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In the Russian Federation created a tow truck for the C-400

The Russian Defense Ministry has begun testing the REM-KS wheeled repair and recovery vehicle capable of towing damaged vehicles weighing up to 38 tons at a speed of more than 30 km / h off-road, according to News.

In the Russian Federation created a tow truck for the C-400

"The newest product, developed and manufactured by the Project Technique corporation, is equipped not only with towing and evacuation devices, but also with a special cabin where there are tools and spare parts, thanks to which the REM-KC crew can carry out simple repair of equipment on site", - writes a newspaper referring to a military source.

“In general, product testing is almost complete. There are only a few stages left. First of all, REM-KS is considered as a repair and evacuation tool for divisions and regiments of the newest C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (ZRS), ”the source said.

The publication replies that “several dozens of vehicles of various types and purposes are included in one rocket battalion of the latest ZRS — the launchers themselves, transport-charging vehicles and mobile radars mounted on wheeled chassis made by the Minsk factory of the MWT and Bryansk Automobile Plant management, as well as various auxiliary machines, mounted on trucks "KAMAZ" and "Ural". "

According to Leon Podobeda, director of the Project-Technika corporation, the company presented to the Ministry of Defense REM-KS in two versions - regular and protected (armored) versions.

The “four-hundred” technique is not only diverse, but also quite heavy and at the same time requiring extra caution when evacuating, as shocks and shaking can damage complex electronic stuffing. Until recently, there were no evacuation vehicles in the Russian army capable of coping with such tasks, ”said Vitaly Moiseyev, the editor of the Internet project“ Courage-2004 ”.

According to Izvestia, the REM-KS was created on the basis of the BAZ-6910-021 “Voschina” tractor made at the Bryansk Automobile Plant. It takes the crew only 10 – 12 minutes to fully prepare and start evacuating the failed machine.
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  1. Bloodsucker
    Bloodsucker 18 August 2016 09: 15
    Great. It's about time.
    The saturation of remorgan with evacuation technology is a necessary thing.
    1. Pavel1
      Pavel1 18 August 2016 09: 30
      cleverly! Even replacing a wheel on military maz or MZKT, or bases is the whole problem, you probably need a crane, not to mention replacing the engine. Such a machine is needed and certainly will not be superfluous.
  2. 13 warrior
    13 warrior 18 August 2016 09: 16
    There is nothing to comment on. Well done!
  3. Tusv
    Tusv 18 August 2016 09: 38
    You can evacuate anti-aircraft defense by Harams and Axes and then posthumously.
    Do not scare the people. Tractor units?
    1. alexng
      alexng 18 August 2016 10: 41
      Do not forget that the installations themselves are protected by medium and short-range air defense against the blows of blunt axes and other craps that can only hit stationary objects. Therefore, your comment hit the milk, or even past the target.
  4. eburg1234
    eburg1234 18 August 2016 10: 15
    It is good that BAZ has switched to Almaz-Antey: they will load their production as much as possible.
  5. bad
    bad 18 August 2016 10: 32
    In the Russian Federation created a tow truck for the C-400
    ... of course it’s good to have such a tow truck .. but something tells me that such a complex as the S-400 will be especially monitored due to its striking power .. accordingly, they will try to destroy it in the first place .. oh well .. you don’t cut the money was .. feel
  6. my five cents
    my five cents 18 August 2016 11: 01
    "BAZ-6910-021 tractor manufactured at the Bryansk Automobile Plant" - keep it up!
    The Belarusian colleagues barely "ate" and lost their scent from the free gas.
    Well, that is, they, the Belarusians, have a complete "gas contamination", I would say, happened.
    Russia rules!
  7. nivander
    nivander 18 August 2016 11: 06
    useful thing --- I remember with what difficulty we pulled the MAZ-537 tractor and the NVO tower from the S-300PS complex (in transport position) from the ditch. We managed to get the crew on the fly, and even two IMP-2 hours four writhed while this carcass was pulled onto the road. And it all started with the fact that the soldier conscript did not fit into the turn
  8. proud
    proud 18 August 2016 22: 02
    The car is needed and it’s time for BAZ to get up off its knees, but I’m just hoping that when Kamaz finds out about such a car, it’ll kill the tender anyway, it’s all around you - do not spit around Kamaz even though the machine is messy!
  9. Documentary
    Documentary 19 August 2016 06: 03
    Every time I read an article that we started to do something new, or resumed the release of the old, I rejoice. So all is not lost!