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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Sometimes I really doubt if reality is real ...

Greetings to you, my readers and readers! Very little time has passed since our meeting. But here I am again with you. I do not even know which of us is more interesting. You read what was born in the cockroach mind, or I read your comments. Thank you for your kind words.

Soon 1 September. Children will go to school. What and how will we teach, honestly, I can not imagine. You are aware of our innovations. I will not repeat. But the parable of one of the textbook for little cockroaches will retell. Just so that you think, and your children too.

On the threshold of the village house sat a small cockroach and whimper. I am small, poor and unhappy ... They hurt beetles, adult cockroaches do not understand, even lice are not afraid. And in the basement where I live is dark, damp, empty. Even the moon does not go to see such a life.

So the cockroach sat for a long time. He suffered and regretted his even if only just beginning, but already ruined life. But once a cricket flew past. Also from young and early. I saw a cockroach, sat down next. And only the cockroach needed his interlocutor to appear. All told, all complained.

I listened to the cricket and offered to fly with him. To a new place. They build a house there. You can live and live as you want. Why sit and whine when you can start everything in your own way? We flew faster before the house was occupied by others.

I can not. My wings are small. I can not really fly. So, fly from place to place. And if the river? Drown the same.

Come on, I'll help you. Though he himself is not a bird, but together we will fly over any river.

Yes, I'll fly with you, and there other cockroaches. Will beat. Yes, and places where you can get a meal I do not know. And then, maybe there are no cockroaches? Or maybe the house was not built for cockroaches? You know, everything is familiar here. Since childhood, it is known. Even those who beat will know, one by one.

Spit cricket and flew alone. They say he found a house. He lives there. Family got. Human masters in his "singing" souls do not feel like it. Listen in the evenings. And the cockroach is sitting near the hut. After meeting with the cricket, he once again made sure that no one understood him. The world around him is unfair. And everyone around disgusts treat him.

Such here story about anything ... Or maybe about what? It’s not for nothing that old people read to her cockroaches. But I don’t know whether to run away from my home if I need it badly. Whether to build your new home. This, what you want.

I remembered this story also because I decided today to test you for resistance to stress. Too often I read from one or the other commentator questions about how we all allowed it. I will not specifically stir up the old, I will write only about what happened this week. And exactly the way they are served news in our media,

But first of all, let me express to you our regret that the Russian team has not become a champion in the medal standings at the Rio Olympics. The American victory is proof that American democracy is the best in the world. And the Russian dictatorship - alas ...

But the Ukrainian team, despite the fact that we have been fighting off the hordes of eastern barbarians for the third year, successfully performed at the Olympics. Enter 30-ku best teams - an excellent indicator. Only such a nation as the Ukrainians could act like that. (I really wanted to cry "Schenevmerlu".)

By the way, through our channels there was information that WADA, after the disgusting performance of the Russian team, urgently began to prepare documents proposing to consider doping Russian citizenship. So get soon to the fullest. From, as it is now accepted to write, the global community. Same how many medals it will be necessary to return for 25 years? Horror. How many new champions will appear. But most importantly, justice. Doping citizenship, then return the medal back.

Russia (this impression is created from the messages of our media) does nothing but intrigues Ukraine. Well, read.

“Russia used a balloon on the administrative border with the annexed Crimea to observe Ukrainian border guards,” said Naz Nazarenko, chairman of the FMSP, on the 5 channel. “They used a special observation tool in the form of a balloon, which they used to watch us,” he said. .

At the same time, Nazarenko noted that the Russian servicemen are currently preparing for the Kavkaz-2016 exercises, which are to begin on August 16 in Crimea. The head of the department noted that the State Border Service has no right to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles launched by Russia from the territory of Crimea. Border guards only transmit data on the recorded Russian UAVs to Ukrainian servicemen. "

Here! The main border guard will not lie. Fly ... on the balls. Use the defenselessness of border guards. Thanks though not on kites. In general, here one of ours, intelligent to impossibility, lives in the Academy of Sciences, said that he had painted his eyes on the ball. So the border guards were alarmed.

But any Ukrainian will tell you: the machinations of Muscovites to destroy the economy of Nenka. Balls need to drive away? It is necessary. So Nazarenko will ask for money for wind turbines. And a week ago you also used lasers. Again, it is necessary to border guards money. To "Bdili" even under the gun of laser guns. Oh, not much ...

Thanks to our brothers from the OSCE. Though they betray us periodically, but in our hearts it’s all the same for us.

“The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) will not send observers to monitor elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation on the territory of the annexed Crimea by Russia, the head of mission Jan Petersen told Interfax.

