory of New Russia are "Indians" - dozens of ordinary gangs, which literally terrorize the local population. Under the flags of the DNI, they are doing a complete mess - rob, rape, kill. There are entire villages that have come under the control of such "Indians" of the Outlaws. And the fight against them is not particularly underway. The field commanders are not up to them; they are sharing power in their own territory and are sorting out their relations, but the police and prosecutors in the DPR and LNR are not there now.

    Therefore, with a sufficiently large number of militias, and in August it was about twenty thousand fighters, their combat effectiveness is low. The militias are fighting well in the city, they are staunchly defending themselves, but due to the “serf psychology” and the almost complete discoordination they are almost unable to wage a modern maneuver war. Outside the cities and towns, the militia only conducted reconnaissance and kept roadblocks on key highways, leaving entire areas without protection. By mid-July, the Ukrainian command had clarified this weakness, after which, with the reconnaissance of their BTGs, they felt such “failures” in the defense of the militias and conducted local offensives, penetrating deep into the defense of the militia. By the middle of July, virtually the entire territory of the DPR and the LPR was “sliced” like slices with such blows. And again, only the help of the “northerners” turned these inclusions into “boilers” for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the militia themselves here only “cleaned” the area after our work, and smashed the retreating small detachments of the defeated Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  18. +1
    August 25 2016
    North wind

    It is often said that the “northerners” saved the militia from defeat. They say that reinforcements arrived when almost a few hours remained before the victory of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This svidomaya nonsense! The situation in mid-August was difficult but not critical. At this point, the Ukrainian Armed Forces used almost all of their reserves, and heavy fighting was bogged down in the northern suburbs of Donetsk, in the Ilovaisk region and on the approaches to Lugansk in the Novosvetlovka-Lutunino region. Forces to cut the territory of Novorossia the APU already did not exist, but the war was increasingly sinking into bloody chaos — the most densely populated areas of Donbass found themselves in the combat zone. The account of the dead civilians went to hundreds. It was necessary to stop this slaughter and force Ukraine to cease hostilities and peace negotiations. For this, an operation was developed, and we are offended to conduct it.

    Except for minor flaws, then everything went like a note. The enemy was unable to open our advancement and deployment in time, and only discovered our presence when we entered into direct contact with him. The Armed Forces of Ukraine were not able to reveal our forces, and therefore, according to Ukrainian reports, the most fantastic figures are still walking. Some Ukrainian military leaders agreed to the fact that as many as one hundred thousand "northerners" entered the territory of Ukraine, that there is complete nonsense!

    We didn’t have any global tasks “to reach Kiev”. If we reduce everything to a single formula, then defeat and create conditions for the cessation of hostilities and the start of negotiations.

    About the "northerners"

    I am pleased with the actions of the "northerners." I can say that they have demonstrated a high level of training and coherence. Intelligence worked well, staffs of all levels coped well with tasks

    In fact, the “northerners” demonstrated the type of combat operations that in the west is called “network-centric warfare”. Constant movement, constant reconnaissance, timely identification of targets and their timely fire destruction. Suffice it to say that, despite the very limited area of ​​combat operations, the “northerners” almost never entered into direct interaction with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, did not fight, as they say, “eye to eye”, defeating remotely. Only a few times, as they say, fights began. The only case when several "northerners" were captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was the result of a violation of combat documents and the negligence of junior commanders.
  19. +1
    August 25 2016
    Part 2

    About the "boiler" near Ilovaisk.

    The blame for this defeat and the huge losses lies entirely on the command of the ATO and the Southern Sector - at first they literally drove a whole group into the “hole”, without covering the flanks. Then, bogged down in city battles, instead of bypassing the city, they began to pull new BTGs under it, so they apparently wanted to raise a flag over it. Well, when they received a blow to the flank, and the score went to the clock, they just lost their head, began to wait for instructions “from above,” until the “cauldron” slammed shut.

    After this, we did not see any intelligible command. Inside the “boiler”, the National Guard under battalions and the Armed Forces rushed, taking losses, and outside the command did not even try to organize a de-blockade of their troops. And it was strange! To be honest, we were preparing for holding an external front, but they did not even twitch. It seemed that there they were pretending with all their might that nothing happened under Ilovaisk and everything would somehow resolve itself.

    Well, it resolved ...

    We had an order - to avoid large sacrifices if possible. Therefore, almost immediately, the ultimatum was brought to the commanders of the encircled units - everyone who puts down their weapons and leaves the equipment is guaranteed life and access from the boiler to their own.

    Now the “rioters” everywhere are wailing that, de, they were deceived, they were promised a corridor, but instead they smashed with artillery. This is again, bullshit! There was a specific ultimatum - you leave in place all the heavy weapons and equipment, and you leave the vehicle in a certain order. But instead, they started to play cool Rangers. To build columns for a breakthrough - with tanks, Beterami, SAU. All that could not take out, began to burn and incapacitate. We closely watched all this. Intelligence constantly reported. Once again came out to them - do not be cunning! You want to live, fulfill the conditions, go out, as determined - in the afternoon, without heavy equipment, by agreement and under control. All let out! They again "Yes! - Yes! ”But as it began to get dark, they rushed to the breakthrough, well, actually, they got it. Almost no one left. I couldn’t imagine such a meaningless loss of people. The road of death is some kind ...

    Why was not taken Mariupol?

