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Media: The head of the NGO "Almaz" dismissed for "omissions in the work"

The Board of Directors of NPO Almaz (part of the VKO Almaz-Antey concern) on Tuesday dismissed the head of the company, Vitaly Neskorodov, for “systematically failing to carry out the instructions of the concern’s general director (Almaz-Antey), omissions in work and loss of trust” reported News.

Media: The head of the NGO "Almaz" dismissed for "omissions in the work"

“NPO Almaz, which is often called the heart of the Almaz-Antey concern, was created on September 8 of 1947 as a special bureau No. 1. The company has developed the legendary anti-aircraft missile systems C-25, C-75, C-125, C-300 and C-400. At present, NPO Almaz is the leading backbone enterprise consolidating the work of all enterprises of the concern in creating air defense, aerospace and antimissile defenses, including C-500, the Nudol product and a number of other strategically important programs, ”reminds the newspaper .

Gennady Bendersky, who headed the Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant, also part of the concern, became the new general director of the company.

The press service of "Almaz-Antea" was not able to quickly comment on the situation.

“Earlier, in the military-industrial complex of Russia there were loud resignations, but in my memory this is the first time that the head of such a significant enterprise was officially fired“ for omissions in work and loss of confidence. ” Usually the guilty director left at his own request, by agreement of the parties or transferred to another position, ”Ivan Konovalov, director of the Center for Strategic Conjuncture, told the newspaper.

According to other sources of the publication, Neskorodov’s dismissal “was largely due to the protracted work on two key projects: the Poliment-Redut sea anti-aircraft missile system and the Morphey near-air defense system.”

Information from Izvestia: “Polymer Redut” air defense missile system, which is installed on the latest Russian corvettes of the 20380, 20385 and frigates of the 22350 project, is capable of destroying both airplanes, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles at a distance from 10 to 150 km. In addition to the existing projects, it is expected that the newest air defense system will also replenish the arsenal of Leader nuclear destroyers and the upgraded Orlan heavy missile cruisers.
Photos used:
press service of the concern Almaz-Antey Air Defense

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  1. Finches
    Finches 12 August 2016 10: 16
    Internal troubles of the corporation - without the knowledge of all the information, it is not possible to conclude the dismissal!
    1. Stone
      Stone 12 August 2016 10: 25
      The main reason is the failure to meet the deadlines for the development of new weapons, experts say.

      "failure to meet the deadlines for the development of new weapons" - they found an extreme ...
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 12 August 2016 10: 34
        Quote: Stone
        "failure to meet the deadlines for the development of new weapons" - they found an extreme ...

        Wow, "extreme", he's not some kind of locksmith who dropped a screwdriver while assembling a product ...
        1. kenig1
          kenig1 12 August 2016 10: 58
          We do not know what they have for the undercover wars, and the reason for the dismissal is not difficult to formulate. Can you imagine what money is spinning there?
          1. Buffet
            Buffet 12 August 2016 15: 47
            Look at open source cash flow. Some nervously smoke on the sidelines. And as for the director, if he was fired with such a postscript, then everything is very bad ...
        2. Leto
          Leto 12 August 2016 11: 21
          Quote: Sith Lord
          Wow, "extreme", he's not some kind of locksmith who dropped a screwdriver while assembling a product ...

          That’s exactly what’s extreme, 9M96 missiles have been tortured since 1999, just as it didn’t fly initially, it doesn’t fly.
          06.04.2007 Rossiyskaya Gazeta, article "Invisible Fighter", interview with Vladimir Svetlov, General Designer of Fakel Machine-Building Design Bureau
          I quote:
          WG | Why did you need to create a rocket that can bring down everything in the world, and even something that was not yet imagined?
          Svetlov | ... And in the early 90's we were instructed to create a rocket that would protect our ships from such weapons. In particular, from anti-ship missiles that exist, and from those that can be created in the foreseeable future. We made calculations and were horrified: to complete the tasks in the traditional way, the rocket had to weigh 4,5 tons! But not such a whopper on every ship. It’s also very expensive.
          As a result, having once again analyzed everything that had been created before at our Fakel, and carefully studying the achievements of world rocketry, they showed ingenuity and created a rocket weighing only 340 kilograms.
          WG | But less power and slower?
          Svetlov | The characteristics given to us are sustained.
          WG | What was the name of the baby?
          Svetlov | 9M96. But you hardly heard of her.
          WG | And what is the main secret of 9M96?
          Svetlov | First, a small educational program. The probability of a direct hit by an anti-aircraft missile at a target is usually low. Usually it passes somewhere nearby, and therefore, to guarantee the destruction of the target, one has to use a decent amount of explosives and metal fragments. For the first time, this technology implements key technologies that determine the appearance of promising anti-aircraft guided missiles used in both European and American developments. Including the use for control in the final phase of the gas-dynamic guidance method. As a result - high-precision guidance of the missile right up to a direct hit on the target. To do this, we used an engine that allows the rocket to perform non-standard maneuvers. This is our patented invention. In general, she has many unique qualities
          1. The comment was deleted.
            1. Leto
              Leto 12 August 2016 15: 55
              Quote from rudolf
              9M96 is also included in the nomenclature of S-400 and Vityaz air defense systems. Perhaps it was because of her that the adoption of the latter was stalled.

