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Turkish "Decembrists"

On the night of July 15, the Turkish General Staff announced the removal of the country's civilian leadership and the transfer of all power to the military. From this moment, the pictures of the events in Istanbul and Ankara became the main content News on all world television channels.

Judging by the media, the development of the coup proceeded in four main stages.

Bloody chronicle

The first of them (very short-term — about one and a half hours), judging by the dynamics of this and subsequent events, was in the solution of priority tasks by the putschists. For the most part, it was successful: the key communications were taken under control - the Bosphorus Bridge, the country's main airport, government buildings were seized, the parliament was neutralized, control over state television was established. The coup organizers were able to block the operation of social networks and the Internet as a whole, as well as partially functioning mobile communications. The highest officers of the Turkish Armed Forces who did not support the coup were neutralized. The resistance of the national intelligence service of Turkey - MIT, as well as individual police units was strongly suppressed using weapons, including tanks и aviation. An important moral factor was the appearance on the streets of some part of Turkish society, which showed support for the coup. During this period, no organized action was observed by the government and the President of Turkey, as well as the segments of the population supporting it. This allowed the coup leaders to declare their success and take control of the situation in the country.

The first statements of officials of foreign states and the UN that followed in this period were most indicative - they were made under conditions of uncertainty about the results, with the success of the coup leaders. And if the leitmotif of the statement of the leadership of our country was a call to observe the rule of law and democratic principles, prevent bloodshed, suppress the people by military force, the US Secretary of State spoke very ambiguously, stating the need to observe continuity, as if the president and the government of Turkey were already completely neutralized. creating a new system of government.

However, some of the priorities of the putschists were not fully resolved. First of all, the country's political leaders were not captured - President Erdogan and Prime Minister Yildirim. Private television channels, especially small ones, such as cable and Internet, remained outside the control of the coup. The new political leadership of the country with its ideology and program as an alternative to Erdoganov’s was not presented to the population. And also in response to the first actions of President Erdogan, who was actually dismissed from power, who called for supporting part of the country's population to go out and fight the coup, the latter did not take measures to mobilize their social support base. And she, judging by the elections and mass protests against the actions of Erdogan, remains very significant. These mistakes led to the failure of the coup to develop the successes of the first stage.

The second stage was the confrontation of the rebel troops and the people who went out into the streets, who supported the president and the government of Turkey. The organizers of the coup, apparently, did not consider it necessary to rely on mass actions of civilian support, relying solely on the weapons that they used, without looking at possible casualties among the civilian population. As a result, mass actions for the putschists gradually came to naught - not without the help of themselves, who declared a curfew and banned access to the streets. Supporters of the rebels fulfilled the demand, while opponents did not. Mass protests of civilians against the coup began to grow, and very intensively. The number of rebel troops was not enough to fully control the territory of even the two main cities, Istanbul and Ankara. As a result, the putschists were face to face with a mass of enraged protesting civilians, many times their number superior. Judging by media reports, the troops decided to use a weapon to kill for the demonstrators. However, if you focus on the final victims of the coup, presented by the Turkish government at the end of July 16 (265 dead, including the putschists themselves, the forces opposing them, the police, intelligence officers and civilians), the casualties of the civilians should not be significant. - within 90 – 110 people. This indicates that the troops did not dare to fully shoot the demonstrations. Probably, the main contingent of troops — ordinary soldiers and junior commanders, being mainly conscripts — was unable to open fire on the civilian people whom they most recently were and which they were soon to become again. Little blood did not frighten, but only infuriated the demonstrators. At the same time, the coup forces themselves, facing the mass of the protesters, were in their main part (except, of course, ideological) demoralized, realizing that the population did not support them.

At the same time, the president and the government carried out active propaganda work, including among those who remained neutral with respect to the putsch troops. What ultimately succeeded - part of the troops decided to oppose the coup. Probably the most important role was played by the fact that they decided to shoot at unarmed demonstrators. This could not but cause a rejection of such actions, a desire to stop the execution of civilians, to neutralize their murderers. As a result, troops attacked the side of the president, which marked the beginning of the third stage, began to strike the coup. The total duration of the second, according to reports on the development of the situation, was two to three hours.

The main content of the third stage was the armed confrontation between the troops of the putschists and those who sided with the president and the government. It was at this time that reports of strikes against coup putsters, which were inflicted by combat aircraft, began to arrive. At the same time it became known about the two coup helicopter destroyed (judging by the published video - "Apache") Air Force fighter jets. The fact that part of the Turkish Armed Forces acted on the side of the president and the government finally undermined the morale of the main forces of the insurgency, especially since, according to published data, the main part of the ordinary and junior commanders involved in the uprising did not fully understand what they were to do and did not realize the real situation. As a result, the rebel troops gradually began to abandon resistance.

The fourth stage was the final defeat of the main forces of the coup. Fighting demoralized troops still led. Basically, these were the units that directly submitted to persons from among the ideological putschists. The remaining parts gradually ceased resistance. By the morning of July 15, the coup was basically overwhelmed. By this time, the organizers themselves had actually admitted their defeat — around this time the leaders and other coup participants began to take measures to escape from persecution.

Further, the president and the government, who restored the fullness of their power in the country, conducted arrests of the putschists and their sympathizers with the forces of the troops loyal to them, the police and the special services. By the evening of July 15 it was all over.

Side support

The failed Turkish coup is interesting in two aspects. First, it is important to assess what geopolitical and international regional implications may follow. And secondly, what conclusions should be drawn from this experience from the point of view of the theory and practice of conducting hybrid wars, in particular, countering such threats.

Turkish "Decembrists"

To analyze the geopolitical results, it is necessary to highlight some of the most important features, the key of which is the fact that the organizers and inspirers of the putsch were from among the senior army officers (with the rank of major colonel). When organizing a coup d'état, this category of officers especially needs external support, since the legitimization of the new government without such is highly questionable both inside the country and outside it. Therefore, without a connection, and very closely, with foreign special services, which could guarantee the recognition of the new government, the organizers of the coup hardly decided on it. In this context, the aforementioned first reaction of the US Secretary of State, which called for a “continuity of power,” that is, indirectly admitting a coup, looked very indicative.

