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Results of the week. “We will not allow you to show anything! We will show you everything! ”

Alma-Ata shooter

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, Kalmukhanbet Kasymov, during a briefing, reported on the restoration of the full picture of the attack in Almaty. According to the minister, the identity of the attacker was also established. It turned out to be 26-year-old Ruslan Kulikbayev from the Kyzylorda region.

Results of the week. “We will not allow you to show anything! We will show you everything! ”

After the denouement in Alma-Ata, the main question began to be discussed in the media and social networks: a lonely addict or a ghoul with connections in the radical Islamist underground? The question is strange only because the radical underground often bases its activities on lonely drug addicts, who are then deliberately "knocked down" into small groups. And what tasks are set for such groups is well known at least by the events in Paris, Nice, Brussels and other cities of the European Union. The same radical underground does not disdain even real loners, who are ready to send their native mother to the world for the dose, just to stir the cockroaches of the acquired vice in the head.

Comments from our readers:

In Kazakhstan, very many of those who were in 90 and the beginning of 2000 were in groups and gangsters, and generally convicted, hit religion, went abroad to learn, and now have returned and muddy the water. By the way, a similar scenario happened in Taraz in 2011. So no, this is no ordinary felon.

To wet, drench and drench, as Stalin and Putin bequeathed, and, most likely, will soon begin to bequeath to Nazarbayev.

Complete unpreparedness for extreme situations in the conditions of the city from the security forces of Alma-Ata. They must, as Kadyrov remarked correctly, send internships in Shifts to Chechnya for half a year, and quickly train Chechen Special Forces.

To freedom with a clear conscience?

20 July 2016 of the jury of the Primorsky Regional Court delivered an acquittal verdict against Alexey Nikitin and Vadim Kovtun in the framework of the so-called "coastal guerrillas".

And before the acquittal verdict was a guilty verdict. That is, one of the jurors fully satisfied the arguments of the prosecution, others (the new board) were not satisfied. One board was certain that they were murderers, another decided that, after a life sentence, they must be tapped on the shoulder and released in the courtroom. The only thing - there was no sobbing from the word "sorry". It turns out, “to stock up on popcorn” and wait for the convocation of the third, and then thirty-third, of the jury, which will cancel the decision of the previous boards. Amazing realities, when collegiums can be as long as necessary to make the “necessary” sentence ...

Comments from our readers:

It seems to me that, unfortunately, they still manifest themselves. Well, they will not go to drag such bricks to the construction site! The stump is clear, still "they will fight with arbitrariness". But after that, it will be necessary to take the bells of the one who justifies them now ...

Well, when in our country at least someone will learn from the mistakes of others, and not on their own ??? Why do we have to go along the American-European liberal path and wait for this (...) to create the next Boston Marathon? Why not immediately, guided by the highest humane considerations, to put them against the wall?

Humanism something - it is not only in relation to individual scumbags should be. In the first place - in relation to society. And now wait, who else will they kill or rob?

And further. It so happened that if the Radio "Freedom" protects someone with foaming at the mouth, then you may not know what kind of person it is, what he did - definitely - this is the last rubbish whose place is at the wall. The indicator is so peculiar. You can not have your opinion and information at all - “Freedom” says “good” - it means that it is disgusting.

Alexander Romanov
With pozhiznyaka jump, how much dough went to lawyers, and who paid something ???

The work of law enforcement agencies, which proved the involvement of these criminals in the commission of crimes, went all the way to the dog, and this is the hellish routine work of a single month and year, not just one department, to reveal evidence of involvement in the crimes committed by this gang. It is a pity that in our country such things happen very often, when money and the position of untouchables solve all questions.

Explosion in Kiev

In Kiev, a well-known journalist Pavel Sheremet died in an explosion. The explosion of the car in which the journalist was located occurred at the intersection of Bohdan Khmelnitsky and Ivan Franko streets. The car belonged to the head of the publication "Ukrainian Truth" Alyona Pritule.

Within a few hours after the car was blown through Ukraine, the main version was walking: Pavlo pinched under the heel of the fierce KGemlevsky Gebni, which (the heel) still strives to trample the most independent and wilderness Ukrainian land. In other cases, would write about the explosion of the air conditioner, but the "scale of the personality" dictated a different version: "Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin ..."

It is rumored that the Ukrainian investigating authorities, several meters away from the scene of the incident, found important evidence: a passport in the name of the Russian army superintendent, a personal name, and a ticket for the Kiev-Ulan-Ude flight.

But seriously: the next death of a journalist in Ukraine reminds us that this state UN commission in due time put it on a par with Afghanistan and Iraq on the danger of reporters.

Comments from our readers:

We are waiting for “the bloody hand of Moscow reached out to the center of Kiev today and took another life of the best son of the Ukrainian people”. Or something in the same spirit. But no one will dig deeper and brainwash in their absence, the galloping population is rapidly degrading.

It is now Sheremet perekovalsya in "the best son of the Ukrainian people."
15 years ago, he was "the best son of the Belarusian people." And then “the bloody hand of Europe’s last dictator,” Lukashenko, stretched toward him. Then the old man kicked him out of Belarus as a lousy dog. I still remember the screech in the "democratic" Russian media about the oppression of free journalists in general gebney and a simple honest guy in particular. So it goes.
Well, about Pasha, a pity, of course, human life, but, as they say, "for which he fought and ran into it."

The irony of fate: he wrote about lawlessness and mortal danger for journalists in Belarus and Russia, and slammed him in a free democratic Ukraine ...

Visits with the smell of burning tires

What to do when you are 27, you have Ukrainian citizenship, your father is one of the activists of the Maidan and the Right Sector, you are a former representative of the women's hundreds, while you perform concerts for thugs from the Ukrainian punitive battalions? Well, of course ... With such a track record, you should definitely go to ... St. Petersburg - with an announcement on all social networks: "Peter, hello !!!!", with "emoticons" in the form of hearts, bears and kisses

Seminars on freedom, lectures on human rights, meetings with “human rights activists” who will talk about “oppression of the Crimean Tatar people in the occupied Crimea”. All this, by the way, is taking place in Russia not only against the background of visits by Maidan racers. There are a lot of visits and lectures with speeches in support of “free democracy” and “democratic freedom” too. And there is always some kind of freedom ... with a smell - set fire, they say, a tire - and you will be released ... I wonder how you would behave in the “freest country of the world” if people who had called on them to spread chaos yesterday would come to visit them coup in their territory? It seems that after meeting with the "light elves" such persons would have been looking for a long time with lanterns at the CIA prisons ...

It is unlikely that something will work out. Vaccination done, the vaccine worked.

We are outraged by the "tour" of some stupid wench, when 5 of thousands of Russians rushed to rest in Turkey. Maybe something is wrong with us?

And for me it's so simple. All who shouted - Moskal knives, you need knives in the Russian Federation and raise them as enemies of the state and the people, and this should be done at the border, and not let any foreign scum wander around the cities of the Russian Federation.

