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City civil self-defense

Our usual approach to personal security is a violation of the principle of awareness. Why?

Because people do not think about what urban civil self-defense is, what it consists of, and which areas are best suited for it. By making a rash choice, the user can subsequently pay for it - as life, as is known, does not forgive mistakes. Recommendations on the choice of directions provided in this material.

First, urban civil self-defense consists of 4 sections:
1. Preventive measures - the notorious victimology (if you look confident enough, you will not be attacked by an occasional robber)
2. Conflictology - the stage of conversation with the aggressor, at which you need to let him know that it is better not to get involved with you (you need to know how and with whom to talk)
3. The fight is the physical phase of the conflict, exactly what the majority considers to be self-defense (in fact, if you got to the battle, you made a mistake - like a scout who killed the sentry instead of passing unnoticed)
4. Work with consequences (ability to communicate with law enforcement officers)
City civil self-defense

- The first section includes the work on his psyche, self-esteem, posture, gait - the robber does not like a confident man, he is looking for a victim.
- The second section is more about verbal and non-verbal effects on the aggressor - how to understand that they will suddenly try to hit you, how to speak correctly in order to bring down the mood of the aggressor, etc.
- The third section is actually the techniques themselves, strikes, throws. Here, too, one must be able to vary from sufficiently mild detention (suppression) to neutralizing aggression, and to be able to work against the group and against weapons.
- The fourth section involves communication with law enforcement officers - to give evidence, know the relevant laws and regulations. For some, this is the most important section, since we live in a society where there is such a strange concept as “exceeding the necessary self-defense” (wild from the point of view of previous centuries). And improper behavior can lead to unpleasant consequences - even more serious than beating or robbery.

Based on all this (goals, objectives and opportunities) you need to look for a direction in which you can learn all this. What is in the menu?
- Traditional martial arts
- Combat Sports
- Application Systems

It is necessary to take into account the fact that "for the street" we need such skills and abilities as:
- Work against the group
- Work against weapons (knife, stick, pistol)
- Group work (you and a friend are against the crowd)
- Work to protect (your relatives)
- Work in a closed space, with zero visibility, etc.

Now let's estimate what is best.
- In traditional martial arts there are such useful things as recreational practices and internal development. There surely is work against cold weapons. But what about the gunshot? What about working out tactical schemes? Legal issues and conflict studies? It turns out that in some aspects traditional martial arts are outdated. Of course, an experienced practitioner at the expense of accumulated calm and confidence can also resolve some conflicts without resorting to combat skills, but what about the legal consequences? And conflict studies also need to learn. Not everyone is a communication genius, and will be able to get out on the go.

- Combat sports are initially aimed at winning the competition. Based on this, the arsenal of the CE and the method of preparation are being formed. A sports coach need not know how to be able to fight against a weapon or against a group. Or how to be able to properly talk on the street. Of course, in practice, the trainer can be an experienced person who will give some valuable advice, or give his inner confidence during the communication. And very often, sports training helps to solve "street tasks", but there are also cases when fighters are cut. And there are enough of these cases to think about the need to know something else besides the existing skills. Plus an athlete in his base, with which he quickly mastered the applied skills.

- Application systems - they are very different. Ideally, the application system should be physical training (including working with weights), and sparring, and working with weapons, and against the group, as well as various tactical schemes and much more (legal training, conflict management). In practice, all this is not so simple, since it tritely takes a lot of time. And in modern man (especially family) with time "strained." Nevertheless, there are such directions, and they can be found, but this material will not contain any specific names so that it will not be classified as advertising.

Attention - you should not look for some deadly areas, where they learn to cut arteries or break the neck. Of course, in your arsenal there should be techniques for situations “either - or”, but in general, if you do not have a father prosecutor or a general, such skills can harm you more than help. Relatively speaking, instead of a blow to the throat, it is necessary to work out a palm strike in the face. That which neutralizes, but does not cripple (or kills). Better yet, the unexpected shocking blows to the body (there is an effect, there are no traces), but they must also be worked out and able to apply.

Again, the principle of awareness - you need to accurately and clearly know what you need for civilian urban self-defense. An employee of the relevant authorities or the military can and should study the systems in which all technical actions are aimed at destruction - for this they will be given not a time limit, but a medal (although, in the latest stories anything happened). And in turn, the military has no need to study conflict or preventive measures — he will not talk to the enemy. Proceed from the "fork" of their needs and capabilities - and select what can be used in this framework.

