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August 1 marks the Day of the rear of the armed forces of the Russian Federation

The rear day of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is celebrated annually on August 1. This is a professional holiday for all military personnel and civilian personnel related to the units and units of the rear of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. It was first established by order of the Minister of Defense of Russia No. 255 of May 7, 1998. The choice of this particular holiday date is not accidental, it has historical rationale.

One of the first decrees that Peter I issued when forming the first Russian regular army was an order from 1 of August 1700 of the year to establish the Provisional Order, the progenitor of the modern rear service. This supply agency was in charge of supplying grain, grain and grain to the army, and provided centralized food supply for the troops. On the same day, on the basis of the royal decree, a “Special Order” was established, which later became known as the Military (sometimes it was also called the Commissariat). It was entrusted with the supply of Russian regiments with equipment, uniforms and salaries (the army’s allowance), as well as weapons, horses and carts.

Already in the 1711 year, by decree of Peter I, all the supplying bodies became part of the active Russian army. In her field office, a commissariat was formed who was in charge of all types of supplies, including food and fodder. In the divisions, the organization of supply was entrusted to the chief commissioners and the chief commissioners, and in the regiments, the provisionmaster and commissioners, respectively. In this case, the Russian regiments acquired their own military economy.

The structure of government bodies that was formed in the first quarter of the 18th century and the experience of supplying the army in 1716 during the Northern War was consolidated in the military regulations. Responsibility for providing troops was assigned to the commander of the army (Field Marshal General), and the direct management of its supply was entrusted to the general krigs commissar. His duties included, in particular, the supply of army units with clothing, money, supplies, horses and weapons. Medical support for military personnel was carried out: in the army - a doctor with senior generals, in divisions - a doctor and headquarters doctor, in the regiments - a doctor, and in a company - a barber (paramedic).

The first in the history of the rear directors of the Russian army were the military and statesman Sergey Yazykov, Field Marshal Stepan Apraksin, Quartermaster Andrei Abakumov and others. Over the past centuries, the formations, units and institutions of the rear have gone through a rather complicated path in their development. At the same time, the rear service was reorganized many times, and its status changed. This state of affairs continued during the times of the USSR, right up to the start of World War II. In war conditions, the lack of a unified management of all services of the rear led to disunity and, as a consequence, inconsistency of actions. The rear structure existing at that time in the Soviet Union did not meet the requirements of the war. At this very important moment for the whole country, on the initiative of Lieutenant General (later Army General) Andrei Khrulev, a centralized rear system was formed.

And here again the date comes to the fore - 1 August. 1 August 1941 Supreme Commander Joseph Stalin signs the order of the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR "On the organization of the Red Army Red Army Office ..." It united the headquarters rear headquarters, as well as the road administration, military communications headquarters and the inspection of the Red Army rear commander . In addition, the post of head of the rear of the Red Army was introduced. In addition to the Main Directorate of the Spacecraft’s Logistics, the Fuel Supply Directorate, the Central Directorate Directorate, and the Sanitary and Veterinary Administration were also subordinated to the rear commander. Lieutenant-General Andrei Khrulev was appointed head of the spacecraft rear.

August 1 marks the Day of the rear of the armed forces of the Russian Federation

After the Great Patriotic War, as the country's economy developed, as well as changes in the organizational structure and technical equipment of the armed forces, the development of military science and technology, further improvement of the rear forces took place. With the formation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in May 1992, their rear was formed, and the appropriate organs and elements of the rear infrastructure of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union became the basis for it. In February, during the military reform in Russia, 2008 began the transformation process in the logistics structure. In particular, a unified Logistics System (MTO) of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was formed.

The Logistics System is a vertically built management structure that is ranged from the central apparatus to the troop level. In the end, structures that are designed to provide the armed forces with all types of material resources, as well as to organize the operation, repair and maintenance of weapons and military equipment, transport in the interests of the armed forces with all types of transport and service facilities and transport communications were united under a single leadership.

Veterinary and sanitary control of food, fire protection at the facilities of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and measures to protect the environment also fall within the scope of the MTO services of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. At the present stage of development of the armed forces, the structure of the central office of logistics has included: the department of planning and coordination of logistics; transportation department; Resource Support Department; Department of maintenance and provision of utilities of military units and organizations; Main Rocket-Artillery Directorate, Main Armored Directorate; General Directorate of the Head of the Railway Forces; Metrology Directorate of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

On July 29, 2000, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree “On the 300th anniversary of the Rear Services of the Armed Forces, the text of which noted the following:“ Given the importance of rear support for the army and fleet, and also noting the merits to the country of veterans and personnel of the Rear Services of the Armed Forces and in connection with its 300th anniversary, I decide: To establish a memorable day - the 300th anniversary of the Rear Services of the Armed Forces and mark it on August 1, 2000. " The modern service of the rear is a structure with a history dating back more than three centuries.

As they like to say in the rear, there is no victory without the rear. Any military man, whether he is a sailor, rocket, tanker or infantryman, is ready to subscribe to this phrase. The state of the foundation on which any army, including the Russian army, depends today, depends on the quality work of the logistics units.

