Results of the week. “Excellent country. There are so many wild monkeys in the forest! ”

About downed in Syria Mi-8

From the message of the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:

On August 1, in the province of Idlib, as a result of shelling from the ground, a Russian military transport helicopter Mi-8 was returned to the Khmeimim air base after delivering humanitarian aid in the city of Aleppo. On board the helicopter were three crew members and two officers of the Russian Conciliation Center of the warring parties in Syria.

When they say that the Russian helicopter was shot down over the village where only civilians live, the question arises: what kind of civilians are those who have the means to shoot down the helicopter? It turns out that this is far from peaceful citizens ... And if so, then the question arises already to our command: did it know how weapons in this "peaceful village" possess its "civilians"? If so, then what, I'm sorry, did the spinner go without being accompanied, and who will answer for this? If not, then who should be responsible for the lack of information that could save the life of the crew and passengers of the Mi-8?

Comments from our readers:

Recently, there was an article on "VO" about the receipt by militants of American weapons, incl. MANPADS, which they allegedly beat off from the Syrian free army. A good answer would be to bring down American vozd. ships of Russian-made weapons, which also allegedly accidentally fell to the spirits.

Well, maybe for my part, panic, I agree. But our Mi-8 there was not just the role of an air taxi performed in a "peaceful" village, like a "blue" helicopter with ice cream? It's a shame, it's a shame .... for 2-3 of the year, we were taught to look like a new army, that all operations are already thought out, and no one will allow himself a la "Give me an airborne regiment and we will take Grozny." It is clear that the operation is not combat, but the “children’s” flew not at the matinee.

After watching the video several times (with abuse of the bodies of the dead Russians), it seems that there really were ordinary citizens ... Children, old people. But because of their mentality and age-old traditions (to behead, stone, etc.), they usually behave for them. Well, what, the Russians are flying over them here, and they are still bombing, then ISIS at the side of Tusit, who do not give them life. Only over the corpses of insurgents would they not be sneered, they would be afraid, and then who will say anything against it? Yes, and once again before ISIL to mount, they say, we are all the same ... So this can also be expected from the "peaceful population" in which animal nature plays. Let us recall how the representatives of the "Red Moccasins" behave in our streets. No, it is clear that now, by the way, less, and it is clear that there are more adequate people of the same nationalities who condemn such behavior. Such behavior has been forming for centuries, and if our representatives of hot blood have become more democratic, perhaps they are more tolerant, because we live together, we can say pollinated. But there they live among similar ones, and they have this behavior - NORMAL! I do not want to bind to religion, because I met very pious and wise Muslims, in which humanity is no less than Orthodox. Most likely, this is the whole region, which remained to live in the primitive communal system.

I already wrote about this when a helicopter under control of a regiment commander was shot down. But for some reason I got a minus for it. Most of the local readers do not like to consider cons in our Armed Forces, they only want to read about successes and victories.

It turns out our soldiers, as contract sergeants and officers with great experience, fly there with humanitarian help over the desert, teeming with terrorists with MANPADS, and are not protected or covered by anything? We have there like the Aerospace Forces of Russia, and not the air group from the country of the third world. Where is the escort, where are the security systems? If there our soldiers are not equipped with the best that we have in service, then where should it be? These are operations of increased complexity in the territory of the country, which is half controlled by terrorist organizations.
Eternal Glory and Memory to the Dead ...

“This is not Maidan!” They shouted, trampling the Russian flag.

Last Sunday, it became known that all representatives of the Sasna Tsrer armed group, which had been keeping control of the police department building in Yerevan for about two weeks, laid down their arms and surrendered to the authorities. Moreover, the wording “laid down arms and surrendered to the authorities” in this case looks very simplistic, if not to say sly. This step of the militants (and to name those who kill law enforcement officers and hold doctors as hostages, “opposition”, as some Armenian media do, forgive, does not turn the language) preceded by a whole series of events attracting attention.

