Married with intelligence

Married with intelligence

Olga Chekhov at the reception at Ribbentrop. In the first row from left to right: Goering, Annelisa von Ribbentrop, Hitler and Olga Chekhova. 1939 Photo of the Year

To the question “Is this woman's business a secret?” The authoritative expert of the German special services Paul Leverkün replied: “The secret that cannot be learned through a woman, in all likelihood, will remain a secret forever ... It is even more useful to deal with corrupt female agents. They rarely arouse suspicion and may reveal a secret in a situation where men would be powerless and not sufficiently dexterous. ”

The same point of view is shared by the staff psychologists of both domestic and foreign special services, who found that female intelligence officers work more efficiently than their male counterparts: “spies in skirts” are more observant and they have better developed all kinds of memory and intuition. They attach greater importance to the little things that a man passes by, and even their legends about foreign language skills and their inclination to mummery. In addition, it is important that women are more diligent, patient and methodical. Finally, women hear better and have a more subtle sense of smell. But the most striking thing is that women are able to think about several problems at the same time.

These qualities are inherent in all women, regardless of race, education or social status. If you add external data to these advantages, then any skeptic will be forced to admit that women rightfully occupy a worthy place in the ranks of the intelligence services of any country, being their adornment.


The example with Chichcholina became a textbook. Under this pseudonym in 1970-1980, the famous Italian porn star Ilona Staller performed. This charming nymph “dragged chestnuts out of the fire” for her operators, literally not sparing her stomach, almost 30 years - recruited her when Chichcholine failed to make 18, and she moved away from active business only in 47 years.

Ilona, ​​fluent in almost all European languages, was found by the security officers of Hungary at the Intercontinental Hotel in Budapest, where she worked as a waitress. Then an offer was made to her, which she could not refuse, and they promised such a salary that Staller immediately changed her profession and became a guide-translator for foreigners from capitalist countries. Formally, her duties included the organization of recreation and entertainment for Western Europeans and US citizens, in reality, Ilona was engaged in clarifying their attitude to socialism in general and to the Hungarian social system in particular.

This was the initial stage of testing the ability of Staller to extract operational information by retrieving, as well as the ability to observe conspiracy. When the Ciccioline mentors decided that she could give a hundred points the odds of the legendary Mata Hari, they helped her to emigrate to Italy, where her espionage talents were already fully revealed.

All the while Cicciolina lived in Italy, she provided her historical the homeland has invaluable services in obtaining secret information and lobbying for bills beneficial for Hungary in the Italian parliament, where she managed to get from the radical party in 1987.

You can only admire the energy and permeability of this super-agent. She slept with almost all the deputies of the upper chamber of the Italian parliament, so the Hungarian secret services knew in advance which bills would be passed and which would not pass. In addition, Chichcholina maintained intimate relations with many politicians and government officials, including those who led the security agencies not only in Italy, but also in other Western European countries.

One can only guess what kind of high-quality information Ilona supplied to its operators, if an entire computer shop was set up in the Hungarian security service, the task of which was to process and analyze information received only from it.

Assessing the advantages of female agents over male agents, including the example of Ilona Staller, the Mossad leadership in 1972 came to Central Kahal (the board of religious communities of the country) with a proposal to resolve the issue of using Jewish people as operative objects from among foreigners , terrorists and citizens of Israel. In other words, it was a proposal to consider the sexual relationship in the operational activities of the pious deed, not debauchery or adultery. Moreover, before performing such an assignment, it was suggested - in order not to violate the canons at all - to give a married woman a divorce, and after completion - to automatically pay for a forced sin and to give an opportunity to return to the bosom of honor with honor.

With a great deal of confidence, it can be argued that in the 21st century the triumph of the final equality of men with women will come, even in such a specific sphere of human activity as counterintelligence and intelligence. And we find confirmation of this in the recently published book in the UK from the series “Scouts and spies”: “More than 40% of the employees of MI-6 (intelligence) and MI-5 (counterintelligence) of England are women. In addition to Stella Rimington, who until recently headed the MI-5 service, women are also heads of four of the twelve counterintelligence departments. ” Speaking to members of the British Parliament, Rimington said that in difficult situations, women are often more resolute than men in performing special tasks and less susceptible to doubts and remorse for their actions.

