Voenkor "Magician" about the situation in the DPR

Blog chervonec_001 published another summary of the voter "Mag", which tells about the events that occurred in the NPT over the past week.

The summary states, in particular:

“In the middle of the week, there was suddenly a lull for almost four days. Even walkie-talkies and mobile phones APU were silent, a complete calm. It was evident that they were preparing something. But instead of the expected offensive, shelling of disastrous attacks began again.

25 July, Monday.
On Monday night, the hot weekend continued. From mid-Sunday, with varying intensity, shelling continues until late at night.

1: 30 The battle in the region of the YaBP (Yasinovatsky block post) does not stop, all weapons, including heavy artillery, are used.
2: 30 battles and shelling subsided. Only single tracks of memory in the sky over Donetsk, but generally quiet.
Before lunch, the republic was not shelled.
13: 00 flew two 120-mm mines. I mentioned in previous reports about the danger of such attacks, when moms walk with children, and old people rush to their pension or to the pharmacy and here two 120-mm mines arrive from the punishers.
16: 00 also flew two 120-mm mines. Again till the evening you can live a peaceful life.
20: 20 on the southern front in the Kominternovo region began a battle between our positions and the APU, both sides used small arms and mortars.
20: 20 in areas of the Airport, Spartak and YaBP began shelling from mortars, AGS and RPG.
20: 20 shelling of the village of Zaitsevo from small arms and mortars.

Up to 22, in the evenings, battles continue, with short breaks, in some sectors of the front.

22: 20 from the Svetlodarsk APU began to fire at the front line from the village of Golmovsky and to the south along the fields and dirt roads. Periodically shoots howitzer APU.
23: 50 is a loud bang in the sky, our Strela-10M air defense system has completed its work on a large UAV.
23: The 50 APU was offended and began unmarkedly covering the residential areas in the Airport - Spartak area with mines.

Someone asked me, “what are they shooting at you with?”.
Here, on the example of Monday I will write this sad statistics. During the first day of the week, we were bombarded: 185 times with machine guns, grenade launchers and AGS, 337 mines with 82-mm caliber, 203 mines with 120-mm caliber, 87-122-mm artillery shells.
Total us fired 812 times! A kind of record for the last quarter. The spring was 907 shelling.

Two VSN servicemen died, two more were injured, and one civilian was injured.
The hospital Kharkov received 21 people wounded. I remind you that this is only one city.

26 July, Tuesday.
01: 10 began another wave of shelling, every 10 sec. One 120-mm mine arrives. Only in 02: The 20 APU has calmed down.
03: 00 short shelling of 120-mm mines from the Kuibyshev district. Two mortars worked.
05: 20 120-mm mines fly around the airport again.
From 10: 00 to 11: 00, another shelling of VSN positions in areas of the Airport, Spartak, YaBP, 82-mm and 120-mm mortars worked.

Until the evening it was quiet.

21: 30 North of Gorlovka in the Zaitsevo area is restless, our UAV memory device has worked. Damaged, he sat on the territory of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
23: 30 residents of Donetsk and Makeyevka hear several hours of battle in the areas of Airport - Spartak - YaBP. Works small, mortars, periodically makes short artillery attacks.
23: The 50 APU began shelling four 122-mm howitzers of the Kuibyshev district. The shelling was carried out until about 00: 20.
23: 55 under shelling Dokuchaevsk, damaged the building of the city court, prosecutors and residential houses.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine on the western side of Donetsk along the Marinka-Krasnogorovka line began demining certain sections of their minefields. The same situation is from the north of Donetsk in the Avdiivka area - Steep gully. There are attempts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to conduct engineering reconnaissance of our minefields.

In just one day, we were shot at 300 times. One Mi-8 spinner and a dozen fast cars brought a wounded APU soldier to the 21 hospitals in Kharkiv.