Another important feature of the rebellion is the international conditions for its conduct, including the obvious deterioration of relations between Ankara and Washington, which is related to the Erdoganov leadership, which is clearly independent of the US foreign policy. The United States viewed the Kurds as their allies in Syria, while the Turks attacked them. Shooting down the Russian Su-24, Erdogan actually introduced the conflict into NATO, violating to a certain extent its integrity. And the North Atlantic Alliance is the main instrument of US control over Europe. Washington’s aggravation of Turkish-Israeli relations with Erdogan’s desire, playing the role of “defender of the faithful,” supporting the Palestinians was also unprofitable. Nor could the United States like the beginning rapprochement between Russia and Turkey after the apologies of the latter for the downed plane that were suddenly brought by the leadership. So, if the Turkish leadership had enough reason to suspect the United States, if not in direct support of the conspirators, then at least in sympathy with them. Actually, this was stated by the Prime Minister in one of his speeches immediately after the suppression of the coup, where it sounded openly: "The United States is waging a secret war against Turkey." Under current conditions, no statements about the non-involvement of the United States in the coup could not significantly affect the position of the Turkish leadership. This feature determines a very likely change in Ankara’s foreign policy. And it can become a sharp turn in the direction of rapprochement with Russia while distancing from the US and the EU. Actually, this trend began to manifest itself immediately after the suppression of the coup: judging by media reports, Erdogan held talks with our president, as a result of which an agreement was reached about a personal meeting in a closed format. At the same time, the Turkish leadership is demonstrating a loss of interest in rapprochement with the EU, in particular, in obtaining a visa-free regime for citizens of the republic, which it has been diligently seeking only recently. Against this background, statements by EU leaders about unacceptable violations of human rights in connection with the repressions that followed the attempted coup contribute to the further deterioration of Turkish-European relations.

The most important international outcome of the putsch is the expected significant reduction in the combat capability of the Turkish Armed Forces, primarily their ground forces and the Air Force, whose officers played a major role in organizing the insurgency. At the end of July 16, more than 6000 were arrested, mostly officers of various ranks, including generals. Especially noticeable were the arrests among the flight personnel of the Turkish Air Force, whose potential is unlikely to recover quickly.

From the point of view of internal security, it is possible to distinguish the actual defeat of the judiciary and prosecution corps, in which about 3000 people were suspended from service and arrested, as well as a sharp weakening of counterintelligence, which, according to media reports, supported the coup. This can not but have a negative effect on the capabilities of the state's law-enforcement system, its political security system.

The people and the army

Now it is worthwhile to dwell on the conclusions and lessons of this putsch. In it, probably, the features of acute domestic political confrontation manifested themselves most clearly when it reached the level of the armed. It should be noted that these features were manifested in other similar events, but in the Turkish example they are presented most clearly. In general, we are talking about the relationship of the role in the results of the civil armed confrontation of the military, political and civil factors.

The first thing that attracts attention is the key role of mass protest actions of the population in the conditions of the undoubtedly decisive use of weapons by the putschists both against political opponents and against demonstrators. It was the mass demonstrations in support of Erdogan that actually snatched the victory from the putschists who did not have such support. An analysis of previous large-scale domestic political crises clearly shows the correctness of this conclusion. Thus, in Ukraine, the forces of law and order and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, alone in front of mass protests, could not effectively counter them. It can be said that Yanukovych did not allow troops and special forces to disperse demonstrators, but in Turkey, the putschists did not limit their use of weapons. And one result - the defeat of the security forces, who were alone in front of mass demonstrations, far exceeding them in number. It may be objected: in Russia, in 1993, the troops won, they shot the Supreme Soviet - the legitimate authority. But then the parliament of the Russian Federation did not have mass support, he dismissed his supporters to the houses of the previous night. Preserve until the morning the mass of 100 – 150 protectors demonstrating thousands of people that took place on the evening of October 3, and there could be no execution — tankers would hardly have decided to crush people. Other similar examples can be cited, demonstrating that in the 21st century, without broad civilian support, the troops cannot withstand truly massive protest actions. This is due to the fact that the personnel very well feel their connection and unity with the people, whereas power is often perceived as something far and unattainable, sometimes not understanding the interests of the security forces themselves. And faced with the need to shoot unarmed people, the majority can not decide on this. As a result, the refusal to fulfill the order, the demoralization of the troops and their retreat under the pressure of the demonstrators.

Therefore, an important lesson from the Turkish and other similar events: the army must feel that it is the protector of the people first, the law in this situation is secondary.

Russia today is under a hybrid strike. However, judging by the actions of our leadership, opposition to possible mass protest actions is supposed to be carried out with reliance almost exclusively on the security forces, in particular on the Rosguards. But its number is relatively small compared with the possible scale of protest actions. Under these conditions, it is not a fact that young recruits, who form the basis of the personnel of the Rosgvardia and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, face many times with their superior mass of mature men who serve as fathers, women and girls protesting against the government’s actions, will be able to fulfill the duty, but will not lose the ability to resist or, worse, go to the side of the protesters.

Another conclusion from the Turkish putsch is that without a bright political leader, authoritative among the population and personifying the new force, it is very difficult to ensure the retention of even seized power. In Russia today there are no bright non-systemic figures, well-known among the population and on which the authorities could rely in a critical situation. Politicians from the systemic opposition are also discredited by their inability to act or conciliation with the authorities. This leaves her in case of mass unrest one on one with the protest population, without the support of recognized representatives of the people.

