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"Antifascists" and Antifascists


Yesterday, an excellent article by Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky, “A Letter to a Pro-Russian Ukrainian,” appeared on the site “Antifashist”.

And I agree with Dzygovbrodsky

My regular readers know how I feel about the work of this author, and therefore, probably a little surprised. And in vain. Ultimately, the question is not who writes, but what exactly he writes. When I read the last article of Dmitry, I sighed with relief and realized that this is it, something that I have long wanted to hear from him.

The author's sarcasm sounds in every line of his “letter” and he is directed towards those “Anti-Fascists” who are not used to fighting for their ideals, but are just waiting for someone to do all the dirty work for them. And they will return to everything ready and AGAIN will begin their advances with the Ukrainian fascists and ultimately lead Ukraine to a new stage of “anti-Russia”.

After all, it was they, instead of creating a partisan detachment and fighting as Sydor Kovpak, fled from Kharkov 22 February 2014 of the year, justifying their actions by the fact that their life was in danger.

I can not imagine that Kovpak could do this.

With all the power of the state machine in their hands, Yanukovich and Co. fled under the cover of Moscow bayonets. We remember sentimental history about how Viktor Fedorovich almost killed. And how heartfelt that his wife almost died, did ex-premier Azarov tell? These escaped first, without even looking into the eyes of the enemy. And how many dozens of “Antifascists” smaller and more famous rushed after them in March-April 2014, as soon as Ukraine smelled gunpowder, and in Moscow - budgets? And all the stories, like a carbon copy: “We fear for our lives. We could be killed, crippled, But we are ready to lead the fight from here. ”

And here I completely trust Dmitry and his experience - it was just at this time that I ended up in Moscow, and the “fighters” then saw many.

They understood the fight in their own way. Being safe, distribute the help of not indifferent Russians between themselves and those who remained in the occupied territory. And consider yourself the "salt of the earth" Ukrainian, and then Russian.

When the trend changed and it became shameful for Ukrainians to reckon in their cruises, they began to remember en masse that they were Russians. Well at least Alexey Mozgovoy doesn't hear them. Ukrainian, whom they consider to be a teacher, and so love to quote. And “the faithful son of the Ukrainian people, the flesh of the flesh of Ukraine”, as it was customary to write after the war, Sidor Kovpak, also does not hear - and he would have strangled such “granddaughters”.

Assistance centers, various rescue committees, etc. were established. And they were all the same. They all wanted to lead, distribute the assistance that Russia in one form or another provided in their hands. It was then that a handful of people were formed who demanded more and more and more actively from the Kremlin: "Give, give, give."

And Dmitry from the first days saw the "work" of these "rescuers" from the inside. It so happened that by the will of fate, he was being put into one or another such organization, and he could not only witness everything that was going on in them, but also take part in it.

And he (like me) has a legitimate question: “Is it possible to trust such“ Anti-Fascists ”?”. After all, their way of life shows that they have never done anything worthwhile in their lives, but only parasitized them on the people of Ukraine, the Kremlin, and ordinary citizens of Russia. A mask of "anti-fascists" has always been just a mask.

They never disdained the help of those who are now called fascists themselves. Suffice it to recall the story of Oleg Tyagnibok and his party, Svoboda, which was known only recently. It was they, the “Anti-Fascists”, who lobbied these outspoken Nazis and almost on their administrative resource they dragged the parliament members into the 2012 year. It was these “Anti-Fascists”, being at the head of the Ukrainian government, turned a blind eye to the “art” of the Nazis, promoted the growth of Nazi ideas in society and created an atmosphere of impunity for the Nazis (recall the mockery of veterans in Lviv 9 in May 2010).

