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Observer from Germany: a preliminary vote in the DPR complies with European standards

The process of preliminary voting in the territory of the Donetsk Republic complies with European standards for democratic elections, RIA News statement of the observer, director of the German Center for Eurasian Studies Manuel Oxenreiter.

Observer from Germany: a preliminary vote in the DPR complies with European standards

Earlier, representatives of the DPR reported that a regular group of observers from the Federal Republic of Germany and Serbia arrived in Gorlovka to monitor the primaries.

“The primaries are conducted in full compliance with the international standards for conducting democratic elections of the OSCE, and my colleagues and I observe the preparation process,”
Oksenreiter told reporters on Monday.

He also noted the non-compliance by Kiev of the Minsk agreements regarding the cease-fire.

The agency recalls that the holding of local elections in the self-proclaimed republics is one of the key stages in the settlement of the situation in the Donbas. The dates of their holding have already been postponed twice, to enable Kiev to fulfill its obligations: “To give Donbas a special status, to prevent the prosecution and punishment of participants in the events on the territory of the DPR and LPR, and also to adopt amendments to the Constitution in a new version agreed with the self-proclaimed republics”. However, these obligations, due to the Minsk agreements, have not yet been fulfilled by the Ukrainian authorities.
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RIA News. Alexey Kudenko

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  1. x.andvlad
    x.andvlad 26 July 2016 12: 44
    Pravdorub - Manuel will be fired. Eh ... A good, honest employee!
    1. Vend
      Vend 26 July 2016 12: 59
      Quote: x.andvlad
      Pravdorub - Manuel will be fired. Eh ... A good, honest employee!

      What the heck, it’s necessary to break Svidomo so laughing
    2. Sashka
      Sashka 26 July 2016 22: 42
      Probably not ... They gave the go-ahead from above to follow the path of normalizing relations with the Russian Federation. This is the first swallow in the recognition of Crimea. In the LDNR, everyone is "Feng Shui", followed by cautious singing about Crimea.
  2. EvgNik
    EvgNik 26 July 2016 12: 49
    Again, a bummer for Ukraine, so to speak-zrada. Well, not the last time.
  3. Tusv
    Tusv 26 July 2016 12: 51
    May God grant the DPR and LPR a peaceful life. I had the honor of guarding the air border with a native of Lugansk. This is not a warrior, but a warrior. Guardsman and the point
  4. kepmor
    kepmor 26 July 2016 12: 52
    Unfortunately, this is just the "voice of a lonely traveler in the desert" ...
    As the Faitington regional committee says, so will Frau with a paddling pool and, all the more, a parashka!
    Little depends on the sane in this situation ... Satan rules the ball!
    1. Rom14
      Rom14 26 July 2016 13: 22
      The Voice of Truth, even one, is stronger than the yapping of all mongrels, and many overseas already put no higher than the plinth.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  5. sergey2017
    sergey2017 26 July 2016 12: 56
    Manuel well done! Director of the German Center for Eurasian Studies Manuel Oksenreiter, you just can’t dismiss! Scandal will be scared, his opinion has weight!
    1. x.andvlad
      x.andvlad 26 July 2016 13: 01
      Means "Putin's poodle" will be called, no less.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. evge-malyshev
      evge-malyshev 26 July 2016 19: 28
      Quote: sergey2017
      Manuel Oksenreiter, you just can’t get fired! Scandal will be scared, his opinion has weight!

      You think? Yes, now you can expect everything, unless it is a private "Center ...".
  6. dsm100
    dsm100 26 July 2016 13: 15
    "Primaries", low-cost airlines, downshifters, etc. some kind of nonsense. It is impossible to call it normal. We will soon forget our language. This Americanism makes us sick.
  7. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 26 July 2016 13: 33
    Quote: Oles
    I just can’t understand one thing - if Ukraine has not fulfilled its obligations that go BEFORE the elections, then what are these elections to be held?

    There are old Russian sayings: "water does not flow under a lying stone." - about Kiev and "drops are sharpening a stone." And this is about the LPNR. The easiest way is to sit and wait for the cue to move - and not when, not even with a finger! So you need to play ahead of the curve, elections are +1 in favor of "ours". It should not be disregarded that the West is beginning to open its eyes and is giving its voice louder, albeit quite rarely so far. Whether anyone likes it or not, but the process is underway and there will be a finish, we hope during our lifetime.
  8. Executer
    Executer 26 July 2016 17: 00
    Yes, not only Kuev does not recognize, but the whole West. This is Pandora’s box. If you recognize the elections, it is necessary to recognize the new territorial entities (I will not say anything about the status). And you admit here - what to do with the Basques, with the Catalans, with the Irish, etc. etc? Oooo
  9. igor.borov775
    igor.borov775 26 July 2016 17: 41
    Here you are absolutely right. The decision will be recognized by the local as having no legal force or on another statement of this mission. Before the New Year they will try to leave everything as before. But if the lady comes, wait for trouble. We will look down the slogan and then we will look at the characterization of this Lady. It was she who cultivated a bed called the Arab Spring. It then all started in Syria. She was the main character in the State Department. After she went into the shadows. Abama is spinning like a whirligig leveling the situation. The Ukrainian revolution is Clinton Abame’s belated gift. Now the spring is starting to tighten in Armenia. Nobody knows yet. And the decision was probably made on the basis of the situation in Donetsk .. And don’t go to the United States. We are also not expecting easy times. Although the Republicans really managed to negotiate after all the upheavals with the USSR, I don’t know with these gentlemen.