How the Turks and the Russians will create a military alliance and disintegrate NATO

It cost Erdogan to meet with Putin, as in the West they whispered and loudly shouted about the “military alliance” of Turkey and Russia and the coming disintegration of NATO. Of course, these are the next horror stories, composed for the sake of maintaining the thesis of "threat". The level of horror stories, I must say, went too high. Against such assumptions made even the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

How the Turks and the Russians will create a military alliance and disintegrate NATO

As reported on August 9 RIA News", Foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier excludes the possibility of Russia and Turkey creating a military alliance.

“It’s good that after the Turkish fighter shot down a Russian bomber last year, a rapprochement again arose,” the minister said in an interview with the tabloid Bild. “But at the same time, I don’t think that relations between the countries will become so close that Russia and Turkey will create an alternative to the NATO partnership.” Turkey is an important partner of NATO, and should remain with them. ”

Earlier, 8 in August, the official representative of the German Foreign Ministry Savsan Chebli also mentioned the warming in relations between Turkey and Russia. "We do not think that the rapprochement of Moscow and Ankara will have consequences for security cooperation within the alliance," the diplomat said. "" with reference to Reuters.

She also noted that it is very important that both states maintain bilateral relations, taking into account the roles that they play in resolving the crisis in Syria.

At the same time, in the West they write about the “sharp rise” of bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey. And they frankly ask themselves the question: “Are Russia and Turkey friends with?” It is precisely this question, for example, that is looking for an answer "BBC".

The presenter of the BBC program, Alexander Kan, believes in this connection that the most important issue is “still the relations between Turkey and the West”. The journalist refers to the Financial Times newspaper, which cites the opinion of an anonymous Turkish diplomat in Moscow. The latter said that Ankara’s relations with Washington are worse than ever in the last fifty years.

“Yes, this then makes an attractive prospect of becoming friends with Moscow, but doesn’t really contribute to overall geopolitical stability,” the facilitator notes. - At one time, the United States strongly pressured the European Union so that Brussels made concessions and accepted Turkey into the European Union. It did not happen, and now, apparently, in the foreseeable future, and it will not happen. ”

The removal of Turkey, the region’s largest power and a member of NATO, seems to the journalist to be a kind of “dangerous factor in the development of the future geopolitical situation in the world.” At least that's what Kahn asked from an expert.

He was answered by a senior researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations named after Primakov of the Russian Academy of Sciences Victor Nadein-Rayevsky:

“Of course, outwardly it looks really dangerous, but I see no particular problems here. Turkey with NATO is not going to tear. Turkey is not going to leave the alliance, nor to cease to be the eastern outpost of NATO in the Mediterranean. This is extremely important for the Turks, and I think they will in no way give up their allied obligations. ”

The expert of the Association of military political scientists Alexander Perendzhiev thinks the same way. He is convinced that the danger to NATO does not exist in any case.

“It seems to me,” he said in an interview. "Free Press", - you can put the question differently: will there be a danger to NATO if Turkey is in NATO. For some reason they do not raise this question, but it is more significant than the question of the danger of Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia. It seems to me that they misinterpret the essence of the problem, which is that today Turkey is becoming more and more non-NATO country. But this is not the worst for them. The worst thing would be if Turkey, being in NATO, becomes an anti-NATO country. ”

Regarding the rapprochement with Russia, which the West fears so much, the expert said that this rapprochement will take place. This will happen because Turkey will move away from NATO: Erdogan was pushed to this by the United States. “This is about countering the technology of state coups, including under the guise of“ color ”revolutions,” the expert recalled. - Both Russia, Azerbaijan, and Iran, and Turkey either enter into the risk zone of using such technologies, or they have already been used against them. I would call this rapprochement "anti-color." Here Turkey should raise the question: how dangerous is cooperation with the West for it? Moreover, Erdogan openly says that it was the United States who had a hand in an attempt to overthrow him. ”