He stressed that "the mission is working in the interests of all 57 OSCE participating States," and the decision to send observers to the Crimea "was made on the basis of this circumstance."

Long-term observers to other regions of Russia will be sent this week, Petersen added. "

And now at least perform the dance of little swans. Anyway, the elections will be held with "numerous violations". So, fat dropped! Heroy shroud! Our Peremoga True, you said a little earlier that the OSCE mission in Ukraine is not about Russia. But these are details that do not interest us.

The main thing is that the OSCE, after your "yes, send you ..." proudly refused to monitor the elections.

True, the clever of the academy, again podgadil. He says that the great American democracy in general sends all foreign observers to the same place where you sent the OSCE mission. But this is America!

The economy of Ukraine is under such pressure from Russia that we cannot even utter a word. I repeat, but the northern neighbor is to blame for everything. Further we read media reports.

“Due to the trade restrictions adopted by Russia after Ukraine’s accession to the free trade zone with the EU, the Ukrainian economy will lose about one billion dollars, said Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Natalya Mikolskaya in an interview with Apostrof.

"There are statistics for five months. In exports, we have a reduction with Russia of 36,2% compared to the same period of 2015 of the year. In Kazakhstan, we have a fall in January-May of 46,2%, or $ 136,4 million," Mikolskaya said.

It is clear that until Russia entered the war, it is possible so. It's like in sex. A woman lies, moans, and you think, pretends or not. The worst thing is that Ukraine seems to have done nothing to fence itself off from Russia. We can let out ... More precisely, we could produce engines for rockets, ships, transport aircraft aviationwagons are finally railway. And for some reason Russia refuses to cooperate with us ...

President Putin held a meeting somewhere ... in Ukraine. True, he is an experienced intelligence officer, he did not use the word "Ukraine". And in general, he talked about Russia. More precisely, on the state of water transport. Speech (I did not read it myself, but in advance, as they say ...), probably sounded like this. Minister, mother-peremat, why do the old ships go along the rivers? Where, mother-peremat, new ports and new ships. Why the budget, mother-peremat, should pay more for the transportation of goods, if we have a huge water infrastructure ... was it?

And your minister after the "spacing" - immediately to ours. Why, mother-peremat, there are no new ships? What are you doing, mother-peremat? But ours immediately responded. Publicly. Our democracy, mother-peremat ...

“Infrastructure Minister Vladimir Omelyan said that all shipbuilding has disappeared in Ukraine, he wrote on his Facebook page.

"In Ukraine, there was an incredibly rich infrastructure of sea and river ports, huge commercially efficient shipping companies, shipyards. And that all disappeared. It is not," wrote Omelyan.

According to him, with the arrival of new people in the ministry only for the last year, changes are observed in this industry.

"We are gradually developing river navigation, some cities of Ukraine have received vessels that transport by ferry: from one coast to another, state property is being returned for a number of river infrastructure facilities," the minister noted.

"We are in every way assisting business, we are ready to create the most favorable conditions, but the key: not to confuse the state with private interests," concluded Omelyan. "

Once upon a time I watched the Copperfield show on TV. He is there a whole "Boeing" made disappear in front of thousands of spectators. Green youth! Let him come to us to learn tricks. Once - and there is no whole industry. Once again - and there is no second ... This is the level of a magician!

Sometimes I wonder if it’s a new mining industry that originates in Ukraine. Russia extracts oil, gas, diamonds, ore ... Yes, as much as it is stupid to list. And Ukraine will mine ... scrap metal! How many explored deposits there are! Yuzhmash, Antonov, shipyards all sorts ... And how much in the future? One GTS is worth something ... Of course, it doesn’t sound like someone’s raw materials appendage. But on the other hand - the industry, some no.

No today, really.

I started today notes from close September. But then it will be October. Then November. It will be cold. You know, today my country reminds me of a mosquito. Oh, and stupid insect. And most importantly, not trained. We, in principle, eat in some places. Only I, in humans, will expropriate food, and the mosquito eats itself. So this jerk will fly and buzz. Arrived to eat - Eat silently! No culture. So they thrash them in vain.

But why reminds now, you will understand from the quotes of our media.

"Kiev is ready to go to court to oblige Gazprom to pay a fine of 85 billion hryvnia (3,4 billion dollars) imposed on the company in January 2016 of the year for violating the antitrust laws of Ukraine. This was reported by the head of the Antimonopoly Committee Yuri Terentyev, Interfax-Ukraine reports."

If someone does not understand, I remind you. The EU has recognized Gazprom as a monopoly. And this means that this Gazprom is breaking. Everything breaks. Generally everything. So the EU officials decided to impose a fine on the monopolist. And we hurry up and also prepared the papers!

