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"I have long been a Russian spirit ..." - the story of the Orthodox German Margaret Seidler


A lot of controversy has long been and is being conducted with us about who the Russian is. Different answers were given to this question. And F.M. Dostoevsky, even in the nineteenth century, defined: “Russian means Orthodox”. And really: not by blood and place of birth are people selected for the people, but by the soul. And the soul of the Russian people (even those people who do not yet know the Gospel and are not churchly, but sometimes for themselves unconsciously carry Christ in their hearts) is Orthodox.

Let us recall our Empresses, Germans by birth, but truly Russians, Orthodox to their liking. Recall the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna. How many Russians could compare in Russianness with her, born by Germans and on Russian Land, who embodied the image of the noble Russian princesses who had long since sunk into oblivion?

Over the past century, the hard times, nothing has changed. And today an example of true Russianness and faith is given by an amazing woman - Margarita Seidler.

She was born 15 August 1971, in East Germany, in the city of Wittenberg-Lutherstadt. She graduated with honors from the gymnasium, studied English, French, Latin, slightly worse, and Spanish and Italian, and later Russian. She worked as a nurse in the field of traumatology, ambulance driver, lifeguard ... Both of her grandfathers fought in the Wehrmacht. Her parents, although they themselves were baptized in Protestantism, did not baptize their daughter. “My dad was baptized in Protestantism, although he had been saying all his life that he did not believe in God,” Margarita told in an interview with [1]. - He had seen enough of what was going on in the Protestant church, where, among other things, one must regularly pay something like a tax in order to be a member of it. And he refused this church. Mom, on the contrary, always said that she believed in God, but she never went to church, she did not tell me anything about God.

When I was 17-18 for years, I survived the fall of the Berlin Wall and the iron curtain in general. Then the essence of this event is not understood. I was young, I had seen enough of the western TV channels and thought that it was almost a paradise on earth: you can go on vacation wherever you want, to foreign countries, to explore them. I thought that there in the West it is very beautiful and, probably, they eat very tasty and there are good things there. I treated this event as a material person. But soon I learned that everything is not as good as it was thought. It turned out that under the beautiful packaging of the Western world everything rotted. I was faced with unemployment, with a sharp increase in drug addiction and, of course, everything that we did not know rushed in a dirty wave to us. Where I grew up, there was a huge chemical plant that gave work to thousands of people, it closed, everyone lost their job, including my brother.

She decided to move to West Germany, got a job as a nurse, but even the medical staff were drastically reduced. She moved to a small picturesque town in the Alps, where she worked for eight years as a nurse, as an ambulance driver, was fascinated by extreme sports, was looking for the meaning of life. For several years I did this, but after these lessons I always felt empty. The soul was craving for something, but did not know anything else ... And although I had a huge number of friends, at some point I realized that I was standing in a spiritual sense before the abyss and did not know what to do. I felt that God exists, but did not know how to come to Him. I decided to go to Easter in a Catholic temple. I must say, I left it without consolation, something depressed my soul, I decided not to go there anymore. Thought what to do. I found a Protestant church, I went there, but it got worse for me, it was felt that these people were even more distant from the true God, and decided to go there, too, no longer. In sects or eastern religions, as it has now become very fashionable in the West, thank God, I was never drawn, the Lord kept me. Then she knew nothing about Orthodoxy at all and began to pray at home in her own words: “Lord, help me find the right path, the true Church. How to go to you, I do not know. "

I remember in 1998 I went to Turkey and met with Orthodox Ukrainians, who had lived in Munich for 20 for years. We became friends, and I complained: “I can’t find a way to God, I don’t know what to do.” They started telling me about stories Church, Orthodoxy, where Catholicism came from, Protestantism, and it became very interesting to me. Upon returning to Germany, I begged them to take me with them to their church, but they discouraged me, saying that it would be hard for me, that I don’t know the language: “The service is in Church Slavonic, we must stand in the service, fast".

It so happened that on the eve of the Holy Week of Great Lent I went to the Orthodox service for the first time. It was by no means a colorful Orthodox church, there were no golden domes, beautiful icons, singing also did not attract anything special, there was not even an iconostasis. The fact is that in the city of Munich, the Orthodox community of the Resurrection of Christ, because of its absence, rented a deserted church from Catholics, because they massively left their church. When the father came out with the Holy Life-Creating Cross, everyone knelt down. I felt embarrassed and I thought that, probably, I also need to kneel, which I did. In that instant something happened to me. I can only say that at this very moment the Lord showed me that He is, that He is here, in this Church. I felt after the great grace, I felt that the Lord loves me, waits and that I need to radically change my lifestyle, I felt how dirty I am, how sinful I am, that I live completely differently. I realized that I finally found what I had been looking for. Since then, she began to regularly go to this church, begged the priest to baptize me. He said: "Wait, first make sure that this is really what you want." So passed a whole year of testing.

When the priest baptized me at last in 1999, I began to pilgrimage to Holy Russia, I wanted to know the will of God. I saw that morally and morally Europe falls lower and lower. I really didn’t like the regular gay parades that are held in major cities of Germany, including Munich. There is a crowd of thousands of people who greet them, sing and dance with them. It scared me, I did not understand many things, but I understood it. I was not satisfied with euthanasia, which in fact is murder and suicide at the same time. Not satisfied and juvenile justice propaganda perverts, and many similar things. This is the way further and further into the underworld. We got to same-sex marriages, adoptions of children in such "marriages". In Norway, we are talking about the legalization of pedophilia. Recently, Germany submitted for consideration a bill on the legalization of incest. I think they will gradually reach even cannibalism.

These are all very scary things, so I could not find a place for myself, especially after pilgrimages to Holy Russia. I had the good fortune to meet the great elders, Archpriest Nikolai Guryanov, whom I love and honor. We were with him on the island of Talabsk. I asked: “What is the will of God? How can I escape, stay in Germany or move to Holy Russia? ”He clearly said:“ Yes, move ”. Blessed even in the monastery. Then there was the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, and Archimandrite Naum told me the same thing. A year later, I had the good fortune to get to the Holy Dormition of Pochaev Lavra, met the old man, Schemaarchimandrite Dimitry, he also blessed to move.

Of course, it was difficult to escape from there, because in the Western world a person is very attached, as if in claws. He pledges there with various insurances: for the car, for the medicine, for everything absolutely. And I, unfortunately, also tied in one insurance. This is a type of pension fund, a contract for 30 years. They did not want to let me out of this contract, I told them: “Sorry, I can’t wait for 30 for years to go to the monastery. I do not know, live or not. " They answer: "This is your problem, you have signed up, which means you are obliged, the only way out is death." So they detain and confuse a person, especially through loans. ”

A converted Christian woman went on pilgrimage to Holy Russia, seeking an answer to the question of how to please God, how to live: to establish an Orthodox family or to live a monastic way of life, to repent. By that time, she had already learned the Church Slavonic language, which had become her favorite. Spiritual Homeland called her new-found daughter to herself. During the pilgrimage, Margarita discovered for herself authentic sources of spirituality, true devotees of piety, holiness, which has not been left in Europe for a long time. This was a revelation for her and great happiness. After everything she had seen and learned, it was boring and difficult for her to remain in her native Germany, where there was no one to even talk about spiritual topics, and all the conversations were reduced to material things - career, money, cars, clothes ...

Nevertheless, after returning from the pilgrimage, Margarita lived there for another three years, she wanted to study as a surgeon, but Pochayev’s schiarchimandrite Dimitri warned that if she went to college, she would never come to Russia again. Zaydler listened to the advice of the elder. In 2002, she left Germany and moved to Ukraine, where she lived for six years in a monastery. She did not receive the blessings to take the veil. Her confessor explained to her that one can live in the world as a nun, and in the Kingdom of Heaven, to be honored with a tonsure. Thanks to him, Margarita realized that “she was not tonsured the most important thing in life, and the most important thing is to live a decent Christian life, which I try to do” [2].

After leaving the monastery, Zaydler settled in Kiev, where she was invited to work by the head of the “National Council of Ukraine” Igor Druz, whom they met during the All-Ukrainian religious procession that began in Pochayev. Igor Mikhailovich saw a talent of a journalist in Margarita. Despite the fact that she loved to write at school and constantly won literary contests, after so many years the advice to engage in journalism was unexpected for her. However, the confessor blessed Zaydler on this path, which opened a new page in her fate.

As an assistant I.M. Druzya, Margarita participated in organizing religious processions, worked in the office of the “People’s Council”, wrote articles. This continued until February 2014 ...

"In my eyes, all the events of Maidan took place," Zaydler told in an interview with RIA Ivan-Chai. - It was very scary, sad. Our organization then actively supported berkutovtsy. We collected donations, humanitarian aid, fire extinguishers, because they were attacked, they were thrown at Molotov cocktails. People died en masse, but, thank God, we still managed to call a respected father, who communed them just before the bloodiest event. About 150 berkutovtsy took communion then. Of course, the father also supported them morally, saying that "you are standing here for the people, not for some president, you are protecting the people from the raging crowd."

