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New Iran Submarines

Iranian Navy 8 August 2010 adopted four new diesel-electric submarines (diesel-electric submarines) of the Ghadir class. As Defense News reported, the submarine Iranian fleet has increased to 11 units of this class. The first Ghadir class diesel-electric submarines were adopted by Iran in 2007 and were built on the basis of the North Korean Yono class ships.

Earlier, the Iranian military said that these diesel-electric submarines are designed to perform operations near the coast and in shallow water, mainly in the Persian Gulf. Boats, according to the Iranian Navy, are designed using stealth technology. Ghadir submarines have a small mass (about 120 t) and a displacement of up to 115 t. Presumably they have two torpedo tubes and are intended mainly for the transfer of assault forces, mining and reconnaissance missions.

Now underwater fleet Iran, in addition to Ghadir, includes three Soviet submarines, Project 877 Halibut, purchased in early 1990, and the Iranian Nahang, received in 2006. In 2008, Iran began construction of a new Qaem submarine capable of solving combat missions in the open sea. Presumably, she is capable of using rockets and torpedoes.

New Iran Submarines

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