Special operation "hole in the wall"

Under the conditions of total pressure on Russia, a miracle did not happen. The Sports Arbitration Court in Switzerland responded to the claims of the Russian Olympic Committee regarding the decision of WADA regarding Russian athletes. Recall that the World Anti-Doping Association announced that due to the fact that several athletes are caught in the use of doping, the entire Russian athletics team is suspended from the Olympics 2016.

The essence of the charges: the Russian athletes are "all the way" under doping ... Analyzes in test tubes through a top-secret hole in the wall of the RUSADA were taken by a hairy hand with obvious signs of belonging to the FSB agents. From the same hole, the same hand handed over other tubes to RUSAD and personally to Mr. Rodchenkov — with “clean” analyzes for reporting to WADA. The fact that test tubes cannot be "different" by definition and that they cannot be opened without eliminating the integrity of the test tube itself, WADe, IOC and all kinds of the most honest courts and arbitrations in the world - on the side ...

Then, being in a top-secret black-and-black room, the FSB agents poured “meldonium analyzes” into black-black special containers, which were sent to the cosmodrome first, and then straight to the back of the moon, so that no one could guess and did not find any traces ...

Rumor has it that McLaren and Rodchenkov have photos of the FSB lunar program to replace the meldonium urine of the athlete Stepanova, but they will not show them to you, as they are secret. Athlete Stepanova has already identified the lunar soil, where the discharge was made ...

Comments from our readers:

... now it is to ZABIT - with courts, lawsuits, protests ... up to their bankruptcy.

Naturally, all the officials involved - to make banned entry, or even better - to arrest right at the airport, you can even in neutral countries ... and keep every athlete, fan, and cover up to cover the material and moral losses incurred ...

Here it is the face of Western committees, organizations, courts ... Received an order and spit on everything.
Do not dig another pit, how many times have they been told. And now the precedent stick is about the two ends.

The sample container manufacturer has already answered: @@@@ go north, our containers are protected from forgery and hacking, prove the opposite! But such as WADA and Balabol Maclaren are still silent, and the IOC is already masturbating.

Maidan Apostle

In Ukraine, found another zrada. An adviser to the country's interior minister, Mikhail Apostol, who was on a business trip in the Poltava region, was horrified to find a mural depicting Peter the Great on a façade of one of the local churches, trampling a blue-yellow flag on a horse. The apostle, by virtue of education, first decided that this was the flag of Ukraine, and turned to the SBU. Then on Facebook they began to explain to the adviser to the minister that the flag of Sweden was on the fresco.

The fact that this official simply climbs so as not to distort Maidan fashion is understandable. It is not clear that: when such as Mr. Apostol, will attend to the presence in Ukraine of all that is built and successfully functioned before the Maidan Peremoga? - Factories, power plants, theaters, universities and schools, millions of square meters of housing, agricultural enterprises. Let, after repainting the frescoes, be engaged in the dismantling of all these objects, because most of them were built by “cursed advice”, therefore, fall under the law on decommunization.

Comments from our readers:

Diana Ilyina
I am interested in another:
After my publication of this fact, a decision was made (there is already an agreement with the artist, and the paint was purchased) to correct this "purely technical error." Paint what color they bought, and what they repaint the Swedish flag? Knowing their “rich” fantasy, I’m even afraid to suggest whose flag they’re drawing there. It will be very funny if the Russian tricolor is depicted under the feet of Peter the Great's horse, and Peter entered it!

The apostle turns to the SBU ...
A terrible horror story, if you do not know that the Apostle in this case is only the name of a ghoul.

Well, at least considered a mural, and that is fine. You live a century, learn a century, anyway it will die a fool.

Borzut, however

Before commencing the withdrawal of forces and means, the opposing parties in the Donbass should return to the line of demarcation, fixed in September 2014, passed the Ukrainian media statement of the head of the working subgroup on security in the contact group on the situation in Donbass Yevhen Marchuk.

In September, 2014? .. And nothing that Minsk-2 was made into an agreement in February of 2015, when the valiant Ukrainian army was looking for the 5 corner on the Debaltsev bridgehead? Oh, and Marchuk ... Oh, and Kiev ... If there are no cauldrons, they are getting greasy, however ...

Comments from our readers:

And the scoreboard will not crack? Is it to give the Donetsk airport and Debaltsevo with Logvinovo? Lip no fool! There is Minsk-2, even if it is carried out until it is received on the scoreboard by the new one.

It is surprising that, in essence, they are trying to dictate terms while kneeling. I would like to say to a talking head: you, like your patron, would rather eat more.

And so the Americans (not the Kiev junta) go to a direct breakdown of the negotiations, exposing the obviously impossible conditions of the LDNR and the Russian Federation.

It was rightly said: that as long as they do not get on the brazen hare, whether it is a boiler or someone's leg in the berets, the conversation will not work!

It is a pity, you can not answer all these "Wishlist" with one capacious and all understandable word. We have a different opinion - the administrative borders of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions as of 2014 year!

The first thing the planes ... certainly the 6 generation

Advisor to the First Deputy General Director of the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET), Vladimir Mikheyev, in an interview with TASS, said that the sixth generation fighter is in full swing. And even named approximate dates: the first flight of the prototype in 2023-2025.

The appearance of information about the "imminent appearance" of sixth generation airplanes becomes some kind of futurology game. And most often it is voiced by its faces, which, well, with a very big stretch, can be called representatives of the aircraft industry - Mikheev from KRET as an example of that. Following the trend (and how are we worse? ..) allow ourselves to make a forecast that the day is not far away stories of mankind, when both 7,8 and even 9 generation airplanes will plow open spaces at least in the Solar System, easily reaching sublight speeds ... And what will their weapons be? - Yes, here and at all it is possible to dissolve such a “kitchen” discussion, which does not seem like a little ... Up to super-powerful nanoaviabomb with the function of broadcasting songs by Nadezhda Babkina to the enemy subcortex.

Comments from our readers:

What is this aircraft 6 pok. if the engine is old? Some kind of nonsense.

The engine is a very complex structure and its development and testing, takes twice as long as the aircraft. No wonder the engineers say that the plane is a primitive device designed for the flight of the engine :)

You think, what does Mikheev (KRET) have to do with aircraft design ??? Concern of radio-electronic technologies ... Mikheev and another motorist (recently there was an article with his participation) carry the crazy stuff with the following meaning: give money, but we will design it .... Think about it - a flock of horseradish knows what generation, with horseradish knows what speed, lets out another flock, but already missiles, which themselves choose targets, etc. Why then generals and marshals ??? Why manned version of these six compatriots ??? Mikheev, sitting in his office and looking at the laptop screen, will do everything himself. All destroy and win ...

No-hitches and non-hitches

According to military experts, Alexander Staver and Roman Skomorokhov, the attempted putsch in Turkey did not fully correspond to the actions that army commanders should have taken in the spirit of the combat regulations.

When receiving a combat mission, any commander must: a) clarify the mission; b) assess the situation; c) decide on how to proceed; d) conduct a reconnaissance; e) on the basis of all the above, give a combat order to subordinates.

