"Brothers" go to the "holy war"

Supporters of bearded men from the “Islamic state”, banned in the Russian Federation, recorded a video calling for the start of a “holy war” against the Russians and posted it on the Internet. Link to the movie with subtitles appeared in the "Telegram". In the frame, a man in a mask turns to President Putin and threatens the Russians.

"Brothers" go to the "holy war"

According to Interfax quoting "Reuters", the supporters of the "Islamic state" recorded a video calling for a jihad against Russia.

A link to a nine-minute YouTube clip appeared in the channel of the Telegram messenger: it is used by a group banned in the Russian Federation. A masked man driving a car in the desert turns to Putin and threatens to kill the Russians.

"Russian newspaper" writes about the operational meeting, which was held by Vladimir Putin with the permanent members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. The meeting was attended by Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, his deputy Rashid Nurgaliyev, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov and SVR Director Mikhail Fradkov. A number of international topics were discussed, including the situation in Syria.

In late July, remind "News"Sergei Shoigu announced a large-scale humanitarian operation in Aleppo, which will be held in conjunction with the Government of Syria.

Note something else. In the video with the threats posted on the network, the militants do not specify for what reason Russia became the goal of IG. Most likely, the propaganda activity of the militants is connected with the talks between Moscow and Washington on the joint opposition of IS. At the same time, the fact that IG released the video just now seems rather strange. Apparently, the leaders of the group do not like the strengthening of the international struggle against the “caliphate”, which is gradually losing the previously occupied Syrian territories. To frighten, inspire fear to ordinary citizens in a variety of ways is the well-known tactic of bloodthirsty bearded men fighting for the purity of "faith." The terrorist attacks in Europe, and now the threats against the Russian people are undoubtedly elements of a bloody strategy.

At the same time, presumably, this also means drawing Russia into the Syrian war. Today, Moscow simply can’t allow militants who have gained military experience in Syria or Iraq to move to Russia. In addition, in the actions on the territory of Syria, Russia is growing losses. He writes about it RIA News" with reference to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

"On August 1, in the province of Idlib, as a result of shelling, the Russian military transport helicopter Mi-8 was brought down to Khmeimim airbase after delivering humanitarian aid to the city of Aleppo," the ministry said.

On board were three crew members and two officers of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria. The fate of the Russian military is being investigated through all available channels, the agency said.

As reported by the Al-Masdar News publication, which quotes "Free press", The body of the pilot jihadists rope tied to a motorcycle and dragged along the ground. Militants report that "one Russian is alive, being held captive and tortured."

The helicopter was shot down near the place where the Islamist group is trying to break through the blockade of the eastern regions of Aleppo during the counteroffensive.

Earlier, we recall, President Putin ordered the start of a large-scale humanitarian operation in Aleppo.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russia and Syria, within the framework of a large-scale humanitarian operation, open three corridors through which Aleppo’s civilians can leave the surrounded city. In the areas of corridors Shoigu ordered the deployment of hot meals and medical care. According to the head of the Ministry of Defense, the operation is carried out in accordance with the instructions of President Putin, reports "Lenta.ru".

“We have repeatedly called on the opposing sides to reconcile, but each time the militants violated silence, bombarded settlements, attacked positions of government forces,” Shoigu quoted as saying. “As a result, a difficult humanitarian situation has developed in the city of Aleppo and its suburbs.” The minister also noted that these measures are being taken "solely in order to ensure the safety of the residents of Aleppo."

In addition, an additional corridor in the direction of the route Castello (in the north of Aleppo) will be opened for surrounded militants who wish to lay down weapon.

However, it seems that the jihadists preferred not the humanitarian “corridor”, but the tactics of threats. And threaten the "holy war" of Russia.

According to Stanislav Tarasov, Director of the Middle East-Caucasus Research Center at the International Institute of the Newest States, the terrorists have now switched from the Middle East to Europe, and then decided to transfer the threats to Russia.

"I am surprised that ISIS did not announce jihad to us before," said the expert. "Free Press".

“The fact is that the terrorist attacks in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, behind which ISIL stood, did not cause a wide public response. They are accustomed to the terrorist attacks in the Middle East, and see them more as tragic statistics. Therefore, the terrorists switched to Europe, and the events in Paris and Nice caused just a mad reaction. And now they have decided to transfer the threats to Russia as well. ”

According to the expert, Russia is involved "in the fight against ISIS in Syria." "This is a real war," says Tarasov, "and only a naive person could assume that the theater of military operations would be limited to Syrian territory."