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  1. Zapp brannigan
    Zapp brannigan 26 July 2016 06: 07
    publication complete nonsense
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 26 July 2016 07: 22
      Quote: Zapp Brannigan
      publication complete nonsense

      It’s not the right word. It’s not clear to whom it is written. For the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard or the safety instruction for the martial arts sections. But nothing less than for the average citizen.
      1. AUL
        AUL 26 July 2016 07: 47
        It is not clear what the author wanted to say. A set of thoughtful phrases that do not carry a combination of meaning.
        1. Riv
          Riv 26 July 2016 09: 55
          I also have some tips :)
          1. Chiropractor
            Chiropractor 26 July 2016 10: 18
            By the way (or not by the way), this month, on the sly, a bill was put forward to remove the "beatings" from the Criminal Code.
            So now, if someone broke a jaw or ribs (heavy bodily) - the term is still. But hematomas, scratches - just a fine (if caught on a video), or community service, or 15 days.
            "The right of the strong" in the streets - eat. Still, you have to buy the "Guard" wife and re-certify her every month ...

            So carry socks with you !!! Sand socks are our everything! laughing
    2. nick_826
      nick_826 26 July 2016 10: 22
      I completely agree!!! In our country, the defender will always (by law) be guilty - thanks to the wording "exceeding the limits of self-defense" !!! If they attacked me (my loved ones), then I should have the right to simply kill this moron, but it turns out if a 120-kilogram fellow rushing with fists at a girl, then she should only defend herself in the same way, and if she uses trauma against him (which lies in her purse), it will go to trial. RAVE!!!
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 26 July 2016 17: 25
      Civil urban self-defense must first learn to defend itself from the police. Because besides them, no one will give you drugs and ammunition, or arrange provocations on the roads. The guys added a good salary. But for them it will not be enough. laughing And, in fact, no one needs a fuck if nobody has enough money. The system needs to be changed.
    5. RexMVDshny
      RexMVDshny 26 July 2016 23: 49
      Oh well, and you yourself, dear, have ever encountered our "law enforcement officers" in a situation of using physical force against the offender ??? Well, then you are very lucky. Because even if everything is filmed and you are right ten times you can be condemned.
  2. PKK
    PKK 26 July 2016 06: 08
    The basis of self-defense is speed. If you are two heads faster than your interlocutors, neither boxing nor karate will help them. Speed ​​and confidence can be achieved on simple simulators in a short time. Against the knife, it requires additional equipment, and against the barrel, a special technique .All this is achievable in the absence of laziness and passivity.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 26 July 2016 06: 36
      Quote: PKK
      Speed ​​and hence confidence is achieved on simple simulators in a short time.

      How many citizens do you think are engaged in self-defense on simulators? Cinema and life are two different things. Only a specialist who does this (trains) every day can effectively resist, and most of them will not be able to achieve automatic reactions to an attack with a few trainings.
      So it’s not a matter of laziness and passivity, but everyday training, but can anyone afford it? I think the majority plows at work and thinks about how to feed a family, and not how to train, all the more so these are paid courses.
      Well, the cherry on the cake, Why do we need then, law enforcement? Judging by their behavior, unrealized criminals now serve there, who can’t even think, get evidence by intimidation, the use of physical force, and not as a brainstorm.
      If the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not able to ensure the safety of the population, then why is it needed? I suggest that they turn to the Israeli special services for help, maybe they can learn something, and not take bribes, as we have in Buryatia from lumberjacks, and stop sharing information with thieves.
      1. PKK
        PKK 26 July 2016 16: 58
        Man. What does the movie have to do with it? You digest everything like that. Impression that not all my comments have reached you. You dumped thoughts on how to feed your family and the necessary minimum of self-defense skills. In my own experience, in 81 I started training on a simulator, I’ve never been hit by a self-made invention since then. There were many years of karateka and several young people. If you are far from the topic, why write so much text. In fact, self-defense is not such a difficult problem. I dried my wretched leg or arm and it is yours. There is absolutely no need to maim it, to hit vital organs. I repeat, if the topic, if far, then the pipe.
        1. Dart2027
          Dart2027 24 September 2016 13: 18
          Quote: PKK
          In my own experience, in 81, I began to train on a simulator, home-made, of my invention and since then no one has hit me even once. There were many-year-old karatekas and several young people

          That is, you are so brilliant, but professional trainers who train the same karatekas and instructors for special forces have not thought of this before?
    2. EwgenyZ
      EwgenyZ 26 July 2016 07: 44
      The basis of self-defense is speed. If you are two heads faster than your interlocutors, neither boxing nor karate will help them.

      That is so, but the question is: what about such a concept as "exceeding the necessary self-defense"? If you hit too hard, they will be imprisoned, if you hit, they will be robbed, and what good will be killed. So here, most likely, there is only one conclusion - run comrades!
      1. AUL
        AUL 26 July 2016 07: 50
        Better old TT than judo and karate!
      2. sergey32
        sergey32 26 July 2016 09: 46
        Running is useful, but defending yourself won't hurt. My opinion, mixed martial arts classes are most useful, and percussion technique and wrestling are set. In our trainings, the trainer gives us the opportunity to work in the group (one against three, three work only with the left hand). In a street fight, a low-kick is good, you won’t kill an opponent by accident, but if his leg is not full, it turns off reliably. One told me how after a loukik poured out in pain. In general, men, situations of all kinds of the sea, theoretically do not learn anything, you must regularly go to the gym. And for health it is good for self-confidence.
        1. nick_826
          nick_826 26 July 2016 10: 25
          Quote - "there is no reception against scrap" and all your arguments fall apart to smithereens.
      3. PKK
        PKK 27 July 2016 05: 11
        Dry his leg and he is immobilized, the conflict is in your favor.
    3. Corsair
      Corsair 26 July 2016 09: 43
      Quote: PKK
      The basis of self-defense is speed. If you are two heads faster than your interlocutors, neither boxing nor karate will help them. Speed ​​and hence confidence can be achieved on simple simulators in a short time.