Domestic experts and historians of the special services have their own opinion on this. Without detracting from the personal merit and operational merit of women scouts - Zoya Voskresenskaya-Rybkina, Elizaveta Zarubina, Kitty Harris, Elena Modrzhinskaya and many others who ran special missions before and during World War II — they risk The intelligence services were, after all, a combination of the best psychological qualities of men and women who conducted intelligence beyond the cordon. After all, such “intelligence tandems” as Leontina and Morris Cohen, Gohar and Gevork Vartanian, Anna and Mikhail Filonenko, Galina and Mikhail Fedorov and many others - known and unknown to the general public - constituted the undivided golden fund of the country's foreign intelligence.


Former director of Stella Rimington MI5 presents his autobiography «Open Secret» in central London bookstore. 18 September 2001 of the year.

One of the most significant figures among female militants of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States is Marita Lorenz. Suffice it to say that she was entrusted with the mission to eliminate the Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

In the 1951 year, when she lived with her mother in Germany, she, a thirteen-year-old girl of unearthly beauty, was raped by an American soldier. After that, she began having bouts of a rare disease, androphobia — husbandhood. However, the disease did not prevent Marita from experiencing a tumultuous romance with Fidel Castro, and then to become the mistress of the Venezuelan dictator Marcos Perez Jiménez. Marita, without false modesty, told about her love novels with Latin American celebrities in her autobiographical book “The Bed Has Been Dismantled, Who Is Next?”

In the secret files of the CIA, Lorenz was listed as a “contract agent” under the pseudonym “Vamp” and had the richest track record: she was a member of the militant group who in 1961 were preparing to land at Cochinos Bay, in 1963 she accompanied Li Dz. Harvey Osvald in the assassination of President Kennedy, there he met the future assassin Oswald gangster Jack Ruby.

... 28 February 1959 of the year 19-year-old Marita Lorenz arrived in Havana on the cruise ship "Berlin". Then there was her meeting and mutual love at first sight with the bearded macho Fidel. After returning to New York, Marita spent hours on the phone with the Comandante every day until he sent her own private plane for her. Then she lived for seven months in the hotel "Free Havana", turning it into a meeting house with the Cuban leader. The marriage should have been a logical continuation of their close relationship, and in one of their reports to John F. Kennedy, the CIA leadership was quick to call Lorenz the “first lady of Cuba”.

According to Marita Lorenz, she became pregnant after the first meeting with Castro, gave birth to a premature baby boy, who was taken from her and then escorted from Cuba. From that moment on, her insane love for Fidel has been replaced by an equally insane hatred.

Upon returning to the US, CIA agent recruiter Frank Stregis suddenly found himself near Marita, who had once fought with Castro in the Sierra Maestra mountains. In the end, Frank, his friends and mother Marita managed to convince the girl that Castro and communism personified absolute evil. And the mother of Marita Lorenz sent a letter to the failed son-in-law, in which she accused him of raping her underage daughter. At the same time, copies of the letter went to the President of the United States and the Pope of Rome.

4 December 1961 of the year Marita, already in the CIA agent's office, made a blitz trip to Cuba to find out if Fidel will accept her. After another three weeks, the Office sent Lorenz to Havana on a mission to poison Castro. For this she was given two vials of botulism toxin, which she had to mix Comandante wine.

"... But at the moment when our eyes met, - says Lorenz - I realized that I could not kill him. I went into the toilet room and drowned the vials in the toilet. When I returned, Fidel looked intently into my eyes. He asked: “Did you come to kill me?” I shook my head. Then he handed me a gun and uttered a phrase that seemed prophetic to me: “You cannot kill me. No one can kill me! ”After that, I silently returned the pistol to Fidel ...”


As you know, the legendary intelligence officer Richard Sorge was in touch with more female agents than male agents. He intuitively felt that they could get more detailed and more reliable information. Male agents Sorge, as a rule, used only as analysts. Outwardly irresistible, Sorge attracted agents from among the beautiful half of humanity assertiveness, exquisite treatment and devilish cunning. However, preferred to keep them at a safe emotional distance, never entering a place near him in touch agentessami in intimate relationships. And this despite the fact that it was hardly possible to resist this macho. In fairness it should be noted that some of his secret helpers themselves openly provoked by Richard Sorge, a more loving relationship.