In fact, it turned out that even those officers who supported the idea of ​​a putsch simply did not know their task. Hence the fuzzy action of all units.

Comments from our readers:

Yeah ... This mutiny is like Dunno in a parade ...

My opinion: the coup was real, and the cowardly Erdogan was just lucky in this case. He was not given political asylum and thus helped, further the actions of the police and special services completed the suppression of the coup, and Erdogan got all the trump cards in his hands, but then nothing good awaits him.

Yes, it seems, he was thought to bang in Marmaris, but did not have time for a minute, and then the whole Quartet was confused.

Shark Lover
The main principle is not fulfilled: get a gun - shoot! Not sure, do not get it - will be taken away. You need to be psychologically prepared for this. The army in this case, a pistol, but they did not shoot, if the platoon commander is in his place, the platoon will fire, but for this, the platoon commander must be given a command. And so on, through the ranks. The army cannot be judged by this coup: what they were told they did.

Hot spots of the planet: where will the next flash?

Having expressed an opinion about what happened in Turkey, military experts Alexander Staver and Roman Skomorokhov turned to arguments about the potential hot spots of the planet. Analysts tried to predict: who is next “in line for a fire”?

It is possible that the enemies will deem it necessary to kindle another bonfire in Central Asia. Experts singled out Uzbekistan, a country where Islam has a strong influence. In addition, there are “claims against neighbors” (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) of an economic and territorial nature. Uzbekistan’s foreign policy does not support state membership in the EAEU, the CSTO and similar associations and organizations. But the neighbors with whom Uzbekistan does not have the best relations are Russia's allies in the CSTO and partners in the EAEU. Finally, the country has a rich resource base.

Experts believe that the “inveterate neighbors” (Armenia and Azerbaijan), who recently held a “rehearsal” in Karabakh, have a “normal situation”. True, with a certain desire and "help" from somewhere, these neighbors "are again clinging to each other's nips with a normal southern temperament." Yet the situation in Karabakh can be resolved "if not by persuasion, then at least by a shout from the side of the stronger."

Afghanistan, too, does not seem to analysts a new hot spot: while Massoud’s “Northern Coalition” rules there, everything is relatively calm in the country.

Comments from our readers:

Flames where we are not, holy place is never empty ...

To be objective, then we were in / in Ukraine, and it was only where we were that it is stable now - Crimea, but the rest of the country is destabilized, so our presence there in the whole country did not help, the top was bought up by the US, in the SBU sitting by the CIA.
Uzbekistan will flush with the departure of Karimov and it is quite likely that on the border with Kazakhstan. The Karakalpaks, who consider themselves part of the Kazakhs, were unsubscribed to Uzbekistan in 20 by Telman, Kalinin and others. Uzbekistan is an artificial state, where (a rare exception) the majority came to be called Uzbeks by self-designation of a minority, although Tashkent back in the 50s, most were Kazakhs. Now Uzbeks migrant workers go to work from Uzgen and the surrounding area to work even in Kyrgyzstan. A lot of the disaffected Karimov family + their family of ordinary citizens of the neighboring republics turned against themselves with moats, mines and lawlessness of the police and military. The media does not write much, but two Uzbeks from Uzbekistan in conversation with you will not be frank, because each of them will fear that the second will pass to his servicemen. Even for what he just said out loud, an approving speech addressed to Russia is imprisoned.
A very characteristic feature: when they meet, say, a guest, they ooze out with oil, but this oil is aimed far ahead. Either they will ask for a service, or they will spit in the back, an Uzbek will come up to Kirghiz, all of himself is correct, he has completed the hajj, and begins to cry Kyrgyz in his ears, that the Russian special services are arguing Kyrgyz with Uzbeks, and when meeting with a Russian, they are stupid Kyrgyz embroil Russia and Uzbekistan.

Gentlemen, comrades about Belarus have forgotten, even though Daddy and not Yanukovosch, but lately they have also been pursuing a policy “both ours and yours”. Maybe, unfortunately, after the elections to the State Duma, all the belolentochnaya pornography will climb on the Swamp again. For these obscurantists, the worse the better.

Dreams, dreams, where is your sweetness?

Columnist Viktor Kamenev, in solidarity with some other analysts, is predicting a color revolution in the United States. He believes that "in America is coming whether Trump, or" Maidan. "

“Shooting in Dallas, the American police, some observers consider the“ sacred victim ”, that is, the beginning of the American color revolution, - said Kamenev. - Conflict material in the US is more than enough, weapons too, and the “color” technologies are well known there - they developed it themselves ... If there is some truth in this, then Donald Trump will win the presidential election, and Brexit is the guarantee ... Because there is too little democracy in America and too many policemen are shooting. ”

We think that no “Maidan” or any other kind of “color revolution” in the United States will happen. At the State Department and the White House, as well as in all American power structures, they know too well where the game of democracy in the streets of cities leads the society. Because any kind of speech, including blacks, will be suppressed by force: the police and the National Guard.

The US government approves "Maidan" exclusively outside its territory. “Maidan” in Russia, or, say, in any country that is Russia's partner in the CSTO, would meet in the US with full propaganda support and approval at the state level. But somewhere in New York "Maidan" will not work.

Not so long ago, there was a lot of noise around the activities of the freedom-loving movement, "Capture Wall Street". And where is the movement now?

Comments from our readers:

America is a product of the Britons. And the secret power is in London, not in Washington.

What does Washington have to do with it? Power is where money is on Wall Street, and London City is only trying to compete.

Nicola Bari
I wonder how Trump will be cleaned, whether it will be at least covered up, or just crash.

"Horses, people, mixed up in a heap ..."
Only one thing at the moment is obvious: there is a global destabilization of the collective West (to which Erdogan belongs, or tries to relate). Spiders are gnawing in the bank, and all under the false slogans of democracy.
What is democracy? Trump is certainly "pushed" into rigged elections: they are falsified by definition in the United States, because they are not held by the public.
Do I need a democracy? Relatives of the victims in Nice probably don’t think so. It has long been established: the more democracy, the more terrorism, and the more autocracy, the less terrorism (even Stalin is appropriate to recall here).
What are common values? What is the West? So Erdogan is in NATO, he wants / wanted to join the EU, did that help him much?

“Not looked for in Odessa?”

This week, the British edition of The Times, citing unnamed sources in the Turkish military, reported that the 14 ships of the Turkish Navy did not get in touch after the attempted coup d'état. The main question for official Ankara was whether the commander of the Turkish Navy, Veysel Kesel, was involved in an attempted military coup or was taken hostage by the rebels.

In addition, we add, some media reported that after the attempted military coup problems were not only with the ships. From the airfields flew several aircraft and helicopters "in an unknown direction." Supporters of the putschs were allegedly there.

As later reported TASS With reference to Reuters, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmush denied reports of missing warships.

Well, the readers of “Military Review” suggested searching for the missing ships ... in Odessa.

Comments from our readers:

gray smeet
I didn’t think that in the 21st century a whole flotilla... The fools turned on the Turks!

In Odessa, not looking?