27 July, Wednesday.
The first day of calm. Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine keep radio silence. Intelligence has spotted small groups of mercenaries, according to 50-60, militants who have moved into the first line of Ukrainian positions.
Early in the morning and during the day our air defenses worked. APU 5 UAV, one of them our defenders managed to shoot down.

About 5 hours of the morning from the village of Sands in the sky seemed a UAV. The drone flew over the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk. Experts say he was with the radio listening equipment and mobile communications.

20: 20 began the evening shelling of the village Zaitsevo. The shelling was from small arms and mortars.
22: 45 over Donetsk air defense is trying to shoot down another UAV drone.

During the day, the republic was fired 108 times. Despite the relative calm at the front, 8 injured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived at Kharkov hospitals, 2 of them are in serious condition.

28 July, Thursday.
The second day of calm. The radio silence is still on the air, and there are about five UAVs in the sky.

20: 20 Airport under fire from heavy machine gun and mortar.
20: 20 on the southern front began to move, several groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to get closer to our positions by reconnaissance in force.
20: 20 in the north of Gorlovka, near Zaytsevo shooting and mortar combat.
21: 55 over the Kuibyshev district, the militia using the memory of the UAV.
22: 15 is the work of our charger again.
22: 25 over the village Zaitsevo also bring down the UAV.
23: 50 is another hunt for UAVs in the northern districts of Donetsk.

During the day, the territory of the Republic was fired 340 times. Kharkiv hospital received 9 wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

29 July, Friday.
The third day of calm. In 00: 00 north of Donetsk, a group of APU intelligence officers was spotted. Under the cover of shelling our positions with 82-mm mines, they are trying to get closer to our positions.
00: On request, our gunners 05 made five volleys, on the bursting out group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
00: 15 near the Airport continues the battle with the use of small, AGS and occasionally 82-mm mines arrive.

02: 00 and 04: 00 The APU fired at the western parts of the city with 120-mm mortars. Some districts and towns of Donetsk were left without light. Corrected attacks UAV APU.
Silence remained until evening. Of course, they did not let the UAV and some idiot from the Ukrainian position get bored, which gave a turn to residential buildings.

18-55 began the battle with the use of mortars and equipment in the area Zaitsevo.
21: 20 north-west and south-west of Gorlovka shooting.
21: 20 northwest of Gorlovka, 120-mm mines began to fall. Works sniper APU.
21: 40 northwest of Debaltseve, under Logvinovo our positions under heavy artillery fire.
22: The 00 front is quiet again.

One case occurred in the 16 omb of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Avdiivka region, where a soldier serving under a contract shot his commander, a nationalist officer. The conflict between them has matured long ago. The soldier refused to carry out orders for firing from a mortar on settlements, realizing that there is not an enemy, but Russian people who are close to him in spirit live there.

During the day, the republic was fired 222 times. 20 wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 2 in serious condition were admitted to hospitals in Kharkov.

30 July, Saturday.
The fourth day of calm. I am writing a “lull”, because there is a big difference, when the whole front is noisy, all the weapons and 700-800 attacks are used per day. And not 100-200, as in the last four days.
We thought this day would end also, but as it turned out, we were greatly mistaken.

17: 25 near the Airport and YaBP during a thunderstorm short mortar duels.
21: The 45 battle began in Zaitsevo using small arms, mortars 82-mm and 120-mm. A bit later the equipment and artillery was connected.
From 22: 50 to 00: 00, heavy shelling of the Kuibyshev and Kiev districts began. Shells fell every 2 seconds.
Our two shortly answered, each time on 10 volleys.

The Republic has been bombarded 817 times. Kharkiv hospitals took 18 wounded, of which several were heavy with amputations.

