The right to judge and spit in the face of the Russians must be earned

Those readers who are really sure that the “Review”, albeit a network one, but still the media, should not be lowered to the level of “sabbak bloggers” (c) may be right. However, the Internet space in our time is no less important a tool for influencing the brain than television. The question is exclusively for the target audience.

Of course, it’s simply unrealistic to demand that the blogger comply with the media level. If only because a blogger can be anyone who knows how to poke into the keyboard, with all the consequences that go with it, from promiscuity to absolute impunity.

I would like to talk about the example of such impunity.

My attention was attracted by the article of a blogger named gmorder, and in the world of Victor Peshkov.

"The War of Forty". (Given without editing. - Note. "IN".) He wrote this in the continuation of the published on his own page the next opus of the instigator of international discord Dzygovbrodsky. True, the question of inciting ethnic hatred here is dubious, for "ding-ding" continues to urge us to hate and despise our former compatriots left in Ukraine. Naturally, being in Russia.

I will not focus your attention on what was written by Dzygovbrodsky, there is nothing new and interesting and there can not be. But Peshkov has two interesting phrases that caught my attention.

Omit a lot, starting from the name. The “war of forty years” is already strong, but it only says that with knowledge of the Russian language, as well as with the ability to use text editors, Peshkov has problems. Well, and further in the text there are also enough moments on which anyone reading in Russian without a dictionary can conclude about the richest inner world and level of education of the writer. But again, everyone can be a blogger.

Mr. Peshkov was outraged by no (to put it mildly) reaction of the Russian community to the public initiative to fight corruption. Who is to blame for the fact that this resource is not well known and how to deal with it is the second question. And the main thing is that Peshkov wrote on this topic.

"I am watching the voting on the petition, and such gloomy soaps arise for me.

In fact, I see why the Maidan became possible, and most people don’t care ... I don’t care when the Berkut burns, it's cops that I feel sorry for them, I don’t care when they bring legitimate power, it’s a malicious panda, they giggle at pots and pies and sometimes they jump in time, well, that would not like Moskal, just in case. Dima is right, you are guilty of everything. But here's what Dima can't say, but I can, YOU'RE GUILTY EVERYTHING in the post-Soviet space. In fact, I observe exactly the same, apathy, swamp ". (Without editing.)

What does the "Berkut", the legal authority in Ukraine and the voting on a public initiative in Russia? This, of course, to the topic "What the author smoked."

The main thing in the cry of the soul is that we are all guilty. Please note, "we" - this is not even the Russians. These are all living in the post-Soviet space. We are all to blame. We are a swamp. So apathetic and so on.

It would be desirable, of course, to learn in more detail about where such d'Artagnans come from, around which there is an apathetic swamp. As a swamp representative, naturally.

There is no particular faith in all these profiles in social networks, but ... Alma-Ata is drawn. Today's day is St. Petersburg. Like it or not, and the post-Soviet space. Strange to be honest.

It’s like everything, to discuss moral and other portraits of Peshkov makes no sense, let fellow bloggers do it. Especially since they have already accumulated quite a lot.

I smoothly move on to what it all started.

I can not say that the so-called "Spring Package" caused me a storm of positive emotions. It's like with OSAGO, it is clear that in life it may not be useful, but you will have to pay. However, it is necessary to do something with frank lawlessness in the Internet space. The question is not about the need for some kind of censorship, but about quite a normal censorship, which simply has to clear the Internet of this.

From the accusations of everyone and everything in apathy, from appeals to hate those who did not want to die or escape (if only because there is no place) in Ukraine. From all these "knights on white horses", next to which everyone else looks no more than the excremental fraction of the white horse of this knight.

From the opportunity to take and spit in the face of all citizens of the former USSR. For the right so to spit it is necessary, at least, to earn. But personally, the level of merit of a person allowing this is not so good in my head.

But the impunity granted by the Internet is complete. What, in fact, is the place to be.

There is only one question: why, in fact, these citizens-fellow citizens in general have the right to say so? Why do I suspect a citizen of Russia (and I suspect the existence of such citizenship at Peshkov), even if he was born in the Kazakh SSR, has the full right to publish on his pages frankly nationalist sayings of another person who is obviously not a citizen of Russia, and also add himself in such a vein?

