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Procession and Bandera demons

Procession and Bandera demons

Supporters of the “war party” in Ukraine are trying to push people not only on political and national issues, but also on religious ones. "The confrontation of two religious processions" - this is how one can characterize the events of the end of July in Kiev.

27 July ended All-Ukrainian procession for peace, organized by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. He passed under the loud hooting of supporters of the “Right Sector” (an extremist organization banned in Russia), under the numerous threats posed by Ukrainian officials, under the persecution of the Ukrainian media. Despite all this, more than 80 thousand people took part in it.

And the next day, June 28, in Kiev, took place in peak of the first, another “religious procession” (if this event, of course, can be called so), organized by the UOC of the Kiev Patriarchate - pseudo-patriots of Ukraine, supporters of the schismator and sectarian Philaret. Far fewer people participated in this event - about 15 thousands.

Those who do not want peace, specially organized the second “religious procession”, because they were literally enraged by the fact that the participants in the All-Ukrainian religious procession for peace were not afraid to come from all over the country and arrive in the capital.

But what did this schismatic quasi-religious procession look like? In Kiev, there was a crowd in embroidered shirts, sang "patriotic" songs. Every now and then there were shouts of “Glory to Ukraine!”, “Ukraine need a mustache!”, Etc., up to “Death to the enemies!” The flags of the notorious “Right Sector” and the nationalist party Svoboda flashed through the crowd. In fact, it turned out another right-wing procession, only masked by icons.

What is characteristic is that both the Ukrainian state structures, and the supporters of nationalist organizations, and even the militants of the punitive battalions in every possible way hampered the first Crusade process, but many more people took part in it than in the second organized by the philaretists - the one that turned into a nationalist demonstration. Although the second event no one interfered and did not threaten.

What did not say ukrochinovniki about the procession for the world! It got to the point that its participants were offered ... crucified on crosses. They were accused of being provocateurs of Moscow, separatists, “quilted jackets”, “Colorado”, etc.

With the support of Ukraine’s leading state-owned media outlets, all pravoseki and militants of the punitive battalions threatened people who prayed for peace that they would not be allowed into Kiev, not released alive, subjected to “civilian detention”.

Apparently, at the last moment, the Ukrainian illegal authorities, seeing how many people had left, nevertheless decided not to exacerbate the situation and prevent the Nazis from persecuting civilians. Therefore, in Kiev, the buses were offered to the worshipers, and law enforcement agencies did not allow the radicals to arrange a bloody massacre.

After the procession ended, ukroSMI cheerfully reported that "everything went quiet." Mr. Avakov, the Minister of the Interior, said that the National Guard and the National Police had worked together, provocations and skirmishes were avoided.

In short, quiet, smooth and grace - and this after the wildest pressure! But was it really so rosy?

Not! There were many illegal actions during the Religious Procession, but they did not come from those who were branded as “provocateurs”, “separatists” and “Kremlin spies”. But the law enforcement officers of Kiev and Mr. Avakov personally preferred the crimes of the neo-Nazis to “overlook”.

The Ukrainian authorities and the media preferred to “forget” that provocative attacks were carried out on participants in the Religious Procession in Zhytomyr and Poltava. “Lost” that in Odessa the so-called “automaidan” did not let out the majority of people who wanted to join the prayer for peace.

It must be said that in Odessa all this was done extremely tough and cynical. People threatened to burn alive. Given the events of 2 in May of 2014, these threats were particularly vile.

UkroSMI cheerfully reported that the carriers of Odessa themselves refused to carry the participants of the Religious Procession to Kiev. But they did it because Avtomaydan threatened to burn the buses, called to pierce the tires and beat the windows. “Before Uman there are three posts that will no longer joke and talk. Carriers are not worth it !! ", - said the so-called" patriots of Ukraine. "

The Odessa Diocese appealed to the law enforcement agencies on this fact, but they “washed their hands”. When radicals approached the Odessa St. Panteleimon monastery, where the column was going to, and began to openly threaten the drivers, the police didn’t do anything. As a result, only few Odessa citizens were able to escape from the city and take part in the procession.