Another conclusion from the failed coup is crucial to retaining the power of ideological support. The putschists could not offer anything intelligible to the Turkish people, unlike Erdogan, who has a clear political and ideological platform. As a result, many people, even those who were his opponents, had the impression that a cruel military dictatorship was coming. And they opposed her. In Russia today, the situation in this regard is approximately the same: the liberal idea is almost completely discredited in the eyes of the population, but there is no new one. Moreover, against the backdrop of monstrous corruption scandals, frankly subversive for the country actions of certain groups of the political elite and big business, nothing is being done to effectively curb their destructive activities. Yes, they remove and imprison the governors. However, everyone understands that they themselves were appointed by the federal government. And it’s not in the governors that this is ultimately the regional level, which is heavily dependent on the center. In fact, it seems that the ideology of the current leadership of the country is reduced to the maximum personal enrichment in any way, including criminal. For this reason, the government cannot offer an intelligible ideology to society, since the concept of social justice is its cornerstone. The ideological vacuum of the ruling elite knocks out a key pillar in power, depriving it of mass support in an acute situation, which, judging from the experience of the Turkish putsch, Ukrainian Maidan and other similar events, could be fatal for the Russian authorities.

Fortunately, so far the prestige of our president among the population is exceptionally high. However, without a solid base - above all, ideological and organizational part of the extra-systemic mass support from the people, in a critical situation, the rating is subject to a sharp drop, which can become a serious threat.

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  1. Machete
    Machete 21 July 2016 22: 17
    How everything went well with Erdogan.
    Now he can do whatever he wants.
    The matter goes almost to absolute power.
    He had already forgotten about the EU, NATO could also exclude him (although
    unlikely), will now look for new friends. But first he will find all the enemies.
    Maybe it will restart relations with us.
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 21 July 2016 22: 30
      Come on Erdogan ... Hack the old woman Europe later! They saved you from death .... Russia, even though there is a respite! And then they got every liberal, Western! You did not believe Russia Erdogan and betrayed us to the joy of the United States! Did you get a stab in the back? And we warned more than once ...
      1. Asadullah
        Asadullah 22 July 2016 07: 02
        And we warned more than once ..

        So what, the service provided does not cost anything. The question is not even in the relations between Turkey and Russia, they will always be wary of cool, you don’t just have to rush into a choleric hug with the Turks, this is a precedent for another deception. The question is, in Turkey-US relations, today. If Washington went to overthrow the government, then the problems were of capital importance. What kind? And what would not be with the new government?

        In the light of recent events, we are missing one important point about how Erdogan’s relations with the SA and Qatar have changed. And they really cooled off without publicity. So it turns out in life, in power, in the supreme power, there are never fools, they instantly burn there, you understand the wrong temperature. Erdogan is far from being a fool and restored events in retrospect. It turned out that those whom he considered Stopudian allies did not even hint at the danger. And Turkey will build a new policy based on this. Although there is a possibility that they will pay off. Is there enough money? I think in the US elections and they will all blame on the Arab monarchy, possibly even blackmail. In the spirit, you have brewed everything, and you disentangle. So, Erdagan verses for the axis Turkey-Iran-Russia, can also be hastily baked coup goods that are put up for auction .....
        1. NIKNN
          NIKNN 22 July 2016 11: 27
          Here practically everything is said and it is pointless to procrastinate.
          In vain they imposed a curfew. It would have simply prevented the bloodshed, but it would have turned out to be an army against the people ...
          Well, okay, if it’s necessary, let them know, it’s not in vain they warned ...
    2. bazalt16
      bazalt16 22 July 2016 03: 09
      This is analytics. But not a shtetl-liberal nonsense of Polonsky
      1. The stranger
        The stranger 22 July 2016 04: 13
        No, of course. The author of the article for trying in the digest is a plus, and for the conclusions - a fat minus. Not even mastered reading.
        The authors of the coup - Erdogan put life in the red, and God bless them.
        Well, such illiteracy is necessary ... In the old days, comrades would send eternal duty officers to the park for such a thing, not like a colonel to be shot. In the park, by the way, worse than to the wall.
        They didn’t read history, they didn’t read tactics, they didn’t know operational planning. The battalion commander must be able to do this. Poked - and poked. Or stuck. Prepared - not prepared - what is available. Further, where did I run back before the answer? Che did not strengthen the soldiers, but left the crowd? Che did not work to defeat, since they already cut yours?
        Why was there no plan for the second frontier, or is there a second hour, I don’t know about the civil events? For such a thing I would have been demolished my head with a butt, even when I swept the corridor at the battalion headquarters.
        Not a staff officer, if Che. Well, not good. I miss the little things. And they did not miss the little things, they caused a war. Now it will definitely be.
        Perhaps we will meet on one side of the front.
        I don’t know who the Turks will be driven to, the shkembe-chorba is behind me. Though the words are Turkish. And then without it in the mornings, graters are heavy with you :)))
        1. def89
          def89 22 July 2016 09: 59
          In the 98th, when they did not pay their salaries, they issued coupons for bread - 2 loaves for two days. They brought it to the point that at the meeting the battalion commander was told, let's withdraw the equipment, pick up the battalion and take Zapolyarny, because I want to eat. quickly tapped the head. Although one ensign tried to commit suicide, because there was nothing to feed the children.
  2. Yeraz
    Yeraz 21 July 2016 22: 22
    Erdogan will now do everything. Complete cleaning in the country, and in all areas.
    They even reached Azerbaijan. They closed the ANS channel, closed the Caucasus University in Baku, and a couple of officials will probably be openly or secretly arrested, as was the case with the Ergenekon operation.
  3. Dam
    Dam 21 July 2016 22: 23
    Another lesson is that any rebellion, even a suppressed one, throws the country back.
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 21 July 2016 23: 16
      Quote: Damm
      . Another lesson is that any rebellion, even a suppressed one, throws the country back.

