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Nice - lessons that will never be learned ...

Terrorist attack in nice. It's time to say - well, here again. But alas! At that time professional mourners and mourners in disorderly crowds wander to the embassies. In the air of radio stations and TV channels suffer from populist diarrhea of ​​various kinds of "experts", stifling a tear in the style - "the world will not be the same", "this should not happen again", up to "help Europe".

Unfortunately, pseudo-intellectuals of all stripes, both foreign and local, thanks to the systematic nature of the attacks, have developed a standard set of proposals. As in the film - children ice cream, Baba flowers. That is, first a wild bunch of condolences, and then proposals for the creation of all kinds of "committees" for the struggle, and so on. What can you say? Populism - this is not diarrhea, by itself after fasting will not work.

The same systematics includes the habit of completely ignoring any terrorist acts outside the West. In fact, any sacrifices in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan (for some time), and it must be confessed, even in our Fatherland, it is customary not to notice. The cult of the “white man” has become so comprehensive that it has gone far beyond race and color. Now this is the norm of the creepy attitude towards the West, no matter what nonsense from that side is carried. This is the norm of love for NATO and the EU. This passionate consumption in the frameworks permitted by monopolists, etc. etc.

Will this position change in the West or among our homegrown "experts"? In my humble opinion, no. But to ask the question - what to do and how to be - is worth it. It is to us, in order not to harbor illusions.

Police functions - a creepy-creepy relic ...

In Vladimir Solovyov's Sunday Night program, Nikolai Zlobin, the voice of the United States on our air, and part-time curly dry cleaning for state reputation, expressed a completely rational opinion that the United States never took over the police functions in Europe. No, no, do not be immediately outraged about Snowden and constant eavesdropping of his allies in the NATO bloc. After all, in fact, Washington did not promise the internal security of Europe, and intelligence is true, little things.

In essence, Zlobin is right. The United States never really cared about its “allies,” who in fact were always their vassals. And even more so the internal security of the latter is not engaged. Just the inertia of European thinking, to the yellow water in the pants of the frightened "ghost of communism", did not let her realize that her partner in Western civilization was not at all concerned about the fate of the old woman. At least, everything that concerns something more than the deployment of military bases and nuclear launch vehicles. US and that's enough.

Therefore, a peacefully dormant Europe continued to produce its “values” under the illusory cover of NATO headquarters in Brussels. In a consumptive delirium, the EU continued to write tolerant norms and laws, glancing through the burning Balkans, and now at the crumbling Ukraine and the bombings of Donbass. The infallibility, and therefore the inviolability, of Europe is so deep in the minds of politicians and the public that they are not able to respond to terrorist attacks with anything more than the construction of another people's memorial, public processions and poor creativity in the network.

The political, organizational and military degradation of the leaders of Europe has reached such proportions that the mere mention of real harsh measures makes them horrified. The strong-willed component of the character, which requires to take the bastard-terrorist by the collar and beat his head on the asphalt to full satisfaction, is perceived as a barbaric relic. Moreover, among Europeans, even the opinion begins to prevail that migrants (thus, having outraged women in Cologne and in dozens of other cities) need to pay for the services of ... prostitutes. Well, to get rid of inadequate animal urges, of course, at the expense of the state. Very clearly, Anatoly Shary told about this in his article “The state should pay women for them” on YouTube channel.

Therefore, it is not necessary to expect actions from this refined society, because a priori it’s extremely difficult for the leader of the level of Charles de Gaulle or Churchill to appear (no matter how much I despise the latter for his Russophobic positions - you have to admit that the person was tough, cunning and decisive).

Europe is an old woman by the road ... who would translate ...

Is it only in the impotence of leadership that the entire adversity in Europe is against terrorism? Of course not. However, that same tender love with Washington, which pushed Europe to at least compromise positions in response to any craziness of the United States, led to the creation of a very impressive foundation for all sorts of frostbitten comrades from around the world.

Didn’t “developed” Europe be honored to flirt with the USA about the division of unfortunate Yugoslavia, when it was necessary to sound the alarm, foreseeing the consequences? Has Kosovo, for which independence Democrats of all stripes have fought so much, have now become one of the outposts of radical Islamism? And if you remember Bosnia and Albania, in general, at least carry out the saints.