Alexander Romanov
There is no, there is a "Saiga Suburban" teaching ripped off. breaking down And who will entrust Ukraine with their ships, from them the whole peninsula sailed a couple of years ago.

Maybe everything is already in Vtorchermet?

It’s good that the American B61 thermonuclear bombs did not disappear.

"Fake" standoff?

In the press and in the expert community, there is an active discussion on the topic of “confrontation” between NATO and Russia. There is an opinion that this confrontation is far-fetched, even “fake”. Yes, and the recent meeting of the Russia-NATO Council ended with a desire for concrete actions directed against the growth of tensions: a decision on a dialogue on the safety of military flights over the Baltic.

Experts very much doubt that there is a real confrontation between NATO and Russia, despite the “provocative” flights that both sides are talking about and the notorious “annexation of the Crimea”. For more than two years, the "scared" Europe has been waiting for Moscow to move the regiments to Stockholm or at least Vilnius, but nothing happens. The “aggressive” Russians did not show up again at war. It is not surprising that experts consider the current confrontation itself to be fake.

Comments from our readers:

Confrontation means war, but for now everyone is playing with each other. And the Balts with NATO troops do not suffer from friendliness.

Obama behaves like a hurt child in a sandbox. Children played according to the rules set by Obama the child, for green candy wrappers he bought toys and sandbox pieces of other children. And then one of the partners in the game said that he did not like such rules, and he would no longer play candy wrappers, and if Obama the child wants to get his toys or sand for candy wrappers, he will get it in the head and hands with this stick. And in confirmation of the seriousness of his intentions it hurt Obama painfully on the little hand stretched to his toys. Obama was offended by this and started telling other children not to play with the abuser for candy wrappers and say nasty things about him.

This confrontation is there, but it is not on the border with Eastern Europe, there, rather, there are diversionary maneuvers. The main opposition is on the border with Ukraine, in Novorossia, in Syria (even if it is not Europe, but without the connivance and support of a number of LIH countries and other organizations would never have become such a force).

Legendary cars

The reference books on armored vehicles indicate that Tanks T-34-85 can still be seen in service with the armies of several countries, and Vietnam is one of such countries. There, along with the “thirty-fours,” they also serve the Su-100, writes “Herald of Mordovia”.

“It is worth noting that the tanks of this model began to arrive at the end of the 50-s. They fought against the Americans, their Saigon marionettes, against the Polopotists and the Chinese, ”the author recalls. Of course, the newspaper writes, “at present, these tanks are different from those that fought during the Great Patriotic War: they introduced a number of improvements, in particular, skating rinks, night vision devices and equipment unified with T-54 / 55 / 62 machines more modern radio stations. "

This armored vehicle, albeit in a modernized form, is of historical value rather than combat. Today, the Vietnamese are waiting for more modern equipment: it is planned to purchase some quantity of T-90MS in Russia.

Comments from our readers:

T-34 is a weapon of victory.

Well, that's right, so Vietnam won.

Soviet means quality))))

Now let them buy new equipment. Previously, for the most part there was a freebie.

Andrey K
The trick is that the best attitude towards our Vietnamese friends does not replace the commodity-money relations. And the Vietnamese are pulling the bagpipes with the purchase of T-90MS in the hope of another "brotherly gift."

High angle of attack

The Russian Su-35 can become a very serious opponent for Western aircraft F-15, Eurofighter and Rafale. In some respects, this fighter even bypasses fifth-generation aircraft, leads RIA "News»An article from the magazine“ The National Interest ”.

“The aircraft has unsurpassed maneuverability at the expense of engines with an all-discursive thrust vectoring control. The nozzles of the AL-41F1C turbojet engines of NPO Saturn can independently deviate in different directions in flight, which helps the aircraft to create the desired roll angle and allows you to create a very large angle of attack. Thanks to this technology, the Su-35 can move in one direction, while its nose looks in the other. This function has only one active Western fighter - the F-22 "Raptor", - writes the magazine.

By the way, this article also draws conclusions not in favor of the new-fashioned American project - the “invisible” F-35. The article states that in case of the entry of the F-35 with the Su-35 into a short-range air combat, the first will be “in big trouble”.

Su-35 can be not only "the best air combat aircraft in history", but also "an excellent means of delivering missiles to the target."

Comments from our readers:

Good but not enough.
“If the F-35 stealth fighter enters the air duel with the Su-35 at a short range, it will be in great trouble,” writes the magazine.
This means that the F-35 will not enter a duel at a short range. Consequently, the plane has room to develop.
However, this question is already to the creators of rockets.

Here, rather, "the best is the enemy of the good." In anticipation of the T-50, they will not be built much.

In fact of the matter. T-50 will not be much. And what will the main mass fly on?

On the MiG-35! T-50 cost is equal to three MiG-35.

And so it can be. Only the MiG-35 never declared the main machine of the Air Force.

Of great importance is the cost of maintenance and operation of the aircraft. If the hour of flight and service is beyond the limits of that F-35, then there is no point in releasing a large series - they will stand on the ground.
For example, as the WAF wrote, the service of the MiG-29 is ONCE (!) Cheaper than the Su-27. And if in most cases MiG-35 has the ability to replace the Su-35 (for example, patrolling and intercepting a potential enemy near the border), then they need more.
This F-22 was taken out of production, in my opinion, not only because of its high cost, but also because of expensive service.
The service of that F-35 and the flight hour goes beyond tens of thousands of dollars. And if there are several thousand of them, then tens of mil leaves. per hour of flight of such a mob. If you also consider that the average patina of Amer. the pilot is about 200-250 hours, then there are numbers in 10 zeros (tens of billions, and this is only one F-35 fighter). So financially, service cannot be discounted.

They took off not because of that and not because of another. F-22 - "clean" fighter. With the end of the Cold War, the need for such fighters has fallen dramatically. No one could come near by number, not by quality. And producing 750 machines is not only paying for them, but also maintaining them.
For the 2008 fiscal year, the cost of one flight hour of the F-22, including only variable costs, was 19 750 dollars. While for the F-15, this indicator was 17 465 dollars.
For the same financial year 2008, the full cost of one flight hour of F-22, including variable, fixed and other indirect costs, was 44 259 dollars. While for F-15, the same figure was $ 30 818 dollars.
These figures differ mainly due to the fact that there are fewer machines.
That's the whole secret.
It is removed because the "clean" fighter is now almost in demand.

Thank God that the Su-35 fighter history does not end there. Soon our military industrial complex will please our potential friends with new products. The T-50 is on its way, and I suspect there are surprises in it, enough for the concern of the ever-worried exceptional. Build the same Su-35 necessary. They are in demand on the foreign market, and in Russia a couple of hundreds will not hurt. The technology is debugged, in the mass release - the secret of cheapening. At the moment it is a real masterpiece.

