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Analytical program "However" with Mikhail Leontiev, July 24 2016


Taking advantage of the failed rebellion, Erdogan consolidates his power, having received on that the obvious grounds and newly discovered opportunities. The freedom-loving western, and behind it the corresponding public of us for this Erdogan is a nightmare imagining him either paranoid, or Islamist, or both.

However, hello!

It is reported that the total number of thousands of military personnel detained in the 10000, 7,5 area, of which, it is true, 1200 has already been released, is mainly an ordinary force. As for the generals, at least one third have been cleaned. The purges in areas such as justice and education can be judged by the following figures: 3000 of the justice system are suspended, of which half are judges, 15000 officials of the Ministry of Education, 21000 private school teachers are denied a license, and thousands of university deans are dismissed by 1,5. Total cleansing affected about 60000 people.

Representatives of the European Union officially called the actions of Erdogan after the coup "unacceptable". The Washington Post complains that “after such coups, populist leaders such as Erdogan, as a rule, are responding with tougher repression and paranoid policies.

The lists were drawn up in advance, human rights activists are indignant. He knew, he knew! He clearly knew, but could not do anything. For example, Erdogan ordered the closure of all Gülen schools in the country, and the court overturned his decision. In general, it is necessary to understand that it was the Gülen schools that were the source of manpower, with the help of which Erdogan together with his then ally Gülen forced out the Kemalists. And first of all, it concerned justice, education and media. When Erdogan calls it parallel power and cancer, he is not far from the truth. Generally, such a semantic module is being introduced: here, a certain army, white and fluffy, the guarantor of a secular state, modernization and all sorts of rights and freedoms, and evil and savage Islamist Erdogan, paranoidly pursuing non-existent enemies. But agree, as long as the enemies really exist, to pursue them, perhaps this is not very Christian, but it’s definitely not paranoid. As for the fluffiness of the Turkish army.

After the coup of 80, the last year, when the army openly used force, up to 650 thousands were arrested. More than one and a half million were blacklisted, about 400 journalists were convicted, more than 500 people were executed.

That is, Erdogan is a boy, compared to his army opponents, at least for now. What do you think? Why did not any of the opposition parties, including the Kemalists, support the coup? Because anyone who knows today's Turkey understands that the victory of the military is repression incomparable in scale to Erdoganov, if not just a bloody civil war. And, finally, from our bell tower: after the coup of 60, the Turkish secular military elite is absolutely pro-American and pro-NATO. This is the guarantor of even non-so much secularism as Turkey’s following in the wake of Washington. What is this joy to us?

“Already now, it can be said that about 25% of the Turkish officer corps has been arrested, and this is mainly the top generals, these are the commanders of individual units, the chiefs of staff, the commanders of military bases - those who, as a rule, conduct military planning, in the coming months and maybe even the years the Turkish army will be greatly weakened. The officers, officers will be demoralized and depressed and, of course, it will be difficult to expect any initiative from the army. This is likely to affect Turkey’s foreign policy. In addition, recently there is a lot of evidence that high-ranking commanders of the Turkish special forces - one of the strongest special forces within NATO - were directly involved in the coup. In addition to the officers, the blow of repression will have to be on special forces, to one degree or another, and this, of course, will weaken Turkish capabilities in Syria, ”said Alexander Vasilyev, senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

That's fine. To date, the strengthening of Erdogan in Turkish politics is directly proportional to the weakening of the Turkish army. Let me assume that if we have common interests with Erdogan, then we definitely have no common interests with the Turkish army. As for Islamization. There is such a problem.

“Erdogan’s call to take to the streets against the coup was answered by quite a lot of Syrian refugees, quite a lot of religious radicals responded, and recently there are more and more facts that these people took an active part in the opposition to the military. It was these people who lynched the innocent military and privates on the bridge over the Bosphorus. And, apparently, these same people will be able to become a kind of power resource for Erdogan in domestic and even in foreign policy for a period of weakening the army, ”said Alexander Vasiliev.

Nothing good can be expected from this public, but I would like to look at alternatives. Here, they say that the version of Islam Erdogan is tougher and more fundamentalist than the "version of Gülen." The fact is that the "version of Gülen" is more adapted to the interests of the CIA. As outside of Turkey, which is essential for us, and within Turkey, as it turned out now.

"For Erdogan, personally defeating the military is a great success. Therefore, he was absolutely right and obviously completely sincere when he declared to the crowd of his comrades-in-arms that it was a gift of God, this coup, which would allow him to significantly strengthen his own power", notes Alexander Vasilyev.

Erdogan is not shy of luck and smashing his own army. Out of intelligence, we should be embarrassed by the fact that Erdogan is being driven to our side and undermines, by the way, the southern flank of NATO.