31 July, Sunday.
00: 05 Began another heavy shelling. The intensity can be compared with the shelling of the autumn 2014 year.
00: 20 all of the western part of Donetsk under shelling!
00: 30 is our response from heavy SPG.
01: 10 The Kuibyshev District continues to suffer from heavy shelling shells.
01: 35 Petrovsky district under heavy shelling.
01: 50 half the city without electricity, gas, water!
02: 00 shelling stopped. Until the evening, residents of the affected areas sorted out rubble, after night shelling.
17: 25 in areas of the Airport and Yasinovatoy battle and mortar duel during thunderstorms and heavy rain.
From 17: 25 to 21: 00 southern front under fire of infantry and mortars.

20: 55 our response is strong, from several positions at once.
22: 05 is another wave of shelling. The APU does not know where our batteries are and massively shoot at residential areas.
22: 50 on the whole front from the Sea of ​​Azov and to Gorlovka there are battles with the use of arts and technology.
23: 30 very strong gaps in the northern regions of Donetsk.
23: 50 is our answer again. After that, the Ukrainian battery, consisting of three 152-mm Msta-B howitzers, was silent. The positions are visible breaks and a strong fire.

What was it at the end of the week? After almost four days of calm, on Saturday and Sunday such heavy shelling. And they did not pursue any military purpose. The APU did not try to suppress the firing points of the BCH at the front edge, and they did not try to cover the militia batteries, which gave short answers. These blows brought only enormous destruction and casualties among the peaceful population of Donbass.

All patience and health! ".

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  1. +8
    August 2 2016
    Zurabov was replaced in time. Stop rubbing "Vasya - Vasya" with Roshen. It is IMPOSSIBLE to continue to endure this Bandera chaos! Unpunished shelling must be punished. And sternly.
    1. +2
      August 2 2016
      Let's see .. will Ukrainians approve of the new
      1. +3
        August 2 2016
        Quote: Dave36
        Let's see .. will Ukrainians approve of the new
        - And on the drum! The Kremlin’s desire to agree on a good deal was removed from Zurabov. So they will approve - they will not approve, it will not change anything, if Russia decides to replace Bandera ghouls.
      2. +3
        August 2 2016
        Quote: Dave36
        Let's see .. will Ukrainians approve of the new

        So the entire deep corps will be recalled ............ And this is called the state of war ... Just on the day of the Airborne Forces ... When the domes are slammed overhead, everything will work right away! They can only stink ... but they themselves can’t cope with the miners ... Because the Russians cannot be defeated, even though they come from the Donbass.
    2. +7
      August 2 2016
      I welcome visitors to the site. As always, the administrators above gave a direct link to the blog of Chervonets, there are more photos and video material.

      But look at the recent battle and how a local resident fell under the hot hand of the nationalists.
      1. 0
        August 2 2016
        Quote: Sith Lord
        I welcome visitors to the site.

        Greetings. I wanted to ask your opinion.
        Here the material skipped about the arrest of Alexander Efremov, but I think the sea is written there, but somehow nobody noticed his words. And he said that the war would begin in the region of August 10-12. Share your opinion, the person in the subject really voiced a hundred did you know?
        1. +2
          August 2 2016
          Yes, really in the subject, some still speak out that everything can begin on August 9th.
          1. avt
            August 2 2016
            Quote: Sith Lord
            Yes, really in the subject, some still speak out that everything can begin on August 9th.

            Well, nobody canceled the symbolism, and if you recall how Horse da Lisa shoved Comrade Saa ... Ah! What a man! Why not repeat at the Olympics in Rio? With them it will become.
            1. +3
              August 2 2016
              Quote: avt
              Quote: Sith Lord
              Yes, really in the subject, some still speak out that everything can begin on August 9th.
              Well, nobody canceled symbolism, and if you recall

              9 August 1945, the atomic bomb "Fat Man" ("Fat Man") with the equivalent of 21 kilotons of TNT, was dropped on the city of Nagasaki ...
      2. avt
        August 2 2016
        Quote: Sith Lord
        I welcome visitors to the site.