To be honest, all this is weird and does not fit into the usual logic. And what about tomorrow? Tomorrow, who and what else will blame us?

Only one conclusion suggests itself: democracy is great, but there must be censorship of the Internet space in Russia. And the fight against malicious resources, too. There is generally need to think, from whom more harm, from the torrent and porn site or from such a cesspool. From the torrent is clearly less harm, however, block the same.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. +21
    August 23 2016
    The main thing in the cry from the heart is that we are all to blame. Please note that "we" are not even Russians anymore. These are all living in the post-Soviet space. We are all to blame for this. We are a swamp.

    The author, trying to criticize an unknown (little known) blogger for us, himself falls into a certain swamp calling for total censorship of the Internet.
    There is only one censor - the reader (user), there is a brain - there will be conclusions from the publications, but if it isn’t (if mom and dad weren’t invested), you won’t be able to correct its absence,
    1. +8
      August 23 2016
      I totally agree. The Internet is a self-regulatory mechanism. He will protect himself from idiots, find the best options, etc. etc. And His Majesty the reasonable reader and user will act as censor.
      1. avt
        August 23 2016
        Abbra Today, 09:11 AM
        I totally agree. The Internet is a self-regulatory mechanism. He will protect himself from idiots, find the best options, etc. etc. And His Majesty the reasonable reader and user will act as censor.
        wassat recourse Evona, how started that! Directly breathed not for the night be remembered by the sect "Witnesses Gaidarov" and their mantra "The market will regulate everything" fool But let's go further and remove the traffic police from the streets and turn off the traffic lights and erase the markings, and adjust everything on the roads,
        His Majesty is a reasonable reader and user.
        Well, in the sense of the driver and owner of the vehicle wassat And even then - why is he worse than the owner of a computer, who pokes his enlightened thoughts in the ecstasy of illumination of initiation into rationality ??? does not multiply, but quite a technical tool managed by a very specific staff. Well, somehow about the restrictions and the "free will of a reasonable person" - that's how ALL world religions, absolutely ALL, even preaching unrestrained freedom and which in the end are the most totalitarian ones, basically have a set of rules and restrictions, but execution These rests on the fear of punishment. Up to the afterlife in another life.
  3. +13
    August 23 2016
    censorship of the internet space of Russia should be. And the fight against malicious resources, too. Here in general it is necessary to think, from whom there is more harm, from a torrent and a porn site like from such a cesspool

    Who to fight with? But who knows and reads, this Peshkov?
    If it violates the laws of the Russian Federation, then you just need to bring to justice.
  4. +10
    August 23 2016
    Certain restrictions on the internet should be. For the time being, fomenting war, calls for violence ... But for the rest, our people are not stupid and understand everything normally. And ignores frank otm otrozok.
  5. +10
    August 23 2016
    At the end of the century
    Took and subverted
    Evil Man -
    Kind person.
    From a grenade launcher -
    slap him, goat!
    So, good
    Stronger than evil ...

    "Yarovaya's law", on common sense, is technically impracticable - at least today (and tomorrow ...) ...
    But this "law" gives grounds for lawlessness. If the STATE does not want to "close" "state" "Rain" and Echo of Moscow "... what can we say about stubborn bloggers, pawn and dzygo ... go ... - well, you understand me? (Even if you took some conveniently-Slavic-pronounced nickname ... )
  6. +6
    August 23 2016
    Quote: Aleksander
    Who to fight with? But who knows and reads, this Peshkov?
    If it violates the laws of the Russian Federation, then you just need to bring to justice.

