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Results of the week. “When society has no color differentiation of pants, then there is no goal!” And when there is no goal, there is no future! ”

Changing a horse at the crossing ...

Last Friday it became known about the resignation of the Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov. Olga Vasilyeva, who worked in the presidential administration and has experience as a teacher in her biography, took his place at the head of the department.

Results of the week. “When society has no color differentiation of pants, then there is no goal!” And when there is no goal, there is no future! ”

The event, about which many were dreaming, took place a month before the elections to the State Duma and less than a couple of weeks before the start of the new school year. As if the exponential values ​​of time intervals ... In order for the pre-September, slightly scattered, attention of the people was focused: the official of the Cabinet with a low rating "in the furnace" - to Ukraine. In the Cabinet introduced a new minister, all the same by changing the bastard at the crossing ...

Given the fact that trade and economic, cultural and scientific ties with Ukraine (namely, to this front of work was sent by the decision of the President, Mr. Livanov) in connection with the well-known events in Kiev - and without that, the activities of the former Minister of Education in this field is not at all interesting. Well, except from a laboratory point of view.

But the new activity of Olga Vasilyeva is very interesting. I would like to hope that this activity will not be a continuation of the rape of education throughout the previous ministerial "galaxy" and will not be similar to the activities of another Ms. Vasilyeva in another ministry ...

Olga Vasilyeva - good luck on the new post! - time. And a clear understanding that the education system of Russia today is Russia's capabilities tomorrow.

Comments from our readers:

Now we are free
-Vladimir Vladimirovich, you ... will you send me to resign?
- Nooo, much worse, I WILL SEND YOU TO UKRAINE! .. Ha-Ha-Ha !!!

Colleagues, you can not consider the activities of Livanov as minister apart from the activities of the government itself and the president, as their immediate superior.
Livanov was appointed and approved by the president and the prime minister - and that is where the demand comes from.
Strictly speaking, the activity of the entire government as a whole is unsatisfactory, so the reshuffle in its ranks is such a game, nothing, in fact, does not change!

Yes, just the "rows clean" before the election ... Unpopular "among the people" are hidden out of sight.

About Maldivian Vacations and American Hints

Imagine for a moment the situation: the security services of Russia arrive at one of the world resorts, not belonging to Russia, where from under a beach umbrella they take the American businessman’s plane into the plane, deliver a third territory to the special prison, bringing cybercrime charges. After this, a court is convened - the most naturally humane in the world, who will handle the case of a US citizen initiated by Russian security forces.

The picture, as they say, in oil ... An even more expressive picture appears, based on what kind of hubbub would the United States raise and what sanctions would be imposed on Russia.

Well, gentlemen (and ladies) children, wives, brothers and svatya deputies and other public servants? No matter how cynical it sounds, haven't they got enough rest in the Maldives? Canaries? Seychelles? If not, then the American system of curve will quickly explain that it is cheaper and safer to rest with families in your home country. For those who have not yet understood the message from the American special services, there will always be a dozen extra folders in Washington for a criminal case against citizens of the Russian Federation - right up to the case of stealing data about visitors to the American zoo and the grill bar ...

Comments from our readers:

We need to create such a precedent, only the lead should be reinforced concrete, for example, slander or protection of honor and dignity, condemn us, give a year or two and exchange for our citizens.

From our authorities, even just any hard reaction is not. Rumble and calm down, who does not like the actions of Americans, can bury their heads against the wall and cry.

Hence the conclusion: do not relax in the Maldives. Russia is full of places to relax with your family. And the question is: if he were not the son of a deputy, would they care about him with such force? No, in fact the abduction - no questions. Insolent Americans to the limit, but still.

Help persist

American chaos in Banderia acquires visible features. For example, if Washington, through the mouth of Vice President Joe Biden, calls for a reduction in tensions around the Crimea, in reality, he is doing everything possible through the CIA to inflame the situation!

Kindle conflict - the words are not empty. And the American ambassador to Ukraine, Jeffrey Payette, who is moving to the post of ambassador to Greece, announced that another party is coming to Ukraine weapons from USA. According to Payette, Ukraine should understand “what assistance Washington provides to save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.” And about how many lives of Ukrainian soldiers "have already helped save the United States," says another report of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the fact of the Ilovaisk boiler. - Until 1 thousand "two hundredths" ... Yes, for this Payette Kiev will need to kiss the heels - this, however, is a preserve! Further more?..

Comments from our readers:

Tatar 174
The illegal coup 2014 of the year was immediately doomed to a new coup, the only question is time. By that time, the people were very tired of thieves - leaders of all levels, starting from the very top, and wanted change for the better and, naively believing that honest people would come to power, they believed those gangsters who had seized power under beautiful slogans and it has become much worse, it cannot last so long.

hedgehog in the fog
I think that military intervention will not be. It is enough for Russia to provide LDNR with operational intelligence from satellites and UAVs, well, it’s still just to cut down all radio engineering equipment to Lviv for a couple of weeks, and there everything depends on the commanding fathers of LDNR.

Poroshenko crackers need to be dried, and not to write letters.

Gift for "bearded boys" in Syria

A significant number of Russian high-precision weapons have already been tested in Syria, the only exception to this is artillery systems. And recently, the government army for the first time used Krasnopol 152-mm projectiles.

They say that the “bearded boys” in Syria strongly mix when they see the candlestick (crossed out) chemical plant on their building’s wall or the spot of a laser designator. The word "Krasnopol" has not yet learned to pronounce, but when it whistles, Alla is called softly in a bar like that ... sparkling with her heels ...

Comments from our readers:

Kohl we are involved in the elimination of militants in Syria, it makes sense to test in combat conditions what we have long ago experienced at the landfills directly in Russia. Moreover, difficult goals in Aleppo are more than enough. Guided missiles - what you need.

News wonderful. But the evaluation is good or bad, I used to ask a question compared to whom?
Compared to NATO, we are lagging behind in official combat use statistics, which is sad. But the fact that the army finally uses "high" technology not at exercises and parades, but at real TVD, is good news. Also, there was no data on the use of Kitolov-2, 2M and KM-8 "Edge"! There is nothing secret in these shells! But do not apply, but in vain.

And advanced observers who? Syrians or again our specialists?


Structurally part of Rostec, the United Instrument Making Corporation (DIC) presented the latest development in the communications system. This is a technology that allows you to significantly increase the security of communications and transmit data through channels for many hundreds of kilometers, even in difficult terrain. Rostec's press service reports that a new technological solution will create competition for a satellite communications system.

Wait, wait ... What else is the alternative to satellite communications, if Barak the Great Peacemaker himself tore us to pieces long ago? Yes, it can not be ... These are all cardboard durils, which are cut out with jigsaw by amateurs in garages, and then given off as achievements of the Russian industry. Evidence of cardboard and plywood durilok represent the most truthful in the world media - Ukrainian. As a result of long observations, they have established that Russia under the sanctions is not able to create any communication device with the exception of two matchboxes connected by a thread ... Wow, you’re kremlevatoboty, why fy-fsё-fryot again ...

Comments from our readers:

This makes me happy. Satellite communication is not for war ... Satellites, first of all, will be demolished from orbit if suddenly ...

Mountain shooter
Shortwave connection with reflections from the ionosphere! On the new principles of modulation and encryption. Here it is really, the wills of invention is cunning! For such a connection, the presence of satellites is not necessary.

