Nurse, cowgirl, partisan (about Lara Mikheenko)

Lara Mikheenko has a beautiful middle name - Dorofeevna. Larisa Dorofeevna - it sounds melodious, a little solemnly, but without pomp. Larisa Dorofeevna in class, Larisa Dorofeevna gave homework ... Only the dream of a fourteen-year-old girl did not come true. Lara Larisa Dorofeevna, a primary school teacher, did not become. Fascists ...

Nurse, cowgirl, partisan (about Lara Mikheenko)

When the Great Patriotic War began, Lara was just 12 years old. She was born in the Leningrad region, in the village of Lakhta. She and her mother lived together - her father, Dorofey Ilyich, died during the Soviet-Finnish war. My daughter loved him very much. And, seeing off that war, she ran behind the train for a long time and screamed that she would wait ... Looking ahead, I would say that my mother, Tatyana Andreevna, survived for many years both her husband and daughter. She died in 1997 year.

So, Lara was born in the Leningrad region. And just before the war, she and her grandmother arrived in the village of Pechenevo, Kalinin region, to visit her uncle Larion. A small remark: in many electronic sources I met that the village of Pechenevo was located in the Kaliningrad region. Let this nonsense remain on the conscience of those who did not bother to look at least history the name of the city of Kaliningrad.

Back home Lara and grandmother could not. And two months later, in August 1941, Pechenevo (today it is the territory of the Pskov Region) is occupied by the fascists. And what about Uncle Larion? He goes over to the side of enemies, becomes the headman. And his old mother and niece, condemning him for it, just put on the street. More precisely, in the bathhouse, which drowned something in black. Live, they say.

It is hard to imagine how grandmother and granddaughter lived. They ate, what will have to, up to the quinoa and dandelions. Dressed in rags. We made our neighbors. The mothers of Lara's friends, Frosya Kondrunenko and Rai Mikheenko, helped a lot (this is a coincidence, the girls were not relatives). They brought milk, bread. Slowly from uncle.

So it took almost two years. Fascists lyutovali. In the village of Old Yard, sixty families were herded into a shed and burned alive. In the village of Pustoshka, monsters hanged a man who was suspected of helping partisans. Before being executed in front of fellow villagers, they gouged out his eyes.

All this bitter time Lara did not leave the thought: to help our beat the enemy!

In the spring of 1943, Lara's friend, Rae, came a fascist agenda - to appear in the newly created youth camp, from where the older children were taken to Germany - to a “happy life." Paradise showed the paper to Frosé and Lara.
- This is our common fate! - she said. - Soon such summons will come to you. And what, we will submit?

The decision was unanimous: to join the partisans. The girls knew that Frosi’s older brother, Peter, had been in the partisan unit since the beginning of the occupation. So we went to Frosina's mother. And she, realizing how serious the decision of friends, helped them find their way into the squad. The next morning and left.

I must say, in the detachment, the girls did not meet particularly cordially and wanted to immediately send them back. Friends - in any. Then the squad commander, Major Ryndin, went to the trick. He instructed the girls: to return to Pechenevo and tell Frosina to her mother that by such a day it would be good to cook at least some vegetables for the detachment. Ryndin believed that the girls would return home and would not want to leave any more. And wrong. Thus, three new scouts appeared in the detachment.
At first they were assigned to take it easier - basically, to go to the villages and memorize everything. It was especially good at Lara. Small, curly, with big eyes, she looked like a second grader.

In the summer of 1943, the fascists took away cattle from the villagers (we are talking not only about Pechenevo, but also about the neighboring villages). Hijacked him to the village of Orekhovo, put up a guard. Lara and Paradise went to scout the situation. Armed with baskets - they say, they go to the aunt for the cabbage seedlings. They even wove wreaths and decorated themselves. And under the very noses of the guards, they found out how many Germans are in Orekhovo, in which houses they live and where the firing points are located. The cattle partisans repulsed literally the next day and almost without loss.

Completed a reconnaissance mission Lara and in the village Chernitsovo. Here she got a job as a nanny for a baby, the son of one of the messengers. I must say, the nurse from Lara came out excellent - caring, cheerful and affectionate. Walking with the boy, the pioneer collected all the necessary information. And at night she put up leaflets. In another village, she hired herself as a shepherd ...

Closer to the fall of the same, 1943, the year Lara began to charge sabotage. Pioneer knew the terrain perfectly, had a good exposure, was bold. So, during the assignment to undermine the railway bridge across the river Drissa, Lara showed remarkable abilities. She was able to convince the miner that she could quietly get to the bridge and light the fuse just before the train. And managed! The train went downhill, the damage to the Nazis was great. And the saboteurs safely escaped.