At the same time, the expert believes that threats against Russia are a predictable move. And the Russian special services, presumably, “have long been calculated”.

Sergei Goncharov, President of the Alfa Anti-Terrorism Unit, a member of the Russian Academy of Security, Defense and Law Enforcement Problems, told SP that the ISIL militants are well aware that the victories of the Assad troops could not have taken place without the support of Moscow. “Therefore, I take the threats of ISIS seriously,” Goncharov said.

“According to my data, up to 10, thousands of Russian citizens, mostly from the republics of the North Caucasus, fought or are still fighting in Syria. Many of them are going to leave this territory now and will try by any means to penetrate the territory of our country. And what task they will receive from their leaders, how they will behave in Russia is an open question. ”

To the threatening video statement from IG, we add, a response was received from the Kremlin.

Moscow pays due attention to threats threatened by terrorist groups, they are taken into account by the special services, said Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. "Certainly, such publications are taken into account the special services, which are responsible for the anti-terrorist operation and security. Surely the necessary measures taken by the Ministry of Defense line during operation Russian VKS in Syria "- quoted Peskov RIA News".

“At the same time, such threats are not capable of any influence on the consistent policy of Russia, the policy of President Putin in the fight against terrorism, against international terrorism, which, of course, will continue in all directions,” he said.

Recall that in the 2015 year, the Russian security services installed more than 2,9 thousand people from among those who came from Russia who are suspected of involvement in terrorist activities in a number of countries in the Middle East. About this recently говорил Director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation Alexander Bortnikov. According to him, the FSB receives "documented information about the plans of bandglavs, hiding in the territory of a number of countries in the Middle East, to continue their terrorist activities and try to impart a new impetus to the North Caucasian bandits."

In addition, the head of the FSB saidthat the security services in Russia control more than 220 potential “pseudoshahid”. FSB officers are working to identify those involved in the preparation of "live bombs".

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. +16
      August 3 2016
      We will take these threats very seriously - Russia has learned a lot over the past decades, which we will not shout, but will simply destroy all these "warriors" as they are identified.
      1. +8
        August 3 2016
        That's right, you need to answer with deeds and not words! Remember our story, "whoever comes to us with a sword will die by the sword."
        1. +5
          August 3 2016
          This hidden American project of radical “Muslimization” and radical “Islamization” of Russia (the project of the “new world government” of world Anglo-Saxon-Jewish financiers) has long been known as the Houston and Harvard projects. The project is being implemented through the worldwide implementation of the liberal "doctrine of catastrophe shock capitalism" by Milton Friedman with his Machiavellian idea of ​​the alleged existence of the so-called "Free market" of capital, goods and labor and the introduction of a monetarist system in countries.
          This idea is the so-called The “free market” in the Russian Federation is realized through the propaganda of the supposedly “necessary” for the Russian economy UNLIMITED (!) Foreign low-skilled “labor” migration to the Russian Federation with the connivance of replenishment in the country of the so-called foreign “social” (essentially parasitic) migrants. In general, everything is like in the EU.
          The project was implemented, in particular, through the "translucency" of the border of Russia with the countries of Central Asia and the liberal dull pluralism of the employees of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in matters of ensuring Russia's national security policy.
          The ideological basis is based on liberal "universal values" to "they are children."
          Information about the hidden future action plans of foreign “labor” migrants arriving in Russia uncontrollably in Russia has already been leaked through the Russian media.
          Do not be lazy and look:
          1. article dated September 13, 2013 “What awaits Russia and Russians - massacre. Confessions of the Uzbek "Vani" ". -http: //maxpark.com/community/5325/content/2209182;
          2. The article "Financial Risks of the National Security of the Russian Federation from Foreign Labor Migration" dated March 23, 2015 -

      2. +6
        August 3 2016
        Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
        We take these threats very seriously.