      A specific person who participates in it?
      For example, the rebellion of Spartacus? Or a workers 'and peasants' revolution?
      What was the matter of the participants in the revolutions and popular uprisings to the country that oppressed them?
      If a person is brought to a state where he has nothing to lose but his own chains, or to a state of acute social injustice, then unrest is inevitable.
      1. Dam
        Dam 22 July 2016 02: 37
        Bullshit, not a single revolution in the world has arisen without third-party money and agents of influence. There was no peasant revolution, February was sponsored by the British and Americans, October - by the Germans. Who had nothing to lose but chains? Maybe working Putilovites? Read the story, a working specialist lived in a three-ruble note on Petrograd and received more than worthily. After February, and even more so in October, their life worsened at times, and then there was Civil and terror. So in w. Opu slogans, read the story. Yes, I am not an anti-Soviet, I am a staunch Stalinist and, oddly enough, a monarchist.
        1. The stranger
          The stranger 22 July 2016 04: 23
          And you read what "revolution" is in the explanatory dictionary. Do not be lazy - read also "uprising". From strength - "riot", at the same time and "coup".
          That was not a revolution.
        2. Asadullah
          Asadullah 22 July 2016 07: 14
          I am a staunch Stalinist and, oddly enough, a monarchist.

          Well, you give a pancake! laughing They would have said easier, I am for a strong, wise power. Only now, and if the government is not wise? Well, a durago is caught, then what? Tolerate all my life? Like a ruler from God? Power is a slave to the Constitution. If power revolts against its master, or manipulates it, it must be destroyed. This place is never empty. Our god is not a ruler, but a law.
        3. Stas157
          Stas157 22 July 2016 07: 27
          Quote: Damm
          Bullshit, not a single revolution in the world has arisen without third-party money and agents of influence.

          And the uprising of Spartacus, too, with the English money passed? A rebellion of Stenka Razin, Emelyan Pugachev? A revolution in France, in Germany? Our 1905 revolution? Ah, our Decembrists?
          Yes, you do not respect our people, since you think that all this was done for the sake of money!
          Responsible respected! Putinists completely brainwashed you!
          And how much money did the English have in the February Revolution?
          But is it only someone’s money that is raising the people to revolt? Or all the same, a sense of acute injustice!
          Do you think that all those paid for are going to revolution? You feel bad about the people!
          And then take the Russian revolutionaries, do you think that they had money and a thirst for profit by force? Or all the same, the idea for which they sacrificed themselves, were in prison, sent to exile and to hard labor.
          1. Mikhail Krapivin
            Mikhail Krapivin 22 July 2016 08: 04
            Quote: Stas157
            Do you think that all those paid for are going to revolution? You feel bad about the people!

            Idealistic idiots who are incapable of calculating the consequences of their actions and ready for anything for the sake of the alien and alien empirical ideas put into their heads by the head of the revolution are coming. But these rams are led to the slaughter by professional revolutionaries, mercenaries who made the revolution their work, a way of earning and conducting a revolution in favor of those who paid for it. Refute if you can.
            1. Stas157
              Stas157 23 July 2016 15: 42
              Quote: Mikhail Krapivin
              But these rams are led to the slaughter by professional revolutionaries, mercenaries who made the revolution their work, a way of earning and conducting a revolution in favor of those who paid for it. Refute if you can.

              Yes, there is no need to refute it! Because this is nonsense! You do not compare real revolutionaries with liberals and American puppets. Real revolutionaries were just against the USA! Therefore, they could not be neither agents of influence nor paid, by those Americans. Che Givara, Salvador Allende, Fidel Castro.
              Well, no matter how you call mercenaries and made a revolution by earning such revolutionaries as Maximilian Robespierre, Rosa Luxemburg, Mahatma Gandhi, Francois Dominic Toussin-Luverture, Mary Harris, James Connolly, Emiliano Zapata, Leo Trotsky, Dzerzhinsky, Stalin, Kerensky Mao Zedong, Kim Il Sung, Ataturk .... Continue to continue?
              I repeat, you treat people badly, since you measure everything with commodity-money relations!
              Refute if you can.
          2. vch62388
            vch62388 22 July 2016 08: 16
            1. The Razin gang is not a popular rebellion. The Razin "Cossacks" are the eldest rabble who stupidly reketted merchants on the Volga. About Pugachev - the same baida - take everything away and divide BETWEEN YOURSELF.
            2. And then the 5th year revolution was born by itself .. Do you have a lot of revolvers at home to go to Presnya?
            3. What is the interest of the Angles in Russia's exit from the 1st MV? In the country there is a change of power, armies are not more efficient because of this.
            4. The feeling of social injustice is capable of much, but, as a rule, it does not push people to suicide.
          3. Dam
            Dam 22 July 2016 08: 55
            Ek you on the basis of the school history course suffered something. The revolt of Spartacus was so long ago that we know about him mainly from artistic sources, and it can be called a revolution with an interference, rather a riot of slaves. Although, even if you recall this description, clearly trace the power struggle in the Senate. The uprising was allowed to flare up for political reasons. Stenka Razin Volga pirate, for one time got an advantage in forces and means over power, no goals, no ideas, money is stupid. Pugachev, just an impostor, if you take the trouble to read what this "sovereign" was doing, ISIS will acquire it .. Yes, there the Cossack foreman is an active sponsor and inspirer, rapidly losing influence under Catherine. And about the Decembrists is completely funny. This is a bunch of guards who have decided to go beyond the usual palace coups and become a junta. If you take the trouble to read Pestel's reflections on the future world order, then you will be fucking crazy. He would still be a dictator. And with the February revolution, the Angles turned the same trick as with the collapse of the USSR, they simply bought the elites. How much money there was is not known for certain, but the English and French ambassadors took the most active role in removing Nicholas from power. About the payment. It is inexpedient to pay everyone, key figures are enough, fanatics and useful ones will join further (see the experience of color revolutions). And what is the dissatisfied will always be, another matter how and where to send it. And regarding prisons and penal servitude, there have certainly been and will be ideological fighters, only pragmatists come to power on their shoulders. And the people from revolutions did not get better anywhere and never like this
    2. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch 21 July 2016 23: 38
      Quote: Damm
      Another lesson is that any rebellion, even a suppressed one, throws the country back.