Unfortunately, then we were forced to leave Kiev, when already Bandera violently, in a bloody way, seized power. By the way, the office of our organization was located in the center of the city, not far from the government quarter. And Bandera violently seized our office. Great happiness that I was not there that day. I can say several times there were such cases that this raging crowd - about a thousand people, the so-called protesters - went right under the windows of the office, shouted (I was so embarrassed, of course, scared, looked at them): in helmets, with sticks and shields in their hands, with terrible black and red flags, with fascist symbolism. They shouted their famous slogans “death to Muscovites!”, “Commies to the Gilyaks!”, Etc. I thought, "Lord, have mercy," if they now storm the building, what will happen. I relied on the will of God, and, thank God, they passed by. But still, we had to leave from there. ”[3]

According to Margarita, the spectacle of Maidan reminded her of “a horror film - burnt facades of houses, rubbish, a terrible atmosphere. The holy city of Kiev, the mother of the cities of Russians and Orthodoxy, was turned into a garbage can and a hotbed of fascism ... ” In the captured office of the "People's Council" was placed women's hundreds of Maidan. Employees of the organization, who spoke with harsh criticism of the frenzied inspiration, faced a real threat of arrest, and, perhaps, of physical violence. With the “enemies of the revolution”, the Maydanovites, like their spiritual predecessors in 17, did not stand on ceremony. Suffice it to recall how the crowd with bats, who came to the office of the Party of Regions, lynched an ordinary clerk who had come to the negotiations on his steps, and then burned the building itself.

Together with colleagues in the “People’s Council” Margarita Zaydler went to Sevastopol, which they all considered the last limit protecting against fascism, and joined the ranks of the self-defense of the Crimea under the direction of Igor Strelkov. “In Sevastopol, I saw believers and militant people who would never surrender,” she recalled in an interview with Elena Tyulkina. - In the Crimea, the people's militia, the national detachments, which protected the Russian people from the attack of the Banderevts, were formed very quickly. Under the leadership of a public figure and editor-in-chief of the Orthodox newspaper Rusichi, Pavel Butsay, with the miraculous icon of the Mother of God “Derzhavnaya”, we have traveled all over the Crimea and all roadblocks ”[4].

Since I.M. Druz ahead of time foresaw the coming civil war, then both he and his colleagues had time to undergo training with a gunshot weapons. Margarita is no exception. She was ready to defend her new homeland with weapons in her hands. “When the Orthodox faith and the Fatherland are in danger. Then I even consider it a sin to just fold my arms and say: “Well, I’m a believer, a pacifist, I can’t take a weapon in my hands,” said yesterday’s German woman in an interview with RIA-News. “And history teaches us that our Orthodox ancestors have always defended their families, the Russian people from enemies - from external and internal.

We see that there are such saints as the Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky, who won by faith, prayer and arms. If he hadn’t taken up arms, I don’t know if Russia would exist at all now. Or Saint Reverend Sergius of Radonezh, before the battle on Kulikovo Field, blessed even two of her schemata to battle. According to the regulations, of course, the monk - what kind of a weapon does he have the right to take in his hands? But Russia, the Orthodox faith could die once and for all at the hands of Mamai and his horde. And we see the feat that Schemamonk Peresvet made then with the blessing of Sergius of Radonezh: he knew that he would die in this battle, but he sacrificed himself to save the Fatherland [5].

It was this understanding of the duty of the Orthodox person and the love for the Russian land and its people that did not allow Margarita to stay in a comfortable and already Russian Sevastopol at the moment when blood flowed in the Donbass and rushed to Slavyansk.

“I am not tied, and, probably, therefore I decided to take this step,” she explained in an interview with RIA Ivan-Chai. - If I had children, I would not take it, because the first duty of a woman is, of course, to raise and raise her children. And I am free, I don’t have a family, I’m only responsible for myself, if I die, for example, in a fight or if a shell falls on my head and I’ll no longer be in this world ... It's not so scary. I always think that my feat is much less than the feat of those men who left their families with several children and went to defend their homeland. Much higher than their feat, because they have something to lose, and I do not.

Well, of course, it would be a great pity for my mother, she remained in Germany. She never wanted to move here. Although in peacetime I invited her many times. But, of course, according to Western media it is clear that they tried to present Russia and Ukraine in a terrible way, that people do not live there, that it is impossible to live there. She had seen enough of it all, believed it, and therefore did not want to come here. And it would be hard for her to know that I died. All the will of God. And I think the most important thing is to do your duty and get into the kingdom of heaven ”[6].

Zaydler said nothing to her mother about her decision, not wanting to worry her. In Slavyansk she went together with a girl from Kiev. Upon arrival in the city, she was most struck by the attitude of the civilian population towards the militia. People treated their advocates with sincere love and respect. Some woman came up to Margarita on the street, thanked her with tears in her eyes, hugging and kissing. “Win, win!” She said. Encouraged and others. By the time Zaydler arrived, there was no water in Slavyansk, and two days later the electricity was gone, some residential areas were already partially destroyed by incessant shelling, the victims multiplied every day. We had to sleep on the floor, on mattresses, and spend the night in bomb shelters.

“There were cases,” she recalled, “when shells exploded next to me, glass was vibrating in the windows,” and I just prayed: Lord, may it be your will and everything is in your hands. I thought maybe the next shell would fall into the building where I am. But I had confidence that without the will of God and the hair from my head would not fall. Well, if it is already time - God knows better than I ... I always tried to pray in my own words. The situation was such that I pray for a long time, of course, there was no time to read akathists. In Slavyansk, where we often spent the night in an air-raid shelter, we could not sleep at all. But it was there that I felt that we became like one big family. It was very comforting. We helped each other, there was no suspicion or alienation between us ”[7].

Upon arrival in the city, Margarita wrote a brief note about her impressions:

“I am in Slavyansk, in the headquarters of Igor Strelkov, the Minister of Defense of the DPR. Glory to God, took me to the number of militias. She thought about her deed well, and simply could not sit more calmly and watch how the Ukrainian fascists would destroy the civilian population of Donbass only because people do not want to live under the fascist yoke! My friends tried to dissuade, but the soul felt - no, do not give in, you have to go and help, not sparing yourself. Moreover, the respected Orthodox elder blessed me.

I come from Germany - from a country that itself was under the fascist yoke and suffered from it itself, and caused other peoples such great grief! We must clearly understand that the current outbreak of fascism has its roots not in Ukraine, but again in Germany, in Western Europe, in the USA. Ukrfashizm artificially, deliberately and diligently grown! And financed. It is enough to recall the policies of the German Bundeskanzler, Angela Merkel, and her support for the fascist coup in Kiev.

Nearly 150 years ago, Prince Otto von Bismarck argued that Russia is virtually invincible, but he developed a way to defeat Russia: it is necessary to divide the united great Russian people, separate the Little Russians from the Great Russians, create the myth of "Ukrainians", tear these people from their roots , from its history, and sow hatred between them. Over the past hundred years, the governments of Western countries very diligently carried out this special task, and, unfortunately, very successfully. Now we are witnessing the sad fruits of these efforts ...

Back in Germany, I was categorically against fascism, I mourned that some of my ancestors fought against the Russians. After my baptism into Orthodoxy, I often went to an Orthodox church in honor of the Resurrection of Christ, which is located on the territory of the former Munich concentration camp - Dachau. One of the greatest saints of our time languished in prison there: St. Nicholas the Serbian. He wrote precisely there his great work against fascism: "Through the window of a dungeon." I couldn’t have thought then that the story would repeat, that again the serpent of fascism would lift its nasty head! But, I am sure, with God's help, we step on this head and crush it!

It is also necessary to understand that here the struggle is against Orthodoxy, and not just against its own people. Therefore, the head of the SBU Nalyvaichenko said that there are fighting Orthodox fanatics and extremists, which must be destroyed. Approximately the same statement was made by the sworn “friend” of Russia Brzezinski. And now they are purposefully bombarding our Orthodox churches. In Slavyansk you can see the destroyed chapel near the church of St.. prp. Seraphim Sarovsky ... Soul bleeds!

It never ceases to amaze me that, despite the daily shelling of the city, life goes on as usual, shops, the market are working, people walk quietly through the streets. Of course, the population has become smaller than it was, but still there are very many. The banner with the image of the Savior the Arms of Man on the roof of the city administration building particularly pleased the eye. As Schiaarchimandrite Raphael (Berestov) said: The DPR militia is fighting for Christ and with Christ, and who gives his life in this fight, will reach the Kingdom of Heaven even without an ordeal!

There are certain problems with water supply. Water is brought from wells, water pipes are cut off. Periodically cut down electricity. But, all this is tolerable. And the Slavic people generously endure, many do not want to leave here, they are already accustomed to the military situation.

The militiamen told me that despite the so-called. truce by the Ukrainian authorities daily, especially at night, shelled the city. I was personally convinced of this: I spent my first night in Slavyansk in an air-raid shelter, most of the night the dill fired the city with heavy artillery. And today, in broad daylight, the explosions seemed to sound very close. But, I am not afraid of anything, for God is with us!