* “We will not allow you to show anything! We will show you everything! ”- a phrase from the movie“ Garage ”
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    Khariton 24 July 2016 06: 16
    The week "fun" was outstanding ... They write that our team was completely removed from the games in Rio. That scum avenged!
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      Quote: Chariton
      The week "fun" was outstanding ... They write that our team was completely removed from the games in Rio. That scum avenged!
      American hockey players do not pass samples and officers simply send doping samples
      1. Smog
        Smog 24 July 2016 09: 28
        And the basketball players too. And in general, what kind of beast is this-
        The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA, World Anti-Doping Agency - WADA, French Agence mondiale anti-dopage - AMA) is an independent organization coordinating the fight against doping in sports, created with the support of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). WADA was established on November 10, 1999 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since 2001, WADA's headquarters has been located in Montreal, Canada.

        The current president of the organization is the former chairman of the British Olympic Association, the current vice president of IOC Craig Reedy. WADA Vice President - South African Ambassador to Germany Makhenkesi A. Stofile.

        Initially, WADA received funding from the IOC, but now the IOC finances WADA only half. WADA receives the rest of the funding from governments around the world.
        But this simple "touched" me and "moved" to tears
        The agency’s tagline is Play True.
        1. Inok10
          Inok10 24 July 2016 10: 34
          Quote: Smog

          ... and it is especially interesting how this organization is financed ... that is, who pays the music more and orders ... the mattress makers ordered a "banquet" ... but the most interesting thing happened in the Court of Arbitration for Sport ... where, on the basis of media evidence, in the absence of any factual, our athletes were suspended from performing in Rio ... but even more funny is that collective responsibility was applied, which was abandoned in Europe back in the Middle Ages, when the whole village was punished by the court - communal responsibility. .. that is, on the face of the complete degradation of Europeans ... so what kind of court is this, and even arbitration? ... when just by the public statement of one character, you can simply condemn a group of people ... does it remind you of anything? ... uh-huh, she is the Holy Inquisition ... laughing ... Europe has rich experience in denouncing how you can simply burn the whole village under the pretext of combating witchcraft ... laughing
          1. Smog
            Smog 24 July 2016 11: 15
            here he is an enlightened, multicultural, tolerant European 21st century ..
        2. I am human
          I am human 24 July 2016 14: 42
          The answer should be the accession of New Russia to Odessa and Transnistria, as well as the annexation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia ... But we need to be friends with China
        3. Mytholog
          Mytholog 25 July 2016 09: 55
          Play True

          It's crazy somehow ... what is given as the slogan translates as "Play the truth." "Play fair" will be "Fair play", I remember ...
          So - you became a victim of clumsy stuffing.
      2. vovanpain
        vovanpain 24 July 2016 11: 48
        Quote: Vadivak
        American hockey players do not pass samples and officers simply send doping samples

        Well, for them there is an example, this little black man just does not accept dope. wassat
        1. Lukich
          Lukich 24 July 2016 18: 19
          Quote: vovanpain
          this little black man is definitely not taking dope.

          and this gymnast too wassat
    2. Top5
      Top5 24 July 2016 09: 21
      Quote: Chariton
      The week "fun" was outstanding ... They write that our team was completely removed from the games in Rio. That scum avenged!

      in order to take revenge on us, we need to rally together, otherwise they will crush us and destroy us
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 24 July 2016 10: 01
        Quote: Top5
        in order to take revenge on us, we need to rally together, otherwise they will crush us and destroy us

        I wrote on another thread that in response to our removal from the Olympic Games, we need to recognize New Russia or even, after the election, include it in Russia.
        And now I think that it’s enough for us to warn the United States about this and I’m sure that the situation around our team will change dramatically.
    3. I am human
      I am human 24 July 2016 14: 42
      The answer should be the accession of New Russia to Odessa and Transnistria, as well as the annexation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia ... But we need to be friends with China
    4. Douel
      Douel 24 July 2016 17: 07
      It is also necessary to see who avenged whom. It didn’t favor us there before. And now the question will be quite interesting. And yes ...
      By removing the Russian team from the Olympics, they turn the Olympics into games with dubious status and dubious legitimacy.
    5. Lukich
      Lukich 24 July 2016 17: 24
      Quote: Chariton
      The week "fun" was outstanding ... They write that our team was completely removed from the games in Rio. That scum avenged!

      Quote: Chariton
      The week "fun" was outstanding ... They write that our team was completely removed from the games in Rio. That scum avenged!

      admitted. on all channels and in all media there is news
    6. KaPToC
      KaPToC 24 July 2016 19: 57
      It is necessary in 2018, three days before the start, to refuse to host the football championship.
  2. yuriy55
    yuriy55 24 July 2016 06: 23
    The week showed that in order to achieve its "selfish" interests, the West is ready to go all out. Not a fact, but perhaps soon Russia will be accused ... what well, for example, in killing Kennedy fool
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 24 July 2016 06: 43
      Quote: yuriy55
      well, for example, in killing Kennedy

      And in climate change on Earth, and in melting ice in the Arctic. Yes, they will find what. The fantasy is rich.
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 24 July 2016 07: 56
        Quote: EvgNik
        And in climate change on Earth, and in melting ice in the Arctic. Yes, they will find what. The fantasy is rich.

        Somewhere in the past year there was infa that the attack on us will be diverse and sophisticated. So everything is predictable. request
      2. Penzyac
        Penzyac 24 July 2016 21: 37
        Quote: EvgNik
        Quote: yuriy55
        well, for example, in killing Kennedy

        And in climate change on Earth, and in melting ice in the Arctic. Yes, they will find what. The fantasy is rich.

        For example, a cat left kittens, Putin is to blame ...
    2. EvgNik
      EvgNik 24 July 2016 06: 48
      I have not read a single article about the coup. All speculation and transfusion from empty to empty. Maybe when we find out what it was, or maybe not.
  3. Knowing
    Knowing 24 July 2016 06: 23
    Thank you, Alexey and Oleg. hi BUT, about Nadyukha, the main Kremlin agent on the Ruin was "forgotten", but everything there is very NOT great for Parasenko and K:
    and offered to repent to the population of Donbass, and again wished to become president (taperech if necessary !!)
    "People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Nadezhda Savchenko said in an interview with Deutsche Welle that she" does not want, but should "become the president of Ukraine."
    see: http: //
    And Groisman, - "under the knife" ... and how many hopes were pinned on the "hope" from the pots-heads, now they are probably thinking - it would be better if I was starving in Russia ... BUT, remember, - they asked, they asked, ha-ha , get it, use it. laughing
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 24 July 2016 08: 24
      Quote: Knowing
      BUT, about Nadyukha, the main Kremlin agent on the Ruin was "forgotten", but everything there is very NOT great for Parasenko and K:

      Well, not only Gadya shocks Kiev "clowns" with his statements. The other day they robbed Yulia-Ukrainian - they stole neither more nor less but her trademark RUSOPHOBIA. So Julia sang in the new register. What is it for? No way - to the rain. (cry): bully
      1. Smog
        Smog 24 July 2016 13: 50
        Lelek (7) So Julia sang in the new register. What is it for? No way - to the rain. (click): bully

        Hmm, interesting pose
  4. quolta
    quolta 24 July 2016 06: 26
    The Olympic team is a pity if they removed the football team did not survive
  5. Knowing
    Knowing 24 July 2016 06: 33
    For Turkey, here's another. After all, four (1960, 1971, 1980, 1997) and, in any case, everything happened under the United States ... So why did Putin warn Erdogan ...? Let's hope to find out soon, but for now:
  6. Simpsonian
    Simpsonian 24 July 2016 06: 40
    F-22 such an opportunity. does not possess.