No matter what anyone says, communication in combat is the first thing. I had to participate in all kinds of exercises more than once and every time there was a problem of communication. Especially when he began to "run out" of EW. Walkie-talkies are all in the "zero" began to work. Who the hell you call ... So you had to suffer ... And they switched to controlling the flags (there was no time for laughter), and the telephone lines dragged (and the "saboteurs of the bastards" do not sleep and cut and cut the connection). And by voice, the teams transmitted along the chain, and even the messengers were sent to distances up to 5-10 km., In general, everything is like in a real battle. And then, if everything really works out, the picture is drawn completely different. This development in fact can rise to the level of the greatest achievements.

Well ... For captivity! ..

The main military department of Ukraine announced that they are preparing to release new awards for the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This draws attention to the fact that the style of new awards has nothing to do with the stylistics of Soviet-style awards. It turns out that in addition to the style of medals and orders, cardinal changes will also affect the achievements for which the award will be given.

Among the awards - a medal for "passing captivity with dignity," which is officially called "For the invincibility." Against the background of the appearance of this medal, the award list of the average modern Ukrainian soldier would harmoniously look at such awards as “For the boiler”, “For a worthy retreat” and, of course, the “No losses” medal that would be awarded solely posthumously ...

Comments from our readers:

Well now it will be a recruit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on the very first day he surrendered to captivity - he received the medal “For the Invincibility”! Four times he was taken prisoner, you look already a gentleman! Just great!

No no no! Medal for surrender will be issued immediately upon mobilization. Why two times on the same occasion to meet?

Diana Ilyina
... and "a medal for the heroic self-propelled." Cavalier number one - Sashko Bily, twice "heroically" shot himself!

There is a lack of an order of honorable ssykun of all 4 degrees, a cross for parasitism and a medal for looting.

And why only the Yeltsin Center is open?

Resource has published a petition addressed to the President of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor General, the author of which demands to close Yeltsin Center for the propaganda of liberal fascism.

The opening of the Yeltsin Center itself and the focus of its work would have caused far fewer questions from the public if the representatives of the initiative groups and the authorities did not engage in a clearly selective approach to stories. The Yeltsin Center was opened, so why not, for example, open the Stalin Center? The same huge and impressive already with one of their appearance. We have, it seems, a free country, and every citizen (he is a Yeltsinite, a Stalinist, a monarchist or a pofigist) should, by definition, have room for self-expression ...

Comments from our readers:

It can be left, but only as a reminder of the collapse, the humiliation of the country and the people in 90.

"Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are."
Putin or the "roof" of the liberastov, or they are his "roof." Putin is a brilliant manipulator, and he can remarkably distance himself from all the bad things in Russia, and therefore many in their heads have an eternal tale about "The king is good, boyars are bad."

Just wondering: Well, what is worthy of this life ... can be placed on hectares of palace areas? They say kids dragged there by force. And does it show how this ... szalo on the aircraft landing gear or how drunk did the Bundeswehr orchestra conduct?

Several fronts of the Crimean battle

The Russian law enforcement agencies have irrefutable evidence of Kiev’s sabotage preparation in the Crimea, the Russian side is ready to share information with Western partners interested in ensuring that this does not happen again, RIA Novosti reports Sergei Lavrov.

Against the background of the Ukrainian provocation with the sabotage and terrorist group in the Crimea, Mr. Kasyanov and Co. appealed to Kiev with a request to carry out election campaigns on the Crimean territory. The very “Misha 2%”, who has now dirtied the entire Runet with his “non-living” commercials, and who continues to declare that the Crimea is Ukrainian ... In Kiev, they decided that it was better than under-work and Misha was banned from the election campaign. Well, how else ... Indeed, otherwise it would have turned out that Kiev recognizes Russia's sovereignty over the Crimea. But in fact, the tricky Mishka ... How to eat grants, so the Crimea-Ukrainian, and how to campaign, and Russian. Having quit the lads from Kiev, this chameleonry got to the core at once.

They say that the Parnassians were very upset. They shout at Kiev: “Why? !!” and figure out how to conduct the Crimean agitation campaign now, who have not appeared in the “terrible” Ukrainian sanction lists.

Comments from our readers:

Whatever evidence the clever Lavrov would bring, it is for “partners” that “an elephant’s pellet” or as in another Russian saying: “like peas against a wall”! The “exceptional” and geo-Europeans do not want to listen to Russia, they have shown it for a long time!

27 January Kasyanov during a meeting in Strasbourg promised Dzhemilev to return the Crimea to Ukraine, about which Dzhemilev wrote in his Facebook. A graffiti appeared on the wall of the office of the Parnassos Party in Moscow, depicting the party’s chairman, Mikhail Kasyanov, and Mustafa Dzhemilev, the authorized president of Ukraine for the Crimean Tatar people, in swimming trunks in the colors of the Turkish and American flags. Next to the image left the inscription "Do not wait."

"Kiev banned Parnassians campaigning in the Crimea"
Haha ... Tuk like that "widow", "carved yourself ..."

Caution! Doors are closing. The next station...

Russia plans to reduce the number of its astronauts onboard the ISS from three to two. According to the head of the Roskosmos manned programs, Sergey Krikalev, “this is connected with plans to reduce the station operation costs”. Reducing the team will allow Moscow to reduce the number of cargo Progress, delivering goods to the station.

And then something suggests that the letter "M" in the name of the station (ISS) is clearly unnecessary. And although it was necessary to think about the creation of the RCS (Russian Space Station) the day before yesterday, there still appears a timid hope that now this idea will begin to materialize. After all, working as cab drivers and caretakers of dry closets for American "partners" and somehow not from the hand ...

Comments from our readers:

There is no need to pick up modules - it is better to populate them with tourists, and build your station from scratch. And let the Americans work at the “camp site”!

They broke the toilet and ran to us. Ours do not go to them, apparently, the stench is terrible. There is a proposal to make a toilet in the Russian segment paid. And for rubles without fail.

Its needed. For not every "experiment" cosmonaut- "researcher" can conduct having an American "colleague" behind its back.

It seemed that it was announced that Russia, with 2018, would no longer carry foreign astronauts to the ISS. Is it time to stop the transfer of the experience of long-term stay in space? And why didn't this become a response to the sanctions?

About experts and the stratosphere

Spetsstroy of Russia has completely completed the repair and modernization of the test stand of the Samara PJSC Kuznetsov (part of the UEC), designed to “develop promising aviation engines for long-range strategic aviation ". Andrey Fomin, editor-in-chief of the Vzlet magazine: “NK-32 is a unique aircraft engine in its characteristics. It is not only the most powerful in the world, but also allows an aircraft to fly both in the atmosphere and in the stratosphere, to work both as a jet and a rocket.

The fact that the test bench is being upgraded to develop advanced aircraft engines is great. But when “experts” appear against this background, stating that the engines “will allow aircraft to climb into the stratosphere and reach the limits of space”, then questions arise about the expertise of such experts. First, I want to ask a question: can it be that now (on the engines available) the same Tu-160 cannot reach the stratosphere? Secondly, the question again - the plane, "has reached the limits of space" - is that where? - In a vacuum, or something ... Well, if we really express an expert opinion on the new Russian developments, then at least without outspoken blunders who give terry non-professionalism.

Comments from our readers:

As far as I know, we have already purchased new machines for production, it seems that the problem with them, first of all, was with the stand. It resembles the situation with marine turbines, they can do something, but there is nothing to be tested on.

Why mislead the people? NK 32 is not the most powerful engine in the world - the 25, there are also more powerful engines and rolls and pratsuitni, the last PU gives 40 in general.

As for the statement of the chief editor Fomin, that NK32 can work as a jet engine, one can say that c. Fomin must have drunk hard before such a statement, or slept badly. In a rocket engine, the power nozzles are not up to the high-pressure compressor, but after that, and the LRE uses the oxidizer / oxygen on board the aircraft, TU160, what else will the oxygen supply carry?
In addition, the stratosphere starts from an altitude of 11 km, and this, of course, is no space.