Results of the week. “Excellent country. There are so many wild monkeys in the forest! ”

And again, the cries that “you-do not understand anything”, that this is “opposition to the good nation”, that “they are for the people and well-being in the country”, “against corruption” and all that. Well, yes, yes, yes ... The points of the famous textbook as a blueprint.

Apparently, now, in order to be called opposition and fighters against corruption, it is necessary to shoot the police and take doctors as hostages. And for greater persuasiveness - to trample on the Russian flag and talk about how “Russians drink blood” (now, as some individuals say) and Armenian too.

But we are already entangled in numbers here - how much we personally drank decaliters of Ukrainian, Georgian, Baltic and Armenian blood ... - roll them up unfinished even for the winter in three-liter cans - and in the cellar ...

Comments from our readers:

It is not clear why they have been making a fuss with them for so long, Armenia has its own special services or not, killed the policemen to be liquidated, despite past merits.

The stupidity of oppositionists in Armenia can be costly for the entire Armenian people. If the masses of the population are infuriated against Russia, squeezed out by the Russian troops, then inevitably they will have to leave them to the Turks. And those waiting - they will not wait, knives sharpen. Each smith of his own misfortune.

Waiting for you Already some time and all on the same scenario. And everything is served as an innovation, the urges of a shit democracy, the opinion of people. And it’s a shame that the final result is determined not by the number of votes of the majority, but by the appointed individuals. I have a barbeque next to me - an Armenian. So he says that the majority is just for Russia. But this majority is not audible. Because they also have a very "free" press.
It may, of course, be rude, but my opinion is that the people who disagree with the regime should put the country in its place. First warn, then give a choice (a suitcase - the train station - and any bulwark of the dermokratii), and if that does not reach ...

Explained on the heels

Baltic officials resent the five-ruble coins presented by the Bank of Russia during the week, on the obverse (“eagle”) of which the names and sights of European capitals, once liberated by the Red Army, appeared. In particular, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation presented coins depicting the sculpture “Bronze Soldier” in Tallinn, as well as figures from the Vilnius “Green Bridge”. Recall that the "Bronze Soldier" and the figures in Vilnius were moved at the initiative of local authorities from the usual places.

Insulted when they saw a reminder of the liberation of Vilnius and Tallinn from fascism? If so, then with the help of elementary logic it can be concluded that real accomplices of fascism are seated in power in these Baltic republics. Well, by and large it is not news.

The issue of coins with historical truth is a good move from the Central Bank. After all, if the West understands only the power of money, then for him it will be an intelligible reminder of historical fact ...

By the way, the next step of the Bank of Russia may be the release of a series of coins in “thirty pieces of silver” depicting the guises of all repainted members of the Soviet period party membership in “irreconcilable fighters for democracy” of the current period, crying about the “horrors of Soviet occupation”.

Comments from our readers:

To restore the "historical Estonian truth" buy the entire batch of pyatirublevok euro pounds. Perform a feat in the name of "stories". Save" oh .. cropped "from unfair Russian ...

Reserve officer
Well, the reaction of the Balts, of course, is predictable. And they don’t like to recall the USSR for another reason - almost all the current leaders of various ranks made their careers in the CPSU and the Komsomol. About the KGB, I generally keep quiet.

And now their indignations about this remind the assertions of a grandmother with ten grandchildren that she is a virgin.

Vasiliev Yu
Che Lithuanians stupid? Well, in spite of us, let the Kremlin be minted on its five litas (they were litas from them), and they will be happy.

This move is literate also because memorable coins will be found through the centuries. Closed in pots at the cottages. :)
And this means that if anyone even wants to rewrite history, these findings will be surprisingly surprised by future researchers.


The perennial Russian ambassador to Kiev, Mikhail Zurabov, was dismissed. At the same time, Moscow sent the candidacy of a new ambassador, Mikhail Babich (plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District) to Ukraine for approval.

So ... So, Kiev does not need an ambassador from Russia? And, as you know, the ambassador of one state is not required by another state only in two cases: a) when there are no diplomatic relations between the countries and b) if the first state is going to recognize itself as part of the second and officially join it. Given the fact that Kiev has not severed diplomatic relations with Moscow, it’s good to talk about a new ukromegazrade ...

