What did hackers find who hacked the Soros Foundation server?


Posting hundreds of documents on the Web, hacked by hackers from the Soros Foundation mail server, was preceded by Hillary Clinton's mail hacking. There were also letters from Soros addressed to Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Some of the letters are very curious: it turned out that often the decisions of the democratic US presidential candidate, when she headed the State Department, were the preacher of the “open society” George Soros.

For example, the letters on the “Riot in Albania” (in January 2011, there were riots, which resulted in three people killed) refers to “the need to urgently do two things.” The first, Soros dictates, is to exert international pressure on the country's prime minister, and the second is to appoint a European bureaucrat as a mediator to resolve the situation. Soros recommends several people to the state secretary for the role of mediator, one of whom is a Slovak diplomat (now the Slovak foreign minister) Miroslav Lajcak - and was appointed for this mission.

The connection of Soros and Clinton continues: today Soros is called one of the largest donors to the Hillary Clinton campaign for the presidential elections in the United States.

Among the 2576 documents laid out by hackers, there are those who shed light on how Soros manipulated European public opinion regarding Kiev's Maidan and the coup that grew out of it. And sometimes the billionaire created entire batches, such as SYRIZA in Greece or “Podemos” in Spain.

Of particular interest is the document entitled "Strategy Russia Project for 2014 - 2017." This project was initiated in New York in 2006, in Moscow an additional office was created for its implementation. The project had three main objectives:

1. The training of lawyers and experts in Russia who, acting as agents of Soros, would be specially engaged in non-governmental organizations, supporting "civil society" in its opposition to the state.

2. Integration of Russian citizens into the “global exchange of ideas” on the principles of “critical thinking” (critical of Russian folk traditions, the Russian Orthodox Church and other values ​​of Russian civilization).

3. Systematic support for sexual minorities, giving them political activism in Russia.

To transform the topic of “protecting the rights” of sexual perverts into the mainstream, it was planned to use the Sakharov Center and the Stalker Film Festival. It was assumed that LGBT activists would establish trusting relationships with several public initiatives in Russia, launch a campaign on the Internet and the Russian blogosphere, and establish partnership ties with those Russian organizations whose interests in any way overlap with agitation for "gender equality." On this basis, it was supposed to appeal to “freedom of speech and assembly” and push for legislation facilitating the social and political activities of the LGBT opposition.

Since the Soros foundations could not work directly in Russia, such structures as the International Initiative on Migration, the Central Eurasia project, the Oak Foundation, the Human Rights Initiative, the Public Health Program, the Youth Initiative, the Network Media Program were used as intermediaries.

It identifies the key partners of Soros in Russia - “Public Verdict”, “Man and Law”, “AGORA”, the human rights center “Memorial”, the Center for Social and Labor Rights. In the same context, the Higher School of Economics, the SOVA center, the GRANI organization (Perm) are mentioned.

These are not only plans for the future, some of the plans have been implemented. Minutes of meetings in the Russian direction with groups of human rights defenders, which became the property of hackers, show the seriousness of Soros' intentions to continue working in Russia illegally - through dummy structures, bypass routes.

In general, Soros is a unique type. It is present everywhere - from Southeast Asia and Africa to Latin America and Western Europe. In the post-Soviet space, the Soros structures are widely represented in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Ukraine. Soros pays a lot of attention to Balkan countries - Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro.

And everywhere, a well-developed technology is always used — Shared Framework, which can be translated as “exchange of a working model”. This means that when a particular mechanism of influence on public consciousness works in a country, it is immediately adapted to the conditions of other countries.

The main objects or areas in which Soros focuses are the promotion of migration, mixing carriers of different cultures, the legalization of drugs, the promotion of LGBT activists in the political arena and in government, undermining national sovereignty by promoting the idea of ​​"open society".

Being a complete cosmopolitan and amoralist, Soros does not hesitate to destroy any tradition, including the one to which he belongs to one side or another. So, he financed the riots in Ferguson (USA). Israeli media accuse him of investing in anti-Zionist organizations.