      Instead of developing, well, let's ride in tanks. Here peaceful people with an armored train offer development plans. True, a hundred thousand hostages can freeze, well, the guys from the BTA and the Ministry of Emergencies will pull them out, if that, participation of the airborne forces and airborne forces is not excluded, by the way. Here they are, heroes, and this protoplasm, a cat. with children flooded there - full gamno. And how many of them, Yoshkin cat! From Ukrainians a freebie got infected, or what?
      1. Dam
        Dam 22 July 2016 02: 40
        And I, too, do not understand the vacationers in Turkey from the word at all. This is an indestructible freebie that stands above national pride and the instinct of self-preservation. But you still need to pull out these eccentrics with the letter M, the Russians do not abandon their own.
        1. The stranger
          The stranger 22 July 2016 04: 38
          Why not understand something? Right here, there were quite a few posts on the topic "Since it is profitable for me to go to Turkey for money, then I consider clinical idiots who refuse such a trip." Then they cry and wait for the Emergencies Ministry. And they burn millions of grandmothers on this pension - their own mothers. But they do not cease to greet.
          Sometimes it’s closer and cheaper for me to drink coffee in Turkey than at home. It just never crossed my mind to do this.
  4. D. Dan
    D. Dan 21 July 2016 22: 26
    Yes, he will have to, because Uncle Sam has to be "removed from friends", and he only has to disappear.
  5. Yeraz
    Yeraz 21 July 2016 22: 26
    Quote: Damm
    Another lesson is that any rebellion, even a suppressed one, throws the country back.

    why anyone? Ataturk benefited Turkey.
    The Bolsheviks also made the country the most powerful in the world.
    1. Alex777
      Alex777 21 July 2016 23: 08
      Please ask, which country was the most powerful in 1913?
      When you find out, you might be surprised.
    2. Dam
      Dam 22 July 2016 03: 18
      I bet the Bolsheviks brought the country to poverty and to the point where Poland was considered a terrible enemy. A great country was made by Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, the red monarch. And of course, the Russian people.
  6. Avril69Lavigne
    Avril69Lavigne 21 July 2016 22: 28
    Tomahawks - 2500 (Romania-RF, subsonic, perfectly reach), Putin, infa 100%! Missile defense - 1000 km, the 1st base is enough, they will not be offended if our missile defense is in Canada? They will have to strike nuclear attacks against English-speaking allies. Why should we bomb Montenegro, Romania, Poland, the Baltic states, Kazakhstan, Georgia, the rest of the CIS (maybe even Ukraine, and if the Dictator is overthrown, then Belarus), Greece, Byzantium, because of NATO’s ambitions? There is no city of Istanbul, there is Constantinople annexed by the Turks, I signed a petition on the non-recognition of the Turkish annexation of Constantinople and soon to return it to the Lono of the Russian Orthodox Church, Amin, there Rus was Baptized, Orthodox !!! This is Very Important: Russia should not recognize the ongoing gradual annexation by the states (USA) of Puerto Rico of Spanish, as well as its (ours with you!) Alaska (do not believe those who say it was sold, there was no such deal, no documents about the entry of millions into the treasury of the Russian Empire, there was an annexation about which they kept silent so as not to quarrel with America which helped to gain independence from Britain, it does not matter what English-speaking historians write and copy our sloths under a carbon copy just so as not to stir their brains). Russia will never recognize the annexation of Russian California, discovered on the brig of Juno, this is also a historical fact, it's time to remember it! I am silent about Mexican Texas and the states around it, including New Mexico, the French New Orleans, the Japanese islands in the Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii - Russia will never recognize their annexation! We must also remember about the genocide of the Indians and the annexation of their lands, and the Russian Federation must recognize the extermination of the Indians by the Americans and the British - the Genocide! Finally, Britain itself, which annexed North America from the Indians, was once illegally annexed, do not forget that all modern Britons are non-citizens and when NATO will be liquidated as a terrorist organization (after NATO begins to hunt nuclear terrorism in addition to biological terrorism, which it has been hunting for a long time, they even patented Ebola, and AIDS) - they, English-speaking non-citizens of the British Isles, will be reminded of who they are and what they are. This is about the REAL weight of the English exceptional and unique language on the planet ...
    1. Ilotan
      Ilotan 21 July 2016 23: 11
      Diarrhea of ​​words with constipation of thoughts.
      1. Avril69Lavigne
        Avril69Lavigne 21 July 2016 23: 30
        On the example of Canada, you can talk with the Americans and show how they behave and how ugly it is. According to the principle - a provocation to annexation, isolation, an iron curtain, etc. The arrival in Canada of the French elite from Quebec and the transfer of the capital to French Quebec, not without military assistance from the Russian Federation and China and India (there will soon be more Indians in Canada than Canadians, there are already more than 30% of them in the largest Canadian city, and there are and the Chinese more ...) Crossing all the north of New York, including Maine, Stephen King's homeland - to Canadians. The ban on teaching English in Canada (including Boston, and the entire state of Maine). If the isolated United States annexed Canada as a whole resource-rich Canada before the collapse, it would be Canada’s exit after the collapse of the USA (by analogy with the USSR) with already snatched lands north of New York (by analogy with Ukraine and the Crimea and the Donbass). Then, after the capital was transferred to French-speaking Canadian Quebec, deamericanization of Canada, a ban on teaching English in schools, conversations in English with the family (withdrawing children in Ukraine with the majority of Russian-speaking families in Ukraine, make Americans feel the same schizophrenia, which was created by their CIA-Anglo-Polish efforts in our Ukraine). In short - the criminal term for parents teaching English to their children in Canada and Canada in the captured northern states of the former USA. International sanctions in the event of the United States attempting to unite again and return by force the deamericanizable northern states, including Maine and his beloved Boston with his monument to the minutemans (which the Canadians will gladly demolish, like everything else reminiscent of the United States, all their cemeteries with the graves of soldiers- criminals who fought in Vietnam, Iraq, etc. they will roll out and build meat processing plants there, supply cheap birds to the starving states and start a dumping war to finally ruin the states of the former USA already separately, as was the case with Bush’s legs - as soon as everyone goes bankrupt, prices will skyrocket and living standards in individual states will fall below Nigeria, and the great depression for Americans will seem like a paradise). No, it will not work to gather again from the divided and deservedly despised USA, nor to return anything from the Canadians (to protect Canada from the aggression of the remnants of NATO, Russia will place a dozen missile defense systems in Canadian lands and build there and many more bases for which Canada will pay to the budget of the Russian Federation, Britain will also pay Russia for its security, as Slavic Poland pays NATO now, and China will do the same with Australia and New Zealand), but the State Department, covered by an iron curtain, will get bogged down in an endless civil war with the Black Legion, the Christian State, The Society for Direct Democracy, including on the border with Mexican Texas, Mexico will again become an empire and will live there richer than in the former lands of the United States, in some states, for example, Mexicans from Texas and Arizona will go to Kansas for tourism, because the dollar will cost five cents ... In the United States there will be a lot of cheap labor for South America, so if I am asked about Justice, I’ll say: here, here It!
        1. Anglorussian
          Anglorussian 22 July 2016 01: 20
          about Justice - I will say: here, here she is!
          University finish your, thinker. Or is there just such a thing taught?
        2. Dam
          Dam 22 July 2016 03: 15
          Sorry, I did not read the second pearl, this is TIR, without a specialist in any way. Highly recommend
    2. Dam
      Dam 22 July 2016 03: 14
      Learn to state thoughts. If in your head it’s the same as in the post, then alas, ah, have you understood yourself?
  7. nadezhiva
    nadezhiva 21 July 2016 22: 30
    How good analytics on Turkish issues is as much ........ (even it is difficult to find the word obscene) in Russian.
    the ideology of the current leadership of the country is reduced to the maximum personal enrichment in any way, including criminal
    Who does the author mean now? The president? Foreign Minister? Or the head of MO ????
    Corruption scandals? Where are they not? There is - and already happy. When they sprinkle ashes on their heads from how bad things are in Russia, I want to ask a provocative question: "Where is good? Where is that Promised Land?"
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 21 July 2016 23: 40
      Quote: nadezhiva
      the ideology of the current leadership of the country is reduced to the maximum personal enrichment in any way, including criminal. Who now had the author in mind?