Today, important information has been received that a large-scale assault on the city is planned with heavy artillery, and in the area of ​​Krasny Liman the punishers will unload a large number of chemical munitions. It is necessary to prepare, gas masks are distributed to all. T.N. “Truce” by the dill is constantly violated, and now they do not intend to abide by it.

The forces of the militias are limited, and urgent assistance is needed from the Russian Federation, help by armored vehicles, weapons, and best of all, an urgent need to introduce an armed peacekeeping contingent. We hope for the help of God and for the wisdom of Vladimir Putin! ”

The German volunteer in the besieged Slavyansk immediately became a kind of sensation for the media. Many newspapers and Internet portals wrote about it, and stories on television were also published. Zaydler, who was going to devote herself to helping the wounded in accordance with her first profession, was left at the headquarters, by decision of the authorities, to be engaged in information work.

The militia accepted the volunteer as a sister, and treated her with great respect. Talking about them in an interview with the Internet portal “Free Press”, Margarita testified: “The backbone of the militia is still Orthodox, with clear, solid moral and ethical foundations, like the Minister of Defense Igor Strelkov himself. There are atheists, there are people who belong to different faiths. We all fought together for one thing: against fascism. There were not just disputes or quarrels against the backdrop of religions or anything else. Basically, the militia, the composition of the militia consists of local residents, not only from the Donetsk region, no, but from all over Ukraine: from Western Ukraine, from Kiev, from the Zhytomyr and Mariupol regions, from Odessa, from all sides. There are Russians who come. There are a lot of people from the Crimea. And very little, somehow I just do not know where this information comes from, they say that there are many Chechens there. Well, there are very few of them. In Slavyansk, to be honest, I did not even see one. And there is still such a myth, unfortunately, that mainly Russian mercenaries are fighting there. I have not seen a single mercenary. I want to say, all the militias, what they have, they themselves provide everything: uniform and shoes, and so on. I saw the militiamen, who are wearing shoes in the trenches, because they do not even have berets. Salaries still do not receive a penny, they stand there all day for their homeland, in defense of their homeland, their family and the Orthodox faith, by the way, too. Because here is the head of Nalyvaychenko, he clearly stated that there are Orthodox fanatics in the trenches, and therefore it is necessary to fight the Orthodox Church, and to destroy the temples, which they are eagerly doing, unfortunately. In Slavyansk itself I had to see a ruined church, a chapel in honor of St. Seraphim of Sarov. This is of course very scary.

Among the militias, I want to say, there are real heroes who stand high in terms of human and spiritual measures, of course. I have a familiar commander, I know him from the time of Kiev, we worked together in a public organization, he asserted himself, he became wonderful, more remarkable just a man and became a very good commander. He told me some cases. From the very beginning, he himself fought in Semenovka, on the front lines. It is the case that the militia, mostly Orthodox militias, with great dedication, cover their brethren under pain of their own death and prefer to die themselves rather than substitute their own fighter. I talked with one militia, too, from Semenovka, who told me that he used to be a sectarian, even a pastor called the sect "Seventh Day Adventists." And he says: “I decided to accept Orthodoxy. Nobody preached me, but I looked at the feats of the Orthodox fighters. They are always in the forefront, fearless, they do not pity themselves. Cover others. ” And he looked at it for a long time and decided to accept Orthodoxy, and even proudly showed me his Orthodox cross and said that he would no longer be any Adventist pastor ”[8].

As for the other militias, the decision to leave Slavyansk to Margarita Seidler was absolutely unexpected. Already from Donetsk she wrote: “Before our departure, the“ dill ”purposefully and systematically destroyed the civilian population, they compared the street behind the streets with earth, there were a lot of dead and wounded. The exact number is unknown, but they talked about more 60 injured, the death toll is unclear. The photos we shot that day speak for themselves ...

In addition, it makes no sense to sacrifice the most combat-ready part of the militia, to fight against the fascists otherwise there would be no one else. There are some angry and unreasonable people, like Sergey Kurginyan, for example, who claim that we were supposed to die there. Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Kurginyan, that we are still alive and will continue to fight fascism !!!

Unfortunately, there is another reason why we were forced to leave Slavyansk. Unworthy people, some militia commanders betrayed. And now it is necessary to restore order in Donetsk itself, in order to stop betrayal and self-defense, in order to rally the entire militia into a single force, under a single command. Only in this way can we successfully resist the fascists and defeat them. I talked to many residents of Donetsk, who thanked us for coming, for the fact that I. Strelkov would put things in order here in Donetsk and strengthen the defense of the city.

Quickly we collected the necessary things, placed ourselves in the cars, a long column was formed. At night, the headlights are a convenient target for enemy artillery, so we tried to drive on bad roads without light, although this is quite dangerous. Several cars were stuck in the field.

Suddenly I see lighting flares. One, another ... And we drove through an open field! We were at the head of the column, and further behind the "dill" fired at us. There are dead and wounded. There was no “corridor”, no “contract” with P. Poroshenko, as the deceptive “patriots” of Russia claim, could not be!

The fact that we got to Donetsk with minor losses is a real miracle of God! God bless all the fighters who distracted the “dill” from our column with the small forces that existed. They heroically covered us with fire, several tankers died. Kingdom of heaven to them!

Other heroic feats performed Semenov fighters. Many had to get on foot and under the shelling to Donetsk, they were forced to leave the broken cars ... ".

In Donetsk, a picture appeared to Margarita's eyes, quite different about the one she was used to during the defense of Slavyansk. A completely peaceful city, peaceful people involved in their own affairs, water, electricity ... At first, the attitude towards the militiamen was wary. The reason for this was that in Donetsk there was no strict discipline established by Strelkov in Slavyansk. And if in Slavyansk there were practically no cases of looting, apart from a few, the perpetrators of which were punished according to the laws of wartime, the dry law was observed, but in Donetsk there was nothing like that, and all sorts of outrages perpetrated by unauthorized groups the militias had a sad regularity. Upon the arrival of the “Slavs” in Donetsk, the attitude of civilians, however, gradually changed, thanks to the efforts made by Strelkov and his associates to restore order in the city.

Soon Margarita was sent on a business trip to Russia in order to testify about what is happening in Novorossia and seek any possible support. She left Donetsk for the only remaining sweep corridor from all sides. The journalist of “Arguments and Facts” Maria Pozdnyakova, who met her in Moscow, wrote in her article: “Margarita puts candles for the rest. Then he kneels at the relics of the saint of God and prays for a long time, bowing his head. "Physically, I am here, and my soul is in Donetsk."

In Germany, Margarita, according to her, has already been counted among the terrorists, and she faces up to 10 years in prison. And she does not lose hope to break through the wall of lies, which was erected by the majority of Western media about New Russia. “A familiar German journalist gets drunk because she is not allowed to publish the truth. Interviews that are taken from me are misinterpreted. And yet Europe is waking up - several thousands of rallies in support of Novorossiya have taken place in Germany. ”

We have already descended into the noisy Moscow metro, and my voice recorder is still working and recording Margarita’s words: “I hope everyone here understands that we are protecting Russia in the Donbas as well. If Donetsk falls, ukrofashisty on the orders of Western masters will go further. Ukrofashizm artificially and diligently grown! And financed, both the United States and my country - Germany. Almost 150 years ago, Prince Otto von Bismarck argued that Russia is invincible, unless the united great Russian people are divided - to separate Little Russians from Great Russians, create the myth of “Ukrainians,” tear these people from their roots, their history and sow, sow hatred between them ".

The last words of Margarita, before we parted, and she went to the office to kind people, where she would be given a folding bed: “If necessary, I am ready to give my life for my precious Holy Russia. And, I hope, with a clear conscience to go to the Kingdom of Heaven ”[9].

This simple truth, for which the Donbass is fighting, the Russian German struggled to convey to the heart of Russia: “They don’t think that our fighters, militiamen only guard Donbass or just want to liberate their land from the fascists, no, this is not so. It is necessary to clearly understand that the political situation is such that the regime, the fascist regime in Kiev is a puppet regime. They fulfill the will of the US Pentagon. This is clearly seen, for example, immediately after Maidan, when power was already seized by force. Next to the Ukrainian flag, hung the flag of the United States. And they shout about independence, "independence" of Ukraine, but in fact, Ukraine has long lost its independence. They made it an instrument of the Pentagon and the United States, the European Union. Signed a bonded association agreement with the European Union. And all this is of course very scary. It is necessary to clearly understand that we stand on guard not only of the Donbass, but of Russia. Because if the Donbass does not stand, they will encroach on Russia as follows. And this is their ultimate goal. Viktor Yanukovych tried to negotiate with the junta, and we, we know how it ended, he had to flee. Before that, Milosevic tried to reach an agreement with the West, and Gaddafi tried to reach an agreement with the West, and they ended up very sadly. And for their own people this is also very sadly over. And we must think very carefully and see that it is with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and the Russian people that this does not happen. This is a great danger, and we must understand that now there is an intensified introduction of its agents on the territory of the Russian Federation, which will try to unleash the “swamp” movements again in order to destabilize the country from the inside. This is the 2 factor, another provocation with Boeing, in which immediately without the results of the study, some people accused us, the militia, allegedly we shot down the plane. And the most part, the official version, that allegedly the Russian Federation is to blame for having shot down this plane. Both versions, of course, are false, this is a clear lie. The militias have no means, no installations that can knock down an airplane that flies at an altitude of 10 kilometers. The representative of the Ukrainian troops, Savchenko, who was taken prisoner, said the same thing on TV channels, that this is simply impossible. It is now necessary to introduce peacekeeping troops and save the Donbass. These are our people - these are Russian people who are dying there. I consider it a crime to look at how they are killed and to take a stand of expectations or even try to reach an agreement ”[10].