      The point is speed, if there are no skills to strike correctly - installing blocks, or dodging? Lack of adequate impact / block strength, endurance, etc.?
      A trained person from dozens or hundreds of easy pokes does not lose anything, and at the right moment he will catch a counterattack and will deprive / lower the speed with one of two well-delivered strong blows or make a grip. Speed ​​also does not save from predicting where and at some point the enemy will be and believe me - this is taught by athletes and specialists.
      If you write about running, then of course the main thing is not to catch up.
    4. olegkrava
      olegkrava 26 July 2016 13: 11
      If your grandmother 80, with the absence of laziness and passivity, sent you to the fathers with a blow from the youku kettlebell, I would pray to her every day. PKK you are a bolt and an insignificant liar.
      1. Riv
        Riv 26 July 2016 17: 32
        I once learned a very good lesson from life. I leave the supermarket. I open the glass door. A clearly inadequate grandmother under half a century breaks towards me. And since I'm stopping her from going through, she punches me in the solar plexus. BLOW PASSED. If she was thirty kilograms heavier, she could have knocked out, as I passed Tens for certification. Who knows what it is - will understand what I mean.

        Or an old-old case from the time of army service. A man who is unconscious is brought to the police department. An ambulance is called, and in the meantime the outfit tells a story. Baba went for a walk with the dog. Such a small poodle, up to the knee. I forgot to close the door to the apartment. While we were walking, an alcoholic neighbor got into the apartment. The woman returns, the drunk swings her fist at her, the woman squeals, the dog jumps and bites the drunk in the groin. Shock, loss of consciousness. The outfit at the entrance heard a scream, came running.

        In general, strength is not in weapons and not in size.
        1. PKK
          PKK 27 July 2016 21: 52
          You got a good lesson, or rather you were taught it, but if you got another question. If you were quick, you would have understood what happened, you would have stood and remembered what happened some time ago. You remembered that the woman fired at your stomach and you repulsed it on a reflex, without even noticing it in your mind. And only by fasting did you realize that you repulsed the blow. Such things happen first, and then only become aware. But is there any hope that you will rise from the level of the average man? No. then with a neighbor, we pin each other up and suddenly I understand that something happened. It turns out that the neighbor decided to touch my cap. On the reflex, of course I removed his hand, but then I had to remember about it. A short battle passes before you realize it. It is clear who minuses such an understanding of the topic of self-defense? Braking guys with the skills of yoko geri, mawash and similar exotic.
      2. PKK
        PKK 27 July 2016 21: 39
        You know how to make fun! Youka giri! Mavasha!, Tsuki! Apparently you are a savvy fighter who has no equal in the gateway. But judging by your thinking, you have more than once received a maw by the scruff of your neck. 81 years old, everyone is lumpy.
    5. Savl
      Savl 26 July 2016 21: 40
      As my kickboxing coach said - if you all rush at me, then most likely you’re giggling, but I’m running very fast ...
  3. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 26 July 2016 06: 32
    Blah blah blah.
  4. Nitarius
    Nitarius 26 July 2016 06: 49
    theory on the shelves!
  5. Dimy4
    Dimy4 26 July 2016 06: 51
    There are not rare cases when both the attacker and the defender are then in the same cell. So it’s better not to mess with anyone, not with a robber, or with a law enforcement officer.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 26 July 2016 07: 22
    Hmm .. we lived ... Once in the magazine "Crocodile" .. in the 70s was published a caricature from some Western magazine .. surrounded by citizens, there is a man in a kimono, samurai swords in his hands, smoking a belt a pistol .. a submachine gun behind his back .. grenades are hanging on his belt .. And the signature: "Gentlemen, meet this, this is our neighbor, whom they tried to rob several times, but to no avail" ..
  7. inkass_98
    inkass_98 26 July 2016 07: 29
    An article for the sake of an article. A little, but about everything (C), i.e. about anything specifically.
  8. D. Dan
    D. Dan 26 July 2016 07: 32
    Right now, really catch the thief in the country, break him in, and they will shut you down. Set the siren on, the thief will get scared, he will sue you. We are being bred to the level of slaves, to the level of "do nothing and wait for cops" and why this article in general. Rave...
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 26 July 2016 09: 49
      Quote: D. Dan
      Right now, really catch the thief in the country, break him in, and they will shut you down. Set the siren on, the thief will get scared, he will sue you. We are being bred to the level of slaves, to the level of "do nothing and wait for cops" and why this article in general. Rave...

