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Greece is torn between NATO and Russia

In some mass media, both in Russian and in Western ones, they write that Greece can almost ignore the interests of NATO allies, not to mention the sanctions, if only to get closer to Russia. In fact, Greece is the oldest member of NATO (since 1952), and its government has recently confirmed that it will be in solidarity with the alliance. Therefore, analysts' assertions that the friendship of Greece with Russia can allegedly undermine the unity of the North Atlantic alliance seems doubtful.

Recall that at the end of May 2016, following negotiations in Athens, Russia and Greece signed a package of documents, including a bilateral political declaration on partnership. Also, notes RIA News", a memorandum of understanding was adopted in the field of interregional cooperation between the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Greek Foreign Ministry. A "road map" of the development of Russian-Greek relations in the field of agriculture was also signed. In addition, two states have adopted a joint tourism action program for 2016-2018.

However, we can add that this entire package of declarations and memorandums does not mean that Athens set out to closely approach Moscow against the will of the EU, and especially NATO. It is ridiculous to even think that Greece, which is one of the oldest members of NATO (joined the 18 military unit in February 1952 of the year, by the way, along with Turkey), suddenly trample against the will of the alliance. Yes, in the past Athens had frictions with the alliance: in August 1974, the Cyprus crisis worsened, and the Greek Prime Minister, Mr. Karamanlis, announced the withdrawal of the state from the military organization. According to him, at that time NATO was not able to prevent a conflict between Turkey and Greece. However, everything quickly ended: the Greeks forgot about their anti-NATO and, to some extent, anti-Western demarche, and in 1980, in the year of the Olympics in the USSR, Greece returned to membership in the military organization of NATO. In recent years, the complications of NATO and the EU with Russia, from sanctions and counter-sanctions to the new Cold War, have by no means caused Greece to renounce membership in the alliance. On the contrary, her government is now publicly announcing support for NATO’s anti-Russian initiatives, albeit with reservations.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the recent NATO summit said that Athens did not agree with the arguments of NATO regarding the Russian Federation, and nevertheless show solidarity with the allies, based on reciprocal solidarity. This told the correspondent RIA News" unnamed source on the sidelines of the last summit.

“We can disagree with all the arguments of our allies about how to deal with Russia and its position. But we show solidarity with the problems of our allies, as we should. However, we also expect that there will be solidarity regarding our own security concerns, ”the source of Mr. Tsipras said.

He also noted that security in Europe is impossible without Russia: “From whatever point of view, no one can see security is unthinkable without Russia. It is part of this problem, but at the same time it cannot but be part of the solution. Deterrence must be accompanied by a strong and constructive dialogue with Russia in order to avoid erroneous assessments and unnecessary escalation. ”

Clear statements by Tsipras about the "solidarity" of Greece with the problems of NATO allies do not prevent some members of the press from arguing that Greece "can put a knife in the back of NATO for the sake of friendship with Russia" (quote from the title of the article on "Reedus").

The publication cites the opinion of the Greek - Athenian journalist Afanasis Avgerinos. The people of Hellas, he believes, feel much more friendliness on the part of Moscow than on the part of their formal allies. “Regardless of which government is in power in Greece, socialist or conservative, the Greeks themselves do not remove the question: why and against whom are we friends with the Atlantic alliance, what do American military bases do, for example, in Crete?” .

"Western commentators, who were alarmed because of the good relations between Tsipras and Putin, simply do not know well history- continues the Greek. - Greece withdrew from the military organization of NATO precisely in order not to be comrades in arms with the Turks. As a nation, we don’t really understand why our country provides its territory and airspace for air strikes against Iraq or Libya, with which Athens has always had good relations. ”

The opinion of society in Greece without any “Kremlin propaganda,” the article notes, is more than cool about the “allies,” primarily Turkey and then the United States.

What is “solidarity” with the allies, about which Tsipras spoke? For some reason, the Greek journalist did not explain this.

Not only in Greece, they talk about strong ties with Russia and weakening alliance with NATO.

In an American magazine "The National Interest" An article by the Paris consultant on EU affairs, Henri Stanek (Henry Stanek), was published, in which we are talking about a friendship between Athens and Moscow that could allegedly undermine the unity of the North Atlantic alliance.

Against the background of the ongoing economic crisis and tensions associated with the cost-saving program, the Greek government of Tsipras has formed “surprisingly close ties with the Kremlin,” the expert notes.