The picture of "grace", issued by Avakov, spoils another incident. In Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district, on the way of the Religious procession, a grenade was laid. Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Zoryan Shkiryak acknowledged: “A grenade, which was discovered on the way of the so-called religious procession, could kill more than one person. Therefore, I think that the consequences would be very deplorable if, God forbid, we would not have worked quickly and would not respond promptly to this emergency situation. ”

Most likely, the grenade was laid by the participants of the so-called "ATO" in the Donbass, but it is unlikely that the guilty will be punished. In addition, on the way of the followers, they discovered several more models of explosive devices - all in order to sow fear.

Summing up the procession of the procession, Avakov also said that a group of six people was arrested when she unfolded a poster “Donbass is the Russian world”. They “rest in one of the police departments,” said the minister.

At the same time, militants were detained who attempted to attack the participants of the Religious Procession in Kiev. Avakov commented on their fate as follows: “Three patriots who tried to stop this church event with harsh movements - they asked not to create a chance to provoke anti-Ukrainian forces, and after the conversation the guys went home.”

In general, for the poster - a prison. And for an attempt to attack people - a preventive conversation, and even then only with three ...

You can say one thing - anyway, those who wanted to pray for peace, won a moral victory over the Bandera demons, who yearn for war. Because they were not afraid of unprecedented and monstrous threats, and there were much more of them than the schismatics, sectarians of Philaret, who decided to speculate with religion.

Bandera counteract the procession for peace

Pseudo-procession of the schismatics
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 29 July 2016 06: 25
    In general, for the poster - a prison. And for an attempt to attack people - a preventive conversation, and even then only with three ...
    ..Bandera democracy ..
    1. Vend
      Vend 29 July 2016 10: 05
      Quote: parusnik
      In general, for the poster - a prison. And for an attempt to attack people - a preventive conversation, and even then only with three ...
      ..Bandera democracy ..

      This religious procession clearly separates normal people from demonic ones.
  2. Egoza
    Egoza 29 July 2016 06: 42
    UkroSMI were afraid to name the real number of participants, "only 10 thousand". aha! only the real figure contradicts this. And Petya said. that "most Ukrainians yearn for an autocephalous church." But no. And even TV could not correct the picture. Oh, if it was Maidan, they would definitely say "millions took to the streets"! and also consider those who could not get to Kiev.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 29 July 2016 07: 24
      It was funny to watch the gathering organized by Pecius on the same topic, but the next day laughing when he lied about the commission created by the Patriarchate of Constantinople on the recognition of the UOC-KP as autocephalous with the primacy of the Constantinople exarchate.
      But Bartholomew from his department only managed to neglect such honor and nodded at Cyril as the only head of the Russian Orthodox Church and, accordingly, his subordination to the whole of the UOC.
  3. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 29 July 2016 06: 59
    To suffer for faith has always been an honor for the Orthodox.
    1. Darkness
      Darkness 29 July 2016 08: 54
      What prevented them from going to the Donbass and suffering there for faith, helping the residents of New Russia?
      Or, in a warm, peaceful Kiev, is it calmer and more satisfying to suffer?
      1. Uncle
        Uncle 29 July 2016 09: 44
        Quote: Darkness
        in warm, peaceful Kiev is it calmer and more satisfying to suffer?

        What kind of a hero was trying to find out. So I would try to walk even in Kiev with the risk of being beaten by the Nazis. You can’t click on the clave.
        1. Darkness
          Darkness 29 July 2016 09: 53
          Have you already passed? Or just know how to give advice?
      2. EvgNik
        EvgNik 29 July 2016 10: 15
        Quote: Darkness
        Or in a warm peaceful Kiev is calmer and more satisfying to suffer?

