What did the Donbass go from?


Two years ago, a terrible picture spread around the world — a young woman and her small child were lying on the ground, torn to pieces, in bloodied clothes. “Paris” is written on a young mother’s T-shirt, but the tragedy did not happen in Paris at all. When something happens in Paris, the heads of all “civilized” countries rush to express their condolences. But 27 July 2014, a young woman with an 10-month-old daughter was killed by a Ukrainian projectile in Gorlovka.

That day 20 people died in the center of the city, for whose inhabitants in the world it is not customary to cry. Another woman died in the hospital later. Dozens of civilians were injured. Not too noticeable city of Donbass began to flash in the reports of almost all the world's news agencies, but none of the leading politicians expressed any condolences.

Later, the Ukrainian murderers exhibited a terrible photo of the murdered Christina Zhuk and her baby Kira as an exhibit at the exhibition with the odious name “Victims of Russian aggression”. And this exhibition itself was held not somewhere, but in the Kiev Museum, which was once called the “Museum of the Great Patriotic War”.

“Innocent victims of undeclared war” - reads a sign on a modest stone monument, which was installed in Gorlovka on the site of the very bombardment. Now every year on July 27 people will come here with flowers and children's toys.

This time, the new acting head of the Gorlovka administration, Ivan Prikhodko, came to pay tribute to the victims. This person is well aware of the residents of Donetsk - in the most difficult times, he headed the Kiev and Kuibyshev districts of the capital of the DPR. The areas that were subjected (and continue to be) the most fierce shelling by punitive Mr. Poroshenko. Now Ivan Prikhodko, who is respected by almost all Donetsk residents, because he personally went to the shelling, will have to solve the problems of the frontline residents of Gorlovka. “Our people have a great fortitude, the desire to live in our country, despite the war unleashed by Kiev,” he said and shared plans to make another monument - more magnificent, on which the names of all those who died on that fateful day would have been carved.

In addition, 27 July 2014, the barbaric shelling of another Donbass city began - Shakhtersk. Cities where mostly hardworking people who mine coal from the bowels of the earth and their families live. Now there is a mournful memorial sign "To the defenders and residents of the city of Shakhtersk and the Miners' District who died during the fighting." And on a mournful anniversary, people carry flowers there.

In Shakhtersk, 50 defenders of the Donbas and about 100 civilians were killed during shelling and fighting. A dozen more people were missing.

And July 26 is a difficult day for residents of Debaltseve. In the hot 2014, this summer day brought war to the city. For several months, people did not climb out of the basements, first escaping from the shelling of Ukrainian punitive, and then from the Ukrainian invaders who occupied Debaltseve. When in February 2015 of the year, the troops entered the city DNR and LC - the people met them as liberators.

Two years have passed. And again - alarming reports are received every day.

On the evening of July 26, the city of Dokuchaevsk was shelled - the courthouses, prosecutors and one of the private houses suffered. Another house burned down in the village of Zaitsevo near Gorlovka.

On the night of July 27, and then in the morning, the same Dokuchaevsk and Yasinovataya were subjected to shelling. This time the school and the multi-storey building are damaged in Dokuchaevsk, and under Yasinovataya the water supply system, which, by the way, supplies not only Dokuchaevsk and a part of Donetsk with water, but also cities that are still under the control of the junta.

That is, employees under the Ukrainian shelling, risking their lives and health, do everything possible to ensure that the water goes not only to the DPR settlements, but also to the territory that is currently controlled by the forces conducting these shelling.

In the framework of the information war against Donbass, Ukrainian media actively disseminated “information”, as if the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, 23 July, was seriously wounded and allegedly “is about to lose his hearing and sight.” But this crazy celebration did not last long. Soon Alexander Vladimirovich himself appeared, alive and healthy, and denied this throw. He said that during the inspection trip he really came under fire and even got a slight scratch. “I can say to the Ukrainian media: you will not wait,” he added, and at the same time asked a rhetorical question: why did the Ukrainian agreements violate the Minsk agreements, but there are no OSCE statements?

Meanwhile, a wild incident occurred in the territory occupied by the junta - in the town of Lysychansk (which, in fact, belongs to the Lugansk People’s Republic, as its residents also voted for independence in a referendum, but temporarily occupied by terrorists controlled by Kiev).

Militants of the punitive battalion "Donbass" celebrated the anniversary of the seizure of the city and in a drunken stupor repainted the memorial tank in yellow and blue colors, and also put a mocking inscription "On Putler." That is, the Soviet tank, which during the Great Patriotic War liberated the Soviet Union from the Nazis, was desecrated.