Greece is an "active member of NATO." That is why the adoption of the "Greek embrace" of Russia was perceived by many as a flick on the nose to European creditors of Athens. For the Russians, the author further recalls, Greece is one of those several EU member states (along with Hungary, Cyprus and the Czech Republic) where political opposition to the sanctions regime against Moscow is possible. Given the importance of Greece’s geostrategic position and the role it can play in enforcing the sanctions regime on Russia, the EU and NATO should make Athens a special priority: let it be Greece, the “birthplace of democracy”, and restrains Russia's influence.

In the meantime, the international community is concerned about how “Syriza”, since it came to power in Greece, “embraces Vladimir Putin.”

The two countries, the expert notes, have deep historical and Orthodox religious ties. In addition, there are close relations between members of the Syriza party and political and business elites in Russia. In May, Putin visited Greece in the hope of concluding agreements on trade, investment, energy, and transport. All this "worries" the West.

Cooperation between Greece and Russia raises concerns about Europe’s ability to support economic sanctions against Russia. The publication notes that the government Tsipras "reluctantly agreed to sanctions." According to the expert, such “suffered” compliance with the sanctions regime cannot last for a long time. Russia is strengthening its strategic ties with Greece and other “dissatisfied members of the EU”. The author is confident that Moscow intends to “split the bloc” and urge member states to loosen or stop sanctions (after all, the decision to extend requires the unanimity of EU members).

To stop the sanctions extended every 6 months, Greece, this “failed EU state,” the author ironically, has the opportunity to use the veto. As a result, the sanctions will be blocked.

And even participating in the sanctions regime, Greece “is looking for loopholes for the export of agricultural products to Russia,” recalls Stanek.

The main factor stimulating Russia's interest in Greece is the country's strategic position in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, the Paris expert believes. For Europe, the topic of migrants is important.

The Greek "drift into the arms of Russia" forces the West to think about the "dark horse" in NATO.

Stanek discusses the likelihood of Greece’s withdrawal from the North Atlantic Treaty. True, the analyst immediately calls this turn of affairs “extreme.” And yet "Syriza" (in the amount of one parliamentarian, the author speaks maliciously) has previously spoken about this. Moscow’s close ties with Athens could contribute to the projection of Moscow’s power and undermine the unity of the NATO bloc “at a critical moment,” the expert believes.

So what does Stanek offer to counteract such intentions of Athens? The expert believes that in order to prevent the influence of Russia on Greece, NATO and the EU need to restore relations with Athens, provide the Greeks with “favorable terms for debt payments” and recall the “advantages of NATO membership”.

Otherwise, given the geostrategic significance of Greece, “the hostility of Athens to Brussels could undermine the solidarity of the bloc and weaken efforts to curb aggression from Russia”.

* * *

So, “pro-Russian” Greece is the last thing the North Atlantic Alliance can allow. This is what the European experts, irritated by the “aggression from Russia”, are interpreting. If Greece goes on about Putin, which is very much feared in Brussels, then the solidarity of both NATO and the EU will be undermined. The day is not far away when Athens realizes the right of veto during the next vote on the extension of anti-Russian sanctions.

However, so far Mr. Tsipras has not shown himself in the field of "confrontation" with NATO ideals. On the contrary, he expresses due "solidarity" with the problems of NATO allies. Greece also gently supports EU sanctions against Moscow, despite a number of difficulties in its own agriculture. While nothing says about the upcoming change in the position of Greece on this issue. "Knife in the back of NATO for the sake of friendship with Russia" - fantastic fabrications of journalists.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 21 July 2016 06: 03
    Yes, you can stand for a long time. But we are not in a hurry. There is no need to push, the situation is developing in the right direction. Even 2 years ago there was nothing like this.
    1. Aleksander
      Aleksander 21 July 2016 06: 40
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      But we are not in a hurry. No need to push, the situation is developing in the right direction

      Greece is completely dependent on Western money, so nothing really positive is to be expected.
      But in the case of a serious upheaval, when the question arises, or-or, then, I think, he and Turkey and England in the same rang were liberated, as history shows.
      1. 34 region
        34 region 21 July 2016 06: 47
        Alexander! 06.40. And why are they not breaking down now? Where's the bucking? Or are the reins taut? Let's say it bucks. How long will their economy last? Or will it be suicide? It is not for nothing that during the collectivization of the EU countries they distinguished between the spheres of production. Under independent politics, they are more likely to die than survive.
        1. Temples
          Temples 21 July 2016 07: 35
          NATO does not protect the state.
          Membership in NATO only obliges to be against the Russians.
          The very meaning of the existence of NATO is the fight against the Russians. ALL!!! Nothing more!!!