        hi You have a mess there on Wednesday and Thursday! There is a clear discrepancy between the number of shelling of the republic and the supply of surgical waste to hospitals in Kharkov. You stop this mess! With such a slowdown in the supply of donor organs, you will be there to the adviser and medical reformer in the Ruin - Bernard Kouchner, you will disrupt the fucking rhythmic supply of donor organs and he will again have to ask Erdogan to bring refugees to the EU. Well, you can't make fun of the creator of the black transplantation system through doctors without borders requestIt’s just like that .... not in a European way ..... it’s like a Horde. wassat The volume of the answer must somehow be kept at Sunday level.
  2. +1
    August 2 2016
    Necessarily at the end there will be an otvetka and explosions at artillery positions. Only shelling does not stop.
  3. +2
    August 2 2016
    Total us fired 812 times! A kind of record for the last quarter. The spring was 907 shelling.

    Mdaa ... and what about the OSCE ????

    Blinded again ... however a rhetorical question.

    In the Donbass, the Russian people are being killed and this cannot be forgiven to ukrovermahtt KIEV.
    In August, the number of people talking on the 12th will be another offensive of the protoucres at DONBASS.

    US elections are approaching and BIDEN can kick the KIEV leadership well in order to unleash another adventure, blaming RUSSIA for this.
    1. -3
      August 2 2016
      There is a mission website. They fix it. It's just that in VO all of them are used to calling them blind "spies", demanding to kill them and so on, but immediately calling them to see ...
      Why is it difficult to access their website? Yes, they are all strikingly different from the propaganda of both sides (both Ukraine and these), you will not find there "heroism" and sworn fascists / occupiers (mutual propaganda). I'm not trying to be their lawyer at all - but I have no complaints against them at all. They work and communicate much better than the Tymchuk / Basurins. One is better than the other - there is Russia, there are mercenaries and the amount of equipment is more than that of the PLA. He described the case with the commander. And the Ukrainians have issued a Kamaz with "terrorists" .. in both cases, the proof is on paper.
      LIE EVERYTHING. Absolutely! All these reports, like those, were fired on so many times, and for the second so many times - an everyday war in the infospace. Just a fixation and a round of information noise. Things are not done there. And people are just hostages of the situation. Recently I read a pearl from the Russians - it is generally beneficial for them that "Ukrainians dispose of each other .."
      The trouble ... there are simply no words. Distracted.
      The OSCE is not obliged to "play" for which side. All reports are on their website. They are boring, extensive. But in return, without any propaganda.
      1. 0
        August 3 2016
        Quote: Retvizan
        There is a mission website. They fix it. It's just that in VO all of them are used to calling them blind "spies", demanding to kill them and so on, but immediately calling them to see ...

        yeah there. But.
        1 far from all
        2 that is, do not write where (direction, distance)
        3 what the directions write is specially streamlined so that it is not visible what is on the Ukrainian side.
        4 when fixing on the territory of ukrov, everything is exactly the opposite
        So you are "used to"
  4. win
    August 2 2016
    Clear-faced (in the sense of sunburnt) will still aggravate the situation in Ukraine before leaving ...
  5. +10
    August 2 2016
    Quote: oldseaman1957
    In time, Zurabov was replaced

    Do you really think that the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the number of attacks depend on the ambassador? Zurabov was not fish, not meat in the necessary diplomatic work, but neither he nor the new ambassador could influence the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. When they hide behind Washington, they don't pay attention to the Russian ambassador in their criminal deeds. Perhaps the new ambassador will speak more harshly with the Ukrainian elite and this may play some role. But there will be no calm in Donbass until this "ukroverkhushka" flies off and until its support from the West stops.
    1. +3
      August 2 2016
      The former "manager" at the Kurchatov Institute, the former Minister of Health, who reformed it, and actually deformed medicine, ruining it for the sake of the pharmacy business, from which he received an average of 55 million rubles in dividends a year, without doing a damn thing. In intelligence - the level of the Dagestan shepherd, but - a swindler! Why are we sending the ignorant as ambassadors to Ukraine ?! His true "cover" is to pull on him all "" from which he has a percentage!