In an interview with Free Press, Margarita testified that the militias are waiting for a cry for help: “Of course, help is coming, help is coming, for which we are very grateful, mainly informational help, humanitarian aid. But help is not enough. Until now, the militias do not have a salary, and uniforms are also absolutely necessary. I said when they left Donetsk with the militias, they showed me homemade hand grenades. We are fighting there with obsolete Kalashnikovs, 50 years old. Thank God they still shoot, they were well cleaned. In Slavyansk there was a situation that we had 2 tank against it is not known how many, but the ratio was 1 tank per 500 enemy, and so on. Aviation we, for example, do not. And if large, namely powerful help from the Russian Federation does not come, namely with regard to armored vehicles and manpower, then I am afraid that our days are counted there. Although I want to believe that the militias will win, that we will win. we have one advantage - it's fighting spirit. Fighting spirit, surpasses the spirit of the enemy many times. They don’t know what they’re fighting for. Many, perplexed, are already thinking of switching to our side or are switching to the territory of the Russian Federation, because they are already beginning to understand that it is impossible to kill their own people and that the idea of ​​fascism is a godless idea. And so they are now beginning to massively switch to our side. But you need to see the other side, now there is a powerful help to the Ukrainian troops from NATO. Yesterday, in my opinion, a transport Boeing (military aircraft) landed in Kharkov, the contents of which are unclear. It is probably assumed that they were transporting weapons. They are assisted by NATO instructors: they supply them with armored vehicles, modern automatic weapons, and so on. Help is simply not enough for us. It is necessary to strengthen aid dozens of times so that the fighters can cope with such an advantage of the enemy ”[11].

In the meantime, in Donetsk and Moscow, there was already a mean intrigue around Strelkov, the result of which was his forced departure from the post of Minister of Defense and the abandonment of Donbass. After that, Margarita, like her comrades-in-arms, could no longer return to Donetsk, where the shooters found themselves in a very difficult and vulnerable position and at any moment could expect a backstab, which, however, caught up with some of them. But this is another story ...

Having stayed in Russia, Zaydler settled in Sevastopol and dedicated herself to helping the wounded, refugees, Orthodox parishes in Novorossia, joined the presidium of the Commonwealth of Veterans of the Donbas Militia (REDD). She received refugee status in the Russian Federation and hopes to obtain Russian citizenship. “I don't care how I live, I can live modestly. I just want to continue to work for the glory of God, for the glory of Russia. And wherever the Lord places me, I will be there ”[12], says Margarita.

She continues to work on the informational battlefield, trying to convey the truth in her public speeches and articles. Like many, she is seriously worried about the current situation in Russia. “We live in an extremely anxious time,” she writes in one of her articles. - The so-called "ATO" in the territories of Novorossia takes dozens of lives of innocent people every day — children, women, and elderly people. They die as a result of hostilities by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO, and often die at the hands of the executioners of the “right sector” ...

Or ... from hunger.

The war there is fought not so much against Novorossia, as against the Crimea and Great Russia.

God forbid, Donbass will not stand, the war will certainly spread to the Crimea and Russia, this is logical and consistent, because the Western curators of the Kiev fascist junta are not interested in conquering only Novorossia, they need to destroy Russia!

Most recently, we were happy and celebrated the victory of the Crimean Russian Spring. But it is very easy for this joy to turn into a bitter cry when the APU, together with NATO forces, go on the attack on, as they consider, the “annexed by Russia” Crimea. This scenario is likely to become a terrible reality. And the position of the Crimea is actually hopeless, it is cut off from big Russia, therefore, the peninsula can be for all of us a real "mousetrap". We have already been cut off from the mainland, blocking and controlling transport. The situation would have been completely different if the offensive of the armies of Novorossia to Mariupol in the fall of last year had not been suspended by the “peace treaties”. We would have a land connection with the mainland, which is a decisive factor for the security of the Crimea:

The recent “agreements” of the government of the Russian Federation with the Kiev junta on the surrender of the Chongar peninsulas, Ada and part of the Arabat Spit caused bewilderment. All these places are of great strategic importance, and surrendering them to enemies without a fight is simply amazing ... "Around betrayal, and cowardice, and deception!" - so relevant are these bitter words of St. Tsar - Martyr Nicholas II!

On the eve of the Crimean referendum, 15 March, on the day of the celebration of the Reigning Icon of the Mother of God, we also toured the whole Crimea with a procession of the cross, served prayers at the checkpoints of Chongar and the Turkish Wall, which has now become impossible ...

I see with great sorrow that our government repeats the mistakes of Viktor Yanukovych, who also tried to negotiate something with the Maidan rebels and their Western curators, that he was almost worth his life and plunged the whole country into bloody chaos! The most favorable moments for the solution of the conflict and the liberation of Ukraine from the fascists have long been missed. But it is not too late yet, you can still save the situation and the lives of tens of thousands of people! It is necessary to strengthen the prayers, by the way, about the admonition of our government. ”

About Margaret Seidler, a German woman with a truly Russian soul, you can paraphrase Pushkin to say: “She’s Russian, from pre-Russian, Russian!” She herself says of herself:

“I have long been a Russian spirit since I became an Orthodox person. When I say “we”, “us” are fired upon — it is you, Russians. I think there are many Germans in history who faithfully served the Russian empire, for example, during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II there was one general who remained faithful to the end and did not refuse his oath. Who took the martyr's death and even shot him near the St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. Between the Sofia Cathedral and the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky. A lot of Germans who loved Russia. By the way, the Queen, the martyr Alexandra Feodorovna is also known, she was a princess of Hesse of Darmstadt, and even when the situation was extremely critical and offered to go into emigration, she said: “No, I love Russia so much, and better I will work as a floor cleaner until the end of my days, rather than leave Moscow. ” She wholeheartedly fell in love with Orthodoxy and adopted Russia as her homeland. Of course, I have nothing to compare with it, I am far away from it, but I want to say that I, too, wholeheartedly loved Russia, and look at Russia as my spiritual homeland and my real homeland. And I am ready to protect her. ”
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  1. Fei_Wong
    Fei_Wong 30 July 2016 06: 24
    Correctly. Russian is a state of mind. All our centuries-old multinational history confirms this.
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 30 July 2016 07: 09
      Quote: Fei_Wong
      Correctly. Russian is a state of mind. All our centuries-old multinational history confirms this.

      I looked at something in the photo ... There is no soul in it! bully Here is a man with a gray mustache, yes ... Serious and the spirit comes from him Russian! And this one is all in medals ...
      1. ssf2257
        ssf2257 30 July 2016 09: 29
        Note that everything is in medals, a triumph. There are no awards in your pocket.
      2. Hunt
        Hunt 30 July 2016 15: 43
        Neither nickname, nor religion, nor the blood of ancestors make a person belong to one or another nationality. The spirit, the soul of man - this is where it is necessary to look for belonging to one or another people. How can one determine the belonging of the spirit? Of course, a manifestation of the spirit-thought! Whoever thinks in what language belongs to that people. Vladimir Ioganovich Dahl (patriot, compiler of the explanatory dictionary)
      3. A.Lex
        A.Lex 30 July 2016 18: 23
        Hariton, you're wrong !!!
        1. Oml
          Oml 6 October 2016 14: 31
          Neither blaspheme nor praise.
          I think a lot of the respondents were in the Caucasus. As part of the operational regiment, and not only, I also had to visit more than once. The sappers with escort and reconnaissance left at 4-5 in the morning, half a day on the roads strewn with garbage, and under each of them it is not known what awaits you, and around the views of the "benevolent" sea. At first stress, then indifference, in the evening "relieve" fatigue, flies naturally, the next day all over again. 90% of us have never received any awards. But “many” received for one-day presence, and there were some without presence.
          Let those who know this person praise. These "things" are very subjective.
      4. olegkrava
        olegkrava 28 September 2016 23: 36
        Show me your photo, maybe there is no soul in it.
    2. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 31 July 2016 16: 43
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 31 July 2016 22: 34
        My friend Fulda has been living with me for 15 years already in Germany. So, it’s only in the community that they communicate, help, friends, Germans, as a rule, don’t make contact. It’s true that recently there have been a lot of Germans among them, they are moving from Catholicism and Protestantism.
        Somehow we started talking about freedom, so he envied me, it’s freedom in Russia, but in Germany everything is determined by counting, credit, work, everything is strictly within the framework and any moment is instantly suppressed. Full control.
        It’s a pity that I can’t talk with him for more than a year, I would like to know about the situation with refugees, it seems that the famous system of total control is failing.
  2. Sarmat149
    Sarmat149 30 July 2016 06: 53
    I agree that Russian is not a nationality, it is a state of mind, a life of conscience.
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 30 July 2016 07: 12
      Quote: Sarmat149
      I agree that Russian is not a nationality, it is a state of mind, a life of conscience.

