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Closed the door, but left a gap, or who would deceive?

Closed the door, but left a gap, or who would deceive?The summit of the CIS countries and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which was held recently in Moscow, made a crucially important decision - not to host the military bases of third countries without general consent. This refers primarily to the US base. In the domestic media, both news reports and detailed comments were devoted to this. Russia’s concern about the security of its borders in the south-east direction is quite understandable here. But after all, such a topic is far from being indifferent to the West, however, their press reacted to the decisions of the summit almost in any way, trying not to notice such a principled clause of the agreement. What is the matter?

“Americans are not at all eager to place military bases in Central Asia,” Anatoly Tsyganov, head of the Military Forecasting Center, told me shortly before the summit. “They now have the task of creating military centers and training camps in countries neighboring Afghanistan.” With a seemingly good goal - to ensure stability in the region and create normal conditions for the withdrawal of troops and equipment from Afghanistan to 2014 through the countries of this region, since Pakistan is blocking the transport corridor to the Americans through its country after many incidents of casualties as a result of “targeted” strikes in the fight against the Taliban in the territory of their own country.

So, perhaps, here lies the reason for the silence of the US press on an acute and significant problem. Otherwise, how can we explain the ignoring of the CSTO Treaty, adopted at the initiative of Moscow. It should be noted that by the end of the outgoing year, Russia realized that it might soon be in the ring of a tenacious American embrace: in addition to deploying missile defense in Europe, what they say and write very much, the US’s efforts to gain a foothold in Central Asia are clearly increasing. This is evidenced once again by the facts of the transfer of the latest models of military equipment to Dushanbe and Tashkent either at no cost or at a very low price. In the same series, and the desire to thoroughly stake out for military sites in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. And suddenly it was decided to cancel these plans by the heads of the CSTO, having tightly closed the door to the presence of America. But it turns out, not everything is so simple. In the adopted document, there are loopholes that allow CSTO partners to bypass the ban. It is enough to rename the base, for example, to the center, and it will actually exist, without formally violating the resolution clause that expert A. Tsyganov told me. Naturally, the Americans are not at all interested in the public disclosure of such a “secret” and in the excess hype around the bases of the training camps.

However, it must be said that the CSTO decision itself is still a considerable breakthrough in the military-diplomatic sphere in recent years. The fact of adopting the document unanimously is already a victory for Moscow and its close allies. It is worth recalling that Uzbekistan always stood out with a special opinion within the organization, which did not even participate in the program of the Collective Rapid Reaction Force (CRRF). Inside the CSTO, this isolation of Tashkent does not please everyone. Not without reason, in early December, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, even stated that it was time to consider the position of Uzbekistan in certain areas of cooperation and decide on its future membership in the CSTO. After such a statement, some experts argued that the Uzbek leader Islam Karimov would once again ignore the organization’s summit, as he had done the previous time.

But Karimov arrived in Moscow, signed the document and, moreover, publicly praised Russia's position in the matter of stabilizing the situation in the CIS countries and generally expressed the spirit that our country was and remains an attractive center for all former Soviet republics. Perhaps, the Uzbek leader after the “Arab spring” has become even more critical of the advances and promises of the soft-growing United States. As they say, the old friend is better than the new two. However, and weapon American and Tashkent centers categorically reject Tashkent.

As the president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, said, evaluating the new treaty: "In recent years, this is the only solution within the organization to conduct a coherent policy, and specifically military policy." At the same time, he noted that there is no clear definition of the concept “military base”; therefore, one or another country can now explain the appearance of a base by the fact that it is, for example, a dual-use facility or a transit point, a logistics center, etc.

In the same Uzbekistan, Navoi Airport is an international logistics center and serves 90% of Americans in Afghanistan. In Tajikistan, the most attractive object for Americans was the Aini airfield, to which Russia and India also have their own views. Therefore, Alexander Knyazev, a senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, argues that the CSTO documents should clearly disclose what is meant by the term “military base”.