Allow me to fly?

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation sent a request to Iran and Iraq to use the airspace of these countries to fly cruise missiles.

And one more Russian-Iranian news: the US State Department expressed “concern” over the use of Iranian territory for the departure of the Russian Federation Air Force flight planes involved in an operation against militants in Syria. The Ministry of Defense of Russia commented on this “concern”. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Konashenkov said: “It is not in our rules to give advice to the leadership of the US State Department. However, it is difficult to resist the recommendation to check the availability of logic and knowledge of the fundamental documents of international law by individual representatives of the State Department. And we should start with a test of the UN Security Council resolution number 2231 (2015). It speaks of the need to obtain permission from the UN Security Council for the "sale", "transfer" or "use" of combat aircraft "inside Iran."

In addition, according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Tu-22М3 and Su-34 aircraft bombed the positions and infrastructure of the militants in Syria. At this time, the bombers carried out departures from the airfield in both Iran and the Russian Federation (long-range Tu-22М3 bombers). Air strikes were inflicted on the militants of the IG (prohibited in the Russian Federation) in the province of Deir-ez-Zor. Five large depots with weapons, ammunition and fuel and lubricants were destroyed, six command posts were defeated, a large number of militants, artillery positions and armored vehicles were destroyed.

Comments from our readers:

Will be hard to bomb Barmaleev! From Hamadan closer to Syria, the bomb load will increase, diapers women will have to change more often!

Ami du peuple
And before that, they were softly bombed? Down pillows, I suppose?
But the fact that “Backfires”, based on Hamadan, can now also carry bombs on the external load of the bomb, is a definite plus for us, and a deadly minus for shaitans.

Well, in general, lawyers can attract the “use” of airplanes inside Iran to land on the airfield or take off from it with ammunition.
Previously, I would have twirled my finger at my temple and thought that this was a very strong attraction for the ears, but after the Wade Olympiad I’m not sure of anything else.

How to enter NATO from the back door: instructions

After President Putin’s agreement to accept the Turkish president in St. Petersburg in Russia, the question began to be discussed: what goal does the Kremlin set for itself? A similar question arose when the Iranian media published materials, according to which Erdogan was obliged to thank Russian intelligence for his rescue during an attempt at military insurrection in Turkey. If you believe the Iranian sources, then it was she who transmitted information about the deadly danger to Erdogan.

The largest “number of votes” gained the version according to which Russia begins a large-scale geopolitical game, the final result of which is Turkey’s withdrawal from the North Atlantic alliance. The main argument in favor of this was voiced and voiced as follows: The United States is not eager to issue a preacher Fethullah Gülen at the request of official Ankara, whom Erdogan announced as the main organizer of the attempted coup d'état in Turkey. As an indirect proof of the fact that Turkey would have nothing more to do in NATO, the situation was presented with the NATO airbase Incirlik, which is actively exploited by the US Air Force and which was one of the most important components in the attempted coup. The version was picked up by Western media, calling Putin’s contacts with Erdogan "a victory for the Kremlin aimed at Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO."

Of course, come up, Comrade Erdogan rose to the podium and make an ardent speech about the fact that Turkey is leaving the western military bloc, this could be regarded as a "victory of the Kremlin." However, did not say. And there was a version that the stakes in the game are much higher.

Russia was recently visited by the generals of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Turkey, who underwent an Erdoganov "purge." Along with these generals, Hakan Fidan, who has headed the Turkish National Intelligence Agency (MIT) since 2010, visited Russia. Yes, from 2010 of the year, that is, this Fidan missed the conspiracy against Erdogan, but only remained at the helm of the Turkish intelligence service. As it turned out, Fidan is a person who once managed to establish Ankara’s peaceful dialogue with the Workers' Party of Kurdistan, and as a result, Turkey enjoyed the real world for several years.

There is a version that Russia "advised" Erdogan not to remove the head of MIT from his post. The main thing here is that the person who owns information about several activities of the NATO member country that interest Moscow remains in his post. And thanks to Hakan Fidan, not Turkey leaves NATO, but Russia, so to speak, enters there ...

Comments from our readers:

Turkey will not leave NATO ... There is no reason to say that Russia interacts with the country that is part of the NATO bloc in various aspects ... And there is not any opposition, unlike some who constantly yell about the Russian threat. Let the western inhabitant blows the roof ...

Do not overestimate Erdogan: he has his own game, which is to have or maintain national sovereignty against the wishes of the West, so he went back on track with Russia. But to say that we have become allies is an erroneous interpretation.

I would like to add one more point to the conclusions about Fidan: Fidan was aware of the coup, which was quite under the control of the special services. Erdogan simply merged all objectionables in one fell swoop, becoming the sole ruler without serious opposition, once again weakening the top of the army, depriving it of recognized authorities. It was for this operation that Fidan was treated kindly, and left at the post.

The question is set, waiting for an answer

Moscow has raised a question for the Turkish partners about closing the Syrian-Turkish border. The item on blocking the border was on the agenda of the Russian-Turkish commission, which was attended by representatives of the diplomatic, defense and security agencies of the two states. The meeting took place on August 11 in Moscow. The press reports that the Turkish side is now considering the possibility of closing the border with Syria.

However, we note, from the invigorating statements about the possible overlap of the Syrian-Turkish border to its present overlap - a large abyss. R.T. Erdogan, who called Assad either a “butcher” or a “murderer”, could hardly change his position to the opposite. Even the Kurdish question will not break such a stubborn politician who wants a change of power in Damascus. Obviously, Erdogan will do what he has relatively succeeded in recent years - to maneuver.

Comments from our readers:

It is high time to block the border so that, at least from Turkey, the Barmalei groups would not be supplied with weapons in exchange for oil!
I think that if Turkey really does and will honestly fulfill its obligations, then the activity of the Kurdish rebels will suddenly drastically decrease.

I stress once again: this is a significant geopolitical victory for GDP! Moreover, it was done very timely, when in the USA there is a change of owner Ora ... The Oval Office, and the influence of the lame duck, his administration on what is happening in the world is in the area of ​​the plinth!

L. A. A.
I did not expect such a turn of events that Turkey will begin to act wisely. I would like our friendship to further develop and strengthen. If only this friendship was useful to Russia and Turkey.

Diana Ilyina
Well, friendship is very loud. Our whole history of this confirmation, a half dozen Russian-Turkish wars - such is the "friendship"! Here, rather than friendship, but common sense and calculation. The Turks also know how to count, and, going towards rapprochement with Russia, they only choose the lesser of two evils. So I would not be deceived about friendship! But there is no need for hostility in this case either, however, as well as forgetting our downed plane and our dead hero guys, we don’t need to forget the help of Chechen militants either! The East is a delicate matter, as comrade Sukhov said. And therefore the ear must be kept open, and the powder dry!

Washington does not believe Ankara

The EurActiv publication, citing its own sources, publishes information that the United States has set the task of the military to urgently remove American nuclear weapons from Turkey. The article says that Washington has lately “ceased to trust the Turkish authorities, and is now forced to make serious decisions on the export of the tactical nuclear segment.”

The news, it should be noted, is very interesting. Moreover, the publication informs about where the American nuclear warheads will be exported: they will be forwarded to the territory of Romania. The latter is not surprising: just in the territory of fraternal Romania, the Americans put into operation one of the elements of the European missile defense system (a facility near the village of Deveselu).