      Someone brother minus you, but I corrected! All right you say ...
      1. Simpsonian
        Simpsonian 30 July 2016 10: 15
        I didn’t know what happened before Prince Vladimir there was no Russian ... who then called on Rurik of the grandson of Gostomysl to Russia to reign? lol
        1. Darkness
          Darkness 30 July 2016 10: 52
          And Russia did not exist before baptism. Some savage cannibals lived.
        2. Albert1988
          Albert1988 30 July 2016 11: 21
          Quote: Simpsonian
          I didn’t know what happened before Prince Vladimir there was no Russian ... who then called on Rurik of the grandson of Gostomysl to Russia to reign?

          Strictly speaking, in those days they did not call themselves that, even after the baptism it was Russians that the inhabitants of Ktevskaya Rus did not call themselves for a long time. BUT! The essence of the people was the same! So what's the difference. how who and when was called. the main thing is not the "sign" but the content ...
        3. lukke
          lukke 30 July 2016 17: 30
          By the way, Tsaritsa, the martyr Alexandra Fyodorovna, is also known, she was Princess Hesse of Darmstadt and even when the situation was extremely critical and offered to go into exile, she said: “No, I love Russia so much, and I’d better work as a breakdown until the end of my days, rather than leave Moscow "
          And I did not know that Alexandra Fedorovna was crazy about Moscow - although she was in St. Petersburg all the time)
        4. excomandante
          excomandante 31 July 2016 06: 40
          Slovene was called - the tribe that founded Novgorod. The Russians arose when Orthodoxy united the Eastern Slavic tribes with a common faith.
          1. Albert1988
            Albert1988 31 July 2016 12: 15
            Quote: excomandante
            The Russians arose when Orthodoxy united the Eastern Slavic tribes with a common faith.

            The fact is that even during the time of Alexander Nevsky, the inhabitants of northern Russia (Novgorod and Pskov) did NOT call themselves Rus and Russians / Russians - they called themselves Slavs (Slovenes) - even Novgorod birch bark letters survived, where the word Rus is used only in relation to Moscow , Kiev and other "southern" territories. So one Novgorod merchant writes "I am going to Russia" informing that he is going to Moscow.
            But again, I repeat - the people (no matter how they call themselves there - Slovenes, Slavs, Rus, Rusichs, Russians) - have always been one in essence.
          2. Simpsonian
            Simpsonian 31 July 2016 12: 20
            Svyatoslav was not Orthodox, like Rurik.

            On the eve of the Mongol invasion in Russia, on the contrary, there was feudal fragmentation, and "destinies".
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 31 July 2016 13: 34

      Leave your pathetics. Be a materialist.

      Consciousness, create the conditions of life.
  3. mervino2007
    mervino2007 30 July 2016 07: 11
    The difficult fate of Margarita. In a situation like hers, living normally is not easy. She does not go with the flow. Paves its way. I think that such a person, as a journalist, will be needed everywhere. True words are especially in demand today. God give her good people - next!
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 30 July 2016 07: 15
      Quote: mervino2007
      The difficult fate of Margarita. In a situation like hers, living normally is not easy. She does not go with the flow. Paves its way. I think that such a person, as a journalist, will be needed everywhere. True words are especially in demand today. God give her good people - next!

      What's so complicated ..? He is looking for a husband and that’s all ... And he wants to get pregnant, you can see it in his eyes!
      1. Fotoceva62
        Fotoceva62 30 July 2016 09: 00
        There is nothing shameful in a woman’s desire to find a family and continue the Family through the child, having known the happiness of Motherhood. Confused Strelkov, because in our Sevastopol, We did without him. And at Perekop he was not watched.
        What the curators of Strelkova planned in the Crimea did not work and he was transferred to the Donbass. I do not impose my vision of the situation, but his subsequent actions say a lot ...
        1. Monarchist
          Monarchist 31 July 2016 07: 41
          You do not like what Margarita talks about Strelkova? Do you think Strelkov is some kind of adventurer-provocateur?
      2. cherkas.oe
        cherkas.oe 31 July 2016 11: 26
        Quote: Chariton
        What's so complicated ..?

        I'll tell you this, my dear: - "When he himself is as simple as a" shoe ", then you want to lower everyone else to the plinth, do not measure everyone by yourself" No.
      3. gladcu2
        gladcu2 31 July 2016 13: 42

        It is strange that you got so many minuses for your phrase.

        You are really right. But that's why the downsides are alarming. Something does not really become with this "Russian spirit", which is justice.

        So everything is becoming critically bad.
  4. gla172
    gla172 30 July 2016 07: 13
    The soul of Russia is sleeping now
     The light hour has not yet struck.
     Even dope power is strong,
     And the mortal enemy is strong for now!
     But where is the spirit that smells of Russia !?
     Where are those sons in whom this spirit lives !?
     Where are those who bring her freedom
     and breathe life into the lips of a sleeping one !?
     Really all became blind
     They can’t tell the truth!
     Really all became slaves,
     And they crave life in slavery !?
     Sons of Russia - relieve obsession!
     Wake up, Russ - greatness awaits you!
     And cast off the shining Rus,
     and gain greatness again!
     Hearts are hot and the mind is bright
     Able to free the world
     And a free spirit to revive
     And save honor and conscience!
     Russia knelt for a long time,
     It's time to get up to her full height!
     The trouble has not yet passed, -
     The millennial fast was a heavy yoke!
     Mighty ancestors, the power did not disappear,
     But he sleeps while in deep sleep.
     Svarog Night Russia passed,
     And pure light tells us that!
     Receive the light, wake up, Rus,
     Uncover strength and good within yourself.
     Only cowards are afraid of freedom of light,
     In whom conscience died long ago!
     Riddle Russian soul
     Left for the enemies forever!
     Russia has always been a mystery,
     And there is a mystery in it - human people!
     Those giants that always
     Ready to give everything in the world
     So that the homeland is alive,
     And all the children were happy ...
  5. Fei_Wong
    Fei_Wong 30 July 2016 07: 16
    My mother, her Heavenly Kingdom, has been looking for a way to God for a very long time. Although Russian. But she was born in the 60th year, and the USSR did not encourage any kind of religion (if it is not the CPSU), to put it mildly. Nevermind. In general, I was also looking for myself, looking for the meaning of life for a very long time. There were sects here, and even Vishnu-Krishnu (I still remember how she taught me at one time the Hindu "hare-rama", I was just a jerk then, 7-8 years old). But then (and she was a vocalist, graduated from a music school, and worked for a long time in the theater of our city Che), somehow, by the providence of God, she met someone from the choristers of the Holy Trinity Church (a former historical museum in the USSR, I even tired of going there a couple of times while he was a museum). And - she quit the theater, also becoming a singer. Which then I never regretted. She found OWN, Russian. It's funny to say, but I got baptized even earlier than my mother. My grandmother brought her to christening in the then only temple in our entire city with a population of one million - Simeonovsky. She, too, was a typical homo-sovieticus and did not believe in God at all (at the time of this baptism: then she also revised her dogmas inspired by the Party). She simply fulfilled the dying testament of my great-grandmother, her mother: her great-grandmother bequeathed her to baptize at least her grandchildren, if not children. And my mother, before her illness and very early death (she died at 50), worked as a singer. Practically in all the churches being revived at that time, I even went to the region, although my health was already naughty. Orthodoxy completely pacified her, giving all the answers in her search.
    Yes, by the way, do not count it as arrogance, but whoever is a believer, remember in your brief evening prayers to the slave the sinful Irina in the Kingdom of God at least once. May she be rewarded THERE even with a small fraction of what she was deprived of in her not too happy life.
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 30 July 2016 23: 01
      I will remember.
  6. Fei_Wong
    Fei_Wong 30 July 2016 07: 24
    Quote: Chariton
    Quote: Fei_Wong
    Correctly. Russian is a state of mind. All our centuries-old multinational history confirms this.

    I looked at something in the photo ... There is no soul in it! bully Here is a man with a gray mustache, yes ... Serious and the spirit comes from him Russian! And this one is all in medals ...

    Are the medals something bad? Unless, of course, it's not about Leonid Ilyich? Although he did not trifle, he preferred orders and stars.
    In general, from your anthropological observations, the smell of theories of Professor Cesare Lombroso smells quite.
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 30 July 2016 09: 11
      Quote: Fei_Wong
      Quote: Chariton
      Quote: Fei_Wong
      Correctly. Russian is a state of mind. All our centuries-old multinational history confirms this.

      I looked at something in the photo ... There is no soul in it! bully Here is a man with a gray mustache, yes ... Serious and the spirit comes from him Russian! And this one is all in medals ...