The Manas airbase, known to everyone outside Kyrgyzstan, has also been renamed the transit center. And one of the ports in Kazakhstan - Aktau - is called the logistic maritime center, around which, again, circles like the pike are held by diplomats and the US military, including Hillary Clinton. An anti-terrorism training center has been established in Kyrgyzstan in the city of Tokmak, where a large group of armed Americans is present and exercises are held. Didn’t the experts and leaders of the countries themselves headed by Russia, who prepared the document of the CSTO summit, know about all this?

Of course, they knew, but apparently decided that so far the problem of a closed door for the Americans cannot be completely solved. It turns out that they left a gap where the American boot goes completely. Who played up? Own self-love, which, they say, managed to unanimously make an important decision, the CSTO partners, and, perhaps, the same Americans, who do not give up hopes to involve Russia in their anti-Islamic policy. In other words - to carry hot chestnuts with the hands of Moscow in the big war that they incite in the Middle East, around Iran and further to the Chinese border.

December 23 “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” published a statement by three American Republicans - Jatras, Lozansky and Salvia under the heading “The next stage of the reset is the union with Russia”. It says that the Republican Party platform in 2012 should provide for easing tensions on Russia's western borders, including the missile defense problem and further NATO expansion to the East, by creating a joint US-Russian defense system against rogue states. “We need to catch up. It's time to act, ”with these words ends the statement. And the Americans want to act, as you know, against such outcasts like Syria and Iran. At the same time, it always means, albeit not called out loud, still gigantic China, for which all existing and future logistics centers and training camps, not indicated and not seen in the CSTO treaty, will be useful. This is not a base at all.
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  1. esaul
    esaul 2 January 2012 14: 47
    One way or another, a slit feint is a normal pre-emptive move, not an undermining! A warning and the ability to force the opponent to take more constructive steps towards - "If you aggravate, you will get, finally, a kick in the ass!"
  2. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 2 January 2012 15: 13
    It is very difficult to sit on two chairs.
  3. wall
    wall 2 January 2012 15: 24
    Key phrase: Their task now is to create military centers and training camps in countries adjacent to Afghanistan. ... Question. Who will we train against? Could these training camps be home to the future wave of Asian extremism that will rush to our and Chinese borders? Where do highly professional "oppositionists" come from in Libya and Syria? In the conditions of total instability in the countries of the Arab Spring and others, young people left without a livelihood, in the absence of normal education and medicine, will simply pour into these training camps, roughly speaking for a spoonful of stew and 10 bucks a day, and besides, all that they beat off the enemy has everything yours (women, material values, and whatever you want). Not a bad incentive for hungry ragamuffins. Therefore, the Americans are quite calm. Understand that they will survive expulsion. A new stage begins, and completely different goals are set on it.
    1. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 3 January 2012 06: 30
      GOLD WORDS, Sorry for the flood, I really wanted to single out the author ...
  4. SergeySK
    SergeySK 2 January 2012 15: 32
    Nonsense conversation in the decision not only about bases! It says about the structures of third countries and this closes all loopholes! ! !

    The only loophole is the consent of all the participating countries! ! !

    Reread the original solution and not reprint! ! !
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 2 January 2012 15: 53
      That's just a country that does not agree, will have to pay for their disagreement ... Guess which country will always disagree? wink Local kings like Karimov and Rakhmonov want money, a lot of money ... and they will get it! From the USA FOR LOCATION of bases (centers, schools, clubs, etc.) or from Russia for, respectively, NOT LOCATION of these "structures".
      1. SergeySK
        SergeySK 2 January 2012 16: 48
        Not everyone is so insane as you!
    2. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 3 January 2012 06: 35
  5. Pavel V
    Pavel V 2 January 2012 15: 36
    Until 2014, there is not much time left and who will be trained and educated by the Americans in these "military centers and training camps" if they are going to make legs from Afghanistan. A door that is still closed is the same as a fully open door. Whoever wants to walk, wears (carries) what he wants. You can twist this treaty in front of the United States and say that you are from here, but only who will listen and do it. There are no bases, but only "warehouses", "sheds", "hangars" and other, other, other kind of objects of economic and military purposes. Which will remain after the "X" hour, waiting for the "Y" hour.
    And you can train such "comrades" without bases. The training center will suffice.
    1. SergeySK
      SergeySK 2 January 2012 15: 43
      I repeat no half-closed doors! Read the original solution! There is Russian and white "and structures of third countries."