“If we are talking about cooperation, then it is necessary to separate military and economic cooperation,” said Andrei Epifintsev, head of the analytical agency Alte et Certe. - The rapprochement of Moscow and Ankara will, in any case, be tensely perceived by the West, but no one will protest publicly. It would be strange if any of the representatives of European states declared that we are against Erdogan going to Russia, this is impossible, this is a bad tone, it does not happen like that. On the other hand, they will watch over this intensely, and they can put a spoke in the wheels of some specific projects, for example, along a gas pipeline. They will do this because, in any case, they are not interested in bringing Turkey and Russia closer together. ”

Meanwhile, we add, the convergence occurs. And it happens, of course, not in the military sphere, but in the economic sphere. The two states resume full-fledged cooperation, including the construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.

The construction of its first string should be completed by December 2019, lead "Vesti" words of Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

The implementation of the Turkish Stream project will begin shortly. However, if Russia does not receive legal guarantees from the EU in the interest of gas supplies, this project will be limited to one string. Moscow has sent Turkey a “roadmap” of the project. It is known that Ankara confirmed the desire to speed up the review of the project.

In addition, trade relations are improving. "The volume of trade between our countries, which amounted to 35 billion dollars, fell to 27 billion due to recent events. Our goal is to bring the volume of trade to 100 billion, and for this we will do everything we can," the channel quotes "Euronews" Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

We should not forget about tourism - the industry is extremely profitable for Ankara.

Vladimir Putin considers the resumption of air links with Turkey a “matter of technology and the near future”. Moscow received guarantees from Ankara for the safety of tourists from Russia, give Putin’s words "Vedomosti".

The publication reminds that due to the reduction in tourist traffic only in the first half of 2016 of the year, Turkey lost 840 million dollars. This was announced by presidential aide Yury Ushakov. In 2015, Turkey was visited by 3,6 million people, and in January-June - a total of 183.800 people. This is evidenced by data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey.

We add, however, about the strategic relations between Russia and Turkey, and even more so about the military alliance that other Western analysts hint at, and even more so about the split in NATO because of Turkey, cannot be counted on. Such assumptions are nothing more than regular propaganda horror stories, to the detriment of the rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow.

Strategic rapprochement and in general to any promising union of Moscow and Ankara, as before, are hampered by the opposing positions of the parties on Syria. As a matter of fact, the dissimilarity of the positions caused the conflict and the cooling of relations between the two states. There can be no hope that Erdogan will change his views on the “butcher” Assad (his definition). As for tourists, gas and tomatoes, here the parties have the most common pragmatic interest: money.

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  1. +3
    August 11 2016
    The Turks are already friends .. and the plane was shot down on their own initiative as it turned out ..
    Miracles are alone.
    In a word, politics
    1. +19
      August 11 2016
      It is better to strangle enemies in their arms)))
      1. +11
        August 11 2016
        The best instrument of friendship will be Strengthening the Black Sea Fleet and a powerful army group in the Black Sea region! East, respect only the strong !!!
        1. +7
          August 11 2016
          Quote: Hunter
          The best instrument of friendship will be Strengthening the Black Sea Fleet and a powerful army group in the Black Sea region! East, respect only the strong !!!

          It’s right and there is no need to invent anything, a very difficult game is going on and you can’t make mistakes, it’s better to become stronger with the old, proven method.
      2. +5
        August 11 2016
        I am ready to subscribe to almost every thought of the author, the article is very faithfully written. Indeed, it is true - Turkey can become a kind of "Trojan horse" of Russia in NATO in order to influence this anti-Russian alliance from within. This can be said to be a brilliant combination!
        1. +4
          August 11 2016
          Quote: Warrior2015
          It can be said a brilliant combination!

          Especially touching after this look statements that
          "Russia has always carried out and will continue to consistent international politics "
          1. Fat
            August 11 2016
            Only reading mats? Clip thinking drives ... This is not even chess, where positionally ... The European Union has done it
        2. 0
          August 11 2016

          But I’ll tell you something completely different.