      Are the medals something bad? Unless, of course, it's not about Leonid Ilyich? Although he did not trifle, he preferred orders and stars.
      In general, from your anthropological observations, the smell of theories of Professor Cesare Lombroso smells quite.

      Liberoid ..? Anthropological observations have never failed me ..)))))) bullyHe spoke with Cesaro, he agreed with me ..))))) Then he died ..
      1. Was mammoth
        Was mammoth 30 July 2016 12: 18
        Quote: Chariton
        He spoke with Cesaro, he agreed with me ..)))))He then died ..

        Do you own black magic?
        Quote: Chariton
        And this one is all in medals ...

        Probably those who awarded, considered decent. Man found himself in Orthodoxy. What's so bad? Everyone has his own path.
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 31 July 2016 14: 37
          There was a mammoth

          This woman has not found support in life. She did not find a worthy husband for herself. Not because something is wrong with her. It's just that the level of her demand for herself is high. The man must match the woman. You notice, she was engaged in extreme sports. There you need to trust someone.

          A peasant is already hard to find, especially with such a level of moral decline as it happened with the collapse of socialism. And not only morality matters. It is easy to physically meet with the opposite sex of your age, social status, income level, race, education, religion, by time of work, place of residence. See how many restrictions. This is only under capitalism. But under socialism, these restrictions were not.

          Usually it is not even possible to get to know each other.

          So the woman went to look for faith, trust in religion. Therefore, she went to war, as she was looking for someone whom she could trust. To trust is to believe.

          And then immediately advertisements of religions dragged on.
  7. oracul
    oracul 30 July 2016 08: 11
    Everything would be normal, if not for Strelkov-Girkin’s assessment, as a victim of intrigue. I’m not going to read Margarita’s moral - it’s her personal right to love someone or not to love, to defend or blame, only to the author of the material, in my opinion, there is no need to put a mark on a person who is very ambiguous and far from open.
    1. Darkness
      Darkness 30 July 2016 10: 56
      Strelkov, as an anti-Soviet, continues his path to fascism.
  8. gaura
    gaura 30 July 2016 09: 08
    it was at that moment that the Lord showed me that He is, that He is here, in this Church.

    Fine, i.e. in other religions there is no God? And now we are such a God-chosen people, because they are Orthodox, and all around are somehow not very. A very bold statement, which, if desired, can even be pulled to an article of humiliation on a religious basis. Actually, you can not read further.
    I had one acquaintance, all so Orthodox, inspired. True, representatives of other faiths were almost hostile. And what is spirituality, if a person initially divides people into the right ones and not?
    1. Galleon
      Galleon 30 July 2016 10: 19
      Listen, this is a sincere story of a woman about herself. This is not a theological essay, not a criticism, not an apologetics of Orthodoxy, but a path of spiritual quest - a sincere story. And that’s why, at least out of respect for sincerity - to seek out in it what you don’t like is not worthy.
      If you have a different spiritual experience, and you have found yourself and God in another Christian denomination - tell us about it here in the comments - it will be interesting for all of us, it will be interesting for me. But something tells me that such "criticism" of someone else's spiritual experience, as a rule, comes from people for whom these spiritual searches are generally "up to the lantern." He did not have his own, but it is unpleasant to hear a good word about Orthodoxy.
      In fact, what is written in her story about Orthodoxy is the absolute truth. We have an intact Christian faith - among Catholics and Protestants it is damaged or distorted. Maybe this is one of the factors of our resilience: "if God is with us - who is against us?"
      Regarding whether there is God in other religions, one of the Russians (St. Ignatius Brianchaninov) answered 150 years ago: “I don’t know if Catholics will be saved, I know that I will perish in Catholicism” - to whom all the treasure is given - should not change it part of it, discarding the rest.
      We do not divide people into right and wrong - why do you say that about me. I understand that you have personal experience and personal grievances - but, believe me, we do not share. We live next to you, like neighbors, compatriots, brothers, and finally - and we are not hostile to you, and you are no worse than others for us. God is above all. And over the Russians, and over the Jews, and over the Tatars ... We will all give our answer, in good conscience. Why is it extolled ...
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 31 July 2016 14: 44

        What do you smack nonsense?


        Stop using someone else's fate to advertise the church. As someone has setbacks, these sanctuaries are right there.

        This woman is just lonely. And can not find support in life.
      2. gaura
        gaura 1 August 2016 05: 45
        you found yourself and God in another Christian denomination

        And if not in the Christian? And why inside Orthodoxy a lot of these denominations do not perceive each other? And what does Christianity have to do with it in general, we have an almost atheistic country. And, damn it, atheists are far more tolerant and pleasant people than most believers.
        There is only one complaint to this woman - you cannot rush with phrases about the presence of God only in your church. Even if she has nothing against others, I think she doesn’t, it still belittles other faiths
    2. Darkness
      Darkness 30 July 2016 10: 59
      Religion - disconnects.
      Note, even "Russian = Orthodox" is already emerging Russianness from representatives of other confessions. For example, an atheist can never be Russian.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 31 July 2016 14: 57

        Religion is POWER, realized through moral control.

        Ideology is a changed morality. When the USSR was an ideology that was controlled by the state. Until it has undergone degeneration. The government betrayed the state. Because in addition to religion or ideology, there must be morality.

        Morality is a conscious or unconscious following of ideological or religious morality.

        Therefore, under the USSR, the church was separated from the state and the ban of secrecy.

        When the USSR established a moral code. Which, in principle, did not contradict Orthodox attitudes.

        The problem of religion and ideologies is that they cannot follow the preservation of morality for 2 reasons.

        1 . Morality cannot be instilled by force.

        2. Morality can manifest itself only with a high level of human knowledge. WITH EDUCATION SYSTEM. Religion, for obvious reasons, does not welcome knowledge, as it undermines the principles of faith.

        And ideology, by virtue of a weak educational system, cannot force morality.

        At the heart of government should be morality.
    3. a housewife
      a housewife 30 July 2016 23: 09
      You yourself answered your own question. What is spirituality here. Only pride and narcissism. Fanaticism. So it is in all faiths. The Apostle Paul wrote about this. About those who obey all laws, rules, regulations, but don’t have love - that faith is empty.
    4. Monarchist
      Monarchist 31 July 2016 07: 58
      She talks about her path to God and that's right. She does not offend other confessions and does not fig her "politics" to sew.
      1. gaura
        gaura 1 August 2016 05: 11
        I do not sew politics for her, but say that the phrases "He is, that He is here, in this Church" are dangerous in their essence, smack of fanaticism, and with a strong desire, you can see extremism in this. All conflicts begin with the fact that people are convinced of the inferiority of rivals. Whether by skin color, religion or ideology.
        Yes, fanaticism is in all religions. The less spiritual experience, the more fanaticism. But to expose and defend this fanaticism is not necessary.
  9. Evgeniy30
    Evgeniy30 30 July 2016 09: 50
    Quote: Chariton
    Quote: Fei_Wong
    Correctly. Russian is a state of mind. All our centuries-old multinational history confirms this.

    I looked at something in the photo ... There is no soul in it! bully Here is a man with a gray mustache, yes ... Serious and the spirit comes from him Russian! And this one is all in medals ...

    Do you, a warrior sofa, have at least one BATTLE medal?
  10. Fei_Wong
    Fei_Wong 30 July 2016 09: 57
    Quote: Chariton
    Liberoid ..? Anthropological observations have never failed me ..)))))) bullyHe spoke with Cesaro, he agreed with me ..))))) Then he died ..

    Rather, you are a Nazi. And not very Russian in punctuation style. It is in English that "..?" in unfinished interrogative sentences, not the Russian "? ..". As an experienced fan-translator, I see these features at once.
    By the way, I'm happy for you. When you get there, it will be interesting for you to talk about in the same pan. ^ _ ^
  11. Fei_Wong
    Fei_Wong 30 July 2016 10: 17
    Quote: gaura
    I had one acquaintance, all so Orthodox, inspired. True, representatives of other faiths were almost hostile. And what is spirituality, if a person initially divides people into the right ones and not?

