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Poroshenko throws in the Donbass more than 140 units of military equipment

Just a few hours ago, the Ukrainian ambassador in Germany announced that a new document had been created, on the basis of which the parties to the conflict would be diverted from the contact line in the Donbas. And now - the utter contradiction to the words of the Ukrainian official from the president of Ukraine. Poroshenko, while in the Kharkiv region, handed over an 141 unit of military equipment to the needs of the ATO.

Poroshenko throws in the Donbass more than 140 units of military equipment

The transfer of equipment took place in the Kharkov city of Chuguev. Among the weapons transferred, according to the president’s press service, the “independent” ones are repaired Su-27, MiG-29 aircraft, Mi-8 helicopters, Tanks T-80 and T-64BV, armored personnel carriers BTR-80, BTR-3DA, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2, artillery and MLRS, anti-aircraft self-propelled guns ZSU-23-4 "Shilka". In addition, Poroshenko announced the transfer "for the needs of the ATO" of military vehicles and kits for radio communications.

In 2016, enterprises of the military-industrial complex manufactured, modernized and transferred about a thousand units of weapons and military equipment to the troops. Today we will send another batch to the front.

According to the President of Ukraine, this technique will be involved in the exercises in Bashkirovka, after which it will go to the Donbass. With this statement, Poroshenko himself confirms the fact that Ukraine does not comply with the Minsk agreements. At the same time, in the West, they are still trying to pretend that Poroshenko believes “to fulfill his part of the obligations”.

The question of the number of victims to which the new Kiev militarization in the Donbas will lead, none of the Ukrainian journalists did not ask Petro Poroshenko.
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  1. Oleneboy_
    Oleneboy_ 23 August 2016 14: 37
    For some reason I believe that the war will be in September. I want to make mistakes, of course
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 23 August 2016 14: 46
      About the daily transfer of equipment, I'm too lazy even to mention in "Summary for a week".
      1. sabakina
        sabakina 23 August 2016 14: 57
        VAZ-2101 military unit! Sergey, how are they with the carts?
        1. BYV
          BYV 23 August 2016 15: 19
          What about VAZs? What they squeezed out, then transferred. I’m more interested in something else - will there be a transfer of repaired cyborgs?
          1. cniza
            cniza 23 August 2016 16: 23
            The United States will not calm down, it’s similar to our elections, they will start a mess at all points and try to raise the fifth column inside Russia.
            1. Homo
              Homo 23 August 2016 19: 36
              and try to raise the fifth column inside Russia.