Moreover, these “Antifashists” in power were so desperately plundering that they were hated by the majority of Ukrainians. And it is precisely this that warmed up the Maidan. While in the most senior government positions (president, prime minister, etc.), these “Antifascists” prepared the Nazi gang, hoping that they would be able to control them. It was believed that the Nazis in power would set off their "anti-fascism", make the people love them and support them out of fear of the Nazis. And so they somehow keep the Nazis. And they were mistaken - they did not keep

Could they, like Sydor Kovpak (who was a state man, head of Soviet power in the city (today they would say the mayor), and responsible for the creation of a partisan movement in the province), create peace in partisan units to combat the "burdens"? In my opinion, the question is rhetorical and we have already received an answer to it.

And Dmitry is absolutely right, branding them and making fun of clumsy attempts to build “Anti-Fascists” out of themselves today, demanding that Russia do everything for them.

“After all, the normal formula worked for twenty-three years - we give you love, you give us money and gas“ according to pisat. ”Russia, why did you start to hurt? Do you have little love for you?

Do you want a business? Well, let's be businesslike. We grind, as they say.

In business, this is called monetization. Euromaidans wanted to monetize their love for Europe. And we, the pro-Russian Ukrainians, want to monetize our love for Russia. Yes, nobody wants to do anything. But we are ready to love passionately. No, not to death - this is something else, tea is not the time of Shakespeare and the families of Montecchi and Capulets.
You come, you do everything, we love you. ”

Shine! Briefly and essentially. 23, these "anti-fascists" parasitized on Russia and Ukraine, robbed and stolen not even themselves, but at the same time Yushchenko and his gang, but now they want this to continue in the future. Only now, before Moscow returns power to them in Kiev, do they want to get everything in the form of a “government in exile” and various “rescue committees”. And they are all cowards who have done nothing in 2,5 of the year on the territory that they “want” to release, absolutely nothing.

I absolutely agree with the author that after bringing such "Anti-FASHISTS" to power on the remnants of Ukraine (God forbid), they will continue their "games" again. And therefore, I completely agree with Dmitry that these scumbags and scumbags should not be helped. In general, helping healthy peasants, some of whom are also millionaires and billionaires, festered the fascists in Ukraine, and now crying with crocodile tears, is ridiculous. Like the new shoots, which, cowardly fled in the spring of 2014, to get close to the feeders and still trying to sit on the neck of Russia. And now many of them are doing everything to make this music eternal and “enough for their age”. And they continue to say that Russia owes them something.

As usual, the real struggle does not require PR or fuss. Those who are fighting, and not beating themselves in the chest, do not take pictures with machine guns and do not talk about how, after ascending into power, “they will come to the Donbass through Kiev”. They just quietly and systematically do their work, not paying attention to the noise around.

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  1. hirurg
    hirurg 16 July 2016 11: 51
    I said that the audience to which the letter is addressed is Ukrainians?
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 16 July 2016 12: 00
      Reading such articles in my head such music appears ... fellow
      Well, I can not help myself ... Guys sing beautifully!
      1. jjj
        jjj 16 July 2016 12: 05
        It always touches when some people sing about others that others are not as they should.
        This is not about Tuvans.
        1. Aleksander
          Aleksander 16 July 2016 13: 18
          Quote: jjj
          It always touches when some people sing about others that others are not as they should.

          What is yura with Sumthat this Dzygovbrodsky with The Dnieper themselves .... sit in Russia and do exactly what they violently criticize others for: they saw, write, earn and do not mind, that it always has been.

          And to the forest to Kovpak neither, nor foot! yes

          What do they specifically suggest, by the way, to hand over the escaped Ruin for their "guilt"?

          Well, I would give these both scribbles in the first place, otherwise their hypocrisy is already going wild
      2. soaring
        soaring 16 July 2016 12: 14
        A bit off topic ... As I understand it, a song about fishermen and fishing !? Since the avid fisherman himself, I’ll download it and it will be my fishing anthem !!! good drinks yes
        1. Bayonet
          Bayonet 16 July 2016 13: 00
          Quote: soaring
          Since the avid fisherman himself, I’ll download it and it will be my fishing anthem !!!