Many residents of the city, to put it mildly, did not approve such an act. It caused tears in the eyes of old people. One of the men brought green paint and tried to correct the effects of vandalism. But the invaders who had ganged up mocked at him, stripped and painted a trident on his back. At the same time, mockery of a resident of Lysychansk was punished by video on the video and boasted of its “heroism” (this is when the armed crowd is alone for an unarmed person).

This is what Donbass left, whose inhabitants are indiscriminately called separatists and are trying to condemn to oblivion: they say, they did not want to go to Europe ... And for leaving from such doubtful “heroes” they had to pay a terrible price.

That young woman, who is called Gorlovskaya Madonna, hardly had anything against Europe. Maybe she dreamed of visiting Paris in the distant past, but instead of Europe two years ago, she and her little daughter went to the grave. Like many, many other victims of undeclared war.

The consequences of shelling: Shakhtersk



Fascism in Lysychansk
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  1. +29
    July 28 2016
    Militants of the punitive battalion "Donbass" celebrated the anniversary of the seizure of the city and in a drunken stupor repainted the memorial tank in yellow and blue colors, and also put a mocking inscription "On Putler." That is, the Soviet tank, which during the Great Patriotic War liberated the Soviet Union from the Nazis, was desecrated.
    Two years ago, how many times have I printed comments. How many minus rv raked! There, in every district of the city (Lisichansk), there is an eternal fire to the Soviet soldiers who fell in World War II! So, in all the cities of Donbass. We want to see this on the video? We want peremogi "over Russia to comment? If not. Then you need to tie up with" cats and mice. "
    1. +16
      July 28 2016
      Well, what can I say: scum, Ivana who do not remember kinship.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. -6
      July 28 2016
      What did the Donbass go from?
      That's what came to .. is also an interesting question.
      And by the way, Strelkov: “I still pressed the trigger of the war. If our detachment had not crossed the border, in the end everything would have ended, as in Kharkov, as in Odessa. There would be several dozen killed, burned, arrested. And that would be the end. And practically the flywheel of the war, which is still ongoing, launched our squad. ” .
      Quote from rudolf
      A note in Lena's children's notebook, found in the ruins of a house in Uglegorsk: “Mom was humiliated and beaten by soldiers for a long time, but she came back to my basement and kept saying - nothing, daughter, everything will be fine.
      she did not come screaming, there was noise and rumbling in the street. Mom said we are here for Russia, she will come and help. I am alone, hungry, I haven't drank water for two days. "The child is dead.
      read by the inhabitants of Uglegorsk on May 9 at a rally.
      This is just one episode ...
      Here's another one. "The crucified boy in Slavyansk"
      1. +3
        July 28 2016
        Wit go and kill HEAD against the wall of D. B.
      2. +19
        July 28 2016
        WHAT ARE YOU ABOUT?????????? In fact, Turchinov signed an order to start the war and shelling began in Slavyansk with the killings of thousands of civilians in Donbass.
        The junta did not go to an agreement, to resolve the confrontation by political means. WHAT ARE YOU SPEAKING ABOUT? And besides Donbass, thousands of dissenting people are killed and sitting (if still alive) throughout Ukraine. THIS IS CALLED FASCISM.
      3. +3
        July 28 2016
        Quote: Gabor
        Strelkov: “I still pressed the trigger of the war.

        Strelkov’s megalomania, his statements in the press objectively pour water on the mill of enemies of Russia.
        1. +2
          July 28 2016
          The shooter from the hero of Donbass turned into a laughing stock, along with Limonov and the rest of the pro-Western liberal riffraff. What did the man lack? What got in touch with a bad company? So roll down.
          1. +1
            July 29 2016
            Quote: Orionvit
            Shooters from the hero of Donbass, turned into a laughing stock

            Or maybe turned into one? When he was needed, he was a hero, as they recalled from the Donbass, they began to criticize. And remember how he and his people restrained ukrofashistov, maybe there were mistakes, and who is safe from them? only one who does nothing. And in history there are a lot of examples when worthy people were mixed with Mr. Wait and see.
  2. +8
    July 28 2016
    It is not yet time, it takes a lot of strength and patience to wait for the insight of those who rode on the Maidan, so that they themselves tore the Nazi-Bandera bastard and their puppeteers ...
    1. +8
      July 28 2016
      It is not yet time, it takes a lot of strength and patience to wait for the insight of those who ...

      name at least one country where "saw the light"?