Recall that US tactical nuclear weapons in Turkey are stored at the Incirlik airbase. However, President Erdogan recently described this airbase as the “lair of a coup d’état”. After a failed coup attempt, the US military was blocked at this airbase for some time, and the airfield and its infrastructure were de-energized by order of the Turkish leadership. In Washington, of course, such a reaction was not overjoyed ...

Well, now, in the White House and the Pentagon, look at that, Erdogan will be declared "Putin's friend." However, the Americans are late with this: Erdogan himself calls Putin "a friend of Vladimir."

Comments from our readers:

Well, that take out. Poor that in Romania.

Well - this is when they destroy. And export - without a difference, whether in Romania, the Czech Republic, or whatever mattress.

Good is when you come to the state, and in Europe it is ...

Tryndets Romania. What do they think? Are there few sights for missile defense? Damn ... I'm here in Moldova is somehow uncomfortable with this thought. At all.

Jeffrey did his job, Geoffrey can leave

Geoffrey did his job, Geoffrey can leave. Washington decided that Jeffrey Payette, having earned a solid top five in Mayan studies, could leave the “Square”. Having accumulated the most important experience in organizing manual control of a foreign state, he will go to the next point of the diplomatic field. Mr. Payette woo Greece.

Maria Yovanovic will come to his Ukrainian place. Previously, she served as Deputy US Ambassador to Kiev (2001-2004). Here is a comment from Payette about Jovanovic: “I don’t need to give much advice to Masha. She knows Ukraine very well. She knows Russia well. Already twice worked as ambassador. When I spoke in the Congress, I said that if I had to choose from the whole of our foreign policy service the only heir to whom I would be honored to be the ambassador in Ukraine, it would be Masha Yovanovitch. Therefore, I am very happy about it. She will be a great ambassador, jealously protect American interests in this country and at the same time do everything in support of what we are trying to do with you. ”

Greece really needs Payette: Greece is trying to make friends with Putin, and from time to time makes timid objections to European sanctions against Russia. Payette will become a sinister figure in Athens - his very presence will already be a "Maidan" warning. We will wait, however, for evil Greek cartoons.

Well, “Masha” will probably start acting in Kiev in the spirit of Payette, that is, as Payette himself said, “to defend American interests in this country”. At the same time, Jovanovic will do "everything in support of what we are trying to accomplish"

Mr. Payette gave her a mysterious farewell! What exactly is trying to "implement" in Kiev, Washington? Oh yes! New euromaidan. Poroshenko because Americans disliked. German politicians were right: in the Ukrainian presidents it was necessary to promote Mr. Klitschko.

Comments from our readers:

Great written for the activities of the American ambassador. And what can Mr. Zurabov boast about? What turned the Russian embassy in Ukraine into a diplomatic presence?

An interesting candidate. I noticed only one thing: when a woman starts to command a woman in the name of the United States - wait for a war.

Now Petrukha will be a woman to turn. From the permutation of the terms of the sum does not change.

"Fiasco" Minister Steinmeier

After the meeting, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his colleague from Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in Yekaterinburg, where, among other things, the Syrian issue was discussed, German publications criticized Moscow.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published a story entitled “Kremlin Cynicism,” in which it accused the Russian authorities of “not pursuing such goals in Syria and in Ukraine as the West.”

"Steinmeier was a fiasco in an attempt to convince Moscow to change the terms of the truce in the Aleppo area," notes Süddeutsche Zeitung. The publication also quotes the representative of the German government, Steffen Seibert, who blamed the plight of the Syrians not on terrorist groups, but on Moscow and Damascus.

Finally, Die Welt accused its minister of “the absence of new initiatives to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.”

That and look, Herr Steinmeier, who has repeatedly tried to reconcile Europe with Russia, the German media will call the “poodle Putin”. This phrase has become a kind of meme after the famous Olympic decision by Thomas Bach (also a German, by the way).

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung could also clarify exactly what “goals” the West pursues in Syria. Apparently, local journalists like the old goals of the West in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and so on - historians do not have time to write down ...

Comments from our readers:

Nemchura, having appeared actually on the third roles of world politics, tries to look at first place. And it looks ridiculous.

I just do not quite understand: what is the connection between Germany - Aleppo - Syria? Maybe the Japanese will come to persuade us?

German media outraged. This means that few “in large numbers” Arabs of German women are harassing. Or is it that journalist doesn't care at all? Normal prose of the German state of mind?

This they correctly noted. The goal of the Russian Federation in Syria is to preserve Syrian statehood. So that it would not be like in Iraq and Libya: instead of the state there are gangster gangs, fighting among themselves for spheres of influence. Who, where and with whom the racket has ...

Bear with a syringe

A number of stereotypes with which western people associate Russia is associated with one more. The topic of organized doping in Russian sports is discussed in one way or another from 2014, however, after the recently sensational WADA report, the concepts of “tests”, “test tubes” and “urine” were lined up in the minds of the world community in a strict sequence characteristic only of Russia. Doping has become an indispensable attribute of the Russian big sport.

If formerly Russian stereotypes for the West were forty-degree “white”, balalaika, a bear, a cap, a KGB (KJB) and painted wooden spoons, now, in the 21st century, propagandists have introduced a new element into the consciousness of the masses: dope. Often mentioned in the Canadian, American and European press, doping has acquired clear stereotype attributes: repeatability, memorability, recognizability. It is not surprising that during the Brazilian Olympiad, Russian athletes who won medals immediately offer to "check."

Russian athletes have passed more than three hundred doping tests during the Olympic Games, said Yevgeny Trefilov, head coach of the Russian national handball team. “Today, Alexander Dmitrievich Zhukov came (the head of the Russian Olympic Committee. - Approx.) And said that the Russian team had passed more 300 doping tests. It turns out, checked everyone and went to the second round. We checked the whole team and after each match they check two or three people, ”Tass quotes Trefilova.

The selectivity of the approach in journalism, when the “scandalousness” of information is put at the forefront to the detriment of objectivity, leads to the formation of another powerful stereotype. As a result, the man in the street, who is too lazy to think, begins to count all Russian athletes almost as drug addicts. There was vodka - there will be a syringe. Of course, the Western Olympians appear on this background as a standard of purity.

Comments from our readers:

First of all, they cause damage to themselves, were weak-minded, so also marazmatik.

34 region
Tiberius! Then how to say ... You are the fifth year in the first grade. “But here I am the smartest!” So ​​sifting out rivals, they become the strongest. But here also our fault. Why are we trying to get into the Western world with a goat perseverance? Although Peter chopped the window, even though we open the gate. What for? Why should we integrate into their system? Well, chopped off our athletes. And what prevents us from setting records in the country? If there is a record of the international Olympiad, then it is necessary to set a record of Russia, which is better than the Olympic one. Why do we have to get attached to someone and wriggle around? Maybe we should try to do so that we want to? Maybe it's good that they shoot us off? We must not look for patrons, but become adults ourselves! We talk a lot about duplicity of the West. And you yourself do not duplicate? Russia is a great country! And what then are we so fawning and trying to join them? Let's show our greatness. Why do not we show our greatness? Do not want or can not? Why can't we show the world that our (Russian) athletes are better than Olympic ones, the technologies are “more advanced”, and the roads are better? And after all this, crying, that they turn away from us and spit on us? Correctly they do that we are humiliated and spit on us. We ourselves today can not show any initiative and will. We are led, not leading. We are being kicked for constantly looking into the mouth of the West. And so that we are not kicked, it is necessary to grow up and become a man, and not remain a child. Even now. There is a smearing of snot from offenses. And what offense? We must be offended at ourselves, not at the West. And now continue to shed tears and wipe snot from resentment. So we need !!! We are ruled by adults with the psychology of an infantile child. That's our whole problem.