Comments from our readers:

I do not understand, Ukraine is already Russia? If the ambassador is not needed, it means that a plenipotentiary is needed in the new federal district. I wonder who Putin will appoint?

I think that now there is an ambassador and not really needed. In any case, as long as in Ukraine the brains do not work in the right direction. Then they embellish the embassy with green paint, then they shower it with eggs. Savages !!!

In retoriation, we can appoint for an indefinite time, temporarily attorney in affairs. At the same time, this candidature is not obliged to agree with the host country. Simply, the name of the charge d'affaires ai is reported to the Foreign Ministry of the host country. Moreover, according to diplomatic etiquette adopted in international relations, the rejection of the agrémen is not accepted to be put in the public sphere. This is a sign of poor tone. Although what I mean ...

Hunger strike due to "ATO"

If the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not observe at least the first three points of the Minsk agreements, then full-scale hostilities will resume in the territory of Donbass, said the DPR representative Denis Pushilin.

At that moment, Savchenko had already announced her first hunger strike in Ukraine, claiming the inaction of the Kiev authorities. Nagy, well, you say too ... How is it that the Kiev authorities are inactive? They even act - they trade in arms, astronomical debts and an order to finally turn Ukraine into a western test site near the Russian borders - they write off the “war with the aggressor”, wash money on the fences from the grid ... Yes, there are activities above the roof!

Oh yeah ... You're more careful on hunger strikes. It is in the Russian detention center on these hunger strikes that you at least have a normal female form. And Petro does not eat like that. You can turn back into a cartilaginous boy. In general, write the address - maybe we will send the sausages. Only ts-s-s-s ... No one! .. Well, well ...

Comments from our readers:

Everyone understands the "pre-Olympic" training of the hunters and their masters. That is why this statement was made. On the issue of aggression (and the shelling of the city in the west is treated as routine, and no one considers aggression) any inaccuracy and ambiguity are removed.

Yes, dill will not stop so easily. They breathed, armed, learned a little, pulled up heavy weapons. It is unpleasant, but the fact is that this abscess, which must be opened, will not resolve itself. It's a pity for people, but dill needs to be hard on the teeth.

Banishing liberoids
So it will be sluggish stage will continue for many months because Kiev does not have the resources to conduct a full-scale war.

About Mary and urine cabinets

Just a few days before the start of the Olympics, there was a "head-on collision" of representatives of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with representatives of the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA). IOC members really began to dry up the Olympic calm when they literally daily heard from WADA Pravdorubov style statements: “We know for sure that Russian athletes use doping, but we don’t call names, as this is secret information.”

What you need to know about WADA? Well, for example ... People in suits and white coats for athletes waited for her, and then stated that a small discrepancy had come out with American athletes ... Mary, a cleaner, understand how to start waving a mop in the laboratory with American urine, and 24 of a cabinet with samples accidentally overturned. And all PLASTIC containers are shattered, straight shattered ... And from those that are not smithereens, this Mary washed the sign about their belonging to a specific athlete with a rag. In general, the discrepancy. But so-so ... Existing nonsense ... Who does not happen ... All American athletes to the Olympics, of course, also allowed. Some of the American athletes even wanted to “rewrite” into a container, but he was told: What are you, my friend, you did not train in the Russian system, and therefore you are welcome to Rio ”.

And Mary, the cleaning lady, was severely punished ... Yes, yes. As a finger began to threaten! They threaten and say: well, thank you, Agent Mary, what are you doing? you are this, that ... (go to the accounting department for a premium), do not spill any more urine ... but it smells bad, you know ...

