Having exhausted the arguments about the Russian threat, the Germans began to frighten each other with the Russian mafia.

Having exhausted the arguments about the Russian threat, the Germans began to frighten each other with the Russian mafia.A recent NATO summit in Warsaw summed up a months-long propaganda marathon about the Russian military threat to Europe. Now decisions have been made, the West has mobilized to fight Russia. However, the aggressive tone of European society, for the most part not conducive to confrontation with Russia, must somehow be supported. An old horror story about the “Russian mafia” went into action. This was what the German media did in the week.

How Welt am Sonntag Excited Colleagues

Last Monday, dozens of German publications published materials on crimes committed in Germany by immigrants from the former Soviet republics. The headline “Russian mafia conquers Germany” became the most popular that day. The reason for such an organized propaganda attack was the interview of the Director of the Federal Criminal Affairs Office (BKA) Holger Münch Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

On the pages of the Berlin weekly Münch, he stated that "Russian-Eurasian organized crime is growing very rapidly in Germany and is expanding to the West." According to the estimates of the head of the All-Russian Aviation Agency, the annual damage from criminal actions of such gangs amounts to several billion euros. Münch did not give exact figures, as well as the state and nationality of the criminals.

There was a couple of vague ratings in his interview. For example, speaking of the “thieves in law” that had penetrated into Germany (Münch estimated their number at 20-40 thousand people), the director of the GCA, apart from Russians, also named Abkhazians, Georgians, immigrants from the Caucasus and Turkmen. As an illustration of the criminal activity of the "Russian mafia", Holger Munch told history Georgian thieves. Thanks to shoplifting, his daily income averaged 500 euros. Such is the "thief in law."

By juggling such loud phrases, Munch did not, in fact, cite any convincing examples of the activities of Russian organized crime in Germany. It is unlikely that the abuse of a Berlin-based care company for old people, which the police uncovered in April of this year, does not fit this criterion. She then arrested the Russian-speaking owner of the company, opened criminal cases on her assistants.

The Berlin newspapers around this story made a lot of noise. The “Russian Mafia” map was played in full. In fact, frauds in the calculations with the sickness funds (this was exactly what our former compatriot was caught with) is a fairly common phenomenon in Germany.

As Stefan von Dassel explained to the Deutsche Welle publication from the mayor’s office in the Mitte district of Berlin, there are quite a few such care companies. They are not related to each other, and the police do not find abuses in the calculations for the first time. Nevertheless, only the Russian-speaking owner of the company who stole was taken to the “mafia” and made her business resonant.

Chanel handbag - custom made

Another example of the organized criminal activity of the "Russian mafia" German media called theft from shops that are widespread in Germany. Here's how the Deutsche Welle correspondent writes about this: “If, for example, a lady looked after herself with a very definite handbag from Chanel, a strap from Louis Vuitton or a scarf from Hermes, but there isn’t enough money, you can let know who needs it , and the thing stolen by request will get at half price, and even cheaper. ”

After such revelations, it is fitting for all owners of luxury accessories to be suspected of having links with the “Russian mafia”. However, it is not so “Russian” either. In this store business and burglaries more come from sunny Georgia. According to criminal statistics, the share of Georgians among migrants (in relative figures) is the largest in these types of crimes - 4,2 percent.

The Germans admit that their apartments and shops are most often robbed by Serbs and Albanians. However, the total number of representatives of these ethnic groups in Germany is much higher. It turns out that the percentage of crooks among Georgians is incomparably greater than among other national diasporas.

This is the assessment of the Germans. They attributed to the "Russian mafia" not only Georgians. Here are the official statistics for the last year of the Federal Department of Germany in criminal matters: “Citizens of the Russian Federation committed 13235 crimes, Ukrainians 8235, Georgians 8085, Lithuanians 5064, Armenians 3191, Latvians 2796, Moldovans 2187, Azeris 2054, Belarusians 1213, citizens of other post-Soviet countries - within five hundred. " Hello "Russian mafia"!