          The author, of course, has a rational link, but either doesn’t negotiate something on purpose, or because of lack of knowledge, which of course is doubtful.

          First of all.

          All these putsch in Turkey and conversations and meetings with GDP in the press were covered somewhere at the level of 1% of the total information. Which is very small. The average person did not even notice anything. But the politicians were silent.


          Once again, everyone needs to pay attention to the device of the alliance.

          Imagine. That a well-armed army is located in your country. You fully provide this army with human and material resources, but at the same time, this army is not subject to YOU.

          How's that?

          What is the name of the army in the territory of your country that DOES NOT SUBMIT to you?

          Now, when you have deeply found the buried answer, answer, then a lot will be different.
      3. +1
        August 11 2016
        And slowly, so that the sound of each bone was heard)
      4. +1
        August 11 2016
        Quote: ps-1972
        It is better to strangle enemies in their arms)))

        Love, but nevermind to keep in your pocket ...
        As for the gas pipeline: let them build at their own expense
        If you change your mind, then their costs
      5. 0
        August 12 2016
        the main thing is that this is not a Turkish gambit. hi
    2. +1
      August 11 2016
      Quote: Shick
      “It’s good that after the Turkish fighter shot down a Russian bomber last year, a rapprochement again arose,” the minister said in an interview with the tabloid Bild. “But at the same time, I don’t think that relations between the countries will become so close that Russia and Turkey will create an alternative to the NATO partnership.” Turkey is an important partner of NATO, and should remain with them. ”

      It is important with Erdogan to keep the ear sharp. Remembering the history of our relations over the centuries, something with the friendship between us and the Turks did not go well. Therefore, I think, we need to keep Erdogan close, but “keep the pistol always loaded”, while not forgetting about your own benefit or interests.
    3. +6
      August 11 2016
      Quote: Shick
      The Turks are already friends .. and the plane was shot down on their own initiative as it turned out ..
      Miracles are alone.
      In a word, politics

      They didn’t become friends! And Putin confirmed this at a press conference, but Turkey cannot be discounted. It has too important and favorable geopolitical position in this region. Friendship with the Turks is too risky, but keeping at least neutral and commercial the partner is already good. And if the United States fulfills its threat and expels the Turks from NATO, it will be wonderful.
      1. +2
        August 11 2016
        Amurets! 06.51. Friendship with the Turks !? Before the coup, the Turks did not seem to want to be friends with us. And after the coup! Putin is the best friend! So who is friends with whom? It seems that the Turks really wanted to be friends with Russia. And it is right. Now our move. We need to give up friendship with the West. What for? And not to be in the role of the begging. This is not for us to enter the global structure. This they need to enter into ours. Is the idea clear? The only problem is what can we offer to the West? In Turkey, we can offer gas supplies (legal) instead of riot-dumped oil. What will the West offer? Quit NATO? Keeping a quarter of NATO’s nuclear weapons, Turkey must dictate the terms. But the Turks have crowds of refugees! Their accounts in Western banks! What to do? Before the New Year, we are going to restore relations. Our tomatoes are gone! In the 17th year, we are likely to expect massive Turkish investments in our economy. Is it good or bad? So think after that. These are not slogans to scream. It's all for an adult!
        1. 0
          August 11 2016
          Quote: 34 region
          Before the coup, the Turks did not seem to want to be friends with us. And after the coup! Putin is the best friend! So who is friends with whom?

          Well, Erdogan apologized, BEFORE the coup, no? Well, after he imprisoned several thousand people and decided to return the death penalty, in Russia they finally realized that he was a good person. feel
          1. +1
            August 11 2016
            Sorry to continue your thought.
            "in Russia they finally understood that he was not a bad person." Only ssy-sya and deaf.
      2. +1
        August 11 2016
        Quote: Amurets
        They did not become friends!