... A few years before the start of the Second World War, Sorge met in Harbin a young, not very attractive, but differently sharp-minded, analytical-minded woman named Ruth Kuczinski. Filigree recruiter, he immediately understood that a high-level intelligence officer could be made from a woman deprived of male attention, and played on her imaginary inferiority complex.

Ruth was born in 1908, in a Jewish family, he received a broad education and his erudition could give odds to any man. And when they met, Sorge said that it is interesting Kuczynski, not only as an exciting source, but also as a man. That's what he decided to play. Having held several secret meetings with the woman, he directly suggested that she take an intelligence course in Moscow. Kuchinski did not hesitate to give consent.

While studying at the courses, she received the pseudonym "Sonya". Immediately before the start of the war, she was ordered to go to Switzerland and there to enter into a feigned marriage with a certain Briton named Len Burton, who was also a secret agent of the NKVD. Becoming Mrs. Burton, Sonya gained English citizenship, which enabled her to participate in the grand operation of the Soviet security forces in London since 1943. For several years, she skillfully drew to cooperate with the Soviet intelligence of several members of the British Parliament and senior officials of the British Foreign Office. As a result, brilliantly performed operation, the object of which was nuclear physicist, "Sonia," was able to get the Soviet Union to top secret data on British atomic project.

Stalin, not stingy, ordered to assign "Sonia" colonel of state security and award the Order of the Red Banner. After the war, Ruth continued to work in the UK as a scout recruiter. After the British counterintelligence managed to get on its trail, the center ordered Ruth to move to the GDR. She settled in East Berlin and lived there until the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Early in the morning of October 15, 1917 ended with the execution of the earthly path of a real woman, and the era of beautiful legends about the espionage queen, courtesan known as Mata Hari, began ...

It is impossible to list all the failings of the Entente, which accused Mata Hari in the course of the trial on July 24 on July 1917. The official witness for the prosecution from the Second Bureau (French counterintelligence) was Captain Georges Lada. The trial reached its climax when it went on to announce the main points of the prosecution 10:

1. The defendant led the operations of the German agents in France.

2. From her lovers, officers of the Entente, she discovered the plan of defense of France and transferred it to the Germans.

3. She gave the Germans a network of French intelligence from 66 secret agents.

4. The German High Command warned of an Allied offensive in the area of ​​the Somme River, during which they lost about a million soldiers and officers to 1.

5. Has prepared the sinking of 17 British military transports.

6. Hiding under the guise of a sister of mercy and nursing the wounded staff captain of the Russian army, Vadim Maslov, she discovered with her help French secret operational plans.

7. She issued the British naval plan to the Germans, which led to the death of the Hampshire cruiser with Field Marshal Lord Kitchener on board.

8. Transmitted to the Germans operational plans of the French aviation.

9. I got the secret blueprints of English tank.

10. I handed over the plan of defense of Verdun to the Germans ...

Marita Lorenz was so close to Fidel Castro. 1959 Photo of the Year

Today it has already been established that the so-called main points of the accusation are completely false, for everything that Mata Hari was charged with was committed by more than a dozen German agents who penetrated government circles and the military ministry. Among them were three female agents, led by Elizabeth Schragmüller, who went down in the history of secret wars of the special services under the pseudonym “Frau Doctor”.

Moreover, modern researchers, after analyzing the activities of the intelligence services of France and Germany of the beginning of the 1900's, state: “... The archives lack materials that could be considered evidence against Mata Hari. In our firm conviction, she became an ideal figure "for both beating and shaving." For the French, to write off all the miscalculations of their general staff and belittle the merits of the German command. For the Germans - to cover a galaxy of especially valuable agents infiltrated into the French government bodies. ”

Why was Mata Hari convicted during the trial? The answer is simple: by the time of the court session, the verdict “guilty” was already delivered by the French press. Choking on the heartbreaking details and tickling the imagination of the inhabitant of the details, it was the newspapers who blamed Mata Hari for all the failures of the French military ministry. Her position was aggravated by the fact that all the charges against her lay in the fertile ground of public opinion, agitated by the huge loss of life in 1914 – 1917. In this situation, it was necessary to find a figure for the sacrifice. French people wanted blood in revenge for the blood spilled on the battlefields, and the government has thrown Mata Hari at the mercy of ...