It should be added to this that the Georgians, who are in third place in this shameful list, are ranked by German statistics to eighth place among 10 countries, migrants of which most often commit crimes. The German media are modestly silent about the top five ethnic groups, which is certainly ahead of the post-Soviet list.

In the criminal chronicle, messages about migrants, ganged up in biker gangs, drug dealers, bootleggers, smugglers, dealers in human organs and groups earning the movement of illegal migrants, flash. This criminal series is rarely associated with specific countries and ethnic groups. Is that the Italian mafia is not forgotten. But the German media see a threat to their society, first of all, from the Russian mafia.

Why blow mold away from old horror stories

Usually, the shaft of publications about the "Russian mafia" happens after some high-profile crime. So it was in March, when 15 numbers in the morning traffic in the center of Berlin on the Bismarck-Strasse, a Volkswagen car exploded. The driver of the car was the victim of the explosion. The police rashly suggested the terrorist attack. Then she said that the driver of the Volkswagen was the victim of a criminal showdown between criminals from the former USSR.

The German press then gave vent to its emotions, fantasies, easily played with real facts and convinced itself of the growing danger of the “Russian mafia” for respectable Germany.

The topic was soon turned off. It turned out that in Volkswagen an 43-year-old Turkish citizen associated with drug trafficking had died. The German media easily switched to the “military threat” coming from Russia - they were preparing for the July NATO summit in Warsaw.

This time there is no formal reason for the new Russophobic campaign. It is impossible because the confused and poorly reasoned arguments of the director of the criminal affairs department, Holger Münch, in an interview with Welt am Sonntag are seriously considered the basis for such a powerful propaganda attack.

What made the German media return to their old favorite horror story about the “Russian mafia”? It seems that the reason should be sought in the outcome of the already mentioned NATO summit in Warsaw. The anti-Russian course of the alliance demanded an increase in its funding. Many European countries will have to strain their budgets. Germany is no exception.

Meanwhile, public opinion polls conducted before the summit showed that Europeans are not eager to quarrel with Russia. This conclusion was made, for example, by sociologists of the American Research Center PewResearch Center.

According to their data, 69% of Greeks, 55% of Swedes, 53% of French, 52% of Italians, 52% of Hungarians and 50% of Germans reject the anti-Russian policy of European elites. On the other hand, 90% of Greeks, 67% of Hungarians, more than half of Germans and Italians spoke in favor of strengthening ties with Moscow.

Do not take into account these moods of power can not. Therefore, it took them a new course of propaganda treatment of society in order to raise the degree of Russophobia on the continent. The first shot the Germans. The topic was taken painful for people - growing crime among migrants. Guilty, as we see, they appointed everyone arbitrarily united in the “Russian mafia”.

The WCA statistics for this public include the Russian-speaking 5000 criminals, which are currently being held in German prisons. There is no point in defending and justifying their actions. But even less, the shadow of a handful of criminal characters throwing a whole country. However, in the absence of other arguments, propagandists from the German media have to use such methods. Anyway, at stake is the task of holding back the development of Russia. For this, all means are good ...
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  1. +18
    July 18 2016
    They are Russians! They feed exclusively on Germans. Putin: "Mafia is not our word." Look at yourself in the mirror.
    1. +13
      July 18 2016
      I read the article diligently. Reading with a good deal of sarcasm. But what I would like to note: there is nothing to comment on. It is the same as chewing on any of the theories about the origin of man in a psychiatric dispensary. The patient is absolutely "up to the lantern", he is sure that a person is a butterfly (well, or "ladybug") request
      Having exhausted the arguments about the Russian threat, the Germans began to frighten each other with the Russian mafia.