      As for neighboring states, the United States officially recognized Armenia and Azerbaijan as inappropriate territories for placing their bases. At the moment, the reasons are not important!

      And do not argue we like it - we feel good, stupid.

      NATO’s withdrawal from Kyrgyzstan will hit our border guards in Tajikistan, they will pour blood! And our loot from the budget will flow to support! ! !
      1. ivachum
        ivachum 2 January 2012 16: 10
        Our border guards at the outposts in Tajikistan have been gone for several years ... There are advisers, but they mostly hang out in Dushanbe ... The Tajiks themselves "guard" the border with Afghanistan.

        And the contract only consolidated the situation that has already developed .... Russia pays these countries, but you have to come up with new forms of this payment (an example is labor migration). And so you can pay directly under the contract - and you don’t need to rack your brains.
        1. SergeySK
          SergeySK 2 January 2012 16: 23
          You either sleep in slippers or do not understand the reality! Rakhmon did not argue with us. But he did it in conditions when NATO pulled the Taliban over to itself in Afghanistan! If NATO leaves, there will be a threat of invasion, call them whatever you like, and not for the first time, if you remember, the first to come will be, now, according to the CSTO agreement, ours will be! And the next logical step will be the restoration of the "Moscow" border detachment! !

          As for labor migration, we pay Georgia for something ?????????????
          1. ivachum
            ivachum 2 January 2012 16: 53
            "And the next logical step will be the restoration of the" Moscow "border detachment!"

            It will not ... If you think it is so simple to return our border guards to the border, then you are deeply mistaken! It’s not easy to bring Russian guys to the outposts and send them on guard ... Outposts themselves, infrastructure, security equipment, supplies, etc. After our departure from the Tajik border for several years! they ate the food supplies and uniforms we had left (while also stealing them unscrupulously)! About the technology, the connection of TCO, I do not speak at all. By the way, we left these stocks and equipment mainly because of the inability to completely remove them (therefore, we did not fight much for them in the negotiations).

            In addition, negotiations on the fate of the 201st base have not been completed ... And it is not clear how they will end! If it (the base) is still closed, and the likelihood of this is quite high, despite the peppy statements of fans of Aipads and Furniture, then the border guards will be left without military cover at all. In fact, they will be doomed. And much, much, much more.

            Returning is much more difficult than leaving. wink Although I really want (and need).
            1. SergeySK
              SergeySK 2 January 2012 17: 04
              It is very simple if Russia has such a goal. You probably forgot how we ended up there? And Islamic fanatics, as part of the creation of the Caliphate, should NATO withdraw from Afghanistan, they will definitely go to Tajikistan! Do not go to the grandmother!

              In conditions of a sufficiently wide Islamic opposition, so to speak, neither Tajikistan nor Russia will have a choice! !
  6. dred
    dred 2 January 2012 16: 12
    Tajiks protect? I suppose for hashish they let in ovoz with drugs.
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 2 January 2012 16: 32
      For the bucks .... wink Although the euro is going well!

      Advisers from the Office of the Border Troops in Tajikistan are about 200 people, but most of them are maintenance personnel. At the outposts OUR border guards are not! And for a long time. Now negotiations are underway to return our border guards to the border with Afghanistan, but Rakhmonov resists ... each clan has its own section of the border from which he feeds and "unfastens" into his pocket ... the state treasury.

      Who does not believe - try to go through the customs and border control at the Dushanbe or Kulyab airport yourself and DO NOT "give in to your paw" without having any acquaintances among the inspectors (or familiar acquaintances, etc.). As they say: "Hi ... give me something!" Even if you are in only shorts, you still get enough ... tsya! (They let them down on the "plan" how much they have to hand over to the bosses for a change of grandmothers. If they don't hand over, they'll be fired, there are a lot of people who want to. They might throw something. And what is the local Themis, I think everyone has already understood from the trial of the pilots. wink
      1. SergeySK
        SergeySK 2 January 2012 16: 42
        Well, what am I talking about?
    2. SergeySK
      SergeySK 2 January 2012 16: 36
      And there is ! Our therefore stood! The poorest country. Their women were sitting at our train stations with a bunch of children who remember! And dope for them was a real worthy income! And now it’s not much better! And in such conditions, only we could really be interested in counteraction!