Heating of buildings and fire safety, control over personnel supply and provision of uniforms, maintenance of a vehicle fleet and storage of ammunition are only part of the various tasks that rear units today are solving. In Russia, more than 100 000 tons of ammunition are spent on only one combat training of the army each year; at least 700 000 tons of food are consumed to feed the personnel of the RF Armed Forces. For all this, the specialists of the rear service. It is worth noting that they get up before anyone else, and the release for them can be heard only when the whole part is already asleep. The Logistics structure formed in Russia is one of the most important elements of the country's armed forces, which is responsible for ensuring the daily life of the army and navy in peacetime and wartime.

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  1. Masya masya
    Masya masya 1 August 2016 06: 21
    Without the rear there is no VICTORY !!!
    1. Andrey K
      Andrey K 1 August 2016 07: 53
      The rear is a support for our army,
      From the rear, the army is a powerful force,
      And with such support is not terrible
      The most formidable opponent of Russia!
      The rear for the army is vital
      We can rightfully be proud of him,
      On this holiday, we will confidently say:
      The rear of our army is reliable!
      © (Matveeva Elena)

      1. hedgehog in the fog
        hedgehog in the fog 1 August 2016 12: 12
        today is the day of the rear, and tomorrow is our day, the day of the airborne troops. happy holidays, do not forget to congratulate us tomorrow .. soldier
        1. AllXVahhaB
          AllXVahhaB 1 August 2016 20: 25
          Quote: hedgehog in the fog
          and tomorrow is our day

  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 1 August 2016 07: 02
    Do not appreciate the work of rear support! Without him - no where! Happy holiday! soldier
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 1 August 2016 07: 29
    If the rear is reliable and covered, then there will be victory. Happy holiday rear!
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Knowing
    Knowing 1 August 2016 07: 35
    The rear of the Armed Forces is the connecting link between the various units, without which no military campaign can do without material support. Happy Holidays! soldier
  6. svu93
    svu93 1 August 2016 08: 07
    Congratulations to all the logistics staff on their professional holiday !!!
    On behalf of the rear, I allow myself to thank all those who congratulate you for not believing that the rear is a 160-kilogram carcass sitting on a box with stew and devouring vodka! soldier
  7. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 1 August 2016 09: 37
    For those who did not steal, but honestly performed their military duty, often in the most difficult conditions, my toast.
    I had to somehow complete the task in the combat zone. In the location of one of the units, on a typical weekday, I met a soldier who had three medals on cotton. I was very surprised by the violation of the uniform and so many awards. It turned out that this is a regular water carrier, who daily left the camp for water at the risk of his life. He repeatedly fell on mines and shelling, was wounded.
    For such a rear, I’m ready to drink while standing.
  8. Tanya
    Tanya 1 August 2016 11: 07
    Happy holiday to all the rear! love
  9. Dmitriy66
    Dmitriy66 1 August 2016 12: 20
    Happy Holiday, MTO service! Good luck to you!
  10. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 1 August 2016 13: 42
    1989 year of Leninakan (Gyumri). Russian military base. The city after a devastating earthquake has not yet recovered. Workers traveled from all over the Union to reconstruction work. Often the city lacked basic, in particular bread. The expanded military bakery provided with bread not only the personnel of the base, but also a significant part of the urban population. The soldiers worked around the clock for wear. They gave out bread strictly according to the lists, depending on the number of family members. I didn’t eat bread anymore. Where are the cakes and gingerbread before him. A deep bow to those guys.
    1. nachprod92
      nachprod92 1 August 2016 21: 48
      in 1991, a guy from the third year of VVVUT being on an internship there during this period received an order for the deployment of this bakery and the release of bread, comrade officers on a holiday!
      1. nachprod92
        nachprod92 1 August 2016 22: 12
        I apologize for the date, memory is already failing, went to Vika, it turns out it was in 1988.
  11. tracer
    tracer 1 August 2016 14: 36
    This is our 21st DShB brigade in Leninakan that worked on dismantling the rubble with all the support. That was a long time ago.
  12. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 1 August 2016 18: 59
    Without well-organized rear services, there is no army.

    Happy holidays to you guys!
    1. Vov_van
      Vov_van 1 August 2016 19: 17
      When he was a senior lieutenant, he was the communications chief of a tank battalion. Somewhere in the year 82-83 (I don’t remember exactly), there were exercises of the rear troops of the GSVG. Our division participated as a customer service. They ordered PAKs not to take, dry for one day, do not touch the fuel from the barrels. What can I say ... The rear guards are certainly hard workers. But I did not see more hungry, cold, and non-burnt teachings. Sheer deception and window dressing. It is clear that these installations were from the very top, but people repented - do not worry! Until the end of the service, he did not particularly hope for the rear, only for himself and for his supplies. And so it happened
      1. nachprod92
        nachprod92 1 August 2016 21: 56
        and where are the rear guards if you followed a bad order from above?
  13. Million
    Million 1 August 2016 20: 53
    There is no army without the rear. Happy holiday!
  14. Old warrior
    Old warrior 2 August 2016 21: 26
    Without a Reliable Logistics, there is no Victory! Congratulations! love