Comments from our readers:

I now do not understand why athletes need to be trusted by some rogues? Why it cannot be done in usual polyclinics or medical centers? There are many such institutions and, in order to avoid suspicion of bias and bribery, to change these medical institutions. No, it is necessary to create a gangster gang, plant it in a gangster country and suffer: how can we reform it? No way!
Now the actions of this WADA are one to one of the actions of the mythical character of Procrustes from ancient Greece, who sat down on the road between Athens and Megara, deceived the travelers by deceit, put them on his bed and, if they did not fit, he chopped off either his legs or his head, and to whom the bed was great, respectively, and the one and the other. However, on this cunning Procrustes ass, a hero was found - Theseus, who curbed the gangster tribesman and himself shortened it from two sides.

Courts considering property and monetary claims. It is necessary to submit to these courts on behalf of each of our athletes who are not allowed, scrupulously recounting all the damage. And damage to reputation. And lost profits. And the direct losses to these Games. And much more. On behalf of each of our athletes, the amount will easily reach several tens of millions of dollars. Good amounts are recruited!
Spitting on "sports arbitration." Turn in financial! And here someone really becomes sour - the sums are huge, the decision was made without evidence ... We must not forget every journalist, in general every talker, who said, they say, the state program of doping in Russia is “proven”. To court! Money! Here it will be a thousand times more difficult for them to cheat. Yes, and povylavlivat fun from WADA in the vast world need. Take to us and judge here. Amounts such that there is meaning.

So what could be expected from Brazil? There only the carnival goes well, for it does not require any construction projects. We thought that the Olympics are also a ride. "Honest Europeans, Americans and others ..." will also run from there screaming. But it's not about the buildings. Remember! At the time of the Olympics, all hostilities in the world stopped! It was this that created the saying "Oh, sport! You are the world!" And where? Syria, Ukraine .... So this Olympiad is not that, not at all!

Olympiad? No - Army games.

1 August, Russia launched the “International Army Games-2016”, in which servicemen from the CIS countries, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America take part. Competitions are of enormous interest, even among those who are far from military subjects as such.

In the West, too, are closely watching the competition program of the International Army Games-2016. At the same time, they ask a question: Does Russia intend to hold the ceremony of awarding the soldiers who won tank biathlon and aviadarts competitions, for example, in Kiev? .. The geography of sport can and should be wide ...

Comments from our readers:

And here somewhere the official from WADA was sad ...

In general, yes, it is interesting that the teams performed on their technique. Car racing, for example, are held on their cars. Well, of course, I would very much like, even in the form of demonstration performances, to see comparative races and shooting tanks of different generations from manufacturers in different countries.

The IOC proposed to ban army competitions under the pretext of the lack of evidence of non-use of doping by participants. But he withdrew his proposal as soon as Shoigu personally promised to bring all the evidence. And the fastest way - on the Tu-160, Su-34, T-72B3M and other "transports", accompanied by polite athletes from the Airborne Forces.

Victor, you are the best! ..

The residents of Square who think that the best president of Ukraine is (and this is a clear surprise for Ukraine’s Maidan) Viktor Yanukovych. "Won" Yanukovych with a large margin. 60% voted for him who took part in the Vesti.Ukrainy project on “identifying” the best president.

From Nostradamus's secret notes on 2017 year:
With the phrase: “Give Yanukovich back to us!” A new Maidan happened in Ukraine, at the end of which grateful citizens stood on one knee, holding a golden loaf on their outstretched hands. “Come back, Vitya!” - the public called out, renaming Bandera Avenue in Kiev to the street named after Unfairly Expelled by All Beloved President of Ukraine Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovych.

Comments from our readers:

This is also necessary so to break off Svidomo European integrators. For what, it is asked, staged a bloody performance. To amuse the west? Yes, it is difficult to be wooden to the waist, the rest chipboard.

Ukraine impoverished presidents. They choose not the best, but the least the worst! And Yanukovych turned out to be the least worst, because even though he was stealing, he let everyone live and didn’t climb into his soul. So, Viktor Fedyrych get ready, tired Khokhlov ride galoshek want!

Yanukovych began his work activity by picking Pyzhikovy hats from passersby. He did not change his life credo "to grab and run away". For which he earned the respect of the majority of his fellow tribesmen.