        Do you understand what you wrote?
  4. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 29 July 2016 07: 01
    All the same, the demons of the Orthodox cross, icons, and holy water are afraid.
  5. viktor561
    viktor561 29 July 2016 07: 25
    How is it possible? The Moscow Patriarchate in Bandera Ukraine is a knife for power! Valtsman - Poroshenko wonder where was baptized? - if at all baptized.
    1. AlexW
      AlexW 29 July 2016 23: 06
      Poroshenko -Valtsman allows himself to swear using the expression: "Su..ka Orthodox!" The Jewish faith allows public performance of the rituals of other religions, while secretly maintaining their faithfulness. Mamon is his true god.
  6. Mihail55
    Mihail55 29 July 2016 07: 30
    For myself, I put this event, I put it next to the May 9th celebration. Religious processions now by the festive date of August 28 have become traditional, but this one was special! Believers said their word, what will the rest say? So ... Ukraine hasn’t died yet!
    1. Darkness
      Darkness 29 July 2016 08: 46
      And what, after this move, they began to shoot less in New Russia? Do all who went to the procession recognize New Russia? Did they repent for the murdered children and women?
  7. zb-65
    zb-65 29 July 2016 09: 03
    Strength in Moskal ...
    Guys protect the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the eggs that the Ukrainian throws at her. nationalists.
  8. iliya87
    iliya87 29 July 2016 09: 49
    “Donbass is the Russian world” blogger Anatoly Sharia has a video about it. According to Ukro, the media showed not what it really was.
  9. Koresh
    Koresh 29 July 2016 09: 51
    The media escalated the situation as best they could, the Uniates and schismatics in every possible way obstructed the movement, they really provoked people into a conflict! But people did not succumb to provocations, and confirmed that this move was for peace! And what calls did the UOC-KP and the Uniates have? War, kill the Moscow priests, the anathema of the curse, they showed their essence by these actions.
  10. Follow us
    Follow us 29 July 2016 10: 03
    Many thanks to the guys guarding the procession of the UOC-MP. God bless you.
  11. Deniosf
    Deniosf 29 July 2016 10: 17
    For grave sin, millennial sin ...
    Do not ward off, do not escape the blow -
    And God's truth is visible to all ...

    God's righteous punishment
    And in response to whose help you do not call
    The trial will happen ... and the papal tiara
    The last time he bathes in blood.

    And you, its bearer innocent, -
    God save you and sober up -
    Pray to your gray hair
    Not defiled in spilled blood.
  12. ruskih
    ruskih 29 July 2016 10: 33
    I saw these verses a couple of days ago. It is very well said: "No mind, no cross ..."
    Opponents of the Cross

    Neither the mind nor the cross ... It can be seen, faith, NOT THAT? ..
    And what do you believe, lads?
    Mother didn’t teach you that you don’t need to spit
    indiscriminately into holy wells?

    Neither soul nor cross is your trait
    your black and bloody banners.
    The real one - no: rogue Filaret Filaret -
    symbol of disguised faith, poor things!

    Neither heat nor good ... Dark power is a game.
    Because you have a hari, not a face!
    But steps forward and sings the procession
    on the way to the Orthodox capital !!!

    Is it your time? - the tip of the ax,
    looting, bombing, orphanage? !!
    What is your main question?
    Christ calls to you
    because you have to pay for everything.

    No cross, no mind ... Well, scrip and prison! -
    Do not blame fate for nothing.
    There will be a righteous judgment. They will call you there
    and for everything they will repay impartially!

  13. tiaman.76
    tiaman.76 29 July 2016 10: 34
    it’s now necessary to go to the procession with sticks at least .. to disperse Bendery’s evil
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 29 July 2016 12: 56
      Quote: tiaman.76
      it’s now necessary to go to the procession with sticks at least .. to disperse Bendery’s evil

      Unfortunately you can’t. This is an exceptionally peaceful action. But on the Nazi counterfeit, I think, they were just with weapons.
    2. zritel
      zritel 29 July 2016 13: 03
      With aspen stakes.
  14. surrozh
    surrozh 29 July 2016 12: 13
    The authorities are stubbornly trying to foment a civil war on a religious basis. They’ll tear everything apart and dump them with billions of the IMF, like Yatsenyuk. The ruin will be restored - a rhetorical answer.
  15. ML-334
    ML-334 29 July 2016 13: 43
    Nothing has been lost for Ukraine with these people, but Bandera was blown away, the gut is thin.
  16. tatra
    tatra 29 July 2016 14: 08
    Inadequate, on the one, on the other.