      laughing So thieves need it right away, for parts and in the river ... No body - no business.
      But in reality - yes, you put a trap, and even if you put up posters with warnings - they say "mined", the thief's lawyers can claim that the client does not know how to read, died of hunger, froze, escaped from wild animals, etc.
      1. guzik007
        guzik007 26 July 2016 10: 00
        So thieves need it right away, for parts and in the river ...
        -------------------------------------------------- -
        Yes, you are not managing, colleague !. Better in the compost pit, until the next planting of potatoes, he’ll grudge what you need!
    2. Riv
      Riv 26 July 2016 10: 07
      This is difficult to explain to a person who has never fought seriously ...
      Kill the enemy - there is nothing unrealistic and nothing particularly complicated. But you want you to be able to kill, and the law will protect you. This does not happen. Your opponent is also a man and even if he is a scumbag even three times, he also has rights. The law is required to protect both of you. You need to be prepared to answer for your actions - that’s all.

      It's like a samurai's death preparedness. No one is obliged to love death, but it is still inevitable. A warrior should be ready at any moment to engage in a battle in which death is a common thing.

      And our hamsters' point of view boils down to: "Let me kill him, just so that I have nothing for it."
      1. PKK
        PKK 27 July 2016 22: 00
        Again, this connoisseur bu si do, "the samurai's readiness for death," is forgivable to a samurai, but you should know that a person is immortal and there is no death as such. You lose consciousness here and come to your senses there. Why this arrogance? Apparently a youngster.
  9. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 26 July 2016 08: 05
    Quote: D. Dan
    Right now, really catch the thief in the country, break him in, and they will shut you down. Set the siren on, the thief will get scared, he will sue you. We are being bred to the level of slaves, to the level of "do nothing and wait for cops" and why this article in general. Rave...

    And what is the nonsense? The author simply cannot express his thought beautifully. When crooks are elected to the Duma, they pass laws that benefit the thieves community. The author wanted to say that an honest person, so that in self-defense not to fall under the thieves' legislation, one must learn self-defense techniques that do not leave evidence on the body of a bandit. I believe that the best approach to bandits - in the USA - they genetically reduce their number, shooting at any opportunity.
    1. guzik007
      guzik007 26 July 2016 10: 01
      And what is the nonsense? The author simply cannot express his thought beautifully. When crooks are elected to the Duma, they pass laws that benefit the thieves community. The author wanted to say that to an honest person, in order not to fall under the influence of thieves’s legislation in self-defense, one must learn self-defense techniques,
      Something he so ornately wanted to say that even I did not understand: =)
    2. RexMVDshny
      RexMVDshny 26 July 2016 23: 59
      And even the police who first shoot at a person from the slightest "sneeze", and then think ???
  10. Basil50
    Basil50 26 July 2016 08: 12
    The author has a lot of letters and all about the fact that it is impossible to defend oneself from bandits. Our deputies are united in caring for the bandits, they will never allow us to violate the * law and order *: thieves steal, hooligans hooligans, policemen oversee. All in business. It’s just that the victims violate this * gracious * picture, they demand something that they worry about such policemen, then judges, who are concerned about the * law and order *.
  11. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 26 July 2016 08: 20
    Delirium is delusional from the very beginning, a very important component has been missed, namely prevention, do not look for a conflict and there will not be one, after all, Confucius said that the best fight is the one that was not there.
  12. AleBors
    AleBors 26 July 2016 09: 09
    "Well, what is this article about? Yes, about nothing! .." (c)
  13. Egevich
    Egevich 26 July 2016 09: 24
    There are five principles of freedom:
    1) The right to freely express one’s thoughts.
    2) The right to bear arms in order to defend one's dignity.
    3) The right to freedom of religion.
    4) The right to private property.
    5) The right to privacy.

    Do you want too much? alas, not in this life and not in this world ...
    1. Riv
      Riv 26 July 2016 09: 57
      Yes you, my friend, a liberal, how can I see?
  14. Bort radist
    Bort radist 26 July 2016 09: 29
    The title of the article was a success, but not the content. smile
  15. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 26 July 2016 09: 29
    Article minus. Everything is bad. Why do we need the police?
  16. Riv
    Riv 26 July 2016 09: 38
    The author is funny. :) The article can be titled: "How to protect yourself and your loved ones and not do nichrome." Perfect for hamsters. The usual short hair will now begin.

    In fact, self-defense is only a matter of responsibility. If you are going to beat someone, then you need to clearly understand the consequences and be prepared for them. A simple example: Holmes and Watson climb to rob a blackmailer's house. The fact that they didn't kill anyone is an accident. Nevertheless, before the case, Holmes says to Watson: "If we are caught, we will share one camera." The readiness for this is obvious.

