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Pirate Atlantis

Pirate Atlantis

346 years ago, 18 July 1670, the signing of the Madrid Peace Treaty, which concluded the six-year Anglo-Spanish war, took place. In accordance with this agreement, the island of Jamaica moved from the Spaniards to the British, almost by 300 for years, becoming a British possession. From this day began the short period of heyday of Port Royal, the largest city of Jamaica at that time, which became a quarter of a century not only the official capital of the colony, but also the unofficial capital of the pirates of the Caribbean, and also, according to his contemporaries, "one of the most depraved on the ground".

In Port Royal, British corsairs were based, robbing Spanish galleons with gold and silver in South America. In wartime, they did it with the legal consent of the local authorities, and in peacetime - with the illegal. In the same place, in Port Royal, very clearly shown in the famous movie about Jack Sparrow, gentlemen of fortune squandered, lost, drank and lowered prey to prostitutes so that, having spent everything, go to a new foray. It is not surprising that life in the town was fun, romantic and adventurous, although not suitable for everyone.

However, 7 June 1692, all of a sudden ended in a terrible earthquake, which, naturally, was perceived as God's punishment to the nest of vice and its inhabitants mired in mortal sins. As a result of the earthquake and the powerful tsunami that followed it, almost two thirds of the city went under water, and not a single building survived in the remaining territory. About the strength of the tsunami says the fact that more than 20 ships stationed in the city bay, drowned, or were cast ashore, and the 32-gun frigate "Swan" threw on the roof of a two-story stone building.

Of the six and a half thousand permanent residents of Port Royal, at least three thousand were killed in a few minutes. More than two thousand more died in the coming days and weeks from injuries, hunger and thirst. But the survivors confirmed their reputation of the inveterate scoundrels, having lived well on marauding.

Gradually, Port Royal, whose area was greatly reduced, began to rebuild and revive the old order, but after 11 years it was again destroyed, only this time not by water, but by fire. A huge fire, which arose for an unknown reason, burned everything that had been restored by that time. However, pirates are stubborn people. Using the slave labor of the blacks, they once again revived their capital, but it was as if the curse really lay on the city. In 1728, a new fire broke out, raging for three days and again turning Port Royal into smoking ruins. No one considered the number of victims, and the survivors seemed to believe that God himself opposed the existence of this city. It was no longer rebuilt, and the capital of Jamaica was moved to Kingston, where it still remains.

On the screen saver - a picture of the South African artist Sarela Terona "Pirate Ship".

Map of Port Royal before the earthquake. The city stood on a long, expanding cape. Hatching marks areas that have not gone under the water, and dense hatching marks quarters standing on high ground and not washed away by the tsunami.

The earthquake in Port Royal on ancient engraving. The moment when the wave has not yet covered the city is depicted.

Modern design with the same storyline. It can be seen how the soil near the shore cracks and slips into layers in water.

Ruins of Port Royal after the earthquake. On the left is a partially surviving city lighthouse. Now he has nothing left.
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  1. Max_Bauder
    Max_Bauder 23 July 2016 06: 42
    Yes, the film was interesting, albeit far from reality. smile

  2. Dobrogneva
    Dobrogneva 23 July 2016 06: 45
    The British queen stated that she was ready to award with special letters and knighthoods to those leaders of ISIS (Daesh) and Djibhatannusra (I don’t know how to spell it) that “they serve to promote the influence of the British Crown on the planet,” the end of the quote, it’s a joke, when that the statement was made publicly, in the circle of Lords, where even the prime minister is not allowed to go, even after the initiation of the pig (!), but the CIA knows everything and receives information about the British monarchs from MI-6 (Bond's former place of work, before he CIA recruited, British intelligence). Despite the fact that any kulhacker-schoolboy is able to steal data from the CIA themselves. From the abyss of the Internet: “The campaign there in Britain generally lost touch with the reality of the elite, and after all, the country in NATO has four nuclear submarines with ICBMs similar to American ones (the United States sells nuclear weapons to Britain and considers this normal, can we also arm them with nuclear weapons, say ... Mexico? And what, Mexico does not have the right to protect its sovereignty and deterrence of the United States?) ”This is what, here, eaten by the Ban-goat (there is one in the LJ located on the American servers), the user of a live magazine uploaded a video with sound and scans of documents, including from we all know very well that they patented AIDS and Ebola in the United States, but now they are seriously concerned about the copyright to slander their media about Russia (epic schiz!), that is, one American channel with CNN and Washington Post are suing they thought quietly for the right to place their notes on Russia in British textbooks on modern history ... What next?
    1. Beefeater
      Beefeater 23 July 2016 09: 48
      What are you talking about?
      USA does not sell nuclear weapons to England.
      Patent for AIDS and Ebola. From this place can be more?
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 23 July 2016 08: 31
    Yes, the famous city .. From Port Royal, Henry Morgan attacked Panama, Portobelo and Maracaibo.
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 23 July 2016 08: 59
      And his descendants are the richest people in the United States.
  4. Cat
    Cat 23 July 2016 08: 48
    Swords, sails and waves are the dream of every boy!
  5. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 23 July 2016 08: 56
    On the site of the destroyed Port Royal, lovers of treasures, both locals and visitors, “frolicked” at full speed. Now, however, its ruins have been declared "archaeological value" and "territory closed from illegal excavations", but this does not help much - "black archaeologists" are doing everything there and now.
  6. Beefeater
    Beefeater 23 July 2016 10: 00
    However, Port Royal was not the mecca for pirates. In fact, the period described was a sunset of the pirate movement and a saga with the participation of Jack Sparrow would be simply impossible.
    The navies of the advanced powers were too strong.
    The heyday of the pirate movement was a hundred years before. During the time of Elizabeth I. The pirates of those times created a quasi-state in Madagascar, robbed Spanish gold caravans ... that was a big deal.
    1. Turkir
      Turkir 23 July 2016 11: 40
      However, Port Royal was not a mecca for pirates.