Bombay Sapphire
To be offended by something? Our team in a reduced composition goes to 4 place. After all the American tantrums. In my opinion, this is a serious victory.

This reliable American paper

According to the US Treasury, in June 2016, Russia increased its investment in US Treasury bonds from 88,2 to 90,9 billion, i.e., by 2,7 billion. For one month, the rate rose by 3%. And if we recall that a year ago, the Russian Federation owned similar papers in the amount of 72 billion dollars, then we can calculate that the volume of purchased bonds grew over twelve months by more than 26%!

Many financial analysts believe that US bonds remain one of the most reliable instruments. And many investors, including the state, are looking for reliability, not profitability. This is not about making money, but about saving money.

There are other opinions. “The key to Russia's purchase of US Treasury bonds lies in the well-known statement of former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin,“ they will still be stolen, ”said "Free Press" Professor of Moscow State University, Doctor of Economics Alexander Buzgalin.

“Until the rules of the game are changed - at least the system of industrial relations in the Russian Federation is not reformed - investments in the Russian economy seem extremely risky. Roughly speaking, these investments - with a high degree of probability - will really be stolen, ”the expert notes.

And in fact, it turns out that Russia is acting ... right, mean US Treasures. “This is correct,” said the same expert, “if we proceed from the thesis that the current government cannot change anything and does not want to. But this is absolutely wrong if we proceed from what is necessary and possible to do in order to raise the economy of Russia and ensure the prosperity of the citizens of our country and society as a whole. ”

Thus, experts believe that investments in American securities are more reliable than profitable, but Russia continues to finance the American economy, and the Central Bank has long since become a strategy. On the other hand, in the same way, only in large volumes, the American "treasuries" buy China, Japan and other countries.

In such a situation, one thing is clear: there is nothing more reliable than the United States securities in the world.

Comments from our readers:

No need to complicate ... What will you do with your wife when you find out that she says to you “there is no money in the family” and she herself gives them her mother-in-law to save?

The so-called economy of our country is built wrong, in our country there is everything, almost all the minerals, and the land grows the same, almost everything that our people need. If you look at the structure of our imports, it is clear that we are importing mainly the products of world engineering and electronics, medicines. But we can produce all this ourselves, the same computers, almost all the components we already produce. Mechanical engineering: we have ALL PLANTS for the production of ANY machines, and we don’t need Western machines. We don’t need the outside world at all, we can do everything ourselves, but for some reason we sell oil and gas, timber, now grain, weapons, and we buy American paper to the rescue!
Who came up with such an "economy"? We sell grain, by which we deplete our fields, and at the same time the people do not raise either the level of wages, the level of pensions, or the standard of living in general. In return, we have only a constant headache in the form of a shrill “world community”, which by all means shits Russia and its people.
If at the beginning of xnumx. The USSR still needed the global economy in the form of machines and Western experts, but now the situation has completely changed. WE DO NOT NEED ANYTHING, we can do everything ourselves. What hinders this? Well, that, only those people who are in power.

With all media images, the function of the colony remains unchanged.
The managers, set by Western banking systems, will even prove against the wall the need to inject money into US securities.
Compare the situation with US securities with a street child divorce, when an older hooligan borrows money from a younger boy and younger, and it becomes scary to ask the little boy and back, and he will not give up and will not go out into the yard.
All our tycoons have personal accounts in the United States and other offshore banks, do not buy bonds - and will blacklist Magnitsky or Navalny, accounts will freeze. And what is difficult for the dwarves is how they were born for this.
All the statements that they still steal, - from the evil one.
The mechanisms to prevent the theft of history are known; all that is needed is the will of the country's leader to organize this work.
The state may initiate the construction of enterprises with their subsequent implementation.

Bread around the head

In recent days, the price of oil has risen, and at the same time the ruble has strengthened slightly. True, speculators assure the planet that there will be no special increase in prices for "black gold". But Russia is apparently not afraid of this: the famous investor Jim Rogers explained that the Russians can replace oil prosperity with agriculture.

Let us not lose heart, comrades and gentlemen. We will listen to the Russian experts and Mr. Rogers and draw the right conclusion: if we don’t feed ourselves, no one will feed us. Or feed, but as it was with the "Bush legs" (1990 g.), From which the collective farm agriculture got one big trouble. This time, the government should take into account the mistakes, excesses and distortions of the past and not allow the agriculture, which is growing with such difficulty, to be ruined, and at the same time animal husbandry. As for oil, wheat or hens, of course, cannot be replaced. Therefore, the ruble will continue to jump after the barrel, and investor Jim Rogers will refrain from buying bags of Russian national currency.

Comments from our readers:

Alex von Dorn
Well, well, if there is another industry in Russia that consistently makes money. The issue of food on the planet is very important, and if Russia is one of the leaders in the production of it, then you can only rejoice. The next export product can be water. Siberian rivers are no less wealth in the future than oil.

Ingvar 72
“Well, it’s great if there is another industry in Russia that consistently makes money.”
To whom? All the same uncles who decided to invest oil money in agro-industrial holdings. Small farmer there is no place. And for wheat - what caused the increase in grain prices by 30-40%? Indeed, much depends on the price of grain: the price of milk, meat, eggs. Fuel prices did not rise, s / n agricultural workers also did not grow, so where did the rise in grain prices? I will say from where: the appetites of large grain traders have grown, as they sit tight on the export of grain. And this is the currency. Clean, unmodified, hard grain for export, cheaper GMO grain from Canada and South America for the domestic market. The difference - in the pocket. Everything, as usual: the wife of my uncle, myself ... to the aunt.

That's when the grocery store “basket” will be cheaper than all in the former USSR, and wages will be the highest in the former USSR, at least, then we can safely say that we are a great agrarian country.

* “When society has no color differentiation of pants, then there is no goal! And when there is no goal, there is no future! ”- a phrase from the movie“ Kin-dza-dza ”
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  1. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 21 August 2016 06: 37
    Thank you for the weekly review of events. Restored missed.
  2. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 21 August 2016 06: 54
    Thanks for the review !!! Sunday morning I always start with it, tightly succinctly and, in fact, well and a little bit seasoned with humor ...... everything is ours. Thanks again!
    1. Bloodsucker
      Bloodsucker 21 August 2016 09: 31
      August 20, Ankara. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, replying to a question from journalists “Has the Russian side asked to use a military base to fight IS?”, Said that there has been no official appeal on this issue from Russia. however, he noted that Incirlik base in southern Turkey, if necessary, could be used by Russia to fight terrorism. It is reported by RIA Novosti referring to the Turkish edition of Anadolu. “This information is not correct, but if necessary, the Incirlik base can be used,” Yildirim noted.

      Details on RusNewsToday24:
  3. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 21 August 2016 06: 56
    So founding fathers, the review is good as always ... and now in order. The fact that the design was changed, this of course is gut, but it’s not very getting used to, these times. Regarding 404, independence means self-sufficiency ... of which I have not seen there, do not see, and even am afraid to say I will never see. By the way, this also applies to the most zemacratic comrades, these two. For vigorous bombs in Romania, gypsies with nuclear weapons? As for me, the circus is still one of the worst that was chosen the darkest version. Soon in the headlines: the gypsies stole the yao from the storage base, and now they are selling it on the black market with bearded patsaks from the moderate opposition? Surr, do not bring the Lord ... these three. And fourthly, and what kind of re-certification in ranks is this? Is tea not translated into the Legion of French? It’s there who you were before, shakes nobody ...... Well, something like that.
    1. 73bor
      73bor 21 August 2016 08: 02
      Even during the Warsaw Pact, nuclear weapons were not deployed in Romania!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Lelek
      Lelek 21 August 2016 10: 04
      The fact that the design was changed, this of course is gut, but it’s not very getting used to, these times.

