The explosion in eastern Turkey, the object of a terrorist attack was the police station

Three people were killed and more than 70 were injured in the blast that thundered on Wednesday in eastern Turkey in the province of Van, near the Iranian border, reports RIA News message agency Anadolu.

The object of the terrorist attack was a police station, near whose walls a car filled with explosives exploded.

“Three civilians died. Among the 71 victims, the condition of the three is grave, 17 among them are policemen ”,
The agency quotes the words of Zahir Soganda, the head of the regional branch of the ruling Justice and Development Party.

According to him, among the dead - one child.

Local authorities have no doubt: the attack was staged by activists of the Kurdistan Workers' Party banned in the country.
  • Anadolu
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  1. 0
    August 18 2016
    Erdogan resisted, relations with the Russian Federation are improving. The United States of Turkey will not forgive this. The Americans will try to destabilize the situation in this country.
    1. -1
      August 18 2016
      Yes, with a shot down plane - he messed up a lot. Now to him, wherever you go, someone will try to destabilize the situation in Turkey. Whether Russia, the USA, radish horseradish is not sweeter. And the Kurds are happy.
    2. -1
      August 18 2016
      Quote: Valery Valery
      The United States of Turkey will not forgive this. The Americans will try to destabilize the situation in this country.

      Enough paranoia .. Turkey is full of organizations that are NOT funded by the United States, but at the same time they are happy to prepare terrorist attacks. They have their own goals - a conflict of interests within the country.
      1. -1
        August 18 2016
        And which organizations? Please announce your list .....
  2. -3
    August 18 2016
    A police station in a country with a serious political crisis is not an object for a political terrorist attack. A residence of a foreign state, a foreign bank and other objects with foreign capital, etc. with foreign participation would strike Erdogan, and the police station is more an act of intimidation only for the police, and they should not be angry.
  3. 0
    August 18 2016
    The costs of Erdogan’s policy.
    For 5 years he managed to spoil relations with everyone, and now, no matter whose side he takes, there will probably be a side that will try to adjust his plan to change the strategy in the region through terrorist attacks.
    On the other hand, after the US attempt to eliminate Erdogan, they pushed him to reassess and change priorities, which may lead to a resumption of dialogue with the PKK, Syria, Iran and Russia, despite the explosions. He probably still feels the chill of the breath of death in the back of his head, which clearly does not contribute to communication with the mattresses at the same level.

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