    Zealots everywhere, regardless of race and nation.
    But think for yourself whether there was anything close to the European-Catholic hysteria of the Inquisition, a mass (and REALLY mass) "witch-hunt" among the Orthodox peoples (not in vain it became a common noun, catch phrase), or even no less massive burning / killing black cats?
    And where, by the way, is the Animal Rights Society looking? All of Europe must repent and kiss their knees for that genocide of black cats. In theory (now animals are much more equal than humans: the case in the United States with the murder of a cat and the sentence of 21 years in prison to its human killer clearly confirms this). Plus, it's racism! Again "blacks are offended"!
    But in real life - for some reason, we are only, and only we really must repent for everything. Even for the resettlement of Germans in the Volga region and Kazakhstan, although at the same time in the MOST DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, millions of Japanese Americans sat in camps. Yes, to say the least, Japanese Americans ... Everyone was sent to these camps, in whom there was at least 1/16 (just think about it!) Of Japanese blood! And the cart of public opinion is still there: bloody Stalin, oppression, tyranny, the Evil Empire - and! the bright elves of the West.
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 31 July 2016 08: 02
      Correct words
    2. gaura
      gaura 1 August 2016 05: 33
      I'm not saying that our people are worse than in the West. I say that the slogan "Russian means Orthodox" is almost like "Orthodoxy or death." In our huge multinational and multi-confessional country, emphasis on religion cannot and cannot be said that God "is in this particular church." There are too many other churches that will not appreciate this.
      About special Russian people. See how the minuses are famously molded here to everyone with whom the opinion does not agree. The minus is, of course, nothing, but the Ukrainians are the same Russians in general, like us, but now they famously beat and kill those with whom the opinion does not agree.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 30 July 2016 10: 39
    A German woman, in a well-fed German tolerant homosexual society, consciously chose a different homeland, not the homeland that promised her something, but the homeland against which the information war is being waged. Our country. Young man !!
    Good luck, Margarita! And a good husband! Orthodox Russian!
    1. Darkness
      Darkness 30 July 2016 11: 02
      And if there is an atheist? Will he be bad by definition?
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 30 July 2016 11: 33
        No, it’s just that people are trying to find a common ground. I observed that marriages are often within the same profession. Most likely, people choose from close circle, close convictions. And she came to this faith from a very distant far married, she didn’t choose anyone. and that’s it.
        1. Darkness
          Darkness 30 July 2016 12: 00
          Maybe, but not always.
          For example, I have an Orthodox wife, I am an atheist.
          There are no disagreements on the basis of religion at all.
          1. a housewife
            a housewife 30 July 2016 23: 34
            And I have an atheist best friend, and I am Orthodox.
          2. The comment was deleted.
  14. Fei_Wong
    Fei_Wong 30 July 2016 10: 52
    Quote: bowman
    It was precisely in the GDR that a truly Germanic, Prussian spirit, a true German mentality was preserved.
    Indeed, unlike amers in the west of Germany and in the east, the Soviet authorities did not break the Germans through the knee, they did not lay any kind of ov values ​​in them.
    And the Germans are so different depending on the land they live in, from language to character.
    In the east there were cool Germans.

    And they stay there. The problem of "Aussie" and "Vessey" for Germany is still very acute. West Germans still consider the "Aussies" second-class people. Yes, and many "Aussies" (especially those who have already lived, remembering history, and not washed out by the Western zomboyaschik) in that even ohh .. bewilderment from the policy, course and habits of the newly reunited homeland. The problem is so serious that even one very vinar German TV series was dedicated to it - I will no longer remember the name, but I am too lazy to look. But the meaning of the series is that some woman, who had been in a "vegetative" state of coma for more than a dozen years, had to recreate a piece of the old GDR around her with the help of her relatives after the reunification of the GDR and the FRG. For the shock could kill her.
    1. gorsten79
      gorsten79 30 July 2016 13: 03
      I do not know about the series. But there is a film - "Goodbye Lenin", there is also Chulpan Khamatova playing a German film.
  15. Darkness
    Darkness 30 July 2016 10: 55
    We got it with this mantra "Russian means Orthodox". With this nonsense, all atheists, Buddhists, pagans, etc. jump out of the "Russians".
    It smacks of fascism.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 30 July 2016 11: 56
      You write nonsense. The part of my relatives that I know better is from ideological communists. And they, and their descendants, having passed through difficult thoughts, did not join the religion. It did not work out that my mother had another forum member. The same applies to me for others But I understand that Orthodox people are the majority of the religious in our country. This majority Faith needs to be respected and supported, it is a force capable of withstanding all tolerance and depersonalization. And in your words, Alexander, it turns out that someone opposes the beliefs that you have listed. Examples are more precise.
      Putin invites Buddhists along with other religions. Among the deputies there are Buddhist llamas. I would like for us to have a pagan denomination from the faith of our ancestors. But in practice, there is something wrong with pagan associations. And there are fascists in their midst. If I have something to say about sensible paganism ---- I will be glad to read it. Although this is a removal from the topic, flood.
      1. Darkness
        Darkness 30 July 2016 12: 02
        I also strongly sympathize with paganism, but not dolbloslavia))
        1. Reptiloid
          Reptiloid 30 July 2016 12: 48
          A very good negative example. I don’t know how now, some time ago, Zadornov ridiculed Orthodoxy.
          It seems that paganism preaches, but vulgarizes and simplifies.
          1. Reptiloid
            Reptiloid 30 July 2016 13: 06
            It is impossible not respectfully and disdainfully to any faith. The punishment will certainly be, there are a lot of historical examples.
            If there were any historical, archaeological evidence of paganism, I would be glad. And then Zadornov laughed at Orthodoxy, and history, under the guise of praise, simplifies and vulgarizes and, with serious scientific opponents, the theory will collapse and nothing will remain.
            1. Darkness
              Darkness 30 July 2016 13: 30
              Respect must be earned. It’s impossible to respect just like that.
      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 31 July 2016 15: 29

        In the absence of a sufficiently educated population, religion is used to create a state, to unite society. Why? Because religion - the church form a single system of views.

        However, in the modern world with the possibility of self-education as well. The church is just a part of society. The second part of society is educated people with knowledge. These people recognize the right of faith. Which does not put them in opposition to the church.


        But if a segment of religious people gets a majority in society, then religion will lead the country to regress. To return.

        If religion is weakening. We need a moral control institute. This is an ideology.

        That state is strongly whose citizens have a high level of morality.

        Morality cannot be controlled. Morality can be controlled, but morality cannot. Morality is a conscious or unconscious following of morality.

        The only way to create a people with a high level of morality is only to raise a high educational standard. Moreover, to introduce a system of education.


        Neither religion nor ideology can create an adequate level of morality.

        Under the USSR, the people had a high level of morality, the capitalists called them "scoops". Those naive who could not betray the trust in their fellow citizens, at a time when it was necessary to become a hardened pragmatic egoist. Couldn't change morality.
    2. Monarchist
      Monarchist 31 July 2016 08: 14
      I do not agree: how many atheists are there who consider themselves Russian. My friend accepted Buddhism, but he is Russian by nationality
  16. Fei_Wong
    Fei_Wong 30 July 2016 11: 08
    Quote: Darkness
    We got it with this mantra "Russian means Orthodox". With this nonsense, all atheists, Buddhists, pagans, etc. jump out of the "Russians".
    It smacks of fascism.

    Garbage said.
    Russian! = (Not equal) Orthodox. The same Momysh-ula was more Russian than many others from that historical period (for example, the same Vlasov). He does not belong to Orthodoxy by any side, even nationally.

    And Orthodoxy only emphasizes the main features of "Russianness", the basic principles and the system of life values. And it doesn't bother anyone. Does it bother you? So, what can't you eat? To me - no (although on the other hand, I don’t work out grants for green candy wrappers).
    1. Darkness
      Darkness 30 July 2016 11: 20
      And what are the main features of "Russianness" emphasized by Orthodoxy?
      From the phrase "Russian means Orthodox" logically follows exactly what I wrote.
      And, by the way, especially the Orthodox themselves confirm this.
    2. Des10
      Des10 20 January 2017 14: 47
      He was a warrior.
  17. VladimS
    VladimS 30 July 2016 11: 23
    Quote: Fei_Wong
    But in real life - for some reason, we are only, and only we really must repent for everything. Even for the resettlement of Germans in the Volga region and Kazakhstan, although at the same time in the MOST DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, millions of Japanese Americans sat in camps. Yes, to say the least, Japanese Americans ... Everyone was sent to these camps, in whom there was at least 1/16 (just think about it!) Of Japanese blood! And the cart of public opinion is still there: bloody Stalin, oppression, tyranny, the Evil Empire - and! the bright elves of the West.

    Little of! There is undeniable evidence of atrocities in England itself, for example, through
    a metal rod heated in the anus .., a stone plate on the chest .. what a fun.
    And people were destroyed in numbers, in a few years more than in the entire history of the so-called Inquisition.
    Myths implanted by naglosaks were well fed ..
    It was necessary to omit Spain in the eyes of the rest of the world. The country is the only one disputing world supremacy at sea, the British.
    They ate this dog. And to this day, in these matters, the most cunning, but that’s why the nation is scum on our planet.
    1. Darkness
      Darkness 30 July 2016 12: 03
      But! It was during the Inquisition and their obscurantism that for some reason there were many scientists and philosophers.
      But before Lomonosov, I cannot remember anyone.
  18. Nikita Orlov
    Nikita Orlov 30 July 2016 14: 06
    To think in Russian is to be Russian, this is Orthodoxy according to Dostoevsky.