        Quote: Region 34
        Friendship with the Turks !?

        Well guys! Nikolai, Regi, both of you are right again and complement each other.
        And we from Perm the day before yesterday had the first round flight to Turkey. There were no empty seats. There were enthusiastic interviews with tourists.
    4. 0
      August 11 2016
      And what happens there, with the process of paying compensation for a downed plane.
      1. 0
        August 11 2016
        This is exactly the kind of compensation that should be: we were not able to play off, but using the energy of the enemy, he was farther from the target than after. As a result, Turkey has set out on a free voyage, and can even afford to "be friends" with the former enemy. And if also mutual interests coincided, then maybe more will be. The states really don't like this trick with their ears, and they will try to "correct the situation" in their favor. But while Erdogan is in power, we need to have time to get into Turkey as deeply as possible.
    5. 0
      August 11 2016
      Let's say very frankly, WELL VERY BIG MONEY. It was the policy at this stage that ended. I personally doubted it. that it will be so. I just thought that they would agree early.
    6. Fat
      August 11 2016
      Oh ho! What were the doubts?
    7. 0
      August 11 2016
      And in my opinion, "putting on the counter" a NATO member and the owner of the strongest, albeit depressed now, army in the Middle East is not a bad idea for VVP. Although I don’t remember any bad ideas for VVP.
    8. +1
      August 11 2016
      No wonder the Turk's hand is red in the picture. It is in the blood of an SU-24 pilot and a Marine. Erdogan will be washed and washed from this blood. And the words about friendship ... Clintonshave already brought a whole "overload" button, but what's the point?

      Hillary for Prison 2016!
  2. +5
    August 11 2016
    Well, it would be nice to close Figs. And to fulfill the obligation to not let the ships of non-Black Sea countries into the Black Sea in quantities more permitted by the agreement.
  3. +3
    August 11 2016
    That is all nonsense. Erdogan needs a horror story for NATO and the USA: here I am now with Putin ...! After that, his transactional position will increase in the West and everyone will resolve him. And cut and saw and plan. All. They will also give money.
  4. +14
    August 11 2016
    Of course, an alliance is impossible ... But, in 1811, the great commander and diplomat M.I. Kutuzov ensured Turkey's non-participation in the war against Russia on the side of Napoleon. This led to the rapid defeat of France and, as a result, to the domination of Russia in Europe for thirty years.
  5. +1
    August 11 2016
    ... In principle, yes ... but everything can be ... Erdogan is not predictable.
  6. +4
    August 11 2016
    Turkey began to draw closer to Russia only after "it didn't get off with rotten tomatoes." So it's not worth writing down the Turks as allies. They will be friends only with the strong and only as long as it is beneficial to them. And they will hide the ampoule of poison and the dagger for the time being.
    1. +6
      August 11 2016
      Quote: Michael m
      Turkey began to draw closer to Russia only after "it didn't get off with rotten tomatoes." So it's not worth writing down the Turks as allies. They will be friends only with the strong and only as long as it is beneficial to them. And they will hide the ampoule of poison and the dagger for the time being.

      And if you dig a little deeper? When the Turks shot down the Su-24, what happened? They threw the Turks, threw Erdogan. Where are the US preferences? Where is the EU admission? Where is the money for the refugees? And Erdogan was no longer needed by anyone. Here Erdogan swept in a mousetrap. Russia went to rescue Erdogan, not from philanthropy. We did not need another hotbed of tension in this region. Do not believe me, look at the development of events over the past year. Analyze yourself .
  7. +6
    August 11 2016
    Do not trust the woman, do not believe the drinker, do not believe the drinker. Peter 1
    Nothing has changed; everything is also relevant.
    1. +2
      August 11 2016
      Quote: paxil
      Do not trust the woman, do not believe the drinker, do not believe the drinker. Peter 1
      Nothing has changed; everything is also relevant.