      Yes it is. It is also very inconvenient that the button for correcting errors has been excluded. Well, the fact that the "(+) and (-)" are cut is even good. Let's get used to it. stop
      1. Inok10
        Inok10 21 August 2016 11: 24
        Quote: Lelek
        It is also not very convenient that the button for correcting errors is excluded.

        ... Well, you guys are giving! (c) ... everything is in place, just moved to the "More" menu next to the "Reply" button ... and it is called "Change" ...
        paste emoticon without problems to Kotu Manulu ... smile Here ... hi
        1. Cat man null
          Cat man null 21 August 2016 11: 58
          Quote: Inok10
          paste emoticon without problems to Kotu Manulu

          - Yes, Kotu finally everything is "no problem", only here ...
          - in the "message preparation" mode, the buttons on the top bar work
          - except for the latter, which, as I understand it, is intended to color the text
          - she instead turns all English in the message into transliteration, attention, there was a smiley face yes
          - and this is what he turned into after pressing the TT button: : Yes:
          - after saving the message, and when trying to fix it - emoticons are not inserted, Bold and Italik - do not work ... did not check further.
          - found, damn it, beta tester am
          1. Inok10
            Inok10 21 August 2016 12: 34
            Quote: Cat Man Null
            - found, damn it, beta tester

            ... work, work ... who is our programmer? ... get extraordinary - Colonel ...
            laughing ...
            - and this is what he turned into after clicking on the TT button:: es:

            ... I don’t use transliteration, the last button is unnecessary to me ...
            - except for the latter, which, as I understand it, is intended to color the text

            ... I don't have a font color change in my ruler at all ... hi
            Change at 12.36: added screenshot and emoticon personally for Cat Man Null ... drinks
        2. family tree
          family tree 21 August 2016 12: 09
          Nitsche. what to answer and change in different windows? And have to drag?
          IMHO somewhere around 25% of the former
          Well, if it’s full from two legs, that’s 25%, it’s left, then it’s okay, just walk four times slower what , well, save Mona on shoes wassat
      2. Cat man null
        Cat man null 21 August 2016 11: 27
        Quote: Lelek
        The fact that the design was changed, this of course is gut, but it’s not very getting used to, these times.

        - "design" hardly pulls on a full-fledged "beta", bug on bug sad
        - that is, you can comment, of course (and thanks for that), but for ease of use - IMHO somewhere around 25% of the previous

        Quote: Lelek
        It’s not very convenient that the button for correcting errors is excluded

        - there is a button. But, as far as I understand, you can only edit the text. You can no longer add a smiley in the "Fix" mode, for example sad

        Quote: Lelek
        Well, the fact that the "(+) and (-)" are cut is even good. Let's get used to

        - deflection protected fellow
        1. Inok10
          Inok10 21 August 2016 11: 42
          Greetings to Roman Batkovich ... hi
          Quote: Cat Man Null
          - there is a button. But, as far as I understand, you can only edit the text. You can no longer add a smiley in the "Fix" mode, for example

          ... and you can add a smiley and attach a picture if you suddenly forgot initially ... look at my post above, specially through "Change" I inserted the smiley for whom ...
          1. Cat man null
            Cat man null 21 August 2016 14: 53
            Quote: Inok10
            ... and you can add a smiley and attach a picture if you suddenly forgot initially ... look at my post above, specially through "Change" I inserted the smiley for whom ...

            - for me - does not work (Opera 33.0 Version: 33.0.1990.43, Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64))
  4. Knowing
    Knowing 21 August 2016 07: 00
    Multifaceted and reinforced concrete ...

    Petro Poroshenko promised that the citizens of the country will receive a visa-free regime and financial assistance from the European Union in the very near future. He announced this on Friday, August 19 ..- Well, someone will believe him, but ....
    Moscow deliberately underestimates the number of Ukrainians living in Russia, said Deputy Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kirilenko in a statement published on the official website of the Ukrainian government ..
    “The issue of supporting Ukrainians in Russia is very important. In fact, about 10 million Ukrainians live in Russia. But the last official Russian census showed a figure of 2 million, the penultimate one totaled 3 million. A deliberate policy is being introduced to denationalize Ukrainians in Russia: the Kremlin wants to force them to be enemies of its people and forget about their roots. But none of those who feel themselves Ukrainian in Russia condemn Ukraine and do not shy away from it, ”the official announced.
    - flee from the happiness of the European laughing ... weird everything dill does NOT work ...
    Everything is predictable here. :The World Anti-Doping Agency refused to provide the International Olympic Committee with more detailed information following its investigation into the doping case in Russian sports. This was stated by IOC President Thomas Bach. He also compared the situation with the admission of the Russian team to the games in Rio with a boycott of the 1980 Olympics. [/
    And all the same, liberals in Russia more and more do not like Kasyanov’s cake, and here it was absolutely NOT sweet laughing : [i] Novaya Gazeta journalist Yulia Latynina was attacked near the editorial office of Ekho Moskvy radio station. According to the radio station, two unknown persons attacked Latynina, one of whom doused the journalist with feces
    - Here is a journalist, I would have liked to quote, but how warm it is as it was written.
    1. Mikhail m
      Mikhail m 22 August 2016 11: 57
      As the "journalist" herself admitted, the outstanding event took place 3 km away from the radio station. She still tried to brake the car in such an outstanding form.
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 21 August 2016 07: 18
    [quoteRussia plans to reduce the number of its astronauts aboard the ISS from three to two. ] [/ quote]
    It would be nice if these plans come true! What Rogozin D once said about the trampoline can come true! laughing
  6. Knowing
    Knowing 21 August 2016 07: 30
    By the way, I probably spend too much at work ... or on vacation repeat :
    Quietly and inconspicuously for the general public, as is usually the case, an event occurred that it was absolutely impossible to believe in a few years ago. In Maykop, the capital of the Republic of Adygea, at a joint meeting of the public organization “Elders of Adygea” and the local branch of the Izborsk Club, with the participation of guests from Kabardino-Balkaria and Moscow, a public initiative fundamental for the further development of our country was put forward: to return the Russian people and legislate for it the status of "state-forming people of Russia." - they kind of decided, but we generally waited for this particular "meeting"...
  7. atalef
    atalef 21 August 2016 07: 52
    Thank you for the review, it’s a pity that the new site was too hard to comment
    and quote generally tin
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 21 August 2016 08: 37
      Alexander! Finally, I got the opportunity to chat with you. Thank you for this updated site, although I do not agree with all the changes.
      Alexander, you sent me to the black list before, so I want to understand why. If I offended you, I sincerely apologize. Well, if you consider communicating with me below your dignity, well, then, in this case, I cannot help you (and myself) with anything. I propose in the updated site to forget all the squabbles and treat each other with respect. hi
      Thanks to the authors for the "Results"!
    2. Knowing
      Knowing 21 August 2016 10: 33
      And what is "tin #, excuse me, you are like that .... or we are not
    3. family tree
      family tree 21 August 2016 11: 35
      Sanya, hi! I'll tell you a joke
      There is a train and in a compartment sits so representative in a tie. Not enough, at some station, this ambulance suddenly slows down. Well, he slowed down and went on, only in a compartment grandfather comes in, in swamps, a tarpaulin coat, smelling of a bonfire ...
      In a tie, a scandal is arranged for the conductor, they say, I’m a candidate of sciences, and you tell me some kind of a bumpkin who stinks of me, I’ll complain and protest, here!
      Then his grandfather asked him, they say, what sciences?
      -Economic, meets No.
      “You are my name, son, I'm sorry, but only, even we techies try the dogs first.” We tested the lander non-stop, and so, in old age I had to walk the taiga myself, despite the fact that it was an academician. And you, right away in public your experiments, have nothing to do with science, the economy does not.
      Why, why the hell didn’t they try the site on white mice? It’s impossible to completely comment on the tablet. Ah, they’ll do it later wassat Yes, if I had said this, at least at the expense of the second power supply of the signal point, I would have been rightfully expelled from work, without severance pay and with a wolf ticket. In general, to drive them in the taiga to the middle of the stretch, and say, they say, you’ll sit here in the car, we’ll repair the locomotive here, and he will come after you in a week, somewhere, well, a little later request wassat
      1. izya top
        izya top 21 August 2016 14: 53
        Vova, beautiful good
        for this you can look into the cellar with one eye
        1. family tree
          family tree 21 August 2016 19: 06
          Do you still have a Shabbat again? And in the cellar, I looked already, but for another, very shitty reason
  8. 73bor
    73bor 21 August 2016 08: 00
    It’s interesting, but if there was no Russian module on the ISS, would the expedition be swung in a bail?
  9. Very old
    Very old 21 August 2016 08: 11
    Oleg Chuvakin.
    Of course, the Results were being prepared before the "update" of the site.
    I would like to hear your opinion.