The 86-year-old nihilist and creator of the myth of the “open society” pays special attention to the field of education, reasonably believing that mastering the minds of young people can serve in the long term as the key to success in any endeavor. In particular, today Soros is behind a large-scale education reform in Ukraine - the Nova Shkola project.

More than a third of the funds allocated by Soros for “philanthropy” is spent on “supporting education”. Here, the main task of Soros structures is the formation of post-Soviet countries and former socialist countries of Central and Eastern Europe of such education systems that will allow “to break free from the clutches of the communist past” and “prevent the emergence of new closed societies”. If we translate from the language of Soros ultra-liberal propaganda, we are talking about the methodical destruction of the traditional cultural foundations of any organized society.
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  1. +2
    August 22 2016
    What could they find there! A bunch of shit ..
    1. +7
      August 22 2016
      Good morning! I wonder when the old will be bent or will it smoke forever? It’s good that our Hodor was pressed by a fry, the same businessman.
      1. +3
        August 22 2016
        Yes, when will he die? Or would help him. Although on the other hand - well, he will throw away the hooves, so they will put another. There is a lot of this Russophobic muck. You just need to do this so that everyone who comes to his place knows that he doesn’t have to live long!
        1. 0
          August 22 2016
          Even if, as you say, it “dies”, the fund will not go anywhere, it will do exactly the same thing under the same name.
          Because there is a systematic approach to the information war with the participation of huge capital and the mass of trained specialists. As befits a war.
    2. +1
      August 22 2016
      I don’t think ....
    3. +7
      August 22 2016
      Quote: dmi.pris
      What could they find there! A bunch of shit.

      It turns out interesting, because in principle no one touches the rear-wheel drive if they don’t start organizing their gatherings and adventures. But you need to inflate a whole problem from a piece of dung, that's the whole point of US politicians
      Systematic support for sexual minorities, giving them political activity in Russia.

      Just a class!
      Party Pid ...... owls of Russia!
      1. +2
        August 22 2016
        Why not ? PPR or 2PR, it sounds the same.
        and bulk support.
  2. +9
    August 22 2016
    We all understand and continue to cooperate, even through front organizations. It’s time to move from understanding to tough actions.
  3. +4
    August 22 2016
    If there is a "world government", then Soros is its member ... fellow
    1. +2
      August 22 2016
      Maybe I misunderstood something when you say: "Soros is his dick ..." what do you mean. After all, "government" seems to be of a neuter kind, hence the substance is sexless.
      1. +2
        August 22 2016
        Alas, in this case, there is a "member" ... Apparently he grew up or jumped up, well then it's a "pimple"
    2. +10
      August 22 2016
      The fact that he is a member no one doubts laughing The worst part is that he is a sick member, and is infected worldwide. After contact with Soros, it is necessary to carry out treatment, and even better, to carry out prophylaxis before. You cannot start the disease, Ukraine is an example of this.
    3. +6
      August 22 2016
      05.54. Soros is just the brain. And pretty smart and influential. World chaos is a very profitable type of business for him. Judging by the funds he finances, chaos brings him good money. And our Memorial Society has a destructive function. This Memorial is not only burying the Union with its activities, but today all of us. As well as the Higher School of Economics, beloved by our leadership. As far as relations with Hilary are concerned, she’s just a talking head.
    4. 0
      August 22 2016
      Rather, a consultant.
  4. 0
    August 22 2016
    They also had to unearth that Soros is a member of the Masonic lodge ... why not.
    1. 0
      August 22 2016
      Masons are just a small part of evil. at what a rather weak part.
      above them there is still a thuja heap of steps of the global pyramid.
  5. +5
    August 22 2016
    [/ quote] such educational systems that will allow "to get free from the grip of the communist past" and "prevent the emergence of new closed societies." [quote]
    ... We seem to have such a system already exists ... If Manerheim had a commemorative plaque hung ... Like a Russian officer in the Finnish service from the grateful residents of besieged Leningrad ...
  6. +3
    August 22 2016
    What Soros type is meanest has long been known