In fact, now in Europe there are several enclaves in which organized groups of terrorists can feel at home. And these are not just some separate buildings on the outskirts, under the floor of which, shaking with fear and finishing the last loaf, lie a pair of skinny bombers. These are whole countries where these same terrorists can freely have an evening promenade, medical care and annual rest from the main activity.

And all this was in line with the interests of the United States. Or does someone still believe that the collapse of Yugoslavia and, naturally, the complete fall of its influence on the surrounding countries, was in the interests of Jacques Chirac, or Schroeder, or Kohl?

But why go so far? Europe itself in fierce enthusiasm squealed about the “heroic insurgents” in Chechnya and took them “with a bang” as refugees, despite all the savage acts of terrorism that these refugees themselves committed in their homeland. With the same enthusiasm, Western politicians ignored any information from the Russian special services, both demanding the release of terrorists who had taken refuge abroad, and operational information about people associated with terrorist groups. In this case, the Boston incident is now just a byword.

However, this was not enough. Only five years have passed since the time, when groaning with steel, the pride of France, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle arrived on the shores of long-suffering Libya (such a country was - now only on the map). At that time, NATO piled on Libya with more than a hundred combat vehicles (including strategic bombers). But the Charles de Gaulle with its deck aviation simply was obliged to attest to France’s allegiance to the “common interests”. Moreover, this curtsy cost the French an astronomical amount in a crisis. But who cares if you run in the same pack since the de Gaulle’s resignation. It was only later that crowds of migrants would stretch to the homeland of the croissant and the aforementioned aircraft carrier, crossing the Mediterranean Sea even on a pleasure catamaran, even on an air mattress. And at this moment in the heads of people who are in the subject, the words of the late Muammar Gaddafi sound like a refrain.

But even the first waves of refugees did not soothe the West. And not just refugees, but people of war who remembered the still democratic wings of “Rafale” in the sky over Libya. And bad luck, these guys somehow could not understand how they were lucky to be in the heart of civilization, tolerance and democracy.

Ukraine - Hopak on a minefield

In the crucible of the course of splitting countries into small dependent weak states, Ukraine was also pleased. Beautiful packaging of a European safe and rich family seduced immature Ukrainian minds. But the irony is that Ukraine, seized by the idea of ​​European prosperity, thanks to the efforts of Europe itself, has turned into a kind of product that threatens this very security.

Thanks to the active pushing of the nationalist junta to the political Olympus of Ukraine, Europe has turned another country into a posh chernozem for terrorist groups.

Less than a year, as the West thoroughly took over Ukraine, and now on the fertile fields of Kherson the first swallows of radical Islamists have already settled. Thus, according to the former people's deputy from Kherson region, Aleksey Zhuravko, already in 2015, radical groups from Turkey began to appear on the territory of Kherson region, presumably from ISIS and the nationalist group Bozkurt (Gray Wolves). All these groups joined the puppet Majlis Dzhemilev and Chubarov. That is, to the very Majlis, which in Russia was recognized as an extremist organization, since the undermining of power lines and other large and small abominations of this cheerful company except terrorist acts are not called. However, at the same time with this decision, our Western partners, with a friendly chorus, cried about the need to cancel this decision. And that means (attention!) To legitimize and en masse wild packs that joined such a friendly organization.

“Freedom fighters” pose against the backdrop of a blown-up power line, the extreme right, apparently, posing for other “democratic” media

Given the meager cost of a passport in the territory of modern Ukraine and the semi-wild practice of its population to storm the border with neighboring Poland, we can confidently assume that in our eyes another enclave of terrorism and radical Islamism is forming in Mykolayiv and Kherson regions with the possibility of being transferred to Europe and Russia . Just imagine the possibility of turning Kherson and Nikolayev with their wonderful climate, with access to the sea and access to the expanses of the Dnieper (flowing through Ukraine, Russia and Belarus), into a base and a kind of rear of terrorist groups. But all the paranoid statements of Dzhemilev and others like him about the creation of "Tatar autonomy" (therefore, the pro-Turkish with their friendly relations with ISIL) speak for themselves.

At the same time, the very belonging of a terrorist to a particular group does not matter. The recruitment site itself and the ease of transfer are important. For the latter, European leaders made every effort, going through the “Arab spring” over the neglected countries of North Africa and the Middle East, with war and putsch over the Balkans and Ukraine.

