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Washington's "invisible hand" is not so invisible (CounterPunch, USA)


The Scottish philosopher Adam Smith, as is well known, noted the “invisible hand” of the market, which built the character of the economies here and there. The neoliberal right wing of the capitalist movement, which has dominated the West since the early seventies, has turned his statement into the sacred maxim of his religion. All human behavior must obey the "free market." (This is an ideological credo, but in practice, corporate elites are subsidized, they are helped and given all sorts of taxpayer revenues for the sake of higher private incomes.) So, now that the government is a fiasco, the media usually says that this is the result: a) a mad dictator threatens with a completely illogical genocide of his own people; or b) foolish interventions of abnormal socialist ideologies in state activity.

In other words, if these ignorant countries fell into the arms of free markets and free elections, everything would be great. Imagine Dr. Pangloss Voltaire, admonishing countries with a "transitional" economy against the backdrop of a collapsing "developed" world. Moreover, the media unites free markets and free elections into one funny construct called “free market democracy” - and this is despite the fact that markets are not free and are not the basis of democracy, as media design suggests.

Moreover, absolutely free markets would immediately ban democracy, and therefore democracy and, often, free elections should be seriously undermined in order to rule the thinking of the free market.

In fact, it is not the “hidden hand” of the market that works in one country after another, but the Washington one. This Washington is invading in order to support an insolvent business at the direction of corporate donors. This Washington is organizing “humanitarian interventions” to get to protected national resources under the pretext of protecting the defenseless. It is Washington that is negotiating to supply surplus to the oil market, with a crash and crash crashing the "market price" of crude oil and creating countless economic problems for its enemies - Russia, Iran, Venezuela and others.

It is equally significant that it is Washington that publicly sanctions heretical financial concerns in demonstrating overwhelming correctness. This is the first Washington to launch a fraudulent public campaign of slander in the press against the chosen target leader, ensuring, as soon as it receives the required cover in the form of international legality (a fictitious resolution of the UN Security Council, a shaky coalition of the countries of the petitioners and so on) by agitation. This Washington uses capital blows, collapse of commodity prices and undermining sanctions to concoct sufficiently isolated data (the price of bread, rising poverty and so on) in an effort to make the national economy "doodles-socialists" the target of economic disasters, which, naturally , they blaspheme the faith in the free market, using the heavy hand of the state to manage the economy. And as such, Russia is authoritarian and imperial, Iran is fanatically ideological, and Venezuela is painfully static. In short, it is Washington that controls the economic fate of countless countries around the world.

Three pariahs

The aforementioned countries make up the demonic top three, to counter which Barack Obama has spent a significant portion of his worthless presidency. He annually declared Venezuela a threat to national security for the United States, which in itself stood out. In fact, the White House incorporates such ideological nonsense into its written statements, supported by all the pomp of the presidential decrees. Of course, what Obama actually does is he condemns any alternatives to neoliberal capitalism, and his wars, and his austerity program. He, in particular, is afraid of successful alternatives, which turned out to be Bolivarian socialism in the days of Chavez. But now, given that oil prices are knocking out support from state subsidy programs, part of the clumsy economic management of the Maduro administration and the blow of capital from private producers have sent Venezuela into an economic slowdown.

The collapse taking place in Caracas is supported by the NED (National Fund for Democracy), the Reagan front to subordinate the US countries, which have transferred millions into the hands of the neoliberal opposition, both political and media. The assumption, coupled with these donations, is that the country in question is in desperate need of organizational reforms in accordance with the "democratic" principles defined by Washington. This is the payment of propaganda clichés provided by the journalists involved and street violence for which the so-called pro-democratic groups are responsible. To some extent, successfully, because the mandate of Maduro received a serious blow last year in the elections to Congress. Still, the recent radio debates of two Venezuelan analysts showed that inclined to left-handed, with restrained manners, adjunct professor George Siscarello-Maher was “radical”, and the arrogant Venezuelan journalist Francisco Toro was mostly a voice of reason, despite some hysteria. This is a very typical result of domestic propaganda and the direct overthrow of the state by foreign efforts.