And so, Naftogaz said that Ukraine was forced to buy gas in the EU in the 3 quarter at a price 30% higher than Russian? It is not we who abandoned Russian gas. This forced us. More precisely forced Gazprom. Like this. And the fact that Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko proudly declared a complete rejection of Russian gas was somehow forgotten. But you will not read about it in our mass media and will not see it on TV screens.

Well, the mosquito is the mosquito. Humming when you just need to buy cheaper from Russia. That’s all. But ... Gazprom will make. More precisely, it will force the EU to buy Gazprom gas from Slovakia. Only on such conditions will pay for us. But most importantly, it is again against us! Russia cannot sleep until it hurts us.

However, the Russians harm all rightfully democratic countries. Won the Poles, or there Balts in full. Again quote.

"The World Trade Organization supported the EU in the next trade dispute with Russia, RBC reports.

The panel of arbitrators at the WTO ruled that the ban of Russia on the import of European pork is contrary to the Agreement on the application of sanitary and phytosanitary measures of the WTO.

At the beginning of 2014, Russia imposed a ban on the import of live pigs and pig products from all EU countries, citing outbreaks of African swine fever in Lithuania and Poland.

The WTO came to the conclusion that the ban on the supply of pork from all EU countries contradicts the international standards of the World Organization for Animal Health, and therefore does not comply with Russia's obligation to "base its sanitary or phytosanitary measures on international standards", as stipulated in organization measures. In a press release from the European Commission on this occasion, the verdict of the arbitration panel is called "a serious signal to Russia regarding obligations to comply with international standards."

Russia has 60 days to appeal the decision of the WTO. The press service of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation has not yet answered the question of the agency whether Russia will appeal. "

Of course, we understand that the main thing for Russia is moss and hedgehogs (our media have taken care of this). But, pork meat is also nothing. We once had a lot. Now here's the fat Polish eat. Or maybe religion does not allow you? We are told that you now have the majority of Orthodox Muslims ...

Well, seriously, cool Russian pressed our friends. And most of ours. Already peep. Only now, as I recall, Russia entered the WTO on its own terms. And there it is clearly said that Russia will skip food only in accordance with its requirements. And we are talking about countries where there are many outbreaks of swine fever. So, the Russians do not want to bring the European plague to themselves. Let the pork.

But you will not find out in Ukraine either. As about why you build the wall Yatsenyuk! Did not know? So you do not write everything ... for all. I quote our media.

"Russia is building a fence on the border of Poland and the Kaliningrad region, reports Radio Poland."

After a month of work to create a fence on the Russian side, abutments, a fence and barbed wire appeared. For more than a month, work has begun on creating a fence on the Russian side.

“We don’t know why these mines are needed. The works have been going on for some time, but we don’t know why they are building this fence and what its function is,” says Ensign Anna Lusnya from the Warmian-Mazury Border Service. ”

Could I, of course, following the example of our journalists, let the fog. Understand yourself. By the way, so we offer news. We built it and you build it. You do not care, but we are pleased that we are not alone in this world of fools. But I will not.

More 15 June ITAR reported that in Poland and the Baltic States recorded an outbreak of African swine fever. And this disease, among other things, is transmitted to wild animals. Russia has to be forced in places where such animals “cross the border” to install rabbits and wire fences. That’s all.

Okay. A little bit about us. Just tired of showing what stuffed ordinary Ukrainians.

12 August was a "great beating of the nations." Spetsnaz NABU broke the adult employees of the GPU! It is clear that you now think that the Cockroach was wrong. GPU in Ukraine can not be. Just because it is a communist abbreviation. And in the word NABU missing the letter "e". No, you are mistaken.

For Russians, I translate the news: NABU special forces are employees of the national anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine, and the GPU is the prosecutor's office of Ukraine. Accordingly, anti-corruption stuffed the muzzle to other anti-corruption. That’s all. Here is a democracy! You can't even imagine it. And we have! They are still each other employees tyryat. But that's why, it is not clear.

The immortal Panikovsky and Balaganov remembered: “Who are you? -“ No, who are you? ”-“ And who are you? ”The circus does not want to finish the program. But we still saw the weight!

Strange all the same notes are obtained. I plan to write about 10-15 themes, and it turns out 30. And the most incomprehensible is that he did not touch any of the planned ones. Although, in household matters, too. But I will fix it now.

Is this really a diplomat? I'm talking about our foreign minister. That is honest. I do not understand.

“The appointment of the Russian ambassador in Kiev is possible with a“ positive dynamic ”in relations between the two countries, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin on the 112 Ukraine TV channel.