              The 9M96 was supposed to be part of the S-400, but its unavailability frankly drowned the S-400, and if the 40N6 was adopted with grief in half five years after the S-400 itself was adopted, then the 9M96 was simply deleted from its composition, having thrown it in 2007. ... (when the S-400 was adopted) in the S-350 "Vityaz" air defense system, thus knocking out additional funds for its fine-tuning, the only problem is that neither the Vityaz nor the Redoubt 9M96 flies, the rocket has been tortured for 17 years, They spent a lot of money, the principle of "hit-to-kill" was not implemented even after 2007. began to shamefully keep silent about what the initial requirements for it were. In general, 9M96 became a curse for Almaz and someone had to be punished ...
      2. pilot8878
        pilot8878 12 August 2016 10: 55
        Quote: Stone
        "failure to meet the deadlines for the development of new weapons" - they found an extreme ...

        Usually the extreme are transferred to another job or leave "on their own." Here is something completely different ... Since they were kicked out with such a bang, it means that there is something for that, something was wrong behind him ...
      3. 79807420129
        79807420129 12 August 2016 10: 59
        Quote: Stone
        "failure to meet the deadlines for the development of new weapons" - found an extreme

        In fact, my colleague, it’s not the right time now, so that the state defense order would not be fulfilled. hi
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. olegkrava
      olegkrava 12 August 2016 11: 04
      With this surname, prosperity was not planned in this area. Read Sergei Alekseev.
      1. tommy717
        tommy717 12 August 2016 11: 37
        In my opinion, the new surname is no better. One joy is that he is Bendersky, not Bandera.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Lord_Bran
      Lord_Bran 13 August 2016 09: 44
      Well, what are the plans of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for these developments, what were they fired for disrupting the schedule of the head of the enterprise?
  2. Abbra
    Abbra 12 August 2016 10: 17
    Something the man did out of the ordinary ... We will wait for more details ... hi
    1. svp67
      svp67 12 August 2016 10: 21
      Quote: Abbra
      Something the man did out of the ordinary ...

      He failed the tests of promising missiles, did not provide the required quality and delivery time of weapons. In the old days, they would have shot as a PEST, so it was easy to get rid of.
      1. Siberian
        Siberian 12 August 2016 10: 55
        Do you think that the creation of promising missiles always goes smoothly. And in the Soviet Union, with its powerful economic potential, could not do without mistakes? Anything happened, but the resignation of a leader of this rank should have been due to a more serious reason.
        But a pest or not a pest, we don’t know this and I believe that we will not know the whole truth.
        Therefore, we will not rush to conclusions.
        1. svp67
          svp67 12 August 2016 11: 09
          Quote: Siberian
          Do you think that the creation of promising missiles always goes smoothly?

          I don’t think, this is one of the "drops" that overflowed the cup of patience ...
      2. kenig1
        kenig1 12 August 2016 10: 58
        Did you make a conclusion? Three are not enough.
      3. Alex777
        Alex777 13 August 2016 19: 35
        Quote: svp67
        Quote: Abbra
        Something the man did out of the ordinary ...

        He failed the tests of promising missiles, did not provide the required quality and delivery time of weapons. In the old days, they would have shot as a PEST, so it was easy to get rid of.

        I am not a supporter of executions. Fundamentally.
        However, the scale of the disaster is unique.
        I am glad that they began to dismiss concrete formulations.
        Not to understand what he undertook, a man of his level could not.
        In November, frigate 22350 is due. If this director did not manage, you need someone to handle. Highly. hi
    2. Kudrevkn
      Kudrevkn 12 August 2016 18: 42
      Maybe it's the name of the offender? In the "Not" prefix? Just kidding!
  3. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 12 August 2016 10: 18
    Fired? Is that all? And when to plant?
  4. bardadym
    bardadym 12 August 2016 10: 24
    Mmmm ... And this fired one, is he an "effective manager" or an engineer? And then somehow it is not even clear how to react to this news.

    Threat. Well, by what was found on the Internet as a first approximation, the character worked as an engineer for 3 years, and worked for 23 more years in positions like "economic advisers" и "restructuring managers". That is closer to "effective".
    So the news is rather positive. Probably.
    1. svp67
      svp67 12 August 2016 10: 29
      Quote: bardadym
      And this fired one, is he an "effective manager" or an engineer?

