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Black Sea Fleet is preparing and studying

Black Sea Fleet is preparing and studying

On the Black Sea navy exercises began to repel an attack of saboteurs from the sea. According to the Ministry of Defense, about a thousand personnel, more than ten ships and support vessels, as well as Mi-8 and Ka-27PS helicopters will be involved in the exercises.

These maneuvers will be very different from the usual eye. Since the main action takes place under water, no external effects can be observed. Nevertheless, the testing of anti-sabotage actions is a constant component of the training and combat process and is conducted year-round.

What do you need to have out of gear and what needs to be worked out in order to secure ships and bases?

The most obvious, but far from the easiest way to deal with enemy combat swimmers, is to prepare your own swimmers.

Back in the Soviet Union, work began on the creation of special detachments of fighters trained to operate underwater. The cause was an explosion on the battleship Novorossiysk 29 October 1955, in Sevastopol, when the Soviet seamen 829 died.

The commission to investigate the tragedy did not give an unequivocal answer about the causes of the battleship’s death, but according to one version, veterans of the Italian 10 Black Prince Valerio Borghese who had performed such operations in the Mediterranean bases of Great Britain during the war were involved in the blast.

In order to counteract sea saboteurs, a complex of special weapons, which allowed to conduct combat operations under water.

Specialists of TsNIITOCHMASH developed an automatic underwater special (APS) machine - a unique weapon of its kind capable of conducting automatic fire in the underwater and air environment.

Combat swimmers, guard bases and coastal facilities, should be able to use such weapons and meet enemy saboteurs with long lines of needle-like bullets that were specially designed for underwater operations.

By the same principle, an underwater pistol of the original design was created, similar to the modern non-lethal traumatic means “Wasp”. He shot the gun with the same needles.

But the constant underwater watch of combat swimmers is not the most effective way to combat enemy saboteurs. It is clear that people can not be long in the water, in addition, in conditions of bad weather and storms, the efficiency of swimmers decreases. And the active movement of ships in the waters of the naval bases also does not contribute to the safe location of swimmers in the depths.

Therefore, to combat possible penetration into the ports, an arsenal of technical means is used.

One of the most simple, but quite effective - network barriers. Steel nets can interfere with everything underwater, from mini-submarines to underwater scooters or torpedoes. However, for well-trained combat swimmers, overcoming network barriers is not a problem.

The most important problem in the protection of important objects is the extreme difficulty of detecting saboteurs on the way. As a rule, combat swimmers use closed-circuit breathing apparatus for breathing, which do not give a unmasking effect in the form of gas bubbles coming to the surface.

Since it is difficult to accurately determine the location of saboteurs under water, a tool has been developed that allows working by area.

Special anti-sabotage grenade launcher DP-64 "Nepryadva", which exists in a portable and machine versions. The device shoots small grenades, the principle of which is similar to depth charges - they explode as soon as they reach a certain depth. Thus, under the threat of an attack from under the water, the waters of the naval bases begin to thickly fall asleep with such bombs capable of striking all life in a radius of ten meters.

In addition, acoustic mines are a very effective anti-sabotage tool. These are special acoustic stations that generate special frequency sound pulses. It is known that water is a much better conductor of sound than air, therefore, if you wish, you can arrange such a "concert" that the saboteurs will have nothing better to do than emerge and surrender. And any more or less effective protection against acoustic shock under water has not yet been invented.

Apply and high-tech tools, mini-sonar, which is installed on the approaches to the waters of the ports and piers, where ships are based. Small acoustic stations should detect the sounds that a person makes when moving under water, up to heartbeats.

However, if such an alarm is triggered, verification is required to make sure that these are really enemy swimmers, and not a similar object of marine fauna. But, as a rule, modern saboteurs use underwater vehicles, underwater scooters, which are much easier to detect.

There are projects to attract unmanned underwater vehicles to patrol the waters of the bases, but all these numerous projects are still in the experimental stage and far from their actual use.