... On her last assignment, Lara went with two adult partisans. They came to the village of Ignatovo, stayed at the house of their coherent. But a traitor was found in the village - he saw the men and the girl and betrayed them. Lara at that time was standing outside - guarding, and the partisans were in the house. Noticing the fascists, the girl could still hide herself. But she ran into the house and warned her. A battle ensued - both partisans died. The owners of the house tried to betray Lara for her daughter. But the traitor, the one who betrayed Lara and the men, pointed to the girl.

Lara had a hand grenade in her coat; she, already brought in for questioning, improved the moment and threw her at the fascists. But the grenade did not explode ...

... She was shot 4 on November 1943 of the year. Stripped, barefoot, bloody, with a ripped back and broken legs - the fascists took out the evil as they could, brutally.
Shot. But they never learned anything from Lara.

... And in St. Petersburg's 106 school there is a desk, behind which a little girl Lara once sat. She is old, this desk, unmodern. But behind it sit only the best students of the school. “The heroic partisan Larisa Mikheenko studied here” - reads the inscription on the door plate of this room.
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  1. +6
    August 22 2016
    [/ Quote]
    “The heroic partisan Larisa Mikheenko studied here”

    And on one of the houses in St. Petersburg, there is a commemorative plaque to a man who was an ally of those who shot Lara ... Thank you, Sophia ..
    1. +4
      August 22 2016
      Quote from parusnik:
      And on one of the houses of St. Petersburg, a memorable plate the man who was an ally of those who shot Lara

      And they opened this plate on one of the houses under the jurisdiction Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, member of the government of the Russian Federation, Minister of Culture Medinsky, Yes Head of the Presidential Executive Office Ivanov. Although they hung it like thieves at night, they opened it with pomp, with an honor guard, with a carpet, flowers.
      Third Reich and Great Finland still defeated the USSR-Russia, if not 41, then now.
      Then Larisa Dorofeevna Mikheenko did not allow the Third Reich and Great Finland to win, she defended the country, her homeland.
      1. +5
        August 22 2016
        Thank you very much for your story, Sophia. About St. Petersburg. Probably, only the "National Bolsheviks" openly expressed their protest. Probably, it is necessary to sign up there. But I haven’t done it yet. In general, it is not clear what this board is for. By hanging it, the authorities offended their veterans, and all at once. And when there is a mockery of the board, the Finns are offended.
        Dear Sophia! At the beginning of August I wrote you a letter in PM. I see that you did not notice it.
        1. 0
          August 22 2016
          It is written on the Web: the National Bolsheviks are prohibited. They were holding a protest action, throwing cans of red paint on the board, shouting “Leningrad, Leningrad!” It is not clear why they are there if they are prohibited?
          I won’t go to them.
          I’ll go to the Communist Party, the successor to the CPSU.
          1. +2
            August 22 2016
            I read that the Communist Party is fighting to remove this board. Hope it works out! Thus, deviated from the main topic. Sorry.
  2. +3
    August 22 2016
    She’s old, this desk, not modern. But behind her sit only the best students of the school.

    This is the correct understanding of patriotism.
    Thanks, Sophia.
  3. +6
    August 22 2016
    In the old days of our country, from school years, children knew the names of pioneer heroes, Komsomol members, and in general - those who gave to live for our country. It was normal and natural. Now it is very rare.
    But you read about Lara- tears in her eyes. Thanks to the author for Lara Mikheenko.
  4. +3
    August 23 2016
    Great article. Thanks, Sophia.
    And they opened this plate on one of the houses under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, a member of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Minister of Culture Medinsky, and the Head of the Presidential Administration Ivanov. Although they hung it like thieves at night, they opened it with fanfare, with an honor guard, with a carpet, flowers.
    Third Reich and Great Finland still defeated the USSR-Russia, if not 41, then now.
    And this is of course extremely unprincipled. And it’s not clear why. After all, nobody twisted their hands and did not expect to hang a sign. The only thing that comes to mind is that under the guise of de-Stalinization, they are trying to completely extinct from the history of the country all the great victories and achievements.
  5. +3
    August 23 2016
    The book "Partisan Lara", by N. Nadezhdina - was like this in childhood, and now it is in the internet. hi
  6. +1
    August 25 2016
    Sophia, a good, kind and cruel article. I have a proposal to publish your stories together with Polina Efimova. I can tell you the name - "War and People".
    1. 0
      August 31 2016
      Thank you!
      And the name is very good.

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