        How else can you relate to such statements? Intelligence agencies should react to such videos, even if they were recorded by a kid in a sandbox with a toy machine. Barmaleev to identify, wet on the spot, so that the "potential" think about it - is it worth it to go in the direction of Russia?
        1. -2
          August 3 2016
          Karasik! 06.45. Intelligence agencies must respond! We will water in the toilet! The words are good. What about business? Why didn’t we wet ISIS when it was just emerging? Why didn’t they block financial and arms flows? Why did they catch it just now? We scold the Americans for the growth of poppy plantations in Afghanistan. But we didn’t bombard poppy fields (soak in the toilet!). When all this mafia was born, we were silent. Why did you pass Gaddafi? We did it consciously !, said Medvedev! Is it from a big mind or near? At first we indulged this process, and now we are fighting it heroically. Yes, it all started with Gorbachev. But after! Until we imposed sanctions against Russia and the price of oil fell, we did not counteract the growth of terrorism. And even went on about the United States. Now we beat the bearded! What is their fault? Did they organize all this? Maybe it's better to gasp right away in London and Washington? If you chop it, then immediately head!
          1. +8
            August 3 2016
            And what business do you need to show? Riders filmed in a Hollywood wrapper with sabers chopping from a shoulder? A lot of work is being done, on the territory of the Russian Federation everything (pah pah pah) is calm and the law is respected. But we don’t have enough resources to poke our nose around the hill over the hill, so in Syria we need to finish the job, and then tackle another problem, for example, Afghanistan with poppy plantations.
          2. +4
            August 3 2016
            Fairly, there is only one objection - laying began under the Zionists, who made North America their hornet's nest not from Gorbachet, but immediately after the death of Stalin.
          3. +1
            August 3 2016
            In the North Caucasus, the FSB is very fruitful.
          4. +2
            August 3 2016
            Quote: 34 region
            Intelligence agencies must respond! We will water in the toilet! The words are good. What about business?

            And everyone who was promised to "dunk" is soaked. Khattab, Basayev, Maskhadov, Raduev, Yandarbiev, Gelayev, Al-Walid and another small cemetery of field commanders.
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. The comment was deleted.
          5. 0
            August 4 2016
            Quote: Region 34
            Intelligence agencies must respond!

            Special services should not allow, prevent, and the police react upon the fact of an accomplishment, by calling 02.

            You mixed Gorbachev’s rule together, starting with his withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and his refusal to fight terrorism, as a result of which he came to our house and ended with the current Putin, who resumed the fight against terrorism. Thus, as it were, blaming all the responsibility for everything that has been going on since Putin’s perestroika. This is not true.

            Quote: 34 region
            Maybe it's better to gasp right away in London and Washington? If you chop it, then immediately head!

            The solution of this issue by force has no prospects. The military is led by politicians. The worldview of politicians is shaped by culture. Only by changing the culture of society can the worldview of the people, politicians and their attitude towards violence be changed. In other words, as long as "Hollywood" heralizes the violence, the wars will not stop.

            Hydra cannot be defeated by force. You chop off one head - two will grow up (like ours are beaten), but to convince, re-educate - then violence against her will not be needed ...
      3. +10
        August 3 2016
        Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
        ... screaming what we will not ...

        "... According to my information, up to 10 thousand Russian citizens, mostly immigrants from the republics of the North Caucasus, have fought or are still fighting in Syria. Many of them are going to leave this territory now and will try by any means to enter the territory of our country. ... "

        Bortnikov does not finish, so as not to aggravate ...
        But all people are adults and understand whose ears stick out for pseudo-Islamic propaganda, recruitment, ferry and weapons ...
        Everyone knows that returning terrorists will be used to destabilize Russia ...
        The USA, Saudis, Turks, special services of European states - are sleeping and see how to make the Middle Ages on our territory ...
      4. +1
        August 3 2016
        Kadyrov can be treated differently, but still ...
        “Their days are numbered!” We are able to completely destroy the "Iblis State" in their own lair ... If someone comes up with the idea to move towards Russia, we will interrupt his path on very distant approaches to our country!