      That's right - Tortuga.
  7. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 23 July 2016 10: 25
    The history of another "capital" of the pirates of Tortuga is no less interesting:
    1. Alex
      Alex 23 July 2016 15: 10
      Sabatini has a series about Captain Blood. That would be something to film, I think Jack Sparrow would nervously smoke on the sidelines.
      1. Mountain shooter
        Mountain shooter 23 July 2016 15: 34
        So our film was shot quite well. Really did not see?
        1. Alex
          Alex 23 July 2016 17: 18
          Quote: Mountain Shooter
          So our film was shot quite well. Really did not see?

          To my shame, no. Reset the name, I'll see if I can frolic with my grandchildren ...
      2. Retvizan
        Retvizan 23 July 2016 17: 01
        Rafael, mostly about Tortuga. The local French governor did a lot of things for privateering against the Spaniards. But Port Royal is mentioned. However, not like the pirate capital, but the headquarters of the English colonial squadron.
        They bring down a little people. To summarize, Port Royal is the capital of English privateers. And Tortuga is French. Both were controlled by the colonial authorities of France and England.
        Interesting article (especially the finale) Earthquakes in the Caribbean are frequent (even the nature of the islands testifies to this) The latter incidentally was in Haiti even with our memory (their large)
        As for the film, anyway, if it were filmed on a grand scale, Pirates of the Caribbean, yes. Generally the best book about pirates for me. The film with Jack, for some reason, was exactly what Sabatini looked like. Although Jack is far from the Irish ... and Arabella.
        1. Alex
          Alex 23 July 2016 17: 28
          Quote: Retvizan
          As for the film, anyway, if it were filmed on a grand scale, Pirates of the Caribbean, yes. Generally the best book about pirates for me. The film with Jack, for some reason, was exactly what Sabatini looked like. Although Jack is far from the Irish ... and Arabella.

          Well, this is understandable: childhood memories are the most persistent and vivid, and the book was written with interest (I would even say, with love), excellent translation, beautiful images (Blood, Pitt, Bishop, d'Espinoza, Wolverston and, of course , Arabella), so the associations are automatic, although Sparrow is, of course, a good banter.

          At a slightly older age, I read another great book: R. Shtilmark. "Heir from Calcutta". It is also written brightly and with such details that it seems that the author himself was there.

          All right
          Quote: Kotischa
          Swords, sails and waves are the dream of every boy!
          It’s hard to beat the romance of a sail, a deck gun and a whistle of wind in gear with something else, except armadillos, some kind of ocean mastodons: extinct and majestic.

          Thanks to the author, added a little romance to our site!
          1. Retvizan
            Retvizan 23 July 2016 18: 08
            Rafael still has (Columbus) about Cristobal Cologne-well written. Also with a love line a sailor is his girlfriend. Also very interesting and informative.
            About Captain Blood's Odyssey. Modern technology makes it possible to make very good films with the participation of ships of that era. Moments of the "Piraa KM" were very reminiscent of the "Odyssey", but Blood's cunning in Maracaibo, the cunning when entering between 2 ships of Espinoza (as far as you remember, a similar maneuver in Pirates ended with the death of the flagship between them, and according to Blood's logic, they would have shot each other)
            Fight of "Arabella" with the flagship of the French and Elizabeth with Medusa ... there is so much bright and memorable one could be shot in a moment ...
            And Latin words of Blood are also a banter ... only highly cultured .. very much more reasonable than Jack banter ... although he likes the audience.
            1. Alex
              Alex 23 July 2016 20: 50
              When I was already more seriously studying the history of the fleet, I noticed quite a few analogies. For example,
              Quote: Retvizan
              Blood's trick in Maracaibo
              somewhat reminded of the Chesme battle, when most of the fleet was killed by a fire caused by a fire-ship. True, the imaginary "landing" of the landing is a masterpiece, until an explanation appeared in the text, he bought it himself.

              when entering between 2 ships of the Espinosa
              something slightly resembles Kazarsky's maneuvers during the famous battle of the "Mercury".

              And Latin sayings of Blood
              Well then, the pirate gentleman, however ...
          2. urman
            urman 1 July 2017 01: 57
            That book was written by order of the owner, that is, the head of the camp.
            Did not know?
  8. code54
    code54 23 July 2016 15: 58
    Interesting article. I did not know such details!
  9. 2005 Aleksey
    2005 Aleksey 23 July 2016 22: 34
    Reminds Bristol. yes
  10. Molot1979
    Molot1979 3 October 2016 12: 44
    It would be nice to write about another pirate Mecca, with which it all began in the Caribbean - about Tortug, where the French pirates were based. There the story was no less interesting.