    The Russian team is not allowed to go to the Olympics, not just athletes.
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 24 July 2016 06: 43
      Quote: Simpsonian
      The Russian team is not allowed to go to the Olympics, not just athletes.

      They took revenge on us for the Crimea, for Syria, for Putin ... Sneaky, everything is somehow in the style of the West ..
      1. Starik72
        Starik72 24 July 2016 14: 29
        Hariton. That's right, because Konyukhov has a jet engine, eats green peas or pea soup, but as he gives an impulse, the ball flies faster. And doping is peas, so WADA was worried.
    2. atalef
      atalef 24 July 2016 07: 34
      Quote: Simpsonian
      F-22 such an opportunity. does not possess.

      The Russian team is not allowed to go to the Olympics, not just athletes.

      WADA Doping Report in Russia
      1. Simpsonian
        Simpsonian 24 July 2016 08: 00
        What has someone's "report" to do with it? Shove it to yourself somewhere in the chutzpes ...

        Athletes before the competition are tested for doping, which show the athlete took doping or not!
      2. vovanpain
        vovanpain 24 July 2016 08: 41
        Quote: atalef
        WADA Doping Report in Russia

        Well, yes, well, yes, Alexander, well, after all, a smart man, he didn’t expect from you that Rodchenkov is an authority for you. request
        1. Knowing
          Knowing 24 July 2016 13: 54
          We will live, RUSSIA, with humor and sarcasm ... in the mouths of chagoto ....
      3. Proud.
        Proud. 24 July 2016 11: 39
        Quote: atalef
        WADA Doping Report in Russia

        You are giving a link to the WADA report as interpreted by the Meduza website. A very Russophobic resource. And then ... The main "accuser" is Rodchenkov. A murky personality and Tema. I quote from Pedia: "... In 2015, by an independent WADA commission, Rodchenkov was accused of intentionally destroying more than a thousand samples in September 2015 in order to conceal the use of doping by Russian athletes.Rodchenkov denied these accusations, claiming that he had destroyed expired samples, and this destruction was planned ... As a result of the scandal, Rodchenkov filed resigned, which was accepted on November 11, 2015 ... ". And then ... Bach! An interesting happened. I quote:" ... Fearing for his safety, Rodchenkov left for the USA in January 2016. Rodchenkov's departure was facilitated by Brian Vogel (Bryan Fogel), an American documentary filmmaker who worked on a film about doping and turned to Rodchenkov after the Sochi Olympics as a consultant. Later, Vogel helped Rodchenkov arrange interviews with American journalists ... "- I wonder ... But what, or WHO threatened him (o)? Or maybe these are old" offenses "? Mixed up with family ties, and his" jambs "personally? I quote:" ... In 2011, As part of the investigation into the case of his younger sister, Marina Mikhailovna Rodchenkova, accused of trafficking in anabolic steroids, the Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) conducted searches in the house of Grigory Rodchenkov and in the anti-doping center. Then no evidence was found against Rodchenkov, and a case was not opened against him ... On June 18, 2016, following the results of checking Rodchenkov's interview with Western media, the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against him on the grounds of a crime under Part 1 Article 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“abuse of authority”) ... "- And it's not a fact that it's not true. And yet. About my sister ..." ... worked as an instructor-methodologist in an experimental school of higher sportsmanship in athletics " Moskvich ". In 2013 she was found guilty and convicted under Art. 234 h. 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Illegal circulation of potent or poisonous substances for the purpose of marketing." The court of first instance sentenced her to one and a half years in prison, but after the cassation appeal, the term was replaced with a suspended sentence ... "For the" absolutely independent WADA ", Rodchenkov is a very valuable" agent. "
      4. 79807420129
        79807420129 24 July 2016 12: 12
        Quote: atalef
        WADA Doping Report in Russia

        Yes Yes. fellow At first glance, the conclusion as to why Washington is so stubbornly, for several months, is trying to "protect" the Russian team from participating in the Rio Olympics - to remove competitors in the fight for medals. Hence all these doping scandals, discrediting athletes from Russia, and provocative materials in the media, but big sport today is not only fair competition, but also equally big politics. A simple saying has always been popular in the USA: “If you cannot win, team up with his adversary. " But the White House has forgotten this principle. Together, to solve world problems, finding the best and mutually beneficial way out of them, Washington refuses to Moscow, and therefore stubbornly continues to do maximum harm to the potential partner.
        Today, the majority of ordinary Americans no longer perceive Russia as the worst enemy and the main threat, but Washington, by all means, needs to return such a myth and drive it back into the consciousness of the average man, as it was during the Cold War. Society has changed and banal horror stories do not penetrate anyone, which means you need to look for new moves. Discredit is one of them. Moreover, it is best if the topic is more understandable than the economy, for example, or political games. Sport is best suited. Even a cursory glance at all the doping scandals shows that most of them are "sewn with white thread." The fact that some Russian doctor, who allegedly decided to expose the Russian athletes for reasons of honesty and nobility and repenting admits that he faked the athletes' doping tests before the doping control, cannot just arouse suspicion, is not just living at the moment California, but also leads the research laboratory there. And by pure coincidence, this decent business suddenly fell for him precisely when he "leaked" his colleagues and the athletes themselves
  7. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 24 July 2016 06: 43
    With the Olympics, everything will become clear today, but the chances of going are zero. Not for this was all this swara started to let us go there.
    1. Simpsonian
      Simpsonian 24 July 2016 06: 51
      RIA writes this
      you have to sue them and organize alternative OIs, I think there are many who want to go to them, as well as participate in advertising campaigns, etc., and these goats should not be allowed

      There were some Olympic Games, but two will be without NATO.