From the film “Turkish Gambit”:

- You give a pawn, Efendi, but the laws of hospitality do not allow you to take advantage of your mistake.

- Yusuf Pasha, chess is a war, and there is no law in a war.

In matters of national security there are no laws of politeness.

However, goodbye!
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 25 July 2016 06: 46
    Is it worth it to expect sabotage from the military in actions against Assad or the Kurds? what
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 25 July 2016 06: 59
      Quote: Vladimirets
      Is it worth it to expect sabotage from the military in actions against Assad or the Kurds? what

      I think it is unlikely that the military in the frontline, not the ones in the rear, the long-standing confrontation with the Kurds and Syrians, will not end overnight.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. cniza
        cniza 25 July 2016 07: 34
        Quote: Vladimirets
        Is it worth it to expect sabotage from the military in actions against Assad or the Kurds? what

        It is worth waiting for the strengthening of Daesh, due to the officers fleeing Erdogan, we saw this on the example of Iraq.
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. Pitot
      Pitot 25 July 2016 07: 39
      Do not understand? Almost the entire officer corps has now been dispersed. Others will come. But these-that, dispersed officers, have not yet allowed direct aggression against Syria. But who will come is unknown. Maybe they will start, or maybe not. Question ....
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 25 July 2016 08: 18
        Ie Leontyev, in principle, admits that the pilots who shot down our attack aircraft acted independently of the authority of Erdogan, and acted in the interests of the United States.

        And in fact, as it turns out, the military committed a coup right after Erdogan’s letter to Putin.
        Ie when Erdogan decided to put up with Russia.
        What is interesting ... the Kurds are somehow quiet ... what

        Obama said recently that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.
        Who, if not Obama, knows that terrorism is mainly related to the United States.
    3. svp67
      svp67 25 July 2016 08: 02
      Quote: Vladimirets
      Is it worth it to wait for the sabotage by the military

      To whom life and health are not expensive, let them try now ... In Turkey, there will now be such a dictatorship that it will not seem enough.
  2. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 25 July 2016 06: 57
    Now there, in the dungeons, eggs are clamped in a vice by the "unwanted", and we will never know how many Turkish soldiers "killed themselves" or "disappeared"!
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 25 July 2016 07: 02
    Erdogan is not in Syria right now. So we must take advantage of this. The sultan will not become white and fluffy. Temporarily sluggish or just not too active - well, okay.
  4. Hunt
    Hunt 25 July 2016 07: 08
    Well, at least one division has become less! And minus a quarter of the officers! Excellent result!
  5. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 25 July 2016 07: 08
    Correctly Leontiev says, it is necessary to drive a wedge between the NATO countries, while there is such an opportunity.
    1. Skifotavr
      Skifotavr 26 July 2016 11: 41
      Russia wanted to punish Turkey and NATO, and it did it, simply saving Erdogan from the overthrow. And the punishment is very cruel. That's what it means "revenge is a dish best served cold"!
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. inkass_98
    inkass_98 25 July 2016 07: 11
    What difference does it make to us, which of the American puppet editorial offices sits on the throne in Ankara. In any case, it will be an adversary to us militarily, but a trading partner, due to its geographical location. It’s just that you will have to build relationships in different ways, like a trainer with different types of animals in the program: someone will allow himself to ride, but you can’t categorically turn your back on someone. Just do not forget that these are animals with which you can not relax in any case.
  8. SHOCK.
    SHOCK. 25 July 2016 07: 11
    He may be a son of a bitch, but this is our son of a bitch ©. In the sense that Erdogan is well studied, and therefore predictable. Therefore, he was not in vain warned. Like it or not, HPP however.
    1. RusDV
      RusDV 25 July 2016 07: 44
      Quote: Sh.O.K.
      ... In the sense that Erdogan is well studied, and therefore predictable. Therefore, he was not in vain warned. Like it or not, HPP however.

      Not quite so ... Erdogan is little predictable. More precisely, it is not predictable at all. But we certainly know what to expect from the Turkish army. She has been on the CIA leash and feeding for a long time. Hence our choice: we are not so much for Erdogan, but against the interests of the CIA ...
      1. SHOCK.
        SHOCK. 25 July 2016 14: 42
        Erdogan is predictable. Therefore, he was warned of a rebellion. But the Turkish army, especially under the leadership of the State Department, this would be a question. By the way, at least one example of Erdogan’s unpredictability?
  9. Wolka
    Wolka 25 July 2016 07: 12
    today Turkey is a political corpse, and without an army it is also defenseless as a baby, all this time will not go away for it all, either renewal and reform, or reaction and sliding to totalitarianism, Islamic fervor and devastation is final ... and the Yankees are for security reasons nuclear stockpile should be removed from turkey, but the trouble is where to place it
  10. Knowing
    Knowing 25 July 2016 07: 20
    For beloletochnikov and other "liberators" of Russia from Putin's regime, infa is useful ... You are all "on the pencil", at the very tip, but do not jump off. angry
    1. You Vlad
      You Vlad 25 July 2016 10: 49
      I can’t wait! When will they clean our country?
  11. RusDV
    RusDV 25 July 2016 07: 23
    Erdogan is not shy of luck and smashes his own army