    Most likely, just did not have enough time. But for me personally, one of the main problems was that we, the “northerners”, would have to take it, with all of the attendant problems — losses, the total illumination of our participation, and all the “charms” of storming the city — destruction, the destruction of peaceful residents. The Ukrainian side in Mariupol and under Mariupol there were up to one and a half thousand of all kinds of “siloviki”. At that time, the militia was barely enough to set up checkpoints and organize the forward echelon of the offensive — in fact, intelligence, in which the militia “groped” for the defense units, advancing and knocking down the knots with artillery. In the open field, this tactic was effective, but in a large city it could hardly work.

    Therefore, for me personally, the truce was, to some extent, a relief. Yes, I wanted to take the city, but objectively assessing the strength, I understood that it would not be very easy. Even the environment and the effective blockade lacked strength.

    On time or not on time?

    It is difficult for me to give such an assessment. Of course, we could still significantly expand the territory controlled by the militia. At the time of the shutdown of active hostilities, almost all the units at the command of the ATO command either fought hard, or were defeated, and there was simply nothing to cover the gaps created after the defeat of the boilers. I think that the fights lasted another week, and Kiev would have had the prospect of a military catastrophe in full growth, and only the Ukrainian military command and political leadership knew the real state of affairs and adequately evaluated the threat.

    But still, I think that the main share of responsibility for the current state of affairs lies with those who conducted the negotiations in Minsk. The positions of Donbass negotiators were much more advantageous and stronger than those of Kiev. Kiev, in fact, was forced to peace, and to cover him at that time was nothing. You had to accept any conditions, otherwise you could lose a lot more. On the other hand, Russia was under enormous pressure from the West and every day of the war only strengthened it. It is clear that from there they also pressured the negotiators.

    In the end, they signed what they signed. Well, let alone carry out the signed, the Ukrainian side almost immediately did not hurry.

    What's next?

    In my opinion, today the situation “provoking” Kiev has developed. Russia is completing the withdrawal of its troops from the border areas in the RPM. And the threat that hung over Kiev for seven months ceases to be so. The fighting capacity of the groups is more or less restored. The defeated parts are re-equipped with personnel and equipment. The reform of the rear. Established combat training. Conducted engineering equipment of areas of concentration and key defense units. And now, before the top political leadership of Ukraine and the command of the ATO, there is a dilemma - go into winter, resigned to the defeat in the spring-summer company, or try to achieve some kind of local victory in the last warm weeks to balance the August defeat. The plans of such a local operation are indicated by a sharp increase in the group hanging over Lugansk, where at least six BTGs, up to fifty tanks and up to sixty guns and MLRS are concentrated now according to intelligence data.

    Another group is concentrated near the Donetsk airport. They identified up to thirty tanks and up to sixty guns and MLRS, and up to two thousand infantry of various sizes - from the “special forces” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to the “national guard”. The shootings and the constant attempts of the militia to squeeze out the Ukrainian units from the airport area could well be used as a pretext for a local offensive in the area.

    In my opinion, the most appropriate time is before election day. Since the result of the offensive can be easily converted into a political "PR", or immediately after them - to distract people from the results. But the deterrent is, although formal, the observance of the cease-fire conditions, as well as the fear that this offensive, like the previous ones, will be foiled and end in defeat, since Kiev does not have complete confidence in overcoming the consequences of the August-September military crisis. .

    If the aggravation does not occur before the second decade of November, then we can expect the conflict to “winter” - a positional confrontation, with artillery duels and active reconnaissance and sabotage units. This period - until April of the next year, each side will use to strengthen its armed forces and prepare for a new spring - summer company. But this is an extremely distant prospect.

    PS. I suppose in the future other details will also be revealed imperceptibly, but effective work of the "military workers", when the "north wind" that blew for several weeks led the troops of the junta to a grave military disaster. I hope now my August post will be clearer. Then it was possible to speak only in this way, now it is already possible to speak a little more, and in a few months or even years, they will tell even more. It's hard to keep quiet, of course. when you know about such things, and people ask perplexedly where did the new armored personnel carrier come from, or “what’s there on the video,” but you must understand that information warfare and military secrets require certain things to be kept quiet for the time being. In fact, those who fought in the Donbass or those who provided logistics channels there sooner or later found out about what is not shown on TV and on the Internet, about the "Voentorg" and its work. These are the features of the "hybrid" or "network-centric" wars that Russia is now mastering, when information cover and support becomes one of the important parts of military planning. The Americans are great masters of this, Russia is learning a lot from them, and the war against Georgia, and the Crimean Spring and the "voentorg in Novorossiya" show that from a purely military point of view, our army is doing well, although there are mistakes, various flaws and shortcomings ...

    And most importantly, officially there were no Russian troops on the territory of the DPR and LPR.
  20. 0
    August 25 2016
    Quote: uskrabut
    Only these simple ones, for some reason, are thrown off and contain troops sent to kill people in the Donbass

    Unfortunately, ordinary people are not asked what to spend the collected taxes on. There are certainly completely headless, but mostly people are normal. Now there is no political power in Ukraine and powerful financial support to overthrow the ruling regime. How many Americans have invested money and time in what is happening there? The reverse process will take two times, or even more, of forces and means. We must be patient.
  21. 0
    August 26 2016
    Quote: Volka
    slaves, both by definition and in fact, should not be given arms, and the sooner this "Soviet resource" of weapons in Ukraine is exhausted, the better for everyone, both for the EU and for Russia and the Svidomo themselves, but slaves ...

    More than once the Persians (Darius and others) came to free Greece with the war. They gathered all the vassals and slaves throughout Asia. The millions of armies did not help. Neither the elephants, nor the chariots. I think the numbers in the war decide little. hi wink

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