      Russian, Eurasian, No-GoldBillion Olympic Games, etc. yes
      1. mark2
        mark2 24 July 2016 11: 28
        The whole problem is that Russia is trying to play by foreign rules in a foreign field. As long as you play by the rules, you will always be a loser. When you do something against the rules - bam and you are the winner.
        Scandals in the circle of Russia will arise constantly. Now a doping scandal, a new one will be invented. Russia's position is weak. We lean back slightly. We submit to the courts. Trying to be civilized. We act according to their rules. They will squeeze us and no one will help us or save us. They will either press to the point that we ourselves will refuse something, or simply will not allow us. how it turns out with the Olympics.
        And we ourselves are to blame. For some reason, all international associations and associations, committees and commissions were organized without our participation. We joined later as a membership fee and whipping boy. We are not alone, of course, this is the case, but for the former and "future former" superpower of Russia, this is doubly insulting.
        Total corruption at the top allows the entire top of our state to be held by the "balls". For no one keeps their "honestly uvarovanye" on the accounts of Russian banks. None of them wants to spend them here. But at the same time, everyone knows that there is not a single bank independent of the US special services, and all the same, the money is there. The owners of this money are ready to do anything for the sake of not being taken away from them even for betrayal.
        Weak, even unimportant, defending Russia's interests in international doping courts. Firstly, the reason is the same corruption with us, and the second does not make sense. Playing by the rules of others, you always lose.
        Doping is accepted by everyone. Absolutely. No matter what they say, there are no clean athletes. If an athlete is clean, he is a sportsman. But only Russia did not come across more often. Because all doping is bought "from them." Destroyed pharmaceuticals "from us" do not produce anything more complicated than analgin.
        The loss of many international positions by Russia during the destruction of the USSR made it possible for the Opponents to take control of everything that the USSR occupied and, as a result, control the dependence of independent organizations.
  8. Knowing
    Knowing 24 July 2016 06: 58
    And of course about Obama Pururuberoidovich:
    .... Obama began his speech with condolences and solidarity with the German people, inviting Berlin, if necessary, to provide support in the fight against terrorism, since such tragedies are an encroachment on the common values ​​and freedoms of the Western world.- (at home, would sort it out)

    "We don't know exactly what's going on there, but our hearts are with those who may have suffered.", - he said. wink
    However, unexpectedly for journalists, Obama suddenly changed the subject and for some reason started talking about his daughter, wishing that children, starting adulthood, were leaving their father.

    Journalists were perplexed by such a jump from topic to topic and could hardly contain their laughter, to which Obama, embarrassedly justifying himself, said that he "takes it too personally."- the time of the "half-wax reign is coming to an end, I hope Psaki and Kirby (Kirby) will not leave ...
  9. tanit
    tanit 24 July 2016 07: 14
    The Alma-Ata shooter is not just a native of the Kzylorda region. He is from the city of Baikonur. And in the city, many would like to hold on to his throat. The rope.
  10. demchuk.ig
    demchuk.ig 24 July 2016 07: 16
    Here’s the truth, it’s a solid show of transvestites! And there’s no gap! In vain, Nikita probably didn’t give up the 150 megaton bomb.
  11. Alex_Tug
    Alex_Tug 24 July 2016 07: 17
    Some kind of slurred review turned out:
    - The media learned about the removal of the entire Russian team from the Olympics in Rio. This was to be expected regardless of Mutko's pant. He probably writes the program of the All-Russian Spartacids all night. By lunchtime, the media will begin to print the program.
    - The legendary T-34 tanks in Vietnam. This is an epoch-making event of the century, and not a week.
    - An active discussion on the topic of “confrontation” between NATO and Russia. Someone (did not remember) there in NATO said that Estonia is a suburb of St. Petersburg. Already a signal why we get involved in a fight. Russia also does not need this fight. It seems NATO believes that Estonia itself will be asked to Russia when Russian transit through its territory ceases.
    - Search for Turkish squadron. Here only the most lazy did not designate a rzhachka.
    Perhaps everything else on the topic.
    1. tanit
      tanit 24 July 2016 07: 41
      I do not agree. The review is normal and easy to understand. As, however, and always. Not everyone sits day and night on the VO resource. hi
    2. The comment was deleted.
  12. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 24 July 2016 07: 54
    If our entire team is removed, the IOC will lose the remnants of the credibility of an "independent organization".
  13. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 24 July 2016 08: 04
    Under the conditions of total pressure on Russia, a miracle did not happen ... the entire track and field team of Russia is removed from the 2016 Olympics.
    While black "wins". There was .41, but there was also .45.
  14. izya top
    izya top 24 July 2016 08: 17
    1. spech
      spech 24 July 2016 09: 35
      Hey citizen, you do not grieve there, you grieve here!

      And then democracy will fall on the head, you’ll be completely dead!
  15. Khariton
    Khariton 24 July 2016 09: 07
    Something stopped to minus me ... The gang is destroyed, as I understand it? drinks
    1. Smog
      Smog 24 July 2016 13: 53
      Or maybe Meehan calmed down ??? laughing
    2. Starik72
      Starik72 24 July 2016 14: 43
      Khariton.ONA went underground.
  16. Nymp
    Nymp 24 July 2016 09: 24
    Of the two evils, they choose the lesser, this is me about the coup in Turkey. Although Erdogan is a scoundrel, he nevertheless agreed to cooperate with Russia through an apology for the downed plane. How much you can trust this cooperation is another question! But behind the forces of the putschists were such pro-Western and American lobbies that it would have been even more difficult for Russia with them than with the punished “tomatoes” Erdogan.
  17. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 24 July 2016 09: 36
    Absurdity in a cube, or the whole world has gathered in a psychiatric hospital.
  18. Mentor
    Mentor 24 July 2016 09: 38
    Special operation "hole in the wall"

    The Olympic team of Belarus in canoeing was also qualified for the company. This was the only sport in which rowers took medals at all Olympiads.
  19. Gray brother
    Gray brother 24 July 2016 09: 44
    Special operation "hole in the wall"

    In fact, everything was wrong, there was no hole.
    Photo fact:
  20. tanit
    tanit 24 July 2016 09: 46
    Eh, Games of Goodwill ... Who has not played "air cushion"? Especially when she (the air cushion from Mozhaika) decided to smoke together? laughing
  21. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn 24 July 2016 10: 38
    "The Court of Arbitration for Sport does not allow our athletes to attend the Olympics in Rio" - an Englishman, an American and an Italian gathered for a get-together, although everything had been agreed in advance. Individual lawsuits, about the protection of honor and dignity, accusations of doping, this is slander, this was the reason why it was necessary to sue, and then, having a decision of the courts, you can talk about something, and it is the Ministry of Sports that must provide athletes with qualified lawyers who win the proceedings , everything else is chatting and playing in the territory of sharpers against sharpers.
  22. atamankko
    atamankko 24 July 2016 10: 42
    The article is good and understandable to ordinary people.
    Thanks to the authors, health and good luck in everything.
  23. rruvim
    rruvim 24 July 2016 12: 54
    Sport is business. Well, they pushed in the "athletes" ... Does the pensioner grandmother care?
    1. Penzyac
      Penzyac 24 July 2016 21: 59
      Quote: rruvim
      Sport is business. Well, they pushed in the "athletes" ... Does the pensioner grandmother care?

      Not all sport is business, there is still amateur sport, and pensioner grandmothers do not shy away from all sports, there are also such fans and even sportswomen - you never dreamed ...
  24. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 24 July 2016 14: 23
    Moscow. 24 July. INTERFAX.RU - All 387 athletes from Russia who must take part in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics will not be allowed to attend The International Olympic Committee because of allegations of support for doping at the state level, according to a source in The Daily Mail.
    Thus, the IOC intends to punish Russia for allegedly rigging the results of doping tests at the Olympics in Sochi. The newspaper notes that the IOC will make a decision of this scale for the first time in its history.
    In addition, the IOC intends to ban Russian athletes from participating in the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.
    1. I am human
      I am human 24 July 2016 14: 39
      The answer should be the accession of New Russia to Odessa and Transnistria, as well as the annexation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia ... But we need to be friends with China
      1. rruvim
        rruvim 24 July 2016 16: 33
        It is dangerous to be close friends with China, but it’s wonderful to direct them on the way (Taiwan)!
  25. Eastern wind
    Eastern wind 24 July 2016 14: 46
    Paranoia? No, the system.
    1. Red_Hamer
      Red_Hamer 24 July 2016 15: 24
      Russian athletes "without exception" under doping ... Tests in test tubes through a top-secret hole in the wall of RUSADA were taken away by a hairy hand with obvious signs of belonging to the FSB agent.
      The methods are the same! The contents of the tube are different.
      1. bk316
        bk316 25 July 2016 16: 46
        Quote: Red_Hamer
        The contents of the tube are different.