          An example of the "Cyprus crisis" - a part of the territory was chopped off from Greece. NATO in the house.
          An example of a coup in Turkey - chop off the whole country. NATO in the house.

          The Greeks and Turks have a territorial conflict.
          Which does not prevent them from joining NATO.
          The brawl does not matter in the general struggle with the Russians.

          Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at a recent NATO summit said Athens disagrees with NATO’s arguments regarding Russia

          This is all noodles.
          Rather, the game is a tough guy for the Greeks and his boyfriend for the Russians.
          Provided that the Greeks and Russian idiots.
          This is the true face of Tsipras - he considers people to be idiots.

          It is necessary to communicate with such people - they are the leaders of a country that officially declares opposition to the Russians by its membership in NATO.
          Enemies need to know and study.
          But you can’t believe such things. As if the media did not work out friendship.
          All this applies specifically to the leadership of Greece.
          They make a decision.
          1. Al1977
            Al1977 21 July 2016 10: 22
            Quote: Temples
            An example of a coup in Turkey - chop off the whole country. NATO in the house.

            Should NATO fit the aircraft carriers? Do not confuse warm with soft. Moreover, Erdogan had already made a remark to Kerry when he was in Moscow that it was possible to fly out of NATO this way.
            And as for the obligation to be against the Russians ... We have good relations, at least before Ukraine, with many Western countries. Many European manufacturers built factories in Russia. You live in a world of black and white colors. In addition to the military, who want war, there are other people in governments.
            1. andrew42
              andrew42 21 July 2016 19: 30
              There are no black-and-white colors in relation to Russia-NATO. There is white paint, which is trying to paint a, created exclusively against Russia. And against no matter what kind of Russia - red, tricolor, gray-brown-raspberry. NATO was originally created as an anti-Russian military force propping up the occupation forces in West Germany and the "temporarily non-aligned" armed forces of the FRG being created there. Initially led by the United States and Britain. Initially, in conjunction with the plans for the "atomization of the USSR" developed since 1946. In my opinion, 70 years should be enough to realize this, especially in the absence of "class contradictions" at the interstate level in modern times.
            2. the villain
              the villain 21 July 2016 22: 33
              Quote: Al1977
              Moreover, Erdogan had already made a remark to Kerry when he was in Moscow that it was possible to fly out of NATO in this way.

              It is believed that Turkey will not be let out of NATO by any carcass or scarecrow, because control over the straits would ... lose in that case.
          2. Lyubopyatov
            Lyubopyatov 21 July 2016 13: 44
            Correct thoughts and conclusions of Mr. Khramov. Even in the "homeland of democracy" the people do not decide anything, and everyone survives alone. The same situation is in Serbia, Montenegro. Especially in the post-Soviet "states" against the background of inactivity and saw cut in Rossotrudnichestvo of Mr. Kosachev.
          3. Talgat
            Talgat 21 July 2016 17: 37
            Quote: Temples
            It's all noodles

            I agree with the Temple

            Let me give you one more reason: We all remember there is such a science of geopolitics - and just the British with the Amers in it are masters with their Mahan and Mackinder. There is Europe - and there is Eurasia. And Europe is now in tandem with the Amers, England and world rulers. And for thousands of years Europe has been attacking Eurasia in one form or another - this is their eternal "drang nach osten" - from Rome to Napoleon and Hitler.

            The Greeks are Europe - and you can’t get anywhere from this. And Orthodoxy can and does help to establish at least some kind of cultural ties - but talking about union or friendship is unrealistic. All the same, this is a strange world - civilization. Moreover - the world is an adversary

            And our world is Eurasia, the basis of which is the Russian people (in this segment of history), and the center and foundation of its historical territory is primarily multinational Russia with Kazakhstan and Mongolia
            1. andrew42
              andrew42 21 July 2016 19: 39
              From the point of view of ethnogenesis and migration of peoples, Western Europe (west of the Rhine) has always been the settlements of the Eurasian civilization (Race). Erbins (carriers of haplogroup R1b) do not like the Eastern ancestral home at the genetic level. An evil feeling of one's own "exclusiveness", requiring periodic sobering up with the help of another Attila.
              1. Beard
                Beard 22 July 2016 08: 19
                Quote: andrew42
                From the point of view of ethnogenesis and migration of peoples, Western Europe (west of the Rhine) has always been the settlements of the Eurasian civilization (Race). Erbins (carriers of haplogroup R1b) do not like the Eastern ancestral home at the genetic level. An evil feeling of one's own "exclusiveness", requiring periodic sobering up with the help of another Attila.