          Just do not turn on fishing - all the fish will leave! smile
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. razmik72
      razmik72 16 July 2016 12: 01
      Quote: hirurg
      I said that the audience to which the letter is addressed is Ukrainians?

      Yura Sumsky’s explanations clarified a lot for me from the previous article, otherwise I asked questions on the lower branch and got minuses instead of answers. .who did everything and still aching in Moscow. I was generally surprised when Yanukovych, instead of going to his hometown of Donetsk and leading the resistance of the putschists, sat quietly in Rostov.
      1. Ami du peuple
        Ami du peuple 16 July 2016 12: 36
        Quote: razmik72
        The explanations of Yura Sumsky clarified a lot for me from the previous article
        It’s still difficult when Russian is not a native language, right? Many hidden meanings and subtle allusions in literary texts are lost? I ask without jokes.
        Although, here for many, even in Russia born and speaking Russian from infancy, such articles are also a dark forest. Look how Da Ji mined, and Yura from Sumy put the pluses for the same thing. Nonsense?
        1. Hlavaty
          Hlavaty 16 July 2016 13: 10
          Quote: Ami du peuple
          Look how Da Ji mined, and Yura from Sumy put the pluses for the same thing. Nonsense?

          Not nonsense, but the psychological trick of Jura Sumsky.
          He took and stuck to DaDzi's article his thoughts about the Ukrainian elite, which weren’t even close in the DaDzi article.
          There was an ordinary show of creak, trying to spoil ALL Ukrainians with one spit.
          And what Yura writes about was not even close. It's just that Yura used a "hot" article to advance his thoughts.
          His thoughts are correct, and DaDzi's shitty. Therefore, Yura is plus, and DaJi is minus.
      2. Lekov L
        Lekov L 16 July 2016 17: 37
        In general, I was surprised when Yanukovych, instead of going to his native city of Donetsk and leading the resistance of the coup, stayed quietly in Rostov

        But for some reason I do not ..
        Well, nifiga, Yanuca is not Allende.
        And not even Gaddafi, forgive me, my Lord, and God bestow upon him with his Allah, Heavenly heaven.
        They do not associate, modern, themselves with their people, and can correctly ...
        Not the people they are, and dirty garbage foam.
        When Rutskoi jumped up in the White House - "we will not die, we will not surrender", and then not that he did not shoot himself - he "moved up" to the governorship - he did not just cease to be a Hero of the USSR.
        He is no longer an officer.
        Became a "big politician" - and this is already a stigma.
        My opinion, I do not impose ..
        They are politicians ..
        With respect to colleagues and opponents.
      3. Yura
        Yura 16 July 2016 18: 07
        Quote: razmik72
        when Yanukovych, instead of going to his hometown of Donetsk and leading the resistance of the putschists,