      Or someone does not remember the case when a relative of the president of Tagzhikistan, under diplomatic cover on a diplomatic machine, tried to import almost 200 kg of heroin!
      1. ivachum
        ivachum 2 January 2012 17: 02
        I would not trust that much ... It's a bit small for a relative of Rakhmon. wink

        A relative of the head of the local railway ... but he is really a relative of the president. But so look then in Tajikistan ALL relatives ... and in the world too! wink wink wink
        1. SergeySK
          SergeySK 2 January 2012 17: 25
          Ha Ha, you would not trust much! And is it in a beggar living on handouts having direct channels for the supply of heroin to the country?

          Do you even know how much 200 kg of heroin costs? The budget of Tajikistan was not lying nearby!
          1. ivachum
            ivachum 2 January 2012 22: 09
            I know ... because I've been living here for four years. And believe me, a relative of the President of Tajikistan is exchanged for "trifles" ... By the way, where does 200 kg of heroin come from? Do you even know the volume of 200 kg of heroin? And what kind of Zhiguli will they fit? Here those in power carry drugs in containers. But to sell them PERSONALLY .....!? Do not judge Tajiks only by Our RUSSIA.

            This raises one question to OUR various bodies: "How COULD YOU IMPORT SO MUCH?" Anyone who has ever passed customs inspection at the airport or seen the inspection upon arrival of trains from Central Asia at the Kazan station will understand what this is about.

            And yet ... we are talking about an illegal drug trafficking, but the same heroin is imported into Russia in completely LEGAL ways! It is used in pharmacology and medicine. Officially, it is VERY LITTLE, but I think that those who wish to take this opportunity will be found.
            1. GRIGORIY1957
              GRIGORIY1957 3 January 2012 06: 59

  7. Dad
    Dad 2 January 2012 16: 56
    A star - striped monster will never be sincere in relation to Russia, as well as to other states.
    1. SergeySK
      SergeySK 2 January 2012 17: 06
      They are completely SINCERELY just not voiced! ! !

      Everything else is Paul Overcoat's Secret
  8. vovan100
    vovan100 2 January 2012 17: 36
    I think everything is stipulated in the document, a stupidly military base and that’s unlikely ... or maybe this is the first step that sets the direction, followed by the following ...
    APASUS 2 January 2012 18: 50
    Now American human rights organizations will tumble down to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The Arab Spring does not teach our neighbors anything. I think getting rid of American bases will not be very easy.
  10. suharev-52
    suharev-52 2 January 2012 21: 47
    Guys. Once Rakhmon sprinkled, it means the cat feels, whose meat is eaten. But seriously. It is very good that at least they have signed it at the moment. Since there is a CSTO and this treaty, then what is needed is fastened to it. And I think that there will be no special problems. And in closing the border, only we are interested.
    1. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 3 January 2012 07: 07
  11. alex-defensor
    alex-defensor 3 January 2012 01: 39
    In fact, politics is a delicate matter. Given the Pakistani demarche, leaving US troops in Afghanistan without the necessary supplies is dangerous. It is difficult to predict unambiguously what this may result in. More and more, the behavior of the United States in recent years, in view of the systemic financial crisis, resembles the behavior of a "wounded beast".

    The position of Uzbekistan, and of many other former republics, as well as other states, such as Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, etc. had to be strongly corrected after the Libyan precedent. The massacre of Gaddafi is too much like an execution, and even without trial and investigation. This sobered many. The well-known principle "the United States has no friends, but only interests" has been playing with new, now brightly bloody colors.
  12. GRIGORIY1957
    GRIGORIY1957 3 January 2012 06: 20
  13. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 3 January 2012 06: 46
    Oh, it will be hard for the CSTO.
    1. SergeySK
      SergeySK 3 January 2012 10: 47
      AHA, and now it’s easy for the United States to all of us.