Is the old woman dead or alive?

So did all European countries together with their leaders join the team of the yellow house? First, the spineless weakling is not crazy and not a fool, even more so if for half a century the main path to the rapidity of political success lay through every minute cultivation of the image of the enemy in the East. That very enemy in the form of a flock of drunken communist bears with balalaikas who want to take away the democracy, parmesan from Europe, and at the same time turn off the gas. Therefore, it is necessary to crush the flock, select the balalaikas and chant the "European level."

Secondly, over the years this position has become a stratagem. A stratagem into which big business, industry, the powers that be, and so on have built in, and therefore to turn around for the sake of the hundreds (at least hundreds of thousands) of the deceased inhabitants, cynically, financially and politically inappropriate. No, of course, the gentlemen of a particularly liberal mindset still sectarianly believe in the disinterested and humane impulses of the European establishment, which in turn, most likely, after the attacks looks at the position of the company's shares or rating.

Third, the emergence of an independent policy in the European space, like any failure in the system, will be regarded as a threat. And thanks to modern media, it is easy to turn any person into an enemy “values”. For example, the case of odious Strauss-Kahn, who, after showing a waywardness, quickly turned into a target for allegations of sexual harassment. Though the charges were dropped, he was already ordered to go to politics.

In search of "moderate"

This good old game in search of "his son of a bitch" (part of Roosevelt's quotation - all claims to the deceased) did not begin today or yesterday. The West has always been able to cleverly divide the murderers, sadists and rapists into "moderate" and "radical." In Nicaragua, the United States fostered Somoza, and in Chile Pinochet. And again, why so far away from our everyday life?

In 1993, the American newspaper The Independent featured a remarkable historical interview ... Osama bin Laden entitled - "A man who fought against the Soviet Union, sends his army on the road to peace." Yes, yes, this is the very Osama who will be appointed the No. 1 enemy of the Western world.

For the time being, Osama’s “freedom fighter” on The Independent

This approach has become a practice. And this is not an assumption, since it descended to the “atomic” level, the level of media and bohemian, which does not exist without the “word above”. In 2001, actress Lynn Redgrave, who led the controversial organization International Campaign for Peace and Civil Rights in Chechnya, pledged for the captured terrorist Akhmed Zakayev and settled him at home, opposing his extradition to Russia.

Nice - lessons that will never be learned ...

Akhmed Zakayev

Insanely cute couple, you do not find?

So what to expect now? All the same practices of etching and manipulation, since the West has not refused the support of terrorists and, I am afraid, will never refuse. Until now, the United States and NATO countries continue to compile lists of "moderate" and still include such bloodsuckers and cannibals as Jaish al-Islam, Ahra Rasham and Harakat Nur ad-Din al-Zinki. By the way, the last recently without a conscience cut off the boy's head. In this case, the camera, quite calmly and efficiently, sawed off, so to speak, with knowledge.

What is the reaction of the West? They "insist on conducting an investigation," as reported by RIA ( It was during the investigation in the combat zone - the reader, you were not mistaken. It would be funny if it were not so sad.

And Baba Yaga is still against!

New UK Leader Theresa May

Perhaps, I exaggerate, and not everything is so bad? Perhaps the new faces of European politics will finally be able to see the real threat they themselves have created? No, comrades, no. As soon as she sat down on the throne of Britain with her sandy fillet to Teresa May, she instantly recited the magic mantra, relying for her post - “Russia is a threat to Britain”.
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    1. Stalker.1977
      Stalker.1977 26 July 2016 09: 42
      The European Empire (the European Union), like the Roman Empire, will once again be destroyed not by the "barbarians", but by the Europeans themselves, everything is heading towards this.

      There and the road to them, got it already.
      1. Yura
        Yura 26 July 2016 10: 28
        Quote: Stalker.1977
        There and the road to them, got it already.

        Did not “developed” Europe qualify for a pretty flirtation with the United States about dividing the unfortunate Yugoslavia when it was necessary to sound the alarm, foreseeing the consequences?
        I liked this in the article, Europe should not have allowed this section even if Yugoslavia itself wanted it, only because Yugoslavia is Europe. And now everyone on our planet has a moral right to do with Europe as well as with Yugoslavia. As she is with her.
  2. Tusv
    Tusv 26 July 2016 09: 33
    The style, of course, is Satanovsky, or rather Fedor Mikhailovich. Broad and precise strokes of existentialism
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 26 July 2016 09: 34
    So have all European countries, together with their leaders, joined the yellow house team?