        And if he did, I’m pretty sure that today, Yanukovych would have been sitting in Kiev in his office hugging his golden toilet.
  2. Tusv
    Tusv 16 July 2016 11: 54
    What kind of sarcasm. There, the whole article is reduced to one phrase.
    1. Tusv
      Tusv 16 July 2016 12: 39
      Minuscules justify your position.
      Type sarcasm is magnificent, and you do not understand sausage scraps.
      I repeat. This is an attempt at sarcasm amid real pain. How is it in spy games? Attempt at humor
  3. just exp
    just exp 16 July 2016 11: 56
    The result as a whole is this - whatever the Ukrainians would do, they would not do anything without Russia.
    Without Russia, Ukraine has a future - to grow European brothels, European toilets and rape houses to grow.
  4. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 16 July 2016 12: 02
    All of these Yanukovychs and Cocos must be turned over to the LDNR authorities. Real Ukrainians will deal with these slobber.
    1. berezin1987
      berezin1987 16 July 2016 13: 36
      I am also for the trial of Yanyk. Why did Putin save him if he didn’t use him later. We are not a trap for cowards and traitors. Who next will go to Rostov, saving his ass?
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 16 July 2016 12: 08
    Come freebie - that's how students shout before the session. Well, these are not students. So - there will be no freebies!
  6. Antiprogressor
    Antiprogressor 16 July 2016 12: 17
    I didn’t even finish reading, but I’ll read it now.
    Kiev 1970-1980s was my favorite city. Ruined Pechersk Lavra and green Khreshchatyk.
    But in general, zae .. if all at least the atomic war began ...
  7. red joni
    red joni 16 July 2016 12: 21
    Well, Russia is swinging, as always, it is not too late to pay the loot with a new revolutionary and overthrow the hohlokons from the thrones of the new Ukraine and who is the real patriot and who is not, we will figure it out along the way, as the famous cinema general of the FSB said in his favorite movie, the national security agent.
  8. Khariton
    Khariton 16 July 2016 12: 22
    I just would say we’ll wet everyone ... Bandera and Bandera! It’s true that Putin did not get into this ball of snakes and cockroaches ... Let them kill themselves!
  9. prior
    prior 16 July 2016 13: 02
    The graves of the "schiry" and not very weeds and feather grass from the Carpathians to the Black Sea will grow.
    And only the roar of American tractors in rapeseed fields will disturb the peace of the earth,
    which used to be called Ukraine.
  10. berezin1987
    berezin1987 16 July 2016 13: 41
    Erdogan did not follow in the footsteps of the yanyk and crushed the rebellion in a day. The Chinese with their maydaunas also never stood on ceremony. What prevented Yanyk from using the army and police against the conspirators? Is it really just loot abroad?
  11. Verdun
    Verdun 16 July 2016 15: 12
    With all the power of the state machine in their hands, Yanukovych and Co. fled under the cover of Moscow bayonets.
    I don’t know how anyone, but I am immensely far from comparing Yanukovych and Kovpak. Which of Yanukovych partisans and anti-fascist? And in general, I don’t really understand what kind of anti-fascism we are talking about. The problem and the tragedy of Ukraine is that the reason for the events taking place there is the struggle between organized crime groups that have become part of the state system for the redistribution of property. And in this fight, to disguise the true intentions, various political motives are woven, like bows in a horse's tail. Most of the Ukrainian population sees this very well and is in no hurry to take sides. Only those who hope to grab their piece of a divisible cake, and who are trying to increase their political capital at the expense of others, take an active part. Most of all, it's a pity for ordinary people who fall under this distribution.
  12. German Titov
    German Titov 16 July 2016 17: 00
    Quote: berezin1987
    Who next will go to Rostov, saving his ass?

    Really "Piglet"?
  13. Cananecat
    Cananecat 16 July 2016 17: 22
    Azarov escaped first ... well, what for nonsense? It's a good idea for the author to put himself in his place for a start. To comprehend the situation and understand that Azarov left when he ceased to influence the situation. It is the moment of Azarov's resignation that coincides with the beginning of a slow but sure acceleration of the downhill movement. I do not justify him or accuse him, but I am saying that Azarov at that time clearly calculated the consequences of the movement along the slope. And I am very interested, would the author of the article stay in the state, knowing that he is putting his life and the lives of loved ones in danger? I doubt very much ... I think I would have dumped much earlier than Azarov himself ...
  14. Zulu_S
    Zulu_S 17 July 2016 06: 07
    Three examples from history.
    1917 Russia. Kerensky in a female skirt in a car runs to Tsarskoye Selo. However, about the skirt, it is probably slap.
    2014 Ukraine. Yanukovych dumps in Rostov. I don’t know if he put on a skirt, but obviously he could not do without tights. However, about tights - this is speculation.
    2016 Turkey. Erdogan flies to Istanbul.
    After 1917, it was called the Great October Socialist Revolution.
    After 2014 - the Revolution of Guidity.
    In 2016, it's just a coup. Failed.
    It is with great regret that I have to admit that in only one case out of three were eggs in the pants. And that is the reality.