      I would argue about women and drinkers. love
  8. +2
    August 11 2016
    The Turks are too militarily tied to NATO, and economically to the EU, that would break with them at once .... But Russia needs to extract everything that is possible in its interests from this moment ...
  9. +1
    August 11 2016
    Love Tomatoes Again laughing
    1. +8
      August 11 2016
      The parties have the most ordinary pragmatic interest: money ...
      1. 0
        August 11 2016
        Quote: Masya Masya
        The parties have the most ordinary pragmatic interest: money ...

        no, it cannot be. Russia does not sell ideals for money. braces hold.

        UTB only the spiritless West is capable of this-for money to sell their ideals (for example, the war against terrorists). Look how it happened with the Taliban amers in Afghanistan - they were "friends" against Russia, and then - once, and a bummer. But Russia and the Turks will be fine, I hope. that is, sure.
        1. 0
          August 11 2016
          Vlad Vlad

          What does it mean for money is not for sale?

          Everything is for sale. But you need to be able to sell.

          There are two concepts. Pragmatics and materialism. Unfortunately, the latter is not used in everyday life.
          The difference between them is significant.

          Pragmatics includes momentary profits, and the materialistic approach includes an approach with a confident future. And this means that when selling, you must take into account the interest of all parties.

          He is not a pragmatist of GDP, he is a materialist. Although this word is not used in everyday life.
  10. 0
    August 11 2016
    Turkey and Russia are extremely interested in rapprochement. But the goals are different. Turks want to raise (return) the economy. Russia will increase its influence in the Black Sea region, and to achieve this goal, all means are good, including economic leverage - the Turkish Stream, the construction of the AU, and the revival of tourism and, finally, the notorious not only "tomatoes". Time will show whether Russia will be able to achieve the set task; with systematic work, I think it is quite realistic in 5 years (if the states do not destroy their current ally).
  11. +1
    August 11 2016
    In the meantime, good relations are quite good, just like with another NATO-Greece bloc country. To get the most out of the current situation for * your beloved *, and only then you will see what to do. But an alliance with Turkey is fantastic
  12. +3
    August 11 2016
    Erdogan skillfully uses all the nuances of political cuisine. And he went into rapprochement with Russia, knowing full well how Europe and the United States would react to this. He tries to win as much as possible for himself (Turkey).
  13. +2
    August 11 2016
    "Strategic rapprochement and, in general, any promising alliance between Moscow and Ankara, as before, is hindered by the opposing positions of the parties on Syria. In fact, the dissimilarity of positions caused the conflict and cooling of relations between the two states. There is no hope that Erdogan will change his views. in relation to the "butcher" Assad (his definition), it cannot be. "

    Why not? Comrade Erdogan does not seem to be an ideological fighter, which means that he will easily give up anything for the sake of profit. And he will go to strategic rapprochement with former opponents and will again change his views on former friends. Possessing real power in the country is capable of anything.
  14. +4
    August 11 2016
    Quite usual eastern bargaining is underway. Perdogan pretends that he is about to break with NATO and is already quite ready to allow the construction of the South Stream. For this he demands / asks to ease the sanctions. The goal is simply to sit out the difficult times, and at the same time play as a rich bride, for whom the western and northern "grooms" will fight. And promises made to be incorrect, according to the Koran, are not even considered a sin. So, he will throw it easily, at the first opportunity.
  15. +1
    August 11 2016
    How the Turks and the Russians will create a military alliance and disintegrate NATO

    But these are already fairy tales. This was not, is not and will not be. Turkey and I are never on the road. No need to engage in self-deception, the fact that Turkey temporarily quarreled with the United States does not mean anything in the long run.
  16. +3
    August 11 2016
    About Turkey ...
    Leonid Sergeev. Swim
    Once I and my sidekick Seryoga,
    As usual, they sniffed a little.
    And to wash away the surging grief
    We decided to dunk a couple of times in the sea.
    The landscape was unforgivably harsh
    And the wind blew ... from our shores.