Iran is slowly inclined to believe that it is just silly to negotiate with the United States in good faith. Washington rarely keeps its word. The State Department is a less reliable source of political prescriptions than the front cover of the Pentagon and White House initiatives covered by the media. The anti-nuclear pressure of Secretary of State John Kerry, aimed at Tehran, is simply part of a larger imperial plan drawn up a decade ago and recently reproduced by Paul Wolfowitz in terms of foreign policy for the Clinton administration. Now Tehran, in many respects to the growing discontent of the acute language of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is tied up and is in the grip of the unprecedentedly intrusive regime of IAEA inspections. (In the past, the United States with contempt ignored international efforts to more closely control their nuclear activities, like Israel, which insults the world with its policy of “intentional uncertainty.”) But more significant is that the United States lifted some of the nuclear sanctions, but, of course, left non-nuclear, which is quite predictably hindered investments by European and American banks and businesses, as they fear to violate these sanctions, which will cause large fines applied to firms like HSBC and Deutsche Bank and smaller ones, like Epsilon Electronics. The Treasury Department, the punishing financial hand of the wicked Washington jihad against independence, uses these public operations to give the appearance of legitimacy to its sanctions regime.

Russia, naturally, is the central figure in this troika, as the largest and best-placed country to influence the development of Eurasia. Apparently, Washington is mortally afraid of the Chinese-inspired project “One Belt, One Way”, which provides for pipelines, a unified power grid, and highways, and railways from Vladivostok to Lisbon. Russia and China are key players in this project, intending to get substantial economic benefits and, of course, as a result, deepen their economic and military ties. But the main idea of ​​Zbigniew Brzezinski - who still defends excellence in the geostrategic Rushmore of his thoughts together with Henry Kissinger - should be printed at the entrance to the Pentagon, the Congress and the White House: "You can not tolerate the presence of rivals."


It was Brzezinski, who stole this idea from Sir Halward Mackinder, and Wolfowitz repeats it with pleasure, had a manic focus on Eurasia. He stated that no matter who dominated this part of the land, he would definitely control Western Europe, East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. And God forbid, if this is not Washington. Instead of stopping and asking themselves what right the United States has to defend its power in places separated from the United States by half the globe, the “honorable don” of the Carter administration rushed further, declaring that America should be “an irreplaceable nation”; so said President Clinton, who was echoed by a myriad of imperial decoy ducks, including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (a pattern on which Hillary Clinton builds her depressively repulsive image), and the former “leader of change” Barack Hussein Obama. Brzezinski quickly got to the main idea in his book “The Great Chess Board”: the United States must prevent the rise of a separate state or coalition of states “that may challenge America’s superiority”. According to the Great Sage of Geopolitics, this will require a mass of "political maneuvering and diplomatic manipulation." President Hassan Rouhani could benefit from attention to Brzezinski’s ideas and the extent to which they are assimilated by Washington neo-conservatives and fake “progressive” communities.

Of course, that’s why we are building a rapid reaction force in NATO and stockpiling weapon and ammunition along the western borders of Russia. That is why we bribe and blackmail Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, among others, so that they allow us to build bases on their sovereign territory, allowing us to surround China with ships, airplanes and artillery. That's why Beijing is so suspicious about the plans of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Obama regards as part of his grand legacy. It is all about establishing control over Eurasia, largely due to the weakening of the constituent parts of Eurasia and ensuring that Western Europe and Russia do not form a kind of dreadful community of states that could challenge American hegemony.

Theodos on a leash

You could imagine that Europe would have enough of this neo-colonialism, but this is not so. It is possible that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande are afraid of regime change if they try to do what they were elected for, namely, to represent the interests of their own peoples, and not of the Washington elites. Instead of entering into agreements with Russia and China and laying the most western basis of the New Silk Road, Europe continues to strengthen the senseless Washington sanctions against Russia, its natural trading partner, helping the demise of European economies. Washington could not worry as long as Paris and Berlin keep pace with it. Through NATO, European states joined the United States in their unlawful attacks in the Middle East, which created waves of refugees who soon became crowded at the doorstep of the EU. This is another negative outcome for Europeans and a consequence of their subordination to America. And finally, the EU brought Greece down to pay Wall Street lenders and completely exposed itself with its anti-democratic stance, which everyone knows perfectly well. The dismemberment of national economies and the auctioning of the inheritance of national states is not such a brilliant idea of ​​Brussels, while Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and hedge funds, in whose hands European debt, are safe and sound.