                Pour me a little.
          4. helicop-man
            helicop-man 22 July 2016 00: 14
            The Greeks of Tsipras call in Russian SSykas) Type, he promised, but he didn’t. So the Greeks in August 15th told me)
      2. alexmach
        alexmach 21 July 2016 09: 36
        Greece is an occasion for political speculation no more. You can count on support only from countries that are able to pursue at least some degree of independent policy (here a new gas pipeline to Germany is being built - what is not support), nothing can come of it with colonies and puppets.

        Another thing is that in both NATO and the EU there are certain contradictions and these contradictions must be used.
      3. helicop-man
        helicop-man 22 July 2016 00: 11
        Was a year ago in Zakynthos. Fuckingly beautiful island and water. In reality, the mentality of the locals is similar to our outback - yes, the EU closed the tuyeva heap of small factories for olives, mini-preservation, and winemaking. All that is released is online, internally. At the same time they spit on the government, but are fatalistic about reality request
    2. Sergey39
      Sergey39 21 July 2016 06: 51
      The first exit is Turkey, then we wait for Greece.
      1. inkass_98
        inkass_98 21 July 2016 07: 28
        You have to wait a long time, about the same as their (Turks) accession to the EU.
        Until there is a collapse of NATO from above, from the States, it is foolish to hope that the organization will undermine from below.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 21 July 2016 06: 52
      Hmmm. The Greeks' head is torn between - to make money on South Stream from Russia, or to pay cash for NATO in Brussels.
      1. vlad_vlad
        vlad_vlad 21 July 2016 12: 19
        sibiralt (7) RU Today, 06:52 ↑ New
        Hmmm. The Greeks' head is torn between - to make money on South Stream from Russia, or to pay cash for NATO in Brussels.

        And these breaks go on all topics. Tsipras at the same time:
        - takes loans and against them,
        - convenes a referendum and ignores its results
        - curses the capitalists and covers the Greek oligarchs hiding money in Switzerland

        in short, the partner that is necessary. You can not go to the circus - Tsipras will deliver for free.
        1. Anglorussian
          Anglorussian 22 July 2016 00: 24
          You can not go to the circus - Tsipras will deliver for free
          Just Germany pays for this circus. And not a little.
    4. Andrey K
      Andrey K 21 July 2016 07: 23
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      Yes, you can stand for a long time. But we are not in a hurry. There is no need to push, the situation is developing in the right direction. Even 2 years ago there was nothing like this.

      I disagree with you. It is useless to push Greece somewhere or wait "by the sea for the weather." The Greeks are pursuing a very pragmatic policy and trivially playing on the contradictions between NATO and Russia, between the EU and Russia. It is not torn between NATO and Russia, it didn’t even think about it. Tsipras came to Putin, whistled on camera about friendship, culture, tourism ... All this is true, but literally a day later, in the orderly ranks of the EU, he voted against Russia. He didn't even open his mouth to say something for the same friendship, culture and tourism ...
      And 2 years ago, and 10 and 20 years ago ... Everything was the same - for domestic consumption the Greek elite with Orthodox brothers from Russia, and for the European elite - "approvals" ...
      The Greeks will not jump off the euro hook anywhere; they hold them very tightly (especially German banks) by the bells.
      And all these "expert" ones: "surprisingly close ties with the Kremlin", "reluctantly agreed to sanctions," "pro-Russian" Greece is the purest water of the order, lulling vigilance or an attempt to pass off wishful thinking.
    5. T-73
      T-73 21 July 2016 08: 53
      But it is necessary to push. Not intrusive, from the end. Ah, rich Russian language). Yes, no need to rush. Very not necessary. Let them think that it is they themselves. Common Asian cunning)))
  2. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 21 July 2016 06: 03
    In a world where everything is based on money, there can not even be the rudiments of independence. What the curator says will happen.
    1. Teberii
      Teberii 21 July 2016 06: 41
      Tsipras and Greece are at the top of their debts, so he is silent.
      1. 34 region
        34 region 21 July 2016 06: 50
        Tiberius! 06.41. And which of the Kapstran is not in debt? Even elves are debtors. And Japan. Well, Greece will buck. Which locomotive will she leave for? For oil? What is her locomotive?
        1. Teberii
          Teberii 21 July 2016 06: 57
          34 region and that in Germany there is oil, gas, other minerals.
          1. 34 region
            34 region 21 July 2016 07: 27
            Tiberius! 06.57. Germany has a powerful industry. Do you have it in Greece? About oil is sarcasm. After all, the question of survival is a matter of economics. If Greece is so developed, why is it bankrupt?
            1. Teberii
              Teberii 21 July 2016 07: 33
              34 region As you have everything, it's just a fairy tale about the 'Dragonfly and the Ant', but they only live in a water house.
              1. Alexander Romanov
                Alexander Romanov 21 July 2016 08: 07
                Quote: Teberii
                they only live in a water house.