              And is it still there, this very "fifth column"? It looks like the "fifth column" has turned into a "fifth point", they sit straight and do not puff! wink
          2. zheka
            zheka 23 August 2016 17: 41
            Gorbatov’s grave will correct!
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 23 August 2016 18: 38
        Hello, Sergey.
        Deerboy is right, but the "start" date may not coincide. A rifle, wherever it is, must one day fire - this is its purpose. And even more so that armada of weapons, which was caught up to the borders of Lao PDR by Banderlog, every day of downtime which costs Kiev a pretty penny (although the "sovereign" secretly throws "cabbage" to maintain his pants, but rushes with implementation, but no matter what, he will complain to SPORTLOTO or a little head tear off).
        1. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 23 August 2016 20: 44
          Greetings, the dates of the offensive have been called to us since November 2014. And now the APU has been actively preparing since May 2016. They have been ready for a long time and they are waiting for the order.
    2. Evil543
      Evil543 23 August 2016 15: 07
      And when will Ukrainians get tired of getting zinc coffins and people with disabilities?
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 23 August 2016 15: 14
        they’re tired of it. But Valtsman decided that there are many more Ukrainians and they are ready to suffer more)
        1. Black Colonel
          Black Colonel 24 August 2016 07: 58
          It would be better if they obeyed Katz.
      2. voronbel53
        voronbel53 23 August 2016 20: 32
        ... as soon as you get tired ...- And until the last hohloukra with baked brains ...
    3. Skubudu
      Skubudu 23 August 2016 15: 54
      There will certainly be war; the West has long given the green light to the parasite.
      The Minsk agreements are an opportunity for 404 to regroup, arm themselves and replenish l / s.
      There is no political solution to the situation of LDNR. Only a military victory of one or the other will close the question. IMHO.
      1. Retvizan
        Retvizan 23 August 2016 22: 57
        The West did not give any good. On the contrary, the EU does not want war and emphasizes this in every way. The USA provides assistance and there they do not need escalation at all. Ukrainians also do not need an offensive. Campaign only on the site believe that someone needs an offensive.
    4. GYGOLA
      GYGOLA 23 August 2016 17: 34
      I hope LDNR is taking quiet measures, getting ready so that there is no surprise. Putin Hollande and Merkel agreed to discuss the Minsk agreements on the G20 in China on September 4-5, but this is 2 weeks. They may not give the go-ahead for Kiev today, tomorrow.
      1. Berkut752
        Berkut752 23 August 2016 20: 39
        Well, of course, quiet measures are being taken. The purchase price, of all this equipment, by the LDNR fighters has already been discussed. If in bulk, then cheaper.
    5. Incvizitor
      Incvizitor 23 August 2016 19: 05
      If the war is BCH already to Lviv they will drive the junta.
      1. Berkut752
        Berkut752 23 August 2016 20: 50
        I did not pay attention to the date of the news by reading today. Fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, fled from the anti-terrorist operation zone, and within a day reached the Chernihiv region (1 km). They were greeted with songs, lard and a vodka. And you say the war will be. We walk in cotton hats tied under the chin, and when they invited us to the war, we did not hear.
        1. Retvizan
          Retvizan 23 August 2016 22: 59
          Well, how did they get 1000 km? Through Mariupol around the Crimea - through Odessa and a couple of three regions? Robinsons ...
          This is what life-giving vodka does and those who compose such information.
    6. Hannibal Lecter
      Hannibal Lecter 23 August 2016 21: 00
      I noticed too. I don’t understand why everyone starts in the summer, and they before the winter.
  2. Abbra
    Abbra 23 August 2016 14: 37
    In general, all this nonsense from Ukraine is already unbearable to read. When I read, I feel like a resident in a normal apartment, whose neighbors have fled from the madhouse and are now celebrating this thing ... Hopak mixed up with vomit ...
    1. mult-65
      mult-65 23 August 2016 17: 21
      And how I feel it while living in Belgorod.
  3. Dimontius
    Dimontius 23 August 2016 14: 37
    He clearly needs a cold shower, I hope we do not drag it out.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 August 2016 14: 39
    With this statement Poroshenko himself confirms the fact ..

    There have been so many such confirmations in the last year alone that only a blind person in the person of the OSCE Commission will not see. While water from him is like a duck (Jew). But in Russia there is a saying - "How long does the string twist, but the end ..."
    1. V.ic
      V.ic 23 August 2016 14: 46
      rotmistr60 "How long does the string twist, but the end ..."
      The elephant is still thicker!
    2. Berkut752
      Berkut752 23 August 2016 20: 53
      A joke about promises.

      - Pyotr Alekseevich, in two years you have not fulfilled a single election promise. Why?
      “And if I do, what will I promise then?”
  5. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 23 August 2016 14: 45
    140 military units of equipment! Obviously not for peaceful affairs!
    1. Berkut752
      Berkut752 23 August 2016 20: 55
      And you guessed it, of course this is a business. The purchase price, of all this equipment, by LDNR fighters has already been discussed. If in bulk, then cheaper.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Gray brother
    Gray brother 23 August 2016 14: 51
    Prepares a Balkan script, bitch.
  8. SLOTH
    SLOTH 23 August 2016 14: 59
    The deaf-blind OSCE is still silent ....

    What have we forgotten in this "organization"?
    1. Gray brother
      Gray brother 23 August 2016 15: 06
      What have we forgotten in this "organization"?