    However, this does not mean that you need to rely on the mercy of the law. Defense in court is the last line of defense. Contact with law enforcement should be avoided with all means. Let's say you successfully defended yourself against a burglar. He rolls in front of you in a pool of blood. Do not try to call the ambulance, let it roll around, it’s his fault and he knew what he was going on. Go away, get on the bus, knocking the dog off the track, then call a taxi from the other end of the city. Provide an alibi and don't tell anyone about the incident.

    Well, weapons ... :) Few people can train for a long time with a knife, and carrying with them something more serious means running into yourself. Well, before you can quickly get a gun out of your bag. You will be cut down three times during this time. And carrying a kilogram over a belt is also not pleasant enough. The best option for an unprepared person would be an ordinary cane. The tube closer to the handle can be filled with lead, or babbit. To fight back - that's it.
    1. matross
      matross 26 July 2016 10: 35
      A man with a cane will look ridiculous. The best weapon of a nerd is a gas spray, but only against one striker. Two or more - just run-scream without any conflict resolution.
      1. Riv
        Riv 26 July 2016 13: 03
        Why ridiculous? He walked, fell, lost consciousness, woke up - a cast. Now the plaster has been removed, I walk with a cane. Poddubny also walked with a lead cane.
        1. matross
          matross 26 July 2016 19: 12
          Quote: Riv
          Why is it ridiculous?

          Patamushta is not the 19th century. Or limp for entourage)) Although it’s better to immediately crutches - hooligans will regret ... and if they do not regret, they can also come in handy later laughing
    2. andrew42
      andrew42 26 July 2016 18: 18
      Overkill about the cane. But in general, the correct presentation of the situation. In the modern "legal field" an ordinary citizen in the case of self-defense is simply forced to act according to the algorithm of a criminal - to beat quickly and run quickly. Unfortunately, often the defenders are weighed down with ballast that cannot be thrown off - children, girls, relatives. And this is in more than 50% of cases.
  17. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 26 July 2016 09: 42
    Although he put a plus, but ... When the author talks about sticks and knives, okay, this is close hand-to-hand combat. But about a pistol, this is the height of "grace". What kind of idiot with a pistol will suit You are about a meter with an outstretched hand? This can only be in the movies. And so you will be told from five or six meters to empty your pockets, step back three meters, lie on the ground and take everything away. See how the author would be on a pistol with techniques Throw in such conditions. The bullet will certainly work, it will stay alive well. Storytellers, however. Or, as in Chinese cinema, they dodge bullets and fly through the air.
  18. Dimy4
    Dimy4 26 July 2016 10: 35
    In Soviet times, a sambo guard was asked: "If hooligans attack you on the street, they will not be good at it, you will scatter everyone," he replied: "Yes, at least I will run away, you know how fast I run!"
  19. Oslyabya
    Oslyabya 26 July 2016 10: 39
    "We have such devices! ..
    But we won't tell you about them! ... "
    There is some confusion in the presentation.
    I see it this way:
    A law enforcement officer should DETAIL, not kill the offender.
    Military - to neutralize / kill (to capture - much less).
    Civilian - not to get into trouble, and if you get stuck, to twist out (fight back) as quickly as possible. And at the same time try not to become a criminal for the "organs".
    And another moment. In many "hand-to-hand fighting" I observe a tendency to methodological dismemberment of everything and everyone, so to speak. Those. today we teach a direct hit to the body, tomorrow - going forward and to the side, the day after tomorrow - we are trying to combine it in one step ... learning is right - from simple to complex. But we artificially split the integrity of behavior into autonomous elements, and then we try to link them into living movement, into life ...