So, when a country like Britain, always a Euroskeptic, votes to break ties with non-elected American puppets in Brussels, this should not surprise anyone on Downing Street, 10. But on the contrary, our wholly owned by the elite Western press is choking on “doomsday” according to the results of Brexit. Promise economic collapse. Threatened with punitive social cuts. Irritated cries are heard from Berlin, British citizens are unanimously declared racist xenophobes intoxicated by fascist nationalism. But perhaps they simply understand the unaccountable corporate nature of the European Union, as was shown during the tumultuous debate about the EU and the euro in the late nineties. Perhaps they intuitively sense the illogical nonsense of neoliberal austerity. Perhaps, they finally understood that the EU (and its armed hand - NATO) is a project to expand the American military presence and a tool for consolidating and controlling Europe under a single bureaucratic umbrella.

But the “one percent” parties, the “one percent” itself and their empire will never cede to the media. The sooner the working class comes to understand that the hegemony of the media reflects not its views, but those who have reached the last limit, the sooner this fictitious consensus will be shaken as a mechanism of agreement. Apparently, this is already happening. Let us leave aside the vices and mistakes, but Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbin, Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece are all symptoms that the world’s population is no longer able to swallow the “one percent” lie and its ever more poisonous teeth. propaganda. As you can see, in something “the invisible hand” of Washington is manifested in the ugly conduct of wars and conquests, but it always has been.
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  1. Hunt
    Hunt 26 July 2016 19: 14
    The banana in his hand would have looked better!
    1. cniza
      cniza 26 July 2016 19: 25
      Quote: Hunter
      The banana in his hand would have looked better!

      What do not put in his hand, she is capable of nothing but dirty tricks.
      1. Khariton
        Khariton 26 July 2016 19: 32
        If it were not for Russia, the world would have turned into stupid consumers (the bulk of producers) ... Russia, by its example, has shown and tore off the masks from the cynical West and all their "democratic values" ... We suffer, of course, from our "greediness." ", but our conscience and soul do not allow us to live differently! Our ancestors look at us with condemnation and hope that we will not sell ourselves and ... I will not say anything further ..! hi
        1. Reserve officer
          Reserve officer 26 July 2016 19: 47
          About the invisible hand is somehow too tactful. Rather, traces of dirty feet. Trampled across the planet.
          And Washington’s hands are just visible - greedy and raking.
          1. Inok10
            Inok10 26 July 2016 21: 38
            Quote: Hunter
            The banana in his hand would have looked better!

            ... without words ... laughing
          2. Starik72
            Starik72 26 July 2016 21: 59
            Reserve officer. Add to your words: And Washington’s hands are just visible, greedy and raking, AND FOR THE MOST SHOULDERS IN HUMAN BLOOD.
          3. Boa kaa
            Boa kaa 27 July 2016 00: 18
            Quote: Reserve officer
            And Washington’s hands are just ...

            to the elbow in the blood!
            And all for the sake of democracy ... But how could it be otherwise!
          4. Lord_Bran
            Lord_Bran 27 July 2016 09: 20
            An article in the spirit of "captain-evidence".
            What the world has been talking (or whispering about) for more than a decade, the author with an enemy name has announced only now.
    2. Monos
      Monos 26 July 2016 19: 29
      Quote: Hunter
      The banana in his hand would have looked better!