      smile The people know everything ...
    2. +3
      August 2 2016
      In my opinion, the support will not stop for a very long time. And this is why there will be support: there is a plan at the top of the Gestapo in Fashington regarding a cordon sanitaire around the Russian Federation. This cordon only lacks RB. There is a small but rather interesting article on the Internet: "Dill" presented territorial claims of Belarus "link: http://vz.ru/world/2016/7/14/821509.html .
  6. +2
    August 2 2016
    It is good that the ukrovermacht receives worthy "answers".
  7. +2
    August 2 2016
    It seems that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are playing a kind of bloody performance, and not for external, but for internal use. How else to convince the people that they have to endure that Russia attacked Ukraine and that Ukraine is fighting back "heroically". Victims. A large number of victims among the Armed Forces. IMHO, if VSN for some reason stopped responding, VSUshniki would shoot themselves. If only to create the illusion of war.
  8. +3
    August 2 2016
    Quote: rotmistr60
    Perhaps the new ambassador will talk more strictly with the Ukrainian elite and this will probably play some role.

    Ambassador, for conversations with the top of any state, figuratively speaking, this is a remotely controlled talking head, bringing to the top the opinion of the president and the government. This is just one of his many tasks.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. +8
    August 2 2016
    Hold on relatives, let the heavens keep New Russia!
  11. +11
    August 2 2016
    I read the summary and my nerves, even while sitting in Minsk, began to take the mat and one. Maybe I'm stupid and someone will tell me the answer to the question: What kind of agreements did the Nazis see in the bathhouse in the toilet. How much can these attacks be tolerated ???? ? You can stop them (shelling) with one call to the Gestapo branch in Kiev, but no one wants to do this from the authorities (EU - European dogs) and especially the USA (jackal community of America).
    Zakharchenko is very difficult now, he needs to make rational decisions and not emotional decisions. If his will, as I understand it now, the territory of the LPR will be much wider and larger.

    Question: Why only LDNR adheres to these Minsk agreements from the last forces ???
    I want to wish the APU and other evil spirits more fireworks in the warehouse with BC.
    1. +3
      August 2 2016
      Unfortunately, the entire system of the state in Ukraine now rests precisely on the war. There is politics and propaganda and nagging money.
      The shelling of the territories controlled by the militia is done, in general, only in order to fix the otvetku, so that the burials of heroes would occasionally take place in the villages and villages ... This is all that keeps the people of Ukraine in good shape and in the belief that Russia and the "separatists" are fighting against them.
      and the situation is such that both sides cannot risk attacking. LDNR has no real advantage either in personnel or in technology. (it is possible that with all the reserves they will be able to have at the very least parity) but this is not enough for an offensive. The Ukrainians also understand that they do not fully know the state of the armed forces of Donbass and understand that the north wind may return. And only they are engaged in provocations to demonstrate to the world what "terrorists" from Russia are doing.
    2. -2
      August 2 2016
      Well, in general, if you read the summary of one side here, emotions will go off scale and demand revenge. If the two sides, then the reaction will be different. And if in general and the third - so you begin to understand that all this is a performance (bloody).
      APU, even if it stops shooting, do you believe that opponents will do the same? Me not.
      And in general, does the VSN AFU decide something? Is it? Both have curators. Step left step right resignation / "Ukrainian DRG / Wagners and Bumblebees in the window.
      While the bloody performance is beneficial to both sides of the curators, the show is mast he.
    3. 0
      August 3 2016
      Quote: Belarus
      Why only LDNR adheres from the last forces of these Minsk