    As an illustration.
    The night, the street, the lamp farther ... Two ahead: two at the edge of the road, the second began to move to the center of the sidewalk, making it difficult to get through. You can't run away, you can't get around - you have to go where you were going. One of the patterns of behavior ...
    Slightly lowering the pace before the "meeting" we begin to cough outwardly hard, so that drool flew forward, but away! In this case, the arms naturally bend and rise to the head, the legs are slightly bent, the body bent forward, the press is in good shape (close to the boxing stance).
    No one wants to hurt and m. they will reflexively move aside, out of disgust. In the meantime, they will think - you already coughed past. :)
    And if they try to block the road, grab by the clothes - the hands are already in the making, hand luggage in one of the hands covers the head and top of the case on the side ... To break the scenario, you can also ram that the road has entered. Well, etc.
    At the same time, we tied together the gait, acting, fighting stance, psychology (flying drool and disgust), brought ourselves into tone and at the same time outwardly playing the fool. Those. we enter the situation holistically, and not "foot here, fist there."
    We try to perceive the situation in a complex and comprehensively respond to it.
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 26 July 2016 18: 57
      Not a bad option. I will also offer to start the battle, if it is inevitable. The first blow from a close range is best done with the left open palm from the bottom left to the head and immediately add with the right elbow. It turns out very unexpectedly for the enemy. And further on the circumstances - a series of kicks, arms, or sprinting.
  20. 0255
    0255 26 July 2016 10: 40
    Well, now after this "meaningful and informative" article, I will know exactly how to act if someone attacks me angry laughing
  21. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 26 July 2016 10: 42
    Better let one judge than six bear. You need to defend at least with anything! If they don’t give weapons, at least the law will be changed on self-defense negative
  22. sq
    sq 26 July 2016 10: 51
    For myself, I long ago decided: the bandits must be destroyed physically, the law is simple - if you went out to rob - put yourself outside the field of action of human laws on a par with mosquitoes, bedbugs and rabid animals, therefore you must be destroyed. I think the statistics will also confirm: one shpanyuk, cut "like a nut," will make a dozen of the same ones subside.
  23. Basil50
    Basil50 26 July 2016 11: 09
    All the nonsense about self-defense without weapons stems from disarming laws and the lack of rights of self-defense. A woman with a child is the most preferable victim for all kinds of horsemen and scum, she can’t be afraid to give change as well for the child, the elderly are also * in demand * and disabled. Today, it has become * fashionable * for women from auls, who always walk in heaps, to attack women, emphasizing animal education. And NO RESPONSIBILITY, the policemen do not contact them, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to defend against them without weapons, well, savages understand nothing but the threat of their own life. The howl about * lack of self-awareness for gun ownership * is the protection of bandits and savages.
    It's time to call a spade a spade, the police to protect citizens are NOT ABLE, self-defense is prohibited by law, it turns out that the deputies protect the rights of savages and bandits, spitting on all citizens of RUSSIA.
    The most significant case was a few years ago when in METRO, under the video cameras, savages from the village WITH A KNIFE, IN THE VIEW OF THE POLICEMAN attacked young people and a girl shot from the trauma for the attackers for protection. The girl was imprisoned, the bandits were released, the knife was not found, and the police were not punished.
  24. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 26 July 2016 11: 31
    An interesting article ... and the comments are even more interesting. The author writes about a man who owns his life. And they comment on people whose life owns them. And it does not seem to understand each other.
    Now the erosion of traditional values ​​is taking place, and at such a speed that the old recommendations like "don't go to bad areas" have already lost their meaning. They will buy goods in a "good" area - a jock smoked with dope will break his neck even without the traditional abuse, mistaken for a Pokemon and that's it. And the jock will have a good bank account, a three-level apartment and an official position.
    Yes, in a modern city it is already necessary to LEARN to survive. And it's weird to hear the bleating about work and "stressful living". Relaxed disability and relaxed death will fix everything in a moment, do not worry and do not strain, yeah. The author made an attempt in accordance with all the rules of science - he tried to structure information and propose a working model of certain actions aimed at comprehensive security in modern urban conditions. What did you hear in response? E Nipanyatna! Where is the mulberry about the heel to the nose? Article for article sake! There is no mind, no buoy ...
  25. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 26 July 2016 12: 10
    Most readers of this resource have served or are still serving, many have special training. I suppose, therefore, such a reaction to the article.
    Py.Sy. And about the legal subtleties heard too.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 27 July 2016 13: 28
      Quote: Razvedka_Boem
      Most readers of this resource have served or are still serving, many have special training. I suppose, therefore, such a reaction to the article.
      Py.Sy. And about the legal subtleties heard too.

      If you read a little more carefully, you will see that special training is only part of the required techniques, and (although it sounds heretical) not the most important. And for once and for all there is a really serious conversation, without a "heel to the nose" ... after Anatoly Taras with his "Fighting Machine", I probably don't remember anything at this level. Reminds of the old masters in the best possible sense - they studied the Art of Living and passed it on, teaching and equipping the student at the same time. Life has changed, Art must follow it, and using all the best ... wherever.
      On the other hand, I suppose "respected people" are still walking the streets of Samarkand. All the same, even without a penknife in your pocket - it's out of place. Oh-ho-ho, our grave sins ...
      1. Razvedka_Boem
        Razvedka_Boem 27 July 2016 15: 02
        What is written in the article is obvious to those who are seriously engaged.
        And for the knife in our pocket, we will rake into the coping without talking. And I'm from another city.
        1. Razvedka_Boem
          Razvedka_Boem 27 July 2016 20: 01
          "Obvious" - in the sense - "and so clear."
  26. Flash
    Flash 26 July 2016 12: 39
    An affordable and non-lethal weapon of self-defense is a gas spray. It works both against one striker, and against several. You just need to carry it in your pocket, ready. And strangely enough, but with the spray can you need training. How fast can you get it from your pocket in an emergency? will you get where you aim (it's about inkjet sprays)? The suddenness of use is also important, if the aggressor does not expect a rebuff from you, and you give him a stream of gas in the face from a distance of a meter, then he will not have time to dodge, and then he will dig the earth for a long time.
    1. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 26 July 2016 14: 14
      Especially in the elevator or in another enclosed space .. both will dig the earth.
      1. Riv
        Riv 26 July 2016 17: 37
        On the other hand: it’s better to sneeze a bit and cry for the company than to darn a broken face.
  27. kinolog2322
    kinolog2322 26 July 2016 16: 33
    The knife is with you, always. Chances to equalize, at least .. Cold head.
    1. Riv
      Riv 26 July 2016 17: 19
      Weapons do not equalize the chances, because no one will offer you a cowboy duel. It makes you potentially more dangerous, but it does not make you stronger. Moreover, in order to use weapons at least for deterrence, they must be worn openly, but then it becomes the same bait for a robber as a wallet.