      It's just that the Germans have a genetic memory for the word "Russian" and all its derivatives. They shook the lulls like "hello", and so the Russians still see themselves around every corner. Well, the fact that they decided to hang all the dogs on the Russians is, again, the problems of the Germans, because later they will have to (lies and slander) somehow disavow hi
      1. +9
        July 18 2016
        Andrey K hi Evgenievich guten morgen! laughing
        It's just that the Germans have a genetic memory for the word "Russian" and all its derivatives. They shook the lulls like "hello", and so the Russians still see themselves around every corner. Well, the fact that they decided to hang all the dogs on the Russians is, again, the problems of the Germans, because later they will have to (lies and slander) somehow disavow

        That's how you printed. Not only that, I want to add. From the conversations of the Germans (I personally heard)
        -Oh, how scary it all is! A neighbor boy got in touch with the "Russian mafia" and his life started rolling .. laughing
        Or from the numerous German excuses in the 90s (You have to pay money for the disposal of an old car) So they were saving cars to the former USSR and a few days after when the car crossed the border they ran to the police with a statement that their car was stolen. + Received insurance. squealed on every corner that their car the Russian mafia stole laughing But then do not care that the car for parts went to the Baltic states.
        1. +6
          July 18 2016
          Quote: Observer2014

          Evgenievich guten morgen!laughing

          Truly buddylaughing
          The problem for the Germans is that for them immigrants from the former USSR are all "the same." As for us, the Japanese will admit. I personally do not understand the differences between Okinawans and Hokkaidians or Nansai ...
          And they are striking, even cardinal. So it is not clear to us - how can a black-haired "horseman" from sunny Georgia, a blond Erzyan, a Tatar or a Kazakh be called Russian? request
          And how are we "on the same face" ... Although to me personally, to these German quirks in parallel, let them continue to puzzle over - who is who laughing
          1. +10
            July 18 2016
            Andrey K
            The problem for the Germans is that for them immigrants from the former USSR are all "the same."
            Moreover, our former fellow citizens there (in Germany) scratch everyone and on every corner that the Russians laughing Although when they apply for permanent residence with a heel to the chest, they beat that purebred Jews and Germans laughing
            I always asked the Germans! Where did you see the Russian. They told me -Well, how full of them are everywhere, such louts and so on! I just rolled with laughter! These are Jews and Germans! They are to me -And Russians?
            And I am the only Russian in your pinatas! laughing They -You look so German!
            And I always told them that it was not me that looked like them! But they were like me! Because my grandfather took Berlin! And after two more years he served there! laughing Grandfather himself told laughing How German women, in the absence of men, "hung up" on our soldiers So I have enough brothers and sisters there! laughing
        2. -2
          July 18 2016
          Quote: Observer2014
          Or from numerous German excuses in the 90s (you still have to pay money for the disposal of an old car) So the cars were shipped to the former USSR and a few days after the cars crossed the border, they fled to the police with a statement that their cars were stolen. + Insurance was received. And then squealed at every corner that their car was stolen by the Russian mafia But it doesn’t care that the car went to the Baltic States for spare parts.

          Are you fantasizing again? :) Who is this, the Germans, who shoveled rusty cars to Russia so as not to pay for disposal, and then tell the cops and the insurance what they say did the Russmafia steal?))
          1. +2
            July 19 2016
            Yes-well (2) DE
            Are you fantasizing again? :) Who is this, the Germans, who shoveled rusty cars to Russia so as not to pay for disposal, and then tell the cops and the insurance what they say did the Russmafia steal?))
            I’ll ask our former fellow citizens from Germany to not respond to my comments. For you it doesn’t concern. Because you are the same Germans as I am Ethiopian.
            1. 0
              July 19 2016
              You are misleading people with your bikes and what do you think, no one has the right to tell you this, or can only citizens of the Russian Federation say this? And if not the Russian Federation, then just agree? All these snot about "former citizens", who has nothing to do with anything and the strange and unclear what the conclusion about the Germans and Ethiopians looks like scraps of a loud bunch of a person caught in a lie and cause only disgust.
        3. -1
          July 18 2016
          Quote: Observer2014
          good morning!