                Yes, in one, but in different apartments. In one European-style repair and a well-fed life, and the neighbors have a lot of debts and crumbling plaster.
                1. Teberii
                  Teberii 21 July 2016 08: 11
                  The British threw this hostel.
                  1. Alexander Romanov
                    Alexander Romanov 21 July 2016 08: 20
                    Quote: Teberii
                    The British threw this hostel.

                    Firstly, they haven’t come out, and secondly, England is England!
                    1. Teberii
                      Teberii 21 July 2016 09: 04
                      You lived in a student dormitory. If not then ask what it looks like.
                      1. Alexander Romanov
                        Alexander Romanov 21 July 2016 09: 15
                        Quote: Teberii
                        You lived in a student dormitory

                        I had girls there.
                        Quote: Teberii
                        If not then ask what it looks like.

                        To the brothel.
                      2. Teberii
                        Teberii 21 July 2016 09: 24
                        Girls from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia in the EU are very popular unlike sprats.
                      3. Al1977
                        Al1977 21 July 2016 10: 31
                        Quote: Alexander Romanov
                        To the brothel.

                        I studied at a technical university and lived in a hostel. One girl on the floor was ... and she was scary as night))))
                      4. Alexander Romanov
                        Alexander Romanov 21 July 2016 12: 57
                        Quote: Al1977
                        . One girl on the floor was ... and she was scary as night))))

                        In pedagogical it was necessary to act laughing
                2. Al1977
                  Al1977 21 July 2016 10: 29
                  Quote: Alexander Romanov
                  Yes, in one, but in different apartments. In one European-style repair and a well-fed life, and the neighbors have a lot of debts and crumbling plaster.

                  Was 6-7 years ago in Greece. Everyone would have such a plaster. I'm just awesome, lazy. not hasty Greeks and s / n like my three. I don’t remember exactly how many pensions, but then they also shocked me. Then I thought to myself, it’s all over with them, they live for free .. Many from Ukraine went there permanently, found Greek measles.
                  1. Alexander Romanov
                    Alexander Romanov 21 July 2016 12: 57
                    Quote: Al1977
                    . Then I thought to myself, it’s upset with them, they live for free

                    They lived on a freebie then, now the freebie is over lol
                    1. Teberii
                      Teberii 21 July 2016 13: 58
                      Sorry, but you are definitely not aware of the fairy tale about 'The Dragonfly and the Ant'.
  3. Herman
    Herman 21 July 2016 06: 05
    While Turkey is in NATO, Greece will not leave the NATO, because so far only the United States can politically keep Turkey from war with Greece.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 21 July 2016 06: 34
      Quote: Herman
      While Turkey is in NATO, Greece will not leave the NATO, because so far only the United States can politically keep Turkey from war with Greece.