"Let's imagine theoretically, the Russian ambassador is coming in the next few days. Can he really work in today's conditions? If he hides in the embassy and doesn’t show up from there, then this is not really the ambassador. Therefore, I say that it’s not in the nominee and not in other matters, "said Klimkin.

He noted that the appointment of ambassadors should be "part of a positive history, positive dynamics."

“For today, we don’t really see a single positive story,” the minister added.

Well, my brain can't understand why the minister openly admits that Ukraine cannot guarantee the safety of the ambassador. And the ambassador, in my opinion, is not a top model to run hither from the catwalk to the catwalk. But most importantly, it is strange for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs not to know that only “girls” in the sauna are chosen. And the ambassadors are appointed by the sending state. The case of the receiving party is to be given to the ambassador.

The worst thing for any organization is a non-professional manual. No one enemy will do as much harm as a fool-leader. You must pray on your Lavrov and some others.

And do not “snap” the moral degradation of our society? Why not. To create a complete picture of this week.

"In one of the churches of the Ivano-Frankivsk region hung out a list of debtors who did not donate money to repair the temple, writes Pravda, citing a local photographer Natalya Kablyuk, who took the picture.

It is noted that the list is marked right on the door of the church.

As it was reported, in the Sumy region in the village of Pustovoytovka, Romensky district, unknown persons stole icons and donations from the Holy Trinity Church "

No, this is of course the business of believers, only in our cockroach mindset, this is a complete degradation of faith. The church is faith, not a commercial enterprise. And the contributions are made to God, not the ass. Although what pop is, so is the coming ...

Now I caught myself thinking that writing is becoming disgusting. Life is not disgusting, but writing is disgusting. I will try to dilute the beauty of the surrounding landscape with positive news. That the mood was restored. And you know, dear readers, I do not want to get up from bed in the evening. More precisely so. On the one hand, I don’t want to get up, but on the other hand, I’m going to stand up. So you get up, you go, you look, you listen ...

Today Vyshivanok argued to me that you, Russians, are the aggressor state. Proved with foaming at the mouth. But in my head spinning thoughts. About our life. Shutting off all the ways to bring food to Crimea, so that 2,5 million people would starve - is it terrorism or not? Close the only channel and leave 2,5 a million people without water - is it terrorism or not? Undermine power poles and deprive Crimea of ​​90% of electricity. Denying electricity to hospitals, kindergartens, refrigerators for food, schools ... Is this terrorism or not? To send saboteurs to kill civilians of the Crimea is terrorism?

You can transfer for a long time. One more article is enough. So I had a question for our "friends" in the West. Yes, and to Russia this was until recently. Where is the reaction of this very international community? Why do I listen Vyshivanka with delirium in the head? Why Vyshivanok pours quotes from Western politicians about the Russian terrorist? Where is the reaction of people?

Everything. Positive. He promised - I do.

"In the area of ​​the anti-terrorist operation, security forces exposed the squatting of one of the commercial structures of 55 hectares of land. According to the press center of the SBU, businessmen, with the support of the former government, seized fields in the Novopskovsk district of the Luhansk region. on unauthorizedly seized fields, arrested. The issue of his transfer to the state’s income is being resolved.

I don’t know about you, but for some reason I remembered the surplus. And what should happen next in the history of Ukraine? Holodomor? Well, I don’t know, of course, to dance on a rake is our national trait, but it hurts. A bump on the bump, not the forehead.

And then, some kind of nonsense turns out. The gangsters turn out, sow bread, work in the fields. And the legitimate power is pressing this business ... But on the other hand, the villagers are interesting. It seems, as they had not noticed for so many years, that the wheat is there.

Yeah ... I did not get a positive. Oh and good. Tarakanushka is already there, calling it, with a wandering nerve. You are hanging around, talking down the street, and then you come all nervous. It will be necessary to see whether there is such a nerve or not. And what if he is, he will not sit at home.

Well, and a surprise. Especially for you. Cockroaches are talented. We can sing, but you are deaf. We can draw. But you are blind. But with all the technology has become more accessible. In short, I set the task for our cockroaches to make for you a small photo exhibition. Well, so that you see the world with our eyes.

You see cartoons all the time. Thanks to our talented artists. Photos are human sometimes. Thanks to the photographers. Our songs, those from the USSR and the Russian Empire came, you also listened and watched. Thanks to me! And now the photo exhibition of our cockroaches from different parts of the country. It is called "Autumn of Ukrainian patriotism". Thanks to the cockroaches. Yes, if someone wants to participate too - nobody closes the comments. Participate. The prize is wheat grain for 2 and 3 place. And for the first - a piece of this refined! Radsky!