      Which of those who broke away from the Empire, and then from the USSR, "saw the light"?

      Aw, where are they?

      Patience in this case makes the patient wait, with all the consequences.

      Insight can come only with specific lyuli. With such that great-great-great-great-grandchildren remembered how to betray themselves.
    2. +2
      July 28 2016
      What is the insight? What are you talking about? 80% in Ukraine, and in the western 100%, as a result of brainwashing, they hate everything Russian. There is only one way out, to fix all such cases (and I think it is), and then judge the scum (a synonym for scum, this is a Ukrainian patriot).
  3. +6
    July 28 2016
    Yes, they themselves are horrified by their actions, but they can’t stop.
    1. +2
      July 28 2016
      Sooner or later, everyone will be rewarded on business.
  4. +6
    July 28 2016
    Thank you, Elena ... We will remember ... We will not forget ..
  5. +10
    July 28 2016
    A terrible paradox: the war in the Donbass - peace in the rest of Europe! At the moment, the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk, like those miraculous heroes from Russian fairy tales.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  6. +6
    July 28 2016
    And how do these garbage still smoke white light? Yes, ukroina is a shame for those who allowed the appearance of this under-state.
  7. +9
    July 28 2016
    Quote: Severok
    wait for the insight of those who rode on the Maidan, so that they themselves tore the Nazi-Bandera bastard and their puppeteers ...

    But this is absolutely not realistic. Those who first galloped (continues to gallop), and then went to kill the civilian population of Donbass, do not see clearly.
    1. +4
      July 28 2016
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Those who first galloped (continues to gallop), and then went to kill the civilian population of Donbass, do not see clearly
      Do not let them live. Nowhere.
    2. +2
      July 29 2016
      Enlightenment comes only after the total destruction of the Nazis and everything connected with this ideology.
  8. +9
    July 28 2016
    Nothing, nothing! We have a good memory! angry
    1. +9
      July 28 2016
      Yes, our memory is really good - Turkey knocked down our Dryer and did not pay any compensation - we wiped our feet off in front of everyone and not a year has passed, and we are already meeting her with open arms - we are establishing friendly relations.
      1. -7
        July 28 2016
        Why are you meeting the Turks with open arms?
        Not friendly, but trade, beneficial to Russia, relations are being established. Do you have any clue ...
        What are your suggestions? Put them out - and do not forget to predict the consequences. Maybe you suggest starting a war?
        No, but what? We are purely concrete boys at the level of the gateway and we have everything purely concrete: hit you - hit twice! And it doesn’t matter that later you will be in the hospital, and the family will starve, and your daughter will go to school in a torn dress. Right? The main thing is purely concrete, in a patsansky way! Let your family eat empty bread with cold water, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that in a kid's way!
  9. +16
    July 28 2016
    A Soviet soldier who paid with his life for peace on Ukrainian soil is an occupier. And the monster, with its unbroken hand, beating its own shells, is a hero and a liberator. In other words, any crime committed for the sake of a united Ukraine can be justified ...
    How can you understand, forgive and accept the meanness, barbarism and immorality raised to the level of a national idea ...?! You scum did not make Donbass forget how you killed children and raped women, how looters and demolished houses. The past is unchanging.
    You probably weren’t raised by your mother,
    And not with sisters, and not with brothers,
    You a fascist, black swastika
    At birth, they punished.
    Since childhood, they have bogged your heads
    Pro-fascist "super heroes"
    So you are burning Molotov cocktails,
    And do not teach the Truth of history ...
    You think you are brave
    Not slaves bound in chains
    But where is your arable land arable?
    You have sold your land for a long time!
    You and your ancestors stupidly betrayed,
    What a brave perished for you
    Feelings of Honor are unknown to you,
    Here and jump like rabid ...
    Tiny ... Faceless ... Herd ...
    Your black faces are blinded,
    You were born in an annoying time,
    Out of you woeful warriors ...
    You don't like Ukraine at all!
    And do not appreciate its shrines!
    If your father's bitch chop!
    If the homeland swastika mark!
    You will never be brothers!
    We - the Nazis - outbred enemies,
    And do not dare yourself, traitors,
    Call Ukrainians blood.
    (Yuri Loza.)
  10. win
    July 28 2016