      Yesterday in the news there was a US warning that Turkey could leave NATO. Here is a link on Turkey’s warning to Carrie.
      1. aleksfill
        aleksfill 21 July 2016 06: 52
        Kerry made a "breeze" into a puddle with this. This was already in 1975. Congress even
        imposed an embargo on the supply of weapons to Turkey, but the Turks intimidated the United States that all US air force bases in Turkey would be closed and transferred to the use of the Turkish air force and ...
        everything is back to square one.
      2. 34 region
        34 region 21 July 2016 06: 55
        Amurets! 06.34. Good link! Herror 404! But I do not believe in warnings. Rather cheating. In a real situation, Greece will simply be imposed economic sanctions. And what will Greece do? Will it be like in the DPRK or in Cuba?
    2. 34 region
      34 region 21 July 2016 06: 40
      Hermann! 06.05/XNUMX. It turns out that this union protects itself from the aggression of its members! Were it not for NATO, would its members have long been in conflict with each other? And so in the NATO countries, peace and quiet! An interesting point of view. I think there is some truth to this. But the main truth is probably that in the countries of capital the decline in production and the decline in living standards. And who is to blame? Well, of course, Russia! There is a distraction from real problems for the application of force. Such needlework from idleness. Along the way, other tasks are being solved. In the event of a real conflict (and they are persistently pushing for it) to reduce the population (planet resources are limited), weaken or kill competitors (in the event of a conflict, the Middle East, Europe, Russia will burn). Given the collectivization of Europe in organizations such as NATO, the EU, the WTO, the IMF, none of the leaders of the EU countries and all of these organizations will dare to blather about their foreign policy. hi
      1. Herman
        Herman 21 July 2016 07: 42
        It is entirely possible that if there weren’t NATO, its current members were in conflict with each other, the United States would keep them on a leash so as not to bite over, and you don’t have to go far for examples: Great Britain and Spain because of Gibraltar, Greece and Turkey, Great Britain and Iceland
        NATO’s membership did not prevent them from fighting (cod wars).
  4. Dam
    Dam 21 July 2016 06: 07
    And as soon as a sane politician appears on the Greek horizon, mattresses will immediately make a replacement on the field. Insight into the conditions of occupation is impossible in any way. Until the elves have their own problems force the reins to weaken, neither Greece, nor Italy, nor France will go anywhere, but will pull the NATO strap
  5. starogil
    starogil 21 July 2016 06: 16
    ".... However, so far, Mr. Tsipras has not shown himself in the field of" confrontation "
    NATO ideals .... "
    Of course, because Tsipras is a Trojan gelding slipped by Greeks to EU creditors when voting in Greece, to take or not to take handouts for the destruction of their own economy.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 21 July 2016 06: 22
    “A knife in the back of NATO for the sake of friendship with Russia” - fantastic inventions of journalists.... Of course, inventions .. Tsipras, scares NATO, the EU .. supposedly friendship with Russia, one goal give a pretty penny ...
  7. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 21 July 2016 07: 12
    Quote: Sergey39
    The first exit is Turkey, then we wait for Greece.

    How long do you set? Week, month, year, ten?
    I can bet on ten (not earlier) against any of your forecasts. By this time, the EU will collapse and European countries will slowly begin to leave the US under influence (no matter how painful it is), Then NATO will crumble. Previously, no matter how, in the most favorable scenario, except of course the 3 world.
    1. Sergey39
      Sergey39 21 July 2016 08: 07
      I agree with the figure 10. Ten months maximum for Turkey.
    2. andrew42
      andrew42 21 July 2016 19: 42
      Will not crumble. Will "dry up". But the fact that these are decades is true. And provided that we do not stagger.
  8. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 21 July 2016 07: 21
    Western society is structured so that fear and greed are the only motivators for any action.
    There is nothing else; neither collectivism, nor common faith, nor traditional values ​​- nothing.