Interesting position number XXUMX. Still not knowing who will be the next prezikom, 2% believe that he will be the best. That is, for some reason they believe that it cannot be worse. Bottom! Svidomye! This is not the bottom, this is your top. Continue down. "Walk the Field" taxis!

Inflated bubble is about to burst. Trump asks the public to step back

The results of about half of the polls in the United States speak of the preference of American voters not for Hillary Clinton, but for Donald Trump.

The other day, this US presidential candidate from the Republican Party appealed to his supporters to urgently withdraw money from the US stock market. According to Trump, this market has finally formed into a poorly managed “bubble” that will burst in the near future.

Trump’s “sensational” statement didn’t become a sensation. In fact, the candidate’s speeches were more like conjectures of idle conspiracyologists who continually prophesy a nuclear world war or talk about a system of secret tunnels that lead from the White House directly to the southern states.

Other experts have long predicted the collapse of the US currency, the decay of the US economy, and at the same time the collapse of the global financial system. But the dollar continues to be the key and oil currency. There is one nuance. pre-election. When the dollar continues to remain strong under President Trump, he will be able to say that this is his merit.

Comments from our readers:

The collapse of the dollar and the US economy have already predicted 10 for at least years, but still nothing. Too many are tied to the dollar, it's obvious. The collapse of the Amer currency will inevitably entail the collapse of most of the world’s economies, which keep their savings in US government debt and simply in dollars. Russia is an example of this, although not as desperate as China or Japan. Objectively, the collapse of the US economy is unprofitable to anyone, so they keep afloat, paradoxically.

In my opinion, over the past 30 years, this is the most exciting election campaign in America. Whoever and no matter how hayal Trump is, but he is still a bright and interesting personality, despite his several troubles. Especially confrontation goes with the witch Clinton. Personally, I would like to wish him good luck.

Yes, Trump is by no means our friend, but Clintonich is definitely our enemy, and a mad one.
And for America itself, Trump is at least some chance to restore order, first and foremost, in her long-running personal affairs. Under Clintonich, the “spreading of democracy” will continue this way (by the way, I won’t be surprised if she, pah-pah-pah, God forbid, becoming president will instantly receive another peace prize).

Last American Warning

The start of the operation to liberate Aleppo seems to have come as a surprise to Washington - just like the appearance of a Russian group in Syria at the time. Moscow always ignores the warnings of the Obama administration, but despite this, the State Department still adheres to the tactics of persuasion and concessions, rather than decisive actions, the author of an article published in the Washington Post complains.

“According to the information available to the editorial board, the United States agrees to give a positive response to Russia's long-standing request to conduct joint military operations against those Syrian rebels who are considered terrorists, and in return, the Kremlin should again promise to convince the Syrian authorities to stop the bombing of certain areas of Syria,” - the article leads the channel "RT".

It is curious that John Kerry, as the author of the article writes, “repeats again and again that Russia must give in, otherwise it will have to face serious consequences, including the American“ B ”plan for Syria, but, unfortunately, Moscow has no reason to respond to his warnings. " The observer suggests that the United States do not trust Putin. After all, things are somehow embarrassing: Russia ignores the pressure exerted by the United States, and Mr. Kerry persistently calls for cooperation. Earlier this week, the Secretary of State again promised: “Within a few hours or days we will see if this dynamic can be changed in relations with Russia,” but he said the same thing six months ago.

It seems that the USA has mastered the “last Chinese warning” method.

Comments from our readers:

Andrey K
An interesting statement of the question is from the media series: “It turns out the Earth is round”.
And why did Putin suddenly have to act according to the instructions and plans of America? He seems to be like the president of a completely different country ...

Let them be nervous, let them not understand! And we will cleanse the Syrian land from filth!

Not we, but let the Syrians do it themselves, even with our help. And our grandfathers cleared their land in 45, and not only their own!

Who is the main on the Black Sea?

The US Navy is preparing to challenge Russia's dominance in the Black Sea, and China - in South China, reports RIA Novosti with a message from the American resource The Daily Signal.