    Angel. Song about the children of Donbass
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. +8
    July 28 2016
    There is no price for people who continue to defend their independence ...
    Eternal memory of innocent victims!
  13. Erg
    July 28 2016
    Ukraine is not so much political as a biological experiment of the West. Proving that evolution can be reversed.
  14. +14
    July 28 2016
    Needless to say, a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes ... As I remember the "Horlivka Madonna" and the comments on "Censor". I will not write them, you yourself know what these wrote ...
    these are not people.
  15. +6
    July 28 2016
    To crush this Bandera husk and sympathetic to them banderlog and point.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. win
      July 28 2016
      On October 15, 1959, a KGB agent liquidated the ideologue of Ukrainian nationalists and the organizer of the OUN and UPA. For modern Ukraine, this is a black date, because since 2010 Bandera has been listed as the "Hero of Ukraine". Despicable government created despicable "heroes"
      However, from the point of view of international law, he is no different from Osama bin Laden.
      1. 0
        July 28 2016
        True, then Stashinsky gave the fuck to the then Federal Republic of Germany ... He combined there with a German woman ... He confessed everything and repented ... He served a couple of years and went out ... Somehow it was ...
  16. +5
    July 28 2016
    For many innocent victims of Donbass, Bandera will answer with their own skin. It remains for a short time to curl a rope.
  17. aba
    July 28 2016
    I know when it will end, but when will it end ?! When will this time come ?!
  18. win
    July 28 2016
    No, it’s not a Thief in law ...... not a trump card FRAER ....... and not even an authoritative BLAT ........ This is what the deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kiev region looks like !!!!! ..... B ... I'm afraid to imagine what the boss himself looks like ...
    1. +4
      July 28 2016
      The enemy must be known in person.
    2. +4
      July 28 2016
      Not a tenant. The reward will find the hero.
    3. +2
      July 28 2016
      Hmm, and what is he doing in the Sortvalla park in Karelia? And where is the name of this subject? How about everything is "implausible"
      1. win
        July 28 2016
        And where is the name of this subject? How about everything is "implausible"

        Artyom Bonov, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi, now holds the post of deputy chief of the Internal Affairs Directorate in the Kiev region.
        Artem Bonov, aka Artem Zalesov, is the main neo-Nazi of Chervonograd. In the spring he left to fight in the Donbass as part of the Azov punitive territorial battalion. It was he and his battalion who participated in the shooting of the demonstration on May 9 in Mariupol.
        In autumn, in September, Zalesov returned to Chervonograd's hometown, but the thirst for killing with impunity did not leave him. He killed his neighbor on the landing because she smoked in the stairwell.
    4. +1
      July 28 2016
      Enough special omens!
  19. +3
    July 28 2016
    Those who live by the principle "my house is on the edge" are very guilty.
  20. +7
    July 28 2016
    It’s striking that the poison of hatred for Russia was poisoned by a generation that had never lived under the Soviet Union,
    often not even in Russia.
    Having raised such "patriots", Ukraine destroyed itself. Such a country has no future.
    Yes, man is a living creature. He survived the hunger strikes of the 30s, blockades, Hitler concentration camps. Will not die
    Bandera neither tomorrow nor in a year. But is life in Gulyai Pole a life?
  21. win
    July 28 2016
    Aspen stake is not enough.
    Maybe all this crap wouldn't be right now
    1. 0
      July 30 2016
      Aspen stake is not enough, his followers!
  22. +3
    July 28 2016
    I hope in the geyrop and geymeririki soon such monuments will be simply uncounted.
    Actually, I have no doubt that it will be so!
  23. +1
    July 28 2016
    For memory of one of the organizers of today's life, following the example of a partner in Yenakievo, you can ward off the Yanukovych Center. But I would propose to immure him there alive.
  24. The comment was deleted.
    1. +2
      July 28 2016
      Putin is not to blame, he does not know about it and therefore does not tell the world leaders by telephone.
  25. win
    July 28 2016
    The Holy Pearl of Donbass!!!!
    Church of St. Nicholas on the chalk cliffs.
    This is just CLASS!
  26. The comment was deleted.
  27. win
    July 28 2016
  28. The comment was deleted.
    1. +3
      July 28 2016
      Dear you, if you listen, it becomes disgusting. What changed, she killed herself, she was looking for death am ????? Do you support the murder of this mother and child or pretend to be educated D B ????
      You advise something to yourself and that you wrote the essence does not change: the Nazi junta started the war in Kiev and kills its own (already essentially not own) people, adviser pah, disgusted by such people.
  29. win
    July 28 2016
    The children in the video are brother and sister.
    They have parents, but they live in a bomb shelter
    the destroyed settlement of Nikishino (Shakhtersky district, Donetsk region)
  30. +4
    July 28 2016
    *** but none of the leading politicians expressed condolences. ***
    Why be surprised. European politicians did not understand that "if a bell rings for someone, know that it rings for you." (epigraph to the novel by E. Hemingway).
    Like the sculpture "Three Monkeys": I don't see, I don't hear, I am silent. And we know the names of all these monkeys, and we see them on TV every single day. And we remember everything.
  31. -11
    July 28 2016
    I will try again, without the application of photography, all the same it is not for the "faint of heart" and "children".
    I was looking for information about that murdered woman with a child, which was mentioned at the beginning of the article and came across an unusual analysis carried out on the basis of video and photos from the scene. For myself, I concluded that the position of the bodies turns out to be specially "corrected" in order to give the most "spectacular" plot. I didn’t know that the hand with which she was holding the child was actually separated from the body and actually planted it .. I’m not campaigning for conclusions in that article, it’s generally reduced to the fact that they were not killed by an explosion, but earlier and almost the militias did this, but the author drew attention to some inconsistencies in what was filmed and how it was reported by the media.
    1. +1
      July 30 2016
      The question is not in the "correction" in the situation of those killed by the banderlog, but in the very fact of the murder of civilians! To compare the Chechen war with the civil war in Donbass is that it is not correct - the Donetsk people, in contrast to the Dudayev regime, did not commit more than one terrorist act even against war criminals.
  32. +2
    July 28 2016
    Trotskyists-Leninists, who cut Russian lands to the invented "Ukraine" (as well as to the same "Belorussia"), are now warming themselves on hot coals! Lukashenka is already shaking, but he does the opposite, against Russia and his own people!
  33. +5
    July 28 2016
    Now in Lysychansk the tank, thank God, is again completely green ... tail number 227.
  34. win
    July 28 2016
  35. +3
    July 28 2016
    What did the Donbass go from?