    And our church must repent for crimes against the people and the country that absorbed the cult of the murdered God and breathed Life into the Jewish franchise of a single Tsar, but the Russian Orthodox Church stubbornly stands on interpretations of 1000 years ago, not noticing the fact - if not for Russia, the Greco-Roman Byzantine the branch of Christianity would have sunk into oblivion, and we still have spiritual naivety-purity (holiness) without them.
  19. Brigadier
    Brigadier 30 July 2016 15: 18
    A real RUSSIAN woman!
  20. tracer
    tracer 30 July 2016 15: 25
    Many times I thought about the question, "What is Russianness and what does it consist in?" ... I found the answer in myself, and in the people around me. One thing makes Russians Russians, and the most important quality is a sense of justice. It is precisely this that is laid from childhood through fairy tales and legends, through mother's motives of a lullaby, in the motive of which the voices of generations are heard through the centuries. The Orthodox faith lays down and finally affirms this feeling in a person. To be church or not to be church is everyone's choice. But a Russian person cannot live without faith in his soul. I knew a lot of "Russians" with "blue eyes" who have no idea who they are, but what to say, the whole country is now in the south of Russia. I know people who were born both Jews and Tajiks and Moldovans, my best friend is German by birth, who are no less Russian than I or other people with Russian surnames. Have you ever had a chance to stand with blacks in a Christian church? I've done it. Ethiopians, or rather immigrants from Ethiopia. To say that they are sharply different from the rest of the "black continent" is to say nothing. They are completely different people, close to us in soul. The ancestor of the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was an Ethiopian. So, many who have spoken on this matter are right and I join them, the Russian man is made by justice and the Orthodox faith.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 31 July 2016 15: 38


      Tracer, you stood with the Ethiopians in the church. They determined that they are completely different. You met the Jews and realized that they, too, MAY be different. You have determined that the Russians (Soviet) have a concept of justice. By the way, Canadians have the notion of justice no less pronounced.

      But tell me, give an answer why this happens?

      I know the answer.

      And you?
  21. Aleksander
    Aleksander 30 July 2016 16: 38
    Recall Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna. How many Russians could compare in Russianness with her, born of a German woman and on Russian Earth, who embodied the image of the noble Russian princesses who had long sunk into oblivion?

    Recall: back in 1892 organized Elizabethan Infant Charitable Society, further headed the Ladies Committee of the Red Cross.

    After the terrorist murder of her husband in 1905 sold all her jewelry and for the proceeds I bought on Bolshaya Ordynka a manor with four houses and a vast garden, where she founded in 1909 Marfo-Mariinsky Monastery of Mercy where the sisters of the monastery were engaged charity and medical work. The sisters received serious psychological, methodological, spiritual and medical training in the monastery. A hospital, an excellent outpatient clinic, a pharmacy where medicines were given out for free, a shelter, a free dining room and many more institutions were created in the monastery.

    Having settled in the monastery, Elizaveta Fedorovna led an ascetic life: at night caring for seriously ill patients or reading the Psalm over the dead, and during the day she worked, along with her sistersbypassing the poorest quarters, she visited the Khitrov market itself - the most criminogenic place of the then Moscow, rescuing young children from therewho were given shelter, food and education.

    Refused to leave Russia after the Bolsheviks came to power, continuing to engage in ascetic work in his monastery. Arrested by Latvian bandits on the orders of Dzerzhinsky.

    Dumped into the mine alive red beastswhere with the rest of the victims crippled, painfully and long dying of wounds.

    Sainted with another sister of the monastery thrown into the mine, Varvara Yakovleva. Several monasteries and temples are dedicated to her, a monument is installed in the monastery, memorial plaques.

    Her business still lives: In the monastery (returned to the church in 1992) there is an orphanage for girls, a charity canteen and a patronage service. Sisters work in military hospitals, the Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine. In 2010, the Mercy medical center was opened on the territory of the Martha-Mariinsky Convent, specializing in the rehabilitation of children with disabilities with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. In October 2011, a children's palliative visiting service opened, providing parents with training to care for terminally ill children, as well as medical supervision.

    The Marfo-Mariinsky monastery has about twenty branches operating according to its charter in Siberia, the Urals, the Far East, the European part of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

    Eternal grateful memory to her, Russian German Elizabeth Feodorovna.
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 30 July 2016 23: 44
      Only, sorry, not the sight of babies, but the sight.
    2. Monarchist
      Monarchist 31 July 2016 08: 21
      Thank you very much for your kind words about V.K. Elizabeth Fedoro in not!
  22. moskowit
    moskowit 30 July 2016 17: 17
    Margarita, the Magnanimous Man!

    But this is not entirely clear ...

    "... The recent" agreements "of the Russian government with the Kiev junta on the surrender of the Chongar, Ada peninsulas and part of the Arabat spit caused bewilderment. All these places are of great strategic importance, and their surrender to the enemies without a fight is simply amazing ..."

    Is that really ???
  23. Aleksander
    Aleksander 30 July 2016 17: 25
    By the way, Queen, martyr Alexandra Fedorovna also known, she was the princess of Hesse of Darmstadt and even when the situation was extremely critical and offered to go into exile, she said: “No, I love Russia so much, and I'd rather work as a breakdown until the end of my days than leave

    6 November 1914 in the building of the Red Cross Society Empress Alexandra Fedorovna with the Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatyana and forty-two sisters of the first graduation of wartime, having successfully passed the exams, received a certificate for the title of military sister of mercy.

    The sisters of mercy turned out to be calm, skillful and hardworking helpers during dressings and surgical operations. Therefore, they immediately began to work with Gedroits herself as assistants, fully meeting her main requirements for the surgical team.

    Their main place of work was on Hospital Street of Tsarskoye Selo, where on the site of the almshouse of the times of Catherine II a stone three-story hospital was built in 1854, which today serves people like the city hospital №38 named after ON. Semashko. Younger Grand Duchesses Maria and Anastasia took home nursing courses and assisted mothers and sisters in their hospitals. ALL FOUR princesses served in the hospital with their mother.

    From the diary of Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolaevna (for 1 day): “... There was an operation under local anesthesia to Gramovich, a bullet was cut from his chest. Gave the tools ... Bandaged Prokosheev 14-th Finland Regiment, chest wound, cheek and eye wound. Bandaged later Ivanov, Melik-Adamov, Taube, Malygin... ".

    From the diary of Olga Nikolaevna: "...Bandaged Potshes, Garmovich of the 64-th Kazan regiment, a wound to the left knee, Ilyin of the 57-th Novodzinsky regiment, a wound to the left shoulder, after Mgebriev, Poboevsky .... "

    Anna Vyrubova, who also completed a course of sisters of mercy with V.I. Gedroyts wrote: “I saw the Empress of Russia in the operating room of the hospital: she was holding cotton wool with ether, then she was giving sterile instruments to the surgeon. She was tireless and did her job. "

    Alexandra Fedorovna herself went to the front to deliver especially seriously wounded soldiers by train, since the most advanced medical equipment was located in Tsarskoye Selo hospitals. In the city, on her initiative, medical journals began to appear, writing about the latest achievements of military medicine, and they dispersed across all the rear and front-line hospitals of Russia.

    Sister of Mercy Alexander Fedorovna and her four girls-sisters of mercy were shot by red beasts in the Ipatiev House 16 July 1918

    Eternal and grateful to them memory ...
  24. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 30 July 2016 19: 16
    The Orthodox Church is stronger than all other Christian churches. Currently, only the Russian Orthodox Church, as opposed to the Catholic and Protestant (including varieties), is against same-sex marriage. This erasure of gender will weaken the countries where it occurs. And someone else will wipe these countries off the face of the Earth. Yesterday there was an article about this topic "The Growing Mutation of Humanity"
  25. Filxnumx
    Filxnumx 30 July 2016 19: 53
    Quote: Darkness
    I also strongly sympathize with paganism, but not dolbloslavia))

    If you seriously adhere to these views, then you don’t understand either horseradish in paganism (just one of the movements of Christianity) or in Orthodoxy (apostolic Christianity). In other words: you claim to adore tomatoes, but you hate tomatoes. I apologize to true believers for the crude analogies.
  26. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 30 July 2016 20: 21
    The stupidity that Dostoevsky froze - do not even bother.
    He is a gambler and an addict.
    Russian is one who considers himself Russian.
  27. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 31 July 2016 04: 29
    Sbivchevy, but sincere story. Honest people are everywhere. It is necessary to help them. You need to understand them. Here, by the way, is the same Goblin-Puchkov. Slowly, little by little, and helps the militias.
  28. ava09
    ava09 31 July 2016 16: 42
    Quote: Albert1988
    Quote: Simpsonian
    I didn’t know what happened before Prince Vladimir there was no Russian ... who then called on Rurik of the grandson of Gostomysl to Russia to reign?

    Strictly speaking, in those days they did not call themselves that, even after the baptism it was Russians that the inhabitants of Ktevskaya Rus did not call themselves for a long time. BUT! The essence of the people was the same! So what's the difference. how who and when was called. the main thing is not the "sign" but the content ...

    "I heard a ringing, but I don't know where he is," but where did the Ruthenes, Rasens, Etruscans go in your knowledge? You know that according to our calendar it is now summer 7524 from S.M.Z.Kh. and this is not his beginning of the chronology. The rule was glorified by our ancient ancestors long before the book Vladimir, who just destroyed him. And Christians called themselves Orthodox believers in Russia, right up to the second council, when Nikon unleashed another round of religious war.