          I remember from my childhood: guten morgen, guten tag, fucking in the face will be like this. Yes, it will be so! angry
      2. +4
        July 18 2016
        Quote: Andrey K
        It is the same as chewing on any of the theories about the origin of man in a psychiatric dispensary. The patient is absolutely "up to the lantern", he is sure that a person is a butterfly (well, or "ladybug")

        The German press is a derivative of the American one. And the American press is relatives of members of the US Congress and Senate. The circle is complete. So you can not hope for the objectivity of such a "press". They are professional propagandists and newsmakers-newsmakers. They make news themselves and discuss them themselves. As a rule, their news has nothing to do with reality.
        Latest Western "news":
        1) The capture (alleged) by the Russians of the Baltics;
        2) General (supposedly) doping and meldonium in the Russian team;
        3) Participation (alleged) of Russians in coups and terrorist attacks.
        Well, and other alleged unprovable blah-blah-blah, in our opinion, artistic whistle.
    2. +8
      July 18 2016
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      Look at yourself in the mirror.
      So from the identity .. Soon the visiting Arab and African migrants of Germans in the ass will publicly have, and the Hans, between the frictions, will continue to scream about the "Russian mafia".
    3. 0
      July 18 2016
      Bobik fared in a dream and scared himself lol
    4. 0
      July 18 2016
      Aha! The Russian mafia is no longer in crimson jackets and not with shaved heads over a bull's neck, but quite in a style a la Shuvalov, in manicure and perfume. laughing But it is not dangerous for Europe, but for Mother Russia. We'll see. After September 17, her external image may change, but the essence will remain the same. hi The system needs to be changed.
  2. +6
    July 18 2016
    Everything new is well forgotten old ... We heard about the "Russian mafia" that way twenty years ago ...
    1. +5
      July 18 2016
      Don’t worry, hear again soon. Now a shaft of films will again go with the Russian mafia as the main villains, with the names of its leaders, made up of letters of the Russian keyboard layout, typed in random order laughing . Passed already.
      1. +3
        July 18 2016
        Who is worried? It's just boring ...
      2. +1
        July 18 2016
        Well, as it were, criminals have been living comfortably in the Russian Federation since the late 80s, and so they are. Taiwanchik at social gatherings with deputies and ministers at premieres of films, etc., the killed thief is escorted by generals of power structures to his last journey at a funeral, and recently they showed how the inveterate bandit Shakro Molodoy lives, when he was arrested and no one cares how it can be, that an obvious bandit can calmly do his business and not hesitate to live luxuriously. And neither the Germans nor other countries where they fight organized crime want to have this.
  3. +3
    July 18 2016
    5000 Russian-speaking criminals who are currently being held in German prisons.

    Of these 5000, how many are innocent? Russian nationality already proven wine? In 1945, "racial superiority" did not die.
  4. +8
    July 18 2016
    The reason for such an organized propaganda attack was an interview with the director of the Federal Office for Criminal Affairs (BKA) Holger Münch on the Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