    And on the tape 6 comments. - don't push through ...
    Aw, people, forum users. Is this your vote for Updates?
    1. +9
      August 22 2016
      Very old
      [/ Quote]Aw, people, forum users. Is this your vote for Updates?[Quote]
      ... Probably, if they don’t finalize the site .. Well, I’ll leave .. At first .. how did the updates seem to be nothing .. I thought which options will be returned .. It seems that no .. Someone already wrote on the forum that the best the enemy of the good .. It looks like this is the case ..
      1. +12
        August 22 2016
        The first and most important thing that was removed is the ability to minus articles. So, we are waiting for the appearance in large numbers of liberal articles, which the local community usually minus. If the stars are extinguished, then someone needs it ©
  7. +3
    August 22 2016
    For such characters, there is always a separate vat in hell with red-hot oil. This toad has long been rotting in the grave, but it still stirs something.
    1. 0
      August 22 2016
      Satan is a funny fellow, but he hardly cooks his staff in vats
  8. 0
    August 22 2016
    Quote: svp67
    If there is a "world government", then Soros is his dick ... fellow

    Actually, "government" is a neuter concept, where does it get its member from ...
    1. +8
      August 22 2016
      avg-mgn, but have you ever heard the common expression "member of the government"?

      At least run from VO from such commentators
  9. +4
    August 22 2016
    Quote: Old very
    Is this your vote for Updates?

    It seems not only updated, but also demoted request
  10. +11
    August 22 2016
    Soros is just a diabolical spawn. All his plans are aimed at the degradation of the human person.
    The juggling of historical facts is the deprivation of many people the opportunity to objectively shade existing reality.
    LGBT propaganda is a way to reduce the population, this neglect of children's rights, the education of slave consciousness.
    The activity of Soros is a crime against humanity, for the manipulation of consciousness is a crime no less terrible than fascism. A person who loses internal orientation, loses morality and humanity, succumbs to external influence and becomes a source of danger to others.
  11. +8
    August 22 2016
    Soros dug very deeply and underestimation of his activities is fraught with great shocks in the future. Especially his "achievements" are noticeable in primary, secondary, and higher education. Distortion of history, Bologna system, economic school ...
  12. +3
    August 22 2016
    This old rotten galosh apparently spoil the blood.
    But since there is infa about our organizations involved in his plan, I think he will soon end his influence and pour into the collapse the corruption of young people and other sections of society.
  13. +20
    August 22 2016
    Regarding the release from the risks of the communist past and the prevention of the creation of closed societies, Sailing chose an interesting quote.
    Firstly, it is a closed society that rules the world today, condemning the peoples of many countries to incalculable suffering. Those. globalists can do anything, the rest must be completely open to be controlled by them.
    Secondly, anti-communist propaganda - what is it? I grew up in the USSR, was a diligent student and taught everything I needed to know. Under the USSR, people were brought up literate, strong, much attention was paid to physical education, ideology was aimed at a working person, strong, competent, qualifications were valued. Much has been done for the health of the nation. I was a weak child, but I was not bullied, on the contrary, they supported and dragged me into the team: I remember a nurse who gave injections at home, the first teacher who came home to study, because I was sick for a long time, they went to their homes and gave vaccinations to a "disorganized" home children, the elderly. We were taught to help each other, we children went home to those who could not cope with the curriculum. We were open, they insisted on our future work, we understood that in order to live a normal life, we must study well. Human formation corresponded to the best ideas about man and humanity. My children grew up after perestroika, they ended up in a period of cruelty and cynicism, in the 90s society was devoid of humanity, the principle of man-to-man enemy was in effect. I remember well when I didn’t have a job, they didn’t want to pay benefits for the children, even in court. Promoting an open society is advocating lies, hypocrisy and inhumanity. These are the values ​​promoted by Soros and his followers.
    1. +3
      August 22 2016
      I will change the usual order of user contact to the administration.
      From the tape I turn to Andrei-fantast.u: I want to add 100 points to the rating of the forum member olimpiada, but how to do it ...
      Is it possible to return the "increase rating" button?
      Well, as with the "-" and + And let only an increase remain, without a decrease with an evil slap in the face backhand

      There is no other way for us to point out a good comment.
    2. 0
      August 24 2016
      He who forms morality rules the world.