      so that there is no reason to declare us "terrorists" and ask to introduce NATO "peacekeepers". We know how NATO "peacekeepers" can act.
      No Ukrainians are asking, but to no avail.
  12. +1
    August 2 2016
    Brothers, wildly sorry, the biathlon theme in another thread.
  13. win
    August 2 2016
    There is no Ukrainian ambassador to Russia. So parity. Only temporary attorneys.
    It is always better to have a channel that will be implemented by senior diplomats than those who replace them.
    Resignation is a bad sign in the first place for Poroshenko. The informal relationship is over, now - only officially ...
    1. -1
      August 2 2016
      People, do you still believe that only through ambassadors can something be decided between Ukraine-Russia? Yes there all the godfathers are driven by godfathers (relatives are the same) Therefore, ambassadors here were appointed by anyone.
      In this case, everything goes through the cusp of your president. And it went through it and to Maidan everything went through it .. Or Zurabov instead of Glazyev and Medvechuk climbed all over Kiev (and Ukraine) representing the interests of the Kremlin (yes, not the Russian Federation, namely the Kremlin)
      Therefore, Ukraine in general can work without ambassadors (Medvechuk is not bad at handling the ambassador of the Russian Federation) And what are you talking about? There is the best choice of the Ukrainian people ... partners and all that.
      If you are about the interests of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, then forget it. They were not and are not. There are interests of the group from the Kremlin. They easily find a language with the same with Bankova.
  14. +4
    August 2 2016
    LDNR will not be able to advance on its own (like the Armed Forces of Ukraine). To attack a well-fortified position requires a significant advantage in strength and technology, and there is parity. APU provoke LDNR shelling of residential areas.
    What can LDNR? Relocate, suppress the batteries of the Armed Forces, repeatedly declare shelling of residential areas throughout the network, the media and the OSCE (the OSCE’s mood is clear, but there is no other), invite journalists to stand by, endure.
    What can we do? Help LDNR in everything, accept refugees and displaced persons, raise questions everywhere about the shelling of civilians by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, be ready for a cold war (a sharp drop in living standards), if the Armed Forces of Ukraine have to be "pacified".
    Are we ready for the cold war, i.e. give your satiety, comfort and convenience for a while, m. and for many years? And how much do we give our money to LDNR? In Russia, 145 million. Let 50 million work, even of which 20 million. sympathize with LDNR and do not live in poverty. If each of these 20 million will throw off 10t.r. per year, you get 200 billion rubles. For LDNR is very important. It seems that this is not happening. So we are not yet consciously ready for the Cold War. Ideologically, organizationally not ready. Not the government, but ourselves!
  15. -2
    August 2 2016
    Unofficially, the Russian Federation already contains most of the entire system. The other part is coal double bass taxes.
    About the relocation. Well, the Ukrainians immediately began to resettle people with the front line. And it didn’t succeed and even perishes dying during the shelling of the enemy (On the VO this is not gu gu .. everyone believes that only the APU shoots at the pit). And the situation is where both sides dug in the city and towns and villages. And there people live / lived. And during the shelling, those who did not leave (different reasons basically do not want to) fall into them.
    Of course, most of it was evacuated. The same Avdeevka Sands (I specially set it as an example because the BCH fire is directed there) these are settlements. And shelling them will inevitably lead to the possible death of a peacekeeper.
    Similarly, Horlivka and other front-line.
    Neither can come. Some can generally only portray. The second is threatened by winds. And do not be shy. Both are supplied. And sometimes the same side. If you calm down your emotions, imprinting is all a terrible performance on the blood. And there is no honor, truth in it, from either side. For the sake of justice, it is necessary to print summaries of 2 parties (+ preferably an excerpt from the OSCE report on the same day). Otherwise, one-sided.
    1. 0
      August 3 2016
      Aha especially "evacuated" Marinka and Avdeevka. You heard it on ukrosmi right? I have to disappoint you.
      And what should the "evacuees" do? Help allot? Housing? I am silent about the attitude (damned separatists). Will you answer? Or how?

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