      I agree, but unfortunately he has something else in his hand:

    3. russkiy redut
      russkiy redut 26 July 2016 23: 07
      Yes, Obama is just a puppet. But those who stand behind him are much more interesting personalities.
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 26 July 2016 19: 15
    Well, they are not ready to swallow this lie, "there is no other." When it is still cooked, on different principles, a different impact.
  3. sever.56
    sever.56 26 July 2016 19: 17

    But in fact, Russia both in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, at the cost of the lives of its best children, had to put in place dictators who tried to crush the whole world under themselves.
    I would like, of course, that this time Europe and the rest of the world could free themselves from the dictator - the United States and the collective European dictator - the EU, without our help. I think what will happen when terrorist attacks occur in Europe a dozen more times and the tower of the people of Europe will be demolished from the lawlessness of the newcomers and the impotence of the "tolerant" current rulers. Then both the "Angel Mom" ​​and the faceless Hollande will have to seek refuge "behind a puddle" ...
  4. Teberii
    Teberii 26 July 2016 19: 17
    So far, everyone is selling and buying for the dollar, so it will be.
    1. viktorrymar
      viktorrymar 26 July 2016 19: 27
      So it will be until the dollar is sold and bought by the government
    2. NDR-791
      NDR-791 26 July 2016 19: 31
      In some ways, Washington’s “invisible hand” manifested itself in the ugly conduct of wars and conquests, and it always has been.
      Well, that's all laid out in regiments. And even here we often hear loud voices - "Show us the Washington Regional Committee !!! We don't know such !!!". True, the article concerns Russia to a small extent, more and more about Europe, but let's not forget that thanks to some decisions and treaties of the 90s, the dollar continues to steer the world. All OUR gas flows are certainly achievements, but the best monument to Putin will not even be Crimea, but a REAL RUBLE !!!, not a wooden one.
    3. russkiy redut
      russkiy redut 26 July 2016 23: 08
      Khazar Kaganate must be destroyed!
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 26 July 2016 19: 30
    Why does he have the "Desert Eagle" in his left hand? Is he left-handed? I didn't know.
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 26 July 2016 19: 37
      Well, it’s clear that this is a photo-ass — in the left there was still a banana, and the right one is occupied by a branch (or not a branch) bully ... In the oral office there is a lot to do, for example, "collect stamps" ...
    2. sabakina
      sabakina 26 July 2016 20: 21
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Why does he have the "Desert Eagle" in his left hand? Is he left-handed? I didn't know.

      Yes, if I'm not mistaken, it is he who signs something.
    3. Altona
      Altona 26 July 2016 21: 16
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Why does he have the "Desert Eagle" in his left hand? Is he left-handed? I didn't know.

      He is left-handed
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 27 July 2016 00: 25
        Quote: Altona
        He is left-handed

        Left-hander at Nikolai Leskov ... master nugget who savvy an English flea.
        And that - nigga left-handed! He would have been handy in Arabic script ...
  6. siberalt
    siberalt 26 July 2016 19: 31
    This makes no sense! From the "philosopher" Adam Smith to the poisonous XNUMX% teeth of propaganda. belay Reading such articles, it is not surprising that Western-educated "analysts" cannot distinguish Africa from Japan. Why the hell are our rich people sending their children there to study? That is sheer infantilism! Each of their psychiatrist professors and less wikipedia. What I understood from the author's message is that he already saw 1% of the light in relation to the US tile. Let's wish him good luck!
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 26 July 2016 19: 54
      Condoleezza Rice's interview at the end of 2003 - not literally, of course, but 10 people watched at the same time and at one moment they burst out laughing - "We opened the map and looked where Afghanistan is." Not taken out of context, then she was talking about possible allies - Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and our air road to the south. THEM SO TEACHED !!! Well, we will have enough already to shake the "sluggish keldysh" as it is now for the Olympics. The generation of relatives in power is threatening to pass simply into the next generation. And no matter how much enthusiasm the PEOPLE have, they sip at the trough all the enthusiasm will extinguish. I give it FREE !!! advice to top-level authorities - take care of vertical elevators, it's already dark from horizontal ones ...
  7. izya top
    izya top 26 July 2016 19: 33
    German writer of Chechen descent German Sadulayev has a very powerful publication on a national issue. And there are such wonderful words.