      Socialism is possible only if society is formed by a unified education system, is monolithic, is dominated by a single moral and morally stable.
      Socialism on ideology n, timely. Therefore, only systemic education and a single moral, sustainable morality.
  14. +3
    August 22 2016
    on it it has long been CRAWLING .. This bastard in the DEBT lives at the expense of other people's lives ... In Hell, a place has been warmed for him for a long time .. SCRAP OLD!
  15. +9
    August 22 2016
    Quote: sedan
    Especially his "achievements" are noticeable in formation primary, secondary, higher.

    ... yes, noticeable! ...
  16. 0
    August 22 2016
    Quote: Sakhalin.
    For such characters, there is always a separate vat in hell with red-hot oil. This toad has long been rotting in the grave, but it still stirs something.

    He probably already has more than one heart from the donor changed. So this Koschey is going to stir up the world for a long time.
  17. 0
    August 22 2016
    Now the local anti-Semites will tear the pattern. On the one hand, Sores is an obvious reptile, but on the other, he was digging under Israel.
    1. +5
      August 22 2016
      Kenneth-Constantine, if Soros has at least a small profit to dig under the Capitol, he will drive a pack of excavators; can dig and under the Congress, B. House.

      MAKE MANI - and nevermind anymore
      1. jjj
        August 22 2016
        Soros is a man of money. He has no nationality, no morality, no humanity. These are the people of money who always make bloody porridge
  18. +3
    August 22 2016
    Reptiloid Its main task is to destroy humanity, leaving only slaves for the servants. For such creatures as he does not matter, American, Russian, Negro, Jew, Arab, European - all people are enemies to them, subject to destruction.
    1. 0
      August 22 2016
      The way it is!!! You are absolutely right!!!
  19. +4
    August 22 2016
    When I was in high school, and it was in the turbulent 90s, just the Sorov scholarship taught us chemistry, such a scolopendra I would tell you, just pi ... c. So she was very proud of this circumstance.
    1. +2
      August 22 2016
      You + !!! I saw such damn "teachers" my daughter had all her lessons in accordance with Soros. The parents arranged a meeting and nevertheless demanded to remove her. They took her away in the end. So she bulging her eyes belay proved to everyone that she was right, and even with such aggression am all this did ... That's just this aggressiveness and contributed to the fact that she was removed from school lol !!!
  20. 0
    August 22 2016
    The geek of Soros has a lot of gratuitous money and with the help of these gratuitous capitals he tries to remake the world in such a direction when the society (we are all with you) in all countries and on all continents turns into a wordless cattle that can’t say a word and won't dare! Then everything will belong to them hegemons-fishes !!!
  21. +3
    August 22 2016
    Who else doubts that the Higher School of Economics is a key partner for everyone who wants to destroy Russia? Almost nobody. Well, except for the members of the government who studied there. What? To the market! However, when the insurers decided to show the government a fig, the "market" government turned out to be absolutely helpless. Not what they were learning.
    Apparently, the market that is taught at the HSE has absolutely nothing to do with raising the economy and correctly managing it. So the other is the market. Where are the Sorosos selling something? What are you guys trading with?
    1. +2
      August 22 2016
      Mikhail 3-accurately said about the market and the HSE. The development of the Russian economy is not provided for in the theory of the market professed by the experts of this organization, and therefore, while these experts are leading the Russian economy, there will be no development, because it is not foreseen by the theory that guides HSE economists.
  22. 0
    August 23 2016
    What did the hackers who cracked the Soros Foundation server find?

    What grandpa should retire... think about the soul there ...
    1. 0
      August 26 2016
      Does he have this soul ?!
  23. 0
    August 26 2016
    Do we really have no more "Ramon Mercader" and an extra ice ax ?!

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