    Here's mine: "Design, you say ... I didn't drown you in the pool, I will definitely burn you in the fireplace!" @ Mikhalych
    1. Very old
      Very old 21 August 2016 08: 14
      This is not for you, Tyumen.
      This is for design. You see, even your own comment cannot be edited.
      Took this opportunity away.

      And for the results good
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Very old
        Very old 21 August 2016 12: 53
        They choke
  10. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 21 August 2016 08: 17
    It is difficult to read, it hurts my eyes. How to communicate is not clear. And in general, I am a dealer of the "crap crap" company, which will double your crap in just two weeks for only 9999 rubles. When ordering two sets of "horseradish crap" you will receive a "stone riser" ointment as a gift. Come on, people, until the dollar of Maryan has risen in price. Admins, do you want to disperse everyone? fool
    1. ICT
      ICT 21 August 2016 08: 21
      Yes, in the results, they forgot to add that VO has completely turned into malware,
      1. Cat man null
        Cat man null 21 August 2016 11: 36
        Quote: TIT
        ... VO has completely turned into malware

        - well, at least not in WTO wassat
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Very old
      Very old 21 August 2016 09: 17
      Before that (completely! Completely! Puck! Puck!) I read VO without glasses, today I put it on.

      I'll try to change the font to readable in the browser settings, but this is for the sake of one site. For others, changing again comes out
      Some nonsense
      1. Knowing
        Knowing 21 August 2016 09: 44
        However, someone like ... request , this is you, a hair is a sod from a beard, but ...
        1. family tree
          family tree 21 August 2016 12: 30
          Mdya, can, indeed, a fuck-tibidoch, well, at least it won’t help the site, so at least the developers will be subjugated as a warning
          And then Yurka, who is an evil partisan, was on vacation and didn’t even curse them in the end recourse
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 21 August 2016 10: 13
        Some nonsense

        So duplicate comments often pop up spontaneously.
        IT-Schnick, more thorough it would be necessary. bully
  11. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 21 August 2016 08: 48
    Bombay Sapphire

    “What to take offense at? Our team in a stripped-down squad goes to 4th place. After all the American tantrums. In my opinion, this is a serious victory.
    Have you washed? Essentially, YES. But to call Victory somehow the language does not turn. To allow us to be treated as outcasts, lepers, etc., to engage in such a scam with doping, this is not a victory. When we take 300 samples from ours, and the Americans, in the relay, are allowed to dash. You see the wand is lost. A couple of Olympians go or not? This is not a capital victory. There are medals, but Victory ... hardly, for now.
  12. Anatole Klim
    Anatole Klim 21 August 2016 09: 00
    Usually at this time I go to the "Results of the week" and there were hundreds of comments, but now it is meager and insipid, Vadim Smirnov! and you actually ruined the site ...
  13. JIaIIoTb
    JIaIIoTb 21 August 2016 09: 12
    Thanks for the review. You are always on top.

    Not a lot off topic. I understand that you are developing, trying to make the site better.
    But apparently you forget the saying: "The best is the enemy of the good." I would like to wish you that it would not turn out as in the quote of the famous Russian politician: "We wanted the best, it turned out, as always."
  14. mirag2
    mirag2 21 August 2016 09: 12
    I had a great joy at the end of the week: the Latynina dog finally got what she deserved !!!
    Doused with feces !!! good
  15. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 21 August 2016 09: 22
    Quote: Very old
    Oleg Chuvakin.
    Of course, the Results were being prepared before the "update" of the site.
    I would like to hear your opinion.

    Chuvakin wrote yesterday that they will bypass on the principle "he is like that." And do they not add up on the same principle?
    Quote: Mozart
    How to live now without cons, and men ..? After all, I had my own personal "minuses" ..)))) I feel sorry for them. But oil is growing ... Well, for the sanctions .. drinks

    You’ll receive moral disadvantages.
    Can Volodin answer about updates?
    I wonder if he can put his comment under mine, and at the same time quote. Or should I twist the whole branch in search of an answer? Yesterday I got on, I could not even find my comment.
  16. ssf2257
    ssf2257 21 August 2016 09: 33
    A week passed, no worse, no better than the previous ones.
    New rules in VO this event. The boom is getting used to.
  17. ssf2257
    ssf2257 21 August 2016 09: 43
    Concerning the OI, I have a feeling about the planned revenge of Amers for the unopened ring at the OI in Sochi. Plus, of course, in five years we have repeatedly clicked on their nose in other areas. There are a lot of meanness. We spat, we’ll exaggerate, okay. Let’s get together, how harknem with all indignation ...... drown!
  18. Lelek
    Lelek 21 August 2016 09: 44
    [The same “Misha 2%”, who has now dirtied the entire Runet with his “non-worthy” commercials, and who continues to claim that Crimea is Ukrainian ...]

    Well, what else can you expect from this scoundous scum. I don’t give a damn about these abominations. In any country, in any society, traitors are despised, but they are used for dirty purposes, and then ruthlessly thrown into a cesspool.
    As for the Crimea, even the frantic banderlogs are already beginning to recognize the irreversibility of its belonging to the Russian Federation:
    1. Very old
      Very old 21 August 2016 10: 31
      and let him entot Misha 2% goes to the Crimea and shouts glory to the heroes until hoarseness.
      Far from the Urals, I would have looked, I would have neighed
  19. Barakuda
    Barakuda 21 August 2016 09: 46
    Review is good. Volodin, Dude Dude Hello!
    You need to get used to it.
    It is necessary to work without looking at it. Although young people are not seeking. BUT YOU MUST .
  20. Egoza
    Egoza 21 August 2016 09: 51
    I wanted to insert an answer - it doesn't work. I will say about "10 million Ukrainians in Russia". Probably they wanted to insert something into the speech for the anniversary. estimated and .... there were 52 million of us! Minus 10 .... This is the achievement of the Square! Destruction of residents in 25 years! And you can't write off everything for war! And sooner or later, but you have to answer!
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 21 August 2016 10: 00
      Here I am about the same. They built the 3rd school in the area under the USSR, now there is no more children. Teachers, to put it mildly - de.b, i.loids. recourse Textbooks, I am silent ...
    2. family tree
      family tree 21 August 2016 11: 56
      Quote: Egoza
      I wanted to insert an answer

      There are a lot of actions, Elena Batkovna love
      They would spread these reformers across the benches and put in a belt, since they don’t want to think with their heads what
    3. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 21 August 2016 12: 23
      Elena, I had to reduce the screen to see the "send" icon. hi
  21. cap
    cap 21 August 2016 09: 56
    The review is good.
    In the previous version it looked better.
    Headings of articles in this option look faded.
    The color scheme strains vision.
  22. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 21 August 2016 10: 25
    Quote: mordvin xnumx
    Quote: Very old
    Oleg Chuvakin.
    Of course, the Results were being prepared before the "update" of the site.
    I would like to hear your opinion.