    German Sadulayev:

    You really didn’t want to live with the Russians. You said that the Russians are occupiers, that they mutilated your ancient great culture, that they exploit you and pump resources from your rich land. You did not want to learn Russian, the language of the invaders. You spoke to the Russians: leave, get out of our land! Without you, we will live richly and happily! Without a Russian boot, we will have a high national civilization and democracy here. And gold toilets.

    The Russians have left. And what are you? Did not manage? Where are your gold toilets, where is sport, culture, language, where is everything that the Russian invaders interfered with? Or did the Russian invaders only interfere with outrage, slavery, banditry, destruction and drug trafficking? You have a lot of goodness now. Here it turned out to be what your civilization is.

    Well, okay. It's all yours now, as you wanted! Why are you here now, for us, for the Russians? In our toilets, it’s ours to clean ours. Why? How did it happen?

    Where is your national pride, where is your independence, because all this was above the roof when you, Russians, drove us from "your" lands? Where did it all go? Maybe now you confess: yes, Russian brother, we did not manage. We have not grown enough to live in our own state. Please take us back to your family. Maybe the Russians will accept you.

    But you’re not like that, you’re climbing into the Russian house from the back door! Or maybe I don’t want to see you at my place now? Neither guests nor servants. In any capacity, I just do not want, that's all.

    Pray for the Russians. Not because the Russians are gentlemen who demand special honors and respect for themselves. But because without the Russians, everything will perish. And 1/6 of the land will turn into the real kingdom of Mordor, destroyed by poverty, devastation and bloody feuds.

    Pray for the great Russian people. For him to rise again. That he was strong and strong. For the strength and fortress of the Russian people is the strength and fortress of Good and Love. Which will protect you and protect all of you from any threat and need.

    Pray for the Russians. Because Russians are life.
    1. Yuri Y.
      Yuri Y. 26 July 2016 20: 39
      Because the Russians are not only for themselves, but for everyone. Empire Th. In another Russia would not be.
      1. Yuri Y.
        Yuri Y. 26 July 2016 21: 00
        Nuance. There is a good word in Russian OUR. The rest is trifles.
  8. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 26 July 2016 19: 42
    Quote: siberalt
    What I understood from the message from the author was that he had already seen his sight by 1%. We wish him good luck!

    And I generally SCored on the article. Again, there is a lot of pseudo-intelligentsia. The author tore himself to free ears, and it went, it went well. And what have we to do with it? But for the "philosopher Adam Smith" you +, colleague, a good joke.
  9. Paul zewike
    Paul zewike 26 July 2016 20: 22
    Our liberalochki, like children (or cows in a slaughterhouse) do not believe in conspiracy theory, but will also go under the knife.
  10. beck
    beck 26 July 2016 21: 34
    Quote: Stock Officer
    About the invisible hand is somehow too tactful. Rather, traces of dirty feet. Trampled across the planet.
    And Washington’s hands are just visible - greedy and raking.

    and to the elbow in the blood
  11. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 26 July 2016 21: 52
    Quote: Reserve officer
    And Washington’s hands are just visible - greedy and raking.

    And besides, up to the neck in the blood of the peoples of the world! am
  12. atamankko
    atamankko 26 July 2016 21: 56
    The American dream is to become rich and not work
    and they want to educate the whole world about it, but not everyone in the world pecks at it,
    rather, they spit on deceitful American democracy, freedom and tolerance.
  13. japs
    japs 26 July 2016 22: 20
    The "strength" of Western education is the ability to express even the simplest idea and thought with long arguments about the unnecessary and empty and far-fetched terms and concepts to bring it to the point of absurdity.
    That is why our Soviet education is so hated by our "neoliberal" Jewish masses.
  14. Bramb
    Bramb 26 July 2016 22: 40
    Yes, how much can you try about the invisible hand of the market ?!
    This is bullshit for the poor!
    The entire market is calculated once or twice. All the big chunks are divided or divided outside the market, the small things are allowed to fight each other, allowing you to think of the "hand".
    Economists, like people without education (economics are NOT science), believe in this market as Muslims in Mohamed. And he was just a drunkard and a pederast.
  15. Vladimir Batkovich
    Vladimir Batkovich 26 July 2016 23: 59
    Member of the Third World
    entered the city of Moscow;
    pounded a crutch on the pavement,
    and third head
    said to the first head:
    "Look bro here:
    here the Kremlin stood in Moscow,
    there was a star on it.
    And where is the funnel - there was a cathedral,
    and then - the Mausoleum
    (there the background is still raised,
    we go around quickly) "...