    We approach the sea: wide and smooth in the distance.
    Serega took into his underpants his native land,
    But heed to the rational voice,
    He poured back his native land.
    And the wind blew completely
    There are eight meters per second, maybe seven.

    Sail: I crawl, and Serge breaststroke.
    We kick crabs, squeeze jellyfish.
    And suddenly Sergey quietly whispers in a bass:
    "My dear Union was left behind."
    And the reptiles look from the shore
    And they want to capture us with Serge.

    And I shout: "Well, no, I won't surrender alive!"
    Seryoga also did not remain silent,
    He covered them in three crosses and two holes.
    They sent trunks at us.
    And the wind, you bastard, blew still whipping,
    Serega immediately remembered ... this ... nicht fershtein.

    But we left them bottom with songs
    (Can it be compared to them, bastards, with us)
    But here a purely personal argument arose,
    What is it: Dardanelles il Bosphorus.
    Serega stood behind the Bosphorus,
    But then it rained from the Turkish mountains.

    They went ashore, bah, a foreign city,
    And their day, apparently, is now bathing,
    Everyone wears towels on the head.
    "Istanbul", - Serega read on the flag.
    Well, Istanbul is almost like Tambov,
    I was in it, and Serge is not new.

    Come, look - not a city, but a delight,
    And on the panties there is a label "Kazan-shytorg".
    Suddenly she saws Madame in a burqa,
    And we are embarrassed - like in negligee.
    Serega immediately: "Madchen, like, shen",
    But then her dad came up.

    He screamed insulting words to us,
    But we did not understand this at first.
    When it dawned on us that the meaning is harsh,
    Serge gave him between the horns.
    Around the crowd deigned to grow
    And I stood, counted to nine.

    With the count of three - the man barely sighed,
    With a score of eight, he stretched out his legs,
    With a count of nine - a milton came,
    And Serge and I rushed off.
    We sailed, the wind howled in our underpants
    The boat chased us for two hours.

    But they didn’t take us in fright,
    After all, a healthy mind is in a healthy body.
    We are home, how nice the hell
    What did we do with Gray before seven.
  17. 0
    August 11 2016
    I don’t think that Turkey’s position towards Syria could interfere with the rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow.
    In this case, the issue is not a declaration of love by Erdogan Assad. Questions in another:
    1. Counterterrorism - ISIS
    2. The cessation of war in the Middle East.
    3. Turkey's place in the New World

    And here for Turkey there is no other alternative
    Russia successfully fights ISIS, resolves humanitarian issues, successfully resolves ceasefire issues. Most of the leading countries in this region also look at Russia. Unlike the USA and NATO.

    Again, Erdogan wants power and control in the Middle East - what the EU and NATO promised with the United States.
    As a result, nothing but billions of losses and a drain.
    Therefore, I think that Erdogan, in order to obtain status in the region, if necessary, will shake hands with Assad and not only that.
  18. 0
    August 11 2016
    How quickly everyone forgot about the fate of the Russian pilot Peshkov. Then we also had peace-friendship-chewing gum with Turkey. And Erdogan gave the order and the plane was shot down. And the killer was never given to us. And now again, best friends? Missed the tomatoes and the hot Turks on the numbers of Turkish hotels, gentlemen? A shame. Once knocked down and it got away with him and again knocked down, if necessary. There are many peshkovs in Russia - enough for all Putin’s friends.
  19. Turks are already friends ..