“For the first time in 25 years, the American fleet is waiting for a return to the competition of superpowers at sea,” said Rear Admiral Michael Manazir at a congressional hearing. According to him, "The US Navy is ready to confront these challenges in the near future, but in the long term, the position of the American fleet may deteriorate if it does not receive funding for the modernization and operation of ships."

Apparently, heeding the warning of Turkish President Erogan, who recently warned NATO against turning the Black Sea into a “Russian lake,” this American rear admiral presented at the hearing a plan for supporting the global presence of the US Navy. This is the same plan, according to which the aircraft carrier Harry Truman was deployed in the Middle East. It is located in the eastern Mediterranean, where American aircraft carriers have not appeared since 2003.

The publication does not indicate which vessels the rear admiral intended to "place" in the Black Sea in order to arrange a competition in the framework of the Cold War with the Russians.

Comments from our readers:

Oh, so these amerikosovskie media with their delusional.
Sometimes it’s really interesting to me: do they fool for consumers, or really are they?
What is the dominance of their fleet in the World Cup, if all the World Cup is within the range of the "Bastions" and "Redoubts" from the Crimea?
Even if we assume a hypothetical situation where the US AUG freely passes through the Bosphorus, it will be like a pig that fits right onto a plate, sticks an apple in its mouth and spreads a fork and a knife next to it.
There will be no battle of the fleets, there will be the shooting of the enemy fleet of coastal artillery and anti-ship missiles, finishing off the remaining fighters, and the Black Sea Fleet is suitable to accept what the white flag has thrown.

Yes, and the presence of "Caliber" all American Wishlist lowers to the level of the plinth. Or are they just stupid?

Again a little blood, a mighty blow ...
If this, God forbid, happens, do you seriously believe that the conflict will be limited to the Black Sea and will not grow into a global one?
This is not a victory over the Turks in the Battle of Sinop on the Black Sea, where it all ended with the defeat of the Turkish squadron ...
Even during the Cold War, during the confrontation of the 5 th Operational Squadron of the Navy of the USSR and the American AUG in the Mediterranean, the sides tried not to provoke each other unnecessarily: there was enough common sense to understand what rash actions could result in ... real situation at one time, and not on the monitor.
And by pressing the keys, you can "shoot" amerikos not only on the Black Sea. The main thing - the beer on the keyboard is not shed, so that it is not stuck.

Hillary serves Russia

In the United States of America, a new scandal involving presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is gaining momentum. This time, Clinton is suspected of being in the position of US Secretary of State, engaged in activities that went beyond the scope of her duties, and also aimed at supporting Russian funds. It is about attracting investments to the Skolkovo Fund.

First of all, the attraction of funds through the US State Department was aimed at creating a “Russian Silicon Valley”, said President of the American Government Accountability Institute Peter Schweizer. Schweitzer’s material, published in the WSJ, states that funds raised with the help of Hillary Clinton served, among other things, “as a mechanism for Russia to obtain the latest technologies in a number of industries: from biomedicine to nuclear development.” The author of the material claims that as far back as 2014, the FBI sent letters to specialized structures, in which (materials) it was stated that this kind of activity may well fall under a kind of technological espionage. 17 from 28 US companies involved in the work of Skolkovo, were somehow connected with the Clinton family charity fund.

Not surprisingly, the Kremlin officially favors Donald Trump, H. Clinton’s rival in the election campaign.

They do not want to give out their man.

In the Kremlin, by the way, they noticed that if American companies really invested in the development of the Russian foundation, then this can only be greeted. Such a statement by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, further heightened the degree of discussion in the United States.

Comments from our readers:

Putin done, all recruited.

By the way, a real legend. Because of jealousy for her husband (meaning Monica), she was recruited and now she is sponsoring the Russian Federation and shits the United States on trifles.