    He made his way between the ruins
    in a hurry as far as he could
    about three forms - one,
    like a triune god;
    stepping, his hand dropped
    in his overcoat pocket he
    and suddenly published what was strength
    lingering bitter moan -
    and fell on the ground, and sobbed,
    foreseeing an evil outcome:
    because he lost today
    oxygen coupon.
    What will my dear wife say?
    What will the son and daughter say?
    And everyone’s life is one ...
    But how can one help the family?
    He has no secret privileges,
    no friends at the base
    and record for xnumx years ahead
    to the dear village council ...

    And, mournfully removing the medal from his chest
    outside the city of Washington,
    ripped off all their heads
    gas masks he;
    and fell, embracing his misfortune,
    letting out the last scream
    in full view of the capital
    tired veteran ...

    X-rayed the sun's disk,
    the veteran was gathering dust.
    And he walked past, scaring rats,
    huge cockroach ...
    1. CONTROL
      CONTROL 27 July 2016 07: 38
      Quote: Vladimir Batkovich
      Member of the Third World
      entered the city of Moscow;
      And he walked past, scaring rats,
      huge cockroach ...

      Five soft for an unappeared mindset! (C)
      ... and for himself in the image of a cockroach - kissing the shoes of his Eminence ...
  16. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 27 July 2016 05: 45
    The verse, of course, can become a reality if the USA continues to justify the construction of a unipolar world. Will they become wiser in the near future - that’s the question?
  17. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 27 July 2016 07: 32
    What "demonic three" belay

    And where is the totalitarian DPRK, where is socialist Cuba, where is the aggressive manipulator of China?

    In practice - there is not a single early capitalist value that would not be abolished neo-imperial USA, very reminiscent of the galactic empire.

    The invisible hand of the market? Where it is (except for satellite fools). Where do the duties on Chinese steel, solar panels, batteries come from? The market, it seems, has to resolve itself. laughing

    The inviolability of private property? It is necessary to ask amer retirees who are driven into the stall by the manipulations of the Fed. Why, why are rotten cans pumped with trillions of freshly printed dollars? Where is the market that eliminates inefficient and other fools?

    Democratic elections? Is it in the USA where non-citizens choose and the one who receives the minority votes wins? These are EU Commissioners, not elected by anyone, and not representing anyone. Maybe this is 25-year-old (longer than Brezhnev) Dzhukanovich - a Montenegrin maniac with a NATO complex.

    Freedom of religion and its separation from the state? But what about the Faith of the Holy Homosexuals, which is imposed by the state in many countries. And “democracy” itself is the same kind of faith as communism.

    Freedom of assembly and rally; expressing your opinions? Occupy Wall Street has demonstrated this perfectly. This is Snowden and Assange.

    Equality of citizens before law and court? This is in Ferguson we all saw; no more. This is a priori exemption from liability of American soldiers committing war crimes and genocide of all who come across?

    Freedom of the media? This is not funny at all.

    Who invented the Lynch court, the Ku Klux Klan, McCarthyism and the fascist concept of exclusivity?

    A unique collection - some morons think that no one sees their machinations; other morons think they're right because right, third morons serve them.
  18. Vladimir 23rus
    Vladimir 23rus 28 July 2016 02: 31
    We will leave aside vices and mistakes, but Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbin, Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece - all these are symptoms that the world’s population is no longer able to swallow the lies of “one percent” and its more and more poisonous teeth propaganda.
    It is for this "one percent" that another World War is needed.