Thus, the main burden of work to protect against saboteurs lies still on the shoulders of guard duty both above water and below its surface. That, in fact, is the main goal of the begun exercises. Moreover, we have to wait for unkind guests.
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  1. Orionvit
    Orionvit 16 August 2016 08: 10
    I’m glad that we didn’t lose the school I had already acquired in the Union. A friend of mine served at the Black Sea Fleet in the 80s, speaking at our combat swimmers it was even scary to watch, all midshipmen, and healthy as gorillas, and what they did was just fantastic. American seals are resting.
      RUSOIVAN 16 August 2016 17: 11
      Tales: they are all of medium height: there are no outstanding dimensions, but they did about it, they don’t lie!
  2. bandabas
    bandabas 16 August 2016 09: 28
    It remains to revive the training of fighting dolphins. Although on March 9, 2016, an order for the purchase of five dolphins for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation appeared on the government procurement site. According to the order, dolphins must be no less than three years old, no older than five and must be delivered to Sevastopol no later than August 1, 2016.
  3. black
    black 16 August 2016 10: 09
    Fortunately, the teachings coincided. Here saboteurs - here are exercises. All to the benefit of the motherland.
  4. Aviagr
    Aviagr 16 August 2016 10: 49
    There are projects to attract unmanned underwater vehicles to patrol the waters of the bases, but all these numerous projects are still in the experimental stage and far from their actual use.

    Under no circumstances should you use underwater vehicles - then you will need an expensive "friend or foe" recognition system, which is fraught with both opening codes and "buying" them from moles.
    The best tool in the middle approaches will be robotic crewless sailing catamarans with side-scan sonars and new generation pneumatic anti-sabotage guns.
    And all kinds of underwater gliders, their slope-like options, and bottom tractors have already been bred so much that humanoid saboteurs will soon have nothing to do - and so far there are not many solutions to this problem.
    Dolphins would be the best tool, but then the use of sonic guns and anti-sabotage grenades is forbidden - also a dilemma ...
    In general, while in the "shell-armor" dispute, our defense is losing, alas ..
  5. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 16 August 2016 11: 46
    I remembered Zagortsev with his "Special Purpose Sailor".
  6. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 16 August 2016 12: 09
    Any machinery and other gadgets are good, of course.
    Catamarans ... lateral glide with oven guns on board ... sound pressure floodlights ... underwater Katyusha and surface tractors - also in the stream.
    But, the elite - combat swimmers and their antagonists - the fighters of the PDSS (although what kind of antagonists they are, it all depends on the task at hand) - is being prepared not so much for the "Jace Bond" pranks as for the task.
    Regardless of counteraction.
    They will block the sea routes - they will remain land. Overlap the land - remain air.
    They will block the air ones - they will climb through tunnels and caves.
    I recall the actions of combat swimmers on the CSF. In my years there.
    So, swimmers rarely climbed into the water - to complete the task.
    It was much easier to change clothes, but in transport, with comfort ... drive through all the checkpoints and ambushes - having real documents in hand.
    Almost always worked - for all 100.
    And on the way out - they caught themselves .... and what kind of PPC-shnik dares to object to them - to catch the adversary.
    Exotic is good for the time being.
    AND - TIME.
    Good luck, brothers.
    1. Aviagr
      Aviagr 16 August 2016 13: 14
      Quote: Bashibuzuk
      Exotic is good for the time being.

      Exotica just needed at the very beginning, otherwise we get 41 year again - the role of technology has grown many times ...
      As one of the sages said: The basis of any heroic deed is always someone’s sloppiness and self-confidence ...
      Underestimating the technical superiority of the enemy will again lead to "sabers - to the tanks."
  7. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 16 August 2016 16: 22
    The most obvious, but far from the easiest way to deal with enemy combat swimmers, is to prepare your own swimmers.

    The most obvious way to deal with the enemy’s combat swimmers is through the GAS + RSL team. Or just a powerful CEO. smile
  8. Mister22408
    Mister22408 16 August 2016 16: 34
    The networks do not even work against the PSD, with the proper skill (if the networks are in the standard version) ... The stations are deceived, the dolphins are not. Coastal hydrology is heterogeneous and they use it ... Even the "Lion" was not shown, but was put up for sale abroad ...
  9. Gunther
    Gunther 17 August 2016 00: 12
    Article plus, a good article, if you do not want to be planted in the back of a scimitar, you must maintain combat readiness.
    But Roman forgot about Crimean fighting dolphins.
    But they are.
    1. Mister22408
      Mister22408 17 August 2016 13: 21
  10. rapusa
    rapusa 19 August 2016 00: 35
    Methods and means of protection against underwater saboteurs
    tempting article
  11. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 19 August 2016 22: 32
    About the blowing up of Novorossiysk by the Italians - nonsense spread by the Italians themselves. In 1955, it was a dilapidated impoverished country, there was no one to provide such a sabotage. But the English trail is quite real: the confrontation with England in the 50s was the maximum, which is only the headless Lionel Krebs, who took it into his head to study the thruster on a Soviet cruiser.