    We must not disappoint him and remove the wipers from his car. On the quiet.
  5. +2
    July 18 2016
    Threat ........ well, no mind, no flight of imagination in these gansikov. Let them remember the penal battalions in the Second World War, these are the descendants of those comrades, they still can't calm down, after the capture of Berlin in 1945 ... At their "partner", who 404 has no desire to look? There, in spite of the screams about de-communization, the idea of ​​Koba with penal battalions was brought to life ... Ali, even though this guy is a son of a bitch, BUT .... what is our son of a bitch? So you settle down there "stuck" with a cast-iron frying pan, what is good and what is bad ...
    1. +3
      July 18 2016
      "The idea with penal battalions" as you put it, was taken from the European "civilizers" in uniform from Hugo Boss. Moreover, our penal units assumed redemption and return to their previous rank and position. In the Wehrmacht and the SS, the penalty company was actually a one-way ticket, from there they were not released for injury.
      I highly recommend order number 227 for reading, but always completely.
  6. +3
    July 18 2016
    My everyday (tourist and business) statistics say that anti-Russian rhetoric is rejected by 100% of Greeks and 100% of Germans. The sample is certainly not representative :). The French, it seems, also spit on it.
    1. +4
      July 18 2016
      As M. Zadornov used to say in his story: - "It is necessary to frighten the man in the street, to frighten".
      The main thing is to come up with a worse horror story, and here there is a huge scope for creativity. You can scare, with Russian frosts, mosquitoes, cars, etc. And as practice shows, if one in a crowd is frightened (preferably a loudly screaming woman), then the whole crowd will soon be frightened.
      1. +4
        July 18 2016
        There is nothing worse than a pickpocket. On him --- yes from a cannon !!!!!
        And about the deception of health insurance funds, about the concealment of deaths of old people - for a long time and regularly shown their stories and thin films. This is THEIR people's business.
  7. +4
    July 18 2016
    I am amazed at the patience of the GDP, I would not sit in the same field with the Chancellor of easy virtue, but he also gives her a hand, then he probably washes his hands thoroughly with laundry soap sad
  8. 0
    July 18 2016
    Yu a gunsters? Know, Aim Rashins! (Great movie "Brother-2")
  9. 0
    July 18 2016
    Like a fv cartoon: it didn't work out with the piglets, we'll play it out on a red hat and her grandmother .. It doesn't work with a military threat, the puzzles don't add up .. the Russian mafia went into action ..
  10. +1
    July 18 2016
    What Germans are parasites?
  11. +6
    July 18 2016
    Well, what about without us nowhere ... in the house they would put things in order
  12. -1
    July 18 2016
    Up to the stars and maybe banging?
  13. +1
    July 18 2016
    Oh, I-I, Russian mafia! Oh, I-I! fool
  14. +4
    July 18 2016
    Enchanting dolb..would, or the words of S. B. Lavrov. "20-40 thousand." Thieves in law. "Where did they get so many? Or were they" crowned "in Germany? Yes, there was SO MUCH NEVER in the USSR. And if you take into account the ethnic composition, the bijoriki will be among the leaders. Georgians, Abkhazians, Armenians, Yezidis, Russians are a minority in comparison with them.
  15. +2
    July 18 2016
    Yes, no one cares about the Russian press is pumping because the Germans began to treat Russians better after Syria, now it is necessary to dirtiest it with the expansion of Nata and the mafia .. The only Russian mafia is the Georgian thieves.
  16. 0
    July 18 2016
    There is a substitution of images, there is such a term in psychology. To push real enemies into the background (why, a separate question), but mythical ones to the fore.
  17. +2
    July 18 2016
    Very interesting! Here is the video evidence: It contains the words "Russian mafia", "Germans" so what to do with all of these.
  18. +2
    July 18 2016
    Yes, I can easily find the German mafia in my company. One Kaucher owes me 2 years 10 thousand and does not give recourse... I'm not talking about Brown anymore ... sad
  19. +5
    July 18 2016
    Camarades! Damn, I somehow missed these articles in rags, they apparently were not on the front pages, I did not notice. I wanted to say something. I have been living in "Fatherland" for the 8th year. Listen to things happening here that the notorious "Russian mafia" nervously smokes on the sidelines. The Germans in general are "masters" of statistics and very dexterous manipulators can easily write down a mass brawl as hooliganism and the entire level of crime has already dropped. Or a fight with a fatal outcome in an "accident" and nothing at all happened as if. And about corruption, Germany does not lag behind what the story of the Berlin airport is worth, or how the Bundespresident got caught taking a bribe. THE PRESIDENT ITSELF TAKED BRIBES, and they will tell us that picking your nose is not beautiful .......... heh heh.
  20. +4
    July 18 2016
    Russian mafia, she is Yes
  21. 0
    July 18 2016
    What are you doing there?! Come back home !!! And then, when everyone breaks, it will be too late!
    1. +1
      July 18 2016
      Buddy we can't! If not us, how can the Germans / Guardians / Saxons write about the "mafias"? gee-gee-gee))) And yes, and who will the Yars be sent to the target? AND????!!!!
  22. +1
    July 18 2016
    With such a great desire to see Russians in this "Lousy mafia", eyes may jump out of their sockets ...
  23. 0
    July 18 2016
    Oh, these statistics:

    RF 13 235%
    Ukraine 8 235%
    Georgia 8 085%
    Lithuania 5 064%
    Armenia 3 191%
    Latvia 2 796%
    Moldova 2 187%
    Azerbaijan 2 054%
    Belarus 1 213%
    Other 500 1,07%

    Total 46 560

    To assess the criminalization of immigrants from a particular country, it is necessary to compare with the total number,
    and then, with a high probability, "the first will be the last." The Germans just grumble ...
  24. +1
    July 18 2016
    Having exhausted the arguments about the Russian threat, the Germans began to frighten each other with the Russian mafia.
    They have a lot of propaganda experience! Remember what they carried about Jews and the USSR before the war. To take out the brain to the European public, turning it into fanatical, blood-thirsty animals (with the self-awareness that only they are human) all this has already happened! And the chief conductors, the criminals, dug in behind a puddle. History repeats itself sadly.
    1. 0
      August 1 2016
      The highlight is that the "conductors" were mostly of the same nationality as the extra 6 million Holocaust victims with whom the Hitlerite regime was fed. "Divine! It is prudent to spare the guilty. But not to spare the innocent is a true manifestation of greatness. Does it really matter who the blows fall on? - The main thing is that everyone is afraid." (the scene of the council at the Byzantine emperor, film "Primordial Russia").
  25. +1
    July 18 2016
    Normally, the Germans are following the beaten track much earlier: the Russians are not only aggressors, but also bandits. Pumping continues. What else will come up, we will not wait long ...
  26. +1
    July 18 2016
    to the articles about the putsch in Turkey I wanted to leave the causticity of the allegedly Russian mafia is immortal, but then the article itself came to hand with this name :)))))))) damn how funny it is for ourselves to invent fear and shy away from it :))) )))))))))
  27. 0
    July 18 2016
    20-40 thousand thieves in law * flinched nervously *. Here it is, the real Russian army)). It reminds me of something ... aa, "a billion shot by Stalin personally." The numbers write - what the left heel will tell you, if only the layman slept badly)
  28. +3
    July 18 2016
    Die Welt is a newspaper published by Axel Springer. She got stuck in the 70s of the last century.
    Last week is the Russian mafia. Today Putin is enforcing doping at the government and state level! Erdogan is a slippery type, wriggling suspiciously ... And so on.

    Nothing new.

    They will not write the truth anyway.
  29. 0
    July 19 2016
    Where I live - Romanians: all policemen know this. If theft, then "Oh, these are Romanians." That is, immediately and unambiguously.

    What are the "Russians"?
  30. 0
    August 1 2016
    Poor German "eksperts". They cultivated so much about (without) that they generally ceased to understand the meaning of the "words" uttered by themselves. If shoplifters and petty scammers are the MAFIA, then what is the real Mafia? - Matrix? Ecumenical evil? In the Soviet Union, the concept of "mafia" was exotic. At that time, even the national diasporas were not yet visible. But any Soviet moviegoer who watched the same "Octopus" understood from the very first shots that the mafia are bankers / politicians and the criminal bosses serving them, and not street thieves. Insanity. Oh, my Europe, where are you kotisya .. You will get to the Caliphate, you will not return ..

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"