      And the knife ... Take a picture of how you expose it on the camera, spend time. Where is it with you? In your pants pocket? It is dangerous, it can accidentally open and open the femoral artery. Okay. They took it out of the pocket - two seconds ... Finger touch a button, press, the blade opens. Another second ... Now you begin to look for the point of impact on the enemy ... To take a step forward and punch in the face will take five times less time. Leg in the groin - twice. And to take out a knife even longer from a bag, or from a cover on a belt.
  28. MaksoMelan
    MaksoMelan 26 July 2016 19: 40
    I think some kind of convict will put everything on the shelves and notes. They teach uk and how to whom I swear to do, and so that they don’t have anything. But according to the plan outlined here, I would like to work out. Something like self-defense courses. In martial arts there is no enlightenment about the types of tackles or hopstops, how to do everything carefully so as not to sit down and how to communicate with the cops, and especially if the bad guy is someone else’s son or if he’s someone who started to greet.
  29. Titsen
    Titsen 26 July 2016 21: 03
    Quote: sergey32
    Running is useful, but defending yourself won't hurt. My opinion, mixed martial arts classes are most useful, and percussion technique and wrestling are set. In our trainings, the trainer gives us the opportunity to work in the group (one against three, three work only with the left hand). In a street fight, a low-kick is good, you won’t kill an opponent by accident, but if his leg is not full, it turns off reliably. One told me how after a loukik poured out in pain. In general, men, situations of all kinds of the sea, theoretically do not learn anything, you must regularly go to the gym. And for health it is good for self-confidence.

    Who do you work with, since you have so much time left for regular training, plus reading and writing on this forum?