Boa kaa
However, good answer Peskov! It's like a cast-iron lifebuoy Clintonshe threw.
This is the very thing in the pre-election race: the weights on the legs of the old woman are ex-Secretary of State! So she got an overload instead of a reboot ... As she looked into the water!

Tsimbalyuk and money

The network continues to discuss a press conference, during which representatives of the delegation of the French parliament shared their views on a trip to Crimea. At the beginning of the press conference, the head of the delegation of French deputies Thierry Mariani said that it is necessary to transfer to the Western community that the life of the Crimean people is not at all those horror stories that draw numerous European and American publications, and that the overwhelming majority of Crimean people are happy Russia.

When it came to the situation of the Crimean Tatars in the Crimea, which the Western press called “depressing” by some anti-Russian ideologists, the representative of the French delegation stated the following: “The situation of the Crimean Tatars in Crimea is much better than, for example, the situation of Russians in the Baltic countries” . At the same time, Thierry Mariani recalled that the Baltic countries are in the European Union, in which human rights should be in the first place.

The most interesting part of the press conference was the discussion of the French MP with journalist Tsimbalyuk from UNIAN. The latter suddenly asked: “How much did the Russian government pay you for visiting the Crimea?”

Mariani replied: “I am ready to listen to comments on the political situation, but I don’t ask you how much you are paid to ask such shitty questions. So I’m not going to answer you and can only express my contempt for you. ”

It remained to wipe.

Comments from our readers:

Zrada 80 level ...

Beautifully washed the wretched, competently and with dignity. Respect !!!

Bravo to the French! It is a pity that they are very few, sensible and normal ...

Since yesterday, he revised the news ten times, did not believe at first, and then exactly how Thierry Mariani lowered a journalist from Ukraine below the plinth with their democracy. Indeed, there is not a single one of our opposition political analyst and journalist on any talk show in / in Ukraine, and what really, correctly noted by Thierry Mariani, democracy, can be discussed in / in Ukraine.

The European Union will collapse ... Poland

Adam Twardowski, a researcher at the Center for New American Security, explained to the world community that Poland is pursuing a “non-democratic policy” that threatens the integrity of the European Union. And even Brexit is not as bad as the EU, as other tricks of Warsaw.

The reputation of Poland as a reliable European partner was "stained." And no wonder: the new state leaders refused to cooperate with the EU on migration and climate change issues. Even the US President Obama, speaking at a joint press conference with the President of Poland Andrzej Duda during the recent NATO summit, called on Poland "not to undermine democratic achievements," reminds the expert.

True, the attention of observers from the EU today is focused on the UK decision to leave the EU. Therefore, the Polish political demarche is not the main topic of political debate. But after all, the European Union is much more likely to degrade and split if its norms start to be questioned not by old-timers like the United Kingdom, but by those who joined about a dozen years ago.

In the meantime, we add, Warsaw continues to put pressure on Brussels in some way, demonstrating the precariousness of the European Union.

Beata Szydlo, the Polish Prime Minister, at a meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May, said that the European Union "must draw conclusions from Brexit."

She noted that the EU “should raise the topic of mandatory changes and reforms in order to meet the expectations of Europeans” (read to meet the expectations of Poland). Shydlo also did not fail to say that Poland respects the "sovereign decision of the British people." She added: “We will not set any conditions if we are talking about the UK’s commencement date of the formal exit procedure from the EU”.

“We” is Poland. And in Brussels, they did not find even words for comments.

Warsaw has really become a “threat” for the European Union. But Kaczynski and Duda still have a few years ahead ...

Comments from our readers:

Okay, the EU, better b NATO disintegrated, more benefit to the world.

Nicola Bari
The arrogance of the Poles will sooner or later destroy them. As soon as the United States ceases to support closely, as their European "partners" will undress to the skin, and this is just for a start. Then - the next section, in which, of course, Russia alone will be guilty.

That is what the Poles have done just now, bent in front of Brussels: as many as two F-16s forced Russia to take a light-engine training aircraft, which followed to the city of Radom, where aerobatic acrobatics competitions should take place ... and save Europe.