    Oh! ...
    If the author were a pensioner - with disabilities, no abilities, ... and te te - he would know then how extensively and richly such "pawns" and "dzy ... (nickname must be ... nickname!" vast expanses of the Internet!
    PS you can see the rating of a blogger ... Specifically, at Peshkov - for today - and for the month - 112 readers!
    even with me - a couple of orders of magnitude more ... not to mention the author of this article!
  7. +1
    August 23 2016
    Interesting headline. Who earned the right to spit in our direction?
  8. +9
    August 23 2016
    SW Roman, read your note, and remembered Bulgakov’s Woland, and specifically, his dialogue with Kant: -You are a professor, your will, you came up with something awkward! It may be smart, but painfully incomprehensible. They will make fun of you.
    1. +9
      August 23 2016
      I agree that the author in recent publications has shown a predominance of categorization and emotions, replacing a calm, balanced approach to controversial issues, including the historical plan ...
      Swinging a saber and biting epithets do not make the author's argument more convincing ....
  9. +9
    August 23 2016
    I am against censorship in the internet. Just give the bureaucrats the power to "censor" something. Censor on figs of all who are against "United Russia". Banned (or fined / imprisoned) and the one who has a question why this ... the daughter of the head of the Irkutsk election commission, that crushed two girls (one to death), is walking free.
    So, let everyone write to themselves, we have already passed the collective "approvals".

    PS I, if anything, am not a "liberal". I vote for the Communist Party all my life.
    1. +2
      August 23 2016
      Magadan, I share your point of view, I am a Soviet person, and on many issues I support the CRC, but Roman Skomorokhov is a typical Maoist. Do not believe him, chase him, he is lying, he does not know how to.
  10. +1
    August 23 2016
    It's a pity. Indeed, Roman had previously had better articles. Are there really not enough guys from the Censor to beat? All the same, what kind of laws do not drive from spring! Get out!
    Surprisingly different, elections on the nose ... farmers ... miners (is this not a subject for the topic?). Or will there be TABU on such topics?
  11. +4
    August 23 2016
    Quote: sanya.vorodis
    But the site is called "Military Review"!

    But does Roman’s article relate to military topics?
    Surely, I’m not afraid to make a mistake, many people visited this site to find out a more accurate analysis of what is happening with us. Now the scope of VO is narrowing? Now, in order to find out something that is not related to the military-industrial complex, to grind out of officialdom and catch it on the Internet?
  12. +2
    August 23 2016
    For "spitting in the face" one should not deserve, but get in the face! am Or how much does it cost to get in the face in order to stay out of the way? request
    1. +3
      August 23 2016
      Generally speaking, to be honest, it was just "annoyed" that different Americans, Europeans, Israeli Jews, are trying to get into our affairs with their "stigmas" and teach us Russians how to live in our country, whom to elect as president and which countries and governments to support.
      It is time to drive all this riffraff to close anti-Russian resources and to act more strictly in relation to the internal opposition and finally openly support the DPR and LPR.
      In the DNI and LC, Russians live! Donbass is Russia!
  13. +3
    August 23 2016
    To be honest, all this is weird and does not fit into the usual logic. And what about tomorrow? Tomorrow, who and what else will blame us?
    I am not personally acquainted with the author, but according to his articles he is smart, thinking with his personal civic position. I respect. There should be censorship of Russia's Internet space. Introduce? So this is an advertisement for a site or "pawn". The Forbidden fruit is sweet. Moreover, they will find workarounds, but they will look. For which they were banned. Maybe something interesting. Censorship is not an option. Think you've read or viewed. Raise your children. A bright head will take away what is necessary and useful. ... Tomorrow, who and what else will begin to accuse us? ... But like yesterday, today and tomorrow. For that the Russians. No matter how strong you will be, they will "whisper" behind your back. You can't hang a handkerchief on every mouth. Each time in different ways, but We Lived, We Live and We Will Live.
    1. 0
      August 24 2016
      And like yesterday, today, and tomorrow. For that, the Russians.
      Dear, sorry for not accuracy. The meaning is not what I wanted to convey. Read ... For what Russian.
  14. +2
    August 23 2016
    Let's look at Internet censorship from two sides: 1) Down with censorship. So no censorship: "... a self-regulating mechanism. It will protect itself from idiots." Drug dealers freely advertise and sell drugs, porn sites operate freely. DIASH freely disseminates its ideas, etc. abbra is a reasonable person (I hope) will not give in, but a 13-14 year old fool reads this every day and what conclusions will he make? I was only talking about drugs and porn sites. Now there is religious extremism: remember the gangsters over the past 4-5 months, 2/3 fought under the flags of Islam. Although real Islam (Christianity) and scumbags are not compatible concepts. Remember the recent events in Kazakhstan: someone wanted a piece of cake and fatter, and let's dress up as "interpreters" of Islam .. Imagine what would happen if everyone who wants to grab a fat piece of pie starts teaching true Islam or b Udism (there are many Buddhists living in Russia) on the Internet, what will happen?
    2) Full censorship. For example, N won the election and begins a "witch hunt": down with blondes (brunettes) or not dare to scold the "leading and guiding" party of Mr.N.
    Complete permissiveness in the Internet space of modern Russia - death for Russia! But full censorship in our conditions is harmful.
  15. +1
    August 23 2016
    Nothing prevents the conversion of an extremist or someone else bad in the woodcutter.
  16. 0
    August 23 2016
    "There is only one conclusion: democracy is great, but there should be censorship of Russia's Internet space." We must agree with this. It is impossible without this. The main thing is that it will be clearly defined that it is impossible to introduce responsibility for the violation.
  17. +1
    August 23 2016
    Quote: sanya.vorodis
    "... farmers ... miners ..."
    But the site is called "Military Review"!