    The bulk of the working people of the male sex works from dawn to dusk, and only in distant dreams does he see himself in the gym or training room quickly falling asleep after returning home!
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 27 July 2016 10: 39
      I work no less than the rest. I go to training two to three times a week from 19-30 to 22-00. I’m doing more for the sake of my youngest son, I drag him along with me. The kid must become a man. I read the forum from the tablet in between cases.
  30. jovanni
    jovanni 27 July 2016 04: 10
    Cool article. I knew one such person. In Soviet times. Such a grandfather is going to the park with his granddaughter, in the breast pocket of a shirt a special department is stitched where a sharp-pointed pencil sticks out at the ready, which can be pulled as a pike. In a pensioner's cap on the back of the head, a pig was sewn in, grabbed a visor, and you have a gun in your hand like a cyst. Of course pepper pounded in your pocket, but a lot of such gadgets. Combat, psychological skills were fully present. A couple of gopniks were easily stopped with a promise to smash them like dry cookies. Glance, speech - everything was very convincing and he was readily believed. But the problem was that this ended his circle of interests. All his life he put on self-defense and self-improvement to face the threats that may come upon us in society. Sometimes it seemed that he himself was looking for these threats. More in life he was not particularly interested in anything. Neither read a book, or go to the theater there, or drink beer in the garage with the men. Maybe there was not enough time. So choose, and you need such a life ... But for the article I nevertheless put a plus sign ...
  31. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 27 July 2016 18: 23
    In 1985, they made lead nunchucks with a friend, two pieces per brother - like two-handed fighters :). He beat the chandeliers of the house and knees with his elbows but learned. We walked in with a specialist, running through the night streets more than once, even if someone didn’t (but we had daddy cops and we were supposedly the right ones).
    After a couple of years, everyone has a small self-shooter - and again not.
    After running into the SA, they ran into his garden from plundering strawberries, and it so happened that I held a police officer on my sight and he didn’t convey the adrenaline rush ...
    In short, I’m already a retired employee myself ...
    This is what I need - if to a kitten pipec i ne odnomu ...
    1. Chisayna
      Chisayna 27 July 2016 19: 07
      Daddy otmazyvayut you, and you had to sit out for a small shotgun. Now you are not an employee in retirement, but retired mus. Ssor. But because of such daddies.
  32. The comment was deleted.
  33. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 27 July 2016 20: 32
    How are you mine yes?
  34. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 27 July 2016 20: 45
    Do not you judge the ch.o.r.p.b.s.
  35. Chisayna
    Chisayna 27 July 2016 21: 02
    Because of such "daddies" werewolves in uniform and grow up. Evsyukovs all sorts. Such werewolves in retirement should be pulled up on lamp posts, closer to the sun, together with their offspring, So that werewolves in uniform did not grow out of them.
  36. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 27 July 2016 21: 09
    Ch.u.r.k.ob.s. with a troll freaking pinch your neck and wrap in pigskin
  37. Chisayna
    Chisayna 27 July 2016 21: 15
    I don’t like that a werewolf, but the truth is that a werewolf gave birth to you and you otmazyvalsya. And you had to sit for your affairs. And you grew up into a werewolf and gave birth to the same offspring. r.ty are.
  38. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 27 July 2016 21: 20
    I cultured you and your mother and your sister a troll
  39. Chisayna
    Chisayna 27 July 2016 21: 23
    Nda and what to be surprised. Rotten service, rotten parent, rotten offspring. Werewolves wait.
  40. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 27 July 2016 21: 26
    Are you an inmate in the zone right? Ahh tlitina toto we went running to shoot people like you like a bird
  41. Chisayna
    Chisayna 27 July 2016 21: 31
    Yeah, you so.p.y.u.s.r.o.Read my comments. I served in the army.And not in a rotten mu.s.a.s. became because of such werewolves like you and your daddy, who otmazyvaet you, like the right one. You don’t even understand this, you can’t connect two words, yes.
  42. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 27 July 2016 21: 36
    Are you a birdie in the army? So that I could write from the camera with your aunt’s except the rest like you
  43. Chisayna
    Chisayna 27 July 2016 21: 43
    You have the level of sergeant-drunk PPS. In m.e.t.o.vk.u are stupid as you go. You even wrote the protocol with errors.
  44. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 27 July 2016 21: 47
    So you’re full of holes in the protocol, so you’ve pierced, enough to entertain the camera, go to the room
  45. Chisayna
    Chisayna 27 July 2016 21: 56
    To understand you, just read your clumsy comments. What a major, retired alcoholic sergeant. You are drunk now. You can’t take this away from the cops.
  46. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 27 July 2016 22: 06
    What a major retired alcoholic sergeant is you Masha is right and people like you see tuna pines Masha is broken and fuck you up
    Serious people are waiting for the night, all fucking off is not worth it.
  47. Chisayna
    Chisayna 27 July 2016 22: 13
    Your verbal-clumsy nonsense doesn’t touch me at all. This speaks about you and your level of development. Well, what’s up with you t.p.o.s. ? You spent all your service there among such people. If your father had fertilizer, then you raised him with fertilizer as well. You can’t get anywhere from this. Live with manure.
  48. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 27 July 2016 22: 16
    Mashka litter O.T.E.E.B.I.Z.I ...
  49. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 27 July 2016 22: 27
    Article "plus". But.
    Dear author, to solve the problem of self-defense in such a format as one article of a limited format ("many bukoffs" traditionally do not like, you noticed) format is an attempt to grasp the immensity. And the style of presentation is a bit difficult to read, especially for those who are not in the subject. There are whole studies on the topic of self-defense, you have not met them? I - no, and did not intend to. Sometimes your look is better than a pile of tomes. Okay, let's get to the point.
    1. Sometimes someone who looks too confident can provoke those who want to "test their strength", to assert themselves by "winning" over a not weak opponent. The imperative of the concrete case, stereotypes kill.
    2. I would combine the second and third sections into one "direct contact", because both phases are interconnected and can repeatedly flow from one another and back on the principle of communicating vessels with completely different speeds.
    3. Unfortunately, the "withdrawal from combat" cultivated by some systems does not solve the problems of self-defense, and, on the contrary, can do harm. And to your surprise, analyzing some collisions after the fact, you come to the conclusion that "it would be better if I knocked on him then." You know, you can also “knock” “correctly” without demonstrating 36 Shaolin steps, thereby attracting the attention of even stronger potential rivals, and so, for example, at the level of “six months of boxing in high school”. Disguise.
    4. Consequences. Everything is complicated here. You know, no one is immune from accidental murder. It is better not to learn deadly techniques for those who "lose their heads" in battle. It's hard to talk about trauma in Azerbaijan with cops. In that month, four people clung to the drugan (boxer), marked it, and took the cops. The arguments "I am one, there are four of them" did not help, nor the testimony of witnesses - trauma is trauma. I heard that in Russia they look at it easier, can you confirm or deny?
  50. Chisayna
    Chisayna 27 July 2016 22: 28
    Poor vocabulary. In childhood, they often offended me, because the son of ment. I ran to the papa to complain. I complained and lowered. And someone grew up from that. In the expert, I went to work to get up in my eyes. And the offspring he gave birth to the same one. And they also ran to complain to Papic musko-ku. That's how their life goes. Yes.