    Chuvakin wrote yesterday that they will bypass on the principle "he is like that." And do they not add up on the same principle?
    Quote: Mozart
    How to live now without cons, and men ..? After all, I had my own personal "minuses" ..)))) I feel sorry for them. But oil is growing ... Well, for the sanctions .. drinks

    You’ll receive moral disadvantages.
    Can Volodin answer about updates?
    I wonder if he can put his comment under mine, and at the same time quote. Or should I twist the whole branch in search of an answer? Yesterday I got on, I could not even find my comment.

    Similarly ...
    I turned the wheel all over the branch, and did not dig my comment, spat and went to sleep.
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. tundra
    tundra 21 August 2016 10: 53
    Let’s imagine for a second the situation: Russian special services officers arrive at one of the world’s resorts, non-Russian, \\\\\\\ [b] [/ b] [i] [/ i]
    And drag that McClaren by the bastard, (whistleblower dope)
    And in Russia they judge, for defamation, fraud, and a couple more statues they sew.
    And the BEST, FAR, central prison!
    Dreams Dreams!
  25. Magadan
    Magadan 21 August 2016 11: 06
    The review as usual is beautiful and everything is on the face of the day.
    The best news is Livanov’s replacement for Vasiliev. The liberoid on the Orthodox patrite, edge also highly appreciates the role of Stalin in our History.
    Disgusting news - another increase in investment in American papers. I think this is sabotage. Or the colonial status of the Russian economy. Rather, loyalty to the west of our economy bloc.

    All our bigwigs have personal accounts in the US and other offshore banks, do not buy bonds - and will be put on the Magnitsky blacklist

    you can’t say better.

    According to Putin: this is not "a good tsar, bad boyars." Here, the GDP lacks the talents of Ekaterina II. Well, he does not know how to select people! God grant that his other talents would be enough to somehow smooth out the absence of this talent, most important for the Leader.
  26. Captain45
    Captain45 21 August 2016 11: 14
    The review, as always, is excellent, Oleg and Alexei plus for work, especially now on vacation, I don't follow the news especially. Now, regarding the updates, yesterday morning I ran through the news, and then in the evening I looked and was slightly stunned. Regarding the background, I will not repeat myself, I have already said, something else hurt me, I used to hover over the heading, say "Armament" and below the subsections on the topics army, navy, rifleman, armored vehicles, I chose what was of interest and read, and now everything is in a heap to find everything Yes, and the comments were at the bottom of the page, i.e. I read the comments, added my own, and now scroll back up. In general, what is wrong, back and forth, you need to somehow return to the subsections. And the background is all -So it is necessary to change, purely white eyes hurt, but here there are many people who have not quite order with vision, pensioners, you know.
  27. atalef
    atalef 21 August 2016 12: 07
    Quote: SRC P-15
    Received! Your video, is this a hint of my salvation? Thank you, but I don't care about Mozart's "music". smile

    hi drinks
  28. The comment was deleted.
  29. atalef
    atalef 21 August 2016 12: 50
    Quote: Mozart
    Yeah, Atalef you are a terrible person ...)))) You zombie people on the site, clearly!

  30. family tree
    family tree 21 August 2016 13: 21
    laughing Vital, follow you? Just stumble on a budennovka, skis and a parachute dragging behind request / - - • • • / • • • - - / wink
  31. padded jacket
    padded jacket 21 August 2016 13: 43
    Quote: article
    Last Friday it became known about the resignation of the Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov.

    For me, all of these Lebanon Shvydko and other Katsevs must be urgently removed from the Russian education in culture and politics; they only destroy it by planting a Western culture that is HARMFUL to our country.
  32. family tree
    family tree 21 August 2016 13: 49
    Quote: Mozart
    Immediacy itself .... hi And not some BONDS! love

    Well, advice would be yes lyuboff. , Ruslan and I have already looked at your apartment on Kildin
    Although, if you don’t like it, there’s still Kolguev
    Well, by reference, nicho, Joseph Vissarionitch walked on them, and he commanded us laughing
    A Russian soldier will go everywhere, well, if a Russian soldier
  33. Starik72
    Starik72 21 August 2016 14: 01
    I read the review, I liked it. I looked and read all the comments, I wanted to leave my own, but I didn’t add a comment at the end, I had to climb up, it’s not very convenient. In general, the old VO was simpler and more convenient, and return the Personal Account, and + s - you can return it more interesting with them, just level + s - so that they are equal and do not depend on the rating of the minus signer and plus player .. Respectfully.
  34. family tree
    family tree 21 August 2016 14: 21
    Sorry, men. Brother died, border guard, Chinese, senior sergeant of the reserve, 54 years. I don’t know how many of them with letters PV on epaulets, the SA’s exit covered from Afghanistan, sadly how recourse
  35. izya top
    izya top 21 August 2016 14: 33
    I read something ... and decided to leave THIS planet ... in Kharkiv ... at the station "peremoga" wassat
  36. Sergey333
    Sergey333 21 August 2016 15: 09
    That's when the grocery store “basket” will be cheaper than all in the former USSR, and wages will be the highest in the former USSR, at least, then we can safely say that we are a great agrarian country.

    These are two mutually exclusive characteristics - either the cheapest food, or the highest salaries, they cannot exist together, while people work in the fields and not robots.
  37. Tolstoevsky
    Tolstoevsky 21 August 2016 17: 17
    Lebanese do not drown. will go to fellow in Rosnano
  38. The comment was deleted.
  39. family tree
    family tree 21 August 2016 22: 57
    Lana, good night everyone, no matter what you work tomorrow, to ensure uninterrupted power supply to a small section of Sev railway station, well, a lullaby, we will live!
  40. Alexander Pe
    Alexander Pe 22 August 2016 03: 42
    Quote: quilted jacket
    Quote: article
    Last Friday it became known about the resignation of the Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov.

    For me, all of these Lebanon Shvydko and other Katsevs must be urgently removed from the Russian education in culture and politics; they only destroy it by planting a Western culture that is HARMFUL to our country.
    1. Alexander Pe
      Alexander Pe 22 August 2016 03: 47
      190 peoples live in Russia.
      To defend national interests in government should be their proportional representation.
      National composition of the Russian Federation in 2010 (Wikipedia)
      Russian 80,9%
      Tatars 3,9 %
      Ukrainians 1,4 %
      Bashkirs 1,2 %
      Chechens 1,0 %
      Chuvashi 1,0 %
      other 10,6 %
      Jews 0,1 %
      Those. in power per 100 people. should be:
      81 Russian
      4 Tatar
      1,4 Ukrainian
      . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      0,1 a Jew

      Take the highest executive body - the Government:
      8 deputies premiere
      22 ministers
      Of 31-th Russian armchairs should occupy 25.
      And from the highest: prime minister and 8 deputies - only Russians!