      5. +1
        August 3 2016
        It has not yet reached the terrorists that it is not Russia that needs to fear the wrath of Daesh, and the Islpms state will be very scared of the wrath of Russia.
      6. +6
        August 3 2016
        Now I would like to see a message in the central media - that this herald turned out to be HusanMusan and his body was found on the sidelines in the Syrian desert: he was hit by a perekatipole bush or forgot to wind a rag on his head and received a sunstroke ...
      7. +1
        August 3 2016
        The problem is that Islamic youth in the Russian Federation is engaged in ISIS propaganda.
        And to get small arms even automatic now is not difficult, even to a person who has absolutely no connections.
        In any city in Russia, what happened in Paris or Nice may happen.
        We need total control of the Internet and mobile communications, which of course few people will be happy.
      8. 0
        August 3 2016
        Open the face-face hero!
      9. 0
        August 4 2016
        And did this jihad stop at all? Thank God they managed to put out in Chechnya, there something like an igil was planned, the whole rabble was going from all over the world
    2. +9
      August 3 2016
      The head of the FSB said that over 220 potential “pseudo-martyrs” are under the control of special services in Russia. FSB officers are working to identify those involved in the preparation of live bombs... I would like to wish success to the FSB officers in their difficult business .... I would not want terrorist attacks in Russia ...
    3. +9
      August 3 2016
      Can we also make a video in the steppe and with weapons in our hands and threaten all terrorists of all stripes who dare to address Russia? But we will not threaten in vain and will not waste words in vain like these mongrels, can they even understand this? We’ll spread them, if we take it seriously, it’s only the things that have not yet been taken that save them. May Allah pray for their sins and disappear somewhere and sit there quietly!
      1. +4
        August 3 2016
        Quote: Tatar 174
        Can we, too, make a video in the steppe and with a weapon in our hands and threaten all terrorists of all stripes who dare to address Russia? But we will not threaten in vain and we will not waste our words for nothing like these mongrels, can they at least understand this?

        It’s easier to just put a couple of callibers, it will be better than any video message. Anything faster to the bearded comes.
        1. +5
          August 3 2016
          Yes, we don’t need to threaten them, they see these threats very well in Syria in kind in the form of the corpses of their fighters after the air strikes, and in Russia let the FSB quietly do their job and apparently solve this problem well. hi
        2. The comment was deleted.
    4. +2
      August 3 2016
      Let them announce jihad in return! Purely popular. The Russian air forces will definitely support us.
    5. +6
      August 3 2016
      .... "start a holy war against the Russians" ....

      Who would doubt that. All "terrorist movements" created by the CIA have always had a goal - the war against unwanted "regimes", and the ultimate goal - the USSR, now Russia. At the same time, pretend that they themselves are tirelessly "fighting" terrorism.
    6. +5
      August 3 2016
      Only the physical destruction of jihadists is the only defense against them. And no liberal snot!
    7. +8
      August 3 2016
      Some kind of barmaley there swelled, and the media called the whole world. We saw such-re-seen. Let the face open and see how long it will live.
    8. +1
      August 3 2016
      up to 10 thousand citizens of Russia, mainly immigrants from the republics of the North Caucasus, fought or are still fighting in Syria. Many of them are going to leave this territory now and will try to penetrate the territory of our country by any means.

      Immediately send on the route Syria-Magadan.
    9. +4
      August 3 2016
      To wet, to wet and once again to wet ...
    10. +3
      August 3 2016
      Thank you, we take into account ... it’s clear PR action, intimidation .. but you need to take it seriously .... although pah pah pah fool our special services in this direction so far
    11. 0
      August 3 2016
      To the circus!
      Matrastan, with its slaves, has uncovered the whole Middle East and Africa, and Russia is to blame!
      Well, only Jews and English-speaking geeks can turn the situation upside down.
      Rolling ALL indiscriminately into the sand is the only right solution in this situation.
    12. +6
      August 3 2016
      They threaten, threaten, and hide faces under masks. If you're so brave, why are you afraid to show your face?
    13. +5
      August 3 2016
      Forewarned is forearmed...
    14. +5
      August 3 2016
      I did not watch the video, because there are so many idiotic things on the Internet. I'm just wondering, is the video still hanging? And where is the YouTube administration, which so quickly blocks pro-Russian videos (for example, Gazmanova). Did you already have a YouTube call? Or are calls for terror on internet sites already resolved?
    15. +1
      August 3 2016
      Identify all the accumulation points of the IG and apply a global blow at once, turn them into dust and disperse them downwind, then there will be no one to shoot videos!
    16. +2
      August 3 2016
      A masked man driving a car in the desert addresses Putin