    All the European demarches in favor of Russia are from fear (of terrorism, migrants, war, etc.) or from greed (Bulgaria with the South Stream; Italy, Greece, etc. - from controversies), in an attempt to drive grandmother from Russian antagonists.
  9. Kenneth
    Kenneth 21 July 2016 07: 37
    Russia does not know how to make allies only on bread and temporary fellow travelers for whom it drags chestnuts out of the fire.
  10. Dimon19661
    Dimon19661 21 July 2016 07: 37
    Was Greece ever a strategic partner of Russia? Or did the Greek economy depend on Russia? Fiction is good, but in reality Greece will remain a member of the EU, NATO and in the foreseeable future, since there are absolutely no prerequisites for its exit from these organizations. And all these unsubstantiated journalistic speculations, if my grandmother had ...- she would become a grandfather.
  11. kepmor
    kepmor 21 July 2016 07: 42
    The Greeks are just as cunning ... the opy people, like the Tat (Mountain Jews) with the Armenians.
    Their independence is very relative, they have always been "under someone" - under Byzantium, then under the Turks, then under Russian tutelage, then under the English and finally one of the first to get into NATO.
    The workers of them are so-so, and the warriors ... and even worse, they have lost the "Spartan spirit" of their ancestors. In a word ... traders!
    Russia is another "double cow" for them - give them a DEBT of gas, oil and money, and then ... understand and forgive us poor people!
    As they say - such friends for one place and to the museum!
  12. moskowit
    moskowit 21 July 2016 07: 43
    No matter what beneficial preferences for the Greeks in relations with Russia, they will never leave their "native land". Generally speaking, European countries have a consumer attitude towards Russia. They all respect and fear only force.
  13. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 21 July 2016 07: 58
    Greece is not torn ... it is part of Europe ... of European consciousness and a faithful ally of NATO and the United States in particular ... Greece, as usual, is trading ... all Tsipras curtsies ... ordinary tricks of the eastern bazaar ... and nothing more .. .
  14. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 21 July 2016 08: 48
    This poor Greece was given to us. The same corrupt enemies, like everyone else. Well, maybe a little more loyal than other Papuans. Except, how to hang out on the sea and the ruins to see, there is nothing to do. There is no industry. Agricultural products do not interest us - in bulk, but will be many times more, moreover environmentally friendly.
    But Greece without Russia has come full khan - there is nowhere to sell fruits and vegetables, tourism is barely warm, and then by reducing tourist flows to Turkey, Egypt, etc.
    Here Tsipras Putin licks and lies, as he breathes. I hope the GDP will keep it on a short leash with carrots, but don’t give carrots until ... Not that case. And the extra positive towards Russia, or at least the absence of negativity is at hand.
    And what is this topic sucked from a finger? No one is torn anywhere. What kind of info line? I respect the author very much, but why this note - I can’t put my mind to it. So shake the air ...
    1. Lyubopyatov
      Lyubopyatov 21 July 2016 23: 48
      Yes, the news feed is a commissioned article by the French Pole Stanek, which portrays the concern that the Greeks sympathize with Russia. Some part of the simple Greeks - perhaps sympathizes. 5 percent of the population vote for communists there, but the communists still remember the collapse and betrayal of the communist elite of the USSR and far from the communists make up the mass of those who sympathize with Russia.
      I don’t know which party Afanasios Avgerinos, who ran the “News from Moscow” column on the website of a Greek newspaper (I don’t remember the name already), because he was a regular correspondent in Moscow. Then this rubric disappeared. Avgerinos is a friend of Russia, but it is difficult to judge whether his column was successful and popular: Greece has been on its ears in recent years due to higher taxes, job cuts (industries and officials), rising prices and tariffs. Few people will read especially about news from Moscow in such conditions. Those who know Russian will read Russian websites, while the Greeks have enough of their own news releases, where Russia is not the rule, but the exception; and mostly negative. Greeks are truly Eurocentric pragmatists.
      Another thing is that this French Pole deliberately creates an occasion for NATO to exert additional pressure on the government of the two-faced Tsipras: do not try to do as the newspapers write about you!
  15. Mengad
    Mengad 21 July 2016 11: 52
    When were the Greeks friends to us? Do not care for them.
    1. alexmach
      alexmach 21 July 2016 22: 05
      In the 19 century.