Well ... Each generation has its own legend. Sometimes a legend can fascinate several generations. That is exactly what happened with Mata Hari, which the legend made the spy the highest - "four nines" - a trial. That she was a great courtesan playing spies is beyond doubt. But they don't shoot for it. What else? Alas, today it is no longer possible to establish absolute truth, because the legend of our heroine is inextricably intertwined: her own lies, myths about the adventures of a pleiad of German spies, a small handful of real facts, custom articles by journalists, works by Hollywood screenwriters and improvisation of film actresses who played Mata Hari on stage. .

Today, after 99 years after the execution of a prodigal diva, the world community defiantly ignores the unequivocally negative answers to the question of her belonging to the special services of Germany and France. However, the final solution is not long to wait. In 2017, the documents of the “process of the century” must be removed from the security stamp. In the meantime, the name Mata Hari remains shrouded in a veil of mystery, we assume that this woman brought himself on the altar of his own legend.


As the fascists were thrown back from Moscow, they didn’t even think about the parades on Red Square, on the orders of Stalin the 4 sabotage and reconnaissance department of the NKVD of the USSR began to develop a plan for the destruction of Hitler. Sudoplatov Head Office and his deputy Eytingon decided that the assassination had to be put it in Germany. But for this it was necessary to find a person who could, without arousing suspicion from the Gestapo, organize an assassination attempt. And such a man was found.

As a result of the multipass operational combination in Berlin, NKVD agent Igor Miklashevsky turned out to be one of the leaders of the anti-Soviet “Russian Committee”, which recruited captured Soviet soldiers and officers for the German military unit “Eastern Legion”.

To penetrate the Fuhrer’s closest entourage, Miklashevsky established contact with the famous German actress Olga Chekhova, who, using the unconditional trust of Hitler and his civil wife Eva Braun, communicated with them in an informal setting.

In the 1922 year, having left Russia for Germany to get a theatrical education, Olga, a woman of unearthly beauty and bright talent, achieved stunning success: she acted in dozens of movies in Germany, France, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Hollywood. In 1936, she was awarded the highest theatrical title by the initiative of Hitler - the state actress of Germany.

As far as General Sudoplatov was aware of the inveterate agents, Chekhov, having conquered the western theatrical Olympus, remained a patriot of his historic homeland. Therefore, Sudoplatov expected that she and the Polish prince Radziwill (the secret agent of the NKVD) hypothetically could provide Miklashevsky access to Hitler.

However, in 1943, Stalin abandoned his original intention to physically eliminate Hitler, because he feared that as soon as the Führer was destroyed, the Nazi circles and the German generals would make a separate peace with Britain and the United States, bypassing the Soviet Union.

In the middle of the 1990-x, a book by Sergo Beria appeared in Moscow’s book collapse, in which he claimed that Olga Chekhova was part of the personal intelligence network of his father, the memorable head of the NKVD, Lavrentiy Pavlovich. According to Sergo Beria, all the leaders of the Soviet secret services, following the example of Stalin, had their own personal secret agency, which was not subject to registration and registration, therefore, they say, there is no operational pseudonym in the archives, and generally the name of Olga Chekhova. But she was nevertheless an agent ...

Unfortunately, this false premise picked up by some Moscow writers, taking deliberately exaggerate worthless topic.

All the blatant allegations about the involvement of Olga Chekhova to the NKVD agents, as well as about her assistance to the state security organs of the USSR, experts of the history office of the Foreign Intelligence Service dismiss unambiguously: “Suspicions of amateurs!”
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    July 23 2016
    An interesting and informative article .. The myths about Mata Hari and Olga Chekhova are dispelled ...
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      July 23 2016
      The easiest way to dispel myths is myths.
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    July 23 2016
    I don’t know for Chekhov, but the fact that there are confidants who are not officially registered is true. The reason is to reduce the risk of a possible failure through the fault of betrayal. The article is interesting. But women agents have one weak point - maternal instinct.
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    July 23 2016
    I suppose that in 10-20 years we will learn the name of the "reason" ("honey trap") of the suicide of the US naval attaché in Moscow? At all times, women and power (gold) were the reason (reason) for war, the "instrument" of war, the means of waging war! "Beauty is a terrible force!" (Faina Ranevskaya in the film "Spring").
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    Banal truth:
    "Where the devil can't - there a woman will help!"

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