      In the credits of the video: shot by order of the CIA in the Nevada desert laughing
    17. +1
      August 3 2016
      It would not hurt the children to read the story, if literate, of course. Whoever comes to us with a sword will perish by the sword.
    18. +2
      August 3 2016
      those who returned to Russia to flush in toilets and deprive relatives of their relatives!
    19. +2
      August 3 2016
      Yes, now, following the example of Ukraine, only the lazy did not declare war on Russia. What can you say: "Come in guys, come in, the toilet is on ...".
    20. +2
      August 3 2016
      Yes, somewhere we are underworking.
      Quote: sedan
      only the lazy did not declare war on Russia
    21. +1
      August 3 2016
      Watering is necessary, no questions asked. But the roots are uprooted, too. And for this, provide information on what democratization leads to according to the Western model. Say, where did Ukraine go? How many died. And give regular tests. In the East, hundreds of thousands die, but howls rise only when blood spills in Europe. And write how much it eats up resources, how much money can be built. And the way Russia arms itself is remembered about pensions. And just as the USA and the West are all in debt and are pulling from all over the world to wars - so democracy! Yes, and with p.id.ra.snomu sodomy bias.
    22. 0
      August 3 2016
      Russian special services need to declare a "hunt" for prominent IS leaders. For example, for every Russian killed, destroy two major IS commanders. In this case, the commanders of IS (and these bastards are shaking hard for their own skin) will think twice before doing something against the Russian Federation.
      1. 0
        August 3 2016
        Oh well! Go to Bortnikov’s reception there and him and learn what you need and how to do it right. laughing
    23. +2
      August 3 2016
      Already 2 days have passed, and the body of the dead is still unknown where. This is the main issue at the moment.
    24. +4
      August 3 2016
      I agree with all the posts. But doubt takes over. I go out into the yard of my house every evening and see about twenty women sitting on the playground, surrounded by strollers and children. I would be happy, but the fact is that women are all in hijabs and do not speak our way. But somewhere near their husbands, brothers and acquaintances. And such a picture is almost in all the courtyards of Chelyabinsk, except for the very center. And if they are given the command to "explode"? How many of our children will die, they do not seem to count their own. So, the threats of Daesh are not an empty affair, and you cannot do with hate speech. We all need to be vigilant, although I don't know what to do in such a situation. You won't go to the police, they will say, go get some medical treatment, because nothing happens. And when it happens, it will be late. This experience in our country is extensive.
      1. +1
        August 3 2016
        Let our deputies pass the law, let them wear hijabs in their homeland, or else Gulchatai, open your face, and then Abdul draws his face. Are there refugees in Chelyab? Where did they come from without knowing the Russian language, it would seem like Trump would have to.
        1. +1
          August 3 2016
          some Muslims live in their homeland. in Russia. Tatars, Bashkirs Caucasus. I think no need to think for them. and they won’t. You don’t ask anyone to wear cowards or not to wear you. do you cope? and then a lot of heroes and one country.
    25. -1
      August 3 2016
      Gulchata-ah-ah-ah! Open your face wassat And drain the fly on the machine wassat
    26. 0
      August 3 2016
      Ropes for hanging dushmans must be rubbed with pork fat!
    27. +1
      August 3 2016
      if they blow up and slaughter peaceful Muslims on the orders of the CIA. which brothers? saudi sing along. but these holifad games may end in an evil hapienda.
    28. 0
      August 3 2016
      Demonstrative killings of threateners are needed, he threatened to immediately send a thermobaric bomb to the village, send scum to Allah with the Guria.
    29. Avz
      August 3 2016
      Put panties on your head and scare what else remains for these blockheads. Money runs out and few people want to fight for free. Pagans there and not Muslims, eating a heart from a murdered person is paganism of pure water. And selling to the infidels
      stolen values ​​is not Islam. Monkeys need to be back on palm trees, not a state built.
    30. +1
      August 3 2016
      If you don’t grind this bastard at distant approaches, then in Russia, and even more so in Europe we will start such a thing ... Although you don’t need to worry about Russia, you guys know what you’re doing, but we’ll have our brainless politicians and clownish siloviki pitchfork.
    31. 0
      August 3 2016
      The unenviable fate of these bearded men who undertook to frighten Putin. Don't they know about his hobby? Not just find and kill. And he will do it cynically and humiliatingly. Necessarily on the toilet, with a lot of moisture in the form of snot, urine and feces, which will squeeze out of their ears, eyes and filthy mouths. There are simple suicides. He put on a belt with explosives and exploded. Fast and not painful. And to frighten Putin is also a suicide. Only it will be long and painful.

    "Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

    “Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"