      The text of your comment is too short and in the opinion of the site administration does not carry useful information.
  16. Arkan
    Arkan 21 July 2016 12: 31
    As soon as the Greeks begin to drift away from NATO, they will incite the Turks, and they will tear them like a Tuzik heating pad. Tsipras, not the Spartan king Leonid, but an ordinary Athenian merchant.
  17. 1536
    1536 21 July 2016 12: 36
    And what do we need from the Greeks? In order not to change or rewrite their history, it will turn out that the American colonists fought in the Thermopyllic Passage with three hundred Persians and since then have not liked the Iranians. It is necessary that the Greeks let our tourists in, not be impudent and not greedy, it is necessary that the Greeks speak as they think themselves, and do not look into the mouth of Biden and other Germans. Well, in general, this is all we have available.
    And then we will soon look at Greece, as in that joke about a lion and animals: The lion summoned all the animals to the clearing and commanded: "Animals, beautiful to the left, smart to the right!" The monkey was left to stand still: "Do I need to be torn apart, Leo, eh?"
  18. alexey water
    alexey water 21 July 2016 12: 40
    Greece's union with Russia and Greece's rupture of relations with NATO, or its withdrawal from the European Union, is certainly beyond the power of the Greeks at the moment. But the question is, is it necessary at the moment? Our relations with Greece are developing and not so badly, in spite of the EU sanctions. We cannot be prohibited from discussing issues of economic interaction with them. And who said that Russia itself needs one of its supporters in Europe to use the Veth right and now block sanctions against us. There is an anecdote to this: "The last remnants of reason began to drift away from the European Union, after Russia itself was the first to ask for the extension of sanctions against Russia." Maybe it will be the best for us at this moment in history. We are tempering slowly. And relationships will be useful to us in the future. And we still do not know how much this relationship with the Greeks will be useful to us. Meanwhile, Greece itself is, in my opinion, a wonderful country. And she is our relative, despite the fact that she is far from us.
  19. FM-78
    FM-78 21 July 2016 14: 25
    A lot of fair words were said about the Greeks - yes, they are slightly lazy, a little corrupt, but what kind of people (the bulk are strictly about Russian), what kind of land. And so, it will not work to lean, but they will provide moral support, as it is now, it will be so in the future.
  20. KoZaK UK
    KoZaK UK 21 July 2016 15: 12
    Yes, they only need $$$, they where and with whom, the people snickered ...
  21. iouris
    iouris 21 July 2016 15: 19
    How our government is torn, between the West and the East, besides having two differently directed heads on the coat of arms, the author for some reason does not write. And this is a more important topic.
    1. andrew42
      andrew42 21 July 2016 19: 49
      Yes, it seems that they have never been torn apart. We sit with our booty exactly on the "Stone Belt", look in both directions :) Even with the Quiet and Peter the "Antichrist" (as the priests said), Westerners were exclusively hired "specialists", and extremely useful (the times of Anna Ioannovna can be ignored). Assiya (country of Ases) under the left armpit, Russenia under the right. Why break then? Everything with you.
      1. iouris
        iouris 21 July 2016 21: 49
        Quote: andrew42
        Why is it torn? All with you.

        You, probably, 25-year-old Ilya Muromets?
  22. Avril69Lavigne
    Avril69Lavigne 21 July 2016 19: 16
    No, Russia will not use nuclear weapons in Syria, fight with the help of nuclear and biological weapons of the Russian Federation, and if it comes to terrorism and its parasite-sponsoring elite, it will be only on the territory of NATO countries, primarily the United States and Britain, that’s the point. Why? It is easier to put them under quarantine, they are on the outskirts of the entire Civilized World, like Australia with New Zealand, Canada and other English-speaking countries, which, after their elite, consider the whole world their vassal possessions, and so - the world will manage without them, the world without them even it will become easier, the Middle Ages of English-speaking hegemony and lawlessness will finally end. There will be a second Renaissance ... Judge for their level of moral decay: judging by the reports of the director intercepted by the CIA (there is such a mania, bosses listen after the Russian agent once became the head of British intelligence MI6, this is a shame for Bond) which were later unveiled in the Leak - the same head of the CIA a week ago demanding “to punish the Russian Federation for the plane that crashed before Obama’s eyes, Guam and another ...” mentioned Vityazey. Either MANPAD, which is unlikely, or the CIA agent controlled the drone from the ground from the forest, drove it into the engine, or sabotage at the airport, checking hundreds of service people. There are materials on YouTube, but the NSA searches for them in frames and soundtracks, quickly deletes them, and in general such compromising materials with video and sound do not live on the network for a long time, and Wikileaks has a lot of mirrors in political science ... The US military drops their planes to poke in the senate about how miserable they are, take parts from museums and how frightening it is to live in a world where the United States loses technological superiority over a potential enemy, complain that they have fewer than 3000 planes and need more new ones more and more ; and then such talented people die because of vile CIA-shniks! Recently I watched on TV a film about Russian Knights. And the Donbass, where the SBU of Ukraine, directly controlled by CIA agents, was arrogantly taking people out of the house and shooting them in the back of the head in front of the eyes of children, and there are direct directives on how to provoke Russia to the subsequent annexation of southeast Ukraine and the Baltic states ... Guilty in the west when will they be punished? After all, about them, the heads of transcontinental corporations and their relationship (through the CIA and NSA controlled by them and with the terrorists firing at schools in Kazakhstan - direct online video and audio evidence has long been online, they are deleted daily, and they again pop up somewhere, but that's all prefer not to notice this and shake hands, they see business of honor and conscience more expensive ...
    1. Anglorussian
      Anglorussian 22 July 2016 00: 30
      I found so many pairs in political science
      I would have finished it first, and only then graphomaniac ...