      It consists of observers from the Russian Federation who, by their presence, do not allow this organization to shamelessly lie.
      1. Aleksandr12
        Aleksandr12 23 August 2016 15: 24

        It consists of observers from the Russian Federation who, by their presence, do not allow this organization to shamelessly lie

        OSCE officials will look in the direction of the Russian representatives, they will say: "Sorry" and lies were spilled from the lips of observers
        1. Gray brother
          Gray brother 23 August 2016 15: 28
          OSCE officials will look in the direction of the Russian representatives, they will say: "Sorry" and lies were spilled from the lips of observers

          If it were possible, they would have "found" the Russian army there long ago.
          In the meantime, they can only wipe themselves.
  9. Aleksandr69
    Aleksandr69 23 August 2016 15: 14
    But for some reason I see the following picture: "unexpectedly" Turkish tigers from the Kherson region are turning their guns 180 degrees ... there will be a surprise ...
  10. newterra
    newterra 23 August 2016 15: 15
    I wonder why the standards are not NATO? All equipment of the Russian standard. This is already, according to Ukrainian laws, Poroshenko is an enemy of Ukraine, since he supplies weapons to the "aggressor"
    1. Retvizan
      Retvizan 23 August 2016 23: 02
      "Russian standard" enemy of Ukraine? What is it like?
      Desovetization and decommunization does not touch weapons in any way.
      In this world, you can be any religion, but nothing will stop you from taking weapons.
      What laws does the "Russian standard" violate? And in general, tell me the Ukrainian law that broadcasts this? There is no law that was somehow "forbidden" - especially the equipment is not Russian, but Soviet (well, partly)
  11. Kibl
    Kibl 23 August 2016 15: 45
    I wish these units to quickly turn into scrap metal or fall into the hands of fighters of the DNI and LC!
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 23 August 2016 15: 45
    A drop in the sea, which is symbolic. Where are the armadas of Svidomo tanks sweeping the Russian aggressor on its way to the Ural Mountains? Could not cross the Dnieper? This, apart from aviation, per battalion is about equipment (according to the order of the USSR, there are 35 tanks in the battalion, if I am not mistaken). And Maidania has almost lost its combat aviation after the fleet. laughing
  13. igor.borov775
    igor.borov775 23 August 2016 16: 08
    Hello !!. We need a reason. So they will find or create with the tacit support of the famous Norman format. If neither peace nor war lasts, then there will be no further time. The time limit disappears. Domestic problems will come to the fore.
    1. Ural steers
      Ural steers 23 August 2016 19: 38
      and if a UFO from space will fly to the position ukrov?
  14. polev66
    polev66 23 August 2016 16: 22
    what percentage of this will immediately go back to the repair and what will go to the militias
  15. NordUral
    NordUral 23 August 2016 16: 25
    Svidomo prepare their end.
  16. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 23 August 2016 16: 34
    States really need a mess for the presidential election! Insidious Russia again terorizes the unfortunate Ukraine .... and, accordingly, Clinton wins the election ... that is. a person capable of unleashing, if not 3 world war, then ready to go into an open clash with Russia
  17. Elephant
    Elephant 23 August 2016 16: 54
    Valtsman and his company it is high time to eliminate
    1. Retvizan
      Retvizan 23 August 2016 23: 06
      what are you ???? Partners "touch" ?? The best choice of the Ukrainian people - yes "to liquidate"? You are against the Russian Federation then ... who is the business to do with ... there are billions of sawing ... and the rest of the TV is louder ..
      They don’t give up their partners!
  18. Vadim12
    Vadim12 23 August 2016 18: 10
    Another gift to the militia. Again, half of the whole equipment is abandoned.
  19. KVIRTU
    KVIRTU 23 August 2016 18: 12
    Aviation: Zaporozhye "MIGREMONT" is restoring the Su-27, receiving stable funding (but not spare parts from us). The maximum plan is to collect 50 out of 35 available (in the Mirgorod regiment).
    1. Retvizan
      Retvizan 23 August 2016 23: 10