      Judge for yourself
      Born on 22 on August 1966 of the year.
      In 1990, he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a degree in Physical Engineering.
      From 1990 to 1993 he worked as an engineer at the Central Institute of Aviation Motors. P.I. Baranova.
      In 1993-1996, he worked in various positions at OKB Tveruniversalbank.
      Since 1997 - Advisor to the General Director of KomiTEK-Moscow CJSC.
      In 1998-1999 - Chairman of the Board of CB Ergobank.
      Since 2000 - Deputy General Director for Special Economic Affairs of OJSC Almaz Central Design Bureau (now PJSC NPO Almaz).
      Since 2001 - Deputy General Director for Restructuring - Head of the Restructuring Department of Almaz Central Design Bureau.
      Since 2002 - Deputy General Director - Director for Economics of OJSC NPO Almaz (now PJSC NPO Almaz).
      Since 2008 - First Deputy General Director of Almaz-Antey GSKB OJSC (now Almaz PJSC).
      In 2008 he was awarded the medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", II degree.
      From February 2011 - General Director of PJSC NPO Almaz (until July 2015, OJSC GSKB Almaz-Antey).

      For me, "manager" is more than "engineer"
      1. stalkerwalker
        stalkerwalker 12 August 2016 10: 41
        Quote: svp67
        For me, "manager" is more than "engineer"

        A typical example of a "nominee from Moscow" ...
        There are millions of such people all over the country. They come as a bar, they are not particularly interested in the specifics of production, they only have money in their head and, once again, money.
        An example from life.
        The 25-year-old "Muscovite" general director of the OJSC NSR enters the office of the head of the navigation security service of the Northern Sea Shipping Company and from the doorway throws "I have 20 minutes. Explain to me the essence of your service's work ..."
        The head of the maritime security service, a sailor with 30 years of experience, was even confused. But I got myself together and answered, "You know ... I've been going at sea for 30 years ... But I myself can't understand this ..." After that I went to the Human Resources Department and wrote a statement on my own. Now the captain is again.
        In Russia, the class of Soviet barin-gods and tsars has been replaced by Russian omnipotent goat managers.
      2. bardadym
        bardadym 12 August 2016 10: 49
        For me, "manager" is more than "engineer"

        Yes, it seems.
        Apparently, he managed something, to the detriment of the main work. Since "loss of confidence" awarded ...
      3. tommy717
        tommy717 12 August 2016 11: 42
        Not only is he a manager, and no longer an engineer, but judging by his biography, he is one of those who “increase” labor efficiency by dismissing personnel. And the order probably begged from the leadership.
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. Monos
        Monos 12 August 2016 13: 56
        Quote: svp67
        For me, "manager" is more than "engineer"

        He's not an engineer at all. Phystech does not train engineers. The name of the specialty "engineer-physicist researcher" states the fact that the graduate will be engaged in applied physics. He is a physicist. From the graduates of the late 80s - 90s, many graduates of physics and technology went into business.
        Judging by the wording:

        for "systematic failure to fulfill the instructions of the general director of the concern (" Almaz-Antey ")

        did not get along. Probably argued and disputed the decisions of the main thing. This is generally a characteristic feature of the physical techs: the ability and love to argue.
  5. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 12 August 2016 10: 31
    This is not just a disruption of orders - this is "omission in work", for this they are simply fired. "Loss trust"- this is a political death, the doors to the State Structures are closed, I would not be surprised if the Prosecutor General's Office initiates a criminal case.
  6. sergey2017
    sergey2017 12 August 2016 10: 36
    Quote: Abbra
    Something the man did out of the ordinary ... We will wait for more details ... hi

    The topic for reflection on the positions held by Vitaly Neskorodov: -Deputy General Director for Special Economic Issues;
    –Deputy General Director for Restructuring - Head of the Restructuring Department;
    –Deputy General Director - for Economics.
    Draw a conclusion from this!
  7. Prisoner
    Prisoner 12 August 2016 10: 36
    The man was lucky that he was born late. In ancient times, it could ring out "without the right of correspondence."
  8. masiya
    masiya 12 August 2016 10: 40
    [For me, a "manager" is more than an "engineer"] that's for sure, 3 years as an engineer at an institute is not a job, the rest of the activities in banks and economics, so apparently he messed with the "economy" for which he flew out.
  9. Engineer
    Engineer 12 August 2016 10: 42
    Morpheus and the truth has already become mythical. Already 10 years as one I read myths about him. So I feel the need to dispel myths not otherwise the prosecutor's office.
  10. Million
    Million 12 August 2016 10: 49
    Impunity breeds irresponsibility
  11. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 12 August 2016 11: 04
    In short, a graduate with an MBI diploma! In Matrasia itself, they already say in a voice - if you want to destroy the production - appoint a manager with such a diploma (I have friends in the states). This one "jumped over". Efficiency of production is, first of all, on time and with proper quality delivered products! And not the reduction of staff and wages, and the sale of "non-core assets", after which it suddenly turns out that there is nowhere to take the necessary components!
  12. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 12 August 2016 11: 09
    "for the loss of trust" is a conveniently coined expression.
  13. imugn
    imugn 12 August 2016 11: 17
    The site of the enterprise has not yet been updated.