    A fly that does not want to be slammed feels safer on the clapperboard itself.
    / Georg Lichtenberg /
  12. shinobi
    shinobi 25 July 2016 07: 24
    Actually, a different reaction was not expected. After the NATO / Yankees threw Erdogan with our Su-24, he will not believe them. And he simply has nowhere to go. In the near future, the threat of military conflict with the Turks has been removed, it’s another thing that civilian the war is on the same Syrian model. And it will be much more unpleasant.
    1. You Vlad
      You Vlad 25 July 2016 17: 00
      No one threw it! He just paid too much for it! And the people were not very happy, I had to apologize and bend under us, but the Americans didn’t forgive him and made a coup!
  13. guzik007
    guzik007 25 July 2016 07: 25
    Immediately obvious, at the Kremlin weather vane, all bearings are lubricated and respond to any blow.
    As yesterday he branded the Turkish traitor, so today he is broadcasting about "friendship" and "wise ruler"
  14. avva2012
    avva2012 25 July 2016 08: 25
    15000 Ministry of Education officials21000 teachers of private schools are deprived of a license; 1,5 thousands of university deans have been dismissed.

    We would have it, and what children are taught in schools is not a fairy tale to say, not a pen to describe.
    Erdogan was called possessed. Something in his actions does not seem to fit this description. Looks at the root of the problem.
    1. guzik007
      guzik007 25 July 2016 09: 06
      Erdogan was called possessed.
      What do you mean! How can you! Now we are with him passionately, in the gums. However, hugging is not very comfortable - the "knife in the back" moves. Friendship! Coryphane! Look, and the minuses above confirm this.
      Or maybe we have the same? Some teachers have divorced to x and more. And, most importantly, they don’t know what. Well, kanesha, they’re taught from textbooks let down from above, but we know that all the saints are above and have nothing to do with it. But the teacher is yes, it must be at the root.
      1. avva2012
        avva2012 25 July 2016 09: 51
        And if you think about it?
        The fact that 15 thousand officials were reduced, and here they breed like cockroaches. 21 thousand teachers of private schools fired, what a shame! That is, schools where funding is not from the state. What is being taught there? After all, the one who pays, he orders the music, is not it?
        What do you mean! How can you! Now we are with him passionately, in the gums. However, hugging is not very comfortable - the "knife in the back" moves. Friendship! Coryphane! Look, and the minuses above confirm this.

        Maybe it's worth saying that politics is not yours?
      2. You Vlad
        You Vlad 25 July 2016 16: 55
        Look what Uncle Vova says about the relations of the countries! They have no human feelings but only INTERESTS! So now our interests coincide. Erdogan didn’t get off with tomatoes but for now escaped with an attempted coup! While he is on our team and what will happen next. Erdogan didn’t want chestnuts from fire carry for the USA.
    2. mitya24
      mitya24 25 July 2016 10: 00
      Better watch your literacy (not in a fairy tale, not with a pen) than to blame teachers.
      1. avva2012
        avva2012 25 July 2016 10: 15
        Happy for you. That's just that no one explained that poking is not korosho?
  15. nrex
    nrex 25 July 2016 11: 09
    It is hard to judge the situation without even knowing the hundredth part of the scenario of what is happening. I advise you to hold on to harsh remarks addressed to each other and wait for the final outcome. I think it’s not in vain that Erdogan is going to Moscow. Not so simple. I do not exclude his desire to look after the plot next to the estate of Yanukovych.
  16. Bayun
    Bayun 25 July 2016 11: 09
    Sultan Akbar!

    Give the World Monarchist Counter-Revolution! Down with the power of the professorial-journalistic liberal shushara, which disturbs the peoples by inciting class and social discord with satanic tales about "freedom-equality". Brotherhood, by the way, is a TRUE human value, which the Evil One mixed with lies according to his custom.
    BARKHAN 25 July 2016 13: 27
    If it is true that ours "helped" Erdogad at the right time, then honor and praise to them for the collapse of the Turkish army. Albeit not complete collapse, but weakening for sure. They will not trust each other any time soon ...
  18. Sergey333
    Sergey333 25 July 2016 19: 46
    Did I miss a moment, but did they find the ships or not?