    SW Grumble, the war is a continuation of politics by other means, are you and I being waged a war, not disdaining the means, vileness and meanness towards Russian athletes, in your opinion, is nonsense? Paralympics do not go to the Olympics, too nonsense? We are at war, the most zealous, but at VO we will decide who is for whom, who is for us, and who is for them.
  18. 0
    August 27 2016
    the question of inciting interethnic hatred is questionable here, because "ding-ding" continues to urge us to hate and despise our former compatriots who remained in Ukraine. Naturally, while in Russia.

    Here I absolutely disagree with the author of the material, and for several reasons. And one of them is the confusion of the material.

    To begin with, Mr. Dzygovbrodsky, according to verified data, is not in Russia, but in Donetsk (DPR). Works in one of the largest business centers. The only question is who exactly pays him the rent of the premises. If anything, then its IP is Donetsk. True, in his own words, he travels to Moscow every month. For what, is not recognized. But the seeker will find that he has a lair near Moscow with a certain Mr. Alexander Solovyov, a former expert of the Representation of the RF CCI in Abkhazia, his sincere friend and intimate sponsor. But it's all the lyrics ...

    The bottom line is that Mr. Dzygovbrodsky in his publications actively promotes the ideas of genocide of ordinary citizens of Ukraine - in his supposedly valid opinion EVERYONE should be exposed to genocide. Women, children, the elderly. As he openly writes, they are guilty of everything.

    What do I mean by that? One simple thing. There is a certain percentage of citizens - both in Ukraine and in Russia - who hate their neighbors on a national basis. The reasons for this are propaganda such as Dzygovbrodsky. But this is not even scary. The scary thing is that well-developed bloggers and publicists like Dzygovbrodsky or Stakan Divanych are beginning to actively promote ideas of hatred in social networks. And this is contagious. Reading all their public highs, Russians begin to hate Ukrainians; there is a chain reaction - Ukrainians begin to hate Russians ... It turns out a vicious, vicious circle. The goal and result of the activities of such people is the CREATION OF MANKIND of the fate of one people divided by the will of fate.

    Now briefly on Mr. Peshkov. What is he ... This is a pretty hyped blogger from Peter Victor Peshkov. He is engaged in the collection of humanitarian aid allegedly for the treatment of wounded soldiers of the militia of New Russia. True, this fee for him has long been turned into a source of income. His last tricks are simply amazing - a person for several months allegedly cannot raise 25000 rubles to send humanitarian aid to Novorossia, but he absolutely calmly and unscrupulously asks people for money to rest in Sochi, after which he reports about the costs of this vacation no less than 90000 (NINETY THOUSAND CARL !!!) rubles ...

    His last trick personally amazes me personally - a person accuses me of all troubles, and, in particular, of rampant Nazism in Ukraine, ALL living in the post-Soviet space. Wherein taking their money and spending that money on themselves!

    Guys! Yes, there are among you, in the end, the Cops, to finally deal with this fraudster, distributing Dzygovbrodsky’s materials spreading ethnic hatred in his blog ??? Do not forget - we were the first to feel in our own skin what Nazism is. And if you do not stop such people, both on your own and on your own land, then you yourself will be the next!

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