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Without family (about Ana Mirgorodska)

This girl, the heroine of the Great Patriotic War is often called Anya Mirgorodskaya. And yet - Anna Mirgorodskaya. Patronymic in the Internet sources can not be found. You look at the photo - really, very young, Anya, Anya!

But this is a young mother. Wife, daughter in law. Tractor driver Khitrovskoy MTS. A young ëchanka who lost all her relatives in the war: her husband, mother, mother-in-law and twin children ...

So, Anya worked as a tractor driver. Was on the farm on a very good account. I never ran away from work, did not divide time into public and private. I drove not only a tractor, but also a car, and even a motorcycle. She lived with her husband, mother-in-law and babies. And although the time, as I said, Anna did not share, but my mother was very good and caring. She sewed clothes for kids. She loved to tell fairy tales that she composed on the go. Often in these fairy tales a certain evil giant appeared who took away from people either grain, land, or water. But good, of course, always won. And although the twins did not really understand the meaning, they listened with pleasure to my mother’s singing voice ...

The war began. Anya accompanied her husband to the front and realized that she could not stay home herself. Take a break from the story. Recently, in one talk show I heard an opinion: they said, young mothers of children were abandoned during the war years, they forgot their maternal duty, they were torn to fight everything. It was at that moment that I thought about Ana. And about Marina Marutaeva (I already wrote about her here). And about many, many young mothers who went to the front. No, not yielding to the emotions they left, “abandoning the children”. They took away the death of children. And it is not known when the war would have ended if there were no thousands and thousands of such people in our army, “having abandoned children”, Anya, Mash, Marin, Tatian and many, many others ...

But back in that fiery year. So, in the very first military autumn, Anya herself came to the Chekists and asked to be a scout. Here, in the Zadonsk intelligence school, Anna learned how to shoot perfectly, mastered the subversive work, conspiracy. It took less than a month to study - everything had to be done very quickly, because the enemy was approaching Lipetsk land. As if an evil giant who decided to take away the Motherland from people ...

The first task: to mine the road Izmalkovo-Krasnozerskoye (in some sources - Krasnoozerskoye). Ready for subversive group. The conductor - Anna Mirgorodskaya, because these are her native places, she is perfectly oriented.

With the task group coped brilliantly. It was November, the trees have already flown. But Anya knew the places where red oaks grow, which are known to lose their foliage in the deep autumn, and sometimes they stand with wrinkled leaves all winter, as if autumn forgot to blow them away with the wind. It was through such groves that the group advanced.

The road was blown up, and along with it - four Nazi trucks with ammunition and soldiers.

The second task for Anna was the mining of the Orel-Mtsensk highway section. And the girl coped with him: her group undermined five enemy vehicles. Less than a week, Anna and her partner again went to this part of the route, this time on their own initiative. They blew up three bridges, the girl also destroyed traffic signs.

Without family (about Ana Mirgorodska)On December 4, Anna performed a new task in the village of Golubevka - reconnoitering the situation. She was hiding behind one of the rural houses when she saw a terrible picture: the Nazis dragged a wounded Soviet commander into the street. They interrogated him, but he refused to answer questions. Then the Germans began to stab the Red Army with bayonets for every refusal: they pierced through their hands and feet, trying to nail to the ground. To see this atrocity and to leave - no ... Anya threw a grenade at the enemies, the second. She laid down eight soldiers, but she could not leave. She was seized, leaving the commander alone for a while. They brought me to the hut, began to interrogate. It would probably have come to torture, but at that moment our aviation. The Germans ran out of the hut in panic. And the hostess, taking advantage of this, hid Anna under the stove. There, the girl lay for several days and nights, afraid to breathe so as not to give herself away. Fortunately, it worked out: the Elets offensive operation soon began (and by December 18, the territory of the Lipetsk Territory had already been completely cleared of the Nazis). That commander also escaped: during the raid, he found the strength to flee.

Anya returned to her unit again. She continued to fight, and at the end of 1942, she was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

Fighting roads took Anna to the Bryansk land; she fought on the Kursk Bulge. Returning from the next task (the girl delivered the documents to the front commander), Anna stumbled upon the fascists by the Kshen River. A battle ensued, the scout seriously wounded in the leg and shoulder. Miraculously, she was able to get away from the Germans, but there was no strength to move on. The girl lay more than a day almost unconscious. But luck smiled at her again: they found her.

Hospital, the struggle for life, the long-awaited recovery and vacation in his native Elec. And here...

Empty, looted apartment. Blood on the walls and on the floor is fascists stabbed the twins with bayonets. A terrible, bitter irony: Anna saved the Soviet commander from this fate. But she could not save the little ones and her mother-in-law. And no incident at the time of their death brought the same intelligence officer here to fight with the beasts and save the life of the children and the elderly woman ...

But even this grief was not the last for Anna. The war took away her husband.

Anna, already gray-haired, went back to the front again - to avenge the enemies for the lost happiness. Her further combat path is known very meagerly: she survived, went through the whole war. The family was no more.
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  1. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 21 July 2016 06: 34
    Hello Sophia! I am very glad to learn about the Heroes of the Soviet People from your stories. Thank you very much for writing about that time.
  2. EvgNik
    EvgNik 21 July 2016 06: 45
    A bow to the earth to you, Sophia, for preserving the memory of the past. A bit clumsy, but from the heart.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 21 July 2016 07: 44
    No, not giving in to emotions, they left, "abandoning the children." They led away death from children. ..How's that right ... Thanks, Sophia ...
    1. Koshak
      Koshak 21 July 2016 17: 03
      Quote: parusnik
      They led death from children

      Like birds from a nest ... hi love
  4. Black cat
    Black cat 21 July 2016 10: 05
    Article about the Great Man. And there are all kinds of talk shows and the like - to drive a filthy broom!
  5. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 21 July 2016 14: 12
    During the time that there were no publications of yours, Sophia, I really missed the socialist world that you are talking about, and worried why you are not writing. Today, later I will send you a letter in PM. I will also write a letter to Evgeny Nikolaevich a little later. I am thinking over the texts of letters. Best regards.
  6. Sofia
    21 July 2016 15: 42
    Thank you, dear forum users! There is still a lot ahead, because very, very many destinies are still little known. It would be nice if here, on the portal, more stories gathered about the people who defended us. So I will work. Thank!
  7. Kotyara Fat
    Kotyara Fat 21 July 2016 20: 13
    A strong woman ... And someone is surprised, why do Russians remember, why didn’t they forget? They didn’t forget that! To forget is to betray those girls ... Those guys ... You’ll forget the fuck! And those with whom they fought, too, forget the hell! Do not wait! That they have a short memory.