        And why do you think otherwise? laughing
  26. thinker
    thinker 24 July 2016 15: 29
    Tube analyzes through a top-secret hole in the RUSAD wall were taken by a hairy hand with clear signs of belonging to the FSB.
    1. rruvim
      rruvim 24 July 2016 16: 40
      Look at the names. Some Saxons. But let's not go to RIO, for the first time or what? We didn't go in 1984, and what of that? And in general, it's enough for our "athletes" to pay money. Plants without metallurgists and turners ...
  27. Mordvin
    Mordvin 24 July 2016 17: 45
    I propose in response to the IOC officially recognize that the Americans did not fly to the moon. Even if they flew ten times. Evidence is not difficult. And the phenomena are completely at the level of one order.
    1. Penzyac
      Penzyac 24 July 2016 22: 16
      Quote: Mordvin
      I propose in response to the IOC officially recognize that the Americans did not fly to the moon. Even if they flew ten times. Evidence is not difficult. And the phenomena are completely at the level of one order.

      It must be stated that the presumption of innocence cannot be applied to the Americans, we no longer believe them. Like, we have confidential informants, but you understand, we can’t say who they are ... The best defense is an attack. Let them justify themselves, and not prove - you’re sorry, you’re to blame yourself, they themselves have created a precedent ...
  28. Sergey333
    Sergey333 24 July 2016 17: 53
    Up to heavy-duty nano-air bombs with the function of broadcasting Nadezhda Babkina’s songs to the enemy’s subcortex.

    Well this super-sadistic weapon will turn out, animals wassat
  29. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 24 July 2016 18: 49
    The hegemon failed to disrupt the Olympics in Sochi, recouped on Russian athletes in RIO.
    Russia cannot integrate, the West will do everything to destroy us.
    The West acts like an ordinary self-made man: to sniff out, to cling, to distort, to blame, if there is no reason - to invent, to juggle.
    To live and develop normally,
    Russia should be above all: impeccable, strong, independent.
  30. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 24 July 2016 22: 34
    Thanks a lot for the review. It helps to think things over.
  31. desyatka
    desyatka 25 July 2016 09: 58
    Quote: I am human
    The answer should be the accession of New Russia to Odessa and Transnistria, as well as the annexation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia ..
    there’s not enough budget to feed everyone, Crimea will hang on subsidies until 2020. (no matter how apolitical it looks)
  32. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 25 July 2016 14: 38
    The author jokes finely: ,,, The fact that test tubes cannot be “different” by definition and that they cannot be opened without eliminating the integrity of the test tube itself, VAD, IOC and all sorts of the most honest in the world courts and arbitrations are on their side ... "
    If the author was friends with his head, he would try to collect more information on the doping scandal, for example, the report states:

    "The McLaren investigation showed that the Russians have learned to manipulate seals, that is, with the stoppers of urine containers, which usually cannot be opened without breaking the container. Russian engineers have undoubtedly found a way to leave almost no traces," Sogi said. He clarified that McLaren discovered these traces using rather expensive equipment, which the laboratories do not have. "
    that is, there is physical evidence of opening the containers and actually "caught red-handed"
    So, the author - quibble or not quibble, but messed up the whole country and none other than Mutko and his employer.
    I do not remember such a shame in the days of the USSR!
    1. bk316
      bk316 25 July 2016 16: 42
      Quote: DimerVladimer
      He clarified that McLaren discovered these traces using rather expensive equipment, which the laboratories do not have. "

      No, mister vadalist. It would be if McLaren
      -explained how tubes can be opened;
      -what equipment is needed for this;
      - He showed that it (equipment) leaves exactly what traces;
      - indicated the possibility of the existence of equipment in Russia;
      This would be a proof, but now it is in its pure form a repetition of "Powell's test tube"

      And now a question for you, are you so far from the process of proving something (from theorems to guilt) that you call it "physical evidence" or just a liberal who wandered into VO from the ear of matzo?

      In the first case, I would like to inform you that references to higher powers in the form of "elusive FSB agents", "brilliant Russian engineers", "unique mechanisms" are not accepted as evidence either in science or in court.
      1. DimerVladimer
        DimerVladimer 26 July 2016 13: 34
        Quote: bk316
        No, mister vadalist. It would be if McLaren
        -explained how tubes can be opened;
        -what equipment is needed for this;
        - He showed that it (equipment) leaves exactly what traces;
        - indicated the possibility of the existence of equipment in Russia;
        This would be a proof, but now it is in its pure form a repetition of "Powell's test tube"

        And now a question for you, are you so far from the process of proving something (from theorems to guilt) that you call it "physical evidence" or just a liberal who wandered into VO from the ear of matzo?

        In the first case, I would like to inform you that references to higher powers in the form of "elusive FSB agents", "brilliant Russian engineers", "unique mechanisms" are not accepted as evidence either in science or in court.

        Temper your verbal flow ..
        My dear - you do not understand the elementary? It is enough to prove that there are traces of autopsy on containers, this is called - CAPTURE IN THE FACE, if you are unfamiliar with the forensic terms.
        And such traces were found and if it is published, then there is irrefutable evidence of an autopsy and only on Russian containers (the second copies of which are sent and stored in WADA.
        1. Vasilij Pereira
          Vasilij Pereira 12 December 2016 21: 22
          As far as I know from experience in taking samples, they are taken in several copies. This means that the reliability of the sample can be proven by proving the identity of the contents in all copies. As for the "scratches" on the containers that cast doubt on the contents, then this is outright idiocy! In military terms: an attempt to "roll away" from the draft into the army, ruining his own military ID! Take and scratch containers with samples of Russian athletes and, on this basis, claim that the contents are suspicious! The purest forgery! Moreover, if there is any suspicion of doping, the last arbitration samples should be opened and analyzed in the presence of the athletes themselves! As part of a person's urine, there is always something that is unique to him alone!
  33. Vasilij Pereira
    Vasilij Pereira 12 December 2016 21: 11
    As for doping. It sounds strange to say that "non-doping" athletes achieve the same results as "doping" ones !? And it seems that smart and educated people reason? I am a techie and if they told me that they managed to break the record of a jet plane on a propeller plane, I would spit on the physics of such a "fair" one! I think that at the present time, the point is no longer in the doping itself, but in the methods of concealing or disguising its use!