      early Lviv repaired the party
  20. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 23 August 2016 18: 29
    "When it seems, you should be baptized." [B] [/ b]
    Be baptized - do not be baptized, and if the foreign owner of these ukroparazites commands "fas" to the LPNR, then this pack will drive its duped ukroSMI army and people into fratricidal war. It is not Kiev that decides to be a mess, but Fashington! am
  21. Normal ok
    Normal ok 23 August 2016 19: 51
    Another nonsense. Moreover, from an anonymous author.
  22. ochakow703
    ochakow703 23 August 2016 20: 22
    And I would not be so prosperous. There are plenty of them, liberas. And they are doing their dirty work quite quietly. Two days ago, two empty talkers came to my elderly mother-in-law, ostensibly - to "cheer". They brought a present - a couple of tea. True, the conversation that they started over a cup of tea to the hospitable granny, drove her into a frenzy. They are fools, they didn’t know that the mother-in-law still kept the party card for the icon ... In short, when they began to talk about the benefit that GENERAL (read American) democracy brings to everyone, and that Mr. Bulk is its conductor in our region ... then the grandmother could not resist and escorted the "guests" to the door with a crutch.
    1. Connie
      Connie 23 August 2016 20: 57
      Why not 140 but 141? why not f35? This is so if you read between the numbers ...
  23. Berkut752
    Berkut752 23 August 2016 21: 06
    Quote: Vadim12
    Another gift to the militia. Again, half of the whole equipment is abandoned.

    Well, you are so disrespectful, the equipment has already been paid for by the Lao PDR fighters, and it means that it will arrive as intended at the time. This is a business.
  24. Uzer 13.
    Uzer 13. 23 August 2016 21: 56
    [quote] Poroshenko announced the transfer "for ATO needs" of military vehicles and kits for radio communications. []
    Well, where did he get them, these cars? Did Lukashenko’s friend help?
    1. Retvizan
      Retvizan 23 August 2016 23: 15
      140 units for such a war is a drop in the bucket.
      If you calculate how much came quietly and quietly through the military, then maybe more.
      And then there's PR action. In general, partners rule. Common cause.
      Why did everyone decide that only 140 units is the final before the invasion, which will not begin in any way? And most importantly for what?
      Actually, of course, there are constantly articles than the Russian Federation is going to "invade Ukrainu" itself; then articles than Ukraine. In general, the audience is heated. Prepare if that opinions. I thought that the acute phase of risk had passed, but not. Now the Russian side "wants" to officially fight. The main thing is why? They say, there is no one with anything, and there is nothing for "to fall apart and crawl on his knees."
      The usual replenishment. That side has the same thing.
  25. warriordima
    warriordima 24 August 2016 00: 55
    Something in the last vezma everywhere they write to Donbass, to Ukraine., Hmm, strange like that., Now to the Caucasus and Kuzbass and the Kuban, etc., also need to be written with B?
  26. sgr291158
    sgr291158 24 August 2016 05: 41
    That scum, and no one will tell him anything.
  27. erik cartman
    erik cartman 24 August 2016 07: 20
    The USSR ruined Gorbachev and 30 thousand secretaries of the CPSU from district committees to the union republics, everyone wanted money and individual power. On the subject: I do not think that the contraction of equipment will necessarily end with aggression in the Donbass. Poroshenko is playing to the public - the electorate, that mobilizations are carried out for a reason, that money from the budget and tranches goes to defense, and not to the pocket, etc. Therefore, "guys get ready for the cold winter and tighten your belts tighter - everything for the front, everything for victory." Brains have not yet completely spent on drink, he understands that in the event of a critical situation in Donbass, Russia will be able to protect its citizens (many of them have Russian citizenship. Then he will have less time to get away than Yanukovych had. And again, a factory in Lipetsk - he needs it So some show-off.
  28. cast iron
    cast iron 24 August 2016 22: 25
    You shouldn't be ironic, our local bureaucrats have done so much "good" for the population that a match is enough to set everything on fire.
  29. Cat man null
    Cat man null 24 August 2016 22: 42
    Well, planes with helicopters there are quickly grounded ... with God's help, of course, and not only of God.

    And all the other armor - is that little armor there now?

    Technique in hand ... in reliable, in general, technician hands Yes