Payment discipline is lame in both legs

Recently, Donald Trump explained to the "European allies" who are in NATO, the material principles of collective defense: if you want America to protect you, pay. Americans will not pay "out of pocket" at Trump. True, Trump is not yet president.

But today, NBC has published a material that discusses the payment discipline of NATO members. It turns out that the expenses incurred in 2% of GDP are borne ... Greece, tortured by lenders, suspected of secret sympathy for Putin. Also willingly forked Britain, Estonia and Poland. That's all!

So is Trump right or not? And what can the United States do to make other NATO countries increase their defense spending?

Some experts working in the field of foreign policy say that Trump is coming far, of course, but his proposal should be supported as follows: the United States should increase the pressure on other NATO members. J. Haworth, a visiting professor of political science at Yale University, believes, for example, that it is difficult to understand a situation where some NATO members increase defense spending, while the United States continues to help carry the defense burden to everyone else. In short, they say, as long as Washington’s boundless generosity continues, there will be no noticeable change.

As for Trump, we add, he hardly sees in Russia that “threat” that the administration of Barack Obama diligently draws. Obama and Trump see the same things differently. If a billionaire rushing for presidency is not ready to support allies in Europe, then Obama, with his policy now even running counter to the ten-year program to cut the US military budget, makes it clear that the Americans will maintain a presence in Eastern and Central Europe.

However, Trump, if elected to the presidency, is unlikely to start skimping on key NATO principles and driving non-payers out of the alliance. Before the election, one thing is said, after the ascent to the throne, another is done. Often - the opposite of the above. Politicians believe only naive.

Comments from our readers:

But they don’t want to pay for freeloaders, but they want to download their military-industrial complex. Want to protect you, pay for the supply of new weapons, ammunition and everything else. There will be no second lend-lease.

Alexander 3
At Trump, everything is clear, as long as you want into the alliance - pay, do not pay - fear yourself. Just like in the supermarket, and Trump is the seller.

What a smart business !!! The threat is virtual, and the money is real! I wish that I could come up with something similar in the field of small business ... Ostap Bender had already created the “Union of Sword and Shouting” at one time - well, NATO pledged!

Everything flows, everything changes

The Pentagon unveiled a document titled "General Operating Environment 2035" (JOE 2035). This futurological report describes the upcoming changes in the world order that will happen in the next two decades. Pentagon military predict the growing role of China and Russia in the world. The two states will not only compare with the advanced Western countries, but will surpass them. In less than 20 years, the United States and its allies will find themselves in a world where the principles of shaping global order will change.

In fact, of course, the 2035 General Operational Situation is only a “visual aid” from which you can understand the real geopolitical motives of Washington: the Russians and the Chinese are a threat to the United States and the Western world order.

On the other hand, the expert report shows that the United States no longer sees in Russia the country that once lost in the Cold War. The American establishment and military analysts do not even admit that Moscow will listen and listen to an "uncle from the West" just as it did under the "democratic" Yeltsin. True, analysts still assign to Russia the role of a raw materials appendage, even if it has become stronger. But the same experts admit that the era of total US domination is coming to an end. At the same time, the world order that the West has shaped over the past few decades is coming to a final.

Comments from our readers:

The general premise of this study: give me money so that this does not happen!

Well, the Chinese are understandable, but what does Russia have to do with it? What is this invention based on, how is a technological breakthrough predicted? Association of society or the restoration of at least the similarity of the USSR? Restoration of financial sovereignty? I understand that the visiting slogan of the energy superpowerpower will take it to the top? Or will global climate change solve the brain problem? It is doubtful.

Hollywood film disaster does not want to remove? Or does it not fit into the paradigm of the image of Russians? Probably, it is our fault that the newest aircraft carrier turned out to be incorrectly designed, the F-35 is not capable, that in the western world of Sodom and Gomorrah. I used to like films of their production, and now - gag reflex.

* “Excellent country. There are so many wild monkeys in the forest! ”- a phrase from the movie“ Hello, I am your aunt! ”
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