    And where did you come? Rather, where his kind Kremlin gnomes and cowards allowed. No peace, no war. Shelling and "Minsk perspectives". You can indignate as much as you like about the Bandera, fascists, and the West. They don't care. With the same success, you can blame the winter for the cold and ice. They are doing their job and bending their own line, while Russia is accused of non-observance of "Minsk". Gryzlov blurts something about "special status" and local elections. Ale, the very first point of this disgrace is not being fulfilled, but everyone, except for local residents. Donbass left but did not reach. Apparently the Russians of Donetsk Ridge are not kosher either for the Kremlin or for Russia.
  36. +2
    July 28 2016
    Russia loved you and raised you
    Russia wrote hearts in PM
    Only you betrayed your mom
    Choosing the name of the Polish nickname

    Not a great name Rosov
    Not the heiress of the White Race
    Spit on the fathers of the churchyard
    You called bl @ dew at the track

    So you’re standing at the edge of a landfill
    Nobody needs anywhere
    With the vile cry of a cartavo croaking
    Pour the blood of your children according to your needs

    Your name is scary as a betrayal
    And the name is not like Ukraine
    You became a stepmother
    With a vile, scary, bloody face ...
  37. +1
    July 30 2016
    Will this horror ever end? It's time to force peace.
    1. 0
      July 31 2016
      You can not force peace !!! all 40 million until February 21 dreamed of a hot pig but to go to Europe, and they put up with the creation of a new nation, recognized the Holodomor, placed traitors on banknotes, and now to the world! whoever does this should feed and educate, and as history and the treacherous people showed, again something will not be so happy .. :) let them decide for themselves.
  38. +1
    July 30 2016
    Ordinary fascism, but it all started with a drink of three drunks!
  39. 0
    July 31 2016
    began in the 90s, when the "Belovezhsky Agreement" was signed There was such an officer of the Pacific Fleet Nechiporenko, he left his family and went to build his country! and his eyes were possessed, rather mad. :) where did it come from in his head? The family was on hunger strike until they left for Ukraine. It would be good if he is no longer alive ...
    then all 40 million giggled about autonomy, recognized the famine, began to place it on the banknotes of traitors, as the monkeys began to ride, and people for nothing we will live in Europe, and panties in a ruffle ... well, they giggled before, and now who has seen the light nothing can and admit scary ..
    here they live, they are waiting for the DPR and LPR, and then Russia and the DPR and LPR are to blame again.

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