      Are you writing from otherworldly reality, madam?
      Can't find examples?
      Yesterday I wrote on this subject:

      Most of the wealth, our country is by no means a poor country, was in the hands of a scanty group of people! Russia in terms of income differences of the poorest and richest citizens occupies one of the leading places, second only to the Caribbean islands. According to official figures, the incomes of the richest and poorest Russians differ 16 times. And, if you add the derived income outside the country, the difference will increase to 20-21 times!
      Ordinary people are simply robbed!

      I immediately remembered at EBN, they also fooled people, played videos on the TV set, how well we live. And they did believe! Remember. Half voted for EBoNa!
      1. nadezhiva
        nadezhiva 22 July 2016 07: 17
        Do not distort.
        ideology the present country leadership
        Your words? You must be able to answer for your words. Do not get out. How did I vote for EBN? Who then really won - too.
        You can repeat the question: "Where is it good? Where is that Promised Land?"
        The Decembrists were sure that EVERYTHING was better in "enlightened" Europe than in Russia. And you?
  8. Khariton
    Khariton 21 July 2016 22: 33
    Then we have in Russia, such a sweep will .... Liberalists were afraid))))? bully And it would be necessary to clearly carry out ...
    1. Dam
      Dam 22 July 2016 03: 21
      Hariton, you are a very stupid person. Such a sweep in our history has already been called - Civil War, so God forbid.
  9. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 21 July 2016 22: 40
    The reason for zilch's failure is that their people don't need it. Gruppenfuehrer gave them a DREAM - Great Turan quickly, again "from sea to sea". And the people stupidly believed; here it is "silent" in such cases, when it is not clear, but they jumped up - a freebie for the titular nation, the Greek Bulgarians will plow, and they are kings.
    Yes, how many of you have been divorced "from sea to sea": the Teutons, the Poles, then the French, then again the Germans, now here are the Anglo-Saxons in the draft. No matter what snot, so Genghis Khan. He was smart, did not stick his head into Russia, left hemorrhoids to his grandchildren. And where are those grandchildren? They had time to frolic before Ivan Kalita developed and implemented the Strategy, and where are those grandchildren? Kalita knew that he would not see victory, but he still worked. This is the POLITICIAN. I did not prepare for the elections, and I did not indulge in banners. It worked for centuries.
    1. Chisayna
      Chisayna 21 July 2016 23: 29
      There is everything in Russia. And Turan is also there, only it is not a great one, but it is a small village. It is by the way in the center of Asia.
      1. iliitchitch
        iliitchitch 22 July 2016 00: 03
        Quote: Chisain
        There is everything in Russia. And Turan is also there, only it is not a great one, but it is a small village. It is by the way in the center of Asia.

        Attlichno, their bin is enlightened, thank you. There is also a recreation center in the center. And the Great Turan will never happen. Turan will also be healthy, but the Great, according to the Gruppenfuehrer, will not be, for some reason we have Janissaries and so on. Bashi-bazouks do not like it, we will wind our guts on the nearest wattle fence and return Constantinople so that they do not defile the Orthodox ear with the word “Istanbul”.
        1. Chisayna
          Chisayna 22 July 2016 00: 29
          What is the recreation center in the center, where? The city of Turan, stands on the M-54 federal highway. 100 (one hundred) km from the city of Kyzyl. In Kyzyl, on the embankment, there is a monument to the geographical center of Asia. And also, 250 km west of Kyzyl, the city of Chadan, the birthplace of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, S.K. Shoigu. Enlighten me further, ... USE.
          1. iliitchitch
            iliitchitch 22 July 2016 02: 30
            Well, why so? ehe right away. But what if it’s not THAT Turan? It will be a shame.
    2. Tusv
      Tusv 21 July 2016 23: 57
      Quote: iliitch
      This is a POLICY. He did not prepare for the election, and did not indulge in banners. It worked for ages.