I, of course, stress, but not for my cockroach. Vaughn calls into the kitchen to eat. And that, he says, because of his pofigizm stay hungry. I have not yet learned this beautiful word - "stress resistance." And learned to cook. Ran. And you enjoy viewing the exhibition! And, most importantly, peace and resolution of all problems.


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  1. morpogr
    morpogr 22 August 2016 15: 57
    Yes, it’s hard for you to live rationally in this parallel reality of Svidomo.
  2. APS
    APS 22 August 2016 16: 06
    Hold on there, cockroaches!
  3. izya top
    izya top 22 August 2016 16: 37
    well laid out, dog (s) good
  4. 22 August 2016 16: 55
    Bitter truth! Are you the only one there and the right cockroaches in your head !?
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 22 August 2016 17: 23
    [/ Quote]Well, I don’t know, of course, dancing on a rake is our national trait, but it hurts. A bump on a bump, not a forehead.[Quote]
    .... Yes guys, something that doesn’t work out for you ... I just was going to dance on a rake .. and oops .. and you are in a helmet .... You have been wearing safety engineers ... If it goes on like this, Well, you crowd in Russia, crush .. to the aggressor ... in the camps ... Not everyone will go to the west ... yes there are enough of their Arabs .. I don’t gloat .. sadly somehow ... Russia, however, disowns investing in Ukraine, but surrenders..all on bitten and eaten by maydaunami .. Russia will have to be restored ..
    1. Kovlad
      Kovlad 22 August 2016 18: 37
      .If it goes on like this, you are going to Russia in a crowd, you’ll break it .. to the aggressor ... to the camps ..

      And so, the most pragmatic ones already live here, outwardly they are no different from us, and even a piece of bread from the "aggressor" does not get stuck in their throats! And the photo from Cockroach is just great!
  6. cap
    cap 22 August 2016 17: 38
    Prosecutor General of Ukraine opened a case against Shoigu.
    "The General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine has opened a criminal case against Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and 17 other high-ranking officials, said the head of the Ukrainian department, Yuriy Lutsenko."

    Will I wait until the day when Kozhugetovich appears in the GP of Ukraine.
    On the tank. wassat
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 22 August 2016 21: 24
      It’s not worth going to the hospital on a tank ... No.
      1. Alisher
        Alisher 22 August 2016 22: 26
        Quote: Vladimirets
        It’s not worth going to the hospital on a tank

        Probably not in the hospital, but in ward number 6.
        Doctors and patients have changed places there, voluntarily-forcibly. Patients are voluntary, and doctors are forced. And the orderlies as they were in their place, and remained, the servants of the people.
  7. tracer
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    Not a pity Svidomo absolutely. There they brought a criminal case against Kozhugetych. Nah surrendered to us these. To conquer them ... They do not fight for fecal masses. It’s not even sad to read their news. Just disgusting.
  8. Shiva83483
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    Yes, red-haired, you have completely "run wild" there ... in the literal sense of the word. And according to the well-known anecdote, mind, I repeat UMOM, did you try to stand out? They say it helps, BUT ... not for everyone, and not always ...
  9. Victor Demchenko
    Victor Demchenko 22 August 2016 18: 13
    hello insect! I read your opus with pleasure and ... I didn't understand why exactly we are called the "aggressor" and we don't seem to shoot in the direction of "Independent" and for almost three years our "ambassador" sat in the pants of Parasenko and betrayed our interests, but still we "Ahressors", have already caught the saboteurs, and we DO NOT SEND our own! I don’t understand, even kill me! winked the truth is, if I kill, I will resist to the last.
  10. Vicbr
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    Adequacy in the style of irony and humor is always pleasing, I read it with pleasure.
    But as the saying goes, "All this would be funny if it weren't so sad."
  16. Moore
    Moore 23 August 2016 03: 48
    Dear Cockroach, you’ll excuse me, but it’s almost impossible to read you because of pieces of completely unrelated text, the randomness of the flight of thought and the elusive stream of consciousness.
    To collect news from the Internet in paragraphs is, of course, a noble thing. And in cockroach the essence is to turn everything over too. But the output is generally real p .... q it turns out ...
  17. midivan
    midivan 23 August 2016 06: 04
    [/ quote] "Russia used a balloon on the administrative border with the annexed Crimea to monitor Ukrainian border guards, the head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Viktor Nazarenko told Channel 5. [quote]
    Huh! identity to me news! Yes, most recently, the whole world came under observation with the help of an end ball! From Australia to her laughing But for Vyshivanka I worry that he often has a cut (as I understand it) with the Old Man smile age transitional?
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    Patience to you cockroaches.
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