    Rapprochement of Moscow and Ankara

    Is there really such a naive ??? Turks were never that friends, but even just good neighbors! And before Peter and especially after. Product No.2 ... Is anyone friends with product No.2? what hi
  20. +1
    August 11 2016
    Another Lala type Turks and Russia friendship forever ... Is there really naive ?! But only yesterday it was — yes, we will not even sit on the same field. Again, the loot defeated honor, conscience and reason.
  21. 0
    August 11 2016
    There are no friends in politics. Don't you think, gentlemen, that all this garbage with the coup in Turkey - Matrasia failed. They have forgotten how to manipulate the revolution. Well, you can't constantly on one tracing paper, from Moroko to Syria. Through Maidania. You can't skimp on screenwriters, gentlemen striped ears. It turns out badly. Now it is necessary either to betray the aged preacher, "losing face", or to "lose" the Black Sea region. The Turks will not allow NATO ships to pass through, and only one player will remain in the Black Sea.
  22. 0
    August 11 2016
    here there can be no talk of friendship, just states are not friends with each other, mutually beneficial interests coincided and we need to use this to the fullest hi
  23. 0
    August 11 2016
    Erdogan, when he arrived in Russia, tried to soften relations and, probably, this is the most important thing for him, to play on the nerves of the West. Cleverly.
    Can the West quickly change its rhetoric against Erdogan? Yes, this is not the first time for them, these hypocrites.
    But whether the West will now be able to restore Erdogan’s lost confidence - I doubt it.
    How quickly and successfully the Russian Federation will be able to use the current situation to its advantage depends on our diplomacy.
    It remains to hope that he can.
  24. -3
    August 11 2016
    But by and large, the West is afraid of us angry and shakes like a Kashtanka in the trash! laughing
  25. -1
    August 11 2016
    So far, from the positive, that the Westerners are squealing and getting nervous. Nervousness should be their constant state! laughing
    Then there will be much more mistakes and miscalculations than constructive solutions.
  26. 0
    August 11 2016
    Friends from the Turks, like a ballerina from an elephant. Let them apologize publicly for the plane, pay money and stop nightmare the Kurds, then we'll talk.
  27. 0
    August 11 2016
    We are friends again until the next "SUDDEN" stab in the back fellow
  28. 0
    August 11 2016
    The whole world is discussing Putin’s trolling of the 210th level ... What a fuss! I do not know how this show will end from a practical point of view, but the brains of ordinary people in the Western world were shaken and cleaned with a brush through the nostril notably.
  29. -1
    August 11 2016
    Quote: Warrior2015
    ingenious combination

    Europe will not understand what to do with this Putin?
    then Savchenko threw to Ukraine,
    then a putsch organized in Turkey.
    A genius ... takes off the cream everywhere.
  30. -1
    August 11 2016
    Once such an alliance was between Turkey and Russia.
    When Ushakov took Corfu.
    March 3, 1799, the Russian-Turkish fleet under the command of Admiral Fedor Fedorovich Ushakov completed the operation to capture Corfu
    1. 0
      August 15 2016
      It is interesting to find out from the "miner" - he wants to refute a historical fact, put a minus to the Turks or give his assessments by typing.
      If you have nothing to write, it’s better to watch TV.
  31. 0
    August 11 2016
    As Erdogan met with Putin, they whispered in the West and screamed loudly about the “military alliance” of Turkey and Russia and the impending collapse of NATO.

    Do the representatives of the West consider the numerous commentators of VO shouting and whispering about the alliance of Putin and Erdogan (Putin herself a senior friend) and Turkey’s withdrawal from the ground? wink
  32. -1
    August 12 2016
    Very many empty comments.
  33. 0
    August 12 2016
    It is necessary that Turkey withdraw from NATO and remove their military bases from the territory of Turkey and begin to cooperate with Russia, the Russians in all directions.
  34. +1
    August 12 2016
    Turkey has not even raised the issue of leaving NATO yet, and Turkey's independence in foreign policy, as a NATO member and Washington's strategic ally, is questionable, therefore, rapprochement between Turkey and Russia at the present stage is a political maneuver, and the author's hypothesis about the collapse of NATO is a dream ... Do not forget that in the United States there are "elections like". There is a pre-election bargaining.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"