      Well, the last election of the Grand Duke and Tsar of All Russia took place on March 3, 1613. So Ivan Danilovich had to fork out for the election laughing hi
      1. iliitchitch
        iliitchitch 22 July 2016 02: 53
        Quote: Tusv
        Well, the last election of the Grand Duke and Tsar of All Russia took place on March 3, 1613. So Ivan Danilovich had to fork out for the election

        Well, why so literally, colleague? Well I mean that "kalita" is a "wallet" in Old Russian. What other choices. I went with paiza, humiliated myself, framed the Tver people - but Ivan Kalita had a GOAL - to get rid of DANI. Not to hide the Tatars (although, what are they, nafig, Tatars, Bulgars, rather), namely, to stop paying. And his grandson, Dmitry Donskoy, fulfilled his grandfather's legacy. Although he himself did not believe to the last, but it was too painful for Russia to gain strength by that time, the governors did not slurp soup with bast shoes, therefore they won.
        Any "Cheyropeans" of such "neighbors" after their victory would have multiplied by zero, without steaming, and we do nothing, we coexist, but because. If everyone remembers everyone ... Tom fuck both eyes. Otherwise - a massacre. And no one needs it. Dot . But we, like the Tatars, have a good memory. hi
    3. Dam
      Dam 22 July 2016 03: 25
      Respect, the first time I see Kalita’s assessment, although I would have noted to a greater extent Ivan the Third, this is his concept of the Orthodox third Rome that is still used today and is the basis of our Empire
      1. iliitchitch
        iliitchitch 22 July 2016 19: 14
        Quote: Damm
        Respect, the first time I see Kalita’s assessment, although I would have noted to a greater extent Ivan the Third, this is his concept of the Orthodox third Rome that is still used today and is the basis of our Empire

        Kalita was not up to concepts. Ambush "around any corner". It is a pity for the Tverichs, but this is exactly the case about the "end that justified the means." There cannot be two centers of power in Russia. The rake is lying, now the striped ones are going to jump ... Well, come on, "partners". What word, um, just don't like it at the level of the spinal cord!
  10. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 21 July 2016 23: 10
    The entire article is written in order to "give out" the last paragraph. I honestly don't like him. The author said a, say b. What idea does Russia need? Well, voice it, if you know! The fact of the matter is that it is still just being groped, and this is the idea of ​​JUSTICE, and not "social justice", from which it smacks of egalitarianism and cunning distributors. If you can and want, they will not interfere, you will earn as much as you can. If you can't and don't want to, they won't let you die of hunger, but, I'm sorry, the social status will be appropriate. It is impossible for the Sharikovs and Shvonders to drive the Preobrazhensky and Barmentals back to the GULAG.
    1. Chisayna
      Chisayna 21 July 2016 23: 34
      Who is with St. Petersburg? Warn Dr. Bormental, let him not go into VO yet, otherwise they will threaten him with the Gulag.
    2. vsoltan
      vsoltan 21 July 2016 23: 40
      Mountain shooter

      I agree, the article is crappy and about nothing. All these thoughts have long been expressed on other sites. ....
      Key findings - as always. Hurray - and for nothing. Nothing to read, why publish such a VO?
  11. AID.S
    AID.S 21 July 2016 23: 17
    What to guess at the Turkish coffee grounds, what will happen, wait, it will happen ... so many fortels have already been thrown out, what else will it be?
  12. japs
    japs 21 July 2016 23: 27
    [quote = nadezhiva] How good a good analyst is on Turkish issues, just as much ........ (even it’s difficult to find an obscene word) in Russian. [quote] The ideology of the current leadership of the country comes down to maximum personal enrichment in any way, including and criminal [/ quote] Now who did the author mean? The president? Foreign Minister? Or the head of MO ????
    Dear, you do not need to pretend to be naive, a very far from complete list: the Central Bank,
    Chubais ("a lot of money"), Serdyukovs, Vasilievs, prosecutors, governors, builders of megastroeks (cosmodrome, Kerch bridge, Olympiads, World Cup, bureaucratic mass, Millers and Yakunins, Bryntsalovs and Potanins,
    accelerodes, promissory notes, axemans and many others and other partner thieves family ...
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 22 July 2016 00: 09
      Quote: japs
      Dear, no need to pretend to be naive

      She doesn't pretend to be. She specifically writes so. She cannot find examples!
    2. nadezhiva
      nadezhiva 22 July 2016 07: 25
      Quote: japs
      no need to pretend to be naive, a very far from complete list: Central Bank,
      Chubais ("a lot of money"), Serdyukovs, Vasilievs, prosecutors, governors, builders of megastroeks (cosmodrome, Kerch bridge, Olympiads, World Cup, bureaucratic mass, Millers and Yakunins, Bryntsalovs and Potanins,
      accelerodes, promissory notes, axemans and many others and other partner thieves family ...
      It always seemed to me that there was no need to confuse the COUNTRY LEADERSHIP and the mongrels at the bowl. Well, then you can also ask: "Where is it good? Where is that Promised Land?"
      When people whine with rapture, they must be able to answer, where is it good? Who to look up to? Who is allowed to run the state? Is our country big? Find ????? You first find the football team. And then scream what you find.
  13. tatarin_ru
    tatarin_ru 21 July 2016 23: 40
    Erdogan is so muddy and cunning that I can’t give myself a clear answer - the United States is responsible for the triumph or is it a provocation organized by the muddy one himself, with the goal of eliminating competition and access to absolute power. And that and that could be quite, or maybe something else.
    Turkey friend or foe - I don’t know either.
    I know that honor and conscience are not about them (traditionally).
    Wait and see.....
    It’s harder for our sovereign to meet in person, it’s difficult to promise, it’s dangerous to talk about friendship, hurriedly fulfill the conditions first.
  14. japs
    japs 21 July 2016 23: 46
    I will add more - the analytics is thoughtful, but this is only an article in the media. Based on the materials you can write a whole monograph.
    And in the Russian Federation - a doctorate. But the public RANS will not allow it to be protected. This is what our president needs to read and take notes. And change the system. How much more needs to be built in the country, except for roads and how many industrial giants need to be restored from nonexistence created in more than 20 years by a thieves, treacherous and liberal riffraff in power.
  15. samoletil18
    samoletil18 21 July 2016 23: 51
    I thought an article about the political platform of the organizers of the coup, but here it is about "they are terribly far from the people" and Russian corrupt officials. The author would have written better about how he himself filed an application for corruption in the prosecutor's office. It is necessary to introduce a law: only a person who has previously announced a corruptionist, and a specific one, to the law enforcement agencies, can write about corrupt officials in the media. Otherwise, only about landscaping wastelands.
  16. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 22 July 2016 01: 16
    When people really feel like it - so do not grieve for the mother, the last tyrannosaurus shrugs when they take up the axes.
    They are looking for analysts-shamanalists of BAZU - for whom do the authorities cling to the elections (well, IM, analysts themselves, of course! Where can I get the money for functioning? Who is the sponsor, there is the result.). And for whom is the power to cling to? Well, let's take a look.
    Let's discard the fairy tale "about the middle class." At the start we have -
    1. Stump is clear, governor officials, governors and smaller. These billions are seized from under the sofa, there is nothing to comment on.
    2. Clear business, police prosecutors and so on. migrant service. smell and watch. and wah-wah. Nobody catches these wah-wahs, the cops generally don't care who's there in the housing sector, doesn’t explode only thanks to the FSB, these work.
    3. Simple people did not live well, now two children in a family are a luxury. They gave birth to 3-4 - yes you hit. The state sucks for everything - for any piece of paper, drive money, to give the child to sports - except perhaps jumping rope, only to prof. you will get a skipping rope, pieces one and a half green.
    4. And how long can this show go on?
    5. But the authorities have an iron otmaz - an external enemy. Yes, I understand, I endure, and my parents suffered, and grandfathers and grandmothers went through SUCH like that, God forbid.