    Why "replenished"? They were born and live in this "yellow house"! wassat
  4. Arkan
    Arkan 26 July 2016 09: 37
    Do not interfere with suicides, but it is necessary to harshly suppress attempts to penetrate into Russia to us all that sheluponi that the West so diligently cherishes. Everyone has their own destiny, and if the snickering burghers are ready to destroy, to destroy their bedlam, then this should not be disturbed.
    1. Tusv
      Tusv 26 July 2016 09: 54
      Quote: Arkan
      it is necessary to harshly suppress attempts to penetrate into Russia to us all that shellon,

      Our country is such that any shulupen very quickly Russified. This is probably our sincere national idea. Normal Russian will go swimming, but Hans will run into the field and in pure Russian will scream how to live well. The bourgeoisie does not have the main thing, and we absolutely do not appreciate it. It is in the genes.
  5. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 26 July 2016 09: 39
    Well, I’m never sorry for these. Or maybe I'm miraculous?
  6. Vita vko
    Vita vko 26 July 2016 09: 40
    Russia is a threat
    this is another "commercial project" for lobbyists from the arms business. The goal has long been clear to everyone, political destabilization and economic chaos for obtaining new military orders and justifying an increase in the gigantic US national debt, i.e. backed by the world's largest financial pyramid scheme.
    And even if D. Trump becomes the new president of the United States, the situation will continue to deteriorate, he is the same person in the system as Obama.
    All that remains is to hope that politicians and the media will finally begin to tell the truth about the roots of international problems that result in the economic crisis, terrorism and neo-Nazism.
    But the most important thing is that the military must understand that the main threat to security in the World is posed by clans of oligarchs such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, who should be destroyed first of all in the event of a threat of war and should not have any illusions to hide on their islands or shelters.
  7. beer-youk
    beer-youk 26 July 2016 09: 50
    "The trust has a weak point - it can fall apart from the inside." O.Henry.
  8. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 26 July 2016 09: 59
    Ilf and Petrov have a description of this scheme of action (it is not without reason that they say that the EU = the late USSR) laughing

    It looks like this, in paraphrased quotes:
    - fight with terrorism!
    - It's time to start a fight with terrorism!.
    - We will join the campaign to organize the fight against terrorism!
    - Everything to fulfill the plan to organize a campaign against terrorism!

    It all ends with the fact that the initial installation completely disappears:

    - Shame on the campaign campaign tear-downs on the implementation of the campaign campaign organization plan. laughing

    While they will fight "terrorism" by introducing Islamic lessons in schools; permission to wear hijabs; public prayers in the streets christian cities; parades of men in skirts; the creation of Islamic enclaves in European cities; propaganda of democracy as supposedly universal value (including among tribes) and other tolerance - there will be no result. Rather, it will be, but - the opposite.

    We need a rejection of multiculturalism and globalization in general - and today's Europe will not do that; its destiny is complete decay and degradation. Moreover, terrorism did not create this system - it only strengthened and accelerated it somewhat.
  9. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 26 July 2016 10: 08
    Europe frankly deserved everything that happens in it. Of course, I am not happy when the next terrorist attack takes dozens of lives of ordinary inhabitants, but I stopped crying about it. I just remembered the French caricature of our blown up plane over Sinai. And - like a hand ...
    By the way, no one paid attention to how the holes on the windshield of the truck that crushed people in Nice are grouped? It seems that the police were firing a "warning" fire, fearing to hurt the driver!
  10. VDV1985
    VDV1985 26 July 2016 10: 25
    I am always enraged when they carry flowers to the French Embassy after the terrorist attack, but everyone is silent when they detonated a bomb in Baghdad. These are our liberals who moved to Europe to stolen money and are trying to cling to the Europeans, kissing them in the ass and spoiling their homeland. And it is from their innings that the hypocritical howl begins for the victims of terrorist attacks in Europe, but the bashful silence of the victims in Asia. But all the victims of the terrorist attacks in Baghdad, Kabul, Aleppo and others can and should be hanged on those countries of Europe that screeched with zeal and supported the ... dead from the SGA during the collapse of Iraq, Libya and others. And I hope that someday they will be presented to them at the tribunal.
  11. Machete
    Machete 26 July 2016 10: 25
    There is only one way out: we need more terrorist attacks in Europe.
  12. jovanni
    jovanni 26 July 2016 10: 41
    "Perhaps I am exaggerating, and not everything is so bad?"