    There are 7 people on the board of directors along with Neskorodov. Of these, three people - his deputy. It turns out that his deputies voted for his resignation. At the same time, the board of directors lasted less than two months.
  14. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 August 2016 11: 20
    Quote: bardadym
    And this fired one, is he an "effective manager" or an engineer? And then somehow it is not even clear how to react to this news.

    Most likely from the "effective" ones. Something in the post-Soviet period was not heard from good engineers to managers of an enterprise. Remember the words of one of the main reformers: "You don't need to be a specialist, the main thing is to organize the work." And they organized to make money for their protégés and of course themselves.
  15. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 12 August 2016 12: 00
    Yes, the situation is already anecdotal. I hope now something will change for the better, although it is of course more difficult to establish and longer than to spoil.
  16. ML-334
    ML-334 12 August 2016 12: 26
    According to the article, it’s clear that there is no roof, it means the switchman. They freed up space for their own people, they look cynical, but they don’t abandon theirs- (stool).
    1. urganov
      urganov 12 August 2016 13: 44
      Quote: ML-334
      Freed up space for their

      Here are the people. Just to blur that ... For what? Dear ... Newly appointed before this LEMZom commanded from hard workers and plowmen.
      What a habit to rattle without thinking.
  17. sub307
    sub307 12 August 2016 12: 37
    "Honestly," I still haven't heard or read about "Nudol" ..., "googled" a little ..., it turned out - a very honest technique: "Multichannel missile defense / anti-missile defense system, long-range intercept missile system. 14TS033 shooting complex with the 14P078 command and control station and the 14Ts031 radar is being developed according to the Nudol design and development project as a component of the A-235 missile defense system. , OKB "Novator"
    Test launches of missiles of the Nudol complex:
    November 12.08.2014, XNUMX
    First launch. Probably successful (source).
    02 22.04.2015 g.
    Plesetsk Second launch. Unsuccessful emergency start.
    03 18.11.2015 g.
    Third launch, first successful test launch. It is believed that the tests were anti-satellite in nature.
    04 25.05.2016 g.
    The fourth launch, a successful test missile test, it is not known for what purpose the missile was launched - by satellite or simply by suborption trajectory. "

    You can understand this - the tests are ongoing.
    Presumably - launcher P222 complex 14TS033 "Nudol", published in 2015.
  18. GEV67
    GEV67 12 August 2016 12: 48
    A very soft solution for such an enterprise. It is a pity that the Stalinist methods do not work today.
  19. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 12 August 2016 13: 45
    And what do you dislike about his diploma? The diploma is normal in the subject, in those years it was well taught, another thing, as he had for 3 years from no one, he became a gene adviser. directors? There is no way without a shaggy paw.
  20. iouris
    iouris 12 August 2016 14: 27
    Who is fired and for what omissions is information for shareholders. The venerable public should be interested only in material matters.
  21. viktor.
    viktor. 12 August 2016 16: 04
    it’s necessary to look at him if our leaders would often have pulled for a cardon atom in the event of their resignation or dismissal, they began to run away and tongue them!
  22. midshipman
    midshipman 12 August 2016 19: 45
    I had to start working with KB-1 in 1977. It was instructed to place my equipment on one of the missiles of the Fakel enterprise. Then the KB-1 B.V. Bunkin, and I worked according to the system with his deputy Chernomordik V. Then in 1979 I headed the 6GU MRP of the USSR, KB-1 belonged to 1SU (Mileshkin V.P.). After the death of B.V. Bunkin, the enterprise was headed by a talented scientist and organizer A.A. Limansky. He died while testing the air defense system at the Kapustin YAR. Enterprise LEMZ General Director Doctor of Technical Sciences G.P. Bendersky (a talented leader), enjoys authority not only in the Concern, but also in the Moscow Government. Until 1989, this enterprise belonged to the 7GU MRP of the USSR (Goncharov V.I.). For the systems created by 6GU enterprises, this enterprise produced route-based radars. The director then was K.V. Agafonov.
    For the readers of "VO" I have given the permissible information so that you do not judge negatively the leaders of the enterprises of JSC "Concern VKO" Almaz-Antey ". Currently, the leaders of all enterprises are worthy and creative specialists who give all their strength to the creation of military equipment for our Yes, something has been disrupted and therefore they are simply strengthening the management of enterprises.
  23. Bramb
    Bramb 12 August 2016 19: 46
    After such formulations, they were shot.
    Now it's good if they go to jail.