    Moral - I will support Putin with both hands ONLY because of clause 5, but I will pump United Russia with great pleasure, even if my minus weighs a little. Now I can't look at the well-fed ryashki from the box, when in the next house the bailiffs of the family describe the property, although the husband and wife work, 3 children, and owe money for housing and communal services, it's just that people really don't have enough money, and a certain member here in a newspaper near Moscow broadcasts that the average salary in the Moscow region is 55 thousand! YAH ??? Yours and mine, yes, according to the arithmetic mean, so much more will be. Measured the average temperature in the hospital, a deer from another planet.
    1. Pitot
      Pitot 22 July 2016 01: 44
      I agree. Anger still takes that these same fat men teach me how to live - before the elections, after, every day on the radio, they broadcast and broadcast with a zombie man .... Sick ...
  17. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 22 July 2016 01: 56
    That's not the topic, but here I read "from the neighbors" - Armenia is breaking records in money transfer from Russia. So I think, Azerbaijan is not lagging behind historically, tojikiston-Uzbekiston ... And a bunch of caps.
    I don’t understand something, but why are they screaming about “aggressive Russia” in the vastness of this garbage dump called “Internet” from “our smaller brothers”?
    Maybe shut off the oxygen for you? Or are you seriously confident in your "roof"? You will die in six months without a Russian boobs - that's the TRUTH.
    Parasite while you allow. Patience is the ultimate concept. Although what kind of bolt we tolerate - I do not understand. Two keys - and lock. We will not die, and these chela delegations will begin to send, "with gifts." Ugh, primitive. We read about the Danaans.
  18. Antiprogressor
    Antiprogressor 22 July 2016 03: 43
    There is no clear policy. There is no target. Kasyanopodobnye Misha 2,3,5% also sit in key places. Their kids eat more at a time than a war veteran in five years. Well, yes, they will walk through the immortal regiment once a year, and then they just despise all "these" old people. So the danger of the fifth column should not be underestimated. As for the "Mexicans", "Canada" and other countries surrounding the United States, first of all, the American troops will not stand on ceremony, as ours in the east of Ukraine - they will unconditionally enter troops there and arrange such commandant checks, only there will be a hint of the local "Maidan" ... Missile defense of Russia even in Cuba will not deliver, because! Everything is controlled by the Fed. Our Bank of Russia is not subject to the Russian authorities, but is directly controlled from Wall Street or the City. Most officials have bosses abroad. And everyone is on the hook of the US financial intelligence. Accounts are known by which way the money was obtained, too. The Directorate of National Intelligence possesses a wealth of information about anyone occupying a minor key post in any country in the world. Terrorists don't really bother them much. Is that when you need to use them for certain purposes.
    So walking on a tightrope continues with strong winds. He is a circus circus: Jump from under the dome into a barrel of shit. All spectators are in shit, and the circus in a white tailcoat.
  19. valent45
    valent45 22 July 2016 04: 02
    Still need to consider, the East is a delicate matter. Categorical applications do not roll. Everything needs to be taken into account.
    Advisers - darkness.
  20. Wolka
    Wolka 22 July 2016 05: 34
    the Yankees did not have a real coup, the goal of a coup in Turkey is looming - to close the straits, thereby stopping the sea communications of Russia in the Mediterranean Sea providing the Russian forces in Syria, then kick in the ass dill and again the outbreak of war in the Donbass, and the coalition’s strikes on the peace the population in Syria is holding back the situation that is not yet ripe for the finale, and the Turkish ships bye-bye, also hid in the middle-earth, and for what do you think, all these links of the same chain
    1. grandfather Mih
      grandfather Mih 23 July 2016 17: 17
      The declared goal of the United States is the free navigation of its Navy in the Black Sea. Create chaos in Turkey, "help in restoring order" using NATO forces, a grouping with two aircraft carriers ... - there are specialists here, their cards. "Only" coup? Erdogan-variant with Gaddafi: Turkey is "rocked". Clinton hasn't yelled wow for a long time. I missed you. I think so.
  21. Gorinich
    Gorinich 22 July 2016 08: 42
    "The army should feel itself as the protector of the people, first of all, the rule of law in such a situation is secondary." For this phrase alone, an article is a plus.