    No, there is no condensation. The mean old woman has rotted completely. She is disgusting. It only bothers her how she manages to crap with such labor productivity that there are enough babosos not only for her population to ensure a comfortable life, but to feed, drink and resettle lupmen from all over the Middle East. And now, as the author notes, the grandmother is also thinking about satisfying their lust. The question is, what do we want from the old ruins? To die faster, or come to a sensation? Maybe if we criticize her, she will become better and fairer? Well, how are we, like ... Or maybe we should stop wasting our time trying to reason the hag, and take care of ourselves? Fuck with her! When we will raise the standard of living of all our citizens (who really work to raise the Motherland, and do not drink blood from it) to the European level, grandmother is definitely a khan. It will burst with envy ...
    1. ToBXPeH
      ToBXPeH 26 July 2016 22: 55
      Died - so dead!
  13. RomanS
    RomanS 26 July 2016 10: 42
    In Christianity, the love of money is a grave sin. In Europe, and earlier in the United States, the "golden calf" reigned in the souls of ordinary people, rejecting other values. Alas, having sowed horseradish, it is foolish to wait for the harvest of apples. And terrorism flourishes in a stormy growth in Europe ... Sadly, but naturally!
  14. Army soldier2
    Army soldier2 26 July 2016 11: 39
    Thanks to the author! Briefly, reasoned and the syllable is good.
  15. bk316
    bk316 26 July 2016 12: 37
    Much of what is happening in Europe is due to a crisis of governance.
    And the management crisis, in turn, is explained by the fact that management is understood as business management,
    if anyone is interested, read Deming or Mintzberg or, at worst, Goldrat. One of the provisions of this school of management is that there is only one harm from rigid personalized management decisions ("manual control"), but for effective management it is necessary to build a system.
    Accordingly, if something happens that does not fit into the system, the European managers (bureaucrats) of ALL LEVELS are helpless. After all, they were not taught to take responsibility and be guided by common sense.

    A classic example of Nice. CROWDS of people regularly visit this embankment, during the day there is always a traffic jam, very non-poor people wander around, the beach is right next to it, and a lot of surfers hang out a bit further. In this case, the site is sandwiched on one side of the stone embankment with the other houses without passages between them.
    And there was never anything terrorist. Accordingly, there was no system to prevent a terrorist attack, and it’s impossible to think and at least block the embankment by blocking it with a truck during a salute - this is unsystematic.

    Exactly the same thing happens with all sorts of commissions and committees: they were taught, a problem arose - we need a mechanism that creates a methodology for its elimination. And these are working groups, commissions and committees.

    And of course, everyone was taught that one should not deviate from the strategy: the doctor said to the morgue - that means to the morgue.

    And all this would have worked in "peacetime", but the United States decided that there was little chaos in the world and Europe was not ready for this.
  16. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 26 July 2016 12: 55
    Quote: beer-youk
    "The trust has a weak point - it can fall apart from the inside." O.Henry.

    laughing "When we crossed Niagara on the rope bridge, I grabbed the handrails with all my strength ... Don't think that it was out of fear, I just wanted to." Something like this with M. Twain. Twain yeah Oh Henry, is that ALL? You are exceptional ours.
  17. Zomanus
    Zomanus 26 July 2016 13: 18
    Yes, they are simply controlled by people who are far from those
    who explode, and from those who explode.
    The number of votes in the next re-election is important to them,
    put everything to them. So how many and where will they blow
    next time, it only worries those who can’t influence it in any way.
  18. Tusv
    Tusv 26 July 2016 13: 19
    But it’s amazing. Dali World Dostoevsky, Tolstoy. Has the West itself raised both theories to the rank of philosophy and are we taught life?
  19. afrikanez
    afrikanez 26 July 2016 17: 31
    Europe will have to be renamed from "old world" to "next world". They are very intense there, with their whole crowd and are sent. fool